ISIS promised to raise their flag above the White House, this is how close they just got

Joshua Riddle

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An ISIS supporter was in Washington DC and took a picture of the ISIS insignia outside of the White House Fence. They used an iPhone to bring up the logo and took a picture, so there was probably more than one person. It didn’t end with the picture, there was also a tweet that has been deleted saying next time it wouldn’t be a phone, it would be a bomb. Hopefully Secret Service catches these scumbags quick.

Pictures from our friends at IJ Review:

isis-at-white-house isis-at-white-house-1 shaiba_alhamad-white-house

ISIS promised they would hoist their terrorist flag above the White House, hopefully this is as close as they will get.

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  • William

    They already have a member living in the White House.

    • Colin Duhe’

      More than one.

    • Dan Uff

      Yep, to bad most people are too dumb to realize it.

  • William Trowe Jr.

    Pic taken by one of the “CHILDREN” that crossed to mexico/U.S. border.

    • Jaded

      Looks like I’ll be double tapping children then…oh f$&@ing well…scumbags

  • The Watcher

    Too bad we put him there. Annie, grab your guns… this is not going to go away and it will keep multiplying until there is an all our war against the us. Like nothing we’ve never seen or dreamt of.

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    Them ISIS heretics make terrible guests and horrible neighbors. Its time the world goes into action and kills every last one of them.

    • Jack Jones

      Sheik abdulah has it right.

    • Greg Smith

      Kill kill kill the isis kill them till they’re dead

  • Joe Gurtler

    Maybe if they make a move our mainstream media cannot ignore we will be willing to act against them. Currently they are able to get away with their sloppy public executions in the Middle East because the media can ignore them. They get a chance to do that here, they will awaken the Sleeping Beast that Admiral Yamamoto feared.

    • MyNightmare

      The MSM won’t blame the actual terrorists, they will blame “right wing extremism.” Then, when the truth is uncovered, they will obfuscate or push another leading story.

      • Thomas Ogden

        Or create a leading story out of something that’s dear to their heart, something that screams change like their anointed one, they will dedicate an entire half of whatever show they maybe in the middle of on CNN , MSNBC, or over at some other mainstream media outlet, they suddenly interrupt their broadcast to bring you Kim Kardashian and her 1000 plus selfies during a few days on vacation, while taking a vacation away from that other vacation she’s on permanently also revered to by others as her day to day life.

  • Dellburt

    Workplace violence

  • Kevin Cope

    Let them get rid of 0bama first, then we can get rid of them.

  • Dellburt

    The liberals want to take our guns away so when ISIS does show up no one will get hurt because they are not terrorists.
    What an f-ing joke.

  • RavviOli

    It is for sure that all the US government people will NOT do anything to stop it from happening. If anything is going to be done to stop the black flag of death, it will have to be done by the people.

    • Jaded

      No problem. It won’t last a week

  • kbsr

    This is a genuine threat against our National Security. You know they’re crossing into the US at the southwest border as we speak. I just hope our government doesn’t ignore them till we have another 9-11 or Ft. Hood type attack. Needs to be an all hands on deck (military, intel, police, & good citizens) focus on this terrorist organization.

    • Jaded

      They better keep coming. Lets see…90 million divided by 50000….they have a long way to go if they want to be anything more than target practice for a a select few lucky enough to get shots off before t all leaking in the dirt


    This would be an act of war. Bring it on Ragheads, but remember in this country the rules of engagement vanish.

    • Jaded

      After seeing the video of that jabber jawing raghead running his mouth about raising the flag in the whitehouse, I have a hatred for them. I cannot wait

  • Jack Jones

    I think the people know more than anybody thinks, it’s our gov. Thats dragging thier feet, no balls, it might hurt thier carrees.

  • IndependentAngle

    Good luck in the Appalachian region and South. We have the same type of guns you do :)

  • IndependentAngle

    For all we know it could just be photoshopped by one of those nutcases as propaganda. I hope.

  • Paul

    It wouldn’t surprise me if B. Hussein Obama is the one who hoists the flag for them…

  • Greg Smith


  • Jeff Nicholson

    Message for the camel humping cowards, from 90 million American gun owners….

    Bring it.

  • AntiFascist

    TeaPublican Sacre prank.

    • Patty Williams

      How do you know who it was?

      • Maven of Common Sense

        He won’t respond honestly because he has nothing but wishful thinking to support his “opinion.”

  • AntiFascist

    Teapublican Scare Prank

    • Theresa Easley


    • Maven of Common Sense

      Your intuition is off – unless some old republican hacked a twitter account that normally commented in Arabic. Wishful thinking isn’t going to change the ineptitude and incompetence of the Obama Administration.

  • judiannisbadass

    This is scary…. But so are soooo many things they do……. A MUSLIM TRIED TO KIDNAP MY DAUGHTER THREE DAYS AGO!!!!

    • goldenshepard

      Wtf where?

  • Guest

    Sure…the guy is going on “vacation”. I think he is expecting something to happen there.

  • parman11

    Maybe one of those muslims obama has appointed as director of the many Federal agencies, or, could be valeria jarrett. She certainly seems to have unlimited access to ALL areas of the black house!!!!

    • Mr.truth


  • Patty Williams


    • Maven of Common Sense

      Exactly what are you saying “bull” about?

      • Mr.truth

        the entire article? obviously this is “bull” like everything else on this website.

        • Patty Williams

          The cell phone pic.

  • dabmsu

    I dont see the difference between the P O S thats already there and ISIS

    • Maven of Common Sense

      Hey, we are not being crucified or buried alive, and Obama is still trying to appears as our president, not a Manchurian candidate. Don’t over blow the verbiage. Remember Dems saying the economy under Bush couldn’t get any worse, now look. Be careful if what you say.

  • DR

    Why would they threaten to blow up their leader? Confused group… OBama is their biggest advocate. Oh, they will probably give him a heads up so he can leave; got it.

  • occams_chainsaw

    No worries. The secret service put their hooker pick up patrol on hold long enough to stop these guys.

  • trololol123

    Remember when bush lied about 9/11 and was later seen sucking cheneys penis? Remember when conservative christians realized that evolution wasnt a conspiracy but a fact after all? This website is a fukin joke lol. Watch out for gays!! They may infect you with satan. Trolololol.

  • conslie21

    fake. propaganda alert!