Leave it to progressives to target superhero movies — ‘Wussification’ of America continues

A writer for decided to send a complaint to the PC police about the portrayal of lead roles in our superhero movies. According to this guy, all the heroes seem to be “straight white men,” and they’re not reflective of the presence of the LGBT community in modern day America.

From News Busters:

Gavia Baker-Whitelaw lamented how the movie depictions of Spider-Man and other superheroes are all “straight, white men” in a Tuesday item on titled “America deserves better superheroes: Why a straight, white Spider-Man is no longer a real underdog.” Baker-Whitelaw, a “fandom and Internet culture” reporter for the website The Daily Dot, zeroed in on the supposed “ramifications of having eternal underdog Peter Parker remain a straight, white man.”

The writer also complimented Andrew Garfield, the actor who plays the title character in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, for wondering why the superhero “can’tbe into boys,” and contended that Sony, the studio releasing the upcoming movie, “might benefit from listening to…Garfield’s comments on the potential hypocrisy of portraying Peter Parker as being marginalized by society.” She later hoped that superhero movies would catch up with the “reasonably progressive and diverse representation of real-life America” in present-day comic books:

…Marvel movies are often praised for being more progressive than your average summer blockbuster…but they’re still decades behind the comics….none of those movies have starred anyone other than a straight, white man in the lead roleThe Avengers franchise has managed a handful of female characters in non-romantic roles, plus Falcon and Nick Fury in the supporting cast, but the mere concept of an openly LGBT character still feels like a pie-in-the-sky dream. Meanwhile in Marvel comics, Northstar came out in 1992, opening the floodgates for a whole host of other LGBT heroes….

…[T]he chances of Peter Parker coming out in Amazing Spider-Man 3 are more or less nil. Hollywood is (sic) yet to produce a big-budget blockbuster with any kind of LGBT character in the lead role, never mind having an established hero come out after decades of heterosexuality….Considering the fact that white male geeks already have Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Peter Parker, Reed Richards and Charles Xavier to heroize their nerd cred on the big screen, it’s difficult to argue that they still represent some kind of oppressed minority. It’s probably time to give someone else a chance.

After briefly touching on how the Spider-Man reboot movies seem “kind of…redundant,” Baker-Whitelaw first took Sony to task for giving “the impression of being so resistant to change that it hadn’t even considered allowing non-white actors to audition for the role.” She continued with her kudos for Garfield – that it is “good news…that Andrew Garfield does seem sensitive to the ramifications of having eternal underdog Peter Parker remain a straight, white man.”

The reporter, who is also a fantasy short story author, continued her compliment of the actor by citing how he “went into more detail about his thoughts on the idea of a bisexual Peter Parker:”

“He [Spider-Man] represents the everyman, but he represents the underdog and those marginalized who come up against great prejudice which I, as a middle-class straight, white man, don’t really understand so much. And when Stan Lee first wrote and created this character, the outcast was the computer nerd, was the science nerd, was the guy that couldn’t get the girl. Those guys now run the world. So how much of an outcast is that version of Peter Parker anymore? That’s my question.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time that has issued a far-left lamentation of a pop culture phenomenon. Back in 2013, the website attacked Disney for its apparent lack of LGBT characters, and ripped a renowned video game for having a “deeply problematic” view of “class, race, gender and animal rights.

It comes down to this: The American left is at war with masculinity. They’re absolutely obsessed with what they see as restrictive “gender norms.”

Like it or not, most boys like girls and most girls like boys. That’s basic biology. Forcing people to change the definition of “normal” to make a select few feel better about themselves is totally wrong.

The left is essentially trying to “feminize” our boys. One hundred years ago, young men were going off to war and supporting their families. Today, they’re on their parent’s health insurance until they’re 26 and calling the PC police every time they get offended.

But back to super heroes.

Kids are some of the biggest fans of these movies. Can you imagine how incredibly inappropriate (and confusing) it would be for an 8-year-old to watch their favorite super hero (in this case, Spiderman) make out with his gay lover? It’s incredibly damaging to their cognitive growth.

Half the reason most of us like super hero movies is because of the action, adventure and traits that go along with masculinity.

Plus, if masculinity is so horrible, why is the left encouraging women to take on more masculine roles?

What ever happened to truth, honor, integrity, wisdom, redemption, strength, and dignity? Surely these are traits that cause us to admire heroes, fictional or non-fictional. Liberals think their manufactured victims (in this case, the LGBT community) deserve admiration and praise for the simple fact that they’re “victims” and “misunderstood.”

And let’s be honest. Who would you rather have physically defending you? Captain America or Richard Simmons?


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  • XandGunn

    I wouldn’t mind some gay superheroes in film. There are actually many gay heroes in both Marvel and DC comics. Oh well, hopefully there will be enough movies for both of us to enjoy. Even if they do make movies with LGBT heroes, I’m sure they will continue to make some about straight cisgendered men, too. Everyone will be happy.

  • Warrior’s wife

    Man vs. Myn.

  • Daniel Brock

    Since there are far more blacks than gays in this country, that will need to be addressed first. Then hispanics, orientals, native Americans. But for the record, the reason is that most Americans are not comfortable with perversion.

    • XandGunn

      Well, it is possible to be both gay and Black at the same time, so we could hit two birds with one stone. Also, I believe that people of Asian descent prefer to not be called “orientals.”

      • Jucko

        I think having to meet every ethnic and orientation group is the dumbest thing to do. There is no pleasing people, some think America must adapt to a certain principle or ethos that only they agree with. Each country and culture has its own hero’s, I went to Thailand and there were Thai super hero’s that only the Thai’s were aware of. Same with Mexico, Middle East, etc.

        • XandGunn

          There is nothing wrong with having diverse superheroes. If you don’t like it, that’s fine. Your story about Thailand doesn’t mean anything. Of course people from Thailand have Thia superheroes. And people from America can have American superheroes. And no matter what many members of this site think, “American” is not a synonym for “white straight cisgendered man.” Just accept reality and move on.

          • Jucko

            My “story,” as you put it, means everything. People that are supportive us this just want an American-created superhero while ignoring the thousands of others elsewhere that already have a following or recognition. The origination may be different, but they’re drawn by the same pencil or software. Maybe people prefer the “white straight cisgendered man” over others for their own reasons even if there are others to choose from. Have you accepted that reality? Shoving other beliefs or lifestyle’s down people’s throats doesn’t do anything but destroy individuality and freedom of expression.

          • XandGunn

            How is making more movies with diverse casts “shoving other beliefs or lifestyle’s down people’s throats”? If you don’t want to see a movie starring a gay character or an Asian character, you don’t have to. No one is trying to make these movies mandatory viewing. Even if more movies with more diverse characters start getting made, I’m sure films about white, cisgendered, straight men will still get made. My entire point is that everyone should be able to see themselves in superheroes.

          • Jucko

            Shouting that there must be a diverse cast EVERYWHERE in EVERYTHING, as you keep pushing towards, is shoving it down people’s throats. If people don’t want a more diverse cast, they shouldn’t have to succumb to a small group of people wanting one. There already are superhero’s with the qualities you mentioned, and it’s likely no one cares for them and thus would not make a good movie financially nor audience wise. I’ve already seen foreign movies with villains and hero’s I’ve never seen and even the locals didn’t care for them as much as the major ones such as Superman, Batman, Green Lantern etc because of their legacy virtually around the world.

          • XandGunn

            Simply acknowledging that viewers want diverse casts in movies is “shoving it down your throat?” Wow, someone is self-centered. This isn’t about you. It’s about media, representation, and good story telling. Like I said in my previous comment “If you don’t want to see a movie starring a gay character or an Asian character, you don’t have to.” I’m not saying movies with most white, mostly straight, and mostly Male characters should not be made. They just shouldn’t be the only ones on the market. You clearly don’t understand what I’m talking about, but that’s OK. Some people take more time than others to mature. Anyway, people do like diverse superheroes. You must not be involved in the comic community, that’s fine. If you were, you’d see that literally millions of people would pay to see films and TV shows about Vixen (Black African Woman), Static (Black American Man), Psylocke (Japanese British Woman), Batwoman (White American Gay Woman), and tons of more heroes who don’t fit the straight white male archetype. I really don’t understand why the idea of more diverse superheroes bothers you so much. Is it that you already hate seeing brown and/or queer people in real life and you don’t want to deal with us in the fictional world, too? I’m honestly asking that question, I’m curious.

            Also, the new Constantine TV show stars an openly bisexual man so you might want to get your right-wing pitchforks and torches ready.

          • Jucko

            So if one person screams they want it, does it mean the other people don’t want have to make that one idiot happy? Of course not, but that’s what you’re implying isn’t it? I’m not even right wing, a bit ignorant, are we?

  • Meh meh meh meh meh

    This is it. I hate people. Goodbye.

  • kryp44

    These effing LGBT freaks will never be happy no matter what PC bull s h i t they force on people. Go back in the closet losers.

    • Jucko

      Very true. If they hate straight people so much, they need to realize they wouldn’t exist otherwise. Kind of ironic.

  • AOSean

    It must suck to have one’s identity fully and simply defined by what they like to stick in their orifice…

  • Robert Parkhurst

    Umm…does this guy not know that Peter Parker is based on a comic book? The reason he is white: he was in the freaking comic. The reason he isn’t gay: he was straight in the freaking comic. You freaking moron!

    • Joshua Graham

      What about his dreamy red-head crush MARLO-JOHN?

  • Yikes!

    How about Black/Asian/Native American transgenders who are into animals? They need equal treatment too!

  • Andy Sutfin

    I would have no interest in watching a superhero movie with the lead character a LGBT individual.

  • Jucko

    They don’t have LGBT super heros for these iconic superheros because they weren’t LGBT. Deal with it. Lastly there are black super heros. Lefties always think something is wrong when they need to realize it’s them. Salon is a joke anyways, they’re kinda similar to a corroded bathroom urinal whereas DailyKOS is a corroded toilet.

  • Jim

    Uh, there were gay superhero characters in Watchmen. Not to mention that the X-Men movies used the whole “mutants being oppressed by society” as a metaphor for homosexuality (the director, who is himself gay, explicitly said so). And did this idiot miss the fact that Wesley Snipes headlined his own superhero franchise, or that Samuel L. Jackson has been in every Marvel movie since Iron Man?

    • XandGunn

      A gay character hasn’t been a lead or even major supporting character in a movie yet. And the few films starring Black Men doesn’t negate the overwhelming lack of diversity in superhero films. Also, I am a Black Man, but even I understand that making a few movies with Black heroes isn’t enough to make a diverse world.