LIFE: 12 Unborn Animals In The Womb You Have To See To Believe

Joshua Riddle

Co-founder of Young Conservatives. Graduate of Dartmouth College. Read more

One of the most powerful pro-life articles I’ve ever seen, from Buzzfeed.

These images were created for a National Geographic special called In The Womb: Animals by Producer Peter Chinn. He used a combination of ultrasound technology, tiny cameras, and computer design to create these incredible images that replicate what fetal animals look like. This is an incredible window into the womb (or egg as the case may be), laying bare the mysteries of the beginning of life!

1. Unborn Elephant

Unborn Elephant

Peter Chinn

Adorable! Look at its little trunk!

2. Unborn Horse

Unborn Horse

Peter Chinn

3. Unborn Leopard

Unborn Leopard

Peter Chinn

4. Unborn Penguin

Unborn Penguin

Peter Chinn

5. Unborn Dolphin

Unborn Dolphin

Peter Chinn

Aww how cute!

6. Unborn Tiger Shark

Unborn Tiger Shark

Peter Chinn

Terrifying. Absolutely terrifying.

7. Unborn Lemon Shark

Unborn Lemon Shark

Peter Chinn

8. Unborn Polar Bears

Unborn Polar Bears

Peter Chinn

9. Unborn Snake

Unborn Snake

Peter Chinn

This is also disturbing.

10. Unborn Possum

Unborn Possum

Peter Chinn

11. Unborn Bats

Unborn Bats

Peter Chinn

12. Unborn Chihuahua

Unborn Chihuahua

Peter Chinn

Clump of Cells?

Clump of Cells?

Peter Chinn

Wait a minute, what? That’s an unborn human being isn’t it? For every other entry in this series, we realized that the animal inside the womb was the same type of thing as the animal outside the womb. Why should it be different for human beings? It would be dehumanizing to use dissociative language like “clump of cells” in this instance.

Unfortunately however, this particular fetal life in the womb is treated as less than human—it isn’t given the full rights of “Personhood” in the United States. And for that reason, this little one can be killed through abortion. Seems unjust doesn’t it? We think so. If you agree, please sign our Ten Million for Life pledge, which declares that all human beings should be recognized as full persons.[/tab][/tabs]

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  • Kurt C.

    That is a born possum. Do you really think that the womb of a possum is covered in hair. Science is not your strong suit.

    • shellie

      Clearly isn’t yours either. Possums are marsupials and are only in the womb as little as two weeks. They must make their way to the mother’s pouch unassisted and latch on to a teet. If they fail to do this they will die, as most do. We do agree however that they are alive before they are able to survive without the mothers body.

      • Kurt C.

        Oh Shelie. Poor, sweet Shelie. My point was simply that this is NOT a photo of a possum in the womb. Do you agree with that? It is a possum that has already been born and is most likely traveling to its mother’s pouch. Thank you for the lesson on marsupials. As a PhD in biology, it was greatly appreciated.

        • Cogito22

          Missing the forest for the trees much?

        • enginerd

          Sorry about your worthless degree bro…

        • Sherry

          You are very rude and having an advanced degree surely hasn’t helped your manners!!

          • Shonna Hayes

            Everyone on the internet has a degree

          • Ann Arce

            I have a PhD in Felatio

          • Russ Bond

            lol How YOU doing?

          • RavviOli

            Yea, I Know. I get the same degree several times a day. the third one.

          • Brad

            He or she is probably some 16 ye old atheist. I have dealt with atheists, agnostics and (ones who are honest) Godphobes, and they all claim to be scientists and have PhD’s, masters degrees, Dr’s and so on. They are just looking for something to pounce on somebody about…. We have found so many problems in evolutionary “biology” that any 9 yr old knows is wrong! But you know… Just sayin!

        • Wirth Road

          PhD….Piled High and Deep….

        • bakakurisu

          Definition of WOMB
          1: uterus

          2a : a cavity or space that resembles a womb in containing and enveloping
          b : a place where something is generated


        • kat

          LOFL! Sure you do….

        • DeckerG

          Idiot you are. PhD Not!

        • IRemainUnrepentantKolokotronis

          I have my PhD in Electrical Engineering, Kurt. Why you so mean? Compassion wasn’t part of your education?

        • Damocles_Aurelius

          You have a Ph.D in biology, you’d think they taught English reading comprehension as well.

          Tho photo was not titled “possum in a womb”, it was titled, “unborn possum”. The possum pictured is no more “born” than an animal in an egg; true it is not in the womb (any more than a creature in an egg is), and yet it is not considered born.

          You are arguing semantics to appear intelligent. Ironically, it is having the opposite effect.

      • Russ Bond

        lol snap!

      • Guest

        LOFL!! Sure you do…..

      • BioGal

        Since the possum has already been born, and is simply on the way to the pouch – it is not IN the womb and should not be included with the other photos. It’s a great picture but it just doesn’t belong with the others. It gives less credibility to the entire piece. The whole concept and purpose of the photos, however, is wonderful.

    • InstantlyH8d

      Derp, someone needs a 6th grade biology textbook.

      • Kurt C.

        A proper science textbook or one mandated by creationists?

        • InstantlyH8d

          Not sure, which fits your narrative and covers marsupials…derp

          • Kurt C.

            The photo above is labeled as an “unborn possum” but it is in fact a born possum. Marsupials give birth to very immature, almost embryonic young that develop attached to a teat, usually within a pouch. My point was simply, this is NOT an unborn possum, nor is it in the womb as the title suggests. I don’t know what “derp” means.

          • InstantlyH8d

            google it….it fits :)

          • Wirth Road

            This is so funny. Anybody else thinking “Cliff Claven”?

          • Dellburt

            Kurt i mean Sheldon please go back to correcting the classes papers. By the way have an STD and a Sasquatch has a furry womb.

          • Town Crier

            How do you know, have you autopsied one?

          • Terry Ford

            In trying to prove you are right, you only have proven that you’re a moron.

        • praznhim4ever

          Well I could say the same of all the textbooks that are mandated (but not proven) by evolutionists. The kids in today’s society are raised believing that those things are true when they have never actually been proven to be true.

    • Amber Miller

      A “born possom” (sic) is still a fetus. The description says these are fetal animals, not unborn. Reading and spelling are not your strong suits.

      • mic56

        Actually the description says “Unborn”. Comprehension isn’t your strong suit.

      • andrea

        No, it definitely say “unborn possum”, which is false. That doesn’t make the post any less amazing, but it is better to be accurate

    • Terry Ford

      You missed the entire point.

  • Non Emotional/Religious View

    You are missing a view key points here:

    1. None of the other animals in this photo have rights. In fact, one could make the point that it’s obscene that an unborn human has more rights than any of these animals.

    2. You are looking at a third trimester baby here. Please, before arguing abortion rights, post pictures of a first trimester baby. The only ones legally allowed to be aborted.

    3. I do not know what your political affiliation is, but before you argue Pro life, take a stand to support one of these alternatives.

    A. Free birth control and sexual education – very inexpensive and helps for planned healthy families. Oh wait, no that’s against most religious beliefs.

    B. Abortion – moderately expensive but prevents unwanted children from depending on the state – nope you’ve already ruled it out.

    C. Adoption – expensive but ensures child is raised by caring home most of the time. Risks children who are unadopted depending on the state. Gay adoption would greatly help keep , but most religions forbid this.

    D. Expanded medicare and education to raise children on the state. Most expensive option. Most religions side with conservative views which will prevent this.

    My overall point is, sure, go ahead. Say you’re pro-life in a poorly pointed article. Before saying you’re against something, give the alternative some thought.

    We live in an overpopulated world with people who are reproducing and being forced to have babies they don’t want because people like you believe that your beliefs are more important than said impregnated lady’s.

    Don’t get me wrong. I am pro-life. But that means I will have my baby if I choose to get a girl pregnant. I will not impose my view on others for decisions they made. Why do you?

    • dba_vagabond_trader

      Your skewed clinical explanations for everything make me question your pro life creds. You either are or you are not. As for late term abortion, it is not only legal in many places, it is celebrated by abortion zealots, including the potus.

    • chicagorefugee

      How would gay adoption “greatly” help when gay folk are only 2-3% of the population, hmmm? Is there some research out there showing that gay people are that much more likely to adopt than their straight peers?

      • Grint

        317,800,000 X 0.02 = 6,356,000
        Just sayin…

        Also, are you really asking whether a gay couple is more likely to adopt that a straight couple?

        • in your face

          gays can adopt but cannot create just saying…

          • Donna Moll

            What about Melissa Etheridge? She has 4 children by 2 partners with the help of donated sperm. Likewise, Elton John and Neil Patrick Harris have children with their respective partners via surrogates.

      • Miss Castle

        I give you a star for world class ignorance.
        – No one has the time to try to have a child up to the 7th-8th month just to abort it. That’d be a hilarious movie though.

        Gay men and women cannot procreate on their own so unlike a hetero couple they are most likely to adopt vs Straight Couples who CAN procreate most of the time.

        I wish it made me a professional surf boarder. My baby step sister has a head-start. ‘She saw in on TV.’ :(

    • InstantlyH8d

      HAve you been accused of pushing an agenda lately?

    • Devil’s Advocate

      Your second point is false. Because of the 1973 Doe v. Bolton decision, which created a broad health exception based on emotional and social well-being, abortion is legal throughout all nine months of pregnancy. Abortionists like LeRoy Carhart, Warren Hern, Susan Robinson, and Shelley Sella all provide 3rd trimester abortions. You also say the world is overpopulated, yet the fertility rate is below replacement levels in over 80 countries. Check out Finally, if you believe in the right of a woman to procure an abortion, you are pro-choice, not pro-life. You believe in the right of the woman to “choose.” One question: wouldn’t you be “imposing” your views if you got a girl pregnant and forced her to choose life, as you say you would? And didn’t the North “impose” its views on the Southern slave owners during the Civil War? Was that also unjustified?

      • JoonHoKim

        In his case, the impregnation will most likely be agreed upon so there would be no forcing. It would then just be up to the couple to decide whether to keep the baby or not. Don’t take it to the extreme.

      • boobadoo

        I love the internet, it makes everyone a politician, instant badass, scientist, history expert, race car driver, etc. etc. All with one little click lol.

    • Cogito22

      Yes, you are pro-life as much as some teenie screwing for abstinence.

    • Uxi

      Unfortunately gay adoption won’t help. Gays are statistically just not a big enough demographic to make a dent. We know the optimal family unit is a nuclear family of a lawfully wedded and monogamous father and mother pair. Anything else is putting a kid at a huge disadvantage.

      • mitch

        Get back to the point. We as a people have failed to protect the most vunerable against irresponsible people, and I’m not talking about victum of sexual assalt

      • Dylan Summers

        Hahahaha false, I mean it is not like if gay people adopt they are actually going to love their child since they choose to have it right? Also there are some pretty awesome people with lesbian mothers and gay dads. even though the dent isn’t large it is more than nothing.

        • Uxi

          Given the relative wealth, I’m sure you can find some anecdotes of kids who did ok. Money buys a lot of things… unfortunately it’s set against the optimal norm of producing well adjusted individuals born of a monogamous mother and father pair. Then there would be the anecdotes of abuse, as well…

    • Jacey

      First off check your facts. Legally a baby can be aborted until the end of the fifth month, unless some medical emergency exists that makes it unsafe for the mother to continue the pregnancy later then they have a partial birth abortion unless they can do a c-section and possibly keep the baby alive.

      There is (or was) a video on youtube where a girl did a study to see how truth ful abortion doctors are and she had a recorder with her. She went to 3 abortion clinics. At the first two she told the person she was 6 weeks pregnant she just came from her doctor. She said she wasn’t sure she was going to keep the baby because she was only 15 and the baby’s father was no longer in the picture and other factors. the doctor told her she could get the procedure done quick and painlessly. told her how mcuh it would cost but she could check with her insurance to see if they covered it.

      After her consultation. She told the doctor she had one more question. She asked when the baby actually forms and has a heartbeat because she wasn’t sure she could kill a living baby. The doctors told her at both clinics that the baby is a clump of cells until the middle of the fifth month.

      The third clinic the doctor. told her to think long and hard about her decision and other options. but when she asked that question he said the baby is a clump of cells until the end of the first trimester the heart form in the middle of the fourth month.

      Fact: The baby has a heartbeat in 18-21 days after conception

      • Jeannie

        You would be wrong . Abortion is legal up and until the last minute in 9 states in this country. FOR ANY REASON. This is where the general public falls woefully short in their knowledge about abortion in this country.

    • bobalouie

      “I will not impose my view on others for decisions they made.”
      But you don’t have a problem with laws against drunk driving or any other law for that matter? Are those not someone’s views being imposed on others?

      • willmyabortionrunyouover?

        Me choosing to have an abortion WILL NOT endanger the life of people I share the street with… Drunk driving kills and injures people.

        Also Both are preventable.

        FOR EXAMPLE.

        Having a designated driver will prevent the people from being possibly killed by a drunk driver.

        Free birth control and sexual education will help prevent the possibility of unplanned and unwanted pregnancies leading to SAFE LEGAL (more expensive) abortions or UNSAFE ILLEGAL abortions.

        • Kathleen Brooks

          Yes, there are still some idiots out there who do not know how a baby is made, but the numbers of those idiots do not account for the staggering numbers of abortions performed each year across this country alone, not even including those occurring elsewhere in the world. The reason so many abortions are performed isn’t because of a lack of education; it is because we have allowed abortion to become like the slap on the forehead of an actor in a V8 commercial (Whoa… I could have had a V8!) Abortion has become the consequence fixer, the solution to the old “no use crying over spilled milk” adage… unfortunately the “cleanup” on THIS aisle 7 involves the destruction of a living being. We need to remember the 3 Rs– No, I’m not talking about “readin, riting, and rithmatic”– I mean RIGHTS (which everyone knows all too well), RESPONSIBILITIES (we need a major tutorial on this one), and RESPECT (a lost art, without which we will not survive).

          • Lin


        • MarkH

          Having an Abortion DOES guarantee you will kill someone!!!

          Me choosing to have an abortion WILL NOT endanger the life of people I share the street with…
          It’s okay to kill a innocent child because after all I haven’t hurt anyone else….what sick logic!

    • Julian

      With respect, without trying to start a fight.

      The Earth is not overpopulated. Actually is a very empty world. Canada population is only 30 mil people. That’s an empty country. Australia is completely empty. Check some photos with lights over the glob in the night. You will see how empty the Earth is.
      US is pretty empty too, again check the lights. But not only the nights, check the cities, the empty spaces ALL over the glob. All that education that the Earth could not sustain us anymore is just a big lie, but we are not here to discuss why we are taught this.

      • Dylan Summers

        ehh we have more people then we do lights, just because you don’t have electricity doesn’t mean you don’t exist. Also the world has a population of about 7 billion people. a lot of eople have pretty harsh lives due to a lack of resources, reducing the population would increase the resource to person ratio.

    • Dillon Barela

      actually animal do have rights. maybe not the ones shown here but try destroying some bald eagle eggs and see what happens.

      • Town Crier

        Bald Eagle egg? Come to Arizona and TRY cutting down a saguaro cactus and see what happens… BANG you are in prison!

    • Dellburt

      Why stop in the first trimester let’s make it legal to end a life all the way up to 3 years old. I, like you don’t want to impose my views on mothers with rights that made the mistake of not clearing the clump of cells out of their womb when they had the chance.
      Liberals are funny they have no morals or a conscience when it comes to the right to kill a baby, but god forbid if it is a murderer on death row that killed 5 people they will sell their Prius to save the trash. Meanwhile thousands and thousands of unaccompanied illegal alien children are pouring into the country and they grow a conscience. F-ing hypocrites is what they are.

      • Dylan Summers

        ehhh it is not a baby, it doesn’t have sentience, it is a fetus

      • neil

        “I, like you don’t want to impose my views”

        Then don’t hypocrite…

    • Kathleen Brooks

      I do not force people to reproduce. I merely expect them to make reproductive choices with a clear understanding and acceptance of the risks associated with the behavior they freely choose. Then I expect them to do what you suggest you yourself would do… live up to your responsibility for the consequences you risked receiving. If, perchance, you do conceive, however, good luck having any say in the matter as you will likely not be considered as having any rights of parentage regarding said baby; as a male, you are considered nothing more than a sperm manufacturer, and thus would not be permitted to have that baby if the young lady chose not to participate in the party cleanup as rigorously as she participated in the party itself. Will you then impose your right to your child upon the girl’s right to destroy it? Rights are complicated things. I hope you never have to face that dilemma. Not everyone even cares to think through to the conclusion as you at least have. It does, however, happen with great frequency in our society; and when it does, I will choose to stand and fight for the right of that innocent life so it does not get lost in the shuffle of the two who were old enough to know, but selfish enough not to care.

    • serloren

      To my shame, I was Pro-Murder for a LONG time before I became Pro-Life, and I have spent a huge amount of time over the past few decades becoming well-versed on ALL sides of the “Life” issue. I say “all sides” the right to life is bound up in the meaning of life, and that is a much bigger topic than most people ever truly consider with any depth or commitment.

      To assume that everyone who disagrees with a side of an argument is just plain uninformed or misinformed based on one or two (possibly) poorly stated comments is disingenuos at best.

      That said, I’ll make mention of two things since you chose to lay our your thoughts/opinions so fully and clearly.

      “Please, before arguing abortion rights, post pictures of a first trimester baby. The only ones legally allowed to be aborted”

      If you actually believe that the illegality of 2nd/3rd trimester abortions is clearly and fully defined in law (i.e, unarguable in case law etc), you’re mis-informed. If you believe that they do not happen (here in the USA) you are either foolishly naive, or willfully ignorant (of course, we need not go into other countries where the practice takes place (most often by force) mere days before labor begins.

      “We live in an overpopulated world”

      If you truly believe that the planet is incapable of not only providing for the approximately 7 billion people who currently live on it, but for at least twice that number, you’ve obviously been fully indoctrinated by the over-educated self-proclaimed experts on the
      fringes of left-science who have a particular to grind and refuse to face scientific and mathmatical proofs that contradict their imminent doom theories – even when only in part.

      So, before you climb on your own high horse and race ahead in a charge of self-righteous yammering as you so hypocritically accuse many of the other posters here of doing, perhaps you yourself need to give many things “some thought” before you so quickly choose to show yourself as a little emperor with no clothes.

      • Neil

        “So, before you again climb on your own high horse and race ahead in a charge of self-righteous yammering as you so hypocritically accuse many of the other posters here of doing, perhaps you yourself need to give many things “some thought” before you so quickly choose to show yourself as a little emperor with no real clothes.

        No place so full of trained parrots as the Internet.”

        You just did it…..parrot.

    • LInda

      The point is, just as these animals are living creatures in the womb, so is the infant in the mother’s womb. If it wasn’t a living being, it wouldn’t grow and develop until it is born. It is as human then as it is when it is born and you do not have the right to take that life from this innocent human being!

    • northern_sentinel

      “In fact, one could make the point that it’s obscene that an unborn human has more rights than any of these animals.”

      With all due respect, you are an idiot.

  • John Varrels

    no third party should have the power to dictate what a woman does with her unborn child. You are presumably removing a choice and leaving her, a woman that you do not even know, with no options. in a time where progressive thinking is more attractive and applicable to our lifestyle as Americans, you and your past thinking will be left behind.

    • Big George

      “no third party should have the power to dictate what a woman does with her unborn child.”

      What about God?

      • David

        when God starts dictating, let me know.

    • catie

      Then I could argue that no third party should have the right to dictate what a woman does to her BORN child. What people don’t have the right to do is to take life from other people without giving them any other options. Even if I was impregnated from a rape (terrible, I don’t really want to think about it), I can’t imagine even having the thought cross my mind of killing the baby. Causing MORE hurt is clearly not the solution. Ask the women who have had abortions. Are they not the ones whose rights you’re so strongly arguing for? Listen to them. Most of them regret aborting. Because they (and they would know) know that it’s a life and they chose to end it for selfish reasons. Adoption, and lots of other things are options. It is false to say that abortion can ever be “the only option.” That’s limiting the women you are arguing for.

    • Bea

      There are hundreds of organizations across America ready and waiting to help pregnant women through unwanted pregnancies. Kind, caring and professional care. Progressive science has shown us clearly that the baby inside of a mother’s womb is a separate individual with a separate body and only attached by the umbilical cord for food and waste elimination. No different than a born child needing constant care. As a society and a “third party” we protect the minorities, helpless and the infirm. We protect criminals in prison, animals on our planet and more because our progressive values dictate that we choose what is best for not only ourselves but others. A progressive society or a progressive woman is one where the values are equal for each individual. When a woman “creates” a person inside of her the progressive values should be to protect it and do the best for it. Watch some of the gorgeous animal shows on Channel 9 or Animal Planet and see how animal mothers will risk their very lives to protect their babies. We have thousands of women waiting to adopt these unwanted babies and the lest a woman can do is to offer the baby a future, just as she will have, and give another woman the chance to have a baby. Anything less is not progressive, it is regressive to selfishness and self centeredness. The baby in the womb is not the mother’s body. Science dictates that.

  • Lynn

    Um… I do not have a PhD in biology, but I am pretty sure that all the other creatures pictured here, routinely kill or abandon young that are deformed or that they cannot feed. Are you arguing that humans should be able to kill the children they don’t want after birth? Not following your comparison to the “lump of cells” title, like the human fetus is worse off than the others. I, Personally, would rather go before I have nerve cells than after I was born. This was not well thought out.

    • beautiful snowflake

      You must be exhausted after battling that straw man.

    • Guest

      I agree. We are all just another animal that has a temporary existence with no more purpose than any of these fetuses. Why should humans suffer the stigma of having an eternal soul accountable to our individual choices? Or is this suggesting that animal, bugs, and perhaps insects have souls too? If we have a soul, when did we get it and where is it?

      At conception, nine months, our twelfth birthday? After a rape?

      Answer: All of the above. Disclaimer: Initial paragraph involves facetiousness. Synopsis: Life wasn’t meant to be easy. It is anyones choice to kill a human fetus if it inconveniences their self. And if you want to live your life like there is no God, for your sake you’d better be right.

    • Tomswifter

      I agree. We are all just another animal that has a temporary existence with no more purpose than any of these fetuses. Why should humans suffer the stigma of having an eternal soul accountable to our individual choices? Or is this suggesting that animals, reptiles, birds, and perhaps insects, have souls too? If we have a soul, when did we get it and where is it?

      At conception, nine months, our twelfth birthday? After a rape?

      Answer: All of the above. Disclaimer: Initial paragraph involves facetiousness. Synopsis: Life wasn’t meant to be easy. It is anyones choice to kill a human fetus if it inconveniences their self. And if you want to live your life like there is no God, for your sake you’d better be right.

      • LightofDay

        By far the most intelligent, insightful answer…possibly ever. You, sir, are one of the 1%. Thank you, please procreate. :) (not sarcasm, pure sincerity!)

      • David

        “And if you want to live your life like there is no God, for your sake you’d better be right.” Anyone who believes in God just for insurance clearly doesn’t have very good faith, if faith at all.

        • Tomswifter

          David, if you made an assumption that believing in God is only for insurance, I’m not sure why you would derive that from this cliche. Going to church, for instance, for sole purpose of making a show to the congregation is no faith. Using God as a crutch when times are tough is little faith, but still important as it acknowledges Him. Non-judgmentally suggesting that one may want to contemplate their mortal actions, considering the possibility that their existence here on earth has a purpose given them by a Creator, is conceived through true faith. Believing that God’s only Son, Jesus, voluntarily subjected Himself to all the most powerful temptations that Satan could subject, to show that human beings have the potential for good is not an insurance policy. It is one’s free will to believe this. Or not. Personally, I know of no one ever born that has not (or will not soon) die. For those that lived their lives through as though there was no God, what a terrible pointless waste of their brief existence here.

    • Bea

      Yes, you do not have a PhD in biology obviously. I have not seen any evidence that the mother kills her deformed baby. In fact, while watching a nature show on elephants recently, a deformed baby was born and the whole community of elephants protected it until it could walk right. They did everything they could to save it’s life. Same with other animals we’ve watched. It is predators that kill deformed baby animals. The animal programs we’ve watched have shown to what a great extent a mother animal will sacrifice it’s own life to get food for it’s young. But we are not just animals, we are humans. Supposedly we have a higher intellect and because of how our bodies work (hands, feet, etc.) we can accomplish more than most animals in creating useful products and technologies, etc.. Even deformed people have contributed amazingly to our society. The progressive constantly uses the phrase, “Who are you to judge”, and yet will condemn a baby to death before it’s even born.

  • Mike

    These animals don’t have much of a choice outside the womb…right hunters? Back to abortion, in some (sad) circumstances it’s the only option (ie Rape victims). You cannot force a woman to carry child for religious beliefs–which has no part in politics to begin.

    • EEAGLE EYE07

      It isn’t about religion, it is about science.

    • Heather

      The pharmacy carries Plan B. If you’re raped, that’s an option other than abortion.

  • Benjamin D. Hadde

    The truth is that abortion isn’t about women rights at all. It’s a way of controlling the population of the poor in this country and if you don’t believe me then just look at these statistics. Poor people in this country have an abortion rate of 52/1000 women which is over 5 times that of people who live 200% above the poverty line making 37,060 a year; verses what’s considered the poverty line at 18,530 a year. Couple that with other typical liberal policies. Higher taxes on cigarettes which are more highly used by the poor in this country. Then add on things like the Affordable Care act which reduced full time hours for low paying jobs. Then add in extensions to unemployment, and increased benefits and pay outs in welfare which make being poor more comfortable in this country, and creates a bigger whole for the poor to have to climb out of in order to get out of poverty; seeing as they will have to work even harder than they would to get off of unemployment and welfare. Also look at the push for an increase in minimum wage that is being pushed right now which almost always results in a slow down of hiring and even possibly layoffs on low paying and low skill entry level jobs, and you get a group that tricks the poor into think they are out for their interests but are instead keeping them in poverty and controlling their numbers.

    • Erica Cook

      It’s interesting how a man thinks he can tell us what isn’t about women’s rights. When you get pregnant by rape and have to chose what to do about it then you can talk.

      • Heather

        Rape and incest are 1% of abortions. The mother or baby’s health is around 5%. So who’s getting the other 94% of abortions? Like Benjamin is saying above, the majority of abortions are performed on people living below the poverty line. Yet these people have no problem affording cigarettes and alcohol. Birth control pills and condoms are inexpensive enough for these people. It’s certainly cheaper than an abortion. Isn’t it easier to take a little pill daily, or now they even have the shots, rather than have surgery? Liberal logic doesn’t make sense.

        • Erica Cook

          Who, mostly women who couldn’t afford proper birth controal because of the damned rights anti-women’s laws keeping them from having free access. Also people who don’t want to pass on conditions, like myself. Also women who know that they aren’t in a position to take care of them. Oh, and nice use of “these people” in no way shows your narrow minded attitude to people who’s lives you have no way of understanding. BTW the shot isn’t an abortion, it simply keeps a zygot from inplanting. Unless you believe that right now I’ve committed murder because I’m on my period.

      • Benjamin D. Hadde

        Erica I was speaking about political motivations not personal motivations. Politically the left does everything to trap poor people into staying exactly were they are at, and their Is no doubt in my mind that the same applies for why they push so strongly for abortion. Not saying I agree with abortion, but I was not speaking on your personal beliefs. There is simply a trend forming within liberal policy which camouflages poverty control as good intentions for the poor when really it hurts them more than anyone else.

  • Tireku

    A pro-life message with pictures that require the fetus to die to take the picture at that stage in fetal development. Did he not think about how a camera got inside an enclosed environment? Hypocrites.

    • Catie

      “These images were created for a National Geographic special called In The Womb: Animals by Producer Peter Chinn. He used a combination of ultrasound technology, tiny cameras, and computer design to create these incredible images that replicate what fetal animals look like.” Right at the top of the article. You must have missed it.

  • Erica Cook

    Awsome until they got the the clomp of cells crack. That baby was near term. I’m so sick of being labled a baby killer for beleaving a woman has the right to chose what happens to her body.

    • Paula Lightcap Mundhenk

      Your body is an image of God, which belongs to him. Don’t reap what you might have to sew later.

      • Erica Cook

        Not a christian, and I’m sure now you’ll tell me how I need to find my way. Sorry I will not belong to a religion that only knows how to hate.

        • Nathan VanSickles

          You people are so warped by liberalism that you don’t even realize the insane hypocrisy in your beliefs. First of all, tolerance…if you don’t believe in God, or more likely don’t want to because right now in America it’s cool not to, that’s perfectly fine. But there is no reason to argue with every person who does. If you don’t want to respect someone else’s opinion, don’t reply…simple…secondly, enough already with the attempts to justify abortion with the “it’s my body” crap. If you don’t understand that all sexual intercourse carries the potential to get pregnant and still are moronic enough not to take proper precautions, you aren’t intelligent enough to be getting laid. And yes, it may be your body, but the second you get pregnant your renting it out for a while. A unborn child, especially one that can survive without the womb has as much right to their body as you do to yours. The very argument that you should get to choose what happens to your body actually strengthens the argument for rights of the unborn. And try as some of you libtard feminazis will, you cannot come up with a rational counter argument to that.

          • Dylan Summers

            ehh not really a feminazi but I would like to say it might be a good idea to limit our population till we have enough to give orphans a much better life.

      • David

        You shouldn’t tell others who their body “belongs” to just because someone happened to write something down one time and call it divine.

      • apperantlyantichristian


        Using religion in this argument would suggest that the government take your side based on religious belief.

    • catie

      But it’s not just “her” body… And the act of abortion IS killing a baby. Strange how people can’t see that.

      • pinkiepie37

        So let me get this straight you want to give me less rights than a corpse? It is MY body and what i choose to do with it is MY decision not yours. I created that life I should be in charge of what happens to it even in the womb since it is my child.

        • Joy B

          Since you “created” that life and are in charge of what happens to it, I guess you could kill a 1 month old child..since it belongs to you. Your own words indicate that the clump of tissue in your womb is life. Back in 1973 when Roe v Wade was decided by the Supreme Court, we did not have the technology to show that those clumps of tissue were actually living beings with bodies of their own. They are attached to the mother by an umbilical cord giving them life giving nutrition, much the same way a person receives medicine and nutrition through an iv. Inconvenience is a terrible reason to kill life. Sure does explain why people feel justified in killing other people just because they were an inconvenience.

        • Wirth Road

          Wow. Amazing.

      • Dylan Summers

        it is not a baby, it is a fetus. It doesn’t have sentience. It is cute but it is not a baby

        • northern_sentinel

          It is a human being.

  • Gertrude

    I would just like to point out that the penguin and the snake are not in a traditional womb as the rest. did the author not realize these two hatch from eggs?

    • catie

      I think “Animals uteruses and also some in eggs” was probably just not as catchy of a title ;)

  • Beth

    My head just about exploded reading the comments on this article.

    What beautiful pictures. God’s creation is marvelous!

    • David

      God’s creation. Nope.

    • SW

      I agree, Beth. So very beautiful! Thanks to those who took them… and posted them. Thanks to God for creating them! :- )

  • Tom

    This pro life article is attacking a straw man. The writer obviously forgot the science we Learn when we are children. He shows everything but a clump of cells, the zygote stage. The persuasion is very poor for such a good cause, it makes me sad… What it almost says is a human embryo is no different than a fully developed human fetus… The article by omission equates the clump of cells to something that has destiny to become a breathing thinking human. That’s not reality. Sometimes the clump of cells needs to be screened for genetic defects. It’s arguing against pro choice, by providing all the examples above such as the snake embryo and the undeveloped possum it then compares to a roughly third trimester unborn human. The writer can do better.

    • KnightofMalta

      Oh really?

      “The article by omission equates the clump of cells to something that has destiny to become a breathing thinking human. That’s not reality.”

      My friend, blow a plane up while its being manufactured or blow it up on the runway, either way that plane does not fly. Period.

      Late stage or early stages of pregnancy, the “destiny” of the unborn is to be as you an I are today, its not a potential happening, it is beyond reasonable doubt what will happen. This isn’t conservative bullshit, this isn’t twisting the truth, this is logic. Accept it or do not accept it.

      • David

        The plane wouldn’t be as much of a plane while still being manufactured. By blowing it up before it gets to the runway you are saving materials, money, time, and potentially lives.

        • KnightofMalta

          Your taking a rabbit trail.

          Its not about whether the plane is a plane or not (though is still is and just as importantly will be) its about whether or not it will fly. Blowing it up either way stops it from flying. Just as killing a child in the womb will stop that child from living. No matter whether you look at it as life present, or life to be.

          I would like to add again, I am not talking about the potential for life to exist I am talking about what is going to be.

          Another funny note regarding what you said, oh so terrorists being nice makes them right now? Well that is comforting.

  • Earl

    What beautiful pictures.

  • Bob

    Wow, an anti-abortion propaganda post disguised as some photography project. Get out.


    I think you all missed the REAL TRUTH and message:

    “You formed my inward parts; You
    covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous
    are Your works, And that my soul (inner capacity for God to
    fill) knows
    very well (the God given knowledge within my heart!). My
    frame was not hidden from You, When
    I was made in secret, And skillfully wrought (designed) in the
    lowest parts of the earth. Your
    eyes saw my substance, being yet
    unformed. And in Your book they all
    were written, the days fashioned for
    me, (purpose!)when as yet
    there were none of them.” Ps 139:13-17

  • Davo Campbell

    the human is not an animal

  • serloren

    Images are for a British documentary back in 2006-07 (*think* it later ran on NatGeo too). They are not “actual” photos (insert and shoot), but silicone models that were generated using specialized ultrasounds, computerized modeling and graphics over several months. If we could turn the mommies transparent (and their gestational fluids), these are what we would see.

    Very cool stuff.

    (I think the possum photo is probably “actual” since it is in a stage where it is on the outside of the mothers body)

  • Erika

    that baby is far more developed than what would be a legal abortion, just saying.

  • Lier X Agerate

    It depends on how far along the baby is, this one is clearly fully grown. It’s a clump of cells a few months in. People getting abortions are no one’s business.

    • machtyn

      The unborn baby would highly disagree. It is their business and they have no say.

    • AndreainAtlanta

      You realize that you’re actually a clump of cells, don’t you?

    • D A

      Up to about 15 weeks I will agree with you.

      Beyond that abortion is murder. There that’s Compromise that you people claim is god-like right ???

      BTW I am NOT Christian , Jewish or religious at all.

    • Seola

      While I support first trimester abortion, it’s not a “clump of cells a few months in” any more than a newborn is a clump of cells or a 2 year old is a clump of cells. It has eyes, nose, a mouth, face, hands, feet and everything else you’d find in a human. “Clump of cells” is the nearly trademarked name of the left to absolve guilt. It’s well beyond a clump of cells after 2 weeks post fertilization (4 weeks calculated LMP).

      They hope and pray they can pass off the notion that what a miscarried fetus (which a woman’s body breaks down as soon as the pregnancy is lost typically) would be the same as if you were to abort. ETA: I am also not religious. I DO believe in science and science has found the pain receptors in the nervous system begin development between 10-12 weeks and babies have responded to painful stimuli at 14 weeks. (Isn’t it amazing what science can do now?!?)

      9 weeks:

    • Seola

      14 weeks in which painful stimuli is responded to and the genitals are fully formed. We can now tell this, this early to any average woman thanks to amazing ultrasound technology.

  • Russian55

    Technically, the unborn sharks, birds and snakes were never in the “womb” as that is a mammalian trait.

  • Nicholas Gualtieri

    Why is every one talking free birth control, Take it upon your damn self and buy a damn condom.

  • Courtney

    abortion wouldve occured much earlier in the pregnancy. that baby is nearly full term, so abortion would be illegal and extremely difficult. I doubt any doctor would perform an abortion that late into the pregnancy. please dont mislead people with that

  • Real

    Glad you were able to turn an interesting gallery of animals into pro-life propaganda, Josh. Class act.

  • dcook

    Are the bats a joke? See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil?

  • pinksugar

    Arguing over semantics.. the fact is, our youngest and most vulnerable trust us (or have no choice other than) to take care of them. Being ‘in the womb’ or ‘unborn’ is the great Equalizer. It is here we all are without limits to the Possibilities.. a future US President. The person who will find a cure for cancer or Alzheimers.. who knows how many of these people have been snuffed out due to our selfishness? Just because you might not have intended to get pregnant, that isn’t a good enough reason to kill it.
    This is why I won’t ever get involved in other so-called human rights issues like gay activism.. until we are ALL protected in this most basic way, I’m sorry, I can’t help ya.. Being allowed to actually be born is the 1st most basic human right. And if THAT can’t be secured for all or at least MOST, then I’m not interested in your cause.

  • Truth

    You can’t have an abortion in the last trimester of pregnancy. During the time when abortion can occur the fetus is a clump of cells and does not look like the above picture. Whoever wrote the above paragraph takes us all for idiots.

  • Ohsure

    Leopards cubs aren’t born with their distinctive spots. They are born with a dull grey coat with barely visible spots that slowly develop as the leopards mature.

  • joel t

    You all are funny ..thanks for the laughs !

  • Mike

    Its opossum DUH !! Silly PhD’s!!