CNN interviews Hashim Nzinga; New Black Panthers Offer $10,000 Bounty For George Zimmerman

Update: (Turns out this video is from 2012. Our sincerest apologies.)

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  • sickening

    … maybe my history is off, but the US hasnt been around for 400 years… and he says the black people arent “citizens” but then says that black people are “third class citizens”… which contradicts itself. I wasnt even aware that we has 3 tiers of citizenship

  • diepantherdie

    The Black KKK. Crazy how that group is allowed to do the crazy, racist stuff they do. So ignorant.

  • FlyAuburn

    That guy is calling in from my hometown. That is scary. This is a militant organization.

    • thenewguyfawkes2013

      Someone needs to let WildMan know whats going on!!! This a**h*** is from Kennesaw, went to NorthCobb High. I think its time WE THE PEOPLE put a bounty on his head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Revolution Has Started

  • FW Mom

    He has already been charged and tried for murder. He can’t be put on trial…that is called double jeopardy!

    • Laraine Driver Wilson

      Don’t think they are looking to put him on trial. If Obama and Holder don’t come forth to stop this, I’m afraid we are really looking at a race war. But I really don’t think they care, would have to declare martial law and Obama would have full control of the country.

      • rochelalbertson

        Obama will have a war alright but he will never get martial law in this country!

  • John Mikac

    Lets start forming Polar Bear Posses and put an end to this s**t….. Till we all get the nads to stop compaining and doing something about it nothing will be done about it..The sheep are either to pasture or the wolves are home? Stand up and say enough is enough for gods sake…

  • rochelalbertson

    This is conspiracy to commit kidnapping and murder and Eric Holder better do something all right he better inform the FBI to arrest this man and charge him with same.

  • JenJen

    Such ignorance is painful to observe. And this man is threatening a citizen and should be arrested for it

  • un racist

    Give it up already!! Black kkk!!!! You need to stop bringing race into it and life! Knock it off with the race crap! Other cultures who also endured hardship way before our time don’t bring up shit! Why do you and others?

  • Fishermanny

    What does our President, Holder, and the Black Panthers have in common? “Racism” They are the biggest Racist in America!