Hilarious: Restaurant at Obama’s Alma Mater Harvard University Serves “The Obamacare”… Nobody Knows What’s In It


(Photo credit: Courtesy of David DelFino in Harvard Square at Mr. Bartley’s)

Also, I noticed the restaurant supports conservative Mindy Kaling and slams Vice President Joe Biden as “crazy Joe.”

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  • T_A_C

    This is a cute story, but, seriously – Mr. Bartley’s Burger Cottage is. THE. BOMB. If you go to Harvard Square, you MUST.

  • Fay Jackson

    lol I love it..

  • Velvet Hammer

    You missed ‘The Barack Obama “Keeps Droning On” ;)

    • Samuel Marinov

      No, it’s “keeps teleprompting on.”

  • Tom2855

    Outstanding. Question is how long it will take for some stupid lib to call it “racist?”

  • Tom2855

    Outstanding. Question is how long it will take for some stupid lib to call it “racist?”

  • Riley

    Great restaurant, hilarious signs.

  • Jeremy Chante Reese

    This looks like a good place to eat.

  • James Arntz

    The Harry Reid. A bologna sandwich.

  • Mike Crowe

    i wonder if they deliver to AL? with a menu like this i’ll support them

  • jneens

    Awesome :) Hope they don’t have a Sandra Fluke burger, though….. :P

    • Eric Debernitz

      Well if you order it, I’ll have to pay for it. So yeah I hope they don’t have it! :-P

      • jneens

        You get to pay for it, but you don’t get to tell me how to eat it. You have to pay even if you are a vegetarian and it goes against your beliefs. And just because you are paying for it doesn’t mean it is any of your damn business what I order, how I like it served or who I eat it with. Or how many, or how often. Oh, and btw, if I eat too many and need my stomach pumped or something, you get to pay for that too. :D

    • bob

      That’s a fish taco

      • jneens

        Oh. I thought it was a ‘Meat Lover’s”. You know, with lots of different kinds of meat in it. With Friday and Saturday nights specials’ being Two for One.
        My bad…..

  • Sean Goertz

    “You have to order it to know what’s in it”

  • stu11926

    I’d like to order one, but I can’t afford it!

  • mbsurfer70

    You just got served!

  • UnfrozenCavemanMD

    After you pass it, you will know what’s in it.

  • Tom Robbins

    We know whats in it, and you can’t serve that to humans!

  • Mary M Scinta LoGalbo

    I’d never try something that is B.S.!

  • Jd Logsdon

    It promises to be cheap and feed everyone (affordable). but the ingredients creep up on you

    and give you bloating and gas (Michelle hasn’t restricted college lunches yet), finally you get the urge to hit the head only to find a long line of people ahead of you (because they ate the Obamacare). Because of rising energy costs ( because coal has been made illegal) there is only one toilet in operation (like socialized medicine in other countries) you clamp your legs togeather and pray (to allah because Christianity is outlawed and all the jews have been exterminated) . Before you get to the toilet you shit yourself and realize that this isn’t such a good or cheap meal……(just like the people on the left have finally started to see with their own eyes…