MSNBC Political “analyst”: Detroit is what happens when government is too small

Melissa Harris Perry On Detroit: “What It Looks Like When Government Is Small Enough To Drown”

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  • B-rad

    She is dumber than a bag of hair. Strike that, I shouldn’t insult bags of hair like that.

  • disqus_vkwyaBuO48

    she’s so full of BS. i live 2 miles outside of Detroit and Detroit is what happens when you elect corrupt officials into office and have a city console that is so hell bent on keeping every issue a black and white racist issue. every single time a mayor in Detroit tries to do something in the right direction city console steps in and fights it. 70% of Detroit’s problem right now is city console, the other 30% is corruption within the elected officials…. city console members are always on the news at least once a week complaining we should be getting money from the state and surrounding suburbs because they need to share the wealth…. its complete BS, and i for one say its about time responsible people take the city over and start cutting out the fat. local government in Detroit is so overly obese its ridiculous. millions and millions of dollars wasted on jobs that don’t need to be in place.

    • MikeDR2012

      I’m a fan of the xbox 360 myself O_o

      • RB

        Yeah, I’ve never tried a city console.

      • Jeff

        I bet it’s pretty hard to fit all those government people inside said “console”. Lol, good one, MikeDR2012!

        • MikeDR2012

          I totally agree with them I just couldn’t resist :) #ResistWeMuch.

  • MikeDR2012

    She’s totally missing the point. Having low taxes for your citizens is not the same as having too few of citizens to tax. I pay for taxes on my home and car, yes. But I also shop in my hometown, work in my hometown, and basically do 90% of my business in my hometown, so I’m still paying for taxes back to my hometown. If you lower my taxes, I’ll have more money to spend in town. Either way, the city is getting it back. If you drive up your taxes excessively, people leave and take 100% of all of those tax dollars with them. Besides, Mr. Yeeaaahhh said that people are going to lose part of their pension funds, which tells me that excess pension funds are part of the problem. People moving out should have no effect or barring on other people’s pension funds unless they are promising money that wasn’t honestly allocated in the first place. The logic she’s trying to draw here is wildly skewed and, whether she knows it or not, shows just how utterly ignorant she is. I’ve heard of beer goggles, but this lady clearly has Kool-aid goggles. If Jim Jones had a daughter she’d look like Melissa Harris Perry.

  • OMG_2013

    Please keep her away from sharp objects…

    • Ben

      Sharp objects maybe but someone should give her a gun and see if she can figure it out.

  • Mojeaux

    OMG! The stupid hurts!

  • godsmotive

    Wow almost as dumb as everyone else at MSNBC

  • Mojeaux

    “This is what it looks like when you have government small enough to drown in your bath tub”

    No idiot. This is what happens when you drown a tax base in DEBT of enormity that we can’t even fathom.

    This is from the Eulogy of Detroit aka the bankruptcy court declaration filed by Kevyn D. Orr in support of the Detroit Chapter 9 Petition.

    “The City’s current financial obligations prevent this recovery. The City has over $18 billion in accrued obligations – approximately $11.9 billion in unsecured obligations to lenders and retirees and over $6.4 billion in obligations backed by enterprise revenues or that are otherwise secured (collectively, the “Revenue Bonds”). Currently, more than $0.38 of every tax dollar that the City collects goes to service legacy debt and other obligations rather than toward providing services for the City’s residents and businesses. If nothing changes, that number is expected to grow to almost $0.65 of every dollar in less than five years.”

    “As noted above, the City has not been – and currently is not – paying its debts as they come due. For example, the City has deferred payment of pension funding contributions to both its General Retirement System (“GRS”) and Police and Fire Retirement System (“PFRS” and, together with the GRS, the “Pension Systems”), and it accrues interest on such deferrals at a rate of 8%.

    As of June 30, 2013, the City had deferred approximately $108 million in contributions to the Pension Systems in the aggregate. In addition, to conserve cash for City operations, including payroll, the City did not make the scheduled $39.7 million payments under certain pension-related service contracts that were due on June 14, 2013.”

    “Moreover, as a practical matter, the City cannot meaningfully increase revenues by raising taxes. Citizens of Detroit already pay significantly more taxes than citizens of surrounding communities. The City’s current tax rates are at their statutory maximums and, even if the City could raise taxes, its residents lack the financial wherewithal to bear them.”

  • Dino

    She completely missed the point. People were leaving Detroit because of the lack of jobs, high crime, and high taxes. Fewer people were left, so rather than cut taxes, the city raised them. So more people left. Taxes were raised again. Even more people left. And so on. The problem isn’t that the government was too small, it’s that it was TOO BIG. I can’t believe she is paid to be an “analyst”! There are other cities in the U.S. that are in the middle of this vicious cycle. When are people going to learn?

    • Rainy

      She knows this, but she feels she must support President Obama. She can’t help it. It’s truly an addiction.

      • Joe Critchley


    • Jared Mark

      She knows very well that she’s wrong. She is quite obviously deliberately LYING to support her dogmatic socialist view of the world.

      Keep in mind, she’s the one that said our children belong to the society first. She’s a dogmatic ideologue, and her belief structure is part of her very identity, and must be protected with a zealousness that means truth must be sacrificed.

    • JoeCushing

      Maybe after the nation as a whole enters the cycle.

    • thenewsjunkie

      It’s not that Detroit’s government was too big, it was that city leaders had their heads in the sand. They knew what was going on around them but refused to adapt and instead clung to the past. As the jobs went away and the population shrank they should have been shrinking the city, not just government. They literally should have been downsizing Detroit, saying we are going to redraw the boundaries of the city to a smaller footprint that enables us to maintain an acceptable level of services based on the realities of the shrinking tax base. Anyone who didn’t want to move to remain within Detroit’s new borders would have become the larger county’s problem/jurisdiction. It was a total failure of effective, pragmatic leadership that quite frankly did not limit itself to one political party or ideology.

      • Lloyd Barnhill

        It was rather typical of those with liberal policies and ideals. Of course they had their collective heads in the sand, else they would not have been liberal democrats.

      • Tom Butler

        So you’re saying they should have avoided the consequences of their decisions by redistricting?

        • ed_in_tx

          I don’t know what the laws are in MI regarding incorporation of cities and towns, but I suspect it isn’t as simple as just abandoning current city boundaries and declaring a new city line.

    • Richard Jefferies

      Libs are like locusts. They perpetuate the exact cycle you describe over and over and over again and are never willing to admit it might be flawed. Once they’ve destroyed whatever they’ve overrun, they move onto the next thing.

    • Johnny David Buchanan

      You get it. I get it. They will never get it. That’s why my wife and I will retire away from California in five years. There is not enough money in the state to cover the pension and salary promises made to government workers.

    • ChristSandwich

      Learn what exactly? Learn to let CEO pay go as sky high as possible? Learn to reduce workers to wages that are earned in China? Learn to keep the working-class as close to slavery as possible?

    • craigers61

      A true believer cannot give up their failed religion and socialism is the most popular failed religion in the world.

  • Ben

    I hope the people in Detroit where watching this and that they are smart enough to understand what she just said. This makes me sick and I am thankful that I joined the Army and got out of there.

  • Rainy

    She’s being paid to support President Obama. She needs the job, I guess. What a shame!

  • Rainy

    The love of money is the root of all evil. She doesn’t want to lose her job.

  • Max Grean

    I live in Detroit, Government fowls fingers are in everything, they tax everything, They even have a city tax on top or state and fed… mega huge, mega corrupt… Detroit is what happens when government is too big and run by greedy corporations.

    Ross Perot Giant sucking sound. Keep voting the left right paradigm.

    • ShaneJax

      Definitely not defending Detroit or it’s inept management but lots of cities and localities have a income tax on top of Fed and State.

  • Jeff Rogers

    Boy I wish I’d thought of that. Detroit wasn’t spending ENOUGH of other people’s money. Right. Spending other people’s money as the way to financial solvency lol

  • Layne

    Don’t be stupid ,stupid

  • Sherry Jones

    Isn’t this the same dumb broad who said the kids don’t belong to their parents, they belong to the community? I find it interesting that no one is pointing out that a big part of Detroit’s problems can be laid at the feet of the UAW. Detroit was the home of the American car industry, and was once incredibly profitable because of that. But when the UAW gained so much political power, and was able to demand insanely unreasonable wages, the auto industry started to crash and burn. I’m pretty damn sure a big part of Detroit’s insolvency is because of that.

    • DesertRatPunkMetaller

      yep she’s that same collectivist idiot, how she got a platform to spew bs is beyond me.

    • alchemism

      Right. It was the unions that kiled the US auto industry. Not the garbage coming off the production lines, or the private jets that auto execs used as toys — remember when they flew into DC for the big meeting with Congress to beg for money?

      Yes, unions are the cause of EVERYTHING wrong in society today.

      • JordanAmbra

        I don’t think the problems were mutually exclusive. In most large-scale issues, there are multiple factors, usually playing off each other.

        Rising gas prices, missed market opportunities, 9/11, and consumer confidence combined with union wages driving up costs (at least for a time, until they wised up) the Detroit auto industry lost whatever lead it had.

    • The Mastermind

      Unfortunately Sherry Jones, she is more on point on this issue from what you posted. You have 2 posts below you that made the argument on some factors that made the auto industry go down the drain, but lets talk about others. Lets talk about the partner ship that Oil Companies and the auto industry had to stick together to produce tremendous gas eating vehicles while the rest of the world was moving on to more energy efficient cars and trucks. Lets talk about How the CEO’s of these companies knew what happened and instead of being a true captain of their ship and reducing their salaries to reduce costs, they sometimes increased theirs and made those workers lose their jobs by outsourcing or hiring illegal immigrants. Its greed from everyone that has made this happen, not just liberals.

  • Ray Spitz

    No, Detroit is what happens when you run off your tax base, but don’t reduce your budget to reflect that reality.

    • truthteller13

      and overpay government unions.

  • DesertRatPunkMetaller

    How did this statist moron get on tv? More government is never the answer.

  • Zehnhund

    I’m a professional driver and ANYTIME this chick wants to parlay on economics would be just fine!!
    I will put economic literacy up against hers for whatever prize she chooses anytime.
    She’s another cookie-cutter liberal wannabe who chooses not to see the forest through the trees!!
    My DOG can tell you what happened to Detroit!!
    I’m living it here in The People’s Republic of Illinois!!!

  • Sjehilu

    This is what happens when there is are large immigration population that is Islamic. The link below is to a video that explains how they take over in counties like the UK and they are working on the USA and all European counties at this time and Obama is aiding them with executive order bringing over 100,000 new Islamic barbarians for the next 5 years. Congress is the branch of government that is suppose to control immigration numbers, but Obama decided he was God. AND IF ANYONE BELIEVES THE GOVERNMENT IS TOO SMALL IS NUTS!

    See this link for how Islam takes over countries, pay attention >> ty

    • doof

      Well, the comment were good until this one.

  • kevin777


  • Yugo Faakov

    OMG is she for real. Someone tell here that in Wayne County tha match for 401k is 5 dollars for every one dollar. The CEO of Detroit public works is making 197,000 after 5 years at 41 years of age. He has been brought out and will receive a pension of 97,000 for the rest of his life.

  • Greg Elliff

    Government too small? Detroit is $11 Billion in debt, and $9 Billion of that is owed to government workers union pensions.

    • ShaneJax

      Detroit total debt is slightly over $18 billion or slightly over $25,000 for every citizen of Detroit.

  • ermagerd

    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

    ― Upton Sinclair

  • Lobster

    I read through the comments and it is a breath of fresh air to see how many level headed people there are. Thank you for restoring some hope in humanity.

  • Darcy Baxter

    This is classic propaganda. She is actually telling a lie, and she knows it.

  • John Galt

    Stupid cunt should be burned alive

  • eltiare

    Trollers gonna troll.

  • Jan Irwin Pointer

    Government wasn’t too small. It was too corrupt.

  • Jan Irwin Pointer

    Government wasn';t too small, it was too corrupt.

  • Vince Stagbaugh

    She is really retarded.

  • Sally Cronkright

    Um…hello? Why did they leave in the first place? Good grief.

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  • FreedomCzar

    Too stupid…incredibly stupid woman.

  • bobfairlane

    HAHAHHAHAHA. Government is big enough. Big enough to bankrupt a large city when affirmative craction appointees and kosher-approved politicians fill their pockets.

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  • Bill

    No wonder there is so much talk of zombies. I think this is a prime example or zombie like thinking.

  • Brysail

    She is short a few items in her happy meal.Short a few crayons of a full box…..

  • profitleads

    Melissa Harris Perry is either a helpless moron or a deliberate liar and shill for the government-worshipers. Detroit is not what happens when government is too small. The truth is quite the opposite. Detroit is what happens when government is too large, spends too much, borrows too much, taxes too much, takes on too much power and control, and attracts corrupt politicians, featherbedding unions and influence peddlers to the point where the money they extract from citizens winds up, for the most part, as pure waste. In the face of a city government that is crumbling, it’s small pockets of free-enterprise entrepreneurship, private investment/risk-taking and profit-seeking enterprises that are starting to sprout and deliver the services to the public that they want and are willing to *voluntarily* pay for…..without the use of government force and without the creation of any more public debt.

  • therain

    This is hilarious. All 7 of their viewers probably believe her,

  • Electrohacker
  • Lloyd Barnhill

    Mind Numbingly Stupid….. not much else i can say here…..

  • R.Young

    Yes the Feral Government must grow, grow big enough to take over all major cities and bankrupt each and everyone of them!

  • Jim Gorman

    Detroit has been ran by democrats like colman youg and kilpwtric since 1961 detroit is key example of democrats and too big of gov. Tbis dumb butch has no idea whats she is talking about. Try going there or trying to work there and see if too small gov is the problom u moron ding bat bitch

  • RueMcDowell

    she needs to go to work at a cab company not tv…

    • RueMcDowell

      see for seeds my bird can out think her ….

  • Glenn Horowitz

    Don’t forget the old saw that would apply here: ‘If government was put in charge of deserts, you’d see a shortage of sand within the year…’

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  • Jim

    if you’re not from detroit then kindly shut your damn mouth. there is way too much government. we have the unions, the county government which often overlaps city government, and of course the clunky, corrupt, and incompetent city government which is overstaffed and over-funded. If you were from here and read our local news and did all the other things LOCAL residents did then you would get it. otherwise, shut your friggin trap. this is something we need to figure out ourselves without snobby know-it-alls trying to tell us what to do or saying stupid things. just leave our city alone for the love of god, soooo annoying.

  • AD

    if only my govt were ‘small enough to drown in your bathtub’

  • Bob

    No, melissa, this is what happens when you RUN OUT OF OTHER PEOPLES MONEY. For the love of God, how can these people be THIS STUPID?

    • ActaNonVerba

      She’s not stupid she is being duplicitous in order to push a socialist agenda.

  • Some Guy

    Isn’t it inspirational that she was able to get a job on TV despite her severe mental handicap? Good for you, MSNBC! Not many broadcasters would step up and employ the brain-dead.

  • Carolyn VanZorge

    it is just toooooo painful to even watch these lefty nitwits

  • wfincher

    Detroit is what happens when government runs out of other people’s money.

  • Richard Jefferies

    More government (scratch) More government (scratch) more government (scratch)…

  • Happy

    No Detroit is what happens when government is too BIG!

  • fhamilton

    I suggest this moron go read the history of Detroit starting in about 1961. Detroit is a perfect example of too much government. And too much Unions.

  • Land of the fear

    There trying to save the last of the union jobs and there future pensions. They don’t care about the people just there own butts

  • midas360

    There’s always a “victim” in there somewhere. Is it just me or does her statement even make sense? You have a government that declared bankruptcy for “financial reasons” so by having a “bigger government” would have prevented or solved the problem? Does she not understand that big government equals more employees equals more money needed for payroll, pensions, etc. The very thing that brought this city to its knees? I am baffled by the comments of the MSNBC hosts. Are they just talking point puppets for the liberals or do they really believe this non-sense?

  • Tim Smyth

    I the government could drown in a bath tub, I’d have done it by now!

  • Truthis Thenewhate

    MSNBC Political “moronalyst”

  • GEAH

    Don’t wear a sleeveless dress if you have flabby arms.

  • Brashatina

    Don’t forget kwame!

  • Tom

    Excellent point. More oversight is needed.

  • James Christopher

    This may literally be the dumbest thing ever said on TV. War to raise the bar, MSNBC.


    she went through Detroit school system what u expect? Ain’t nobody want to live around wanna be hiphop thugs that ain’t got no money and don’t mow the fucking grass, and disrespect each other’s property
    They get on tv and act like they don’t know why every fucking body moved out. The same reason why everyone that can, gets the hell out of Africa.

  • juliano camargo

    People like her do not know how to build an economy from nothing. All their talk about community is empty, they would never be able to build one from scratch.

    All they know is to get in the middle of a functioning society, point to its social problems, seed envy, throw one against the other, poison the well, use this to gain the sympathy of the downtrodden and occupy positions of power, promising to ‘share the wealth’.

    What to do when there is little left to be shared? What do you when all the rich folks are gone, all the businesses are gone, and all that is left are the weakest and poorest?

    At that stage the professional demagogues try to blackmail the whole country to support the region, and when that also fails, they leave this people to their own fate and find another rich parish to keep preaching their socialism.

    With people like that in charge of the management, the US is catching up very quickly to underdevelopment.

  • Dan

    No. VERMONT is what happens when government is too small… And what a hellhole THAT place is, right?

  • scramopolis

    She’s actually quite correct. Detroit was run for the better part of a century by the automakers, When they began their massive divestiture in the 70’s the Detroit was left in an economic vaccuum that the City tried to fill.

    Those who scoff at this are either too steeped in political dogma, too ignorant of the history of Detroit or both to really get it.

    • PinkClouds20

      What really happened is the city relied on the automobile industry to provide jobs for everyone and when the automobile industry had competition that made better cars than the ones in Detroit, people saw the writing on the wall and fled the city. Bottom line, the city failed to bring new businesses to the city, so that people can work.

  • The Mastermind

    It seems that a lot of you do not like to pay taxes so you would be against this argument from the start. I have to say that what she said was actually correct!!!! Dino said that “People were leaving Detroit because of the lack of jobs, high crime, and high taxes.” The first part is absolutely true. When the automobile industry went down because of a number of entities fault, not just democrats and republicans, I had taken the entire city down with it. Crime has always been a problem there and taxes are like Chicago, if you live in a big city, you are going to pay a higher tax because of what they can offer you. Now, lets take the scenario that it seems that you are proposing. Cut taxes so that the rich people can buy all of the land. HMMM, sounds like a problem with that formula already because rich people has had these tax cuts since Bush was in office. What this is a problem with greed from CEO’s and conservatives, with a few liberals mixed in the potion as well. What you do is lower the tax base on working families, raise them on the rich and ultra rich, get programs to those who want to start a business and make true competition so prices can be lower for everyone. Stop trying to say “do it yourself” because no matter what we do in this life, we will need help from someone for something.

  • Stopher

    Detroit government was too small? Yeah, definitely NOT the case with the City of Detroit.

  • todd

    so the government is unable to pay pensions to its government employees and the reason is because they’re weren’t enough them? everyone better figure out what “backed by full faith” means — it means your putting the future in the hands of the dumbest people on earth…. ones that want to run government and think they can… and believe they know whats better for you than you. when this whole thing is over government is not going to have very many allies. everyone will have been burned by it in some fashion

  • JimDav

    And she is a “Professor”… bawhaha

  • batmanroxus

    Anyone buying that BS?

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  • MikeEchoSierra

    Detroit failed because of not enough government……….?

  • GBSS

    LMAO! I can put the word ‘Analyst’ next to my name and MSNBC will hire me.

  • PinkClouds20

    This woman makes zero sense.

  • What About this

    I get it, She thinks that the size of government only has to do with how much income they take in through taxes. What she fails to see is when people say small government they mean less services (cuts) that lower the cost of government that would then require less tax revenue driving the taxes down. The tax revenue reduction is a side effect not the essence of small government.