NSA Whistleblower Comes Forward with STUNNING Claim About Trump…

NSA Whistleblower Comes Forward with STUNNING Claim About Trump...
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This revelation from whistleblower William Binney, just might blow your mind.

Binney worked for the NSA for 30 years, but he resigned in October 2011 after whistleblowing about waste in the agency.

He now frequently criticizes the NSA’s surveillance tactics.

But he makes a very interesting point about all the intel leaks concerning the Trump administration.

Binney puts the blame clearly on the NSA for the Flynn leak.

From Allen B. West via Breitbart:

Binney stated of the NSA: “If they weren’t behind it, they certainly had the data. Now the difference here is that FBI and CIA have direct access inside the NSA databases. So, they may be able to go directly in there and see that material there. And NSA doesn’t monitor that. They don’t even monitor their own people going into databases[…] So, any way you look at it, ultimately the NSA is responsible because they are doing the collection on everybody inside the United States. Phone calls. Emails. All of that stuff.”

One might believe that former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s conversations with Russian officials were picked up because the NSA had ears on the Russians, not that they were necessarily spying specifically on Flynn.

But that excuse doesn’t work with the other leaks, as Binney points out.

Asked whether he believes the NSA is tapping Trump, Binney replied: “Absolutely. How did they get the phone call between the president and the president of Australia? Or the one that he made with Mexico? Those are not targeted foreigners.”

This is all kinds of improper and illegal, if true.

Truly frightening if some in the American intelligence community are actually spying on and targeting the President.

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