Beyond disturbing: Look at what a Common Core approved book is teaching children about Barack Obama…

Classic liberal indoctrination here folks.  In the mind of a liberal, it’s important to teach 4th graders that white people are racist and hate Obama because he’s black.  “White voters would never voter for a black president.”  The jokers who wrote this book aren’t even trying to be subtle about it. #Facepalm

From TPNN:

With the introduction of Common Core ‘standards’, schools around the nation have witnessed not only a decline in the academic standards expected of children under the guise of improving problem solving skills, but we have seen numerous examples of children being exposed to very disturbing and dangerous lessons.

Much has been made of the nonsensical Math lessons courtesy of Common Core and the elimination of the great classics of literature in favor of informative, progressive pieces. However, one lesson that should concern Americans comes courtesy of Barack Obama himself. His biography has been, not surprisingly, designated as an approved piece of Common Core literature. As a result, 4th graders in some parts of America are being taught a narrative as reality that we have witnessed the President and his lackey media push over the last 5 years. Our children are being taught that America is, at its core, a racist nation.


This shouldn’t come as a great surprise since one can’t disagree with the policies or actions of Barack Obama without being labeled as a racist or bigot. But, this indoctrination of our youth should have Americans everywhere worried.

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  • Steven Davis

    Another Young Con fail. Did you really graduate from Dartmouth, Joshua Riddle? Then why don’t you understand the distinction between Common Core Standards and curriculum? And what makes you think this textbook has anything to do with Common Core standards? Inquiring minds want to know. BTW, you can find the standards themselves here: Hint: nothing about race or Obama in there.

    • Steve Cihomsky

      I do not know if you teach, but most teachers in math do not like Common Core, regardless of their politics. I am sure if there were pro-Republicans lessons in Common Core you would be upset. Common Core is taking away academic freedom.

      • Steven Davis

        I’m a teacher. Most of the math teachers I know like Common Core. Maybe we know different teachers. There are no pro-Republican lessons in Common Core standards, and no pro-Democrat lessons either. I posted the standards above, and would love to hear from you about what math standards you dislike, and why. If you can find any political bias in the standards, we’d all love to hear about it.

        • cindy

          If you can’t find the political bias in that book excerpt, you shouldn’t be teaching until you have further developed you analytical skills. There are some gaps in your understanding of the Common Core process which is probably why you are unfamiliar with their approved books. Perhaps if the other teachers you know were also more familiar with those things they would not be as approving of the Common Core either.

          • Steven Davis

            Cindy, we weren’t discussing whether there was political bias in the book excerpt. We were discussing whether the book in question has anything to do with Common Core standards. It doesn’t. Unless you can demonstrate otherwise.

          • Kevin

            Figure this out out.
            Bobby is going 65 MPH to a train station and has 100 miles left
            Rick is going 70 MPH to a train station and has 130 miles left
            The train is going 145 MPH to the station, Why did Bobby buy a pickup truck?

            Common Core is a LONG drawn out waste of time way of trying to figure out problems.
            I know a LOT of teachers and not one single teacher I know likes Common Core.
            Since 2009 the American test scores have plummeted since Common Core was first being introduced.
            In 2008 America was in the top 10 of over all test scores and in 2010 America fell to 25th place in over all tests scores.
            Common Core is a joke and pointless.
            All of the generations before Common Core didn’t have a problem.

            Have you heard of the saying “If it’s not broke don’t fix it”
            That fits the old style of teaching. Why introduce a new complicated way if the old way worked for years???
            It’s pointless and not needed.

          • Slickcommonsense

            The machine wont answer you its a bot

        • Slickcommonsense

          He says that quite a few times definatly a bot

      • Christopher Coffman

        Do some research, most polls show that teachers, including math teachers, overwhelmingly support Common Core.

    • Joe

      I think you missed the point of the article Steven. Is this really what you want taught to your kids or grand kids??

      • Steven Davis

        The point of the article is that common core is bad. My response is that the evidence given has nothing to do with common core. If the textbook is bad (and that’s another point altogether), then you need to direct your wrath at the author of the textbook.

  • Steve Cihomsky

    I am a teacher & Common Core is a joke: The math is overly complicated & in history it is indoctrination. Education should be handled at the state level.

    • Steven Davis

      There are no Common Core history standards. The “indoctrination” you are referring to must be some curriculum that somebody created.

      • stellap

        Interesting. Checking your profile, the only thing you ever comment on is Common Core. Makes me wonder why.

        • rjstange

          Maybe because he is passionate about it.

          • Steven Davis

            I’m a school teacher. Education is important to me. stellap should have researched the standards, instead of doing opposition research and making insinuations.

          • NotALiberal

            I’m currently a high-school student and I find that the common core turns us students into machines. It assumes that every student is exactly the same.

            In all my years as a middle to high-school student, I have never felt the need to express my creativity because there is no room for creativity in the common core curriculum.
            Luckily, I do well in school but I cannot say the same for all of my friends, some of whom I know to be very bright, but just not at memorizing formulas and words.

          • Steven Davis

            Common Core is a set of standards for English and Math, introduced mostly in the last two years. It gets away from memorization to more critical thinking and project/life-based learning. However, stifling creativity and individuality in school is unfortunately an American tradition, at least as old as Pink Floyd. Teachers (I am one) are complicit in this. Resist, survive, and if you get a chance, look at the Common Core standards for your grade. I posted them here somewhere. Tell me what you think. Good luck.

          • Tony

            More teaching to the test. That has never failed.

          • Mary

            Memorization of itself isn’t totally bad; it’s how you learned the alphabet among other things! And it’s useful to get a basic understanding of history. I have had students who thought the Pilgrims came over and wrote the Declaration of Independence–they had no sense of the time lapse involved. Nevertheless, none of this looks like critical thinking. And the loss of the great classics began with the stupid “multicultural” curriculum.

          • Justin Ahlquist

            Common core started under Janet Napolitano it was suppose to be a state ran program, but its not. It is a corporate welfare project.

          • Diana Lee

            KJun, “It assumes that every student is exactly the same”. You mean “equal” or like “The Borg”? Thanks for weighing in with the Student perspective!!

          • Banjo

            It’s because of the Left’s sentiment “everyone’s a winner”.
            If you can’t make people smarter, than bring the smart people down to their level!
            Thanks for the first-hand knowledge!

          • Lorraine Rosen

            Banjo, you are exactly right. This is the reason behind what I call, “the Stupidization of America”

          • dontrlycaretho

            So what do you make of the “No Child Left Behind” policy?

          • Banjo

            It’s Better! ;)

          • ugottabkiddingme

            I’m a teacher with 16 years experience and I don’t give a fig if you believe me or not…but there isn’t a single teacher in my ENTIRE district, nor any of my friends/acquaintances that teach, that are behind this CC crap. As with everything else, the more that government gets their hands and their current political agendas into our lives, the worse things get.

          • Rod Devries

            The only thing that is important to you is that paycheck, PERIOD! If you were in my school district I would hunt you down and expose you for the fake that you are, just like that fake president we are burdened with thanks to idiots like you.

          • DUH

            Or maybe bcz he works for the curriculum companies trying to brainwash us that CC is not toxic?

      • robynbass

        Steven, I’ve taught English for 10 yrs. I don’t know whether you’re aware of the fact that in “ELA” (formerly English) classes, we teach a great deal of history, per CC standards. Also, the history teachers ARE following the ELA standards. I know the standards and how they look in the classroom, so don’t bs me by telling me to go back and read the standards. Also, are you aware that in order to fulfill the CC standards, districts are adopting textbooks and GATES FOUNDATION CC curriculum maps!? School districts are NOT interpreting the standards themselves but relying on textbook companies and the Gates Foundation to tell them how to do it. Why? Because they’re afraid they won’t be ready for the assessments.
        And about assessments, you’re lying if you can’t admit that once we start giving assessments, the PARCC and Smarter Balance WILL determine the CURRICULUM!
        We teachers were never asked how we feel about CC. As with all other states that adopted them, teachers were left out of the entire process and the public was kept in the dark. In the teacher’s lounge we quietly discuss our opposition to it, but we keep our mouth shut everywhere else in the school because we’ve been threatened by administration, and our district told us we have to tell the public how great it is.
        I’ll bet you have teachers in your building who are too afraid to tell you they’re opposed to CC.

        • Steven Davis

          robynbass, I’m sure that if there were any ‘indoctrination’ in the standards, you would have cited relevant examples by now. I’m sorry you are working in a school district that requires certain textbooks and curriculum maps. I don’t. But that’s a district admin issue, and not a Common Core issue. We truly have no problems with the standards. They are politically neutral (remember–only English and history), and neither the standards nor my district dictate what I teach, or how I teach, as long as my students are reaching the standards. Again, I’m sorry that your experience hasn’t been the same, but the Common Core standards are not to blame for that.

          • AndreainAtlanta

            You’re a perfect steward for Common Core, Steven Davis, since you can’t even recognize the most obvious evidence of indoctrination and when you see it, you defend it like a true believer. The union must love you. Am I correct in guessing you’re a product of government schools?

          • MikanJeni Cagle

            More likely a “product of dumbing down”…

        • MK Colin

          Well then maybe you cowards should grow a spine and quit lurking in shadows whispering, counting your pension and living up to the stereotype you richly deserve.

          DO something ! Or is the old adage true you can’t, therefore you teach.

        • Thomas Weiss

          Couldn’t you get the message out through your union?

      • Steve Carnes

        Wake up Steven Davis!

    • Matthew Francis

      Education should be directly handled by parents / guardians…This common (rotten) core garbage is an abomination. Disgusting.

      • Lyric Thompson

        Are you insane? How good are you at physics? Or what about the other sciences? Or does your child only get the benefit of your limited knowledge ?

        • Wrightclick

          Pray tell, how much physics or other sciences does a 4th grader get?

          • Lyric Thompson

            How long are they going to be in 4th grade?

          • Theresa Easley

            Karleen is most likely smarter then you. The reason children are so far behind is because of Common Core.

          • Lyric Thompson

            Assuming always works out right? The children are behind due to the systematic lowering of our standards. Your snarky comment does demonstrate the typical ignorance of those who speak without knowing what they’re speaking about. Facts are what they are and its clear that statistically in most cases homeschooling is detrimental to the child. But go ahead with your misguided assumptions , your children will pay for your ignorance..

          • Wrightclick

            Probably a school year. Why, how long were *you* in the 4th grade?

        • Karleen

          Well, you may not have noticed but since the onset of the Internet, we home schooling parents have a plethora of information available at our fingertips. It is quite easy for me to find educational materials that provide insight for our learning activities each day. My son also benefits from having me sift through these resources prior to his interaction with them as well as the ability to answer all of his questions. I work one on one with him. He listens well and has a deep respect for me. If there is something that I am unsure of, we look it up together. This is not something he could get from a public school. Home schooled children are not limited by their parents knowledge; they are broadened by the vast knowledge available to them through all types of media.

          • Lyric Thompson

            SO let me understand this, you’re comfortable teaching your child subject that you have no knowledge of because you can find the answers on the internet? WOW Its no wonder that our children are falling behind the rest of the globe as is clear if you look at how our kids are scoring against the rest of the world. Where in very few cases homeschooling proves to be a higher standard, that is not the norm. But you have the internet..

        • Thomas Prendergast

          I raised my older children with the online school option. They are both dynamic productive adults. My son pulling straight As his third year now at a University with full scholarship. My younger child is getting the full home schooling from her Mom who is a graduated teacher with a Ed. She is 8 and is at 6th grade level in all but science. In science she is at 2 year college level.

          PS. I am not a rocket scientist.

          • Lyric Thompson

            Where it may work for you there are lots of children who don’t have a mother that is a teacher that home schools them. Most are left unable to compete in the world..

          • Thomas Prendergast

            Lyric you seem to have an agenda. So I will reply to all who read this. You have 100s of options to take back teaching your children. My first two started out going to a private Christian school. but while in 3rd and 5th grade I put them into an online academy called Laurel Springs ( then moved them into The Oaks (Christian based). They do all the teaching with super excellent accredited teachers, all online. Allow me to travel abroad with my children and take holidays when everyone else was at school. Huge benefits.

            The mother of my first two and I divorced and my second wife happens to be a school teacher and we are home schooling my third child. She is 8 years old, has excellent social skills and is in first year college in math and high school level in theology, history and English.

            BTW My son finished his last two years in a public HS in Wyoming in a small rural town where the culture is still pretty solid. He excelled there, straight As, lettered in FB and Wrestling, went to State and was invited to the Wyoming Boys State event (A big deal). He is now in his third year on full scholarship and doing his service as a US Marine.

            His sister also has a rather incredible life. She is a full time artist represented by a gallery, has shows internationally, sells her work all over the world, is an awesome woman and in command of her future, about to be married to her sweetheart from when she was 13 years old.

            I am not wealthy by any means, but put my childrens welfare and future at a high level of priority. To me, public school is like public housing, and welfare. If you have no other option, then I suppose it is better than nothing.

            But there is no excuse and no reason to put your child at disadvantage by allowing them to be indoctrinated by the brain mills called public schools.

          • Lyric Thompson

            My agenda would be to have an educated youth. Which is a very serious issue being that we are sliding down the global standards scale. Our children cannot compete on the global scale.. With regard to our public schools, I will concede that a lot of work must be done to bring them to a standard that is acceptable . However in one of the wealthiest nations on the planet we should invest in our schools as well as the youth who attend said schools. Not treat them as if they are a hand out to poor people.

          • Thomas Prendergast

            This is why I question your Agenda. The USA spends the most money per student than any other country in the world.


            WASHINGTON — The United States spends more than other developed nations on its students’ education each year, with parents and private foundations picking up more of the costs than in the past, an international survey released Tuesday found.

            Despite the spending, U.S. students still trail their rivals on international tests.

            The Department of Education and the National Education Association Unuion are the villains in this. Those two beastly fat bureaucracies are the reason the students are getting screwed.

            I choose to just opt out from their system, you choose to try and fix it. You can not fix it. You can only kill it and give education back to the people. In the meantime, I support Home Schooling, Online (Home Schooling), charter and private schools. These alternative systems are delivering stellar results.

            I have already illustrated those results above. I will say this, I just got back from a conference where Dr, Paul Stolz spoke and he and my 8 year old daughter had major chemistry. His opinion is our daughter has exceptional social skills, the vocabulary of a high school student but even more amazing the reasoning of a college student. BTW: My 8 year old tests out at jr and high school levels in her academics.



    • Wired Whale

      I am a teacher as well. A few months ago, I started working in the after school program, helping to tutor elementary kids in math. By October, 3rd graders are still unable to subtract 3-digit numbers, but they can rattle off a list of 50 or so terms their textbooks have taught them…none of which appear to actually be recognized mathematical terms.

    • Lyric Thompson

      Education handled at the state level is a mess. In fact Im going to go ahead and say it.. The educational system as a whole in the USA is dysfunctional and wholly inadequate . The DOD has not only a much higher standard then you do stateside but its also actually funded. Currently the levels are all over the place with regard to educational standards. One state doesn’t want to teach evolution but rather creationism while kids in other parts of the nation are learning something else entirely. One standard across the board is easier to implement as well as provides a base level for all students. Now Im not saying that common core is the way as there is too many politicians with their own agendas in said program. But on the other hand leaving it up to each state is not going to address the issues we face.

      • What?

        Lyric, you don’t know the difference between “then” and “than.” You also said, “there is too many politicians.” Go back to school, and then see if you can speak.

  • mackinney29

    Oh, puh-leeze. Can’t YOU read? The title of the article mentions common core APPROVED book – there’s a subtle distinction which you should learn to detect.

    • Steven Davis

      There are no “common core approved books” either. I could write a book, and slap a common core label on it.

      • Teresa

        You, sir, are a sheep. You have to be a staunch liberal to believe what you are saying. There is evidence everywhere. Even the Professors on the validation committee would not sign off on it.

        James Milgram:
        Stanford and NASA mathematician; served on official common core
        validation committe and refused to sign off on the academic legitimacy
        of the Common Core.

        Dr. Milgram wrote (responding to a request for clarification about math standards) in a very recent email:

        ““I can tell you that my main
        objection to Core Standards, and the reason I didn’t sign off on them
        was that they did not match up to international expectations. They were at least 2 years behind the practices in the high achieving countries by 7th grade, and, as a number of people have observed, only require partial understanding of what would be the content of a normal, solid, course
        in Algebra I or Geometry. Moreover, they cover very little of the
        content of Algebra II, and none of any higher level course… They will
        not help our children match up to the students in the top foreign
        countries when it comes to being hired to top level jobs.“

        • Stefano Hatari

          Weird. I pointed out that the book cited above has nothing to do with Common Core. I didn’t talk about math. Do you want to address the point I made? Baa?

  • Paul Ciavarelli

    Give me a break.

  • Steven Davis

    Still waiting for an evidence-based rebuttal, ideally, from Mr. Riddle himself.

  • OldmanRick

    Try this:

    If one sit back and considers the facts, Common Core like Political Correctness is nothing more than cultural Marxism.

  • OldmanRick
  • Steven Davis

    Well, it’s been six hours, and you guys are drawing a blank. You can’t connect the book to Common Core standards, and you can’t cite any Common Core standards that contain political bias. I’m gonna call it a day. Good luck to all of you. Don’t believe everything you read on the interwebs.

    • Teresa

      Don’t believe everything your missiah Obama tells you to believe. On second thought, it’s no wonder you like Common Core if it takes you 5 steps to add two double digit numbers together. Now it makes sense; it’s your intellect.

  • frankly2

    Liberals including liberal educators know nothing but lies . To advance their politics. At the expense of the children.

  • Richard McKinney

    Reading all this back-and-forth trash talk about Common Core is more entertaining than listening to Obama telling lies and watching his nose grow longer while he speaks…

  • Paladina

    This article is so inaccurate. Common core is ‘standards’, as you plainly say. NOT curriculum. There is no such thing as “common core approved literature” or “common core required reading” (aside from some primary documents such as the Constitution). You are being fallacious and inflammatory and spreading false information about common core. Shame on you.

    • Thomas

      The Common Core has their own textbooks that say “Common Core” on the front of them…why do you think the authors lobbied so hard to get this approved on a federal level? They are making millions off their books. This one may or may not be part of it, but, yes, CC has its own ‘literature’…

      • Steven Davis

        Sorry, Thomas, but no. You can write a textbook, slap a common core sticker on it, and sell it on Amazon. No quality control, no ‘authorized’ common core texts. What people DO however is try to write curriculum that is aligned with common core standards. However, this book doesn’t even have a common core sticker on it. You can buy it at Amazon. Mr. Riddle is pulling the wool over your eyes.

        • Thomas

          I’m not saying this IS a CC book…I’m saying the books they use in the SCHOOLS, purchased BY and FOR the SCHOOL are from CC and it is printed on the cover, not a sticker. This story, however, lacks validity as they do not cite the title of the book, nor what school(s) are using it. My point was the the real publishers of CC material have their name on them. Stick to my facts as I’ve explained them, please.

          • Steven Davis

            Nothing related to CC is printed on the cover. You can check on Amazon.

          • Thomas

            I never said THIS book was…the regular text books for math and English DO have CC on the cover. Please re-read my original post, “This one may or may not be part of it, but,…”. Again, this article has limited information and regardless, if this book is on the ‘approved’ list for reading material, it’s not a GOOD thing.

          • Steven Davis

            I have your point about this book. Story is bogus. But my larger point is that there is no ‘approved’ list. The people who made common core standards didn’t make curriculum. And they don’t ‘approve’ it.

          • Kevin

            OK Steven Davis… This doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out.
            If the materials have to be within Common Core standards and the book is within the standard guidelines of Common Core then it might as well be a Common Core book.
            Schools have certain books they can and can not use, they must be within guidelines. A list of approved and un-approved books.
            Approved books are allowed in the schools.
            The guidelines are from the Common Core guidelines.
            There for it in a sense is Common Core approved.

    • Teresa

      You are sadly incorrect.

      James Milgram:
      Stanford and NASA mathematician; served on official common core
      validation committe and refused to sign off on the academic legitimacy
      of the Common Core.

      Dr. Milgram wrote (responding to a request for clarification about math standards) in a very recent email:

      ““I can tell you that my main
      objection to Core Standards, and the reason I didn’t sign off on them
      was that they did not match up to international expectations. They were at least 2 years behind the practices in the high achieving countries by 7th grade, and, as a number of people have observed, only require partial understanding of what would be the content of a normal, solid, course
      in Algebra I or Geometry. Moreover, they cover very little of the
      content of Algebra II, and none of any higher level course… They will
      not help our children match up to the students in the top foreign
      countries when it comes to being hired to top level jobs.“

    • DUH

      And you are obviously clueless. Schools have to buy a certain set of texts lest they fail the assesments. A simple online search can list the Publishers. Shame on you for being so either uninformed or deliberately lying.

    • Kevin

      It may be considered “Standards” but if the curriculum has to be within the standards guidelines of Common Core then it might as well be a Common Core book! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

  • moddly

    what makes you think Barack is going to leave office in 2016?

  • ‘tallica

    That doesn’t look like a textbook to me. Looks like a book on Barack Obama for children. Sure it’s one-sided, but there’s no title of the book in the article, and no proof that it’s mandatory curriculum and not just a book on a library shelf. Be honest, guys. You’re not liberals!

    • Digibeast

      What’s “one-sided” about it?

      It’s NOT making the claim that whites wouldn’t vote for a black presidential candidate.

  • Michael

    Steven Davis can be found on other sites trying to defend common core and is an Obama supporter,, Love the internet.

  • Christopher Coffman

    There is no bias there whatsoever. It says “But some people said…”. That is true, some people did say what the book is claiming. I am really disappointed that a fellow conservative would so blatantly use misinformation to attack Common Core.

  • forgetyoutooo

    “Those people” knew the community agitator had NO experience and should NOT be elected just for being black. The truth hurts, doesn’t it Commies?

    We Told You So.

  • Patricia Picoli Struzzi

    Is anyone home in this country. I we all start reading up on what is going on here. Come on people wake up!

  • Ballistic45

    Common Core is nothing more than
    Propaganda hiding behind academic curriculum.. It is further
    erosion of our history and the further dumbing down of our kids
    in Math, Science Reading and Writing but most of all Critical

  • Claude AndPam Parish

    So, did ‘white voters’ vote for Obama or not? Because I think the majority of his votes came from white people. Alive AND dead.

    • dhartm2

      Simpsons did it.

  • Vikodlak

    God did damn the United States, by allowing Obama to be elected, twice!

  • Desiree Seifert

    Its a sin the CRAP these kids are being taught today…….Thank Bill Gates for the DUMBING DOWN of our kids!

  • Тарас Шевченко(TarasShevchenko

    Given that student achievement has been stagnant or decreasing ever since the Department of Education was established in the late 70s, maybe disbanding it would fix the problem.

    • Londontear

      True. The government has no place in the school.

  • pdigaudio

    Just like 1930s Germany.

  • user z

    This absolutely turns my stomach. I am nauseated .

  • ugottabkiddingme

    What piece of material is this? Title and publisher?? I am a teacher, and have never seen anything of this sort…yet. But I guarantee that I will NOT use any sort of propaganda like that in MY classroom. As a matter of fact, it would be a great learning opportunity, from a non-political perspective, regarding media bias and persuasive technique. Give the students the tools to think critically, for themselves, then expect them to do it. (Support your response with fact, not opinion…)

    • Digibeast

      But didn’t “some people” say that whites wouldn’t vote for a black president?

      They sure did. Lots of people were saying that.

      It’s not like the textbook is saying this itself. It’s simply reporting the sentiment at the time held by “some people.” Reread it, please.

      Regarding “persuasive technique” consider this a learning opportunity for how Obama opponents will stoop to any level to smear him and his policies.

      • ugottabkiddingme

        I’m sorry. I wasn’t aware that anywhere in my statement did I say anything against your President. You see, I am one of those teachers that teach my students HOW to think…not WHAT to think. I do believe that was my point. They don’t have to agree with me – I just want them to know why they think what they think.

        As for that text – kids are very impressionable. You are obviously someone who supports the current administration, so I am going to make a leap here and please pardon me if I am wrong, but insert the name George W. Bush and some of the things that were said about him. There…got the image? Now…how does that make you feel? Propaganda is propaganda, regardless of what ‘team’ you root for. Textbooks should be based in factual information. Opinions are NOT facts.

        • Digibeast

          Nowhere in my statement did I say you said anything against our president.

          If you want to teach your kids HOW to think, point out that the textbook is making the following claims:

          – Some people claimed that whites wouldn’t vote for a black president. They said it couldn’t be done. America is too racist, they insisted.

          – They were wrong.

          – Not all white people are racist.

          – Obama was, in fact, elected president.

          Then point out that the article from YoungCons induced an alternate interpretation of the textbook. It began by prepping readers with a shocking headline, “Beyond disturbing: Look at what a Common Core approved book is teaching children about Barack Obama…”

          This was the first step in misleading them about the content and intent of the textbook. The rest was simply preying on confirmation bias, in this case, the belief among most conservative whites that whites are wrongly stereotyped as racist. (As a white male, I face this stereotype all the time.)

          Their misrepresentation of the textbook is like one of those optical illusions where you can’t see the alternate image embedded within the other.

          The writer knew it would be easy to reinforce the belief among conservatives that they’re unfairly portrayed as racists when the textbook is saying precisely the opposite.

          This isn’t a matter of opinion. It is a matter of logic when one examines the intent, content, and sequence of the textbook’s assertions.

          The lower portion of that page that helped clarify the intent of the textbook was difficult to read due to glare. The previous page and next page would almost certainly have led you to the less dramatic conclusion that there’s anything “beyond disturbing” going on.

          Since there’s no name of the textbook or publisher, this can’t be done, at least not without much effort.

          This lack of citation was no coincidence.

  • Hal E. Burton

    The US is a racist nation. What is your point?

  • Kurt

    This is typical liberal propaganda and only serves to increase racism. For example, foolish blacks read crap like this and it only reinforces their own anti-white racism and causes them to believe they are victims…

    • Digibeast

      Doubtful. They’ll read it and agree that there actually WERE people who said that whites wouldn’t elect a black president.

      Did you think that this textbook was making that claim or simply that they were reporting that some people once did?

      I might say, for instance, that some people believe aliens live among us. That’s different from saying I believe that they actually do.

      • Chris Roche

        If they were trying to be accurate they would have stated that not all whites were opposed but they don’t they quote claims of racism and bigotry. One side of the story isn’t history. History is many sides sadly we don;t cover them all. But this is brainwashing “People hate him cause he is black” not because of opposition to his policies, experience, or work ethic.

      • Mary

        I’d vote for a black president if he was worth voting for.

  • Kiwimommy

    At our core WE ARE A RACIST NATION! That is not indoctrination that is fact! Electing a black president didn’t change that fact any more than the election of Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan gave women equal rights there. Our history books have always been one-sided propoganda, it’s all a matter of who is deciding the content.

  • Canned Heat

    Disturbing is the use of his first name… Apparently Obama should be known by his first name for 4th graders

  • Digibeast


    It’s perfectly reasonable for a textbook to say that “some people said that…” especially since it’s completely true: some people *DID* say that whites wouldn’t vote for a black president.

    This distinction between describing something versus endorsing it is something this website hopes you don’t notice.

    And you didn’t, did you? You thought the textbook itself was saying whites wouldn’t vote for a black president. The author of this article isn’t that stupid but he thinks you are.

  • Weerd Whale

    I never experienced common core education firsthand. I honestly wasn’t aware slavery and freedom rides were going on up until 2008! Oh boy, I’m so glad I been edumacated today.

  • Michelle

    Watch and learn: Best and most informative CC video on the net. Well worth your time. And don’t buy into any of the crap the liberals are feeding us about how it is just a set of standards for English and Math. Call BS because that is exactly what that is. Pure and simple! CC is way more than just standards. It’s more like Obamacare on steroids for eduction. Please watch and be informed. You will definitely learn exactly what CC is and likely want nothing to do with it. As always, they can keep their change!

  • Digibeast

    Why is the textbook’s name and publisher not provided? This particular half page is smattered all over the internet but nowhere could I find a citation.

    I’d like to read the previous and next page since the students reading the textbook aren’t going to be prepped into misreading the paragraph after first reading “Beyond disturbing…”

    What is the textbook saying? It’s clear:

    – Some people claimed that whites wouldn’t vote for a black president. They said it couldn’t be done. America is too racist, they insisted.

    – They were wrong.

    – Not all white people are racist.

    – Obama was, in fact, elected president.

    This would be more obvious and less hysterical if we could read more than a single paragraph.

    The lack of a citation is not a coincidence.

  • Dodger2x

    II like YoungCons posts on FB but I have a concern. To react to these issues we need details like; book title, authors, publisher, date, school systems that adopted it, etc. We need a way to make a difference (i.e. someone to contact in this list), not just another thing to complain about on FB.

  • Jackson Kerr

    What’s really ironic is that most of these efforts which claim to try and stop racism actually encourage it. I think media is especially susceptible to this. When you talk about racism you draw attention to the idea that there is a divide between groups of people. What’s the solution? Morgan Freeman, in an interview about Black History Month, said it well –
    “Stop talking about it…. I’m going to stop calling you a white man, and I’m gonna ask you to stop calling me a black man. I know you as Mike Wallace, and you know me as Morgan Freeman.”
    This difference is only there when we choose to recognize it.

  • Lynda

    What is the title of this book? I want to find it.

  • pnordman

    Hmmmm – then who is that in the Dark House? I thought it was an amalgamation of voters that seated him on the throne….

  • Chris

    So, the government adopted common core, and is also worried about child obesity? Yeah, good luck with that.

  • Barb Johnson

    I just puked in my mouth a little.

  • Trenaway ElDaryl

    That is terrible English too!

  • bob

    If I’m such a racist how come I like Herman Caine and Ben Carson?

  • Darlene

    Is common core by any chance being created by people who believe in Islam or something

  • Guest

    Common Core in every aspect is a bunch of dribble! How’s that for a highly articulate description? I am a Great Grandmother and shriek every time I think of my adorable grandchildren and great grandchildren having to be put through this blatant propaganda. This is not an education is pure and blatant indoctrination. It brings to mind the pictures of the children in Germany

  • Allie

    CC angers me so. What a bunch of dribble! Every aspect of it, from math to history, etc. It is pure and simple indoctrination and propaganda. Reading some of these posts I see that some of the teachers are afraid to stand up to administration to voice their opposition. This is sad in itself. Reminds me of the films I used to see of the children in Germany right before and during WWII. I am a Great Grandmother (10 and still counting). I pray for them and their parents every night. What a disastrous thing to witness in my twilight years. Knowing what America used to be and what it is becoming is very, very sad to me. I’m optimistic that we will have a great awakening soon and people will regain their courage.

  • MikanJeni Cagle

    Well only a fool would entrust the education of his children with those who don’t hold the same values…

  • Don

    I can say this, if my child brings this garbage home, I will burn it and send the ashes back in a baggie, God bless, I have to leave it here, I can’t take anymore of Stevens cheerleading….

  • Silverwraith

    This common core crap is one of the many reasons I will be homeschooling my children.

  • Gordon Harvey

    This is not education it is indoctrination of our children by the socialist administration. Take back our schools…take back our country.

    Lock & load people, it is time to shed blood!

  • Thomas Weiss

    Abolish the Dept of Education. Bring education back to the state level, stick with academics, and leave the social engineering to parents and whichever private organizations the parenrs choose…..Maybe then we’ll have a chance of getting our kids back into the top ten in international testing, which is where we were BEFORE the DOE was established. ..what a nightmare the feds have been for our kids…….

  • Bob Connely

    Okay, Facebook Warriors, how about doing something more than whine and snivvle here on F’book? How about starting a letter-writing (that involves paper and pen instead of the laptop/desktop, but it’s the same thing, so don’t fret) campaign aimed at your local School Board and mainstream Media. And how about getting off your couch the next election cycle and personally speak to each candidate for your local School Board, and see where they stand on this Gummamint Propaganda crap. We CAN make a lot of this go away, if we simply do something more than pound our keyboards.

  • Pat Floyd

    Thank God my kids are grown, but I really worry about what my grandchildren will be exposed to. I think I now know what it was like to be an older German back in the 1930’s.

  • Russian55

    Great, a history textbook based on Liberal propaganda.

    People didn’t vote for Obama because of his race? How about his policies? His notions of bigger and bigger government. His notion that America needed to be “fundamentally changed.”

    Now children can learn history that never was from a single point of view.

  • Armand Tetreault

    Disgraceful indoctrination of our children by the extreme leftists

  • fanciladi

    If only black folks voted for Obama…now would he get into office? This teaching is damnation to our children/future.

  • Fred H. Smith

    guess I’m a racist,,,,i did not vote for him either time,, saw the handwriting on he wall….I wont vote for Hillary either,, she’s a known LIAR from a long time ago

  • Fred H. Smith

    Commin Core….biggest scam in education,,teachers CAN’T teach because they have to teach to the test so tey will look good for some FLUNKY in Washinngton who is a left wing liberal who thinks all people residing over 25 mi. from D.C.and or NYC are not capable on overcoming their ignorance,,,,

  • Fred H. Smith

    some of the problems are with liberal minded teachers,,,one local example is a middle school teacher who actually believes that 9/11 was ans is an American Conspiracy, heaven forbid

  • Mike Lanahan

    One problem, this isn’t true. Cc does not approve or forbid any specific book.. There are lots of things to criticize common core. This one is not true

  • kbrockm

    This would be ok if Barack Obama’s biography was clearly labeled as “Fiction!”

  • Bri

    What book is this??

  • scoripowarrior

    I have been teaching for 40+ years. I can tell you that common core is being “FORCED” on the schools. As many of you posters have noted, the Math is horrible. Having taught US history for over 20 years, I can tell you how the “slant” of the textbooks change depending on who is “in charge” politically. Texas and California has a big say in what goes into the books. I agree with others who say Education should stay “local/state”. Government needs to get out of the business of Education.

  • Connor Kenway

    Just wait in a few years this is going to be our national anthem if Obama and the left have there way.

    • bobby cray

      that’s so stupid, I couldn’t get through 20 seconds.

      • Connor Kenway

        But you liberals worship him the same way even with a few of you calling for him to be a dictator.

        • bobby cray

          You don’t know me, Don’t call me a liberal you moron. This kind of stupid crap makes republicans look ridiculous and ignorant. This low level of sarcasm sends us down to prehistoric frog crap status. Anyway, dictators start wars that kill innocent men in order to benefit their rich friends in case you need a reality check.

  • bobby cray

    This article does not teach children that our country is racial at it’s core. It says that “some” people didn’t vote for Barrack because he was black.So what? It’s the truth. It should say that some people only voted for him because he was black. Either way, it does teach that there is a racial divide and emphasized that both sides were still angry.

  • Michael Andereron

    I know this won’t make a difference to the politically minded, but…

    As a mathematician, I can tell you that the math being recommended to be taught in common core, while different from what you may know, is in fact the type utilized in all advanced, math-based science courses. If a student doesn’t have a calculator, which they should’t always rely on, more complicated equations are very difficult to handle. This more advanced math breaks numbers down into their components, reveals the interrelationships between numbers and provides a facility with math that the old system does not.

    Have you ever wondered why American students test so poorly on math compared to other parts of the world? Because places like Japan are teaching the methods that are recommended by common core. When the beauty of math and its intrinsic parts are revealed, it is not only much easier to use, it is much more fascinating.

  • Thomas Prendergast

    Public School. Shut it down and disassemble the Department of Education. Put school back into the hands of local communities. Utilize the Internet as is being done very well by private educating systems.

  • 321

    Look at the stats! White working class females won the majority vote for President Obama…