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Israel Just Sent A BEAST Of A Message To Iran…And It’s AWESOME

If you look at Israel on a map you will notice something insane. To the east of Israel is Egypt. To the West is Jordan and Saudi Arabia. To the Northwest is Syria. And to the North is Lebanon. Basically, it’s the equivalent to Ted Nugent walking into Momds Demand Action head quarters. Or if you’re unfamiliar with that example, think Ted Cruz walking into the Democratic National Convention, by himself. More »


Hillary Clinton tried responding to email about drone crash, FAILS MISERABLY!

As more and more scandals plague Hillary Clinton, her chances for the democratic presidential ticket continue to dwindle. One of the most pressing issues Clinton is currently dealing with is her emails or lack of them. But from the emails that the public does get to read, one in particular has caught the eye of watchdogs and now people are going to demand Hillary’s head on a pike for her utter incompetence. More »