Elementary school kid is asked “What does the president do?”, his answer is classic!

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Was RONALD REAGAN a better president than BARACK OBAMA? Click LIKE if you agree!

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  • bookish1

    He left out making speeches & playing golf, but I’d still give him an A.

  • NotALiberal

    Great parenting right there.

  • daPenguin

    parents getting a visit in 5-4–3

  • frankly2

    I hope the parents can withstand and audit by the IRS

  • ThomasER916

    Off to the political reeducation camp…

    Courtesy of the Culture of Critique.

  • The Paste

    Even a second grader realizes he sucks.

  • cRApPed OuT

    That answer, what the president does is priceless . . . . if only
    more Americans knew this, we could get Obama to resign …..

  • Colleen Phillips

    From the mouths of babes!

  • Sylvia Beury

    And a little child shall lead them !

  • John Salmeier

    I agree with the sentiment, but it looks like the penmanship changed.

    • tamlezebra

      poo in the punch bowl alert!

  • gharg

    Let’s not forget lies to the public and goes on expensive vacations.

    • RealityTV

      All 3 (including the original “joke” quiz) are prerequisites for all politicians, regardless of party affiliation.

  • heyheyhey

    kid probably meant like grants pardons , that’s what I was taught in grade school. its still funny thou!

  • therain

    Well put, kid.

  • nick

    You guys are ridiculous…kids repeat what they hear…instead of focusing on bashing the president why don’t you use your time educating your kids about how they can help the government change how it is….government is about compromise…not one side or the other is right. The sooner people learn this the sooner we will have a well functioning goverment!

    • AG

      You hit the nail on the head! Good job! The government is too much about either party getting their way instead of making actual change.

    • Daffy2009

      Why is EVERYTHING about the government to you?

    • Daffy2009

      Oh btw, Obama was against homosexual marriage, until his daughters straightened him out about it. So the President of the United States is going to let a couple of pre-teen crack wh0res lecture HIM about what marriage is and what it isn’t? And THAT’S what made him change his mind after decades of thinking just the opposite?

      • lolsuz

        Pre-teen crack whores? What is the MATTER with you???

      • YOU KNOW

        What kind of person are you? Those two young girls are just girls, are you crazy or something? What if someone called your daughter a name like that? (If you have a daughter…I hope people as idiotic as you are don’t have any children)….

        • Daffy2009

          Tell Obama to quit pimping them, then. It wasn’t enough for him to just say he changed his own mind, no, he has to bring his daughters into it (precisely because he thinks he won’t be challenged if he does so).

          I’ll leave his daughters out of it when HE leaves his daughters out of it. But if he’s going to inject them into public debate like that, they’re fair game.

          • YOU KNOW

            Now I know why you’re name is DAFFY.

          • Daffy2009

            The obamas pimp their daughters in the same way the Clinton’s pimped Chelsea….trying to use them to shield themselves from criticism…. And people like you ferociously defend Obama as though he was a special needs child being bullied at school.

    • Mully

      The President needs to compromise,not say I have the final pen.

      • RealityTV

        You mean, compromise like the GOP does when they said repeatedly that they would vote NO to anything the President put forth, or when they said they’d do everything in their power to make him a 1-term President, or when they pushed and pushed on the shutdown until they got 95% of what the GOP wanted, and proclaimed it wasn’t everything they wanted but it would have to do?

        The President is one person, the Congress/Senate are the purse strings and overall admins for most everything. The GOP/Tea Party are as much to blame for the last 14 years as anybody else is. I’ve never been an Obama fan, but I recognize that his terms in office have been anything but fruitful because of not only his faults but the faults of those who oppose him.

        “The final pen” has been used as much or more by previous Presidents as Obama has done, so if you want to call him out on that, you need to go back and call out the Bush’s/Clinton’s and others before as well.

        • Mary

          You mean how Obama been using executive orders to change and delay certain parts of his healthcare law without congress approval?
          The same delays that the Republicans wanted last year. But Obama had a temper tantrum and close down congress until he got his way?
          Does it hurt much to fall on the sword and always protecting your messiah from criticism?

    • MeanieHead

      Nick, dear, little one, YOU need to focus on HISTORY.

    • Roger Sadler

      It’s funny reading here, so many of you really have absolutely no clue. Keep blameing the Government, that’s what they want you to do.

    • Mike Fritz

      There should NEVER be compromise when the government wishes to encroach upon your liberties!

  • Conquest

    Funny how people agree with a second grader, who literally knows squat about the government. How does it feel it to have the intellectual power of a 6 year old?

  • Blightness

    Haha so true.

  • Brandon Kelly

    You know, sometimes children spread wisdom.

  • Michael Parker

    Babes are so honest.

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one that sees that this photo was edited? Look at the text. A picture was taken of this paper, then strips of text were simply scaled down (in resolution) and placed over the lines, using a font found in Microsoft Word. You can tell because there are faint “white boxes” around the lines of text, showing that it was an image layer placed over the picture taken.

    • pinkelephant22

      I’m not saying you’re wrong but what font in Microsoft Word would that be? LOL

    • Anonymous

      I recognize the font as well. I don’t remember what it’s called though. At first I thought the photo quality was downgraded when it was optimized for posting on the internet, but you have a good point.

    • tvlgds

      Kinda like Obummer’s birth certificate

  • Herman Vogel

    From the mouths of Babes.

    • RealityTV

      More likely parroted from what they heard their parents say, as kids tend not to concern themselves with things like politics until they are much older.

      • Herman Vogel

        I guess you would rather the “Parrot” a Common Core Teacher instead of the people that are responsible for them…huh. sad.

  • David Friedel

    All of these kids tests are fake. Maybe all done by the same guy; The heading is always the same, centered on top with the same font.

  • TheBlueKnight95

    Those aren’t complete sentences.

  • adibese

    Given the level of intelligence displayed by Conservatives, how do I know that this is written by a child, and not a common Tea Bagger?

  • Walter Ray Howard


  • David Mcbeth


  • Robert

    This child is very intelligent! Possible MIT Freshman in the future!

  • sjane618

    Can I adopt this kid?

  • Guy Fleegman1

    I would like to pay for this kid’s College Education and for the audit his parents will get from Lois Lerner’s scumbags

  • Katielee4211