Border patrol agent has three brutally honest words when assessing the border crisis

Joshua Riddle

Co-founder of Young Conservatives. Graduate of Dartmouth College. Read more

Transcript of the video:

Border Patrol agent: How you doing, U.S. Border Patrol. How many people on board?

Travis Pope: Me.

Border Patrol agent: U.S. citizen?

Travis Pope: Yeah, but does it really matter?

Border patrol agent: Not anymore, unfortunately. Thank you.

Talk about powerful. Something has got to change.  Rick Perry says that they are now apprehending record numbers of illegal immigrants coming from Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Secure the border and secure it now.

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    If it doesn’t matter, why even have a Border Patrol? It just seems like a government run jobs program.

  • zoomwhat

    Face it. This administration has no intention of securing our borders and has absolutely encouraged the influx of illegals. INCLUDING those known to be criminals and terroists. This is entirely by design. ENTIRELY.

  • Joe Riley

    Simply put the Administration is trying to “thin out” the opposition to the way they are running the County. Allow everyone in no requirements for becoming a U.S. Citizen…give them free stuff…allow them to obtain drivers licenses…free medical care etc…make sure you BUY THEIR ILLEGAL VOTES all in an effort to push out the Conservative vote!

  • jmo

    Close our borers before we end up shoulder to shoulder, standing room only!
    ALL ILLEGALS should be deported, period. Send them back home to fix their own countries instead of ruining ours.

  • jmo

    Oops!! I meant to say “Close our BORDERS”

  • 2iceblest

    It’s hard to believe, but it is the only way to get their new world order-one world government. Yes, it is Biblical and their plan is ancient!

  • 716

    FYI this is an illegal immigration stop. I real border patrol agent wouldn’t say that. This is America you shouldn’t have to stop on a road and talk to someone from immigration just driving down the road not crossing any borders. Not that the border crisis isn’t a real issue, it is but this isn’t the way to fight it.

  • Bruce Wagner

    I hope he can keep his job for being honest….