After Republican Rips Down ‘Pig Cop’ Portrait, Nutjob Democrat Does the UNTHINKABLE

After Republican Rips Down 'Pig Cop' Portrait, Nutjob Democrat Does the UNTHINKABLE
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You probably saw that story about a Democrat hanging an anti-cop portrait in the Capitol building that depicts officers as pigs.

California Rep. Duncan Hunter rightly tore it down.

Now, those crazy progressives have decided to hang it up once again.

From Daily Mail:

Rep. Lacy Clay, whose congressional district includes Ferguson, Missouri, plans to rehang a painting that depicts police officers as pigs, after it was taken off a Capitol Building wall by Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif.

Hunter’s congressional office is next door.

‘I think he was way out of bounds and he broke the law – it’s called theft,’ Clay told the Daily Caller. ‘I think don’t think anyone up here is qualified to be an art critic. I’m not and no other member is an art critic except one – Alma Adams of North Carolina.’

Furthermore, Clay argued, there’s plenty of ‘offensive’ artwork in the capitol including the statues of Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee, ‘two traitors who caused America 600,000 lives and they’re treasonous.’

‘They should be out of here,’ Clay said. ‘Or Nathan Forrest – the founder of the KKK. He shouldn’t be hanging around here.’

The removed painting was the winner of Clay’s congressional art contest in May 2016 – an interpretation of the Ferguson protests created by Cardinal Ritter High School student David Pulphus.

It hung among other art show winners.

On Friday, Duncan yanked it off the wall.

Here’s the photo…



These nutjobs understand that black people are not targeted by cops anymore, right? There are cameras everywhere.

They also get that a lot of police officers in 2017 are black themselves – especially in the D.C. metro area, right?

Liberals. SMH.

Forgive them, Lord. They know not what they do.

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