ALERT: Media Hiding STARTLING Truth About Star Witness Being Used to Take Down Jeff Sessions…

ALERT: Media Hiding STARTLING Truth About Star Witness Being Used to Take Down Jeff Sessions...
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Jeff Sessions isn’t a racist.

That’s clear to anyone who knows about him, has met him, or has spent 10 seconds looking into his past.

That hasn’t stopped the liberal media from throwing a tantrum over his nomination to be our next Attorney General.

The Democrats have brought up tons of irrelevant issues from Sessions’ past in order to smear him and a lot of them have talked about how Sessions was railroaded from earning a federal bench position in 1986.

The star witness in that case who helped stop the nomination over racism accusations apparently had some serious issues that are just now coming to light.

Here is some history on the man who brought down Jeff Session and you’ll quickly realize he’s not the most reliable guy in the world.

From The Daily Caller:


Thomas Figures, an assistant U.S. attorney whose accusations of racial bias torpedoed Sen. Jeff Sessions’ nomination to the federal bench in 1986, had a history of erratic and disturbed behavior, colleagues and estranged family say.

30 years later, his testimony continues to shape press coverage of Sessions’ nomination to serve as attorney general in the Trump administration.

Invited by Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee to give testimony to his character, Figures alleged Sessions regularly called him “boy” in private and admonished him to watch his mouth around the office’s white employees. His allegations were not corroborated by any member of Sessions’ staff. He also falsely claimed that Sessions ordered him to close his investigation of the lynching of a young black man named Michael Donald. Democrats on the panel peppered Sessions with biting questions and comments in the ensuing days.

A Paranoid Streak

Federal investigators and former colleagues say Figures routinely displayed a pattern of erratic and paranoid behavior.

TheDCNF exclusively obtained an affidavit Monday given by former FBI special agent John Brennan, who worked with Figures while he was a federal prosecutor, that claims Figures often made strange claims. In the sworn statement, Brennan says Figures once told him he believed CBS News anchor Dan Rather was signaling to him during his nightly news broadcasts, and relaying information he wanted Figures to use.

On another occasion, Figures allegedly told Brennan he believed his home was bugged and asked him to execute a search of the house. The ensuing search did not turn up listening devices. In a related instance, Brennan says Figures told him he terminated a road trip from Mobile, Ala. to Dallas, Texas because he believed a truck with a satellite antennae was following him.

Figures Indicted

Six years later in 1992, Figures was indicted by federal prosecutors for attempting to bribe a convicted drug dealer.

The kingpin, John Christopher, was preparing to take the stand against Figures’ client, Noble Beasley, who was accused of attempting to distribute 11 pounds of crack cocaine. A letter written by Christopher’s lawyer, Joseph Kulakowski, that was obtained by TheDCNF, claims Figures presented himself as Christopher’s lawyer in the docket room of a county jail and gained access to Christopher in a private meeting room. During that meeting, federal authorities alleged Figures offered Christopher $50,000 not to testify against his client.


Interesting how the media likes to leave these little nuggets of information out of the narrative.

Jeff Sessions is an intelligent and honorable man.

Everything about his past says he isn’t a racist.

Hopefully, he gets through this confirmation process unscathed by the racist and hysterical left.

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