10 big time celebrities that hate the 2nd Amendment and want to take guns away

BuzzPo found ten celebrities that hate the 2nd Amendment.  Use capitalism to boycott them and support their competition.

Fortunately, a lot of these people haven’t made anything good in a while, so it’s not like you’re missing out on much.

1. Gwyneth Paltrow

“Yes, people pull the trigger. But guns are the instrument of death.”


2. Jim Carrey

“Anyone who would run out to buy an assault rifle after the Newtown massacre has very little left in their body or soul worth protecting.”

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3. Matt Damon

“I actually hate guns.”


4. Filmmaker Michael Moore

“The way to honor these dead children [of Newtown, CT] is to demand strict gun control, free mental health care, and an end to violence as public policy.”


5. Rosie O’Donnell

“I don’t care if you want to hunt. I don’t care if you think it’s your right. I say, ‘Sorry.’ We have had enough as a nation. You are not allowed to own a gun, and if you do own a gun I think you should go to prison.”


6. Singer Tony Bennett

“I’d like the assault weapons to go to war, not on our own country, and I’d like assault weapons eliminated.”


7. Jon Hamm

“It’s time for our politicians to act [on gun control].”

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8. Stephen King

“How many have to die before we will give up these dangerous toys?”


9. Eminem

“Guns are bad, I tell you.”


10. Kevin Costner

“I think there should be a lot of gun laws.”


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  • Darrell Hager

    People who either have made a living out of glorifing gun violance or have cadres of armed guards to protect them and their families.

    • Jim

      Jim Carrey got called out for his hypocrisy of wanting to ban guns while having armed bodyguards. His defense was, “yeah, but my bodyguards don’t carry assault rifles!” Talk about missing the point.

      • Benbog

        OK I’ll just carry what they are carrying

      • Bongo Bob

        I’m just wondering what an “assault rifle” does that a regular rifle doesn’t?

        • Jim

          Sounds scary. ;-)

        • Anonymous

          An “assault rifle” is a selective fire weapon. Typically, that means it can be fired 1 round per trigger pull, 3 rounds per trigger pull (burst), or fully automatic. If you’re thinking you have never seen one, you are probably right. You have to have a FFL to own one, and even then they are pretty heavily restricted outside the military.

          What are generally targeted for “gun control” are “assault weapons”. Assault Weapon has no real meaning, it just sounds scary. In general, they are semi-automatic, 1 round per trigger pull weapons. They are no more or less dangerous than any other weapon of similar caliber.

          • Anonymous

            You are wrong on your explanation of who can own an automatic, you don’t need an FFL to own one. All you need is a tax stamp on what is known as a transferable weapon. A transferable weapon is any select fire or fully automatic weapon that was manufactured before 1986. You are right on how restricted it is to obtain said tax stamp to own the weapon, but wrong on the license needed.

          • John Lin

            You are correct. A FFL application is much easier to get and far less paperwork than a Class III application and screening. Most will never know because they cannot justify the high cost of the weapon, tax stamp, and Class III application.

          • Glenn

            Sorry but you are the wrong one.You must have a class 3 ffl to own ,transport or have in your possession,unless you are at a firing range that has ffl and lic to rent 1 to you on their premises..

          • Tracy

            Wrong. I have 10 legally obtained fully automatic rifles with no Class 3 FFL. Only the appropriate tax stamp required for ownership. You Only Need the Class 3 FFL if you plan on selling these types of weapons.

          • Brian Tucker

            Incorrect, virtually all US citizens have seen them in the hands of the police since police and sheriffs departments are in no way limited in their possession of fully automatic or select fire weapons, they are the weapon of choice for almost every SWAT team.

          • Charles Summers

            Yes that’s the gov definition but that is not really a assault rifle cuz assault is an action so if you are not attacking someone with a rifle then its not assault rifle but your definition is correct by when it considered just food for thought is all so also ar15 and aks that we buy without a class 3 license meaning we can buy a serpresser or a assault rifle but anyways the ones we as civs but are not a assault rifle they are long guns cuz they are semi auto they are replicas so this assult rifle is bullshit and like the 2nd admendment states we have the right to own meaning to keep and bear meaning to carry arms meaning any thing a bat,knife,nuke,guns what ever and I believe what ever the cops and military can own us civilans can also

        • Shelley

          I realize you aren’t “actually” asking that and are making a point (or at least it appears that way), but I thought you might be interested in this little slide show thingy. I’ve found it quite handy in convos/discussions about “assault weapons/rifles” as well as when teaching my own children about them…

  • Robert Wilson

    Its amazing to me how stupid these people are.

    • davisnet

      It shouldn’t be too amazing. After all they are just puppets who spend their lives having others tell them how to act. They have no concept of reality and have lost the ability to think and act for themselves…

  • Random Guy

    Eminem’s quote is a little misleading as I know he carrys one sometimes and also talked about carrying one for protection. The quote I believe means a little more he lines of a tool for destruction. (When people use them incorrectly). I could be wrong

    • wakigo

      I honestly am not even sure Eminem said that. I am a huge Eminem fan and have heard him defending the 2nd amendment in songs like, “We As Americans,” but never heard him saying anything against guns, so when I read this, I knew it sounded fishy. I looked into it, and I couldn’t find any original sources where he actually said this, just websites that publish celebrity quotes with that exact quote and nothing more. My conclusion: it’s made up.

  • Tanker74

    Guns are scary and make bangy noises. Only police paramilitary squads should have guns.

    • Don Griffin

      People like you are scarier than any gun.

      • Guest

        You hit the nail on the head, Don…frightening.

        • Don Griffin

          Thank you.

    • Jerriatrix

      Really? “bangy noises” If you throw a pan on the stove, it makes a “bangy noise”. Does that scare you too? That same pan if used improperly can kill you. Detective’s call it blunt force trauma.

      • Pamela Bar-Har

        OMG, you are hysterical, Jerriatrix! What idiots we have to deal with, hmm?

      • Tanker74

        Cast iron pans cause birth defects.

        • Jerriatrix

          LOL! My bad. I didn’t catch the sarcasm. I really need to stop posting so late at night. Hence the screen name.

          • Tanker74

            It’s okay, Jerri.

      • bakakurisu

        I think he was joking, Dude.

        …Or are you playing along?

    • Kelsey Arnold

      Am I the only person on the planet who picked up on the sarcasm here?

      • bakakurisu

        It seems so!

        Tanker was obviously joking. I can’t tell if the repliers are playing along with the joke, or what. :/

  • Jogs

    I really doubt Eminem doesn’t own a gun….

    • Shelley

      His from Detroit. Doesn’t he live there? They’re illegal there. No way he owns one. ;)

  • David Widger

    this is a very irresponsible article. This type of article is exactly what the left does that gets us all fired up. Matt Damon said that he personally doesn’t like guns. During the interview he actually says nothing negative about guns other than if you pull one you better be ready to destroy whatever is in front of you and he doesn’t think he could do that. Stephen King is not anti-gun, he just doesn’t see a need for high powered high capacity rifles, also in the paper he wrote that this quote is from. Eminem’s “quote” was part of a song. He is actually very pro gun. Listen to the song “we as americans”. Granted some of the others were dead on.

    • John Mcilvain

      bullshit…WTF is the difference between “assault rifles” and a 9mm? If you hate one, you hate them all.

      • David Widger

        That just isn’t true. He doesn’t believe there is a need for assualt rifles. I’m not saying I agree with him, it is his opinion. He is saying that he understands hunting and pistols and even self defense, he just doesn’t see a need for assualt rifles. Again, I personally see a need but you can’t lump his quote in with Rosie O’donnell and say they are of the same opinion.

        • Kelsey Arnold

          To reiterate John’s point, what is the definition of “Assault Rifle”?

          Real assault rifles used by the military are fully automatic, and they have been banned for years. “Assault Weapons” like those banned by the federal government from 2004-2014 are defined solely by cosmetic features, such as a collapsible stock and pistol grip, that have ABSOLUTELY NO effect on the functioning of the weapon. Moreover, banning them had no effect whatsoever on rates of gun crime.

          In the largest and most publicized mass shootings, the attackers used guns that were legal to buy (not necessarily legal *for them* to buy) and popular at the time. Moreover, these attacks overwhelmingly take place in “gun free” zones. Criminals will use anything available–if their intent is to cause harm, then they will cause harm.

          For policy makers, that leaves two choices One, ban guns from everyone, effectively making the entire country a “gun free” zone. Then we have to just hope that the criminals and the insane aren’t able to find a gun and wipe out an entire ______ [campus, theater, etc], not to mention that it would be much harder for citizens to protect themselves from more “routine” crimes like muggings, thefts, and home invasions. Statistics don’t seem to bear this out as a good idea. Or option two: Permit law-abiding citizens to carry guns and hope that someone with half-decent training can stop criminals before they are able to kill two dozen people.

          • Letterhead

            “Criminals will use anything available–if their intent is to cause harm, then they will cause harm.”

            This simply isn’t true. Criminals are largely opportunistic, if the Sandy Hook massacre dude hadn’t got hold of a gun, it’s unlikely that he would have done it, and even if he had (with a machete or whatever), he would have been far less dangerous.

          • Kelsey Arnold

            You might be right about that. However, there is more than one way to take opportunity away from a criminal. One is to avoid bringing together a lot of unarmed people and publicizing the fact that they would probably not be able to stop someone if he were to brutally attack them. This option does not require law-abiding citizens to give up their Constitutional rights.

          • D.j. Pena

            If someone is set on inflicting fear, pain, and damage to others then they will find a way. You can speculate that Sandy Hook would not have happened had he not had a gun but, what about the mass stabbings at Franklin Regional Senior High in Monroeville, Pennsylvania? 22 injured/ stabbed, 11 critical…..criminals are, as you say, “largely opportunistic” and if we restrict the access of firearms we just restrict access to protect ourselves. Case in point, taken off of ABC channel 4 Utah,- Law-abiding citizen with gun stops mass stabbing attack in Utah… people WILL find ways of hurting other people….sad and simple fact.

          • John Galt

            I agree….It happened before the first gun was ever produced, unless Cain was packing and that fact was conveniently omitted by those in favor of gun rights.

          • Paula

            you can’t sit there and say that you know what the Sandy Hook massacre dude would do (or not do) if he didn’t have a gun. On that note how do you know that perps of other crimes (like knives or whatever) didn’t intend to use a gun and simply couldn’t get their hands on one so they went with a knife instead. It seems that we are trying speculate too much here about how a criminal plans to carry out his crime. If he wants a person (or group of people dead), he will find a way.

          • John Galt

            I can tell you how the government will perpetrate its crime…..Disarm the populace then we can’t fight back.

          • John Galt

            So taking guns from law abiding citizens helps us how? A complete gun ban assumes a number of things….First that criminals will no longer be armed for bear. Also that we will never have a tyrannical government which was the motivation behind the second amendment in the first place.My permit to carry is outlined in the second amendment.

            MOLON LABE!

        • Shelley

          Seeing as how the only person/persons who can own or use assault rifles are the military – in combat – or one who has gone through the LONG and extensive process of getting an FFL and, therefor, very VERY few people actually own ‘assault rifles’ I don’t see his point. He’s basically agreeing with the laws that already in place. Did you read his book on guns?

          Besides, ‘assault’ is not a device. It’s a maneuver…

    • R. Simpson

      It’s not about assault rifles, it’s about the second amendment. A gun is a gun, long or short. Once you ban one they will want them all banned. Liberals don’t stop half way.

      • David Widger

        I agree, which is why I personally don’t get on any bandwagon that supports the government being more involved in my life. However you can’t just put a blanket “celebrities that hate the 2nd ammendment” Rosie O’donnell wants you in jail. Stephen King doesn’t understand why you want an AR-15. HUGE difference.

      • BraD

        Do you know what the 2nd amendment even says?

        • John Galt

          In a nutshell, it says not to let Uncle Sam out gun the populace.

    • Caylie Storm

      I was thinking of those exact same points you made David. I wondered if many of these quotes were taken out of context. I had a suspicion that Matt’s statement was only on a personal level but not necessarily against the 2nd amendment….and I figured Eminem’s quote was from a song. Thank you for justifying my theories! As for the rest, it makes sense that someone might be against assault rifles or automatic weapons in general, but not necessarily against owning other types of guns. I’m glad someone else besides myself is scrutinizing the validity of these statements and not taking it all at face value like the creators of this article.

  • inou812

    Good for them. I will support, watch, see, read anything these people do!!

    • Barbara Morlan Lord

      I wouldn’t walk across the street to spit on any of these over indulged idiots, and it isn’t just because of their believe on guns.

    • Jerriatrix

      Don’t forget to support their armed security too.

  • deanmc

    For people who make a living being someone else, many different people in fact, having the talent to act (lie)……their opinions are worthless. They live in their own little worlds.
    Guns don’t kill…..idiots with guns kill, psychopaths with guns kill, criminals with illegal guns kill.
    These and the likes of them are the ones I’d hate to be when SHTF.

  • Jerriatrix

    Headline’s you never see “Mass shooting at a gun range” or “Mass shooting at an NRA meeting” If you ever do see that headline, I will stake my life on the fact that it will be a liberal pulling the trigger to prove a point.

  • benbog

    Are these people so uneducated that they are un-aware that the presence of more legal guns leads to less random/illegal gun violence? Switzerland… Utah… etc

    • Kelsey Arnold

      Georgia too.

  • savvydude

    Hypocrites? You betcha!

  • Herman Vogel

    Would have NEVER thought Costner was this kind of an idiot..after all , a lot of the money he made is as him using a gun. Just like Damon.

  • Santino

    Some days I think I’d trade my 2nd Amendment Rights, for the First Amendment rights of these degenerate buffoons. Other days, I just grab my 9mm and my AR and go to the range and have some good clean fun.

  • Cordell West

    guns are illegal in mexico and still mexico is still one of most dangerous places on earth and you gotta be idiot to think guns should be illegal

  • Vince Miller


    Now go back to your cocaine and money and leave the rest of us alone… ;)

  • GlarryB

    They have no problem using them in their films or with their personal body guards carrying them.

  • Amedicinewoman

    Thank you pirate bay!

  • IzzyC

    I tend to steer clear of most of the names listed above, not just for their anti 2nd amendment rhetoric but a host of other liberal idiocy. I do think Eminem is wrongfully on this particular list, although he did support Obama. He has a song entitled “We Are American’s” which seems to be about self defense, to quote “”they took away my right to bear armswhat I’m posed to fight with bear palms?
    yeah right
    they coming with bombs, I’m comin with flare-guns”. Sounds pretty pro 2nd amendment to me.

  • Steffy93

    I’ve never understood why anyone would look to an actor for advice on anything.
    Except maybe how to put on make up.

    • Kelsey Arnold

      Nah, they hire people for that.

  • Pamela Bar-Har

    I will never watch another movie with any of these actors in it, and I never liked Eminem, so that’s no loss for me. I’d LOVE to see what these idiotic people would do if someone entered their home, illegally, wielding a gun, and these ignorant celebrities confronts the perpetrator(s). What are they going to do? “Act” the perp out of the house or “Sing” their way out of this ominous situation? No, really, What. Would. They. Do. to protect their family and property? I’d LOVE to hear their answer to this question, because I sure know what I would do! We have our Glock 9mm next to us in our bedroom … ’nuff said. I’d rather kill someone who has entered MY house illegally and wanting to do bodily harm to me and my family (I’ll deal with the ramifications later), than to have my family learn that I was raped, beaten, and murdered. Think about it, folks – Wake up and smell the smoking gun…I did.

  • Redniner

    “I’m a firm supporter of the Second Amendment, but…” I call these people “but heads.”

  • KJun

    Just because Damon hates guns doesn’t necessarily mean that he wants them banned.

    • lainer51

      He probably just wants them banned UNLESS he is using them to make a movie, then they are A-OK. Hard to “make up” that $20 million paycheck w/o a gun to add some flair.

  • Randy Sparks

    To be clear…it is not about stopping any kind of illegal activity.It is not about this gun or that gun.IT IS about all guns and total government control. Lets talk about who will retain guns??Cops, epa, blm, irs….the government can keep their guns, against an unarmed society?? I think it’s pretty evident already the we are in a heavy handed sometimes murderous police state now, even with the majority of the population owning or having the right to possess firearms.What happens when the average citizen no longer possesses a gun? Doesn’t take much of an imagination to see that future.

    • FM505

      Soylent Green happens…

    • Shane OBrien

      You forgot to mention that criminals will still have guns! Good luck with waiting for the police to get there in time to save anyone, IF you are able to call 911.

    • Jeanine Livingston

      Back in the 60’s & 70’s there were many who wondered in fear about the future of our nation in the hands of the “hippies”. Well kids, here we are. When I hear this stuff from this bunch of simpering ninnies the back ground music I hear in my head is John Lennon singing “All we are saying, is give peace a chance”. Great idea in theory but someone needs to convince the bad guys of this before I’m giving anything of mine up.

  • Will

    Guns have been a large part of most of this lists body of work. I would argue that those roles and their status has been improved because of those bodies of work. Can’t have it both ways!

  • Tanker74

    More people have been killed by bullets than guns.

  • John Roman Reichert

    you should be shot for trying to take my rights away!

  • Charger77

    The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

    • FM505

      Way too clear Charger…

  • Roadster73

    I do believe all guns should be eliminated, and all knives, and swords, and sharp instruments, and we should all hold hands and sing kumbaya, and ride our rainbow farting unicorns around our beautiful gumdrop forests. (do I need to say /sarc?)

  • BVanMan

    How long before they want to eliminate the potentially dangerous weapon. The Spork

    • FM505

      A spork and a handful of plastic straws… formidable in the right hands.

  • Shane OBrien

    All 10 of these people are just clueless, hypocritical morons!

  • Bill Ciari

    It must be nice to make a hefty living with guns in your movies but be morally opposed to them. I though the firearm was a basic principle of defense not an instrument of death. At any rate I typically don’t defer to entertainers to help me get my facts straight. I couldn’t imagine kings from centuries ago consulting the court jester for advice.

  • Michelle

    You may not like guns – that is your right. You may not believe in God – that is your choice. But, if someone breaks into your home, the first two things you are going to do are…
    1) Call someone with a gun
    2) Pray they get there in time

    • John Galt

      I hate the thought of using a gun on somebody. What I hate even worse is not having one when I need one because I am out gunned in a bad situation. I would rather explain to 12 good people of my community why some sob has a hole in his chest you could drive a truck through than be carried by 6 relatives.

    • jsl55

      If someone breaks into my home the first things I’ll do are:
      1. Grab one of my guns
      2. Give my wife one of our guns
      3. Take care of business
      4. Call 911

  • Kelsey Arnold

    Wait a sec. Michael Moore wants “An end to violence as public policy?” Is that not ALREADY policy? Outlawing theft does not stop thieves. Outlawing murder does not stop murderers. But if we pass a law against violence, maybe everyone will hold hands and sing Kumbaya.

    • FM505

      Thought he was talking about police shooting civilians in their homes…

      • Kelsey Arnold

        That’s a good point, actually. I hadn’t thought of that, since usually the gun debate is about taking weapons from private citizens, not from police.

    • Paula

      Kelsey, I like the way you think………

    • John Galt

      Let me contribute to the campfire sing along.

  • Jim Kerste

    The very idea, that someone should be able to dictate to a law abiding American citizen, how, if, or when they can protect their life, or that of their loved ones is ridiculous.

  • TN Tea Partier

    stop buying tickets to their movies or shows. If you see them on television, write a quick email to sponsor and link them to the actors view on the 2nd amendment. We take away their money we take away their power.

  • David Jaffe

    I will go with the no murdering law we have had for a log time.

  • War_Wolf

    Steven King’s inbred face just screams “STOMP ME”.

  • Mklon

    I hate gun, but if they pay me millions to run around with one that’s okay. Bunch of hypocrites!

  • Tina

    Rosie o’Donnel is stupid! Really “sorry you want to hunt or own a gun, you should go to prison” yea I’d like to see someone break into her house and try to harm her or her family and see how she feels about guns then. Wow some people are down right dumb. Guns don’t kill people people kill people.

  • Jeff

    Why is there so much concern today about what celebrities think about any issue? I know I don’t care; just sing dance, act, tell jokes or whatever your talent is and keep your opinion to yourself.

  • Ryan

    Not Kevin Costner!!!!!!!!

  • momlee

    So according to rosie my husband myself and all of my kids should be in prison we all have .22 rifles, I really think that’s probably the most stupid thing I’ve heard in all my life.

  • America should be smarter

    Rosie O’Donnell just needs to shut-up and get herself deported.

  • JaniceSix

    The fact that Michael Moore is in this group should tell you all you need to know about the intelligence of this collection of idiots.

  • John Hunter

    Ah, a list of 10 people who will never again see a dime of my money….

  • John W. Kerr

    Sure am glad my remington 5 shot (4 shot mag.) semi-automatic 30.06 hunting rifle is not painted black with a pistol grip! Don’t tell them Dad spent 3yrs on the front lines in Europe killing germans as a sharpshooter with a 9 1/2lb. semi-auto 30.06 garand rifle with an 8 shot mag. or the anti-gun fools might learn something! Now where did I see those 20 shot mags for my remingtons, just in case….?

  • Kelley Hughes

    My god, how much money I’ve spent going to watch movies with these idiots in them…padding their pockets so they can have security/body guards WITH GUNS but I shouldn’t own one. Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

  • GlarryB

    Actually, who really cares what they think? Certainly not me.

  • Flex Rockhard

    no one better tell me again how conservative Costner is. He’s a dolt.

  • Joseph Kool

    I think we should ban all these washed up celebrities.

  • Lance Doggette
  • Neil Carpenter

    Eminem was being sarcastic. Pay attension.

  • RicknKaren Sloan

    “To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens.”
    ― Adolf Hitler

  • RichardandJan Bawol

    If you’re going to ban guns, you might as well ban almost everything that people have murdered with. Hammers, knives, crowbars, baseball bats, rocks, the list could go on and on. I have a rifle and it hasn’t shot anyone that I know of!! Rich


    Well as far as Rosie “Big Beef” O’Donnell goes I think we should out law gay marriage then repeal the 19th Amendment and take the voting rights away from women. Because if your gay you shouldn’t marry and if your a woman you shouldn’t be able to vote in this country, suck on that Rosie.

  • davisnet

    They forgot Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg…

  • Mrocket1

    I see the liberal lunitics are at it again.

  • Chuck Abbinanti

    With out the 2nd amendment these jerks wouldn`t have their first amendment. It seems that they all have blinders on.

  • dino digger

    Civilian Assault Rifle = Modern Sporting Rifle. Very simple, and
    you actors, who are hypocrites, I will not give you any of my money. I maybe only one person, but if the rest of the gun owners also boycott, your talking millions of people. Perhaps your wallet wont be as thick as you like.

    Kevin Costner, I’m very disappointed to see your face mixed in with this bunch, because I know you own guns.

  • believe

    Does ANY ONE pay ANY attention To what Comes out of HOLLYWOOD??Have you Ever looked into there lifestyles?Most IMORRALPEOPLE ON EARTH OTHER THAN WHAT WE HAVE WITH THE OBAMA’S AND THIS NUTTY REGIME.
    Paltrow spends time with Barack, and that shows she is nothing less than stupid. real nut jobs in the Movie industry. Never watch them.When it comes to MORALS ( but for a few)they HAVE NONE.