JUST IN: Prison May Be Least of Airport Shooter’s Problems, He Could Be Facing Death Penalty

JUST IN: Prison May Be Least of Airport Shooter's Problems, He Could Be Facing Death Penalty
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Federal authorities have the Florida shooter in custody and are continuing to investigate the case, after Esteban Santiago killed five people and wounded six more.

Now they are seeking some justice against the Santiago.

From Fox:

The suspected killer in the Ft. Lauderdale rampage, 26-year-old Esteban Santiago, was charged on Saturday with performing an act of violence at an airport, which could earn him the death penalty if he is convicted.

Santiago was charged with an act of violence at an international airport resulting in death and weapons charges.

Earlier, the FBI announced that Santiago apparently traveled to the airport for the purpose of carrying out the bloody rampage.

Santiago told investigators that he planned the attack, buying a one-way ticket to the Fort Lauderdale airport, a federal complaint said. Authorities don’t know why he chose his target and have not ruled out terrorism.

Terrorism may have been a “potential motivation” for the attack on Friday that killed five people, Special Agent in Charge George Piro said during a news conference.

Santiago came up on the FBI’s radar when he went into an Anchorage, Alaska FBI office and said that he was being forced to fight for ISIS.

The FBI sent him for a mental evaluation and took away his gun. But because he had not committed a crime, when he was released, they gave him back his gun.

Anchorage Police Chief Christopher Tolley could not say if it was the same gun that he used in the attack.

Santiago previously served in Iraq, then later upon his return to the U.S., in the Army Reserves and the Alaska National Guard.

The Pentagon said his record showed he went AWOL several times and was demoted and discharged.

His aunt said he had recently become a father and was struggling.

He also had a prior domestic violence case involving a conflict with his girlfriend.

Santiago was charged in a domestic violence case in January 2016, damaging a door when he forced his way into a bathroom at his girlfriend’s Anchorage home. The woman told officers he yelled at her to leave, choked her and smacked her on the side of the head, according to charging documents.

Hopefully there will be a proper investigation into any possible terrorist connections.

Let us hope that the victims and their families are able to get justice.

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