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A comparison of how the NFL treated Christian Tim Tebow vs. openly gay Michael Sam

A comparison of how the NFL treated Christian Tim Tebow vs. openly gay Michael Sam
Getty Images

As an avid football fanatic (go Patriots!), I was really surprised to see the media’s reaction to the first openly gay player, Michael Sam. Honestly, I didn’t think it deserved that much attention. Last time I checked, most football fans didn’t care about the love life of the players.

The entire situation is marvelous display of the left’s hypocrisy. Anyone remember Tim Tebow, the man who shamelessly expressed his devotion to God? He was mocked for his beliefs and actions all the time, and the NFL never made a big deal out of it.

So I have a great idea. Let’s see how many times players get in trouble for “offending” Michael Sam and the gay community in the next year. After all, it has already started. Don Jones, safety for the Miami Dolphins, has already been penalized with a fine for negative tweets towards Michael Sam, and he’s not the only one getting in trouble.

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From The Blaze:

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DeMarcus Walker is a sophomore defensive end for Florida State, the reigning champs of college football. Whether his football skills develop into widespread acclaim, we do not know yet.

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But after Walker posted a couple of Twitter messages on the heels of Michael Sam’s historic draft by the St. Louis Rams Saturday, a first for an openly-gay player, Walker could be getting a bit more attention, as Twitchy notes:


That message comparing how Sam has been received regarding being openly gay versus how Tim Tebow was received in regard to being openly Christian has been retweeted more than 9,000 times as of Sunday night.

Later Walker posted a cartoon offering a similar comparison: How the media and culture treated Tebow versus how it treated Jason Collins, the first openly-gay NBA player:

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It could take a while before we get a sense of the overall response to Walker’s tweets, as there are no shortage of people who disagree with them. Here are a few at on Walker’s Twitter page. (Content warning: One naughty word below):

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But here are a few who agree with Walker:


Image source: Twitter via Twitchy

This story has been updated.

Featured image: AP

(H/T: The Gateway Pundit)

I’m really disappointed to see the PC police on the prowl in the NFL. I don’t care if Michael Sam is gay, but seriously. I don’t want to see the media fawning over him kissing his gay lover. If it helps, I don’t care to see any of the other players make out with their girlfriends either.

The truth is, being gay doesn’t make you a hero. It’s the media that’s obsessed with it. Prove yourself to be a good football player with good character and you’ll gain respect, but it’s ridiculous to expect everyone to shower Sam with compliments and admiration just because he’s gay. He should be held to the same standard as everyone else. Some will say they don’t like Tim Tebow because he’s not a good football player, and that’s fine. Watch what will happen if Michael Sam turns out to be below average. I can see it now. “You just don’t like him because he’s gay!”

Le sigh.

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NYT Claims More Gun Laws In U.K. Equals Less Political Violence, Immediately Shown Wrong...

NYT Claims More Gun Laws In U.K. Equals Less Political Violence, Immediately Shown Wrong...

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