Breaking: New report claiming Michael Brown “ran at the officer full speed”

Joshua Riddle

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The latest report from CNN is that Michael Brown “ran at the officer full speed”.

From CNN:

The officer who killed Brown says the teenager rushed at him full speed in the moments before the shooting, according to an account phoned in to a St. Louis radio station and confirmed by a source with detailed knowledge of the investigation.

According to the version on KFTK, phoned in by a woman who identified herself as “Josie,” the altercation on August 9 began after Officer Darren Wilson rolled down his window to tell Brown and a friend to stop walking in the street.

When Wilson tried to get out of his cruiser, Brown first tried to push the officer back into the car, then punched him in the face and grabbed for his gun before breaking free after the gun went off once, the caller said.

Wilson pursued Brown and his friend, ordering them to freeze, according to the account. When they turned around, Brown began taunting Wilson, saying he would not arrest them, then ran at the officer at full speed, the caller said.

Wilson then began shooting. The final shot was to Brown’s forehead, and the teenager fell two or three feet in front of Wilson, said the caller, who identified herself as the officer’s friend.

A source with detailed knowledge of the investigation later told CNN the caller’s account is “accurate,” in that it matches what Wilson has told investigators.

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    We still don’t have all the facts, so making premature judgements and emotionally charged language only fuels the violence going on in Ferguson right now. For example, Trayvon Martin’s mother wrote a letter to the Brown family saying their son was “executed”.

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    • Tanker74

      The ignorant, violent, racist black mob won’t hear anything different than the phony narrative a white cop shot a poor little boy in the back.

      • HateTheGame

        100% correct.

        The liberal media has already selected their narrative and they will continue to run with it. They will not let facts or anything else get in their way. It’s absolutely appaling. – Discussion forum.

    • 55rider

      The truth wont matter to the racist community in Furguson. Officer Wilson will live in fear for the rest of his life, whether he is acquitted or not. I’m betting he pleads to a lesser charge just to quell the race baiting blacks and the obviously biased media. When did blacks get control of the media and get so much influence over police policies and law in general? Welcome to “hope and change”. It’s more like doom and despair.

      • ace1981

        How does jaywalking turn into murder? Aren’t cops suppose to be trained at keeping things from escalating? Why does Ferguson not have dashcams?


        It’s being reported that he didn’t rob the store, he paid. Look at the video, he put money down as soon as he walked to the counter. The clerk didn’t call the police, someone thought the clerk was robbed and called. Their altercation could’ve been over him reaching over the counter or not showing i.d., who knows, but it wasn’t a robbery. Apparently the cops know this, which is why Johnson wasn’t charged.

        He was also shot in the back. That alone, regardless of what point he was shot in the back, speaks volumes.

        Have you ever believed a cop killing a black man was unjustified?

        He was murdered by a cop. It’s happening daily somewhere around the country.

        How about the guy holding a BB gun in Wal-Mart, justified?

        Or the kid wearing headphones who didn’t hear the police?

        Better yet, the deaf man who couldn’t hear police?

        Do you know how many diabetics get beat for having an episode? Happens more often than you care to realize.

        Cops don’t know or follow the laws , but citizens are expected to listen to them. Police are mostly comical and clueless. Their inability to articulate themselves often leaves them flustered and trigger happy.

        • Steve Hart


          • ace1981

            Troll? For having a realistic view of what the police force has become?

            Conservatives are all about smaller government, right? So why aren’t you up in arms about police grabbing someone for jaywalking? There is no argument there, right? He was approached for jaywalking. Would you just say “yes, massa” if you got grabbed up by a cop for nothing more than walking down the street? White People are way more aggressive with cops, yet they don’t end up dead merely as often, and rarely under questionable circumstances.

            • 55rider

              Before you make a complete idiot of yourself, wait until the investigation is complete. If Brown had not robbed a store and was not walking down the middle of the street, he would never have been seen. If he had just said ‘OK” and moved to the sidewalk, he might still be alive. Never argue with an armed person, cop or not. Live to fight another day.

            • ace1981

              That’s your motto, never stand up for yourself, because the cops who are suppose to uphold the law might kill you?? Fine, so does that mean no accountability for the officer who shot an unarmed man from 35ft away?

              Btw, this cop was completely unaware of the robbery, he was at another call when it was reported.

            • melmc13

              To be honest, if I were approached for jaywalking, I would get back on the sidewalk or on the side of the road. Quite frankly, we’ve seen people killed when jaywalking in our area and it wasn’t by the police. Drivers don’t expect people to be walking in the middle of the road. It’s dangerous, pure and simple. I’m really not trying to be argumentative, but jaywalking is against the law, so it’s not a matter of “yes, massa” to obey the law. That was a bit specious. And did anyone yet contend that he was “grabbed up by the cop”? I hadn’t heard that, so I just wondered.

            • ace1981

              The report from the friend stated they did get on the sidewalk and then the cop came back and grabbed Mike. A witness states that the “struggle” was Mike trying to escape the cops grip. I believe she stated “it looked like he was pulling away.” The friend said that the officer was so close to them that when he swung the door open it hit them and bounced back into the officer. Many people say the officer was trying to hold Mike. This is all from original reports, I know people are coming out of the woodwork now, calling into radio stations claiming to be witnesses, but originally everyone was saying the same thing. He surrendered.

              I hate jaywalkers on busy roads, but in neighborhoods, kids play in the street, there are rarely crosswalks, sometimes there aren’t even sidewalks… if they were in the cops way a little beep would’ve sufficed or even a “get out the street” on the bullhorn. It should’ve never got physical, and I honestly don’t believe that Brown put his hands on the officer in anything but self defense.

            • maryjane

              what a moron

            • brain

              Attention to detail please! The pathologist report states bullet wounds do not appear to be from “very close range”. According to the doc himself, this means not from a distance of less than 2 feet. Those who hear what they want turn this into “he was shot from long range”.

            • Mellen

              If a police officer told me to do something I would say Yes Sir – and do it. I would not be disrespectful. I also would not throw a shop owner up against a wall, nor would I loot or rob in my town because I was angry over a perceived injustice. I would wait to hear all the facts of the case before I made a judgement. But that’s just me.

            • ace1981

              It is a small percentage of people robbing and looting and no one is claiming to do it in the name of justice. It’s opportunist crooks. Simple.

              I NEVER follow orders without reason and I never respond to an a$$hole officer with respect. But standing up for myself is just an ideal I was raised with, not all of us can be feeble minded yes-men like yourself.

        • melmc13

          So you have medical examiner experience or exclusive access to the reports to make your statements. I agree with Steve Hart. Troll….just a “stirring-up-trouble” troll.

          Most police officers do a great job, which is why it’s news when we hear about the bad apples. I’m not sure this is one of the bad apple cases, however, SINCE WE DON’T YET HAVE ALL THE FACTS. (More blacks are murdered by other blacks than by cops (just as more whites are murdered by other whites than by cops, and so on). FACT. Check out Chicago, alone.)

          • ace1981

            Lol, so everyone here blaming the victim and defending the cop without having these reports are just people with opinions, but somehow because I don’t agree I’m a troll?? Lmao. The hypocrisy.

            So because civilians are killing more people than cops, we should ignore the FACT that cops are killing unarmed civilians at alarming rates. How about all the dogs they’ve killed, do we ignore that too, or are dogs more worthy of retribution than people, specifically those of color?

            The worst part is no one is tracking injury and death by police force, not for humans or dogs. So you aren’t seeing the big picture, which would show that police brutality is the norm. Only when people end up dead do we hear about it, sometimes not even.

            These kids just created an app to rate police departments, maybe some public experiences and more accountability will come from it.

            • melmc13

              Actually, I think far too many people are making judgments in this case (as in so many others) without having access to the facts involved. Emotions definitely run high and thoughtful consideration seems to diminish when emotions get so heavily involved. Not to mention, insults (and, yes, I probably should have held off on the “Troll” assessment) don’t really contribute in a positive way to the conversation. I would be very surprised, though, if no one is tracking injury or death (for animals or humans) by police force. I will say that they have an awfully difficult job in these times. People, in general, and younger generations, in particular, are more and more disrespectful and disdainful of law enforcement (and each other). I would not want to live without law enforcement personnel, because I think we would devolve very quickly into anarchy and bullying, at the very least. When there is a lack of respect for law enforcement, it is a lack of respect for society as a whole, because law enforcement personnel are among our gatekeepers. Yes, there are those that abuse their power. There are also those that do spectacular jobs in horrible circumstances. (The autopsy results that have been disclosed so far do not support the “shot in the back” theories in this case, and that includes the autopsy done by the medical examiner chosen by the family.)

            • ace1981

              There are allot more police using aggressive tactics than good wholesome police. The task issue is that there is no accountability in government. Everyone trying to minimize liability has turned everything into a scandal.

              Here are a few more facts from the preliminary autopsy, no gun powder residue and all shots appear to have been from a distance. So what about the struggle in the car for a gun that discharged and hit him?

              EVERYONE initially said he was running away when the officer fired and he turned around with his hands up. That he charged at the officer after the fact didn’t even come out of the chiefs mouth. That head wound could have just as easily happened as Mike was falling forward from the previous 5 shots he took.

              The video shows him putting something down on the counter as soon as he walks up to it. Store clerk has said that neither he nor any employees called the police and whatever happened, had nothing to do with what happened at the store. Police do claim to have spoken to a customer and employee, so we’ll see where that fits.

              Most reports say that Mike was pulling away from the officer who grabbed him (without reason). In other words, assault. Preliminary autopsy shows no signs of a struggle.

              I am still trying to find where Johnson admits to robbery. I know he admitted it was him in the video, but I seriously doubt his attorney is letting him make any admissions beyond that.

              But really, the biggest admission comes from the chief who said the officer was at a sick call while the call for a robbery came in, he had no idea about the robbery and literally approached these guys for jaywalking.

              Now, according to conservatives, this officer nicely approached these men and asked them to move and Mike attacked him in his own car and tried to take his gun, he was shot in the car, ran out and charged back at the officer forcing the officer to use deadly force. Come on. That’s silly. He runs away and then comes back?? What purpose would that serve? He didn’t even hurt the clerk in the “strong arm robbery” why would run towards a cop with a gun from more than 35 ft away?

              The reason it makes sense the other way, is because cops have a history of bullying and provoking people. They grab you and you push them away it becomes assault and now they are wrestling with you to arrest you for resisting and a&b on a police officer. These fabricated arrests happen often. Do you know how many people get resisting charges and nothing else? It’s a joke. That and disturbing the peace. It’s all he said she said between officers and civilians and the courts tend to favor the lying cops.The distrust many of these communities feel towards cops is not unfounded.

        • 55rider

          You are an idiot. The autopsy showed he was shot 6 times, all from the front. He did not pay for the cigars. His friend said as much. The robbery was reported by the store owner less than two minutes after Brown left the store. Brown obviously was a criminal, apparently attacked the officer and punched him in the face ( he was treated at a local hospital for a facial contusion), attempted to grab his gun, and after the gun discharged inside the vehicle, ran approximately 35 feet, then when told to “freeze”, ran at the officer full speed. Before you start posting something you ‘heard’ from some Liberal news source, research all the info that is available so you don’t appear to be a complete asshat!

          • ace1981

            Everything you posted with the exception of the gun shot wounds is conservative BS. Friend admitted to “robbery?” Where is that?

            He charged at him? Why because one witness account differs from all the other ones, including the preliminary autopsy which showed no gun shot residue and that all shots were fired from a distance?? Don’t accuse me of being bias when you’re doing the exact thing you’re accusing me of.

            Contusion? The swelling the chief claimed is far from a contusion.

            The store clerk called? You sure about that? Cause he says he didn’t? Police interviewed the caller who was a customer, not the owner or employee.

            Go do some research for yourself.

            Oh, and he was shot while running away, there were bullets that missed him. He should’ve kept running, instead he surrendered and ended up dead.

            • 55rider

              All shots were fired from the front. He was facing the officer, in fact running towards him. When the facts come out, you will feel stupid. I find it amusing that you believe the testimony of a wanted criminal. Wait for the facts. I’m telling you, the cop was in the right. How did the cop have swelling on his face if Brown didn’t punch him? If you punch a cop, you get shot, especially if you are 6′ 4″ and go for his gun. Go watch some more MSLSD. I’ll be over here watching more suicidal blacks.

            • ace1981

              There were how many shots fired? 10? He was hit by 6. So four shots unaccounted for. The witnesses on scene said shots were fired and he turned around to surrender, at which point he was shot from a distance of 35ft with his hands in the air. HE BECAME TARGET PRACTICE. The autopsy already confirmed that there was no gun residue and that the shots were all shot from a distance. You believe the charging story that came out from a random caller claiming to be a witness on a radio station, but you don’t believe the eye witness accounts from everyone who was present? Interesting. Autopsy preliminary results also show no signs of a struggle. Hm. Seems the witness accounts that he was pulling away from an officer who grabbed him are more reasonable than a fight over a gun that discharged and left no residue on the vic and no signs of a struggle.

              The chief claiming the officer had swelling is still not conclusive, they haven’t even released photos. That’s just an attempt to justify the murder of an unarmed black man who was airbrushing to police. I find it funny that you believe the story of the people with a lot to lose.

              The cop was unaware of the “robbery” so…

              Why did he attempt to get out the car?

              Why did he grab Mike?

              Why was his weapon drawn?

              Why was a trained officer unable to defuse the situation when all it was for was jaywalking?

              Why is an officer shooting at an unarmed person in a residential neighborhood from 35ft away?

              Why have there been no photos of the officers injuries released?

              Why is it okay for a cop to be judge, jury and executioner?

              Don’t answer, just ponder. :)

            • 55rider

              We shall see.

            • itsjustme

              no he won’t he’s just a troll with an agenda he trying to push. Just like the nutjob leftwing media who ran with the story without the facts and are now trying to make it fit their uninformed narrative. I bet Ace has spent some time in the back of a few police cars

          • itsjustme

            War Eagle!

            • 55rider

              WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!!!

        • itsjustme

          You sir
          are an idiot that is missing his village!
          Other than your lie about the thug getting shot in the back how about you post a few links on all the diabetic getting beat by cops? LOL!
          Blacks get killed by other blacks 9 out of 10 times and it is never a tragedy but let one white guy or a “White Hispanic” shoot a thug then it gives all the other thugs the right to steal and vandalize in the name of “Protest”.
          Because nothing say “Protest” like stealing hair extensions, liquor, cigarette and shoes!!! and mostly from other minorities and blacks!

          • maryjane

            So true. After the first response or two it wasn’t even reading his dribble. Absolutely clueless.

          • ace1981

            Why is this about civilians killing civilians, tp you? It’ss about a cop using lethal force against an unarmed civilian. Witness accounts are that he was shot at while running away, which is when he stopped and surrendered.



            • itsjustme

              Reports are just opposite of that. He assaulted to the LEO broke his orbital bone and then ran. the cop ordered him to stop at which time he ran back at the cop that is when he was shot. All 6 GSW are from the front the first four were non lethal and the “Gentle Giant” kept coming until the last 2 head shots. He never surrendered and there are eye witness statements from 12 people. Brown was a bully and a thug and got what he had coming, I’m just glad we don’t have feed and house him anymore.

            • ace1981

              Lol, you are lying. Reports from actual eyewitnesses all state he was surrendering. The “opposite” reports you claim are all coming from friends of the officer, not eye witnesses. DO SOME RESEARCH.

              The front shots btw, prove his hands were above his head. One could have come from the back, not confirmed yet.

              You’re racism has led to bias delusion.

              Tell me did the chief report this injury you speak of? Where are those photos? Wouldn’t the easiest way to prove its justified be too show how bad the officer was beaten? You’re hilarious.

    • habalady

      This is not coming as a surprise.

    • Herman Vogel

      Whoa,,Wait a minute, this does NOT match the “Statement” the Ex-mayor made on the news…odd, huh. Now, time for show and tell,,,who would you say for truthful,,,the people that saw it and called in,,or the young man who was walking with Brown,,,and is wanted in another city on a Criminal warrant?

    • Pwnagraphic

      Whaaaaat? THis is all becoming he said she said now. Lol This contradicts the story the friends gave, contradicts the story other witnesses have gave who were actually on camera after the shooting, and this also contradicts what the mayor said.. Now we’re supposed to believe more than a dozen people, and a FRIEND of the officer were all the sudden there? Omg hahaha.. This is getting comical.

    • forgetyoutooo

      Holder is rushing this unfinished investigation to the grand jury is for one reason and one reason only – Indict the white cop and satisfy the black community. I pray for Officer Wilson.

    • Dingo

      Does anyone know if these are eye witnesses? Because that is going to make a huge difference.

      • pete

        It does say in the story that they were witnesses.

    • Over-It-All

      To use Hillary’s words “What difference does it make”……Looks like everyone has gotten their justice…a tv, shoes, clothes…whatever else they can steal.

    • maryjane

      Anything that proves them wrong makes them angrier.

    • Lynn Brandies

      I knew from day one that the “friend/witness” wasn’t telling the truth. I was blasted by my son and husband who were horrified it happened. I then had them try to reinact the witness account of grabbing Michael Brown by the neck. (husband same height at MBrown)…It was impossible, to hold for half a second and MBrown weighs 80 lbs more then husband.

      This isn’t the only witness who backed the cop up.

      No excuse to loot, what so ever.

      BTW.. do you know that a cop is killed every 58 hours in the US?

    • Me2U

      You don’t have to be white to be a racist!

    • Mike Kohler

      If I was the medical examiner in the Ferguson shooting, The Cause of Death would be listed as “suicide”.
      Because, THAT is exactly what it was.
      Michael Brown KNEW he would get shot if he charged an armed police officer. Or, at least, he SHOULD have known.
      If not, then the Cause of Death should be “STUPIDITY” :-<

    • dabmsu

      Thankfully this criminal is has joined Trevon !