In 2009 a black man shot and killed a 16 year old white kid who he believed was breaking into cars in his neighborhood…he was acquitted.

In 2009 a black man shot and killed a 16 year old white kid who he believed was breaking into cars in his neighborhood...he was acquitted.
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I don’t remember hearing very much about this story or the riots that happened thereafter…strange.

From December 16, 2009:

Roderick Scott, 42, of 58 Baneberry Way, is charged with first-degree manslaughter in the death of 17-year-old Christopher Cervini. Scott previously pleaded not guilty, saying he believed the teen and two others were breaking into cars in his neighborhood.

Scott’s trial in state Supreme Court began Nov. 30.

Scott testified Tuesday that he heard voices outside his home in the early-morning hours of April 4.
“I looked outside the front door to see what was going on,” he said. “I saw three individuals walking out of my driveway.”

Scott said he tucked his gun in his pants.

“I intended to go out and stop the criminal act or detain them,” he said.

After Scott saw one of the people in the driveway, he said he pulled out his gun and “chambered a round. I had no idea what was going on, so I had to protect myself.”

Scott said he didn’t know what he was up against, just that he was outnumbered.

Asked why he went out to confront the people, Scott said, “I wanted to stop them before they could get away. We live so far away, they would have been gone before police got there.”

Scott said when he told the three people he had called the police, two of them stopped, but the third — Mr. Cervini — ran toward him.

Scott testified he heard Mr. Cervini say: “I’ll get you or I’ll get him,” and that’s when Scott said he had a gun. That’s when he fired his gun, Scott said.

Scott said he went back to his house and told girlfriend to call 911 again, and checked on Mr. Cervini twice and didn’t see him moving. Then a police officer showed up, drew his gun and told Scott to put his hands in the air.

Scott said he was questioned for hours and charged at 11 that morning. He was originally charged with second-degree murder, but the charge was reduced to manslaughter.

Prosecution testimony included Mr. Cervini’s cousin, James, who was at the scene of the shooting; and Scott’s girlfriend, Tracy Allen, who was with Scott the night of the shooting.

Monroe County Assistant District Attorney Julie Finnochio is prosecuting the case, while high-profile Rochester attorney John Parrinello is defending Scott. The jury is expected to begin deliberations Thursday.

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