Beyond disturbing: Look at what a Common Core approved book is teaching children about Barack Obama…

April 10, 2014 1:24 pm

Classic liberal indoctrination here folks.  In the mind of a liberal, it’s important to teach 4th graders that white people are racist and hate Obama because he’s black.  “White voters would never voter for a black president.”  The jokers who wrote this book aren’t even trying to be subtle about it. #Facepalm

From TPNN:

With the introduction of Common Core ‘standards’, schools around the nation have witnessed not only a decline in the academic standards expected of children under the guise of improving problem solving skills, but we have seen numerous examples of children being exposed to very disturbing and dangerous lessons.

Much has been made of the nonsensical Math lessons courtesy of Common Core and the elimination of the great classics of literature in favor of informative, progressive pieces. However, one lesson that should concern Americans comes courtesy of Barack Obama himself. His biography has been, not surprisingly, designated as an approved piece of Common Core literature. As a result, 4th graders in some parts of America are being taught a narrative as reality that we have witnessed the President and his lackey media push over the last 5 years. Our children are being taught that America is, at its core, a racist nation.


This shouldn’t come as a great surprise since one can’t disagree with the policies or actions of Barack Obama without being labeled as a racist or bigot. But, this indoctrination of our youth should have Americans everywhere worried.