Awesome: 24 things you must have an ID to purchase

This is awesome. Beautifully sums up what we have been trying to say.

The Washington Examiner compiles 24 things that you must have an ID to purchase, I don’t hear much from liberals about how any of these things are racist. When it comes to protecting the integrity of what keeps America from turning into a dictatorship, showing an ID is definitely racist.

Mind Boggling.

Below are just some of the examples of things you need to prove your identity for:

1. Alcohol


2. Cigarettes


3. Opening a bank account


4. Apply for food stamps


5. Apply for welfare


6. Apply for Medicaid/Social Security


7. Apply for unemployment or a job


8. Rent/buy a house, apply for a mortgage


9. Drive/buy/rent a car


10. Get on an airplane


11. Get married


12. Purchase a gun


13. Adopt a pet


14. Rent a hotel room


15. Apply for a hunting license


16. Apply for a fishing license


17. Buy a cell phone


18. Visit a casino


19. Pick up a prescription


20. Hold a rally or protest


21. Blood donations


22. Buy an “M” rated video game


23. Purchase nail polish at CVS


24. Purchase certain cold medicines


But not to vote?

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  • John Logan

    Checking into a hotel. They want a picture ID to make sure you are who you say you are.

    • Reagan_Smash

      Next time you should make a big stink about it. Call it “hotel check in suppression” and claim racism.

      • autdrew


  • asmith

    #23 should be “buy nail polish remover from cvs”. the acetone in the remover is what they are trying to limit because it can be used to make meth.

    • Rob

      been watching Breaking Bad have we?

      • J.w. Appling

        Been watching the news the last few days.

      • screamingmad

        Yes, yes, I have too.

    • Jessica Knorr

      why not just go to home depot where you can buy a gallon of acetone at a time then? Or paint shops? I mean I get why its banned but seems silly when CVS nail polish remover is watered down acetone in tiny containers. But whatever just another stupid rule for people who would find a way to get what they want somehow regardless of the limits set for them

  • justme

    Oh, and our underage girls can get contraceptive, abortions, and the morning after pill without ID – in fact, without parental consent. >:I

    • OuttaMyWay

      So “politicians” like Anthony W. can sext with them without consequences. :)

    • Parker Grytdal

      “Oh, and our underage girls can get contraceptive, abortions, and the
      morning after pill without ID – in fact, without parental consent.

      But by golly they better be able to prove their identity to buy Nail Polish!

    • claire

      you actually need your ID to get the morning after pill…

  • Joe

    Why is it conservatives constantly whine about following the Constitution, but seem to know nothing about the 24th Amendment?

    • crossalchemist

      As a conservative libertarian, I am torn by this. I agree with you, we have to prevent poll taxes, however, we should also protect the integrity of our election system. That’s why I would really only support requiring ID if:

      1) Any “semi-official” photo ID is accepted (DL, student ID, security badge, … library card) or original social security card/birth certificate. This doesn’t make things 100% fool-proof, but it does make voter fraud a lot harder (compared to now).

      2) There was some “cheap-as-free” ID card available.

      • jim

        what is wanted is a photo ID, if someone has done 1/4 of the listed stuff above they have a proper photo ID
        and and cards like social security card or birth certificate do not have photos anyone can use them, think I’m wrong go get a birth certificate for one of your family members you will see they are easy to get and if have the info you can get one for anyone except Obama

        • crossalchemist

          It’s easy to get a copy of a birth certificate, but it’s not easy to get an “original copy” certified by the state (my own mother couldn’t get one for me for college stuff, I had to go get it) or to obtain the original copy.

          Besides that, your birth certificate and social security card are what you use to go get a photo ID in the first place. Employers and banks accept them in lieu of a photo ID when being hired and when opening a new account. How can these documents be good enough to create the photo ID, but then are not good enough to be used in place of the photo ID?

          Finally, and most importantly, there are American citizens who have not done even one of the things listed above, do not have a photo ID, and for whom the cost of a photo ID is prohibitive. Their right to vote should be protected as much as anyone else.

          • care

            It costs more to get a Birth Certificate than a Drivers License in Missouri. So I really doubt that $7.50 once every six years is going to make or break anyone.

            The picture ID will eliminate much of the deceased voter ballots being cast by the cheats who are currently in office. Requiring ID will not put out any voters, we could always use ink on your thumb like they do in the Middle-East.

          • crossalchemist

            I actually like the ink on the thumb thing. I thought that was pretty cool, and it prevents double voting, as the ink is impossible to wash off (it comes off on it’s own after a week or two). Also kind of a “voter pride” thing. Though it doesn’t do anything to prevent against misuse of absentee ballots.

            The only problem then is that the government gets to have everyone’s fingerprints on file………

            There are a few issues with what you suggest:
            1) Not everyone can get a DL (it’s not just a question of money with a DL, some people may be legally prevented from getting one and some people might not have the opportunity to take the necessary driver’s ed.), so there would still need to be some other ID.

            2) There are still people in this country for whom $7.50 is a lot of money.

            3) Social security card doesn’t cost you anything (that I know of… I could be wrong about this), and if you still have your original birth certificate, then you’re good and don’t have to pay anything.

            4) You’d need the birth certificate to the get the DL, so if someone didn’t have their birth certificate and needed a new certified copy, by requiring a DL, you’d require them to go buy both documents.

          • NiteCat

            Most states issue photo ID’s for those residents who don’t drive and it generally costs less than getting a driver’s license. With the exception of people living in extremely remote areas, there are very few of us who do not have family or friends they could rely on for a trip to obtain one. Even if you’re homeless, here in IL you can go to a DHS office and they will get you one for free or if you are low income and qualify for Emergency Assistance, you will now have the funds to pay for the ID. But, the irony seen in this process is that you need identifying documents to obtain the ID. So the argument against voter ID is a false argument.

            This is one person’s “adventure” obtaining a state ID in IL.

          • crossalchemist

            In CA (where I live) a state photo ID costs $30.

            I think that the fact that you need identifying documents to get a photo ID is an argument AGAINST requiring a photo ID and not allowing documents like a birth certificate and social security card. How is it possible for a photo ID to carry more weight than the documents that it’s based on?

            Finally, even if everyone could afford the photo ID, I still wouldn’t like it because you are still requiring:

            1) Purchase of an item you may not otherwise need or want.

            2) A tax to participate in a basic American right.

            And how is that any different from Obamacare? The government would be requiring you to purchase something via what is essentially a tax in order to utilize a fundamental right. What’s next? Requiring ID in order to exercise free speech? How about trial by a jury of your peers?

          • Kaliix

            Then why do I have to buy a license to own a fire arm. The 2nd states that I have the right to keep and bear arms but to do that I not only need a drivers license but also a fist full of cash.

            I think your fundamental rights argument breaks down right there.

          • crossalchemist

            No, it doesn’t break down because I believe the same thing about gun rights. Nice try though. Keep in mind, you are dealing with a libertarian here, not a liberal. I believe in smaller government, not larger government.

          • Kaliix

            Well it is good to see you are consistent. I appreciate and applaud that.

            Photo ID should be required for elections to maintain the integrity of the election. It should be obvious why. With many millions of people living in this country who are not eligible to vote, and with citizens only being eligible to vote at certain times and in certain places, there needs to be a method to verify citizenship and eligibility. That should be without question. Since photo ID is needed/necessary for many different reasons other than voting, the expectation that one can produce one when one votes is not unreasonable.

            I’m all for the state issuing photo ID cards to any citizen who requires one to vote. If the rare and limited situations where that ID might be cost prohibitive, I think any reasonable citizen would be in favor of issuing those ID cards in that circumstance with a fee waiver.

          • MmeBB

            As the premise of this article is the many things one does need a picture ID for, I’m not sure how folks get along without one.

          • DaveO

            For number 2…. You don’t like a tax to participate in a basic American right? So you are against anyone having to pay money to get a photo ID to own a gun? It is my Basic American right to own a gun, but here in the Peoples Republic of Illinois I have to get a FOID card. If I want to carry concealed, I have to get another card which after training and fees costs quite a bit more than some little ID for voting.

          • crossalchemist

            I’m against requiring an ID to participate in a basic right guaranteed by the Constitution, and yes, that includes the right to keep and bear arms.

            I think the founders would be horrified that we require proof of citizenship in order to be afforded basic rights.

            Requiring money in order to vote is a poll tax, which is also unconstitutional.

          • pcdenver

            The idea is not to be absolutely positive that every feeble-minded low-functioning person in the country votes. The idea is that everyone has the right to vote; subject to regulation sufficient to INSURE THE INTEGRITY OF THE ELECTION. The integrity of the election – that WE CAN TRUST the process and not find the outcome suspect – that is the most important part.

          • crossalchemist

            Okay then. Good to know. I guess that means you specifically don’t need freedom of speech, or religion, or assembly. If the right to vote does not need to be insured for ALL then let’s apply the same to all other rights.

            The point is to make sure that everyone has the ability to freely exercise their rights. That includes voting. I’ve stated above that I’m fine with voter ID laws as long as there is a totally free and easily accessible way of obtaining an ID, otherwise it’s unconstitutional.

          • June Maulfair

            Where are they hiding? Because you have to be hiding if you’ve never done at least one of the above.

          • crossalchemist

            You don’t have to be hiding. You just have to be poor. Approximately 30% of Americans don’t have a credit card and therefore don’t need an ID to make purchases.

          • June Maulfair

            So they’ve never had a job, bank account, apartment or car, or applied for food stamps, medical or cash benefits or purchased alcohol or cigarettes? I’m sure the percentage of people who have never done any of these is very small (unless they are minor children).

          • DaveO

            What about purchasing a Hotel for the night? What about Renting a car? buying a gun? the list goes on…

          • crossalchemist

            You don’t need an ID to rent a room at a hotel. ID is required to rent a car by the rental company, not by the state. You don’t need an ID to buy a car.

            I’m also against the fact that you need identification to buy a gun, however, you do not need photo ID to buy a gun in some states.

            However, none of that matters because renting a room at a hotel is not a basic right guaranteed by the Constitution and says nothing to the fact that there are plenty of people who cannot afford the price of the ID. Those people wouldn’t be able to afford a hotel or rental car either, so I don’t know what aspect of the above discussion your assertion is addressing.

          • Londontear

            From the government… Because, unless I had to have been called 911 on and I was convicted of a crime, the government has NO business knowing who I am.

          • DaveO

            …”the cost of a photo ID is prohibitive.” But that number is puny. In fact, just name one, and I’ll pay for their ID myself.

      • Andrew James Hammack

        ss card/birth certificate? I really don’t look a whole lot like I did when I was born–gotta be government edjumacated to come up with that onr!

        • crossalchemist

          There are several things wrong with your comment:

          1) Your social security card and your birth certificate are what you use to OBTAIN any photo ID in the first place. When you go to a DMV and try to get a drivers licence, the first thing they ask for is your social security card and/or birth certificate.

          2) Social security cards and birth certificates do not have photos on them.

          3) Of course you don’t look anything like how you were when you were born, you’re much uglier now.

      • dizzyedge

        This is not an issue.
        All 9 states with voter Id laws have options for free IDs or alternate forms of ID.

        Of course, the media conveniently suppresses that fact.

        • crossalchemist

          If that is true, then I have no problem with those voter ID laws.

    • MattB

      24th amendment states that you cant deny citizens the right to vote if they haven’t paid taxes. It has nothing to do with requiring a photo ID to vote. Try reading the amendment before posting about it.

      • Joe

        I did. You do realize that ID actually costs money in some states, right? (Of course not. You’re a conservative.)

        • julie

          With all the government handouts that liberals are so in favor of providing, finding a couple of bucks for an ID shouldn’t be hard tor anyone, Joe.

          • David Auger


          • Joe

            Thanks for proving my point. You’re essentially saying people must pay to vote. How patriotic!

          • MmeBB

            So what?

        • dizzyedge

          You do realize that any place that has voter ID laws has options for free IDs or alternate forms of ID? (Of course not. You’re a libtard.)

          • Joe

            You do realize that’s not true. It’s evidenced by the fact you had to use “libtard” to try and prove your point.

          • dizzyedge

            No..actually it is true. Currently, there are 9 states with voter Id laws. All 9 have provisions for free and/or alternate Id’s, knowing that libtards would try to argue the 24th. You don’t even have to go to law school to figure that one out.

          • Reneé Kunkel

            Actually it is— and if you don’t have the money (ie- on the public dime) – they are provided free of charge.

        • ted

          yea but heyy theres no chance of fraud with no ID? HElloooooo get a fricken clue!!!

          • Lita

            Nothing is 100% full proof. But hey during the next election, I’ll vote for both of us. You can stay home and not worry about traffic or having to find parking or even those pesky long lines. After all, no ID required.

          • josie

            Lita… the term is FOOL proof. clearly, proper grammar and respect for the English language is not FOOL proof, as you (clearly a fool), have demonstrated.

          • conservativeconnie

            That is kind of harsh, don’t ya think josie? Life is tough enough.

          • lita

            Typical, nothing of substance, only insults. Troll.

          • JS

            josie after the . is a uppercase letter, of coure you not being a fool would know that right?

        • Andrew James Hammack

          You do realize that when the deep South Racist state of GA required a photo ID to vote in order to suppress minority voting(according to libtards) that minority voting increased! (of course not as only conservatives deal in reality or facts)

        • Dana Gunn McIntyre

          Waaah. It costs money to get an ID? My heart breaks for those unfortunate folks that can’t fork out a little money for an ID, so that they can get their other government handouts. It’s bleeding heart Libtards like yourself that are flushing this country down the toilet.

          • Joe

            Hahaha. True patriots, requiring American citizens to pay anything in order to vote!

          • JS

            Not going to matter before to long, in Oregon we vote by mail, don’t have to show ID to anyone. True you do have to have some sort of ID at the DMV to get registered to vote but who is to say who fills out the voter forms after that?

        • conservativeconnie

          Are you f**king kidding me? Did you see the list in the article? Who does not have an some sort of ID? Please let us know. Whoever does not have one, the gov’t can give them the $10 to cover the damaging cost. You are an idiot.

        • SuperD

          It is not a tax. That is a fee. A liberal taught me that.

        • screamingmad

          So? It doesn’t cost more than a cigs or beers. Get real.

        • Reneé Kunkel

          In almost ALL states there is a freebie fr those who can not pay- and it’s not a new thing- when I first got my sheriffs id I was asked if I was on (SS, Medicade, medicare, food stamps, housing, green cards) the whole nine yards. As I wasn’t- I had no clue what half the things were at the time- and there are many other programs I could even begin to remember and that was about 30 or so years ago.
          Had to get the id at the age 12/ 13 to cash my newspaper delivery checks.

    • pcdenver

      I also think many of us are questioning the veracity of encouraging those who contribute nothing to the public coffers to influence the direction of government and allocation of public resources by voting. In what other setting do we deem it appropriate for those with NO investment in a fund to influence the allocation of its contents? Try that at a stock-holder’s annual meeting!

      What if only those whose NET IMPACT on the public treasury was POSITIVE over the majority of the time since the last election were welcome to cast a ballot? What if the tax PAYERS directed the government and let the tax CONSUMERS sit out until such time as they’d restored themselves as CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS of the body politic?

      My guess is that the public treasury would be used more responsibly and productively if only those who PAID INTO IT were allowed to direct its use.

      We’ve got nearly HALF of the country now being supported by the other half. Any wonder that there’s resentment? Any wonder why the course we’re on is unsustainable and why public policy decisions are made on the basis of “what do I get” from government? What would the vote on Obama have looked like if only those BURDENED BY the expense of government policy were voting and those enjoying the free largess at other people’s expense were told to sit it out?

      • crossalchemist

        So you would advocate going back to only allowing male land owners to vote?

        How about a “progressive” scale voting system? The more you contribute in taxes, the more your vote “counts”.

        If you cannot see the massive amount of abuse, corruption, and cronyism that is INHERENT in such a system (as has been demonstrated in OUR OWN PAST), you, sir, are nuts.

        • JMinEastNC

          Ok, one thing you don’t seem to be keeping up with is the fact that those who are on the government teat (welfare, food stamps, etc) instead of actually WORKING to EARN THEIR INCOME tend to vote only for the candidate that promises to keep the money flowing (at either the same or a higher rate – almost always D’s) and will loudly demonize anyone who wants to reduce those “hand-out” programs (almost always R’s). I agree, only those who are paying INTO the system should be allowed to vote, anyone who spends more than one year on a “hand-out” (without a VALID medical certification proving they are unable to work – and I know for a fact there are many “playing the system” who are capable of working but REFUSE TO) should be disqualified from voting until such time as they are willing to join the ranks of the PAYERS instead of being a LEECH draining the funds that we pay into the system.

  • Ron Taylor

    it makes no sense…. that a person who is exercising their civic duty to vote are somehow put out by acquiring an I.D. card?

    • Katie1155

      Why should we ask for ID for anything if not for voting? Universities have spawned a nation of idiots

    • slug_bug

      it does if you want illegals who can’t get an ID card without showing proof of citizenship… to vote for you, like Democrats want!

      • Mark Isherwood

        MD passed a new law as of January 1, 2014, illegals are now allowed to get a Maryland State Driver’s License from the MVA (MVA=MD DMV)..
        Remember this when our infamous tax-loving governor Martin O’Malley runs for President in 2016.

    • arcxjo

      Maybe I’m getting old, but I can remember like 15 or 20 years ago the big issue was that it was sooooooooo haaaaaaard for people to fill out the form that didn’t even need a stamp that we had to make it possible to register to vote WHILE YOU WERE GETTING YOUR DRIVER’S LICENSE.

      Now I guess that’s toooooooo haaaaaaard; I suppose the next step is going to be that you can just yell out “I like Bob McLeod for alderman!” and the NSA will hear you through the nearest cell phone and register THAT as your vote. And courtesy of #17, the circle will be complete. Everyone wins!

  • jimeye

    …That,…is some …Funny Shit,…!!

  • Katie1155

    $200 is peanuts? Millions on the dole …its wrought with fraud. Here, eat this lobster and vote for me! You are an idiot

  • Shannon McCoy Kornis

    Don’t forget, you must have an id to buy spray paint and super glue.

    • Dana In OK

      WalMart requires ID to buy engines for model rockets, but Hobby Lobby does not.

      • pcdenver

        Those are obviously choices made by individual companies. You are free to “protest” those choices with your wallet as many, former CSV customers have done over that company’s ID requirement when buying nail polish remover. They have a rationale for their store policy but it’s not a law.

  • David Auger

    how is it that you’re born here in the good — old — USA and you don’t have ID – Everyone gets a social security number – BINGO – I WANT TO KNOW HOW IT IS DEEMED “RACIST” “DISCRIMINATORY” TO DEMAND THAT YOU PRESENT YOUR ID WHEN VOTING – AS IT SHOULD BE -

    • EnosEugenius

      It is discriminatory. It discriminates against minor children, felons, people who are not citizens, illegal immigrants, etc. (note: “discrimination” is NOT necessarily bad; only discrimination against a protected class of people for an impermissible purpose is prohibited)

    • Londontear

      Why should the government be that invasive anyways? There once was a day when this wasn’t the reality.

  • US, We the People

    The exercise of franchise is a Constitutional RIGHT. Shall there be a requirement of ID to exercise the Right of Freedom of Speech? the Right of Freedom of Worship? the Right of Trial by Jury?

    • OuttaMyWay

      Yes, it is a right of a citizen, so showing proof of that citizenship is important.

    • pcdenver

      That voting is a constitutional right does not mean its exercise is not subject to regulation. We obviously LIMIT voting to ONE person ONE vote. Freedom of speech is not something that’s limited to a singular time in each election. So we don’t need to verify that you’ve “already spoken.” If the rule is ONE person ONE vote, then REASONABLE verification that each person has voted ONE time is needed. This is common sense.

      • johnnytoot

        Spot on. Every time some person commits voter fraud and casts an illegal vote for candidates I did not vote for, my vote has been nullified, and I have effectively been disenfranchised. Requiring ID is another way to ensure that my right to vote has not been infringed upon.

    • EnosEugenius

      Pick and choose, pick and choose. Shall there be a requirement of ID to exercise the Right to Keep and Bear Arms? (handgun purchase permit, concealed carry permit, hunting license, firearm owners ID card) the Right of Freedom of the Press? (press credentials, press pass, press ID card) the Right of Freedom of Travel? (driver’s license, passport (for international travel), proof of legal residency (for non-citizens), requirement to show ID to travel by public transportation, particularly commercial air) the Right of Trial by Jury? (I know, you mentioned this one; but guess what? When you file a lawsuit, you must also file a Confidential Information disclosure, containing your date of birth, SSN, and for certain types of actions, your driver’s license/state ID number and employment information)

    • johnnytoot

      Please see #’s 12 and 20 above for other constitutional rights that require identification.

    • MikeDR2012

      Your point, or attempt at making one, is irrelevant or wildly skewed. Those rights are guaranteed to American citizens, not just everybody that happens to be here in the US, and you prove you are an American citizen with your birth certificate. If you have one of those, hopefully unedited from Honolulu, then you’re able to show an ID to vote. I’m not sure why the libs are having such a hard time with this unless you’re for open boarders and basically lawlessness? It actually makes sense. By definition of being for big government, you HAVE to be ok with somebody else making all of the decisions for you, so why would you care if somebody else voted on concerns of your own well being. You LIKE being told what to do, so an illegal alien voting for you is just par for the course.

  • JohnnyB

    You do NOT need any kind of ID to sign up for Social Security. Apply online. Someone calls later to ask if you have any questions and tell you what date your checks will start. That’s it. This is from experience because I just retired.

    • EnosEugenius

      JohnnyB, that’s because you already had to prove your identity when you first applied for your Social Security number — which is now conclusive proof of your identity with the Social Security Administration.

  • Name

    I’m confused by people saying it’s a real hardship to obtain an ID. I don’t understand how a person can function in our society WITHOUT an ID. My wife is disabled from a stroke. She can do nothing on her own, by herself, but she is still required to have a state Id to obtain health benefits. Oh, btw, she votes, so showing her ID at a polling place would be no big deal.

    • screamingmad

      You are hearing lies, that’s why it makes no sense. Most people HAVE ID’s. They don’t want to have to use them because they couldn’t go from county to county to vote. You can’t have a life without ID. It’s total BS to say those thousands of people don’t have ID. They DO have them. Don’t let Dems set the agenda. It’s all garbage. It’s a red herring. Don’t be confused! Don’t wonder why it’s hard to get ID. Don’t even go there.

      • Syn Aptic

        I haven’t had my ID in 2 years and I’m just fine…. my old one expired and I never got a new one. Why? Because I’ve been stalked/had my identity stolen and have PTSD – basically been afraid to. If I do get a new one I don’t want my real address on it. *shrug* There are ways to live without ID. I do freelance work and my friend’s name is on my lease and bills (which I pay)… I’m not a democrat or a republican (libertarian), I’m not and never have been on welfare, I’m 30 and don’t usually get carded for buying cigarettes or drinks at a restaurant. Eventually I will get a new ID, want to and working up to it, but for now it’s nice to be anonymous.

        • Reneé Kunkel

          Yeah— Guess people just don’t follow the law when your involved eh? To buy beer at a grocery store you need to have id (They need the number to put in the register in order to make the sale) as for your friend who’s name is on your lease- thats AGAINST the law as well. People who sell you drinks at your fav eateries are supposed to check ids even if your eighty years old and they live right next door to you. Your also required to show id for ALL tobacco sales- Do you pay your SS? Then you would need id to cash any return they send to you. Do you have a checking account- then you need ID to deal with a bank. Do you have medical insurance? Then you need ID to use it (But of course- seeing how you beak the law left and right- why would you bother to be self sufficient and self reliant) You do freelance work- obviously under the table or you would have to file your pay with the SS, so— I take it you can not take checks for pay. What about your power bill? Your internet? Your garbage pick up- there are coming contract renewals— and your going to need ID’s esp when they double check names against tax roles and find out your not even on your own lease (which is now being done with computers and census information)
          As a whole your breaking the law since it requires you to have current id on you at all times- your the reason why people are all for the RFD chips. Welcome to the world of being illegal and not caring one fig about the fact that your part of the problem.

          • Mike

            Go out and get laid.

          • JMinEastNC

            Well that’s real grown up and intelligent there Mike…

            I think ID’s NEED to be shown for voting because I WITNESSED a group of Mexicans (same van, same license plate, same driver) drive from one polling place to a second during the 2010 mid-term election. The reason I was able to witness it happening was because I was a candidate during that election, and was visiting polling sites trying to get last-minute votes as people were walking in. Vote Fraud is NOT a “myth”, it is REAL. Sometimes it is an “inside job” where the voting machines are rigged in favor of one side (tampered machines were discovered in NC which were selecting “straight party” votes for the D’s when voters picked to “straight” vote for R’s, or the strange case of absentee ballots being “found” in the trunk of a poll worker’s neighbor’s car), other times it is “vote early and vote often” (where the same voter casts multiple votes – which is what Voter ID laws are intended to prevent), and don’t forget how there are confirmed reports of multiple voter registrations with fake names (like “Mickey Mouse” or the names of famous people – living or dead – who don’t even physically live in that district) or fake addresses (such as multiple forms with the address of a cemetery)…

            The law must be equal: present an ID for EVERYTHING or don’t use ID for ANYTHING (including for selling cigarettes or alcohol)!

          • Londontear

            Here’s the problem with that kind of thinking: you get the government knowing pretty much who everybody (above a certain age) is. Kinda like NSA spying, only it’s a list of names with voter preferences attached to it.

          • Freedom From Fascism

            Which law? What jurisdiction? Do you agree with those laws? You make many unwarranted assumptions. In many jurisdictions you are NOT required to check or show ID if someone is obviously or known to be overage.

            If there is a law requiring someone have government issued ID at all times, then _that law is the problem_. That’s called fascism, and if you want to give and take away all our freedoms in it’s name, then you’ll have to fight me and many others.

          • Reneé Kunkel

            Actually- Mike- IF you were an ADULT- you would remember having to pull out id to buy beer- as most stores require the input of your date of birth (from the cashier reading it off your id) to make the sale- and protect the store selling the items. The same things goes for ciggs. Even my local gas station must see ID to sell you the item and even before the register thing came out- they posted signs that ID must be shown no matter what age you are. No id- no sale.
            There are more transactions that would require id than not- To get a JOB (which I must assume you have not yet done) To fill out tax forms, to open bank accounts, t cash checks, TO BUY BOOZE, to drive, to rent a car, to open any type of credit line, or charge accounts. To rent machines and equipment, To hire home services, to use checks in purchases, To pick up perceptions, Help- I had to use id to get a new pair of contacts…… So whatever fantasy world your living in— kindly do us ADULTS all a favor and say these until you grow up a bit and play nicer with others.

          • Sissie Moore

            A lot of times, if you look old enough, they will put in a generic birthdate when you buy cigarettes. Some restaurants don’t bother to ask for one when you get a drink from the bar. I’ll always ask THEM if they want to see my I’d.

          • Reneé Kunkel

            YOu don’t work in retail do you? If there is an age requirement-That person must be that age or you risk arrest! Plain and simple. Your company risks all sorts of fines, product withdrawls or closeure-

          • dave green

            Renee, I am disabled had 10 surgeries in 3 years. Take 4 narcotic meds, I put my home address and signature on the prescription. Never have I been asked for an ID.

          • brittany

            Renee, one does not have to be lowly retail employee to understand the legal age requirements for buying booze and cigarettes. However, apparently it takes more than retail experience to understand that the regulations vary wildly. In my state you only have to card for booze if you look under 27.

          • brittany

            Fact: you cannot require someone to carry identification that they are required to pay for.
            Fact: (at least in my state) you are only required to card someone for booze if they look under 27.
            Fact: if the guy selling me cigarettes doesn’t card me (which, again, in my state he doesn’t *have* to) and he’s supposed to, that’s him breaking the law, not me.
            Fact: my tax returns are deposited directly into my bank account (secondary fact: I opened my bank account online and no AI Robot checked my ID.) Go into the bank and all I need is my debit card.)
            Fact: Going to the doctor (utilizing medical insurance) has absolutely no relation to one being self-sufficient or self-reliant.
            Fact: Have you ever filed quarterly payroll reports or taxes? Still no AI robot checking ID. A properly filled-out form with a check is more than sufficient.
            Fact: Leasing regulations vary wildly from one City or County to the next.
            Fact: You have no idea what you’re talking about, and I think you might have the present day confused with Hitler’s reign.
            Question: where the fuck do you live that you need ID for every single thing you do? Power bill? Signed up online, started receiving bills in the mail (Still no AI ID-checker). Internet? Same as power bill. Garbage pick up? Really, you had to show ID for you garbage pick up?

        • JS

          You pretty well make the case for having an ID.

    • HarleyQ

      If it seems confusing, it’s because it’s not truth. The truth is very simple. The only reason not to require ID is to ensure a good voter stock that will always keep progressives in office. In Oregon, we’re trying to get the driver’s cards voted OUT! If you need a driver’s license, you have to show proof of ID and have a certified copy of your birth certificate. But if you’re an illegal alien, you can apply and receive a driver privilege card for nothing. It’s insanity.

      • Reneé Kunkel

        Geesh- the idea would be to have EVERYONE have to show ID to get a DL- not the other way round or they win.

      • tdiers

        That’s because the liberals are planning AHEAD for the days when the other parties finally grow a pair and demand IDs for voting. When that day comes, unless the law is carefully written, illegals will already have their photo ID in hand.

  • Dana Gunn McIntyre

    You know what? It SHOULD be harder to vote than to buy nail polish remover! This country has become such a cesspool of liberal people wanting everything the easy way, and having things equal for everyone. But it’s NOT equal to those who work hard. It’s horrible what has become of this great nation.

    • Sue

      Dana, I agree wholeheartedly. Now is the time to stand up and fight.

    • Die Hard Consiberal

      The only thing that blocks progress is party extremists like you and everyone else on this page. Always unwilling to work WITH your “opponents” and doing everything you can to block people who don’t think the way you think. Guess what, liberals aren’t your enemy.

      If you understood ANYTHING about what this “great nation” was founded on, you’d realize that the core ideal was individual belief and tolerance of others’ opinions.

      Seriously, vote HOWEVER you desire, I encourage it, but understand what voting is. You can’t bar people from voting because they aren’t going to vote your way. That obliterates the entire purpose of casting a vote.

      You people complain about voter fraud, yet it was your party who instigated the whole issue in the first place by corrupting the in-House voting in Texas.

      DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a liberal. So if you were ready get up in arms, don’t.

      From someone who has no affiliation with either party, but maintains reasonable stances aligning with BOTH parties, it is plain to see that conservatives are highly unreasonable in comparison.

      • Dana Gunn McIntyre

        So I’m an “extremist” and “unreasonable” because I think people should have to prove who they are? Wow. I never said that I wouldn’t bar people from voting because they aren’t going to vote my way. But I do have a problem with the fact that Obama won in many areas that don’t require ID by 140%!!!

        It’s a struggle to come up with a good way to defend Liberal’s mentality on the Voter ID debate when there were 257,000 DEAR PEOPLE still listed as ACTIVE voters and and at least 17 FACTUAL CASES OF VOTER FRAUD IN OHIO. It is painfully obvious that the system needs a makeover if it is that awful at staying up to date with who is and isn’t alive.

        Asking voters to show identification is not racist, and it’s not
        about voter suppression; It’s about proving your ability to vote in a
        manner similar to how one validates his or her identity in the private
        sector. Republicans can absolutely work with Democrats to make sure the
        Dems are comfortable with the level of ease of acquiring identification,
        but not asking people to identify themselves before voting on the
        FUTURE OF OUR COUNTRY is ridiculous.

        I don’t care which way they vote as long as they actually have a heartbeat. If the votes go against the way I would like, so be it, but at least I would be certain that it was a FAIR VOTE.

        • brittany

          It’s because requiring proof of identity isn’t fair for those who want to get away with the fraud…
          Kind of like why not put a breathalyzer in all cars? No one would ever drive drunk again. BUT that would get in the way of people’s right to break the law and get away with it. And it would definitely put a damper on the City’s revenues from DUIs. (I mean, it’s not like drunk drivers kill people or anything… so we’ll just let them do it and hopefully be able to ticket the shit out of them.)

      • brittany

        Dude. I think you get too much of your information from main stream media. Which is ridiculously Liberally biased. I am a fiscal Conservative, but not a social Conservative. I do not agree with Liberals on any point because if you actually paid attention to what is happening, if you actually understood how politics work in the big picture you would understand that the vast majority of the Liberal agenda is about keeping poor people poor. To us, LIberals are whiners who want hand-outs and not hand-ups. As someone who runs a small business I want the gov to take their hand out of my pocket so I can hire more people. This country needs jobs, and the Liberal “solution” is to tax the shit out of everyone making even marginally over the poverty level so that we can all be kept down. This is some kind of social service? Take from the lower-middle class and give to the unemployed; effectively establishing an even larger lower class. Who votes for Liberal policies? Mostly the lower class, because of the “promises” of free money stolen from those who work. Are you catching the pattern?
        As a Conservative business person I can say with confidence that what this country needs is more jobs, and for people to be prepared and willing to fill those jobs. I can’t grow my business with the current amount of taxes I am forced to comply with. Wouldn’t it make more sense for me to utilize that money to hire a new employee? With one more employee I can actually start to grow my business, and hire more people. How is that not better for the economy than just sending it to the Feds so ugly ass Michelle Obama can take $10 million dollar trips to Ireland?

      • Ken Foye

        “Guess what, liberals aren’t your enemy” — maybe not, but it would be nice if fewer of them tried to silence debate & opposition by constantly portraying conservatives as racist, sexist, and out to starve the poor. For many liberals (not all of them, but certainly many), it’s not enough for them to say that they disagree with conservatives. No, they feel a compulsion to portray us as bad people.

        We believe in things like limited government, lower taxes, rugged individualism, personal responsibility, the right to life for the unborn, and so on — and yet to liberals, these beliefs make us the “bad guys.” Sometimes I get tired of certain core American values being painted as “extremist” views, and it’s certain liberals who are responsible for that.

      • Rick

        I don’t care how you vote however show an ID to do it. This keeps all parties honest.

    • brittany

      I wholly agree with you. It is not equal to those who actually work. And I live in Portland, Oregon where we have sky-high income tax. It feels like being punished for actually having a job in this land of the retiring-20-something-hipsters.

      I can sum up what I don’t understand (ie like) about Liberals in one question:

      Why does their idea of “equality” only really benefit the poor?

      If we wanted true equality we would go about it like a state of nature: We all have equal access to the river. You have been taught how to make a fishing pole and to fish, and had the same teacher. But let’s say one man gets up earlier than the rest everyday so he can get the “good spot.” Inevitably he is able to catch fish for his family and be finished earlier than the rest. But the next guy, he sleeps in and gets to the river whenever he feels like it, and he is usually unable to get his catch in time for dinner.

      So, in the Liberal mind, we have an unfair scenario. One man
      has plenty of fish while another has none. In the Conservative mind, the man
      with the fish is a better fisherman, and goes that extra mile to make sure he is successful, so of course he was able to get more fish.
      But the Liberals are like “fucking share!” or “catch more for us since you can.”
      Does the Liberal ever stop to think “hey, maybe I can follow his example and be
      a successful fisherman, too?” No. The Liberal throws a fit, and demands that since he is capable of catching fish in excess that he must do exactly that and hand them over to the lazy fishermen. In a state of nature if you don’t figure out how to catch fish you will die. How come Conservatives understand this, but Liberals don’t? I am seriously starting to suspect that the #1 difference between Liberals and Conservatives really comes down to those who accept responsibility for themselves (Cons), and those who continually play the victim-of-circumstance (Libs).
      So, I’ll ask again. What part of the Liberal mind-frame in the above scenario is actually “equal” or “fair.” Equality and fairness have gone by the wayside as soon as you require extra effort from one side in order to create an illusion of “fairness.” In fact, that is the definition of unfair: when one side has to effectively work harder in order for everyone to end up “equal.” That is NOT equal!

      • Dana Gunn McIntyre

        This was absolutely BRILLIANT!!!

      • Truth Bearer

        Britany you are right on the mark with your post on this matter! What is going on within our nation today is a “Robinhood” scenario where those currently holding power within our federal government want to make every hard-working American Citizen have to give up the security of their own family in order to assure the welfare of those who are either too lazy to put forth any effort to take care of their own and their families needs or in some cases incapable due to disabilities over which they have no control in the case of the latter all fellow Americans should be willing to pitch-in and help those who are truly incapable of doing for themselves and their own families, however, in the case of those who believe they are somehow entitled to be able to live off of the hard work and the sweat of the brow of others just because they have learned how to leach off of the actual American Taxpayers is seriously wrong. Our Communist /Socialist Federal Government of today wants all American Citizens to be totally dependent upon the government for everything in their everyday lives and to be enslaved to the federal government all of their lives. This is where correcting the inequality between those who are poor and those who are self-sufficient comes in the federal government is striving to tax all those American Taxpayers into the poorhouse so that they will be able to exercise absolute power and control over every single area of their lives. When their agenda for America is completed all of our Rights Guaranteed under our United States Constitution will be a thing of the past and we will no longer have the privilege of living in a Sovereign nation. Rather, we will be owned and controlled by the third world thugs who control “The United Nations” and hate our guts and desire to destroy our people because of our ethic of hard work and our God given freedoms!

      • Will Diehl

        Yeah Portland blows… Thats why I moved! :D

      • richard

        that was so freakin awesome. great analogy.

      • Jibba Bean

        pay equality should start with the uber rich that demand it…LEAD THE WAY WEALTHY DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO HYPOCRITES.

    • holt

      The difference between Liberals and Conservatives is that Liberals want people to end up equal in life regardless of work while Conservatives want people to build themselves up based on the work they do.

    • LoneMassConservative

      If it was harder to vote than to buy nail polish… Democrat would ever vote!

  • TxGCB

    The outrage over ID’s is confirmation that Democrats and liberals condone voter fraud. Whatever puts them in power over the rest of us. They can give millions of phones to people spending billions of dollars but balk at the cost of paying for IDs.

    • tdiers

      What cost? Everyone of voting age already has a picture ID!

      • brittany

        Exactly, but what about all those illegals? They have to (illegally) vote for their own Amnesty!

  • Bluehendu

    Did I see “picking up your mail from the Post Office” when the IRS sends you a certified letter after reviewing your taxes or nonprofit application?

  • John Beasley

    This law is discriminatory because it prevents Democrats from voting multiple times, prevents dead Democrats from voting, and it prevents people who don’t go to the polls from voting without even knowing it. It must be stopped if Democrats expect to regain/keep power.

    • Jessica Knorr

      I dont think they care whether the dead are dems or republicans

      • vaterator

        Well, in fairness, I’d bet 100% of the dead Republicans who vote in any election automatically become Democrats.

        • Jessica Knorr

          LMAO and Id wager you are correct on that one

  • JoeZonie

    To play Little League, you need to provide a birth certificate.

  • Bill Adams



    • Bongo Bob

      Or, you are just plain stupid!

      • Herpty Derp Derp

        Bongo Bob supports voter fraud ;D

    • Truth Bearer

      Bill Adams is absolutely right about how the lack of proper voter identification is responsible for “voter fraud” being freely exercised at our nation’s polling places! There should be no exceptions to the requirement of producing a valid ID in order to be eligible to cast a vote in an election–Period!

    • Rick

      Thank you. Can’t say it any better

    • Herman Vogel

      Support???? How about encourage, initiate, provide for, approve, campaign for said violation and make sure that anyone that apposes it is called a Racist. The “D” boys and girls are the ONLY party that is 110% FOR Voter Fraud and if you don’t believe me,,,ask Jesse Jackson.

      • LeftySteveWV
        • Herman Vogel

          Really, so, the party that WANTS voter ID, demands you identify yourself as the person that is at that time voting is the party that has the highest Voter Fraud,,,,WOW, YOu are one of the densest person on the face of he earth,,,discounting Obama voters,,,Oh wait,,,you just got a Pass. LMAO Geez

          • LoneMassConservative

            Lefty Steve WV is sipping on his Kool Aid as he types…..

        • Jibba Bean

          really? Posting a link to a liberally biased site? Yeah, you are a special kind of stupid…actually, no you are the same kind of stupid as the rest of them.

          • LeftySteveWV

            All news reporting is partisan it’s reading all sides that informed enlightened individual can truly think for themselves. I read all perspectives of the political spectrum.

          • Native Texan

            Bet the ones you read with regard to the Republican side were condensed versions presented by the liberal editors and site managers with an axe to grind. The only thing open about you is your empty head. Which begs the question, How can an empty headed person truly think for themselves”? Garbage in, garbage out!

        • Higher ground

          So your point is that we need voter Id cards. I guess we agree on this point.

        • Higher ground

          For the sake of argument, let’s say that this ONE case is true, but overall fraud is a characteristic act of democrats. Think about it, who is in favor of voter Id cards.
          I’ve heard this argument why the Conservatives want id’s: “They want to limit voting by groups long associated with the Democratic party.” So they mean that they are either too stupid to know how to get one or they are too poor. That to me is an insult to democrats…I would never say that about any Republican.

          • Native Texan

            Thanks for making a sensible point!
            Talking is what we all do and very few take action within either political spectrum. We ordinary Americans need to come together in support of our country. This is a quote which I think pretty well covers our current political situation:

            “Rhetoric is a poor substitute for action, and we have trusted only to rhetoric. If we are really to be a great nation, we must not merely talk; we must act big.” –
            — Theodore Roosevelt.
            Our present predicament if a result of entirely to much rhetoric by ALL political leaders irrespective of party affiliation.

            We must have voter ID as the ability to use the “honor system” has disappeared.

        • Douglas Newsted

          That is the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard. Tell me where you got this info.

        • NWactivist

          If its difficult for poor people to get a photo id then maybe we should make it easier for them, one way to do that might be to create more jobs, this administration’s jobless recovery is part of problem. Ps, govt numbers show 700,000 non-citizens voted in 2008, 2012

      • Jim Dicecco

        No such thing as 110%….. Oh except in some districts where Obama won.

  • iatemine

    Come on Peeps! We all know exactly why the Left doesn’t want the (cough cough) POOR to have to show ID when voting! Its called VOTER FRAUD and the Left depends on it!

  • kim

    and to register for all star little league baseball you need two parental picture ids and an original birth certificate!

  • Syn Aptic

    I haven’t had my ID in 2 years and I’m just fine…. my old one expired and I never got a new one. Why? Because I’ve been stalked/had my identity stolen and have PTSD – basically been afraid to. If I do get a new one I don’t want my real address on it. *shrug* There are ways to live without ID. I do freelance work and my friend’s name is on my lease and bills (which I pay)… I’m not a democrat or a republican (libertarian), I’m not and never have been on welfare, I’m 30 and don’t usually get carded for buying cigarettes or drinks at a restaurant. Eventually I will get a new ID, want to and working up to it, but for now it’s nice to be anonymous. I do understand there has to be a way to make certain people only vote once, etc… why not fingerprints or blood samples? That’s much more secure than the bumbling DMV department and ID system which can easily be conned (can you tell I’m bitter?). What would be even better: make people take a test to show they understand what they’re voting for before they can vote. Often people just vote without having a goddamn clue… it should NOT be a basic right.

    • ctmom

      You would give up your fingerprints knowing how Obama’s NSA regards our privacy? You want them showing up at a crime scene?

    • jeanbean14

      Seriously, you would rather give the government your fingerprints or a blood sample than have a card with your name and picture on it? I’m definitely not ok with that for myself or my loved ones!

      I agree that people really need to be informed before they vote, but a test….no. Why should the government bureaucracy have the power to deny a person the right to vote, based on THEIR criteria, with some test they make up. No, that’s giving away all of our power. The government belongs to us. They work for us. We should not be giving the employees the power to control the employers.

      I have to disagree with your opinion that voting should not be a basic right. I get extremely frustrated with my fellow citizens’ complete ignorance when they go to the voting booth, but making the right to vote into a privilege goes against the philosophy this country was founded on. I think a better way is to work hard to inform our fellow voters. Also, I do not support voter registration drives because, if people are not interested enough in what’s going on to register to vote on their own volition, they cannot possibly be interested enough to get informed before they vote. I think the voter registration drives are simply a way to get sheeple-type voters to the polls, for the benefit of those who are conducting the drive.

    • jeanbean14

      Btw, I’ve got PTSD, too, though it’s not nearly as bad as it once was. I totally get why you wouldn’t want to have an I.D. right now and would put it off as long as possible. I’m sorry you have had to deal with that condition. It can be so debilitating and exhausting. I hope it fades into the past soon, never to return!

    • Aces

      Twins! Mine expired a couple years ago and since I don’t drive, barely drink I havent needed it. But the boyfriend likes to go out and be social, so he keeps nagging me to get one.
      But I live in MD and it would be far easier for me to get one if I wasn’t a native born American ! So I keep putting it off from PTSD/former stalking by exes/general annoyance that the DMV here is known to be very hard to deal with.

  • Jessica Knorr

    weirdest thing I have ever been carded for…pepperoni for making a pizza. No clue why they asked for id on that. I was like what are you fricking kidding me Im not showing you my id to buy that. They just put in a date. Still to this day I cannot figure out why you would need id for that. But anyhow just a little side note.

    I agree the only reason to not support voter id laws is because voter fraud is needed to ensure you are elected.

  • coren

    Given the difficulty I had obtaining an ID (I don’t drive and I don’t drink/smoke) when I was younger, I can hardly imagine the trouble someone who hasn’t had ID in years obtaining one.

    • jeanbean14

      In Missouri, where I live, all you have to do is bring a couple of documents (same ones you need to get a driver’s license: social security card, birth certificate, passport, etc. – it’s a long list of options) to the DMV and pay $11. What’s so hard about that? You can also do it by mail or online, so you don’t even have to leave your home.

      • coren

        Good for Missouri. Here’s what you need in Washington.

        Birth Cert and SS card are cake. But after that, it gets tricky. (Remember, haven’t had photo ID in years). Just cuz it’s easy there doesn’t mean everywhere is easy.

        • jeanbean14

          Yikes! What the heck is wrong with Washington? Facial recognition software? So, you can show your passport or your birth certificate. If you don’t have either of those, you can show 2 or 4 documents – OK, that’s a pain, but the list is really long. But $45? Well, I stand corrected. Washington has a ridiculous set of requirements to get an I.D. card, and it costs more than 4 TIMES what it costs in Missouri. What the heck?!!

          • coren

            Tell me about it. When I went to do it, the only way I skated by is digging out an expired (but not expired more than 5 years) ID . They’ve changed a bit, but had I been a convicted criminal it would have been easier to get an ID.

          • jeanbean14

            That’s crazy! Sounds like it’s time to find out what office-holder/s can change those regulations, and start pestering them or working to get them replaced with someone who has some brains.

  • MmeBB

    Our pediatrician requires us to show ID at every visit.

  • loumindes

    YOU FORGOT NUMBER 25 – the ID used to register to vote.

  • Sandra Kruger Janke

    WHY would anyone be opposed to showing a license when they vote, unless they are up to no good, like voting for someone by proxy so they can get in an extra vote for their choice of candidate. It’s wrong, just plain wrong.

    • Londontear

      Be careful. The government thinks the EXACT SAME WAY over NSA spying. I say the government has no business knowing who everybody is, unless you are a criminal and somebody is solving your case.

  • BaldBarian

    To play soccer more than a rec league, you need your birth cert.. and that is a US Soccer rule passed down to the states. Keeps players in the right age group, you know.. fairness.. guess voting multiple times or voting for dead people or crossing state lines to vote again is not as important as playing kids soccer huh?

  • Sam Fisher

    Everyone of them so true.

  • Sam Fisher

    Gee but liberals only call one of those things racist.

  • tamlezebra

    You can’t cheat if you need an ID.

  • Anti-Fascist

    So … the fact that there’s lots of fascistic tendencies in this country is now being used as an argument _in favor_ of making our elections even more fascistic than they already are. Sorry, I wouldn’t buy a hunting license from that dog even if it didn’t ask for my ID.

    • ThomasER916

      Anti-fascists are anti-white racists and crypto-fascists.

  • Anti-Fascist

    So … the fact that there’s lots of fascistic tendencies in this country is now being used as an argument _in favor_ of making our elections even more fascistic than they already are. Sorry, I wouldn’t buy a hunting license from that dog even if it didn’t ask for my ID.

  • Sue

    I question why we get Voter Registration cards prior to upcoming elections when no one every looks at them. Living in Illinois seems like we need to be looking at ID’s – Perhaps it would eliminate duplicate voting. Or maybe I’m just having some wishful thinking.

  • emmit

    the same stupid fks that cry id to vote is racist are listed in at least 2 of the catagories, applying for welrare and food stamps, medicaid also

  • ingrid lahaye

    What are u talking about. Yes u do need an ID to vote.

  • Freddy Privett

    PRICELESS! lol

  • Harold T. Walters

    Obama Impeachment The biggest free
    loaders ever in the White House and put both of them in prison 25 to life for
    what they did with the tax payer’s money!!

    THIRD TERM NO WAY IN HELL!!!! So I heard a report the Obama was looking
    into changing this law so he could get third term ? However with all the crap
    this party and government has pulled in pass few years it would surprise me
    that they pulled off this little matter?
    Congress and Senate should be held to same limits. I believe this reason
    why we have such problem with the good old boy network in Washington D/C now!
    This why Obama needs to be impeached for the common good of our country! He’s
    not making things any better and dividing us between the blacks and whites, the
    rich and the poor. This isn’t best answer for any of our problems!!!! While
    Obama has all of the, following > DOJ, IRS, NSA, UN, ACORN, LABOR-UNIONS and
    NAACP. Oh let’s not forget every news
    station except for FOX NEWS spreading his lies!! Moreover let’s not forget the
    four men that die on 09/11/2012 we still haven’t gotten that settled at all!!!
    Why should follow leaders who can’t or won’t lead and all they are doing is
    lining their pockets with our tax dollars? Also go on costly vacations at the
    drop of hat all at poor tax payer’s
    expends . Obama try change subject on
    all of his screw ups and why let him start another without fixing mistakes from
    the past? I am opposing any U.S. military
    intervention in Syria, suggesting the world “let Allah sort it out.” They have
    been killing each other for thousands of years!
    I wouldn’t trust him to lead pack of Cub Scouts let alone our country? He must have been lowest ranked in your
    lawyer class rating? Wonder how come he doesn’t
    use your law degree now? For
    the first time in my life I am ashamed of my countrymen for picking this man
    has our president and his free loading wife and doesn’t matter if he’s black or
    white moreover is both. However he
    just can’t handle this job and using under handed tricks , lies , cover-ups and
    is just another crooked lawyer from Chicago!!! You suck has Secretary of state and
    everyone knows it especial the four guy’s that died because of your screw up !!!!
    The whole town is full of crooks sucking tits off the cash cow the USA
    Tax Payers!!!!! I believe president has
    to spend time in the military order to run our country and he must serve it
    first!!!! This Obama care sucks so bad
    ruin everything! These guys are
    died so Obama could get reelected to his office he turned his back on them and
    lied about it!!! WTF why is he still in
    the white house now????? The American
    people need clean out the swamp in 2016 regain the power in right direction in
    the congress before it’s to late!!!!!
    Need to weed out all them who aren’t doing right the USA tax
    payers!!! We got a long war ahead of us to fight these
    crazy people would have to be totally wipe from the earth or send to different
    planet before there would be peace on earth.
    If he doesn’t start to work this out then they should look into
    impeachment options!!!! I am so tired of all the BS playing he said she said
    game acting like bunch of spoiled brats OMG ready to go up there to Washington
    D/C and kick some BUTT’S right now!!!!
    I like to kick there A$$ down the road to hell with kicking the can down
    the road!! Stop all of the pork barrel project until the national debt is paid
    off even if takes forever!! The names
    on this list should deal with back their home states don’t reelect those SOB’s
    back to Washington Don’t/Care send some people know how to work together with
    others!!! OK you got everything like you
    wanted because of the shutdown screw over people of this country and kick the
    damn can down the road again so tired of getting screwed over by this tried ass
    government that’s not doing damn thing we tell them to do WTF!!!! If
    you voted into office of president then I know this whole damn systems so fuck
    up beyond believe!!!! More crooked deals
    all over place special interests favorites which screwing the American
    Taxpayer’s Say was it true that Obama wife had friend of
    hers work on this web site for Obama care wonder how much $$$$$ kick back they
    got from this program ?

  • billy baroo

    gotta love anything with Megyn Kelly.

  • earnest.roberts

    fraud is fraud.. these fools will invent ways to continue to perpetuate this agenda on the American people.. We must unite and R E S I S T these tyrannical usurpers!

  • Me? I work.

    I once heard an argument about this that since voting is a right it should not require identification – however. Then by this logic we shouldn’t need ID’s to do the following: Protest, buy guns, get a job as a journalist, defend our property from unlawful search and seizure (which then is another can of worms), when convicted of a crime to be heard by a Grand Jury… I could go on but you get the idea.

    It comes down to this … it’s not about ID convenience. It’s not some outlandish requirement. Liberals either a) believe those who would be held out of polling places (minorities by their own arguments) are too stupid or lazy to get an ID on their own every 4 years (which is assuredly UNTRUE) or b) they cannot win without voter fraud.

  • Bongo Bob

    Not only am I so “intolerant” that I think people should have to show a photo I.D. to vote, I also believe they should have to be able to read and write English (which, btw are requirements to becoming a legal citizen!) so, no multi-lingual ballots.

    Finally, if you are on the public dole, no vote for you – regardless of I.D. or ability to read/write English!

    (I would also say people should have to pass a 10 question test on the Constitution, but I don’t want to appear to be “extreme”.)

  • Chris Stratford

    Wow, I never knew cowbell prescriptions were racist. I am so ashamed.

  • Allen Harris

    If you want to go into talk to Eric Holder about the inequality and discrimination of Voter ID … well, you need an ID to get into the building to even get to his office.

  • AmazonRedHead

    Voter ID is racist? Assuming black people don’t know how to get an ID is racist! After all, illegal aliens know how to get them, so WTF?

  • Jay Riley

    Even former President Clinton recently admitted that some form of voter ID is a good idea (it’s easy enough to come up with ways to provide underprivileged US citizens some form of ID unless the arguments about poverty are a red herring). I suspect the next time a conservative is in power voter ID will become a “civil right”.

  • Mark Mathers

    Need to show your ID to buy spray paint at some places too.

  • PistolPeterson

    You tell them Mandela!

  • Pushfoot

    You have to have ID to buy SuperGlue in a lot of places, too. Or any sort of fireworks.

  • choco38

    Here is some info on Voter ID – I think people should actually read and understand the issue before taking a stand on it. I don’t have any major objections to voter id if it is free to the voter, but the question is Why is it such an urgent need and hot button issue when the incidents of it happening are almost non-existent?

  • Spaulding

    First off, how are any of these things “racist”? The ability to purchase something has nothing to do with race. I understand the message behind this post, but please use the proper language or you just end up sounding like an idiot. Second, 34 states have laws that require proper identification in order to vote, 31 states actually having the law in force, the others are waiting on court action. In the other states that don’t require it, they have other means of identification, such as signatures or previous records from past voting. I live in one of the states where voter ID is not required, but they ask anyways knowing full well I can deny. To me, it seems to all depend on where you live. In a small city like mine, voter fraud isn’t an issue, but in larger more influential states, I can see why voter ID might be necessary such as in Texas, which has one of the strictest requirements for photo identification. All in all though, most states have voter ID or are working towards getting some means of required identification. So why generalize a topic like this one, instead of saying, “hey, maybe we should look closer at this issue and discuss why the remaining states that don’t have voter ID need to, and begin a discussion rather than trying to dramatize the entire topic.

  • Dave

    Buying over the counter decongestant — Sudafed — requires not only an ID, but a current, valid ID. I tried to purchase some last year three days after my driver’s license had expired and they wouldn’t let me. They wouldn’t accept any other form of ID; had to be government issued.

  • Eric Gigliotti

    I love when liberals say voting is a constitutional right so you can’t demand an ID. Yet they want to make it near impossible to purchase guns.

  • Right Wired

    This story cannot be shared enough – spread the word!

  • Flyagain Angel

    you also need a license to purchase fuel additives and white out

  • Insight

    There are actually three things that would ensure the integrity of our elections #1 ID (duh, we need to know who is actually showing up to vote. #2 a political knowledge fitness test. The data shows that Democrats are dumber than two sticks put together, hence the necessity. #3 a requirement that one had to have paid taxes in the prior year. Why should the 47% continue to vote how to spend MY money?

  • Stephen Hall

    ohhh Megyn Kelly, you adorable thing, you. Why are all the good ones married?

  • Bill Smith

    Except for one minor detail: all of the above are choices, but VOTING IS A RIGHT.

  • Beedeebop

    There is no voter fraud to ever even slightly be concerned about. This is just a buls&$t way to hide the deep fear involved with trying to stop people from voting.

  • Matthew W

    In the Socialist Republic of Illinois, you need an ID to take a bag of soda cans to be recycled.

  • J Woods

    Come here. every time I vote they ask for either photo ID with my address or my voter registration card

  • aaaagggghhhh

    When I lived in NY, I needed to show proof to buy razor blades or spray paint (yes, because home repairs need to be monitored, you know….).

  • Joseph Lenard

    Yup.. Amazing… The NAACP REQUIRED Photo Id to participate in one of its Rallies, but it is somehow RACIST (cuz DUMBoKKKrats keep telling everyone that Blacks are too stupid or lazy to be able to have/get Id) to have it for Voting. Also amazingly, UNIONS require Photo ID in order to Vote in Union elections – guess Unions don’t want “Black folks” to vote in those?!?!
    If it is LEGAL/CONSTITUTIONAL for us to be required to show Photo ID in order to exercise our 2nd Amendment Rights and purchase a Gun, it is by far/equally LEGAL to require Photo ID to Vote – and the Supreme Court has already ruled such!!! The SCOTUS also upheld the requirement to show a Birth Certificate to prove Citizenship in order to Register to Vote – which the Democrats circumvent via the MOTOR VOTER LAW (signed by Clinton).
    Notice too… That MOTOR VOTER LAW …. REQUIRES that Voter Rolls BE PURGED of non-qualified Voters on a Regular/Annual basis, but Democrats file Lawsuits in State after State to prevent the Law from being implemented (well… that “inconvenient” part they don’t like)

  • Nancy

    oh and in our state to get a LIBRARY CARD!!! and you must renew your LIBRARY CARD each and every year and show your photo id each time
    in Delaware

  • winterband

    But why do the dearly departed always vote Democrat?
    Do see and share and also take a moment to thank a Democrat voter and the corrupt liberal media for placing a muslim enemy of the United States into the highest political office in the land.

  • Londontear

    #23: WHAT?!

    And who needs a license to fish or buy alcohol, cell phones, and nail polish? Some of the other things on this list are understandable, (such as becoming a blood donor), but people sometimes just need to use common sense and not be stupid, as an culturally ingrained habit.

    And BTW, there was no requirement to show ID for marriage and voting in the 1700’s and 1800’s, if I understand correctly.

    • Sue

      In the store I work at, a prompt comes up to enter a birth date when a person is buying nail polish remover. It also comes up with certain OTC meds. And after 10 pm, anyone wishing to purchase alcohol or cigarettes must present ID, no exceptions. You can be 90 years old but if you don’t have your ID, no sale.

  • joe cartwright

    You can scratch #10,, Illegals are getting on planes with nothing but a piece of paper..

  • LeftySteveWV

    Republicans are guilty of the highest amount of voter fruad. Guess they don’t mind shooting theirselves in the foot.

  • Jim Dicecco

    You forgot attending the DNC.

  • v4vendetta14

    Recently flew from Vegas to NY. The woman ahead of us had no US government ID. They finally let her through after showing some sort of credit card and bunch of papers.

    • http://SCOTUS.GOV/ JusticeThomas

      They’ll let the illegal voters through too — just show your electricity bill, some junk mail, or the famous Marticular-Consular card.

  • http://SCOTUS.GOV/ JusticeThomas

    The problem will be — who is checking the IDs? Here in Los Angeles, even the white people know that you can go down to the City of Huntington Park and buy a damn good looking California ID card, Social Security card, or other photo IDs, including green cards and even student IDs. Without a computer and a few minutes to check each ID, we’d still have big problems.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still want ID to vote. But it’s not going to solve the problem.

  • LoneMassConservative

    It only makes sense to Liberals……

  • RavviOli

    Number 15 is my pick

  • Guest

    Our borders should be defended from all invaders with lethal force. All illegal aliens currently in the US should be dropped off at their home countries embassies and prevented from leaving that embassy unless it’s to return to their home country.

    Let their own countries’ be compassionate. We’re fresh out around here.

  • Lisa Futvoye-Shepherd

    obedient and willfully ignorant that incessantly scream “Don’t
    Forget to Vote!”…you’re just playing into the hands of the
    “Powers That Be”. The more of you they can get on camera
    “voting”, the more legitimate this whole voting farce
    appears. And in propaganda, appearance is everything.

    to vote IS a viable option, perhaps our LAST peaceful option for

    positive, change:

    we MUST face it, our elections are rigged. Probably not all, but the
    critical ones, most certainly. Our “leaders” are selected not

    machines have been and will continue to be hacked. Without viewing
    the source code, or manually counting actual paper ballots…this
    swindle is completely undetectable.

    the voting machine’s manufacturers (predominantly Diebold, who have
    lobbyists extraordinaire) refuse to allow anyone to examine this
    source code, the legitimacy of ANY and ALL elections cannot be
    verified and is therefore suspect and invalid. Congress KNOWS this
    and has done NOTHING.

    elections alone will not oust the oligarchy, but it is the only
    proven non-violent way to delegitimize a government.

    how legitimate will the “Democratic Voting Process in America” be
    judged, accepted and trusted, both here at home and on the world
    stage…if on election day everyone shows up, as if you’re going to
    vote… but NO ONE goes inside to actually vote?

    this. Hundreds, thousands of people, standing around polling places,
    comparing notes, talking one on one, meeting neighbors, and yet
    REFUSING to participate in the mockery that is our
    present election process. Bring your coolers, tailgate in the
    parking lot, show up but DO NOT VOTE. If asked tell EVERYONE why.

    about a massive “None of the Above”. An undeniable F.U. To the
    entire corrupt system.

    paraphrase Mark Twain, If voting changed anything it would be

    your blinders off.

  • toonybrain

    These are all elementary to every American. As such, it leaves one to ask, “What is REALLY behind this vociferous opposition to voter ID?”

    We know it’s not racism, we know it’s not the poor can’t afford an ID since they’re free, blah, blah, blah. You methodically and effortlessly pick off each excuse and what’s left?

    Radical leftists want to eliminate every obstacle to widespread voter fraud.

  • O’Malley is a Idiot

    I think we hould go to the purple thumb ink after voting system.

    • Non Sequitur II

      Beyond the double voting aspect, I think it could be a symbol of pride for having participated in our system of government.

  • Bruce Glore

    According to the NAACP and their Liberal buddies, their minorities are not smart enough to get IDs. So asking them for ID is Racist. Are they really trying to help? I think that is very insulting to their race!!!!

    • Non Sequitur II

      I thought the argument was that some people don’t already have acceptable photo IDs and that it is unreasonable to require them to get photo IDs simply to vote. Most of the people in that group happen to be minorities, which is why they call the laws racist. I don’t think the allegation was that they weren’t smart enough to get photo IDs, but that they shouldn’t have to.

  • Ms. Soup

    I have to show my ID everytime I vote. This post is just antaganizing.

    • fallssshort

      My husband and I didn’t have to.

  • LeftySteveWV

    My concern with the Republicans and voter rights isn’t the issue of creating crisis where one doesn’t exist (voter fraud) it is the assault on voter accessibility. Red states are reducing motor to voter registration, halting high school registering, lessening early vote times, getting rid of same day registration (which now with requiring ID makes perfect sense), restricting absentee voting (elderly take advantage of this most.) In critical swing states like Ohio within cities like Cincinnati who in all previous elections have experienced long wait lines have decreased voting machines in certain precincts. The precincts selected are for some unknown and unexplained reason of which the majority of those precincts are in the inner cities, which coincidental voted for Obama.

    Voter IDs were the only beginning of the assault on voting rights. With IDs required to vote why decrease the ease of voting?

  • Non Sequitur II

    I have two concerns with these 24 examples:

    (1) Is the photo ID actually required, potentially required, or just requested? I do a lot of these things without actually showing photo ID. For example, I know for a fact you can fly without photo ID. I wasn’t even asked for one when I opened a bank account.

    (2) Does everyone need to do those things? For example, I have never bought a fishing license and there are people that don’t need to drive. Moreover, legally driving a car requires more than simply photo ID. You need a driver’s license, which happens to serve as photo ID, but no other form of photo ID is a substitute.

    If we are going to rely on examples, it seems like we should focus on the ones that are not subject to this type of attack.

  • Douglas Newsted

    I suppose that somehow the Dem’s will connect this to the myth of White privilege.