Liberals sign petition to legalize 4th Trimester Abortions; Sources say 4th Trimester is after the baby is born


Watch how far clueless pro-abortion college students are willing to go. They sign a (fake) petition to legalize abortions in the nonexistent fourth trimester of pregnancy.

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  • Steven Eischen

    Wow! Unbelievable. I am speechless. “Does it cause harm to the baby?” WHAT?!

    • aterhaar

      No, abortions are perfectly healthy for the baby!

  • Jess LeAnne

    I have no words. I BARELY have my associate’s degree and I know more than these twits. How can people be THIS FLIPPING CLUELESS?!? They have ENDLESS amounts of information at their fingertips, yet they fail to properly utilize it. All they care about is the latest Tweets and Facebook updates, etc. I’m saddened, disgusted, annoyed, etc. Where and when did everything go wrong with our country? Wait. Never mind. I know. Back in the sixties and seventies when the ‘feminazi’ movement began… THAT’S when. Idiot women… *sigh*

  • SoWhatsNew81

    What’s with the chick who just had a baby 3 months prior?! ” Fourth trimester” didn’t raise any red flags for her? Wow.

  • mnchstr

    Just sign it, Don’t even read it… (typical Democrat Drone) ok… HA!

    • Patriot Politics

      If they’re this clueless about what they’re signing, couldn’t you get them to sign a petition outlawing abortion instead? They have no idea what they’re signing after all.

  • James Johannessen

    Creepy ass cracker

  • Sun City Senior

    Speaks well of our soon to be new leaders of the Country Graduating and not with any more knowledge of the real world than the New Born, enjoying it’s right to life.

  • John Doe

    [citation needed]

  • Luke Gwaltney

    this is obviously not real, anyone who thinks it is is seriously gullible.