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PODCAST: Robert Oscar Lopez; Child of Gay Parents Tells the Truth About Gay Parenting & is Labeled EXPORTER of HATE

PODCAST: Robert Oscar Lopez; Child of Gay Parents Tells the Truth About Gay Parenting & is Labeled EXPORTER of HATE
Getty Images


Take a good look at what happens when you tell truths that the left doesn’t want heard…

This image is property of the Human Rights Campaign, which, by their behavior implies they don’t care about Bobby’s right to free speech, or they don’t think he is human.

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Streaming can be interrupted by website reload – Right Click Here to Download MP3 – or click to listen in new tab!

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Welcome to the OH HALE YEAH SHOW brought to you by Young  Its a podcast, and in a few years you will be able to access podcasts EVERYWHERE, so its smart for you to take a second and learn how to subscribe to one.

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You can listen to the show here on the website, but the best way to listen is by subscribing on your smart device on Itunes.



Robert Oscar Lopez (aka Bobby) provides a refreshing alternative to the heated, yet banal discussion about the inevitability of the whole world being gay by 2021, assuming Global Warming doesn’t kill us first.  Sorry I get my progressive maxims twisted.  Today we are talking about gay parenting.  Bobby is a conservative professor at a Northridge who is experiencing the soft warm embrace of liberal tolerance, open-mindedness, love, and acceptance for any viewpoints that get in between them and their well funded & misguided culture crusades.  Not your typical uneducated hayseed prissy conservative racist, bigot, homophobe – Bobby actually speaks from his own personal experience of a child of gay parents that has lived a queer lifestyle.  He is a staunch ANTI GAY PARENTING activist who brings very strong empirical and personal arguments against what he refers to as the “human trafficking” in the gay community.

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In this episode you will hear:

  • Why gay parenting wasn’t so fashionable in the 80’s versus now (8:00)
  • Having your biological identity taken from you (and replaced with??) (10:30)
  • Comparing gay parenting to slavery, and making the case. (13:45)
  • Boko Haram, baby farms, and the problem of child trafficking (15:30)
  • When your political enemies blacklist you and try to get you fired from your job (22:30)
  • How to get labeled an”Exporter of HATE”
  • Bobby describing his experience with what Bill Maher called the “Gay Mafia” (26:00)
  • Is the global surrogacy market a modern day slave trade?  Aka children being bought, sold, and shipped over state lines (27:30)
  • Why Gay Marriage and Gay Parenting should be treated as sole and separate initiatives (32:20)
  • Other countries don’t ignore the kid aspect of gay marriage like we do in the USA (36:30)
  • European countries are seeing massive resistance to gay marriage, gay parenting, and sperm banking for gay couples (41:20)
  • Every child arrives with a bond to a mother and father, for someone to demand gay marriage means the child cannot demand a mother & father (48:00)
  • Despite the waves of intellectually dishonest comparisons, being black and gay aren’t the same thing. (55:00)
  • And much more…

Check out Bobby’s brand new book:

Jephthah’s Daughters: Innocent Casualties in the War for Family ‘Equality’

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Other Resources & Links From This Episode:

English Maniff  (Professor Lopez’s blog)

Article about “Homoeduphobia” on American Thinker

Celebrating the Exporter of Hate via Daily Signal[email protected]

Paul Singer

George Soros – F you buddy.

Have something to add?  Lets extend the conversation to the comments…(Or in the words of Zoolander – lets TAKE IT TO THE RUNWAY!)

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Follow the show on Twitter: @RealTJHale

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Biracial ESPN Reporter Absolutely OBLITERATES the Left's Argument on Racism

Biracial ESPN Reporter Absolutely OBLITERATES the Left's Argument on Racism

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