Obama Says He Was “Surprised” The Moment Trump’s Victory Was Announced

Obama Says He Was "Surprised" The Moment Trump's Victory Was Announced
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Donald Trump took the political world by storm in 2016.

The people who get paid a ton of money to analyze and predict the political landscape were totally stumped.

Everyone in West Hollywood, Manhattan, and D.C., thought Hillary had this thing in the bag.

People outside of those bubbles knew better.

President Obama was clearly taken by surprise when Trump won the election.

He admitted as much to Lester Holt last night…

From The Daily Caller:

Lester Holt asked the president during an interview on Air Force One Tuesday night about his authentic reaction on election night when he realized that the president-elect was going to win.

“Tell me what happened that night, watching those results when you realized that Donald Trump was going to win,” Holt said to Obama. “Was there an unvarnished Barack Obama at that moment?”

“There was just surprise,” Obama replied. “Generally speaking, not just me but my team have been pretty good at seeing something coming and partly just because the polling was so off, the data was off, there was a surprise.”


It really just shows you how out of touch President Obama is.

Does he actually not understand that he has presided over the slowest economic recovery since World War II?

Does he not understand the labor participation rate is at the lowest point since 1970?

Does he not see the debt approaching $20 trillion?

The guy just doesn’t have a clue about what’s going on in Middle America I guess.

Maybe the Democrats will start paying attention now?

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