Megyn Kelly refuses to back down to political correctness for talking about how Muslims abuse women

Megyn Kelly refuses to bow to political correctness.  She knows that Muslim’s are the real people waging a war on women, not conservatives.  Of course, you will never hear a liberal admit that.

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Honor Diaries is a movie that tells the story of nine women’s rights advocates.

Now, when you read the phrase “women’s rights advocates,” you might think it’s the kind of movie that liberals would truly appreciate. Sadly, we haven’t seen any evidence of that just yet.

You see, Honor Diaries is about the way that women are abused in countries dominated by Muslims. Therefore, the truth portrayed in that movie is politically incorrect.

And, therefore, you probably won’t be reading about it on too many left-wing blogs or hearing about it much in the lamestream press.

Leave it to Fox News to do the job that the alleged truth-seekers in the rest of the media won’t do. Megyn Kelly discussed the movie on he program the other night.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was none too happy with that segment. The group actually contacted Megyn Kelly and requested a retraction.

A retraction for what? Talking about a movie that accurately portrays the hardships that women endure in Muslim countries?

Well, the good news is that Megyn Kelly is no wilting pansy. On her show last night, she notified CAIR, in no uncertain terms, that she’s not retracting anything.


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  • Mike Arienti

    If CAIR were really interested in “women’s rights” they would acknowledge that women in Muslim-controlled nations don’t even have rights. What CAIR is really interested in is the liberal agenda and pro-choice promotion.

  • dibble1

    Hoorah!!! Ms. Megyn.

  • Bobbi

    So proud of this woman. All this apologizing and retracting is getting ridiculous!

  • RightUnite


  • Lane

    I have know nurses that worked in emergency rooms and have seen how Muslim women are treated by their husbands. Some have come in with sever illnesses only to be jerked out in pain because there were no woman doctors on duty that night. This is a real problem. There are women treated like animals in our country.

    • Wanda Wisneski

      But don’t cha know they are peace loving ppl! This Islam is nothing short of EVIL!

  • Michki067

    Megyn’s standing in the world just went up several notches.

  • Letterhead

    Well done Megyn.

    Islam is honestly the only religion out there that I think has the distinction of being more evil than Christianity:

    Qu’ran 4:56:
    “those who disbelieve in our verses – We will drive them into a Fire. Every time their skins are roasted through we will replace them with new skin so they may taste more punishment.”

    and this is coming from someone most people on this site would consider a liberal.