Kirsten Powers: How a Liberal Democrat and Former Atheist Came to Know Jesus Christ as her Savior

From Free Republic:

“She is a political analyst, blogger, columnist and commentator. She is a Democrat who regularly contributes to USA Today, Newsweek, The Daily Beast, Fox News and the Wall Street Journal among other publications. She formerly served under the Clinton administration from 1993-1998 and was appointed Deputy Assistant U.S Trade Representative for Public Affairs.

In an interview with Focus on the Family, she shares how she converted from atheism to Christianity. She said: “I was not looking to be a Christian. The last thing in the world I wanted to be was a Christian. I had grown up as an Episcopalian, but not evangelical, born again, or any of those kinds of things. It was very high church, kind of mainline, protestant, episcopalian. I did believe in God, but it wasn’t anywhere near what would come to happen to me later in life.

“When I went away to college, whatever little faith I had, I lost. I ended up graduating from college. I worked in the Clinton administration. All my friends were secular liberals. At this point, I really got even more deeply into an incredibly secular world because now, all my friends were basically atheists, or if they had any kind of spirituality, they were very hostile towards religion, Christianity in particular. So, I really didn’t have any interest in it.

“I started dating someone who went to Tim Keller’s church, Redeemer Presbyterian in New York City. Out of curiosity, I went with him. But I told him upfront that I would never become a Christian; that it’s never going to happen. After about six or seven months, I began to think that the weight of history is more on the side of what [I was hearing at this church] than not. Tim Keller had made such a strong case, that I began to think it’s not even smart to reject this. It just doesn’t seem like a good intellectual decision.

“Really, it was like God sort of invaded my life. It was very unwelcome. I didn’t like it. Obviously, I started having a lot of different experiences where I felt God was doing a lot of things in my life. It’s kind of hard to describe, but I did have this moment where the scales just fell off of my eyes, where I was saying, ‘this is just totally true, I don’t even have any doubt.’ …I don’t really feel like I had any courage when I became a Christian, I just gave in. I wasn’t courageous; I didn’t have any choice. I kept trying to not believe but I just couldn’t avoid [accepting Christ]. If I could have avoided it, I would have. There is nothing convenient about it in my life or in the world I live in. It’s not like living in the South where everybody is a Christian. I live in a world where nobody is a believer. But God pursued me.”

Her name is Kirsten Powers”

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  • Peter

    That was powerful, “God pursued me!”

    • youngcons

      So powerful, what an amazing testimony!

    • jonie

      He (His Holy Spirit) does those things…Praise The Lord!!

    • Chaz_Martel

      I am gratified to hear the Kirsten Powers has allowed Jesus into her life. As a fellow Christian I can applaud her decision. You will forgive me however if I am a little skeptical of her statement “God pursued me” as it is almost a verbatim copy of the claims made by one of the English speaking world’s greatest and most published Christian apologists, C.S. Lewis, about how he came to Christ.

      My instincts tell me that perhaps Ms. Powers is cynically using a little ‘poetic license’ in the telling of her story for its dramatic value. I hope I am wrong and I am inclined to give people the benefit of the doubt; on the other hand, the well-educated and erudite Ms. Powers would have been more than aware of the writings of C.S. Lewis.

      That being said it probably can be argued that the phenomenon of fundamentally moral, if not religious, people being ‘pursued’ by God is a more common occurrence than we know and that Ms. Powers came to this experience completely independent of any reading of C.S. Lewis.

      For the sake of her immortal soul I hope the latter is the case.

      • billofireland

        God pursued me too. Before I ever read C.S. Lewis.
        Kirsten is courageous and true–even if she’s still a liberal Democrat.

        • Chaz_Martel

          billofireland: I am always more sympathetic to the idealist and the optimist over the cynic. I hope you are right. Cheers.

      • Ruth

        The best preacher I ever listened to told about the sinful life that he lead because he was running away. He felt called to preach and was fighting it. When he finally followed the call as I said, he became the best witness ever. Yes he was being pursued by God.

        • Chaz_Martel

          Ruth, thank you for your comment. As a fellow Christian this is a phenomena that I wish to accept. Certainly the experience of Saul of Tarsus on the way to Damascus; C.S. Lewis’s well publicized writings of initially being pursued God until he admitted God existed and then finally accepting Christ as his Lord and Savior; and recently the liberal Kirsten Power’s latter day claim of being pursued until she accepted Christ all support the potential validity of this phenomenon.

          I suppose if a liberal can be saved there is hope for all of us.

          • Chaz_Martel

            PS: Perhaps liberals require more saving than most.

    • BC

      That is how anyone gets saved..God pursues them..and She couldn’t’s against the “I choose to believe” and the “Free will”

  • Pulchritudinous

    I was the opposite: a liberal christian who became an atheist conservative.

    • Child of God

      You were NEVER a Christian. One that is born from above can never undo what God Himself has done!

      • Pulchritudinous

        Hooray for me, then.

        • Renard Johnson

          You might not be so smug and flippant on that final day.I know, I know it’s all nonsense and fairy tales,blah,blah God doesn’t exist,mythical sky man.etc.

      • katietaylor

        as a pastor’s kid, I have seen a TON of people magically do what you just said was impossible. Adopted kids can leave on their own, reject their family, and take a new name.

    • Adam C.

      Not surprised. It’s not a far leap.

    • Tracey12

      One day, you will be singing…”Jesus, Jesus, the sweetest name I know….”. God hasn’t abandoned you. He still loves you dearly.


  • Chad

    Technically she never said she identified a atheist, just that she wasn’t interested in religion and had friends who weren’t Christians. In addition, picking “liberal democrat” as your opposition to Christian is very biased; your title lumps politics with religion in an obvious show of hierarchy. You should take another look at your phrasing to reduce bias.

    • G-mom concerned about children

      I hate to say this again. Division of Church and State. They must be kept separate.

      • Paleopatriot

        And I hate to hear it again, the a-historical misunderstanding of what that non-Constitutional phrase was supposed to mean. It doesn’t have any reference to a mandated secularizing of politics.

      • T

        G-Mom if you read the Constitution you will see that it’s not separation of church and state it says ” There will be no state church” meaning the government in US unlike England will not dictate what denomination you will worship under.

        • G-mom concerned about children

          No. What she is saying is she was an atheist and now a Christian. My question to her as many, is she now against abortion. You knew where that was going. We are no way headed like England. It has changed in case you haven’t noticed. I can see you can’t see beyond your nose.

      • Cheryl Dau

        Abortion is a moral issue not political. The extreme court with it’s decision on Roe V Wade made abortion legal, not a majority vote of the people of this country. There is no right to kill your unborn child in the Constitution. And if you’ll read it you also won’t find the term “Separation of Church and State” in the Constitution either.

        • G-mom concerned about children

          So you want to see woman, teen’s, and children in the alley’s with clothes hangers trying to do th

          • Christina_bdba

            If you knew the real history of how they set out to legalize abortion you would know that coat hangers are just props and were never the tool of abortion.Your ignorance of the propaganda you spew is astounding.

    • Bobseeks

      There are no Christians in the democrat party. The democrat party is Satan’s party.

      • Phil Snyder

        Bobseeks – that is manifestly untrue. I know several Christians who are Democrats.

        Claiming that other believers are the party of Satan simply because you don’t like their politics is part of the works of the flesh (Gal 5), not part of the fruit of the Spirit.

        • Bobseeks

          Nonsense. No Christian supports a party that pushes sexual perversion, the murder of babies, class hatred, racial animosity, sloth, and every type of depravity. Saying Christian democrat is like saying Jewish Nazi.

          • G-mom concerned about children

            Nonsense Bobseeks. I have said many times do you want women to keep taking steps back? Do you want daughters, sisters, friends, found in the alley dead with a coat hanger inside them because they were not free to do what was finally put into law. If you take this away it will continue to happen. NO BOBSEEKS we will not go back. Abortion should be a WOMANS choice, period.

          • Bobseeks

            Any woman who kills her baby deserves what happens to her. By the way – is this website young conservatives or young RINOs? Stinks like RINO in here.

          • gooday

            You are like your daddy, Satan the father of all lies.

          • Kay Newby

            This is the consequences of a woman’s choice to have sex. You are a feminist and that in it’self is against what God intended with the creation of Adam and Eve.

          • Christina_bdba

            You can not claim to be a Christina and be a democrat too.It does not work that way.You are a democrat who calls yourself a Christina but really isn’t one since everything you support is what God has damned.

          • Phil Snyder

            I call more BS on you and your hate filled mind. Not everyone who identifies with the democratic party pushes abortion, sexual immorality, class hatred or racial animosity. Even if they do, they may have not yet been “convicted” of their sins by the Holy Spirit. Remember, it is not your job nor my job to convict people of their sins. That is the task of the Holy Spirit. So get off your high horse and realize that Jesus would be just as upset with you as he would be with the political leaders of his day.

          • Bobseeks

            Utter nonsense from a RINO or a liberal troll and someone who knows nothing of Christ. Those who vote for democrats are guilty of every foul deed of the democrats. And, until the Spirit convicts someone of his/her sins, that person has not repented, is not saved, and belongs to Satan. And Jesus would not be angry with me because I am simply telling the truth and that is what He demands of me. By the way, I do not hate anything but lies and sin. It is you who are hate-filled because you hate the truth. This site needs to hold a RINO hunt.

          • katietaylor

            Ironically, I’m a liberal Christian and I’m currently praying that Bobseeks won’t go to hell. Because i’m expecting him to go off and join the Westboro.

          • Bobseeks

            Don’t bother – there is no such thing as a liberal Christian. Liberals serve Satan, not Jesus. It is more fitting that I pray that you see the truth before it is too late.

          • G-mom concerned about children

            I am a Christian and I very much against everything you are saying Phil Snyder. Hatred is there for racial, sexual immorality, and abortion. I also believe if a woman want’s to marry a woman let her. If a man want’s to marry a man let him. This is 2013 people. Get with the times.

          • Bobseeks

            You are not a Christian by any biblical standard.

          • Cheryl Dau

            What makes a person a Christian G-mom? What does it mean to be a Christian?

          • Kay Newby

            God never changes.’ He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow’. It doesn’t matter what year it is. You are not a Christian with those beliefs. Don’t you read the bible ? You are in direct conflict with what God says about those subjects. WAKE UP !

          • AnneMarie

            G-mom: as a fellow believer in Christ, I would pose a thought to you that the Word of God is unchanging. Times change, yes, and it is 2013, but the one thing that is constant is the Bible. Anyone that says differently is blinded. We are to accept everyone and love everyone as Jesus did. However, you and I are called to be strong and courageous for the Savior that you have accepted in your heart, and that includes the hot topic issues we have to deal with these days. “Getting with the times” means compromising what the Bible says.

          • Renard Johnson

            If you say you’re a Christian then more power to you but your views don’t line up with what the Bible says.Get with the times? really?

          • gooday

            My grandad was a farmer and said one day, son when you’re walking down a cow trial and you come upon a cow paddy are you going to walk through it or around it. He followed up with, some people are just like these cow patties, go around them, stay away from them or you get cow dung on you and you will stink. This is the way the Demoncratic Party is, anti-God, anti-Christian, anit-Constitution, anti-freedom. Satan lied to Eve saying you’ll be as God. Demoncrats lied to Black’s we will give you equal rights. Look at them 40 years later, they are more of a slave now than 40 years ago when most black families knew their dads. Their base of supporters are homo’s, baby killers, muslims and illegal alieans and Liars/Lawyers.

          • Drooo

            Criminy! You sound like a Jehovah who comes to my door telling me the end is near. Then tells me he doesn’t believe in voting, rather, whatever God’s will is, so be it…so just like a sheep to slaughter, he goes through life. You simply cannot whisper your indignation while accepting it with your political support. If you do so, you are too dumb to understand your own conundrum of a life.

          • Christina_bdba

            Since this are part of their party platform then yes if you are a democrat that is what you push.

          • G-mom concerned about children

            Bobseeks. The womans right on abortion will be defeated. If not we will have what happened years before. Where women, teens, and children are in the street’s with coat hangers. Do you really want to see your daughter, granddaughter, niece, or your future woman in your family killing them self’s because no one else is there to help them. we need to talk with out children about sex education, birth control pills, condoms. Parents are to be the one that explain that to them. If not let the schools do it. If not they will find out the hard way.

          • G-mom concerned about children

            I meant to say the right for a woman to have an abortion should be the way it is now. If they take away this right we will be back to coat hangers. They = Republicans. To many states taking this away from women, teens, and yes at times children.

          • Bobseeks

            Thou shall not murder – have you ever heard that g-ma?

          • Cheryl Dau

            And now we have innocent children (lots of them women) ripped from their mothers wombs everyday but I guess it’s better and more comfortable because they die in abortion clinics. Thousands more die daily, than those you say were found in the allies. If you’re going to keep repeating those back alley statistics then please document your claims. How can you not see that you are judging and deciding who should live and who should die. Those who use clothes hangers as you claim to abort their babies (commit murder) make that choice to risk their own death in order to get rid of their babies. Adoption gets rid of the child without risk to either life. The babies either way have no choice and no chance to live. So you say it’s more important for a grown woman to be able to kill her baby in a nice room with a doctor attending (although if you are paying attention you would know that a lot of abortion clinics aren’t clean, sterile facilities). And the doctors are rarely there if ever. Go to lifesite news and read some of the articles about abortion, so that you know what you’re defending.

          • G-mom concerned about children

            You are the one who need’s to read the past, why Roe vs. Wade happened. You are the one that need’s to be more pro-choice. When I said Women, teens, and yes children where ones in the alley killing themselves all of them were the one’s doing this. You are the one that need’s to read about the truth’s why this came LAW and should stay LAW!!!

          • Cheryl Dau

            Read the present G-MOM and stop living in denial.

            “The State of Illinois has ignored this tragic death just like it ignored many other women’s deaths as uncovered by an undercover investigation by the Chicago Sun-Times and the Better Government Association back in 1978. The wide-scale investigation found filthy Gosnell-like conditions, abortions committed on women who weren’t even pregnant, massive reproductive damage to women due to unsanitary conditions, unqualified “doctors”, commission pay for selling abortion, counselors who were paid “not to counsel”, and dogs brought into exam rooms that would “lap up the blood.” In one of the squalid clinics, they would use “wet Kleenexes” to clean up in between abortions.”

            So you want to make sure this type of stuff stays available?

          • silphium

            G-mom, abortion is disgusting, and if you want to plant your self-righteous flag at the feet of murdered children, that’s up to you. Your rhetoric is sickening. The term “back-alley abortion” is pure and utter nonsense. Show me anywhere in history where that was an actual trend. Show me. Document for me the epidemic of dead women with hangers extended from their vaginas, who were found in the proverbial “back-alley.” Want me to wait while you go look it up? The fact is that we discovered with “Dr.” K. Gosnell that in the age of “the right to choose” women had no problem getting maimed or killed in a perfectly “legal” abortion facility. Do you even understand what Roe v Wade did? It took away the rights of the states to allow or disallow abortion. Were Roe v Wade to be “overturned”, that would not all of a sudden make abortion an impossibility. It would defer the matter to the states, and one hopes, to a vote within each state and not an activist state judicial branch. Oh no! Abortion could, in that instance, very well become… inconvenient! How dare the ability to murder one’s offspring be intruded upon? Why on earth should one be forced to leave one state for another to seek the death penalty for one’s progeny? Oh, but what about those poor poor women who have no way to possibly get from Point A to Point B? I’m not that worried. If you want something bad enough, you figure it out. Surely, the cost of a bus ticket and feeling emotionally unsettled is worth the wonderful “choice” to kill kill kill. Your ideas on rights and freedoms are positively unconscionable. That the “right” to abortion is enshrined so dearly in your heart is positively barbaric. Do you even think about what it is you are supporting? And as for the rape/incest argument–how, and on what planet, does killing a baby erase a rape? I can’t with you people. So much tunnel vision. Freedom to kill. That’s all you want. You don’t want a better world. You want this phantom “right” that degrades all of humanity. A tiny, helpless person. A human. A baby. You’d kill it in the name of “rights”. I used to be like you. I am thankful evermore that I realized if I wanted to be a good person it meant I had to pay more than lip service to the idea of genuine human dignity, civility, and rights. I hope that someday soon you will choose to be honest about what it is you support so fervently.

          • Christina_bdba

            No you really need to educate yourself about the propaganda you have been brain washed to believe. I was born long before RvW was legal and it was nothing like what you seem to think it was.

          • Christina_bdba

            Coat hangers were never used in abortions,They were a chosen prop by those who wanted to legalize it.More women today die of sepsis than ever did when abortion was illegal.

      • G-mom concerned about children

        It matters not what religion any party has. Their voting is to be bias with out the citizens saying you are not a Christian you are Satan. Are you serious Babseekers?

        • Bobseeks

          Serious – all those who are not of Christ are of Satan and no democrat can claim to be of Christ. Learn how to construct a sentence g-mom, your post is as flawed as your thinking.

          • G-mom concerned about children

            Bobseeks looks like that is the only way you would understand.

          • Bobseeks

            Understand what? Your lies?

      • Steve Coatney

        Bobseeks, I don’t know whether there are any true believers in the Democratic party, any more than I know whether there are any in the Republican party. That’s between each person, and God. But I’m pretty confident from your own attitude that you are not one. I’m pretty sure God would spew you from his mouth like the rotten mouthful you appear to be. Waky waky, Bob.

        • Bobseeks

          I don’t care what you think – you are obviously too ignorant to understand that one cannot embrace the evil of the democrat party and be a Christian.

      • T

        Sorry but I have a friend at a Southern Baptist Church who is definitely a died in the wool democrat and is proud she voted for Obama.

        • Bobseeks

          So what? Going to church does not make one a Christian and this woman is obviously not a Christian – one cannot serve Satan and Christ.

        • Cheryl Dau

          Read the Bible and figure out what it means to be Christian before you judge who is or who isn’t a Christian.

          • Christina_bdba

            I do read the Bible and have more than once.Perhaps you should do the same and then you will know you are being told the truth about how one can’t be democrat and christian at the same time.

        • Christina_bdba

          Warming a pew does not a Christina make.The Gospel of Christ hime=self which is not part of the Bile says the church is inside of us in every action we take and every decision we make.I don’t think the things Democrats advocate square with that very well.

  • Aaron Ginn

    Such an amazing story! Glory be to God!

  • Soopermexican

    That is a really beautiful testimony… very much love the “weight of history” description.

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  • Larry P

    Good for you Kirsten—life sure makes a lot more sense when we keep God in it, doesn’t it?

  • Tracey12

    Kirsten, welcome home. What you have experienced is the powerful love of God who wants to have a fabulous relationship with you. By accepting his salvation plan where Christ died in your place so that you can have all that God has to offer, and your sins forgiven, you will grow in his love, but mostly because of his love. What I mean is that we’re all such lost souls, only by the hand of God do we experience more of his love and help in our lives once the sin issue is removed by accepting Jesus as our savior. Having been a Christian for several decades, I have had my good moments and bad as a human, but God has never ever ever abandoned me. On the contrary, when I was less focused on him, he “persued” me even more, but this has happened since I became a believer. So, my point is, if you think God pursued you before, “you haven’t seen nothin yet.”

    As a Christian, God pours out his love on you and draws you nearer to him no matter what you do. And, in time, your life is filled with his incredible love and care, and its not because you have done a thing. It is only because God is real, Christ is real, and the Holy Spirit is real.

    Kirsten, if you have not done it, find a way to see the Passion of the Christ. See it on the biggest screen you can find, but see it. As a believer in Christ Jesus, this movie will fundamentally rock your world,

    I would love to talk with you about Christ and your experience as a believer..


  • Skunkie

    I was brought up, like most Americans, to believe in Jesus as the Messiah. All the priests (when I was Catholic) and pastors (when I was Protestant) never really revealed the whole truth about the Bible (did they know/not know, or were they in denial?), which they claim is God’s word. Truth is, no original texts from the Bible exist. The original Christ followers did not read. They could not agree if Jesus was divine, human, or both. The gospels (which were written several decades after the life of Jesus, and not by guys named Matthew, Mark, Luke and John either) contradict and don’t all agree on Jesus’s divinity. All you have to do is read the Bible. The more I read, the more freaked out I became, because I really felt like I’d been lied to all my life – OR was this the Devil influencing me? Are all these Bible scholars really tools of the Devil? But, the answers are right there in what we know as our Bible. Then I thought, hey, I’m just going to keep my mouth shut and if anyone wants to discuss where I stand on this thing called faith, I’ll tell them. Otherwise, they can talk all they want about their “walk with the Lord,” and I’ll politely nod my head and pretend that I agree with them. Why? Because I’m a wimp and don’t want my Christian friends and family to think I’m one of those horrible people from “the other side”! Here is a visual that lists contradictions in the Bible:

    • influencedfromabove

      Amongst several other media figures that I pray for, I have prayed for Kirsten for many years and have seen her become more conservative and, as a liberal, more and more willing to go against the grain of her persuasion (when she thinks it’s wrong) and more and more committed to stand up for the truth. I can believe that a few more scales might yet need to fall from her eyes in the political province, but praise God for her testimony here. It is quite beautiful.

  • FreeThinker

    Thanks for sharing, Kirsten. In all my life experiences, I can honestly say that while I have met some very awful people in the church, the very BEST people I have met have been through the church. I am constantly amazed at how kind, forgiving, loving, pleasant, and joyful Christians are. Welcome to the family- I hope your experiences as a Christian are as wonderful as mine have been. God bless you.

  • Larry

    Yes, atheists and secularists do everything to avoid the truths about actual history. Glad you have some understanding now. Perhaps between your experience and the revelations that came out of the Gosnell trial you’ll become pro-life. Abortion is the most barbaric practice of secular atheists who try to convince young women their lives will be better off if they end the lives of their offspring. 55 million have been killed in the eugenics holocaust of abortion. How the secular atheists can justify that is beyond me.

    • G-mom concerned about children

      I am a Christian and I am Pro Choice. Abortion is not barbaric, but the government have votes threatened to take away if they do not vote pro-life. Do you want to go back to where women, teen’s, and children end up in the alley’s killing themselves on self abortions? No Larry I wouldn’t want to. Parent’s need to be the ones telling their children about sex education. It is people like you that do not want school to say anything to their children because they should be the one telling their children. Look it up, would you be able to tell, explain this to your child. The answer is not. The children to need to know the correct way, and what they need to do if they are having sex. Birth Control for both men and women, or for teens, or for children. Very shallow Larry.

      • Bobseeks

        Abortion is murder. Those who support abortion are murderers. How does that fit in with being a Christian?

        • Daniel

          Having the unpleasant experience of reading this trash after the super story of Kirsten Powers has saddened my heart. I am neither a Democrat or Conservative, in fact I am not even an American and am truly saddened by Bobseeks misguided view of a loving God who offered the blood of His son for our sins…only to have it thrown back in His face not because of views but because of lack of love! Do you not think think those who commit abortion will be judged? By Him and not us as He is righteous and I doubt if we are! Did he tell the Samaritan woman you are a RINO (Whatever that may be) or say go and sin no more!

          • Bobseeks

            This is not a super story – it is trash about a liar who claims to have come to Christ and yet still serves Satan as a member of the democrat party. There are too many today who believe that Jesus did not condemn sin and that is a lie. You cannot support abortion, welfare sloth, sexual perversion, and the rest of the democrat agenda and claim to be a Christian. It is as simple as that.

          • Rob G

            She didn’t say anything about her positions. Perhaps God has her in a position to be a light in a very, very dark place.

          • Bobseeks

            She is still a democrat – one cannot serve satan as a democrat and claim to serve Christ. Do you believe that a Christian could have been a light in a dark place by working in a Nazi concentration camp or a Russian gulag?

          • OEII

            My gosh Bobseeks. This is the kind of vitriol that allows Christians to be tagged as ‘haters,’ judgmental et al… Rejoice in her salvation and allow time for her new relationship with a loving God to manifest itself in her views and world beliefs.

          • MaggieD

            Hate the sin not the sinner…abortion is murder. God loves all of us and He never turns His back but rest assured He does not want us destroying what He has given us. Abortion is not birth control or to be used because a child is inconvenient at the moment. Heartbeat begin at 17 days…how is that NOT murder??

          • katietaylor

            No, he didn’t. He did not tell the Samaritan woman to go and sin no more. He told that to the woman in adultery.

      • Terry Williams

        IF a women decides to have a “back alley” abortion, that is HER choice. Legal or not, the baby has NO choice.

        You tell me which one is more just.

      • Mike Pettus

        are you insane? abortion is MURDER!! Yes, parents can tell their children everything they need to know. it’s not rocket science!!!

      • fights

        G-mom, honestly you don’t know the truth about abortion. There are many, many more abortions performed due to this country being pro-“choice”. We are killing over 1 million babies a year and that number doubled since its legalization. Not to mention many of the abortionists do a terrible job and ending up mutilating or killing the girl/woman. Please do yourself a favor and look for the truth of what abortion is, a holocaust of our babies.

      • Kevin

        You’re a Christian and Pro-Choice? Huh. I’d venture to say, if that’s true, you’re a carnal Christian at best in serious need of mentoring. How you can claim to be a Christian, yet support the choice to kill unborn babies is a little disturbing. Please share with us what New Testament scripture you’d reference to justify supporting abortion.

        • katietaylor

          Oh hey, Kevin. Remember your earlier posts about judging others? I’d like to take the time to call you a hypocrite here.

      • Christina_bdba

        Abortion rips a child limb to limb and is the most barbaric thing imaginable. You really should go watch one so you know the truth.They have to count the parts afterwards to know if they got the whole child.

  • Todd

    Not quite sure what this has to do with the government overstepping its bounds, racking up debt, or Invading personal freedoms. This is something I would expect on a CHRISTIANITY TODAY site.

  • Carla Rogers Williams

    He got me too~!!

  • helen souza

    Amen to you KP. He, too, pursued me and I stubbornly rejected him until I just couldn’t anymore. I am thankful for Him every day of my life.

  • jlfa

    Yes Kirsten, that is how God works. He pursues us.

  • Sue

    Welcome to the family of God and life everlasting, Kirsten!! Bless you in your new walk with the Lord as you search the Scriptures deeply, lean on the Holy Spirit for understanding, and learn to share your new joy fearlessly – the road may not be easy, but it is the only road worth traveling………see you at the Throne in the presence of our Heavenly Father.

    • Renard Johnson

      What a wonderful thing to say to her!

  • n8c

    Keep Kirsten in prayer. The devil is a sore loser

  • Jack Martin

    This story just made my day. Im a pastor and it was a modern day apostle Paul. I praise God that she responded. Oh that other liberals would see the truth in Christ.

    • Steve Coatney

      Really? Why just liberals, “Pastor” Jack? You think there aren’t conservatives that need to see the light?

      It’s pastors like you that “lead” many away from truth. Shame.

      • Jared Thirsk

        Kirsten herself said “All my friends were secular liberals. … all my friends were basically atheists, or if they had any kind of spirituality, they were very hostile towards religion, Christianity in particular.” I wish what happened to Kirsten happened to more people in Kirsten’s circle too (secular liberals). I could also say I wish what happened to Kirsten happened to my friend Bob in Idaho — it doesn’t mean I am ignoring the other 6.9 billion people in the world. Your comment and attempt to shame Jack is inappropriate.

        • Steve Coatney

          My comment was “inappropriate”? I could care less what you think is inappropriate. God will be the judge of that, and I’ll wager God was wondering the same thing I was … why focus on liberals, as if conservatives aren’t in the same sinful boat? Your excuses don’t cut it.

          • fights

            Steve, you’re on here do a heck of alot of judging, friend.

      • Allison Sundman

        I agree Steve. Why bring liberals into this? I am a Strong Christian and also a liberal. I have been turned off to Christianity time and time again by my conservative friends. I just always go back to God and don’t let them determine what is right and wrong. Please, this story should be about an atheist finding God, not a plea to turn other liberals around.

        • Kevin

          Allison, I’m curious, what in your mind makes a “strong” Christian? And what in your ideology makes you consider yourself a “liberal”?

          • katietaylor

            Kevin, were you not openly rebuking Steve’s Christianity entirely? Saying that if he said the word “assclown” then he can’t actually be a Christian? Then who are you for indirectly claiming to be the stronger Christian? What are you, God? She says she’s a strong Christian because she surrounds herself in scripture and a close knit relationship with God just like I would claim. People who are weak Christians know they are weak. I was weak once. Doesn’t Timothy say not to debate point blank in scripture? I would suggest reading more of the Bible and not fighting with liberal Christians on a feed just because they are liberal.

        • Steve Coatney

          Allison Sundman, you’re the most Christian person I’ve encountered on this pathetic thread. Thanks … God’s Speed to a better place.

      • Kevin

        Oh relax, Steve. That’s not at all the point Pastor Jack was making. The article was about a liberal, so he kept to the subject. I’m sure if she was a Conservative, his comment would have reflected as such.

        • Steve Coatney

          He “kept to the subject”? Rubbish. From his comment, it’s pretty clear that he has a real problem with “liberals”. At least they weren’t as bad as some of the other nutcase comments stating that liberals can’t possibly be Christians.

          As for relaxing … I was very relaxed when I posted that, just as I am now.

          • Kevin

            I didn’t see your point of view in him as you see it, but OK. You might want to tone down the attack on him though. He’s still your brother in Christ, and trust me, regardless of where you “think” he is in his walk, God won’t look kindly on you attacking a brother, or sister. Just sayin’.

          • Steve Coatney

            Have you rebuked your brethren on this thread who have spewed hate and filth, particularly the assclown who claimed liberals were satanic, versus my rather mild comment? If not, shame on you, too.

          • Kevin

            Assclown? Apparently I’ve mis-assumed we were spiritual kin. Insult away, Steve. It’s what heathens do. I wish you the best possible peace.

          • Steve Coatney

            I was being polite. The guy I referenced (Bob or something like that) was satanic himself in his attacks, and seemed to have no clue how bad he was. I guess some of you boys and girls just don’t get it.

            By the way, guess how many people you insulted by calling them heathens? Good Lord, what has possessed your flock?

          • Kevin

            In what form of Christianity is referring to someone as an “assclown” acceptable? You claim to be a Christian, yet just about everything you’ve posted suggests otherwise. Unless, of course, you’re a Christian in label only; which actually isn’t going to amount to much when it counts.

          • Steve Coatney

            Kevin, you’re rather confused. I never said I was a Christian. You’re perhaps confusing me with Allison. Ask her about her Christianity, not me. I believe in God and Righteosness, not your imbicilety.

          • Steve Coatney

            God will pass judgement and we will all fry. Actually I think the whole frying thing is BS too. There will be hell to pay, but in the end, God will prevail at saving his sorry lost souls.

          • Steve Coatney

            p.s. I think God is doing a vote ,,, get yours in … you and the rest of us need it.

          • Kevin

            Ah. Thank you for clarifying, Steve. You’re a bit confused on God, but that’s to be expected from someone who is spiritually lost. My prayer for you is that you someday come to know the truth about Him through Christ Jesus and the blood He shed for us both. Again, I wish you the best possible peace.

          • Steve Coatney

            And by the way, I would guess God doesn’t look kindly on anyone attacking anyone, unless there is a good reason and some humility in their heart as they do so. I see far more insensitive attacks on this thread from conservatives than from liberals.

          • fights

            And btw, my name is fights, I can’t help that.

          • fights

            Steve, this is one of the reasons we may have issues with a lot of liberals. They speak of tolerance but are incredibly intolerant. He was just making a statement, don’t take it so defensively.

          • Steve Coatney

            I see, “fights”. With a name like that, it’s no wonder you see the speck in my eye and don’t see the log in yours. I show up under my own name, and you show up as “fights”. Nice.

            Are you suggesting that a lot of conservatives are not incredibly intolerant? Give us all a break, and waky waky to the sins of all.

            By the way, most liberals I know don’t speak of tolerance except for issues that are nobody’s business but their own … stay out of the bedroom, stay out of the marriage, stay out of race, etc. Liberals and conservatives alike stand their ground strongly on issues of importance. Conservatives all too often get too personal with other peoples lives while demanding “small government”. What a joke. Ha Ha. Ha.

            My guess is, Christ will spew as many conservatives out of his mouth as liberals.

            Best to all with eternity. We all need saving … every one of us.

          • fights

            See what I mean, Steve.

          • Steve Coatney

            I guess that’s not a log in your eye. Something bigger, apparently.

          • fights

            Those without sin, cast the first stone. That won’t be me, I’m a sinner saved by grace.

          • Parmenter

            Steve, what is eating at you?

          • katietaylor

            if it’s bigger, then it’s definitely not your penis! haha sorry…I couldn’t resist.

          • katietaylor

            Agreed. As a liberal and a Christian, it’s rather humerous when I get comments from people in their third marriage about how I’m sinning for supporting marriage equality. Haha. There are a ton of conservatives that are very confused about who God is just like liberals.

      • Linda Kilbride

        I agree with Pastor Jack Martin. Christian conservatives did NOT vote for satan’s spawn in the form of Barack Hussein Obama.

  • Kirk

    WOW! I’ve followed Kirsten for years as one of the few “reasonable” liberals that would often take a stand for what’s right rather than fall lock-step with her party. I’d read in her bios she was atheist and thought to my self, “what a waste!” thinking how could such an intelligent lady just not see? Now that He has pursued you and captured you I pray He won’t let you go:)

  • Fran

    Thank God that He does pursue us. I did have to process over time what I had accepted uncritically after graduating from a liberal college and coming from a time of womens’ lib. Even the “Captain of my Soul” poem that I had thought was so empowering does not fit in a Christian worldview. Holy Spirit please continue to sift through my unexamined thoughts.

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  • finishstrongdoc

    I love testimonies like Kirsten’s; they always remind me of what singer Mack Davis said about why he got married: “We had to get married; we were in love.”
    Love always wins. No matter what.

  • Tamara

    Wow! Praise God! Powerful testimony. God pursued you for a purpose, Kirsten…like He did with Paul, while he was on the road to Damascus. Like you, Paul was a highly respected voice in his community when God pursued him. And like PAUL, the Lord will make His purpose known to you for your life…and will grace you with the power to stand and fulfill your call. God bless you!

  • DanM

    We are all body mind and spirit, her mind was telling her no and her spirit was saying yes. I hope she will pray and read God’d word to confirm her salvation and have a joy filled life.

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  • Dan M

    We are all body mind and spirit, her mind was saying know and her spirit said yes. I hope Kirsten will pray and read Gods word to seal her salvation and have a joy filled life.

  • thywillnotmine

    I have always respected her, even when I did not always agree with her point of view. She was spot on during the Goznell trial, and I admired her defense of the unborn. This story touched me deeply.

  • emsinmd

    I have noticed mostly recently, that Kirsten’s comments on some subjects, where I expected her to spin it and “pretend” she just doesn’t understand what the conservatives are saying or how they think, are wonderfully different. She’s intelligent and knows issues, but her attitude was so noticeably changed, I just recognized it. Excellent! She can explain atheism to other atheists now and more importantly her testimony is a witness to Truth now that she know Who truth is.

  • Dave Stucky

    Well, that explains why I have always considered her a rational human being with humility. No wonder she is different!

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  • Greg Halvorson

    Her faith as a Christian is, however, not reconcilable to her advocacy for DEMOCRATS.

  • fights

    I have seen a change in her over the last couple of years. Now its time for her to denounce the Democrat Party. How does a Christian truly endorse a party that endorses abortion?

    • Allison Sundman

      They endorse pro-choice. You don’t become a good person unless you choose.

      • fights

        Allison, you can justify abortion anyway you want. But the fact remains that abortion is the killing of a human life, not a choice of whether to kill or to keep.

    • libresoy

      Jesus was not a Republican and the only time he got involved with the government of this world, he ended up dead on a cross. Which, by the way, his death covers the sins of Democrats too. So, please stop propagating the falsehood that you need to be a Republican to be Christian. It doesn’t help spread the Gospel.

      • fights

        No, Jesus was not political, I agree. And there are many things about the Republican party which I don’t agree with. However, at the Democrat convention, half of the people voted to keep GOD out of their platform. They also continuously condone and vote for abortion (murder), gay marriage, etc. Things that God has told us in his Holy Word are sinful and abhorrent. Sometimes its hard to vote for either party, but I definitely go for the lesser of 2 evils, that being the Republican Party. At least they continue to acknowledge our God!

        • Parmenter

          Why would He be ‘political’ when He is already king? The question is; will you obey Him, or rebel against Him? And -all- politics is at root theological.

        • katietaylor

          I’m a Christian and I’m for marriage equality and against abortion (but for the morning after pill and contraception). There are a lot of things I can’t stand about both political parties. Some things I like. It doesn’t mean I hate God because I’m libertarian. This idea that you have to be a particular political party to follow Jesus is what is sending people running towards the democratic party instead. It’s like you have to sign a pledge towards becoming a republican after you say the Lord’s Prayer haha. People don’t want the “follow this or die” kind of attitude. It’s scaring people off. When I was a conservative Christian, I viewed God as angry and mean. I hated Him. I left Him. I became more liberal after I met God. Not saying, of course, that you can’t love him and be conservative. But if God is greatly working through my life as someone who is more liberal, and I am leading people to Christ at a higher rate then when I went to Kenya and South Africa, then who exactly are you to make the discerning factor of where my name is located in the Lamb’s book of life? You can’t. She could be greatly impacting the people around her and leading people to Christ. What a wonderful thing.

          • fights

            Wow, how do you go from being a conservative to a liberal, and more importantly seeing God as angry? I’ve always seen Him as a caring, loving Father. Why would being conservative make you hate him? That makes no sense. Maybe you are confusing the term conservative. Additionally, because I don’t believe in gay marriage doesn’t mean I don’t love the person. God has made it quite clear in his Word that homosexuality is a sin like all sins and I see making marriage equal will be a slippery slope for this nation. If it’s just about love, who’s to say polygamy and other kinds of love shouldn’t be equal? This is precisely what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah, and it will happen to this nation as well. It’s already happening. See what abortion has done for this country?

          • Paul Anderson

            The Bible has many passages that speak of the Wrath of God. To those who may not fully understand what this means, it is very conceivable that it paints an image of an angry God. The Bible also speaks of the things that God hates. Hate is most times an emotion coupled with anger. Again conceivable that a Christian, not understanding the nuances of translation and interpretation of such words in a doctrinal context, comes away with a belief that God can at least be an angry God sometimes. Faith and walking with God is a personal matter and each has their own understanding. I think you apply too much of your understanding to others and expect them to be in line with yours. I understand KATYTAYLOR as much as I understand you, FIGHTS, but it is God who is the judge of each person’s heart. I’m thankful for this for I do not want another human person to be my judge in eternal matter of my soul. I am not a democrat or republican and I have and still hold ideals that some consider liberal and others that are considered very conservative. I hold to no party and abhor the thought of aligning my identity to any political party or religion or church denomination. I earned a degree in Biblical theology and afterward cast off all manner of human labels – both religious, spiritual and political. I have been saved by the grace of God and the blood of Jesus shed for me on the cross where he died. I have received new life through his resurrection from the dead and I am to “do unto other as I would have them do unto me”. I am to love the Lord My God with all my heart soul and mind. Nowhere in scripture do I find the invective to be conservative.

          • fights

            Well Paul, I do understand what you are saying. For me personally, I have to go with what I feel aligns more with God and his Holy Word. I personally cannot vote for a party that condones abortion. I said in an earlier post that I had one many years ago and it has a devastating effect on the woman who has one and I thank God in his mercy that HE has forgiven me.

          • Paul Anderson

            Yes, I have a personal agreement with you on the horror of murdering the most helpless of all humans. There is no difference between abortion today and the so called pagan people who sacrificed their children to their gods – a practice anthropologists have found throughout the world. In our country the course we are on will lead to acceptable euthanasia and already there is a movement to allow after birth abortion. However, the question of abortion is only one question among many I ask before I vote. While it is perhaps one of the most destructive “rights” given by our Supreme Court, there are many other evaluations that have to be made. That is why I do not cater or align with any party because whatever group there is, it will change and what it once was it will cease to be and the direction tends to be toward more and more destruction and atheism. Because I do not take up allegiance to political parties, I do not judge another who does. This is a personal decision and life is a transient process. We all move along some line of change. God and his Word does not change. What was true 6,000 years ago about God and his will for us is still true.

          • fights

            I am a Christian before I am a conservative and I am conservative before I am Republican. The parties are set up by a fallen people and are needed because we are fallen. I put God first but I still need to have my voice heard through elections. Elections have consequences and I truly believe since Democrats have been kidnapped by liberal progressives, the party has fallen away from God. They have decided what morality is and morality is abortion, gay marriage, atheism, etc. I do believe that when blinders fall off the eyes of people who are converted they move away from that ideology and towards God’s truth.

          • Greg Miller

            well said

          • Jeremy

            How can you vote for someone who is willing to murder defenseless children? God knits us in our mothers’ womb. It is a matter of trust. The mind of that person seeking power is corrupt and cannot be trusted.

            That being said…it is the Spirit of God that changes minds and hearts through the reading and reflection of the Word of God. It doesn’t bother me that you think differently on certain subjects. I know I am likely wrong about some of my ideologies. I pray each day that my mind is shaped to be more like the King, our Lord Jesus Christ!

          • jimf1958

            Being Conservative beleives in helping those that truely need it and that if you are able to you should be working. What is christian about taking from the working people when you are fully capable of earning a living?, That is theivery and against the word of God. Being conservative believes that life begins at conception. and that “Marriage” is a sacred union between a man and a women.

          • Greg Miller

            again well said you hit the nail right on the head


            It’s not about a political party. It’s about if you follow God’s Word then by necessity, you’d follow the closest political philosophy to what is written in God’s Word.

            When you say you’re about marriage equality that in and of itself strays from God’s clearly written Word and it’s a prime example of many individuals like yourself who call themselves “Christian” but somehow you’ve arrived at a more advanced, progressive, and superior philosophy to what God’s Word declares.

          • JesusFreak

            How can you be a Christian and believe in marriage equality? That goes completely contrary to God’s Word. You can’t pick and choose parts of the Bible that you want to abide by and those that you don’t, you either believe the ENTIRE THING was inspired by God, or you don’t–there’s no two ways about it. That’s the big problem with alot of Christians nowadays, they’re on both sides of the fence, but you can’t have it both ways. When you finally meet Him at the end of your life, how are you going to explain yourself to Him? “Oh God, I just felt like everyone should have equal rights in marriage, because that’s what our culture said at the time.” No. He’s not going to care what our culture said. HE SAID, it is an ABOMINATION, not just perverse, AN ABOMINATION. How much more clear does He have to be??

          • Joanie Mowery

            JesusFreak…I wish I could give you 1000 thumbs up votes! Very well-said!!! God bless you!

          • LovinJesus

            He says that there will be many that say Lord Lord and He will say – I never knew you…. There are Christians, then there are Christians…. the gate and path are narrow and few will find it…. Many who claim Christ are not His…you can tell by their fruits…if they believe things contrary to His Word, they are not truly His….they can’t be.

          • Jeremy

            He could just be working on them….this is a pretty judgmental position to state. He is the potter and we are the clay.

            While I agree that the items listed above are sinful, it may take some time for people who have been caught up in the lies of the world for God to untangle the mess. It’s our job to come alongside and disciple these people…not chastise them or worse send them to hell in our minds. God’s job is to chasten. We are to disciple. This does not mean that we cannot challenge each other’s positions on these subjects using the Scriptures as the source material for truth.

          • bob

            but your cool with wearing two different types of fabric? how about you or your wife wearing gold or pearls? cool with that too? and what about all the things you arent supposed to eat?

          • Jeremy

            Please state your Biblical references to these items and the correct context in which they were used. You may have to dig a little deeper than a superficial reading of the text.

          • jimf1958

            Why would anything about being Christian send you running to the anti Christian,anti God Democrat party ? The Republican Party supports ALL nonviolent religions., as do most of the other political parties

          • Jeremy

            Sometimes the Vine needs some time to prune the branches.

          • Enrique Martinez

            Then you are not a Christian if you are for marriage equality. There is no half way to being a Christian. If you accept things that are against that Bible and God’s teaching, you are not a Christian.

          • Greg Miller

            a marriage is defined as one man and one woman that is that like it or not

          • Jeremy

            No…but if you do not accept God’s complete word as complete truth, how can you trust any of it? Feelings are only a part of faith. Making a reasonable and rational defense for your faith is a critical aspect of authentic Christianity. The heart (feelings) is wickedly deceitful. Trusting in your feelings is certainly a leap of faith. As Christians we are taught to believe and we will be saved. This belief is broader than simple belief…it’s really about trust.

            A trust fall is a good analogy…only when we are convinced that others will catch us by rationally reasoning that the result of blindly falling into their arms is a safe move do we take the leap of faith and complete the trust fall.

            If it is possible to rationally conclude that marriage equality is good and of God after searching the Scriptures, I am happy to change my position on that particular subject. However, I don’t think you will find that that truth exists within the Scriptures for this particular issue.

          • PreacherCruz

            I will put this as honestly and simply as I can. You are NOT a Christian if you stand for things that God says are sin. The Biblical model of “marriage” is one man and one woman joined for life; anything else is NOT marriage by definition. God also doesn’t recognize ANY sex as legitimate outside of Marriage as God deigned it. We could call it Marriage but God will never accept that.

            Hebrews 13:8-9 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever. Be not carried about with divers and strange doctrines.

            You can’t be a Christian if you support Abortion or Gay Marriage just as an unrepentant and active gay person can’t be saved and be Christian..

            1 Corinthians 6:9 & 11 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,…11 And such WERE some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.

            We don’t get any moral credit for being “nicer” than God. HE sets the standards, we just TRY to live according to them.

            Why we vote Republican..

            In Matthew 7: 21-23 Jesus says “Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.
            As for bringing more people to Christ NOW as a Liberal there are two points I will make.
            1. Its EASY to get people to join a group where there is NO cost associated with membership. “I don’t have to give up anything, change anything or DO anything but believe and receive eternal life and then continue in sin?” GREAT sign me up!
            2. You aren’t leading people to Christ because Jesus wouldn’t accept people who refuse to acknowledge their faults as sinful. You can’t be saved if you don’t repent and reject your sin. You are a false prophet who will led many souls to HELL and the Devil not God.

          • 5BBassist4Christ

            Yes, homosexuality is a sin, and yes, abortion is a sin. Yes, I am a Republican, and yes, I am a conservative. But do you guys really believe that a person can’t be saved if they’re a Democrat? Our salvation is NOT based on our political alignment.

            PreacherCruz, you mentioned 1 Corinthians 6:9-11; how does it end? “You were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus.” If you take that part out, then not just the homosexuals are damned, but we all are, for the list includes things we are all guilty of. All sin is covered; there will be homosexuals in heaven. Praise the Lord; we will lose our capability to sin.

            P.S. I whole heartedly that the Democratic party is trying to completely abolish Christianity; that doesn’t mean every Democrat is anti-God, however. They are saveable also.

          • Jeremy

            Amen! We need to challenge people through the lens of Scripture not judge them to hell simply because they haven’t been exposed to it enough yet.

          • PrinceMyshkin1

            Jesus defined marriage thusly, “A man shall leave his mother and father and hold fast to his wife.” No much wiggle room there for “marriage equality,” a misnomer if there ever was one, Ms. Taylor.

      • juddon

        There is far more reason for Jesus Christ to be a Republican than a Democrat. If you recall Democrats denied him three times at the Democratic National Convention, they have orgasms over abortion (killing innocent little babies), most democrats are pathological liars and have no morals, look at Clinton and Obama and I rest my case. Obama is a Muslim, he is NOT a Christian, because a Christian would never denounce Christianity the way he has! Please remember most secularist are Democrats not republicans!

        • Greg Miller

          exactly how many republican athiests do you know I know none just saying

          • LuvinJesus

            No, but I know of a lot of Republicans who claim Christ who go to church on Sunday – then swear, drink, cheat on their spouse etc the rest of the week. Just because you stand in your garage does not make you a car! Look at G.W. Bush – when he thought his mic was not on he was using profanity and in one photo flipped someone off! And he claimed all over the place to be a Christian! You will know them by their fruit….

      • rascalion

        But if you are a Democrat you support abortion and that means you cannot be a true Christian. Christ would never murder a child.

      • Greg Miller

        with that said no u don’t have to be a rep to be Christian but do you think jesus would want you to vote for a liberal that believes in abortion and you know the answer to that u cant have it both ways as a Christian you should believe that life begins at conception but you are free to think how u want that will be between you and god on judgement day

    • cghiotto

      I, too, have seen a change in her. She seems “softer,” more gentle and accepting of things that she would have battled a few years ago. She doesn’t have that “edge” that so many liberal women have. I have grown to like her.

    • Paul Anderson

      Denouncing the Democrat Party would then make her “a better Christan”? So is the way legalism starts. We imperfect people make rules for other to follow so we can accept them as genuine. Even God accepts a person on faith alone. “The just shall live by faith.” Faith is between one person and God.

      • enigmaticaluna

        I don’t think that to believe in God one must choose a political party, parties in the other hand, it’s the very thing that has destroy this country, WE THE PEOPLE don’t go under democrats or republicans, but under the banner of AMERICANS.
        God is a God of war as well and sometimes he will be angry, I have no doubt about it, if we’re make at His image, and we have passions and emotions, so it’s He, but most because love.
        He don’t have the person, but the act of the person, reason why he pardons and wait.
        In the other hand, if we talk about moral values ( rather than faith ) the democrat party has none, for decades if not centuries, or since was created in the early 1800. Remember that the reason the Republican party ( call at the time the Republic party ) was to preserve the rights of the black community, because this man believe that the Constitution apply to everyone equally, that itself separate what describe one party from the other.
        Democrats has been through their history, deceivers, criminals and sinners to the core, they have no core values, ( some among the people does, I talk about those in power in the dem. party. ) It’s the democrats who created the KKK, the Jim Crow Law, use the race card to divide people, created laws for abortion, destroy family values, persecute Christians, take away the rights of the black community and refuse to give them back those rights, took 100 years for that to happen with 0 democrat vote 100% republican.
        We have to stop kidding ourselves, it’s the democrats that are destroying the heritage, history and culture of the USA, the democrats who are bringing muslim and illegals to this country, who lie and spin and use deception with the people… that has nothing to do with God, but if I have to think about a site where is more close to His commands I have to said that it’s the Republican, but today even the republicans has move to the left, the political parties in this country are all screw up, the Libertarians are more far right, libertine and anarchy…

        I don’t follow party for the parties does nothing but betray the people, I follow God and Country, if any law is intent to past against our rights and freedoms, goes against God and country and do not matter who try to do such, from either side I will go after them.
        Moral values and principles had make this country great, it’s the absence of them who has place this country in the bottom in very fast page.
        It’s to know that when the founders talk about Providence they talk about God, and when the mention the Creator the same… it’s not casual that they make this system under Judeo Christian faith, it’s for the people to start paying attention to this truths and understand that ultimately, either we comeback to those teachings or we will end up with in islamofascist system, exactly what they want to give to us.

        BTW English is my second language, I have live dictatorship for 17 years, my faith has let me go through of this ordeal, paid attention to what is going on in your country if you try to pick and choose what is convenience, you don’t have the strength in faith need it to fight the evils of this world.
        He didn’t promise to be easy following Him, but He promise to be rewarded.

        May God bless you and yours ( goes for everyone even if I just happen to comment on your comment. )

        • Paul Anderson

          You made some very good points. We would, or do agree on many things. I appreciate your perspective on the USA.

        • fights

          Great post! God Bless you!

        • Greg Miller

          im glad there are people like you in our country and god bless u as well

        • Jeremy

          We who are Christians are not citizens of this world. I think that we need to think that through some more. America is a great country (at least it was)…but we are aliens/sojourners in this world.

          • Jeremy

            This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t fight for Godly principals as stated above.

    • alehm

      Democrats and Republicans are both architects of the world system. Don’t just pick on one.

      • fights

        I agree, its because we have a fallen world with sinners running it. However, I must vote for the LEAST of 2 evils.

      • juddon

        You are right and you know what I wish the most? I wish the good people of this country would rise up together and kick ALL of our politicians out of office because they are ruining this country, they don’t look out for any of us, they just look out for themselves, and what is worse is that everyone treats them as though they are rock stars! They are not! Look at obamacare of instance, they ALL voted to exempt themselves from the affordable care act, that goes against the constitution. People need to quit being on the democrat or republican side and be on the AMERICAN side and throw these bastards out of office because all they care about is their own POWER!

    • spiritonwings

      Actually she was VERY vocal during the trial of the abortion doctor who killed all those poor babies …. the black doc… don’t want to remember his face her. Anyway, she was horrified and pretty much denounced abortion. Her faith is working and Jesus is working in her heart. Soon she will see the WHOLE picture and convert fully.

      • Joyce Clemons

        She really was the first to show the courage to express outrage in the middle of a media deadly silence. In that regard, considering where she was, she had more invested than any of us in our relative safety. God used her mightily. He’s not going to stop. Christianity is following the lead of the Savior one day at a time. It’s not so much a religion as a reprieve from the otherwise inevitability of judgment for our persistent sin, obstinate nature and self-delusions of wisdom. He is Alpha and Omega. She has grasped the corner of His robe.

    • Mary Taylor

      We will have to wait. We all had baggage at first and over time Jesus’s mercy and grace cleaned us up. Remember we are a work in progress. God will clean her up in His way and timing.

    • Liz

      You are horrible.

      • fights

        Because I don’t believe in killing babies in the womb? Hmm, who’s horrible, LIIIIIZZZZZZ?

  • B-rad

    Praise God! Now you need to abandon the party that has abandoned God. 3 times during the Democratic National Convention they voted to get rid of God out of the party platform. Democrat operatives at the Texas State House yelled hail Satan as people sang amazing grace during the abortion debate. It is clear that no one can stand on the side of the Democrat Party and be a Christian.

  • Narniaman

    I think C.S. Lewis described his conversion as being dragged “Screaming and Kicking” into the Kingdom of God; Kirsten’s in good company!!

  • Endoxa52

    Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that God is God (Romans 14:11). So better to confess now…than later.

  • Full Circle

    You know you’re home when you go to church and you’re not itching to get out. When good things happen to you and you say thank you, Jesus. When bad things happen and you accept that there is a reason for it. It’s such a free feeling when God is in the drivers’ seat.

  • Rob G

    God pursued you because He Loves You!

  • Dave Bender

    Sure wish she had written what evidence convinced her. The article only gives personal experience/testimony as her reason for believing, and that is no reason at all.

  • 1God_Bless_America1

    Sounds a lot like my own testimony. Praise God another Liberal bites the dust :)

  • Gerald Frost

    God works through others because He will not override our freewill, it is and always will be our choice!

  • Liberty Jane

    The Hound of Heaven.

  • jimwilson81

    You have duped me, O God, and I have allowed myself to be duped. – Jeremiah

  • Ann Mullen

    CS Lewis went through the same process. That’s the way it is sometimes.

  • Tom Eckonen

    If she is truthful her fruits will show the secular world she is in a position to do some serious planting. I never dreamed I would be pleased with her. Let’s watch her.

  • Sophie Fairbanks

    Awesome!! I have always liked her. She is one of the most honest liberals I have seen. So this just helps me to like her more!!

  • heynorm48

    To all the non-believers our there: If God is no longer in your life, who moved away?
    Thank you, Kristen, for your powerful testimony.

  • Michelle Gilbert

    Thanks for sharing your story Kristen! Would love to hear more!

  • katietaylor

    I grew up in a super conservative household and rejected and hated God. When I ended up meeting God and becoming a Christian, I actually became liberal. Not flaming, but not conservative either. She’s still fairly liberal. I love hearing stories like this of people who meet God from the “other side” so-to-speak. It’s so so hard to become a Christian surrounded by people who not only just aren’t Christians, but hate God. I had to lose a lot of good atheist friends because of that. They were bitter and growing rude bashing Christianity all of the time. I couldn’t handle it anymore. Proud of her.

  • Jonathan

    you don’t have to be a republican to be a Christian

    • Chaz_Martel

      No you don’t but it does help in your Christian walk if you surround yourself with fellow Christian. I think statistically you will find that the GOP is much more heavily weighted with Christians than the Democrats.This is unavoidable.

      People who are seriously trying to live according to Christian values and mores in our confused and often godless society will be conservative by definition and lets face it most conservatives are more comfortable with the GOP than they are with the Dems.

  • Debbie aka FoxieNews

    Well, I’ll be…. our Pastor was just talking about this yesterday in church, that some people don’t choose God, that God pursues them…. I’d never heard that before, but now here the next day I’m reading this story. Interesting and I’ll pray about it, because that is how God sometimes talks to me…. by repeating a message to me more than once in a week and making it stand out. So there’s something in this for me personally.

  • Bryan

    I wasn’t aware God favored one political party over the other- you people are idiots.

    • Chaz_Martel

      It is not God favoring a political party that would be idiotic. It is that people who are serious practicing Christians tend to be small ‘c’ conservative by definition and such conservatism has a much more natural home in the GOP than it does with the far Left loons in the Democratic party.

      • WraithKingPrime

        Quite so. ‘The mercy of the wicked is cruel.’ Conservatives and Christians realize that no amount of government intervention can save us from ourselves. For that we need Christ.

  • Chaz_Martel

    I am happy to hear the Kirsten Powers has allowed Jesus into her life. As a fellow Christian I can applaud her decision. You will forgive me however if I am a little skeptical of her statement “God pursued me” as it is almost a verbatim copy of the claims made by one of the English speaking world’s greatest and most published Christian apologists, C.S. Lewis, about how he came to Christ.

    My instincts tell me that perhaps Ms. Powers is cynically using a little ‘poetic license’ in the telling of her story. I hope I am wrong because I am inclined to give people the benefit of the doubt; on the otherhand, the well educated and erudite Ms. Powers would have been more than aware of the writings of C.S. Lewis.

    That being said it might be argued that the phenomenon of fundamentally moral, if not religious, people being ‘pursued’ by God is a more common occurrence than we know and that Ms. Powers came to this experience completely independent of any reading of C.S. Lewis.

    For the sake of her immortal soul I hope the latter is the case.

  • Sue

    I am so VERY please and happy for you Kirsten!! Even though you were/are a Liberal, I felt you tried to be fair on Fox and I respected you for that. Now, welcome fellow Christian and may the Lord lead you to do some grand things in your life and others! God be with you! :-)

  • Paul Anderson

    Kirsten has been one of my favorite commentators for FoxNews’ “balance” Her testimony as recorded here is so genuinely from her soul. This is the same as of the father who came to Jesus for the sake of his daughter…”Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”

  • Pam

    God bless you Kristen! God does pursue us with his love and grace.

  • Red_Neckerson

    I am privileged to call Him Abba Father.. arguments on the relative politics of Christ are useless- all that is necessary is to read and understand the Word, and as with Kirsten, the scales will fall from your eyes. For those who are analyzing her testimony, it is one of the most compelling I have ever heard. Those who question her veracity of being ‘pursued’ need only read Romans- and remember it is only for God to judge our hearts,


    Interesting. I’ve always praised Kirsten for her honesty as opposed to other liberals who struggle in that area because they have to tow the party line and talking points. What I would suggest to Kirsten as a fellow Christian is this. The idea that the Gospel and the Bible are about “social justice” is pure nonsense that liberal churches have taken up as a cause, thus replacing the salvation message.

    The Bible and the writers had essentially a couple of simple goals. Declare God’s love for us and His desire to have a relationship with us and to give evidence of what Jesus did for us on the cross by offering all of humanity salvation through Him.

    When I hear Obama or any diehard liberal try to quote the Bible they use it completely out of context (I know, big shock). Obama used the “Whatever you do for the least of these” verse to justify government helping people, but the gist of the message is not about government intervention, but the calling upon us as individuals to do good and to help those in need. That’s a far cry from expecting the government to take care of all our needs.

    When Kirsten begins to see these things, she’ll come full circle.

    I might also add that her new found Christian convictions should lead her to clear knowledge of abortion, gay marriage, and other secular beliefs which are clearly against God’s Word.

  • Marcy Lee O’Malley

    I knew she was looking for something when she “friended” me on facebook in 2009. I just thought it odd. Congrats, Kirsten!

  • Bullhead1

    I pray she grows spiritually in the Lord and will see she does not belong in the Democrat party.

  • Terry Brown

    may God bless you

  • AFV_Editor

    hah, join the club, sis

  • Jessica

    All Praise to our Creator!!! He is wonderful and Faithful even when we are not!!! I will keep you in my prayers Kirsten….cause Satan is angry…he has lost another soul. God is doing amazing things here as we approach the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!!

  • Jeffrey Hardin

    Wow! And I can sense, no see, her struggle with the Liberal side of herself, and those around her that she followed and adhered to. I see it in her and wish her the very best and pray she breaks free of them…As long as she is struggling, then she will know, she is alive in Christ.

  • bill

    God persues us all and sees us as if were his only creation yet we get to see the infinite bed of a universe made just to plant out little earth into and let us conclude how special we must be for that to be the case!

  • Jack Brown

    well,I supose the lefties will condemn her as a sellout.That is OK,she will be just fine.

  • Shelli Bullard Trowbridge

    ” For I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

  • Lawrence Little


  • spamster

    I have always felt that atheism is the height of arrogance. To see the infinite wonders of the universe, a universe beyond our scope of comprehension, and think that you are it – the ultimate being – is a fool’s paradise of arrogance and stark ignorance.

    • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

      Not accepting Islam is the height of ignorance. You infidels will be sorry when us Muslims are in charge.

      • spamster

        I was speaking against atheism. Islam is a religion that believes in God (Allah). It is one of many ways that humans acknowledge a higher power or a creator.

  • cwc
  • Eddie

    I can relate to that….The only thing I would add is this…….God speaks to us in a still small voice. He never yells or screams, He’s just there and somehow you meet. I’m happy for Kristen. It’s nice to know that when all of those secular people are beating on the side of the Ark trying to get in Kristen will be on the Ark with the rest of us. If you’re familiar with the story of Noah’s Ark you’ll understand my analogy. I cannot even imagine living life without Jesus in command and control. I can’t imagine belonging to the Party of Satan aka the democratic party. Remember who booed God at their convention three times !?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Guest

    Am so glad to hear that she is a born again Christian. However, she needs to now remove herself from the Democratic party. They are against all things that we as Christians believe in. For example they support and promote abortion, same sex marriage, etc.

  • oildance

    Wow, I am happy she let Christ in her life! The Lord is awesome.

  • Sharkteeth

    I always liked her on Fox News even though she was liberal. She never was the Rabid type I am familiar with.

  • Raman Krishnan Kutty

    Jesus said “When I am lifted up I would attract everyone unto Me”. It is a magnetic pull. He knows His own and His own comes to Him. God Bless

  • Tommy Hawkins

    God can get who He wants im so glad He wanted me awesome

  • SC

    Reminded me of the line, “Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important.” C. S. Lewis Consider 7 claims of Jesus in view of this,

  • john cummins

    Isn’t Keller a 2 Kingdom guy?

  • tominscotts

    John 15:16
    You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit…….

  • jrw_RN

    Hopefully now, since He has her attention, He will convict her for supporting politicians who won’t protect the lives of the unborn. Historically, (since she seemed convinced because of history,) the nations that killed their children in the old testament times, were destroyed. We must stop the destruction of our children to escape the wrath! I hope she sees this too.

  • Joe

    Seems like a lot of stuff on this message board is about people following rules of Christianity (specifically gay marriage and abortion). After a 2000 year old translation game that resulted in the current English Bible, I’m less concerned about the specifics and more concerned about the general message – love everyone, forgive everyone, embrace everyone. Spread love and it will come back to you.

  • Ken

    I am conservative, I knew from watching her on various Fox broadcasts and panels that Kirsten was liberal. But she was a liberal I could listen to, like, and even agree with on some points. After reading her testimony, I now know why I found her personality attractive. Her initial struggle with acceptance is something many of us go through. And in her case, I can see why that can be even more difficult considering the environment in which she works. By that I mean the greater environment, not specifically Fox News, where I think there are more individuals who have accepted the Christian faith. Kirsten, I think you will find many who agree with you on your faith, even if they don’t always agree with your political views.

  • Latest Ex-Elle Customer

    It is impossible to be a liberal democrat and a Christian at the same time. The morals and ethics do not match. The article said nothing about her becoming a conservative.

    • Kavod And Kaved

      The man who was instrumental in ending the slave trade in Britain, and was a great animal lover to boot, was an evangelical Methodist, and the Quakers (deeply religious) did more to advance women’s rights and social justice causes than just about any group. You must live in a funny world where “liberal” and “democrat” automatically mean “secular” and “marxist”.

      But that’s (your brand) of modern “liberal”….always saying you can’t be one of them unless you agree to accept every jot and tittle of the dogma, rather than think for yourself. Personally, I think the intolerance of an enforced ideological straight-jacket is incompatible with “liberal” and “democratic”. It must be like intellectual colour-blindness, you can only see black & white. Some of us have Hi-Def, technicolor 3-D with surround sound, it’s awesome.

  • Liz

    I don’t get it. History? The bible? Over science? And you are educated? Good for you, I guess!

    • fights

      God is the great Scientist, he created the universe and everything in it through his creation, science.

  • Cionaedh MacantSaoir

    I didn’t know this, but the moment I saw the headline, I said, “Of course”. Yes, she’s a liberal, but you can tell when she’s on the air that there’s something different about her. The “liberal cause” isn’t her LIFE. When a “cause” (liberal OR conservative) is your “life”, you’re dry as dust and quickly getting blown to nothing by the desert winds.