EPIC: If this isn’t the most American Craigslist ad I have ever seen I don’t know what is

I have read this about 5 times now and it keeps getting funnier.  This dude was selling his jeep on Craigslist, and his reasons why just scream America.


I should start by saying that if you are looking for a “Pajama party Barbie Jeep” you my friend, should keep looking. If you are looking for a short description of to the beast before you, I can offer you two words “MEAT & POTATOES”. This is the All American chariot of the free world.

You are not dealing with any ordinary, cookie cutter Jeep son. This thing was forged from a single block of all American Tungsten Steel. Real sturdy! From that day forward my life has never been the same. Winch yourself off that couch and see if you can handle this Jeep Wrangler Sahara.

So if you are looking for a rice burning hatch back, a solar powered liberal mobile, or even a Hyundai crossover keep on looking my friend this thing is a piece of red white and blue Americana Machinery.

This baby’s pulse is pumping 4.0 liters of uncensored raw fuel through her straight six nuclear power plant. And rest assured this is no metro feminine automatic. . .you command her to obey, with your calloused hand planted firmly on the shifter. And she will obey, the first time, every time. If you can’t handle your stick shifter, or reach the clutch pedal, you better not ferry skip over here wanting to test drive her. If you stall her out, you can count on getting hit in the face with a piece of re-bar and sent back where you came from.

It has A/C but are you kidding me….Really! If you want to blow the sweat off your brow, you do it the old fashioned way: doors off, top down. “What if it rains?”. . .You whiney bitch! I told you to stop reading. . . Any man who drives this beast doesn’t give a damn about rain. Not even skin melting acid rain, Cause he’s already dripping wet in blood, sweat, dip spit, and fish guts.

If you are looking for the kind of jeep that has to be pansy parked in the garage, so the “carpet doesn’t get wet and soggy” Then you should plant your Obama sticker on some Japanese piece of s***. Cause this thing has drain holes in the floor and rhino lined to let the blood drain out from the buffalo you just killed, with your bare hands. Because you are William Wallace from Braveheart and when you get home you can leave your “sissy sponge glove car wash kit” in the pink bucket it came in. Go ahead and spark up your 6000 psi heated pressure washer on the dually trailer in your man cave, cause you are Tim Gillespie and you can pressure wash your truck on the inside. She’s got rhino lined floors with a full roll cage in case that buffalo comes back to life while you’re doing 80 over some mountain pass or flooded river.

If you’re thinking about Mexican chrome bumpers for her, think again. The bumper bashers come hand forged in a blacksmith shop in Franklin County over a wood burnin fire, out of 4 inch well casing, and railroad tracks and then I welded em to the damn chassis. That way if you get deployed you can piggy back this war wagon on a deuce and a half and chain her down tight from the four corners, so you don’t lose her when your convoy gets hit by a taliband roadside suicide bomber.

And forget about putting one of those “It’s a Jeep Thing. . .You wouldn’t understand” stickers on this machine cause when you’re spotted in this American Classic there will be no questions, no further explanation required, people will understand and get out of your way. . …real quick.

If you think you’re ready to park this panty hauler on your tract of land. If you buy this jeep you better go get your old lady ready for some damn changes around your lair, cause this s** will be happening. What will be Happening? Glad you asked….

1. More chest hair.
2. You’re growing a beard.
3. Meat Only Diet.
4. T-Rex for a pet.
5. You’re taking a job at the lumber mill.
6. Your car carries five kegs.
7. [Expletive Deleted]
8. Catch more fish.
9. Wire bristled toothbrush.
10. Sex in the yard.
11. Sex in the garage.
12. All male offspring.
13. Chiseled jaw line.
14. Not giving a damn.
15. Flesh turning to steel.
16. Higher salary
17. Promotions.
18. Better looking wives.
19. Better looking mistresses.
20. More golfing
21. More killing stuff.
22. More dead animals in the KITCHEN freezer.
23. More tools in your garage.
24. Bigger TV
25. Wife takes out the trash
26. Four Wheel Drive
27. Wife brings trash can in from road.
28. Wife stops bitching about clothes on floor.
29. Wife stocks fridge with beer.
30. Chuck Norris.
31. John McCain
32. Steaks for dinner.
33. Winning the Lottery.
34. Women on the side.
35. Wrestling with bea
36. Building sh** out of stone.
37. Riding Lawn Mower.
38. Bon Fires in cul-de-sac.
39. Bar Fights.
40. Wife picks you up from Thee Gentlemen’s Club.
41. Craftsman Tools.
42. Jay Bisset.
43. Welding stuff.
44. Digging holes.
45. Huge Piece of meat.

Put your GPS back in your purse.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

This jeep has carried me through 155,000 miles of battlefield twice as gruesome as the second half of the movie “300″. . ..And just like a trusty steed this juggernaut has never left me stranded. If you think you’ve worn her out you drag this beast back to me in any condition. And Ill handle the rest.

But if you think you’re going to get to whip this mule you better pony up Sixty Five Hundred Dollars. . .American Cash. I’m not selling you this car unless you are clearly a pure blooded American Species, so don’t even think about it.

(h/t UpRoxx)

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  • Bill

    Back when that Jeep was made yes, it was American made.
    Newsflash: A few years ago Jeep was bought by Fiat. Jeep is now owned by an Italian company.
    As of this writing, no serious 4WD vehicle is made in the USA and owned by a USA company.
    Besides Jeep, Hummer used to be made in America. It’s now owned by a Chinese company.
    The Toyota Land Cruiser and the FJ (you think about what that means) are owned by a Japanese company.
    The Land Rover is owned by a UK company.
    People, America has been castrated. An American owned and made company needs to STAND UP AND STEP FORWARD AND BUILD A SERIOUS 4WD VEHICLE.

    • fuobl

      f 150, PROBLEM SOLVED!

      • jennaz

        You beat me to it! My F-150 was built un Olkahoma City.


        • Dalton Mason

          my tundra was built in san antonio

          • tvlgds

            Yep! Got a big plant here. If they haven’t already started, they’ll be making the Tacoma soon, as well. CA priced themselves right out of the NUMMI plant that used to manufacture them.

          • Crimzin

            They already do make Tacomas there. Have been for years.

          • tvlgds

            Thanks! I knew I heard they were going to.

        • TomInOK

          It may have been ASSEMBLED in OKC, but where did the parts come from? Ford has parts vendors all over the world. When I was a truck driver I used to pick-up Ford dashboards and consoles from a manufacturer in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

          • Kc Biltz

            If it was made in Canada, its still American made….just saying :)

          • Dennis

            …it’s Canadian made, Americans live in the United States of America.

          • nick

            Canada is in the America’s.. soo its still tech American made if its made in canada or even south America… because there IN America

          • Dennis

            First of all, their*. Second of all, NO. NORTH AMERICA (the entire continent) is all of CENTRAL America, and Canada, and the States, but when anyone refers to someone/thing as “American” they are referring to the United States of America. Otherwise, it’s based of whatever country of origin within the continent. When something is made in China, do you call it Japanese made? They are within the same continent of Asia. Please learn basic geography, terminology and grammar/spelling.

          • dude43

            Actually Dennis, it is they’re*. As in “they are”. You’re (you are) welcome.

          • Dennis

            My bad.I guess with his horrible English, and me reading the post a little too fast, I misread what he was saying. Thanks, though.

          • Steve

            Omg why don’t you both give it up and just enjoy a funny post. That is the problem with everyone these days you have to take everything so serious!

          • chango666

            ha ha, thank you Steve. Nailed it . . .

          • Johnny

            Damn, I wanted that one.

          • Cal


          • Austin

            First of all, it’s *they’re. Second of all, Central America is in between North and South America, commonly referred to as Latin America. So, beore you try calling someone out on their knowledge of grammar and geography, make sure you aren’t an idiot.

          • buck

            Central America is considered part of North America. Latin American refers to all the countries where a Romance language is spoken by a majority of the population. That would include Mexico, Central America and South America. Make sure you are not an idiot as well.

          • Davey Jones

            Actually Central America is CENTRAL America, not North America, and all three (north south and central) are American. The United States of America are simply a collection of states that have united within America. That’s why it’s called United States OF America and not simply United States: America. YOU sir, are indeed the idiot here.

          • rudeawakeningxxx

            United States of North America. Fixed.

          • to

            Actually Central America IS part of North America. Shouldn’t have cut geography class that day.

          • Dennis

            As stated above, I misread his sentence however, why don’t you look up what North America (as a whole continent) includes. Central America is included in the WHOLE continent of North America. Nice try though!

          • Guy with cancer

            You all just gave me cancer.

          • David Fournier

            Actually it’s Y’all………..sorry

          • Kim Plante Heyder

            Central America, a part of North America, is a
            tropical isthmus that connects North America to South America. It
            includes (7) countries and many small offshore …

          • tj

            *before. Spelling isn’t ur strong suit.

          • acquirebuckets


          • Allen

            There is not a continent called Central America. There is a continent of North America and South America. There is a region called Central America. This ends to the south with Panama, which is part of North America. There are many countries in the Americas, but the United States is the only one who’s name ends in America.

          • Story

            @Dennis- actually it’s “they’re”. The word is a contraction of “they are”…. as in “they are IN America!”

          • lanmanna

            Canadians are American.

          • Kim Plante Heyder

            Canada is it’s own country. So they aren’t part of united states. some of my family is from canada and they will tell you NO they are not americans they are canadians

          • Odojoe

            North and South America are the Americas. Kind of like European doesn’t mean just the British. If you do any registration where you have to identify your country, you never get a choice of America, it is always United States. For example, when I lived in Brasil, I had to identify myself as Estadunidense which translates to United Statian.

          • Crimzin

            Yeah, and “United Statian” in English is absolute gibberish and people will look at you like you have three heads if you say it…not just in the states but in any English speaking country because it sounds stupid. The country is called “The United States of America.” So obviously “American” is the colloquially used term to identify people from the United States. This idea that some South and Central Americans seem to harbor that people from the U.S. are somehow implying that South and Central America are not part of the Americas by calling themselves “American” is simply absurd. They need to grow up and understand that different words have different meanings in different languages and you can’t simply translate everything literally. “Estadounidese” makes sense in Spanish. “United Statian” does NOT make sense in English. “American” does. All other English speaking countries refer to people from the states as “American” as well.

          • Odojoe

            Yeah that’s good, you’re well travelled. But they don’t speak Spanish in Brasil. I never said “United Statian” made sense in English, I was just translating for you. (From Portuguese)

          • Crimzin

            Yeah I know they speak Portuguese in Brazil. But they say estadounidese in Spanish as well (the two languages have many terms in common) and I just put Spanish because I was referring to Central and South Americans in general and most of those countries speak Spanish.

          • lanmanna

            I know they’re in their own country. I just mean, just like Japanese people are from Japan, they are Asians. They are from the continent, Asia. So, Canadians would be American or North Americans.

          • Kim Plante Heyder

            Canada is not American it is part of north America but ask any Canadian
            they are not American they consider themselves french and or British
            they are their own country. if Canada was part of America, Mexico would
            be too. smh

          • [loud]mike

            Actually “they’re”..

          • steve

            They’re** as in they are in America… tard…

          • Billy Howell

            Your example is a poor one because people do say Asian for both Chinese and Japanese made materials.

          • Nate McCall

            First of all they’re. Again argument invalid

          • Bob

            That is a stupid example. If the continent was called Japan you might have a point. The United States is just so arrogant they think they’re the only thing that matters in America.

          • USAmerican

            I was just going to say the same thing. However, Australia is a continent AND a country also. I guess it was how the country was named…United States of America and that’s why we call ourselves Americans. However, Brazil could have named their country the same with all of their States or Provinces. Any of the countries could have named themselves USA at their origin and the term Americans could have been used to call themselves. It’s still funny to me how Mexicans or Canadians can’t be referred to as Americans when we refer Chinese or Japanese as Asians. Or Nigerians or Kenyans as Africans.

          • USAmerican1

            Actually, I think it makes sense to call Mexicans South Americans which we do refer to as. But does anyone refer to Canadians as North Americans? If Central America is indeed part of North America, do people refer to Jamaicans as North Americans or Central Americans?

          • Crimzin

            They’re, not their*. “Their” is possessive. “They’re” is the conjunction of “they are.” If you’re going to chastise somebody else’s grammar you should probably be sure you’re getting it right yourself.

          • dani

            Um, THEY’RE, and NORTH AMERICA is CANADA, USA, and MEXICO. I can’t believe you think CENTRAL America can be part of NORTH America. I hadn’t read such a stupid comment in such a long time. Damn.

          • hwall

            No, North America includes what is commonly referred to as “Central America.”
            “North America, the planet’s 3rd largest continent, includes (23) countries and dozens of possessions and territories. It contains all Caribbean and Central America countries, Bermuda, Canada, Mexico, the United States of America, as well as Greenland – the world’s largest island. ” (Source: )

          • Jill

            No, but you could say it was made in Asia….

          • jeremy13

            No you wouldn’t say it was Japanese made, however; you could say it was asian made just like could say anything from Canada was American made because that is the name of the CONTINENT. If you are trying to specify that something was made in the United States OF ( meaning they are a part of a bigger whole ) America, you should say they are U.S.A made.

          • Alpaca Lips Now, Redux


          • Don Smith

            So South Americans can’t say ‘American Made’?…very elitist of you. Please explain that when a person from the United States says American made. We mean made in the good ol USA…

          • Bunny

            No, DUH! What county in south america was it made in? South america IS NOT a country! United States of America IS a county. DUH, the stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me!

          • Johnw

            My Volkswagen was made in Mexico, not Germany, is this good?

          • Kim Plante Heyder

            you must be real young, Canada is not American it is part of north America but ask any Canadian
            they are not American they consider themselves french and or British
            they are their own country. if Canada was part of America, Mexico would
            be too. smh

          • Killer

            Really ,Guys did anyone read anything about a single OIL change in this so called beast ???? this P.O.S. could not even pull my GoldWing across the street . And as far as American Made ( Well Really ) that is all you have to say . We are so far behind that it is Truly sick.. You know what he really did ?? Anyone ?? ( he got everyone Talking ) GREAT JOB WELL DONE ., 165,000 miles and asking for $6500.00 are you insane ? Great job getting people talking though…

          • thegreatamerican

            I’m just going to inform you guys not to show up trying to buy the Jeep. As soon as you pull the Ford emblazoned pocketbook out of your fanny pack he’s grabbing the re bar.

          • dan

            lol canada is in america so wait im from romania so thats in usaa to

          • Cherokee

            Jeep is made in Toledo Ohio.

          • Kim Plante Heyder

            vehicle owned by Chrysler Group, LLC, the Jeep Wrangler is produced at Toledo Supplier Park in Toledo, Ohio.

            Initially the Jeep was designed and built for the Army in Butler,
            Pennsylvania. Wide scale use of the Jeep began during World War II, as
            the vehicle was a durable, versatile utility vehicle, less cumbersome
            than standard military cars. The cost of a Jeep during WWII was $648.74.

            Although manufactured in the United States, the Jeep is a
            collaborative effort of companies from several different countries. The
            chassis shop is managed by a Korean company, the body shop is run by a
            German form, and a Canadian-Austrian business oversees the paint.
            Ultimately, however, Jeep is an American car owned by Chrysler.

          • Odojoe

            And Chrysler is owned by Fiat.

          • fuobl

            I’ll bet $100 Dennis drives a Subaru and lives in Portland.

          • Dennis

            Well prepare to lose that money. Wrong on both accounts. Which Portland?

          • Kim Plante Heyder

            Canada is not American it is part of north America but ask any Canadian they are not American they consider themselves french and or British they are their own country. if Canada was part of america Mexico would be too. smh

          • American

            jeez, get a life people!

          • Jim

            Canada is the largest state of the United States of America. A cousin from Canada told me that.

          • Kim Plante Heyder

            lmao they better go back to school Canada IS part of North America, But not part of united states look it up

          • The_Dadster

            Canada = AMERICA’S HAT!!!

          • Infidel_jack

            Depends on the vehicle. The Taurus dashes were made in Winchester, Virginia and I used to sell them automation products like PLC’s and sensors. Windsor is really the functional part of Detroit which is now a 3rd world Mohamaden country.

          • Robert Groeniger

            Yea, same can be said for every single vehicle on the road. Most Japanese vehicles that are in America have more American made parts in them than Japanese.

        • Erik

          Most of them are assembled from parts made in canada, and Mexico… some Chinese. ;)

        • Independant

          Must be pretty old… The plant in OKC closed down many many yrs ago !!

          • jennaz

            LOL You’re right! My mistake. It’s Kansas City. I guess one of the drawbacks to living on the East Coast is that the Midwest is kind of a blur; one square state is much like another to a girl who has never traveled west at all.

          • Tim Howard

            Then you need to get out more jennaz, just saying…

          • jennaz

            No doubt. Maybe someday.

          • Douglas James Marvel

            Do go west, but when you get to Kansas City, do yourself a favor and keep driving.

          • Matt

            BBQ Capitol of the world, Kansas City? Stop and enjoy some of the most succulent food you’ll ever have the chance to palate first, then keep on driving.

        • Kim Plante Heyder

          just called a dealer ford f150 is 75% american parts 25% foreign parts they said not one vehicle since the 1980″s has been all american parts.

        • Kia Calderon-Dillon

          This thread gave me a tumor…

          • jennaz

            oh my God no kidding. I started to cringe every time I went to a Disqus site.

        • Crimzin

          And Toyota builds Tundras and Tacomas in San Antonio, Texas. With American labor. Foreign companies manufacture cars for the North American market in the United States using American workers just like American car companies have plants in foreign countries employing foreign workers to service other markets. This is the entire reason we switched from GNP to GDP as a measure of national economic productivity…because the national origin of a manufacturer’s parent company is irrelevant when they are employing American workers to produce things in the United States. The idea that buying a Ford is more “American” than buying a Toyota is simply retarded. Both cars are manufactured in the United States by American workers using a mixture of domestic and foreign parts.

          • jennaz

            I’m retarded and you’re a condescending douchbag. Wanna meet for coffee?

      • Gene Ricky Shaw

        Are they 4WD?

        • jennaz

          They come in 4wd, yes.

        • Curtis Wollam

          Who would want a 2 wheel drive Jeep?????

          • Gene Ricky Shaw

            I meant F-150s. Didn’t know they had a 4WD model.

      • Craptastical

        Made in china assembled in america GG

        • fuobl

          LOL! I’ll bet you drive a GM!

      • Alfred E Newman III

        Out of parts made all over the world.

      • dan

        you are dreaming all the metal comes from china parts also so yes it put together in usa but that all

    • tvlgds

      Of course the Land Cruiser and FJ are owned by a Japanese company-they’re TOYOTAS!

      • Trevnerdio

        Toyota is Chinese…

        • tvlgds

          Umm- no–Toyota is JAPANESE!

          • Trevnerdio

            Huh…interesting. I always thought Nissan was Japanese and Toyota was Chinese. I don’t know why I thought they were from different countries lol

          • tvlgds

            Both are Japanese. There are no Chinese imports. Kia/Hyundai are Korean.

          • Crimzin

            Nissan is Japanese…so is Toyota.

      • terry diller

        The FJ is made in China for, not by, Toyota.

        • tvlgds

          Be that as it may, it’s still a Toyota.

        • tvlgds

          This is the last year for the FJ, as well

    • jmh12

      Actually Bill, if you go to general motors website… they bought jeep about 2 years ago. The newest are also american made

      • Ironhenge

        Umm, no to both. Gm did not buy Jeep, and only some are made in America.

      • Kevin Connor

        You must be an Obama voter. GM DID NOT BUY JEEP….

        • Matt Budd

          Curious then, why do the new Jeeps have a Chevy 3.8 in them?….and omg.. ROOM.. like old cars used to.

          • allhaileris

            Because they don’t. 2007-11 JK Wranglers had the Chrysler 3.8 liter EGH V-6…a minivan engine…and 2012-present JK’s run the Chrysler 3.6L Pentastar V-6 engine.

          • Cynical Suburbanite

            Um. No. Not even close. The Jeeps use a 3.6L Pentastar engine, based off of german designs.

      • Archer973

        Copied from wikipedia:

        “Jeep is a brand of American automobiles that is a division of Chrysler Group LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Italian multinational automaker Fiat S.p.A..[2][3] The former Chrysler Corporation acquired the Jeep brand, along with the remaining assets of its owner American Motors, in 1987. Jeep’s product range current consists solely of sport utility vehicles and off-road vehicles, but has also included pickup trucks in the past.


        “2. Chrysler 8-K/A SEC filing December 3, 2012 “… served as the auditor for Fiat S.p.A. and its consolidated subsidiaries, which include Chrysler Group”. Retrieved 29 March 2013.

        “3. Jump up^ InsideView company data for Chrysler Group LLC “Chrysler Group LLC operates as a subsidiary of Fiat North America LLC”. Retrieved 29 March 2013.”

        • It’s me

          Chrysler and GM are different companies.

          • Archer973

            Yes, I know that. My reply was to jmh12, who claimed GM bought Jeep. My post shows he is wrong. If you cannot follow the conversation, maybe you should not try to contribute.

        • caleb askins

          Regardless of the conversation, Wikipedia never supports a legitimate argument.

          • Archer973

            That is why I included the references so you can investigate for yourself to determine the validity of the information. There are other posts here that also support the information I provided.

      • Pat
      • Crimzin

        General Motors does not and has never owned Jeep.

    • ironhenge

      Actually, Chrysler is still an American company, it’s only partially owned by Fiat.

      • Joe

        USAToday, January 21, 2014: It’s a done deal. Fiat now owns all of Chrysler.

        • Colleen

          They are still built here in America so who cares who owns them, they are assembled here. There are two plants here where I live.

          • Joe

            Who cares who owns the company? I do. My choice is always for an American made product from an American owned company,

          • Jeremiah Summers

            So you don’t have a car.

          • Tyroil Smoochie-Wallace

            Where are your clothes made? what about your TV? Who owns those companies? Most large corporations are publicly owned (i.e., people from around the world buy the stock and own it) so what is an American company? One based in the US or one owned mostly by US shareholders?

          • Crimzin

            The cars that Toyota makes in San Antonio, Texas are made by American workers. The cars that Mercedes makes in Alabama are made by American workers. The cars that BMW makes in South Carolina are made by American workers. And all of those companies (Mercedes USA, BMW USA, Toyota North America) have American executives and pay millions of dollars in taxes the United States government as well as state governments. Likewise, GM and other “American” car companies have manufacturing plants in foreign countries to service other markets and those plants employ foreign workers. This is the entire reason we switched from GNP to GDP as a measure of economic productivity. Where the manufacturer’s parent company is headquartered is irrelevant. Buying a Toyota Tundra made in San Antonio, Texas is just as “American” as buying a Ford F150. The only difference is that you’re buying a better truck made by a company that didn’t require a federal bailout to remain financially solvent.

          • Ryan

            Being made here is good, but the retained earnings for the company will go overseas. = less money staying in America.

          • Crimzin

            Not entirely true. These facilities pay taxes in the United States, employ tens of thousands of American workers (probably the single most important economic factor) and they invest earnings back in to the local facility as well as in the community. That’s why we switched from GNP to GDP. Because we realized it was retarded to be counting cars made by GMC in China or Canada with foreign labor as American economic production while ignoring the production of foreign-owned companies in America with American labor.

          • Crimzin

            Toyotas, BMWs, Mercedes and countless other “import” brands are also made in America.

        • Pat

          YUP, Dodge = Fiat, has owned Chrysler for a number of years now.. Now you know where all that 2008 Bailout $$$ money went.. Don’t ya? I will not buy any Chrysler or Fiat product. And GM is selling out to the Chinese….

          • Loco 12

            GM took bailout money too, Chrysler paid back bailout money and workers took cuts in pay and benifits.

      • Pat

        Here is an article from Newsmax Jan 13, 2014 @ Fiat/Chrysler and Obama.

    • Christian_XF

      It was built in Toledo. They still are.

      • Colleen

        Thank you! I live in Toledo and we actually have two plants here. They are still built here in America regardless of who owns who. This discussion is killing me lol

        • Cherokee

          I live in Toledo too. I have a lot of friends and family that work at the jeep plant, the orders are through the roof they can’t make enough of them. Employees have been working 10 to 12 hours a day 7 days a week, very dedicated people that take pride in what they build.

    • Queef Police

      You nerds are splitting hairs here.

    • Jjjj

      Fiat is actually owned by crystler so jeep is still a crystler product

    • Jon

      Hey Bill Hummer is not owned by the Chinese. The deal fell through, hummer is GM owned so its still American

    • AF Sarge

      Correct me if I’m wrong but the Land Rover was always made in the U.K.

    • tmau89

      Before that, they were owned by Daimler (German).

    • Curtis Wollam

      Y’all would actually appear a lot smarter if you would click “Reply” under the actual post you’re replying to, instead of 15 posts down the page and you lose everybody. North America consists of Canada and The USA. Everything else is NOT North America. Mexico IS considered part of the Americas.

    • Heather

      Yep. I just wrote something identical above. In 1997 these were put together in three other countries besides the place in Ohio – with parts from all over the world. Not so American…

    • MaryLu Duffy

      Chrysler owns Jeep and is licensed to use the Fiat name.

    • Robert Severson

      F150 RAPTOR.

    • autoprof

      Actually, you are wrong about a couple of points. Hummer was never sold to the Chinese. That deal failed. However, Land Rover is owned by an Indian company called Tata.

    • Guest

      This is a jeep from 1997 if you missed that… They were not owned by fiat then. However there is a good chance they were assembled in Mexico or Canada …or the transmission may have been. Something to look up if you’re bored.

    • jenkem5

      Actually the Toyota Tundra Rock Warrior is made right in the USA woman, and will crush a Land Rover… And the FJ is a homosexual mobile. You’re obviously an metrosexual in a Prius.

    • CynicalSuburbanite

      This is a ’97. You Fail. When built, it was built by an American owned manufacturer.

    • Pulaski-County Frontiersmen

      Jeep hasn’t been American owned since the 90’s

    • kevin

      Correction the Ram was bought by Fiat. Chrysler still owns Jeep, sadly.
      Hummer was going to be bought by a Chinese company and they turned down the contract.
      But Ford is still an American company and built in America. GM on the other hand is now 63% Chinese and 35% government.

    • dazzy

      Thanks for the insight Buzz Killington.

    • Kelly

      Jeep is owned by Chrysler an American owned comapny

    • Ward Batte

      Dodge Power Wagon .

    • Survivor Sean

      2015 Ford Bronco.

  • tvlgds

    That is funny!

  • Cliff E.

    The ad is still entertaining but i do not own a jeep, its a Chrysler and ergo Dodge, i have 2 4×4’s already, one is a tough as nail only been stuck 3 times in 32 years chevrolet truck with a real V8, thing has survived hail storms and spit back shaved ice. Starts with the first try (on summer days) and has throaty sounding glasspacks so they know when i’m coming up the road….. My other truck is newer and tougher, a 2500HD with the fatter torsion bars, heavy frame and extra low gear, …. lol okay done being sarcastic… except i do really own both trucks…….. But agree with Bill if i wanted a real off road utility, look at what they run across Africa Toyota’s… but my ultimate is the Land Rover Defender, one of the older ones they brought over (before uncle sam blocked them) where they had screw in plates where they converted them to LH drive

    • steve

      Stuck three times? Sounds like a bad time.

      • Cliff E.

        Well those three times, the jeep would also have been stuck in the same predicament, First time was one nasty mud hole, Second time it got backed off into a small drainage ditch, the last time which was actually me, i skidded off the road down an embankment and into some soup (i was 16 at the time)

        But that old 1982 is more useful than a jeep Wrangler, I has pulled Tractors, Back hoes and semi’s out of the slop…. one time a dodge 1 ton was hooked on to a mobile home… couldn’t move, old brownie (thats what we call this truck) pulled it out… but i digress she ain’t for sale so don’t even ask, it would be like asking if you could buy my brother…… in which case the brother (if i had one) would be sold before this truck

    • Christopher Andrew Howard

      Then buy this Jeep and never get stuck. Read the ad.

    • allhaileris

      Who wouldn’t like a Land Rover Defender? Unfortunately they are illegal to import, nearly impossible to find, and consequently cost many times what a Jeep costs. Toyotas may be good for desert racing 4×4, but I’ll stick with my Jeep for crawling. Parts are plentiful and cheap too…even for old Jeeps.

      • Cliff E.

        I looked at one sat in one about 10 years ago, should have bought it. I don’t hard core offroad, but often i do haul through a pasture on a dirt track through creeks, and have done that without engaging 4×4. My 82 i’m starting the restore on it, once its done she wont get dirty anymore, that one is sorta special, she earned her keep here.

      • Leah Silver Graves

        On the flip side they hold their value! We recently sold our 1997 Defender. The cash from the sale = a new kitchen AND a used Jeep. There’s a dealer near me and all they sell are Defenders. :)

    • Leah Silver Graves

      We had a 1997 Defender (sold it in recent years). That thing rocked. We also had a pop-up tent that went on the top (most comfortable tent ever–queen sized mattress as its base). There’s a dealer near me and all they sell is Defenders! Every time we see one destroyed in a Bond film we die a little on the inside. The sounded like a FedEx truck and did not “sip” gas but it was quite the ride!

  • Common Man

    I saw (ironically on June 6th) a fully restored WWII Willys Jeep, with full leather kit (rifle sheath etc.) and did it bring back memories. Now if Jeep was smart (but how can they if they are owned by Chrysler) they would make a commemorative edition of the famous Willys Jeep. New base model could not be more than $11 to $15 grand?

    • andy

      umm, they did make a willys edition wrangler. you can buy one right now.

      • tvlgds

        Trivia question. Do you know where Jeep got its name?

        • Bob__B

          The name came from its military designation as a Vehicle, GP (General Purpose). GP was shortened to “Jeep.”

          • tvlgds

            Yep! You win!

          • Bobby

            Do you know what MJ and CJ stand for? (Considering your question, I’m sure you probably do, lol)

          • tvlgds

            Actually, I don’t. I only knew GP because Dad was career AF and he told us. :)

          • Bobby

            MJ stands for military jeep. CJ, civilian Jeep. :-)

          • tvlgds

            Thanks! Now I know :)

          • Bobby

            You’re very welcome:)

  • Lokari

    Sooo, his wife is making him sell it?

    • Betty Boop


    • stargater1

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Burner

      His ex-wife, gotta pay the alimony.

      • John Burch

        That was my reason for selling my Jeep. Attorney fees.

    • skyway1234


    • Corie

      my exact thought as I was reading LOL

    • jenkem5

      Bwwwahahaha, real men, like this guy, just give their biotch the pimp hand when they get too bossy. <<>

      • Sneetches

        Yeah, that’s working out real well for Ray Rice.

    • Patriotgal

      He got a new one silly!

  • Jmoney
    • creeper

      Or the other way around…

  • Danny Wright

    John McCain?

    • creeper

      Lost you with that one too?

      • S. Harlan Hawkey

        I think he is talking about tough. He had two broken arms as a POW and still survived and then came back and does not play it up. Got to admit you would have to be tough to survive that.

        • Kc Biltz

          Went to the hospital in exchange for dirt, they didn’t call him “song bird” ext. for nothing I guess. Tough would be the nameless guys that was just a number being repeatedly beaten or killed for not giving an inch of information up, the “prince” was treated rather well by comparison according to fellow pow’s. Lets not forget even little bits of information results in many fellow soldiers deaths, “tough” would be keeping them lips sealed until your death to save those lives. Cant say what id do if placed in the same situation (id like to think id just be a number) but regardless I know what “tough” is from the men that didn’t achieve these types of nicknames and was nothing but a number to their enemies. Just my 3 cents… Peace

          • S. Harlan Hawkey

            It might be that simple or not though. Now I am not passing judgement one way or the other because I have not been in his shoes or even close to. How much of his treatment was due to giving secrets and how much was due to his being a high value asset to Giap’s war against the will of the American people. Giap had said that (and I summarizing) that the war against America was a 2 part war. The first and most important was the battle against the will of the American people. Turn the people against the war and it will end. The actual fighting was the secondary part. I have wondered (and frankly do not expect any kind of answer) if he was treated extremely well to isolate him from everyone. From a psy-warfare point of view that would be particularly telling. If you were captive and isolated/hated by your fellow prisoner what would you do?

            Frankly, I am glad I don’t have to know or be able to connect with any situation like that. I could not say one way or the other what I would do.

            That being said I like post from Frank saying he probably meant John McClain from Die Hard.

    • Frank

      I was thinking maybe a typo and he meant John McClain from the Die Hard movies. Anything associated with that RINO POS would make me walk away, and I used to have a Wrangler and would love to have another but they don’t have the towing capabilities I’m looking for.

      • S. Harlan Hawkey

        That would ring more true to the overall “Abe Lincoln with Machine Gun riding a Grizzly” feel.

  • Ruff Cobb

    Must be in dire need to dump this boat anchor.

  • David

    So fake it hurts. You’re never going to be the Young Turks guys. Sorry.

    • DezzNutz

      Who arent funny either

  • Wallace Joe Robertson

    Pretty sad, how many “things” it takes to build up his manhood.

    • American

      pretty sad when random strangers gotta cut others down for no apparent reason. Feel better?

    • Marti Londot

      Pretty sad that people like you have to cut down others to build up your manhood.

  • DFlea

    so the only qualified buyer for this are American Indian?

    • Barney Stinson

      No, REAL Americans.

    • American

      American Indians drive horses. This ad is of course directed to the other Americans who came in, beat the crap out of the natives, kicked them out, took over, and went on to become a world power. I can understand how you confused the two.

    • Amer1can

      American citizens.

  • EesulSarang

    guess i’m out of luck. I’m half Korean :P

    • Amer1can

      There’s no such thing as half Korean. Unless you have dual citizenship.

  • creeper

    You had me till “John McCain”.

  • The Abstract

    More GOLF? John McCain???? Oh, the seller is in Texas. That explains it.

  • Eric Boersma

    “Tungsten steel”.

    There’s that high-quality US Science education shining through.

    • Christopher Andrew Howard

      You’re sense of humor is what is sad here.

    • Chris Barnes

      “Steel” is not an element – it is a mix of metals combined in specific ratios and temperatures in order to make things harder, stronger, more rust resistant, etc. Tungsten is absolutely one of the metals that can be included in steel.

      • Darrell

        And most tungsten comes from……China!

    • Amer1can

      And yet, you didn’t put periods after the U or the S. And you capitalized science.
      Congratulations on being just as uneducated as the author.

  • Mora

    So he is selling it only to native americans

    • American

      Native Americans drive horses. Everybody knows this. He is obviously talking about the other Americans that have immigrated over here, kicked the natives out, and taken over.

    • allhaileris

      There is no such thing as a native american. They migrated here too, from the Asian continent, just earlier than Europeans migrated here.

  • Flex Rockhard

    No one addresses the fact that he is asking WAY TOO MUCH for a 1997 Wrangler with 155,000 miles on it. Way too much. Only a sucker would pay that…hence the cheesy write-up for it.

  • John M. Washbush

    Gents – you have overlooked the FWD company in Oshkosh, WI.

  • carlos

    This is stupidest thing i’ve ever read, it clearly sounds like its some dumb red neck hill billy trying to sell this

    • Amer1can

      Sounds like an intelligent redneck to me. And BTW, I am a redneck and unless you’re one of us, you can’t use that word. It’s like calling a black person the N word. It’s because you say it out of hate or more likely Jealousy!

  • Bobby

    His sales pitch is hardcore, I’ll gjve him that!! I hate to tell him that the Wrangler was born out of desperation by Chrysler and built to cater to women in order to target a different market to increase sales. Real men drive CJ’s!!! LOLOL

    • Jason

      Real men drive Broncos.

      • ChuckUnderscore

        Real men drive CJ’s and politely tolerate others who don’t.

  • Dave

    These arguments about US vs foreign auto quality are 40 years old. The American auto industry lost the quality and functionality war long ago. I’m from Detroit. I know. And l’ve owned a Jeep Wrangler. It was the most uncomfortable vehicle I’ve owned and a mediocre off road performer. It’s a curious and humorous ad the guy wrote, but his purple prose spins the car’s benefits in much the same way that the union-controlled US auto companies did in the 1940s and forward: over promising and under delivering.

    • Leah Silver Graves

      Our 2004 Rubicon is anything but “mediocre” off road. It handles Maine mud and snow (and yes, we have chains for the tires for icy conditions–those suckers cut right in). I’ve never really seen anyone in New England call a Jeep “uncomfortable” either. They are known to have the most comfortable seats! Our 2002 Liberty did just fine off road and my current ’08 does as well.

  • Rich Ernst

    Keep it!

  • skyway1234

    Thanks for posting this and making my day!

  • Erica

    This is beyond sexist the way the person describes women.

    • Erica

      I’m J/K LOL just bein Bossy TTYL LOL!!!

  • Zach

    Yeah, this is a blatant ripoff of an add for a Harley posted a few weeks ago. Like almost word for word

    • Amer1can

      Except this post is a few years old. I think Harley must have done the ripping off.

  • Eric James Copeland

    could do without 31

  • Leah Boule

    Pffft.. Good luck,buddy,selling your old Jeep for $6500..
    2 minutes ago · Like

  • Guest

    Leah Boule •
    Pffft.. Good luck,buddy,selling your old Jeep for $6500..

  • Leah Boule

    Pfiffft.. Good luck,buddy,selling your old Jeep for $6500..

  • jermz

    I done near piss myself, damn that was funny!!

  • ptg

    Too bad the only ppl who drive jeeps (especially Wrangler) are either white trash or douche bag high schoolersu who think they have a cool car.

    Want to go American? Try a Cadillac CTS V-coupe and then come talk to me. Jeep will be the last thing going through anyone’s mind

    • Amer1can

      Try driving your Caddy through a river bed.

      • Leah Silver Graves

        Agree! I can hear the laughter from here!

  • sandra toler

    and so if a woman buys it is all that gonna happen to her? lmao! he seemed to forget there are women out there that can handle that beast! lol

  • Guy Average

    The ad is kind of funny, but Jeep is made by Chrysler which Obama used taxpayer money to bail out (read: send slush money to the unions), so don’t forget.

    • Shane

      But this was built before those times. So its a very few remaining pure-bred

      • Leah Silver Graves

        I was thinking the same thing. All of the comments on here about Fiat are clearly by people that are forgetting this was an older model. No matter how you cut it any car built in the USA is putting Americans to work.

    • Cherokee

      Chrysler paid back bailout money with interest. How did union Benicia with this slush fund?

  • Jossi

    I’m so pumped right now! where’s my American flag jumpsuit!?

  • dialate

    I’m sure our European cousins think these are hilarious, but there is still quite a bit of untamed land in the US, and to have fun without a concrete safari with large aimless crowds of dejected, unemployed immigrants throwing trash everywhere, getting drunk, and picking fights, you have to go where they can’t go. Try driving through a stream, or an old dirt road on a mountain in a rusty little Datsun or compact car. If your friend goes with you and gets stuck, you would have to pay a small fortune to get a tow in the wilderness. Having a winch is important if you don’t want to lose a car…they’re hard to replace after all.

    Life is too short to spend your free time around all the surplus population crooked politicians bring in to vote and colllect government benefits.

  • justme

    Yeah not only is Jeep owned by Fiat. Jeep is one of the most unreliable cars as stated by Consumer reports. Not much to brag about here.

  • MDE427

    The automotive OEM’s all source parts globally, and assemble US cars mostly in the US, Mexico and Canada. Many Fords are built in Mexico. Many Chrysler’s and GM’s are built in Canada. And, funny enough, much of the ‘foreign’ cars (Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi) are built in the US.

    So make sure you buy American … i.e. Honda, Nissan, Toyota etc.

  • Elliesmommy2011

    My f-250 was built in Kentucky.

    • B17

      Kentucky is a joke

      • Darrell King

        wherever you are from is a joke.

        • B17


  • Nematocyte

    This was an incredibly stupid listing.

    • Marti Londot

      Some people get it, some don’t. You’re obviously one of those who don’t.

  • becca and james

    Is it still for sale?

  • Jeffrey Bennett


  • Eric Pino Jr

    I dont care about the facts behind the history of jeep manufacturing, but this was a pretty damn creative way to advertise your vehicle. lol

  • hahahahaha

    All i gotta say is…..

  • BloodyRod Fuegoman

    I want to buy this gas guzzler just so I can paint it pink and ride by his house shirtless in a pair of daisy dukes blasting La Vida Loco everyday.

  • 49er

    I had a real Jeep. A 1966 Willys Jeep. It’s only a real Jeep if it’s a Willys. Drove it with a bikini top, no doors and when it rained and I picked up my daughters in school they got wet and loved it. They were the envy of their schoolmates.

    • shooter2009

      I had a 1948 WIllys. I loved it.

  • R. S. S.

    Funny how blatant stupidity has become the right wing platform! If you think Obama is a liberal you are truly lacking brain cells. Obama care is a right wing middle class killing scheme that gives billionaire owned insurance companies more business by forcing the middle class and poor to fork out money we don’t have because the same people took away our jobs, our pay, and our union giving us NO RIGHTS. Open your eyes you fools as the crooks are all right wingers and Obama is one of them! THEY CALL THEMSELVES THE ESTABLISHMENT. Here is a tip: Do NOT buy a used Chrysler product FROM CRAIGSLIST that you KNOW has had the ever living CRAP beat out of it.

    • Parker

      Look, I know squat about politics and just came here for the funny ad, but it seems kind of unreasonable to condemn an entire group of people as being “blatant stupidity” based on a single man’s Craigslist advertisement. Just my two cents.

    • mike

      keep crying, little boy. take responsibility for yourself and your future, and stop feeling as if “the government is the reason you won’t succeed.” grow up… and btw, your analysis regarding obamacare is laughable–it’s a push towards providing those unable to afford healthcare w/ healthcare by forcing the middle and upper class to pay more… thus, it’s a push towards a more socialistic, entitlement society… stop whining and take control of your own life..

      • Alex

        Mike, R.S.S. is completely correct about his summary of Obamacare. If it was truly a move towards socialistic healthcare here in the US then the first order of Obamacare would have been to fight the current outrageously high cost of healthcare. Forcing ALL Americans to buy ridiculously high cost health care plans that continue to cover less and less every year and call it a move towards universal healthcare with a straight face is about as intellectually dishonest as you can be. Plain and simple.

  • Ben

    Its Texas. They aren’t really americans

    • Amer1can

      Right, because we are Texan first. Finally catching on.

      • Marti Londot

        As a fellow Texan, I totally agree. We know what’s goin’ on.

        • IMDayzed

          I’m not even Texan, and I still understand that we’re a collection of united states before we were a country.

  • jewphin434@gmail

    All this smack talk and I bet you this thing was sold in less than 2 days.

  • Steven Andrew Gibbins


  • KousKous

    I have a 98 Wrangler. I will never sell my All American beast over some sissy car! Once a Jeep owner… Always a Jeep Owner. Or your not a True Man!

  • dave549863214

    Everything was cool till he included john McCain`s name in it. Then he lost me.

    • Marti Londot

      Well, McCain did do five years as a POW, and when the Viet Cong offered his release, he refused because some of his men had been there far longer than he. Besides, McCain knew the Viet Cong would use his release as propaganda, and he refused to play their little game. They beat and tortured him in retaliation, which is why he can’t lift his arms over his head. Compare that to John Kerry’s actions, and you can see why the addition of McCain in this ad is totally appropriate.

  • 440maxwedge

    you put the 360 in it and then we will talk

  • Gerald Fodor

    You forgot the testerone rating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shane

    I’m just curious…what happened to #8 on the “what will be happening” list.

    • toucan_ss

      7. [Expletive Deleted]
      8. Catch more fish

  • Don Morales

    TJs are for pansy conservatives. YJs are for tough, living off the land liberals. IT is way to shiny a jeep to be a real man’s vehicle.

    • Darrell King

      LOL no no seriously LOL LMAO

  • JoeThePimpernel

    I wonder if he’d take a trade for my wife’s Alero?

    • Marti Londot


  • LastMomStanding

    31. John McCain? Did he have to ruin all the greatness in his ad by listing Juan McCain?

    • Marti Londot

      It takes a real man to survive five years as a POW. As a Republican, I don’t agree with some of his politics, but I totally respect the man for his service to our country.

  • Heather

    I am a HUGE Jeep fan (have owned four of them and looking at a new one) but I have to laugh about this being all American when in 1997 in addition to being put together in Ohio, they were also assembled in in Egypt, China and the Philippines with parts from all over the world…

  • Clint Ballinger

    “dripping wet in blood, sweat, dip spit, and fish guts.” Nice But he is not American enough – that is a 4.22675 US Quart Engine! What the F@$# is a “liter”?

  • texrollie

    He had to sell it in order to buy a Dodge mini-van

    • Marti Londot

      How do you know? Did he buy it from you?

  • Hunt

    i find it hilarious that he thinks his jeep pumps 4.0 liters of fuel through the straight six. LMFAO

  • Johnnyday

    im glad you all know what “American” is, but now I know I can’t cut it by being a citizen anymore. oh well should’ve lived in 1940 Germany and I’d be a little more 2014 “American”.

  • Johnnyday

    yay, whilst looking to argue on a neo con site I was just told by Larry the cable guy that I am redeemed, because us mericans love to fight a in a lesser civilized land, check!

  • S

    Conservatives really are the lowest ten percent of the intellectual pool.

    • Darrell King

      While liberals are smart but still can’t understand why when it rains and they stand out in it they get wet.

  • I love jeeps

    Am I the only one who sees that there is no mud on this at all? Did he take it through the Concrete battlfield?

  • Judo Chop

    Real American’s know how to spell Taliban…..This dipshit spelled it Taliband, he’s a phony liberal trading this in for a prius…bitch.

    • After Burner

      Clearly never served his country

  • Guest

    I liked the ad when GQ posted it in November 2013 by BY Scott Christian

  • gigglechick
  • Betterthanyu

    #31 John McCain? That was a boo boo. lol I’ll correct that: #31 Ted Nugent.

  • Johnny Richard

    I have another International Scout II It was built right here in the USA and it is the toughest SOB 4×4 ever built.

  • Trex

    Canada, America’s hat.

  • Andrew

    What, pray tell, is a pure blooded American species? It’s hard to decipher moron sometimes.

    • munched55

      Imagine the opposite of yourself.

    • Bob Papadazzio

      If you have to ask, you’ll never know.

  • Philip Natale

    Cool post. But it’s still just a Jeep. I mean… a Jeep. Get over yourself. Those things were built for pansies. Who wants a Jeep?

  • jaklin hammam
    • Wolftech

      Take your Arabic spamming butt back to Riyadh you pile of crap and stop spamming nonsense. No one here lives there and needs your lame company’s services.

  • Mac

    Hey Guys, arguing over the “borders” (is that a word anymore?) of North, South, Middle, East and West America is not the point of either the ad or the response to the ad.

  • jaki

    What, pray tell, is a pure blooded American species? It’s hard to decipher moron sometimes.

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  • Steven Taylor

    Anyone else thinking this guy is 107 lbs soaking wet? Won one fight in his life (against his little sister), drinks Bud (with salt in it) and whiskey (sours), I could go on but…

  • Charlie

    So he will only sell it to someone who is a “pure blooded American species” but his marketing campaign really seemed engineered towards European immigrants. Disregarding the whole racist thing, I just hope there are some native Americans out there that can afford to spend sixty five hundred dollars asserting their manhood.

  • Michael Superczynski

    Sounds like a redneck to me. More power to him but I’ve evolved a bit from the caveman thing.

  • Ted

    I got rid of my wife, sold my F-150 and bought a JEEP. Glad wife is gone….wish I still had the F-150 as a backup for the JEEP when I have to haul something.

  • Ted

    I got rid of my wife, sold my F-150 and bought a JEEP. Glad wife is gone….wish I still had the F-150 as a backup for the JEEP when I have to haul something.
    I am buying this one for my new wife, as long as it has a gun rack.

  • dave

    So much fun. But you all are missing the real point. That Ford pickup was made in Mexico… :)

    • JayC777

      The F-150 is made in Wayne, Michigan and according to index is the most American made vehicle on the road. Other indexes don’t have them as the most American made but it is in the top 5 in all of them.

  • Rebeca

    Much of the post is funny and true; but, “all male offspring,” “better looking mistresses”????? Really? We as conservatives know better than to get on that level. By sharing this, you are confirming all of its content, unless specified otherwise. Let’s not give Liberals stuff to rant about.

  • Vicki

    Josh says “his reasons why just scream America.” The seller’s attitudes toward women, however, strike me more as something from the Dark Ages. I love a dirty rugged Jeep on a 3″ lift kit (or two) as much as anyone, but real American men are strong enough to speak respectfully about lady-like women.

  • Jolly Roger

    “20. More golfing” GOLF?!?! No Hunting? No shooting? No whiskey? No tattoos? No mud? This must be a city slicker, I reckon.

  • riley4

    I can’t believe what the education system in this country has come to. People actually believe Central America is a continent. FYI, North America consists of 23 countries. Not 3. That’s not including various other territories. The USA is referred to as America because America is part of the country’s name. Not because they have too big an ego.

  • Zippo


  • R.A.

    Having mistresses and going to gentleman’s clubs are nothing to joke about. These situations wreck the lives and hearts of families. I can speak from experience and do not appreciate this subject even being used as a joke.

  • Mark Machado

    Ehh. Nice jeep. Trying to hard to sell it. No thanks.

  • dave


  • Bl4ckConserv

    That was awesome!

  • Robert Farrell


  • adbklyn

    Wow, overcompensate much?