New Rasmussen poll shouldn’t be surprising if you’re paying attention

In college, liberal professors will constantly deny any existence of media bias, but shamelessly bash media outlets that refuse to suck up to their agenda. Thankfully, many Americans are on to them.

From IJReview:

Despite Sen. Harry Reid’s near-daily speeches about the “un-American” Koch brothers and the vast amount of money they give to the Republican Party – all while the Democrats take billions from other interest groups – Americans are still not convinced that campaign donations are the number one problem in politics right now.

That designation goes to media bias, according to 48% of the 1,000 likely voters polled for a Rasmussen Report. Big campaign contributions earned the #2 spot, with 44% of those polled.

Among people who identify as Tea Party members, media bias is an even bigger problem – 77% say it’s the number one issue.

The media wields a lot of power. They can influence the masses, and we have to walk that fragile line daily. Liberals have done a great job of seizing media outlets and deceiving masses instead of reporting the truth. We shouldn’t allow the mainstream media to choose our leaders. They have selective outrage toward different administrations, and that’s not how it’s supposed to be. When the media takes on its proper role as a watchdog of the government, truth comes out.  The media definitely needs more truth seekers and not political ideologues. The future of the country depends on it.

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  • Bongo Bob

    The American People are smarter than the politicians on either side and their media lapdogs give them credit for. A perfect example is the extremely low approval rating give to Congress. That’s not just one party of Congress, but Congress as a whole.

    People look at 2012 as a victory for Obama, and technically it was. However, voters, but Democrat and Republicans stayed home in significant numbers in 2012! Obama got fewer votes in 2012 than he did in 2008, and in neither instance did he win by a “landslide”.

    The American People are fed up with the status quo of the current political system. They expressed their disgust in the only way the know how to, short of an armed revolution – they stayed away from the polls!

    2012 was a resounding vote of no confidence to both major political parties in this country. The Democrats and Republicans who ignore this, will do so at their own peril.

    • rolltide6767

      You’d be embarrassed by how low the voting turnout usually is. 2010 was about 38% of Americans. Its just an unfortunate culture of not caring about politics. So if anything the media can be blamed for its sensationalist journalism, as John Stewart theorized a long time ago. Making news that is unimportant seem important. People care more about what celebrities are doing than politics.

      As for the “low congressional polling numbers”. That is true, but if you look at their approval ratings of their own congressmen and senators..its usually pretty high. Which means they are just blaming everyone else, probably due to media bias.

      Finally the least surprising thing about this is the tea party folks at 70%. Its the party of playing the victim, obviously they will complain about media bias and whatever else they can to rationalize why no one follows their archaic political leanings

      • Bongo Bob

        Since when has insisting that the government live within its means, like everyone else in this country has to do, become “playing the victim”?

        Don’t tell me, let me guess. You’re a Democrat, aren’t you? Either that or you are a support of the Republican/RINO Establishment.

        It is becoming so hard to tell those two apart these days!

  • Myquel

    The Jews run the media.

    • Will Buckingham

      And all the hot dog stands. What do you want with our American hot dogs, Jews!? What are you hiding?!

      • rolltide6767

        Actually its the middle easterners…trying to get me to eat kabobs instead!

    • Craig Hansen

      Get out of here with that anti-Semitic garbage. Go watch your Al-Jazeera channel and leave us real conservatives out of your invective.

      • Londontear

        Now, wait. How is saying the Jews have done something wrong, somehow anti-Semitic? That’s kinda like saying the Chinese don’t have a Communist government, for fear of being anti-Chinese if you admitted they did. Saying a people group has done something wrong is not necessarily racism; HATING said people group for their vices IS.

      • Jimmy Crack Corn

        The Jews don’t run the media?

      • Myquel

        What? I’m not anti-semetic! You need to do your research, mainstream media outlets will not make you aware of the people who own & operate these outlets. Some knowledge would point you towards a lot of Jewish men who own these. Also, I’ve never even heard of Al-Jazeera.

    • Richard Blue

      This is a vile website filled with ignorant morons who think if they scream the loudest and try to bully everyone into their way of thinking then that’s democracy. No wonder you right wing nuts can never win a general election. A majority of voters see you for what you are. Small minded bigots.