James Woods tweets legendary photo of Obama preparing his address on racial hatred

Al Sharpton On Chris Lane Killing: ‘Nothing To Protest’ Because It Wasn’t ‘Racial’ & ‘System Worked’

Thank goodness James Woods has taken Twitter by storm, and I’m loving it! He calls out the race hustlers Obama and Sharpton, and it’s beautiful.

Actor James Woods may never work another day in Hollywood at the rate he’s going. While relatively new to Twitter, Woods does not believe in keeping your powder dry when it comes to President Obama.

After helping bring national media attention to the brutal beating death of World War II vet Delbert Belton, Woods shares his idea of how Obama prepares for his monumental speech addressing racial hatred in the wake of that murder by posting a picture of the president with his arm around race hustler Al Sharpton, with both men smiling broadly.

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  • disqus_yMA6TiNyjP

    I’m really starting to like James Woods!

  • Me

    The police said the Trayvon case wasn’t racial profiling, that didn’t stop Al Sharpton from race baiting! Hypocrite!

    • EP

      BAM! That’s what i was thinking!

      • Christine Germinario Gucker

        Yes, Zimmerman became that new race…white Hispanic!

  • Mary Doan

    I’m totally impressed with Woods. He is a real man. Handsome too !!and a great actor.

  • nigelPOW

    Like Al Sharpton said, the three were arrested on the spot and charged with murder as adults (though they are all under 18). Where’s the injustice?

  • Jack

    The police never claimed there was a racial motive behind the Trayvon Martin murder either. Media race-mongerers like Sharpton were the ones who twisted the event into a whole racial issue!

  • unclevito

    Obama makes it look like he supports blacks as he gives all the jobs to illegals and works to get the gay vote. Blacks are so clueless to allow this.