Lena Dunham Issues “Apology” For Saying She Wishes She Had An Abortion

Lena Dunham Issues "Apology" For Saying She Wishes She Had An Abortion
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Lena Dunham has carved out a nice little niche for herself saying inflammatory things about issues a lot of Americans take very seriously.

Abortion seems to be one of her favorite things to sound off about and she made a lot of people upset the other day when she said she wishes she could have had an abortion.

Obviously, a comment that trivializes life like this is reprehensible.

Ending a pregnancy isn’t something any woman should strive for or be envious of regardless of her personal stance on abortion.  It’s a decision no one should ever want to be faced with and the comment reveals a lot about Lena’s understanding of basic abortion facts.

The blowback was immediate and forceful.

Then, Dunham apologized.  Kind of…

From Fox News:

Dunham explained in an Instagram post alongside a picture with the word “choice” that her “latest podcast episode was meant to tell a multifaceted story about reproductive choice in America.”

She continued, “I truly hope a distasteful joke on my part won’t diminish the amazing work of all the women who participated [in the podcast].

“My words were spoken from a sort of “delusional girl” persona I often inhabit, a girl who careens between wisdom and ignorance…and it didn’t translate. That’s my fault. I would never, ever intentionally trivialize the emotional and physical challenges of terminating a pregnancy.”

Dunham added that her only goal is to “increase awareness and decrease stigma” and that she takes “reproductive choice in America more seriously than I take literally anything else.”

Wait, what?

So, she wasn’t speaking those words but rather some alter-ego that she sometimes switches to was the actual person speaking during that podcast?

Basically, she is saying that we should blame this other persona and the only apology she is making is for not making it clear that this other being who inhabits her body sometimes was the one really speaking.

This wasn’t a joke.  Jokes are funny.

Why can’t Lena just own it and admit she said something terrible and she’s wrong about the premise of what she said?

You know how many women out there who have gone through an abortion probably cringed when they heard this?

Why no apology to them?

I don’t think there should be any limits placed on comedy. You should be able to joke about anything.  But this wasn’t a joke.  It was a cruel and callous statement spoken by someone who has no clue what she is talking about when it comes to abortion.

Lena isn’t happy people are mad at her. But, you get the feeling that nothing changed in her mind when it comes to understanding how careless her long track record of abortion comments have been.

That’s troubling.

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