29 mind-blowing photos that show you how badly liberalism has ruined Detroit

Progressivism Kills – It’s not safe for children and other living things.

Detroit represents nothing less than progressivism in its final stage of decadence: Worried that unionized public-sector workers are looting your city? Detroit is already bankrupt, unable to provide basic services expected of it — half the streetlights don’t work, transit has been reduced, neighborhoods go unpatrolled. Worried that public-sector unions are ruining your schools? Detroit’s were ruined a generation or more ago, the results of which are everywhere to be seen in the city. Worried that Obamacare is going to ruin our health-care markets? General-practice physicians are hard to find in Detroit, and those willing to accept Medicaid — which covers a great swath of Detroit’s population — are rarer still. Worried about the permissive culture? Four out of five of Detroit’s children are born out of wedlock. Worried that government is making it difficult for businesses to thrive? Many people in Detroit have to travel miles to find a grocery store. This is the endgame of welfare economics: What good is Medicaid if there are no doctors? What good are food stamps where there is no food? What good are “free” schools if you’re so afraid to send your children there that you feel it prudent to arm them first?

Detroit is what Democrats do. The last Republican elected mayor of Detroit took office during the Eisenhower administration. The decay of Detroit is not the inevitable outcome of the decline of the automotive industry: The automotive industry is thriving in the United States — but not in Detroit. It isn’t white flight: The black middle class has left Detroit as fast as it can. The model of Detroit politics is startlingly familiar in its fundamentals, distinguished only by its degree of advancement: Advance the interests of public-sector unions and politically connected business cronies, expand the relative size of the public sector remorselessly — and when opposed, cry “Racism!” When people vote with their feet, cry “Racism!” When the budget just won’t balance, cry “Racism!” Never mind that the current mayor of Detroit is the first non–African American to hold that job since the 1970s, or that, as one Detroit News columnist put it, “black nationalism . . . is now the dominant ideology of the [city] council” — somewhere, there must be a somebody else to blame, preferably: aged, portly, white, male, and Republican. No less a fool than Ed Schultz blamed the straits of this exemplar of Democratic single-party rule on “a lot of Republican policies.” Melissa Harris-Perry, “America’s leading public intellectual,” blames Detroit’s problems on its conservatism and small government, oblivious to the fact that Detroit maintains twice as many city employees per resident as do larger cities such as Fort Worth and Indianapolis, and three times as many as liberal San Jose.

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  • John Mullins

    The picture of the clock reminds me of Salvador Dali’s painting The Persistence of Memory.

  • Scott

    How is it possible that there is a city in this country as decayed and decrepit as this?

    • luchia

      Whites moved out.

      • Uncle Bob

        your right I’m glad you said it .

      • blight14


      • Tamara

        And decent black people.

    • Uncle Bob

      Because it was just to dangerous for habitation. And not to point a finger but it was a minority who had no vested interest in the neighborhood.

      • David Raymond

        If you’re interested, read Thomas Sugrue’s “The Origins of the Urban Crisis.” It’s the classic study of postwar Detroit. It has research and stuff. You know, facts, figures, critical thinking. You might learn something.

    • Bomber

      Scott, you need to go back and read “Disgusted’s book back a few postings ago, keep voting in the progressive liberals into office and they gave you Detroit, you might want to take a look at Scott Walker in Minnesota for example, that’s the best example I can think of right this minute. Best wishes on your journey.

      • Bassgeye

        Scott Walker is in Wisconsin. Minnesota is still mainly ruled by DEMONcRATs and blue as a baby without oxygen.

        • Wiseone

          Blue and gasping.

  • Confused

    Damn Republicans, they really destroyed Detroit…

    • DaWholeTruth

      I like your sarcasm!

  • LexSkeptic

    Coming soon to a city near you. Thanks to progressive liberals… depressing.

  • Im guilty cuz im white!

    Detroit was a huge political issue last election! Remember? Obama declared he “Saved Detroit!” So tell me exactly how its the Republicans fault that this city is in ruins.. A city that is in a Democratic state and full of Obama supporters? Sounds like to me, You have a case of the “BUSH FINGERER” Bush Finger: A term made popular by those in politics,that lack the ability to rebuttal with with logical answers and take blame on issues, due to the fact they are only interested in furthering extended vacations and spreading greed and racism.

    • Peachiebelle

      I think they were being facetious about the Republicans being to blame.

      • yvonne martinez

        No! They are that stupid! Hence modern day Detroit.

    • Uncle Bob

      Thank you I needed that good post.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • disgusted

    Yep! Its a Democratic state full of Obama supporters and he doesn’t give you a second thought while hes on his vacations. You all are like the bastard children that wait for daddy to come back, HE DOESN’T CARE ABOUT YOU!

    • knowthefacts1st

      WD have a Republican governor. And A Republican house! Know your facts before hand!!!

      • disgusted

        Yes, You HAVE a Republican governor. You had a Democratic governor. Shall we talk about Kwame Kilpatrick? Hmmm? Numerous scandals and accusations of corruption. Convicted on 24 additional federal felony counts including mail fraud, wire fraud and racketeering. So, with a Mayor as amazing as this i suppose I myself would be happy to have any decent American Senator willing to take on a load. So thanks for the advice! Because it actually was worse than I thought. Unions forced the auto industry to pay more than the industry made.. This is thanks to the DEMOCRATS IN GOVERNMENT WHO TIED THE HANDS OF 3 LARGE AUTO MAKERS! So you pretty much demanded yourselves out of your own jobs SMART:) Not to mention Detroit’s first black mayor 1972 Coleman Young was a racist and drove the majority of whites systematically out of their jobs and created a hostel environment.. They naturally left and causing a drastic drop in population. Enough to make a significant cut into the tax base. So as of now Detroit is a 7.9% white city. (I”m sure you made Martin Luther King Jr proud) OH, I also read that you have a tradition Called DEVILS NIGHT! Halloween Eve. Have you ever seen the movie THE PURGE? That’s what it is comparable too. The police solve less than 10% of the crimes in you city and this has caused all the middle class black community’s to move out. Reckless government spending in the typical Democratic way. Raising taxes to make up for the dept? not cutting the spending. ??? Less than half of your children are literate? THAT IS SAD! And you blame the Republicans? Interesting. I live in Utah. No, it isn’t perfect. But we can drink the tap water, our kids can read, crime is low, guns are registered, and the majority of us are REPUBLICAN! So tell me again how the REPUBLICANS ruined your corrupt, democratic plagued, racist promoting, self entitled, town? YOU AND PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!

        • Whynot

          I would love to see a hostel environment… does it come with breakfast?

          • luchia

            It’s good to know that you don’t make any typos, you’ve earned your wings.

          • Violette.Crime

            Luchia, you know typos mean YOU’RE WRONG. Policy is when you’re out of an argument bring up grammar and spelling…wins it every time.

          • disgusted

            I’m severely dyslexic. Aside from that I’m also a published author, business owner and mother. I don’t see my disability as a handicap or a excuses to successful life. But it’s always interesting to me that people like to point it out (grammar) more so than give any validity to the issue at hand. I guess I could be on welfare because I have emotional damage, file under the fact that I suffer PTS because LIFE IS SO HARD ;,( and people make fun of me. I could take the easy road and be a victim, find a way to live off the government like so many other people who think its THE NEW AMERICAN WAY. Call me crazy.. I would rather be bad at spelling that be sheep.

          • David Raymond

            I just thought it was funny.

        • Uncle Bob

          Thank you “disgusted ” I enjoyed your post..

        • ShinChuck

          Right on, right on! Years of *Democrats* got us where we are. Rick Snyder, Republican, has been making some strides, and Michigan is sluggishly advancing after YEARS of going downhill.

          The previous governor, Jennifer Granholm (Democrat!), promised us at the beginning of her time that “In five years, you’re going to be blown away!” and walked away eight years later leaving the state in dire straits, one of the worst in the union.

          • johnstretton

            God I hated that woman. “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” And we never did.

        • Eleanor

          Plus, remember democratic senators and representatives were voted in for years and years.

        • David Raymond

          By which s/he means “you black people,” by the way.

          • disgusted

            Full Definition of RACISM
            : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
            : racial prejudice or discrimination
            — rac·ist noun or adjective
            It would be racist not to include ALL those who contributed to the corruption and greed. No accountability is the issue for those politicians. Why should they be? When you have people like you David! Race batting morons. You sir are LAZY! Yawn. That is the go to card for those who lack the ability of abstract thought.

          • David Raymond

            Focus. You might also want to read Thomas Sugrue’s “The Origins of the Urban Crisis.” It’s the classic study of postwar Detroit. It has research and stuff. You know, facts, figures, etc. It might illustrate to you that how Detroit came to how it look as it does today is more complex than you imagine.

      • yvonne martinez

        You are one of the dumbasses that voted Detroit into this situation for over 60 years idiot! Still you dont get it! What you are saying the Republican governor is responsible for this mess? It is going to take 10-20 years of republican rule just to start cleaning up the shithole you democrats have created! And if you continue to lay on your asses and expect handouts nothing much will change!

        • In Vino Veritas

          You don’t mean Republican rule, you mean Republican leadership. Liberals “rule”, Conservative “lead”.

          • David Raymond


        • Uncle Bob

          I enjoyed your post thank you. Solution is limited government. Anything government controls has abuse/corruption,by limited government you limit your chances of being skewed

          • David Raymond

            Yes. There has never once been an instance of private business being corrupt. ’nuff said.

        • fr3dd0

          funny how you blame the previous dems, buy i bet you complain if any problems are related to bush…

    • Alexia Jones

      Detroit had a Democratic Mayor.

    • Hammerstrike
    • Barfaroni

      I would just like to point out that, as a Michigander, the west side of the state is more red/conservative. Our side is booming. We hate being a blue state. Also, look into reading about our state rep, Justin Amash. He’s pretty fantastic.

      • Jeff

        If Detroit wasn’t so populous, all of us red people on the other side of the state could be heard, but Detroit and the East side trumps us on the West side.

        • VGOF

          That’s the way the entire nation works. Chicago ruins the rest of Illinois, New York City ruins the rest of New York, Richmond and Northern Virginia (DC) ruin Virginia. Population centers across the nation ruin it for those of us who want to work for an honest wage and raise a family the right way.

    • OlllllllO

      Being from the Great Lake state I would like to correct you. We are not a “State full of Obama supporters”. Most of the state is Republican, but its Detroit and Flint that carry the Democratic vote here. We actually have a Republican Governor, House, and Senate.

  • Eddie frOly

    Coming soon to a book store near you the best selling book How the Republicans and the Koch Brother’s sold Detroit Down the River and Destroyed all of its Prosperity With Corrupt Republican Policies

    • Dennis Smith

      your an idiot!!

      • Eddie frOly

        What? Do you not know snark when you see it. I’m just curious. Because Detroit is a heap of crap because of Democrap policies that have wrecked the economy and work environment there for decades to come.

        • worldtrader

          Eddie….there are too many brain dead liberals who think that what you wrote is exactly what happened. That is why snark is not always recognizable.

      • jj1982

        “you’re”. Who is the idiot?

    • Guest


      • Eddie frOly

        Nice real mature response. Way to use that liberal brain power there. Can’t beat them with logic or facts well I’ll just shame and insult them instead typical liberal tactics.

  • robertdavidhummel



    DEEDS”, by Speech, Letter, Decree, Executive Order, and …
    FAILED LEADERSHIP, promulgated by his Administrative CZAR’s, AND The
    Democratic Senate, “IS a CLEAR and PRESENT
    DANGER”…To Our Great Nation …PERIOD.



    Can Take America Back…PERIOD.

    American Spring ~ May 16th 2014 in Washington DC… JOIN US!!!
    Uploaded by Lady ThreeFiftyFive
    JOIN US! Operation American Spring May 16th 2014,
    Washington… CALL TO ALL PATRIOTS: Black,

    God continue to BLESS OUR AMERICA.

    David Hummel USA RET,. Inverness, FL

  • ranchdancer

    So let me get this straight….for years the auto industry was thriving …unions and good wages…where were all the taxes going, what a shame some of these building are beautiful. If Bama has his way, 3/4 of the country will be looking the same.

    • gwsjr425

      No, if Bama had his way 99.5% would look the same. Because fairness.

    • Karon

      The big auto plants moved to Mexico. Since then so have steel mills.

      • MikeD

        Of course they have, you can’t build a new factory in the US anymore. What with the EPA and all of the other BS you have to go thru. So, companies go to South Korea, Mexico, Brazil, etc.

        • Seth

          SPARTANBURG, South Carolina. — BMW will invest $1 billion in its factory here by 2016 to expand capacity by 100,000 units and add production of a fifth crossover, the X7 — making the plant its biggest worldwide.

          BMW will increase capacity the plant to 450,000 units. Spartanburg’s annual production will top that of BMW’s Dingolfing, Germany, plant, which has a capacity of 350,000 units.

          • sec818

            SC = Republican Governor. Currently has the lowest unemployment rate in the state’s history…

          • James

            While there is a Republican Governor, remember the steel mills in SC who were run by unions? Yeah those unions. That is were roughly 3% of our unemployment comes from. Source: Carolinian who studies employment figures relating to industry.

          • RavviOli

            Keep in mind Germany’s excessive wage and tax rates. As bad as our unions are here, the labor laws in Europe are worse, much worse.

            Some manufacturing plants that moved to Mexico, are now returning to the US. The reason? Poor quality labor. The best labor bang for the buck (Peso) in Mexico is for farm labor, and semi skilled labor.

          • David Raymond

            Also keep in mind that the standard of living in Germany is pretty high.

          • kevin

            The living standards for people on welfare is high too. They live and eat better then my wife and I who make $90k a year.
            We live good and buy most of what we want but we couldn’t eat steak and ribs every night like people on food stamps or we would go broke.

          • David Raymond

            Yeah, that’s bullshit.

          • Travis Hughes

            “the labor laws in Europe are worse, much worse”

            That’s why said Europeans have a better quality of life, higher wages, more in savings, and a much better standard of living than people in the “superior” United States, right?

          • RavviOli

            I hate to pop your bubble, but Europe is on the financial brink. They have the same central banking cartel that we have. As a standard of living, No, I don’t thinks so. Their gasoline is over 10 bucks a gallon.

        • Frank

          Why Honda and Toyota still build new plans in the US. They are thriving in this country, and they pay a great wage. Oh wit that’s right they do not have the union dragging them down like an anchor.

          • Bromley Jennette

            My next American made truck will be a Toyota.

          • OlllllllO

            Everyone has this false thought that foreign car companies have more “American” cars. But this is false. GM, Ford, and Chrysler buy just as many if not more American made parts. It goes much deeper then that. People forget where they are Headquartered. The Big 3 have so many offices and employ way more people then foreign car companies do in the US.
            So buy your Toyota truck, but most of that profit will leave the country. While on the other hand, if you buy a GM Silverado, the profits will stay here.

          • Thinkabit

            My family is supported by the profits of Nissan here in the United States. Their headquarters are in Nashville TN and the vast majority of their work is done in the United States; engines etc. built here. And you do not have to face the enormous number of recalls. Just to point out that ordinary families within the US do benefit from manufacturers outside of the Big 3. And they pay their sales people much better.

          • OlllllllO

            Yes, their North American Headquaters are located there but they are a Japanese based company. I did not say that families don’t benefit. Every company has its flaws, and if you look at the years that the majority of the recalls were manufactured in, guess who owned GM? Its not just Detroit that the auto industry (Big 3) affects. I live 25 mins from the city and work for GM. My dad works for GM. If you live anywhere in the Lower Peninsula theres a good chance you are somehow tied to the Big 3. Michigan is the 8th most populated state in the US, so that is a lot of people.

          • TooMuchAlready

            You mean big 2. Fiat owns Dodge. It is no longer an American Company and a lot of that is thanks to the UAW’s greed.

          • kevin

            Fiat owns Ram not Dodge.
            Dodge no longer makes the Dodge Ram it is not just the Ram

          • TooMuchAlready

            They (Fiat) acquired all of Chrysler at the beginning of this year. Chrysler & Dodge both are Fiat. It doesn’t make them a bad company or anything but definitely no more American than Nissan, Honda or any of the foreign manufacturers.

          • OlllllllO

            Technically it is Chrysler that they own, Dodge is just a subset of Chrysler. But Auburn Hills is where Chrysler (and all their subsets) has the majority of its employees.

          • kevin

            Profits for GM will not stay here.
            More then 63% of GM is now in China.
            Ford and Chrysler most profits will stay here but not GM.

          • OlllllllO

            That is false. The majority of its employees are here in the US, more specifically, Detroit. GM does however have great selling #’s in China.

          • Jim

            That is because Honda and Toyota were given tax breaks by the US Gov too open their factories here in the US.The sad thing is US Companies don’t get the same tax breaks.

          • David Raymond

            Whoa! Really?

          • joemf

   tax break when Toyota moved here also!..well actually, no ‘break’, they just flat didn’t have to pay taxes period.

          • TooMuchAlready

            GM finally got one with Feds took over the company. They are federal tax exempt for 10 years. It started in 2009. The only company carrying it’s weight at the moment is Ford.

          • kevin

            The one last American made vehicle line that didn’t take government money and still remains the #1 sold and #1 most trusted vehicle in America.

          • liberals_steal_your_money

            That is right!

        • CombatMissionary

          Not to mention the fact that union labor is so extortionist, you can’t have union labor and be competitive anymore. Whenever I see the union label, it’s my cue that the product can probably had for almost the same quality and at a fraction of the price if I buy it from the Chinese.
          Buy from China! It encourages American labor to become competitive again.

          • David Raymond

            So we can all work for Chinese wages! I can’t wait! I want to be extorted by management! What fun!

          • Randy Personius

            I for one am tired of buying $60. workboots that are shot in 6 months never quite fit right and make my feet blister, I bought an faded Glory shirt many years ago that was labeled made in USA it fit great both the sleeves were the same length unlike the recent faded glory foreign made shirts that one sleeve was 2 inches shorter than the other and it was my favorite flannel shirt for many years outlasting all the other faded glory shirts I bought that were foreign made by years pants are no different I buy $60. pants and some are threadbare in a year some last 3 years and they are all bought at the same store with the same labels.I would gladly buy a made in USA faded glory flannel oir wolverine boots made in the USA but they don’t exist anymore. Bottom line is made in china sucks it costs much more in the long run and the glues and dies they use are not what they should be

          • Travis Hughes

            Wow, how are you anti-union people so damn ignorant? Non-union labor is extortionist; the corporations extort their employees and treat them like resources, not people.

        • David Raymond

          Yeah. Clean air and water, healthy environment. What BS!

        • Travis Hughes

          ??? It has nothing to do with regulation and everything to do with the Conservatives pushing through free-trade agreements that made it cheaper for them to build cars down in Mexico than in the US and allowed them to do so with no penalty! Don’t be stupid!

          • CombatMissionary

            Bill Clinton gave us NAFTA, remember, pal?

      • Bromley Jennette

        And with it goes my faith in metallurgy. Steel there is a mere wisp compared to what we used to crank out. My point is, I drive a ’64 Volkswagen every day, when I needed to replace a fender, the Mexican made parts were flimsy and had zero moisture tolerance. The vendor did not stock Mexican parts for they rust on the shelf, new. The US and German made replacement parts are as good as the original stuff but are three to ten times more expensive as the Mexican or Brazilian. I paid the premium for the premium US steel, what little there is left.

      • Lynn

        They moved south. They did not move to Mexico. Nissan is in Mississippi. Mercades is in Alabama. Tennessee has one not sure which one. All the southern states don’t have unions.

        • DezzNutz

          WE have new Honda plant in Indiana…they moved here from Euro-California, of course!

        • Garrat Carson

          Toyota’s got a shiny new plant down here in Texas pumping out Tundras. I’m pretty sure GM has a plant down here too.

      • Herman Vogel

        Yeah, Tax the Rich and the Corporations…that will fix the problem..LMAO,,,What moron would think that would be a solution? LMAO How may people do you know that have their Paychecks signed by someone making $15-20.00 an hour…LMAO,,,Disgusting.

      • jj

        Thanks to nafta..signed by Bill Clinton

    • David Raymond

      If you’re interested, read Thomas Sugrue’s “The Origins of the Urban Crisis.” It’s the classic study of postwar Detroit. It has research and stuff. You know, facts, figures, critical thinking. You might learn something.

      • Loneieagle

        What’s the basic conclusion he reaches?

        • David Raymond

          In a nutshell: Detroit was once the fourth largest city inthe U.S. and its fourth ranking commercial and industrial center, one of the greatest cities of history’s most prosperous nation, the arsenal of democracy
          during WWII and the birthplace of the robust postwar middle class. But starting as early as the late 1940s, the economiclife of Detroit began to diminish when the automobile industry determined it was cheaper to build new factories outside the city than to re-tool existing plants in the city center. Middle class whites were able to more easily follow their jobs to the new suburbs sprawling outside the city due to the new Eisenhower Interstate Highway System, leaving behind less economically-mobile blacks. This worsened already tense race relations in a historically segregatedcity and deepened the city’s economic crisis. The civic unrest of the late 1960s accelerated “white flight” to the suburbs, and by 2000 the population of Detroit stood at just over 951,000—half of its 1950 population of over 1.8million.
          The population now stands at around 700,000. In the wake of this massive de-industrialization and loss of tax revenue are shattered neighborhoods, economic stagnation, crushing poverty, crime and
          illiteracy, miles of vacant and blighted landscapes, political corruption, a largely failed school system and a failing municipal infrastructure. I know. I live here.

          In short, any city that has lost this much of its industrial and tax base will look like a war zone. No other city in the nation has taken anywhere close to the economic hit Detroit has, and that’s why it looks like it does. Which party ran the city is completely irrelevant; in the same circumstances and under a Republican administration the city would have faired just as badly. The general problem with the unstated premise of most of the comments here (“look how badly liberal/Democratic urban policies work”) is that it ignores perfectly successful cities historically run by Democrats (e.g., Chicago, to name just one). You have to look at all the evidence, not just the evidence that supports your thesis.

          This is a story of macroeconomic priorities, and the economic dynamic that has savaged Detroit stalks the land; we’re just the canary in the coal mine. There are plenty of little Detroits spread across the nation, and not all of these smaller cities and towns were run by Democrats when they hit bottom. In fact, at the national level, both parties are enthralled by this brutal economic paradigm, and we ignore this at our
          peril. We can continue to point fingers at the “other” party and try to lay blame there. But until we understand the larger economic forces that we are all subject to, we’ll be like that dog in that animated movie (can’t remember the name) that was so easily distracted from the real
          task at hand. Squirrel!

          • Shane

            Chicago and Illinois are great example of democracy at its finest. Chicago should be one of the last cities ever mentioned with regards to successful politics. (Rod Blagojevich, George Ryan, Dan Walker, Otto Kerner, William Stratton, William Scott and Mel Reynolds).

          • David Raymond

            The focus of the article was economics, not corruption. I freely admit that both Detroit and Chicago are frightfully corrupt, but that’s not a disease that afflicts only one party. Our system of legalized bribery in the guise of campaign finance assures it. Economically speaking, Chicago is a success story that happens to have been run by Democrats for years. That’s the point I was making and the point I’ll stand by.

          • disgusted


            By Matt Besler –

            Detroit was once the greatest city of the modern world. Automobiles were the cutting edge of technology in the first half of the twentieth century. Talent and genius flocked to Detroit. Innovators in engineering, technology, design, finance, marketing, and management created a concentration of economic dynamism and creativity unlike anything the world had yet seen. Detroit was the Silicon Valley of its day, except its products were made of tangible metal, rubber, and glass.
            The auto industry transformed America into a land of mobility and personal freedom beyond the dreams of earlier generations. Henry Ford said, “History is bunk.” He meant the old limits could be blown away, and ordinary people could have a better life than they had ever dreamed of before. Ford,Alfred Sloan of General Motors, Walter Chrysler, and countless thousands of people in and around Detroit—and millions of suppliers and customers all over the world—made that happen. They made modern America.
            Detroit was where the action was. Detroit was the future… But, somehow, it all went wrong.

            Detroit did not simply decline. Detroit has been destroyed. Detroit had 1.8 million people at its peak in 1950. Now it has 700,000, and 250,000 have left since 2000. “In 1960, Detroit had the highest per capita income in the U.S.; today, it’s the poorest of our large cities.” Detroit has literally been reduced to ruins.
            Detroit’s recent bankruptcy filing simply confirms the destruction, and makes it impossible for anyone to deny it any longer.
            There is one clear lesson in this tragedy, for anyone who is willing to face the facts:
            Detroit was destroyed by bad political choices and bad public policy.
            Irresponsible unions, both public and private sector, placed impossible burdens on business and on taxpayers.Liberal-progressive policies, including high taxes, crushed the economy. Detroit is one of the few cities with its own income and corporate taxes, yet spending always exceeded revenue. As the economy declined, Detroit’s government continued to increase taxes, creating an economic downward spiral, imposing higher and higher tax rates on a shriveling base of taxpayers. And the corruption and incompetence of Detroit’s city government are legendary.
            Attempts to blame capitalism, or Japanese imports, or bad luck, for the fall of Detroit, are excuses and lies. Why does anyone want to conceal the facts? Because the same bad choices and bad policies that destroyed Detroit are still being advocated and adopted all over America. And the politicians who are promoting these same destructive policies don’t want anyone to know that they are not offering progress but debt, depopulation, disappearing businesses, poverty, ruin and bankruptcy. Illinois is one of the worst examples. The political class in Springfield does not want Illinois voters to hear about the lessons of Detroit.
            But the parallels between the once great and now bankrupt city of Detroit and the once great but now disintegrating state of Illinois cannot be honestly denied.
            Illinois has enormous, unfunded pension obligations to its state employees. Illinois has the worst bond rating in the nation. Illinois is shedding people and businesses. Illinois is renowned for its corrupt and wastefulgovernment. Government spending far exceeds revenue. Illinois is trying to respond to the ongoing crisis bypiling on more taxes, on top of an already far-too-high tax burden.
            Illinois is on the same path Detroit went down.
            Illinois has not yet reached the end of the road. We don’t have most of downtown Chicago boarded-up. We haven’t lost over a quarter of our population in the last decade. There is still a lot of strength in Illinois. But it is being squandered, and the proposals floating around in Springfield are just more of the same poison that got us into our current crisis.
            Even world-class communities can wreck themselves, if the voters let politicians go on, year after year, imposingbad and destructive policies, until there is nothing left but crumbling buildings, weeds, trash, poor and abandoned people, fading memories of greatness, a proud history wasted, and the sad knowledge that it didn’t have to happen this way.
            It is long past time for serious reform in Illinois. A necessary first step is real pension reform. With that essential building block in place, the reconstruction and recovery of Illinois can begin in earnest.
            This is our state. We can still save it. We have the tools to turn it around. We will need courageous people to step up and help make the change. You might be one of them

          • David Raymond

            For a more thoroughly researched account of Detroit’s postwar history, see Thomas Sugrue’s “The Origins of the Urban Crisis.” It might illustrate to you that how Detroit came to how it look as it does today is more complex than you imagine.

          • disgusted

            Also, the movie is Disneys UP.

          • David Raymond


          • disgusted

            In 1992, Young’s police chief was convicted of stealing $2.6 million from city taxpayers, even as Young defended him.
            In 2006, former Detroit City Council member Alonzo Bateswas convicted of having improperly put one of his relatives on the city payroll, a transgression for which he was sentenced to 33 months in prison.
            In 2009, Detroit City Council member Monica Conyers, wife of U.S. House Rep. John Conyers (D-Michigan), pleaded guilty to federal bribery charges and went on to serve 27 months in a federal penitentiary.
            In 2008, Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick agreed to resign from his office and spend four months in jail for two obstruction-of-justice felony counts.
            In 2010, Kilpatrick was sentenced to additional jail time for violating the terms of his probation related to the 2008 conviction.
            In March 2013, Kilpatrick was found guilty of 24 offenses including fraud, racketeering and extortion.
            In 2012, Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee, Jr. retired when it became publicly known that he was sexually involved with a female officer in the department.
            In 2013, two Detroit city officials—pension-fund lawyer Ronald Zajac and Police & Fire pension trustee Paul Stewart—were indicted in a bribery scandal.
            I’m ordering the book you suggested later today but I doubt it will sway my opinion on ethical spending and dirty politicians. I’m sure Detroit could have put just the 2.6 million alone (stolen in 1992 by a elected official ) to good use regardless of what the book states! The issues started in the 1940’s but the corruption was only fueled. Several states have been hit hard and able to recover due to proper limitations on spending. Recessions are a occurrence no matter where you live. It’s how your government SPENDS AND PLANS that determines the lively hood of the local people. So the 1940’s may have stared it but its not the REASON Detroit is in its state of decay as of TODAY. Here is another Disney movie for you.. Bugs Life. Too many Grasshoppers and not enough Ants! I’m unable to wrap my head around the fact that you disregard the modern day theft. Time and again, Detroit had opportunity’s to be successful regardless of past politics. If you get a government that isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves you could be successful again. That also means the people have to be prepared to do the work and expand as well. You can be poor in any state. You talk as if your city is the only place that has ever had hardships.. The way see it, your city is a issue because its been so long. WHY? Your city has been given money and it has had money.. It isn’t properly spent.

          • David Raymond

            I don’t disregard the corruption, and I certainly don’t defend it. But I consider it as one among many other factors. I think the main factor in Detroit’s decline was de-industrialization. In 50 years Detroit lost the car industry, over half its population, and almost all of its tax base. Any city subjected to these economic factors will look like a war zone, no matter what party is in power. It’s also unfair to compare Detroit to other cities because no other city in the nation has taken anywhere close to the economic hit Detroit has, and that’s why it looks like it does (though, as I mention above, there are plenty of “little Detroits” around). And as I’ve also said above, unless we all take a hard look at the macroeconomic forces that has decimated our middle class, none of us will have much of a future to argue about. Glad you ordered Sugrue’s book, though. It opened my eyes.

          • Sheila Rider

            THE REALITY IS if there would have been people focused on luring industry back it would not have completely fallen in a hole. Democrats have drain every city or state they controlled. Democrats have controlled Detroit for more than fifty years and Chicago more than 70 years. NYC went through loss on industry and so did philidelphia and many other cities. The difference is the people running those cities new it and worked to bring different industry in and started cutting back on their spending to sustain itself through those hard years. Detroit became a haven for democrats who wanted nothing more than to suck the city dry. Open your eyes. Democrat=enslavement and destruction. Malcom X saw it and warned black communities about voting democrat but they failed to listen and black communities and families have paid a high price for their loyalty to a party that cares nothing for them and still seeks to destroy them with the genocide of their children through abortion.

          • David Raymond

            Please read Thomas Sugrue’s book.

          • Weejus

            If you think Chicago is a success story, you haven’t lived there. When I was 9, Chicago was a vibrant, growing city teeming with culture and eager for the future. 50 years of massively liberal policies and Chicago is a trash-heap. It has so much crime you can’t walk the streets in broad daylight, and is rapidly becoming the nations murder capital despite Washington D.C.’s attempts to remain the leader. The only areas that are still anywhere near their former glory are near Lakeside ave and the airport – places where travelers congregate. The inner city has collapsed into ghettos and projects, and the suburbs are failing.
            I drive through areas where I grew up and see nothing but trash and dilapidated housing. You have to go 50 miles out to find nice neighborhoods.

          • David Raymond

            What part of the city do you live in?

          • Weejus

            I lived in Hoffman Estates, Elgin, Cary and then Joliet. I go back frequently to visit relatives who are too stubborn to leave. I remember going to downtown Chicago on shopping trips with my parents and grandparents and field trips from school, then by myself as I grew older. I had some great times on Rush street and Lakeside Ave. Now, it’s just too depressing.

          • David Raymond

            So you don’t live in the city?

          • Weejus

            Wasn’t referring to it’s economic situation. It’s pretty bad, but nothing like Detroit. I was referring to it’s crime, cronyism, oppressive laws, rules and regulations, and general lack of opportunity and economic growth in the past two decades.

          • David Raymond

            I agree with you about the lack of economic growth and opportunity, but I think it’s far more widespread. Our middle class has all but disappeared over the past 30 years, almost nationwide. I teach college, and I really feel for my students. Most are entering an economy that has no place for them, at least at a living wage.

          • Weejus

            The progressive policies implemented by the left and practically unopposed by the “Right” have killed the middle class. If you look at the all socialist countries in the world, you’ll see that none of them have a middle class – only poor masses and the elite. Now it’s what’s happening here in America, too. Detroit is a smoking ruin due to leftist policies, most large cities are in decay at some stage or another due to the same. If we don’t abandon the ideas of Keynes and Marx, and re-establish the free-market policies on which this nation was founded, we’re done.

          • David Raymond

            Which countries do you consider socialist?

          • Weejus

            I believe in the basic policies of John Locke and free market economics. Countries where these policies are rejected outright in favor of “Worker’s Right” or “Social/Economic Equality” are, by definition, Socialist, including communist countries like Russia and China. Countries that claim to be “Capitalist”, or that still allow some free market policies while massively promoting the above mentioned socialist policies (like the U.S.A.) are generally teetering on the brink of disaster. Since there are no fully free-market countries left now that America has fallen prey to the Progressive subterfuge, I’m not sure where to turn to answer your question except to state “Which countries are NOT socialist?”. The question left is, which countries can yet be saved? There seems to be a grass roots movement in the U.S.A. that seems to be realizing the dangerous path we’re on and is fighting for a reversal of policies, but the fight will be long and hard, and the outcome is not pre-ordained that we will be successful. All we can do is hope for our children and their future. Otherwise George Orwell was correct, he just had the dates wrong.

          • David Raymond

            I always thought socialism was about distributing wealth more equally. But it’s a pretty well-documented fact that the US has one of the most unequal distributions of wealth in the developed world. How does that work?

          • Weejus

            What’s wrong with inequality of ability and effort leading to inequality of wealth? Or do you believe it’s OK for the government to steal the personal belongings of one person and give them to another on the basis of whatever said government decides is “equal”, with no recourse for redress and jail for trying to gain same? That’s Tyranny, and is one of the main reasons why socialism fails every time to address the “Working Man’s Struggle’ and why no socialist country (such as Venezuela, for example) has a middle class. Or enough food, clothing, etc. to meet the needs of the masses.

          • David Raymond

            You misunderstand me; I probably wasn’t clear.

            A couple posts up, you write “all socialist countries in the world, you’ll see that none of them have a middle class – only poor masses and the elite.” Then in your last post I think you suggest that the US was also implementing socialist policies.

            Then I observed that I understood one of the chief features of socialism to be a more equal distribution of society’s wealth, but the US had one of the most unequal distributions of wealth in the developed world. So I guess the question I was asking was, given this unequal distribution of wealth, how can we consider the US to be socialist?

          • Weejus

            The U.S. has not yet totally turned its back on free market policies, and that’s still evident in both the remaining – yet dwindling – middle class, and some of the the wealth inequality observed. Once the conversion to socialism is complete (when the ideas of free markets are considered abhorrent in general society as opposed to primarily in academia and recently graduated youths with no real-world experience as it is today), then you will see the wealth appear to balance out. In reality, it will be destroyed and everyone will be poor except those in power.
            Don’t get me wrong, I believe there IS an inequality of wealth in the U.S., but I believe it has been created by crony-capitalism and socialistic policies – where the government tries to control who wins and who loses in the economic arena. That is antithetic to free markets and is one of the primary root causes of our current dilemma.

          • David Raymond

            I wonder–if you were to point to an era in US history that you think of as our country’s “golden age,” what decades would you point to?

          • DezzNutz

            David, pay attention. America’s MIDDLE CLASS is SHRINKING. The rich are getting richer, that an ECONOMIC FACT EVERY MEASUREMENT is telign us RIGHT NOW that under OBama the ELITIST RICH are getting richer while poor and midde classes are getting poorer.

            You just posted that college grad are graduating and they cant find a Living Wage.

            Well that is a DIRECT RESULT of a shrinking middle class, it shows how small businesses cant hire, and they cant stay in business. Corporation and their Govt masters only make up for like 20% of the jobs in this country.
            Corporatism is RUINING America, killing Capitalism, and rushing in Socialism to support the lower classes who cant find work

          • David Raymond

            I absolutely agree with everything you say here, except the end of your last sentence.

          • DezzNutz

            No Socialism is Redistribution of Wealth. PERIOD. It is Not necessarily Redistribution of Wealth, EQUALLY among everyone. Sometimes it just giving someone someone else’s “scraps” sometimes it giving someone your business, your home, your savings, retirement, etc.

            For a college professor, you are pretty ignorant about Economics, are you a Sociology Prof?

          • David Raymond

            Agreed. Why the insult?

          • motherall

            And why did the blacks not get jobs in the plants and follow the industry? The problem is the entitlement mentality that I don’t have to do anything because I’m owed because of my color. So they don’t learn in school, don’t finish school, major in hoodlumism and have nothing to offer the world but their underwear showing and many babies they desert. Everyone is responsible for their own lives and blaming whitey is counterproductive. Schools have been integrated for over two education lifetimes and affirmative action has cost many whites their opportunities. Stop pointing the finger in the wrong direction. The problem will never be solved until it is acknowledged.

          • David Raymond

            Again, I’d recommend Thomas Sugrue’s Origin of the Urban Crisis.

    • RavviOli

      NO, If Obama has his way ALL of the country will look like this. If you want to look under the veil of what Obama’s puppet masters have in store for us, take a look at Afghanistan.

      • CombatMissionary

        All of the country will look like this, except for the areas Obama and the rest of the Proletariat will live in. Rank Has Its Privileges, you know!

        • David Raymond

          Um, I don’t think Obama would be a member of the proletariat. If you want to use the term properly you need to read part one of the Communist Manifesto. It’s short.

          • CombatMissionary

            Of course. Looks like another long week’s getting to me. It sucks struggling to be bourgeoisie sometimes. I meant, “Obama and the rest of the ruling class.” Thanks for keeping me on my toes.

    • David Raymond

      Interestingly enough, the postwar heyday of the middle class corresponded with the highest rate of union membership in the private sector. As union membership has fallen (starting in the 1970s), the middle class has fallen behind.

  • Abe1865

    The City of Detroit could turn back into a manufacturing and business center of the United States and rebuilding downtown detroit is another way.

  • Abe1865

    All those stuff in the buildings can be removed and resold to anyone and rank in millions for the city of Detroit.

  • DirkBelig

    If liberalism and unions worked as their proponents claim, Detroit would be Utopia. However, these ruin porn galleries don’t capture the actual devastation of Detroit. Seeing these images of decayed beauty makes people believe there’s a sort of sad poetry to the condition of Detroit, but what’s needed are photos of the neighborhoods in this 140 sq. mile wasteland.

    Here are a trio of photos from across the street from my girlfriend’s place in Detroit. It’s a better-than-average block (for the time being) only 1-1/2 blocks over the border from affluent Grosse Pointe, but even so there is a house with squatters two doors down and a few houses past that the door has been kicked in. Across the street, they tore down one house across the street and the house next door has been stripped by scrappers and will probably be razed eventually.

    The house that was torn down:

    A car that was torched in the drive next to that lot:

    The aftermath:

    This doesn’t even include my car which was stolen from her drive and recovered a mere 20 minutes later, 4 blocks away, stripped of its wheels, GPS and iPod, sustaining $14,000 in damage because of the thieves method of bashing the car from behind with a truck to push it down the street.

    The people who snarl, “SAY NICE THINGS ABOUT DETROIT!!!” are almost exclusively suburbanites whose contact with the city is coming in for a sports event or visiting the casino before fleeing back for the ‘burbs.

    • HiFi

      Knucklehead, it’s called offshoring and globalization, brought to us by republicans and dixiecrats.

      • blight14

        The term you seek is ‘demographics’………….

      • Joe

        Please educate yourself! Did you read the part about no Republican leadership in Detroit for the past 50 years? Detroit’s death has nothing to do with Republicans. Read about Kwame Kilpatrick and Coleman Young … and pull your head out.

    • Dom

      It’s too bad. I love a good Grand Marquis.

  • Jordan Olling

    It looks like something out of Left 4 Dead 2, or any (zombie) apocalypse story.

  • Excaliber3000

    Would like to have captions under the pics to know what we’re looking at

  • brush yo mouf

    City 17 never looked better. All hail the overwatch.

    • Dumbfounded


    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      LOL, I was just speaking of that up top!
      Pick up that can!

  • Gia P

    My hometown was a lovely suburb of our Capitol, great schools, nicely maintained neighborhoods, strong business growth. It was really a great place to live. 22 years ago the residents voted into office a former teacher turned Mayor and the first order of business was to build 1000 units of low income apartments. Next he bussed kids in from the city to” create a diversified community”. In twenty years this political body has destroyed a nice town and it is now broke because of the welfare paid to the now 4000 units of no income. It is a run down, crime ridden, welfare town where the middle class left about 8-10 years ago. What did the people in my state do? They voted the same guy into the State Senate. Horrific.

    • HiFi

      Yeah, the darkies will do that every time. Right.

      • David Raymond


      • Jefferson McIrish

        Wrong, you racist moron! Parasites and looters of ANY race/color will to that every time.

  • J Frost

    Looks promising to a Democrat- 1 percent-ers all gone.

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    That SO reminds me of my favorite video game series, Half Life 2. It’s set in Russia/Eastern Europe, in a sort of post-apocalyptic dystopia where Earth is occupied by an evil alien regime called the Combine. But like I say, almost all the scenery and settings are like that, decrepit houses & apartments, railway stations, etc. The wrecked theater close to the bottom and the three or four interior shots just above it especially! Awesome game, with some interesting undertones — your character is Gordon Freeman, and “free man” indeed, who has become something of a folk hero and resistance leader against the Occupation. Check it out sometime if you don’t know it already.

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      Actually . . . City 17 looks pretty good in comparison.

      • PennyRobinsonFanClub

        And this …

  • Phyllis Perry-Sutphin

    So sad….

  • Scarlet LeMay

    Hard to believe!

  • Tal D. Noble

    You are looking at the future of all of America. If you don’t like what you see, you have just a little time left to do something about it. And the chances of that are very slim, right? Or, are they?

  • BlueViolets

    Maybe the next vacation the first family takes should be to inner city Detroit so they can get the full affect of their policies. In fact I think we should send all Democrat politicians on permanent vacation to Detroit. So sad to see all those lovely old buildings in such a state of decay.

  • Asper

    Correction: STATISM, not Liberalism.

    A corrupt mind corrupts language, so does corrupt language corrupts the mind.

    • Weejus

      Correction: SOCIALISM (Can you say PROGRESSIVE?)

      • Asper ACT

        Socialists, the “Progressives”, are Statists.
        The mainstream terms you use serve to distract people from their fundamental similarities. You and the Socialists share quite a bit in common, primarily and most importantly is the belief in the State.
        You’re not their opposite, you’re a softer version of them.

        Now, please don’t take it as an insult, try to disprove me instead.

        • Weejus

          Not sure where you get that I’m a Statist just because I try to point out that the current nom de guerre of Socialists is “Progressive”. Actually, I’m a paleo-constitutionalist. I have studied the founding fathers via their own words in documents, letters, minutes of meetings, newspaper articles, etc. And believe I have a firm grasp on their intent and meaning. Our FedGov is so far removed from their ideas and intentions it is a travesty, mostly brought on by twelve men in black robes who have decided that programs and policies absolutely banned by the Constitution are “constitutional”, further exacerbated by the fact that they were never intended to have that power.

          All that said, I believe in a incredibly small government and free-market policies (and please don’t confuse free-market with capitalism. The two are separate and distinct.)

        • Weejus

          Pointing out the the current nom de guerre of socialism is “Progressive” makes me a Statist? Truth told, I’m a paleo-constitutionalist, and I believe in a minuscule government with free-market policies. And please don’t confuse free-market with capitalism. The two are separate and distinct.

          • Asper ACT

            Believe in followed by government denotes your Statist stance.

  • HiFi

    Wasn’t the point that this is what capitalism does? Creative destruction?

  • elizabeth cohen

    This is what our community organizer and his liberal cronies did to Detroit. Now the same is being done to America and across Europe. Thanks

  • stan25

    Detroit shows what the decay and corruption of Communism/Socialism does to humankind. The same type of decay is in Russia from the old Soviet days.

  • teridavisnewman

    Looks just like East St. Louis, an IL DEMOCRAT bastion.

    • blight14

      Again, the term you seek is ‘demographics’…………Denver/Seattle/Pittsburgh are all bastions of uber liberalism………..they don’t look anything like the cesspool called Detroit/E. St. Louis/Gary/Memphis/etc…..what could possibly be the difference?

  • Greg Jadwin

    Reminds me of pictures of Pripyat after the Chernobyl disaster!

  • blight14

    Some moved in, others moved out…………..thereafter, civilization crumbled………perhaps there’s a correlation…………

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    I’ve seen these, and similar, pictures a few times now, and I keep telling people Detroit looks like the devastated City 17 in the computer game Half Life 2. Well, I finally did an actual side by side! Here, kind of a guessing game, guess which pic is Detroit and which is from the game!


      The game had cleaner streets.
      Oh, and at least you knew who to trust in the game, unlike the streets of Detroit.

      That’s a perfect example the damage liberalism does to a society, it makes zombies out of the populace, they lose the ability to fend for themselves.
      We have the same problems here in the of Ca Capitol, Sacto, Oak Park, to the Carella Gardens, majority of black slaves to the system thanks to Dims and LBJ.

      Good find.

  • sputnik1

    Check out this video from Crowder. Horrifying. Is this what we want the rest of America to end up looking like?

  • Chris Mears

    I wish there were captions so we knew what the pictures were before the destruction. Even better, before and after pics would be amazing

  • Lillian DeLuise Kunz

    What a rotten shame they have let this once beautiful city fall apart as it has over the last few years!

  • Don

    Wow.. that looks like a episode from “Life After People” that is sad… That a city that had so much, has imploded on itself. The City Counsel should be arrested.

  • Roadster73

    I recently re-read 1984. These pictures reminded me of Orwell’s description of London under INGSOC. Though at least nobody lives in those buildings. Unlike these pictures from Cuba.

  • JohnFalcigie

    If I wanted to film a post apocalyptic movie, i would film it in Detroit

  • rogueguineapig

    reminds me of Pripyat in a lot of ways…

  • Pat Macken

    This would be better if we knew what some of these buildings were that were so dilapidated.

    • Bomber

      Does it really matter?

    • momsaid

      One of them is a Library. You can see books, still on the shelves…which means that anyone looting/squatting there doesn’t bother to read.

  • Bongo Bob

    On the up side, it would be a great place to film a post-apocalypse movie!

  • Sveno

    This reminds me of Chernobyl!!! It even looks worse in some of these photos!!!

    • Michael Taylor

      That’s comparing apples and potatoes…Chernobyl has a chance of recovering.

      • Steve Gregg

        Good point. Radioactivity has a half life and slowly diminishes. Unfortunately, Democrat stupidity is forever.

  • Erica Eaves

    So sad that so much history is being lost, beautiful buildings and once thriving metropolitan hubs. Preservationists, historians, archivists, architects, area politicians, etc….. we must unite!!! There was at least one building pictured here that I would buy and fix if I had the money. I hurts too see these I hope one day when I finish my masters degree in History and archival work that I can help with projects like this……every little piece can have meaning!!!

  • Proud Liberal Intellectual

    I’m lost. So thousands of people were well employed, making American brand cars, striving on union wages (because otherwise they’d be loosing fingers and and not making enough money to support their families). Then big business decides that they are uninterested in complying with the unions, devaluing their workers and sending most of the work to other various countries or other parts of the US where they make respective “camps.” So now we have a city built upon the automobile industry that isn’t making cars. So there are tens of thousands out of work, and there is only so many shop owners and janitorial staffs hiring. The skill set that most of these Men and Women spent their life developing is basically useless. Yet somehow this city is expected to make money? That’s like putting a third generation lumberjack in valley and then saying, well why can’t you provide for yourself? Why were you great in the forest but are useless out here? That’s like building a house without a roof. Sure, you’ll keep the animals out, but it will still rain in your head. Now imagine someone said you have two rules, you can’t let anything in your house get wet, but you can’t build a roof. Also, you guys are correct, there are liberals in office. Why? Well political scientists have proven that liberalism aids in getting out of a depression, where conservatism is best when an area is in a state of well being. You, of anyone should know that Mr. Riddle, if you are in fact a PoliSci Major. Think about the Great Depression. We had a string of conservatives who did nothing because everything was fine, and then the entire country went crazy and Roosevelt saved the country from economic doom. I understand bringing conservatism to a striving city like Austin or Cincinnati, but not to Detroit. I invite anyone to respond with a logically calculated reason why conservatism would work better for Detroit. **Oh, also Mr. Riddle there are old run down buildings in every city in the entire world, but kudos for being able to take a picture of some.**

    • Moooperator

      “Roosevelt saved the country from economic doom.”


      • Weejus

        Man, are you brainwashed!!! Every economic and political study of the periods covering Pres Hoover and FDR shows that, while Hoover’s policies were not helpful, it was FDR who turned a 12- 18 month recession / depression into the Great Depression. Keynsian economics has failed every time it’s been applied because you can’t make the money stack higher by taking coins from the bottom and stacking them on top – in other words, higher taxes and Government printing extra money (just as we have now) completely ruins an overburdened economy. That’s also why we are still in a depression today despite Mr. O’s lies about recovery.

        • Moooperator

          I think you are preaching to the choir. Maybe you meant to reply to “proud liberal intilectual ” I copied his statement about FDR saving our economy and simply stated it was the war machine of WWII that pulled us out.

          • Weejus

            Sorry – You are correct. Message was meant for Proud Liberal Intellectual, My bad.

    • Ricardo Cabeza

      A similar thing happened to Pittsburgh. A city once built upon the steel industry has reinvented itself into a thriving metropolis.

    • Steve Gregg

      Actually, the Great Depression was due to bad decisions by government. Protective tariffs on 20,000 products led to a trade war and a recession. The government tightened the money supply, which led to a depression. FDR’s disastrous New Deal turned the depression into the Great Depression. Nothing conservative about any of that. Had the government done nothing and let the free market work, none of this would have happenned. The market would have corrected itself in eighteen months.

      Business did not leave Detroit. It was driven out by liberal politicians who created a hostile environment for business. The race riots drove out all the middle class people, white and black, who made the city work. Once you drive out the makers, all that’s left is the takers.

    • Weejus

      “political scientists have proven that liberalism aids in getting out of a depression”? What crock of socialistic, academic BS did you drag that from? Liberalism has been proven time and time again to CAUSE depressions, recessions, shortages and general economic stagnation. Liberalism is predicated on Keynesian economics which has failed every single time it has been implemented. Read your history. Study the facts. Don’t take a socialist professor’s word for it. They lie.

  • Will Smith

    It’s mildly ironic that someone who studied politics and economics is running a conservative blog….essentially, this guy is doing literally nothing productive for society other than posting poorly researched and executed content like this post preying on the emotions of the ignorant to try and make a buck.

    • DJ1706

      If he were running a liberal blog, that would be OK?

      • Danny Wilde

        liberals only b log between their shifts at Mc Wendy King

    • prolife87659877

      “preying on the emotions of the ignorant” this is a conservative blog. if he were really preying on the emotions of the ignorant this would be a liberal blog.

  • scotthudson

    Everyone needs to read The Contract On The Government. It is the book the politicians and bureaucrats DO NOT want you reading. Find out more here:

  • Seth Dziamniski

    I think NAFTA should be replaced with something that would encourage american companies to stay in america, but I doubt that will happen considering the price of gas would skyrocket.

  • jake

    When a politician is in charge put in charge of money, he holds no responsibility for the way he spends it, and all consequences of his or her spending that money are born by everyone else around him.
    When a business-man is in charge of his own money, all responsibility and all consequences are a direct result of his own work.
    Which one do you think will handle money better?

  • melissa236

    1st world civilization being taken down by third world inhabitants. Nothing can bring a city down faster. Blame it all you want on democrats, they are only part of the problem.

  • Krissy Morgan

    A beautiful part of history gone to s**t! Thanks Libtards for ruining the beauty in our country’s cities. Stop breeding and give the rest of us a chance to unf**k what you did to this country

  • Brenda Lewis

    I lived in Michigan from 1954 to 1970 and Detroit was beautiful !went there many times ,parks were beautiful downtown was beautiful!!!All I can say is city GOV> put all the money in their pockets!!!Now we are facing this in America,GOVERNORS don’t let this happen in your state. Please care for you citizens and jobs and don’t put money in you coffers. After the burning of this city in the 60’s people moved out of the city and this is what happens. Watch the movie OMEGA MAN it explains everything and we are headed that way!!!!!

    • texas_suzie

      You can see the beautiful bones of this city in these sad photos. I lived in Lansing from 88-10. I would have loved to see Detroit in her heyday.

  • Connor Davenport


  • vbart

    Big Government Corruption at it’s finest. Such a sad thing to see happening to our country.

  • ABB Anybody But Boston

    Boston, you are next.

  • linda

    you fucking conservaTARDS are such pigs. .Exactly how does this have to do with progressive politics? I live in a very BLUE area, with a median income of 100k, yet we don’t look like this. LOL Most of you young tea tards don’t make enough money to be voting red.

    • Ray8285

      Good for you…how many Blue cities are facing bankruptcy…how many historically red cities are? That is the lesson.

    • texas_suzie

      I suppose the name calling proves your point. No reason for intelligent conversation with you, linda, eh?

  • linda

    also, you young ones will learn(just like I did) how voting red is actually hurting you. Anti union, anti middle class is not the way to go, especially since most of you will never come close to earning the same pay rate that your parents did. Those six figure incomes don’t exist anymore.

    • jules2u

      Your priceless aren’t you, six figure incomes? For who, and in Detroit? Sorry manufacturing, even the union jobs never paid six figure incomes unless you were the boss

    • Weejus

      Free market policies created the middle class, not unions. Unions are a capitalist twist on Socialism. Socialism destroys the middle class. Read and study history. In every socialist country in the world there is no middle class. There are only the proletariat and the elite. In every country which allows unions, the unions have lowered employment, stifled jobs and businesses, and led to economic collapse of existing businesses. Those are the facts, like them or not.

  • Stan Ausmus
  • haroldcrews

    There are a number of cities in the US that have been ruled by liberalism for decades and yet are very livable and whose inhabitants possess a high standard of living. I’m thinking of Pittsburg and Portland. It wasn’t liberalism that killed Detroit. It was demographics. When the city tipped from majority white to black then its fate is sealed. The same can be said for many other cities as well. Cities such as Birmingham, Alabama or Memphis, Tennessee. There are in fact a long line of formerly great cities destroyed by a shifting demographic.

    • Shmeekneeganins

      But remember the Greenwood District in north Tulsa, Oklahoma – it was one of the wealthiest (black) neighborhoods in the U.S. at one time….it was also know as Black Wall Street and was a booming district, prosperous and wealthy. And what happened to it?

      • Jared Shipley

        Rich Blacks moved in and took advantage of infrastructure created by Whites.

        Whites destroyed the infrastructure, and Blacks were incapable of rebuilding it.

        In contrast, neighborhoods and cities controlled by Whites and destroyed or damaged by Black riots have been able to rebuild.

  • Stationaryghost

    Detroit has been corrupt for decades. There is a reason why we don’t have a mass rail system here, because GM made buses! The unions have gotten in the way here, but as long as the hands got greased with cash, the unions will inform their members to vote Demoncrate. I have lived here in Metro Detroit all my life, Oakland & Macomb County are fantastic places to raise families. There are many opportunities out here, and the dead anchor of Detroit is coming back. We have definitely hit rock bottom and no where else to go but up! A lot of the city looks worse than 3rd world countries. There are many more once beautiful buildings and homes falling in ruin. The cost to repair and restore is nutts, let alone making the business profitable is another good question. It is a shame how neglected the city has become. The cops don’t have the resources to get the job done! Many crimes go unreported or never solved. It is more dangerous here than ever. The downtown financial district is bouncing back fast, but the rest of the city may not in our lifetime. It is too big of a city, combine Boston, San Francisco and Manhattan together to create Detroit!!! Way too big of a city to fix!

  • Joshua Goodey

    Hey guys, this is kinda an out there idea. But i think i might be on to something. Give people safety gear and just scavenge all the crap from the parts of Detroit that need to be leveled. Think of all the metal in those buildings. Pickers wet dream. And the people that dont have records can be trained to get rid of all the rabid dog packs running around. USe the material that isnt broken to make new houses/apartments and what not. They make houses all the time out of used bricks and what not.

  • shmeekneeganins

    Wow, some of those were amazing buildings and still look like they have some potential to be great again with a lot of work.

  • David Raymond

    Modern conservatism: simple (minded) answers to complex questions. If you’re interested, read Thomas Sugrue’s “The Origins of the Urban Crisis.” It’s the classic study of postwar Detroit. It has research and stuff. You know, facts, figures, critical thinking. You might learn something.

  • David Raymond

    Modern conservatism: simple (minded) answers to complex questions. If any of you are interested, read Thomas Sugrue’s “The Origins of the Urban Crisis.” It’s the classic study of postwar Detroit. It has research and stuff. You know, facts, figures, critical thinking. You might learn something.

  • Jared Shipley

    “Liberalism” ruined Detroit? Newsflash: There are scores of other very liberal/progressive cities in the US that don’t have these problems, such as Portland, OR and others. What’s the difference? Demographics.

  • dallface

    So sad. Greedy bastards. I’d like to see someone try to defend this.

  • Julie Ann

    They like living that way

  • maverick

    When will we get a clue? Will anyone ever wise up to the motives and tactics of the American Left? Had we done so sooner, when the economy was still relatively strong, and more of us had leisure and income to fight the bastards, the Left would never has been so utterly successful as they have been for over half a century now. “Fundamental transformation” may only have become a buzz-word since the current president began campaigning, but you can bet it has been the touchstone of the Left for decades.

    Why waste our time splitting hairs over the meaning of the word “is” with these demons? Alinsky wrote his game plan based on the successful ideas of Adorno and Gramsci, which essentially is that in order tosuccessfully transform any nation into a totalitarian, fascist/socialist regime, the most effective method is not by the short term use of force and violence (notice how seldom the Left uses that method?) but by the slow, incremental taking over of all meaningful institutions within the society. They have overrun our media, courts, governing bodies at all levels, our schools from pre-K to university level, and even to a shocking extent- our churches. (Over half of all catholics voted for Mr. Hope and Change.)

    Unfortunately, since time is short and they have ovverun the means by which to restore this once great nation, our options for doing so are both limited, and far too radical to mention here in the dawning of The Age of the Hate-Speech Police.

  • Emil Merusi

    Amazing.. Imagine just walking away from your dental practice, home, or business.

  • Sheila Rider

    ASTONISHING! Some of the architecture should have been preserved at all costs. This is pure laziness and corruption and greed that created this and we all know lazy-corruption-greed are liberal character points. DISGUSTING!

  • Ballistic45

    We will soon see ourselves as a third world country, streets filled with cheap chinese scooters with 3 and 4 people on them, animal drawn carts on our freeways, cities in decay all under the Progressive plan…..

  • Rebekah Anne Keegan Stevenson

    Wow looks like something out of a zombie apocalypse movie.

  • Herman Vogel

    When you see ‘hardcore Pawn” you start to understand just why this city is like it is,,and why the people just don’t care. This is spreading and will KEEP spreading as long as we have liberals…BOTH sides of the isle…in OUR congress and in OUR White Haus.

  • Mike

    I was in shock looking at these photos.

  • Robert Nabors

    man show these pics without the title and people would think it was from some 3rd world country

  • JesseMace

    black crime, union greed and political corruption equals detoilet.

  • Eric Jones

    The jobs left Detroit. I’m from a similar area where steel mills were vast and thriving. Those jobs left the country, as have a lot of manufacturing jobs. It has nothing to do with liberalism. The companies wanted to save money so they moved jobs to cheaper labor environments. Some companies that stay in the United States just shuffle from area to area. I heard a piece about it on the radio the other day where they interviewed people that worked in such places.

  • Honoring_Honore

    Raze the city. Then let people move back in and rebuild, if they want to. But, not one red cent from tax payers.

  • Adam L.

    It honestly looks like every single episode of WALKING DEAD. Honestly, they could shoot the show there and not need to change the city at all.

  • Borissgal

    Most of these buildings were decaying well through the the decades when the auto industry was thriving. It was neglect and abandonment by their owners long before the last few years that caused this.

  • Doy Virginia

    It breaks my heart to see such fine buildings just being allowed to crumble into the ground.

    Especially that beautiful theater and elegant hotel ballroom.

    When Hollywood makes its next “apocalyptic end-of-the-world” movie, they should film it in Detroit.
    They wouldn’t have to spend a dime for building sets. Heck, the ENTIRE CITY could be the set….

  • steven

    Liberal conservatism is killing the very things they used to fight for. everything is censored and noone can say anything or make a joke without going to sensitivity training. I miss being able to make my own choices. Basically evefryone in america is just too damn sensitive,and single mother house holds are turning out men into little femms who think boobies are gross and only cavemen would like such things,all the crap i used to hate right wing conservatives for…

  • William Meyers

    What a collection of RWNJB’s and what a load of crap this story is.

  • djc

    you guys don’t get it…this is because of deregulation of your financial structure. Reagan started it by dismantling the Glass-Steagall act, opening the doors to massive abuses by the banking industry. That is what has led to the demise of Detroit and many other US cities and towns. You all better start realizing that GREED is NOT good. It is counter productive to the betterment of society in general.

  • liberals_steal_your_money

    Welcome to Obama Land!

  • Gearmoe

    Unions are not all good nor all bad. Union’s get a bad rap based on cliché examples, there are many Unions in the USA.
    Business in general has left the USA for a reason, and it was well more than a Union or two. Our middle-class is weak, the 1% have the goods. Foreign car makers are not accustomed to giving up control, Unions are not on their playlist, no shock. That’s not to say they couldn’t pay higher wages, they choose not too.. A number of generations of Gov’t screwed the pooch and let our manufaturing and others slip away, Detroit is but one albeit a good example of a liberal left progressive movement. This is a cancer moving through our Country and will get worse if we don’t buckle down and observe the original doctrine and foundational guides set forth. The younger a person is the more difficult this can be to understand, I used to be one, I wanted change. But the lesson is simple, don’t fix something which isn’t broken. The left has broke us, sadly I might add, so now we must fix it and the only what to do this is to swing the pendulum hard to the right. Take the medicine even if it tastes bad because it’s what is needed to heal the Country.

  • Bill-D

    Hey Liberal, progressive, Democrats!!!!!!
    This is your sewer, own it and clean it!!!!
    VOTE out the Democrats!!!!!