Police Chief writes EPIC letter to Kanye West after he compared himself to a police officer/soldier

Open letter from Police Chief David Oliver to Kanye West

Dear Kanye West,

I am honored to be writing such an important star. I am a mere Internet sensation. I’m not sure I am worthy to address you, although the Huffington Post did say I was “Humorous and Insanely Popular.” I don’t pay much attention to those things. Anyway, please excuse my interference in your life for a quick second.

I read your interview and also watched it on video. You said:
“I’m just giving of my body on the stage and putting my life at risk, literally.….and I think about it. I think about my family and I’m like, wow, this is like being a police officer or something, in war or something.”

I want to thank you for putting your life on the line for all of us every day. I know that being a rapper is tough work. I have tried to rap, and it is very difficult to keep up with the pulse of the rhyme flow…although when Ice Ice Baby comes on the radio, I can usually keep up with ol’ Vanilla. Anywho, your job is just some very dangerous work. Most people don’t consider… if you rap really fast, without a chance to inhale, you could pass out and hit your head.

That last paragraph was covered in sarcasm. I’m letting you know, just so you do not think I agree with your very ignorant assessment of your career (or any other performer)as it relates to a person in the military or a police officer’s service. You sir, are as misguided as they come. I do have a suggestion for you. Since you are accustomed to danger, from your life as an international rapper, I am strongly encouraging you immediately abandon you career as a super star and join the military. After joining, I would like you to volunteer to be deployed in Afghanistan or one of the numerous other forward locations where our men an women are currently serving. When the Taliban starts shooting at you, perhaps you could stand up and let the words flow. It could be something like “I’m Kanye West, wearing a flak vest.” I’m sure they would just drop weapons and surrender. You could quite possibly end all wars, just from the enemy being star-struck.

Your line of thinking is part of the problem in the world today….which include entertainers thinking they are something more than just entertainers. I know it is supply and demand and the demand for your services is high. I get economics. What I do not get is you EVER comparing what you do for a living to our heroic military members, who are always in harm’s way… and my brother and sister police officers who have to go to work carrying weapons and wearing a bullet-proof vest to protect themselves.

Check yourself, before you wreck yourself….Chief Oliver.

(h/t Clash Daily)

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  • Lee Gaesswitz II

    Ummm…..BOOM SUCKA!

  • DontWorryAboutIt

    Policemen and soldiers always act like they are Gods. A lot of them are good people, i know that but that doesn’t mean other occupations are not as important or respected as theirs. Humbleness goes long way……….

    • brainy37

      Respect is one thing, but posing is another. West seems to think that his job is comparable. He thinks his life is at risk in a similar manner. That is the problem here. His statement is like saying that you are able to light your own gas grill therefore this is how a fireman feels. West has always been full of himself to levels of magnitude unheard of. His blogs are self absorbed, his statements are self absorbed, and generally everything about him is…about him. That little stunt he played on Taylor Swift should have been “a clue” but many people have forgotten about it. He’s no different now.

    • Dawn Lassater Phythian

      Law Enforcement and our Military do not think themselves as Gods (technically it would be little g as in gods). Instead they do something that Kanye has no way of relating to – a selfless job, that puts your life on the line EVERYDAY, to serve and protect. Yes there are other occupations that are important and respected, but Kanye’s self righteous jab wasn’t at those occupations, it was at law enforcement and the military – thus this open letter. Humbleness does go a long way and it’s something Kanye wouldn’t have a clue about.

      • Bob

        Thank you Dawn.

        • Jermale lane


      • Jermale lane

        Kanye also doesn’t kill, harass, rape, PUNCH women like COPS do. So it works both ways lady only except I rather be RICH and FAMOUS than to be some fat pathetic cop crying about petty shit

        • RO

          Of course you are right Jamale. Kanye has not been busted punching women. But he apparently has no qualms about degrading them through lyrics. You are basing your assumptions on a few media stories.
          One could easily say that because there are murderous malicious gangsta rappers in the world that ALL black rappers are murderous and malicious. But an intelligent individual does not base an entire societal group on the actions of a few.
          You clearly have had minimal interactions with your local PD. You should take some time to turn off the tv/radio/internet and get to know even a few local PD officers. I think you will find they are inherently a good group of people with an extraordinarily difficult job. They deal with the dregs of society day in and day out, yet
          they take the time during the holidays to help out with community events, many involving at risk kids.
          On whole, most offices join the police with a desire to do good. You just need to allow yourself to step away from stereotypes and do your own research.

          • Well?

            I second what RO said and FYI, those pathetic cop’s your calling out, protect you every single day. That’s why you’re still here talking shit about them, ah…ignorance.

          • Billy Joel

            Clicked on this by accident and somehow got sucked into all the previous pathetic comments. Who gives a f*** about any of this. Its all publicity utilized to lure soft brained folk like you into a petty argument. Divide and conquer. It doesnt take a flipping genius to know what a soldier, cop, and music entertainer do for a living so maybe focus on something a little less mind-numbing. Its not that serious and you all look ridiculous

          • Jack Sparrow

            So, even if “by accident” why are you commenting? Fingers type that response “by accident” too?

          • Guest

            Come come now everyone, we can’t you such big words when responding to Jermale lane. It’s obvious he’s slow and ignorant. lol

          • Marquis

            Generalising a group of people who have been proven to be overly violent against people they know they can get away with abusing is way different than generalising black rappers. Because the latter one is racist.
            Kanye isn’t perfect, he *is* still a man after all. Men benefit the most from the way society works, I can openly admit that, and degrading women is seen as normal in this day and age. The important thing is that Kanye is doing good for people who are Black and people who are Queer, the proper way to criticize him would be to point out his overt sexism NOT by making fun of his attitude.

          • Dale Guessford

            Your gay and black…..I feel sorry for you

        • Semper fi

          Your a dumbass fuck you and Kanye

          • Semper fi

            …….And your prolly a dumb nigger …’s unemployment you lazy bitch

          • MDHitchcock

            That was uncalled for Semper…racial slurs and I am Caucasian and I find it very degrading that you would use this language to describe anyone. I agree with what this Chief says but putting down someone because of their race is very wrong. My son is a Young Marine and my nephew is a Marine and did two terms in Afghanistan. You embarrass me by using the name “Semper Fi.” Here is another one for Marine Officers which you probably have no idea of the meaning Ductos Exemplo which means “to lead by example.” Which is the farthest thing you just did in your posts. Very embarrassing you are indeed!

          • Rick Boughton

            Dude, Slow on the Semper Fi. By your tone and your words, you are not and have never been a marine. So you have no right to use this accolade. Marines have MUCH MORE respect than you possess in your pinky toe. oooohaaa.

          • Sky Dixon

            FYI: that would be Oorah. Agreed on the rest. :)

          • Alyssa

            wow, you are so ignorant… If these are the types of people serving our country and the types of people this “chief” is defending….then our country is FUCKED… you are a sad excuse for a human being.

          • Alyssa

            wow, you are so ignorant… If these are the types of people serving our country and the types of people this “chief” is defending….then our country is FUCKED… you are a sad excuse for a human being.

        • Rick Boughton

          Listen to the ire you spew. Lets look at your base statements. Kanye doesn’t kill (some performers have) harass (again, some performers have) punch women (and once again SOME performers do) versus the blanket statement “like cops do.” I personally have met quite a few cops and soldiers in my lifetime, and have yet to be beat, harassed, raped, or punched by any of them. So I guess the fact that some have done this and got their 15 minutes in the news, it is not the norm as you seem to think. Sure, you would rather be rich and famous than some pathetic fat cop crying about petty shit … EXCEPT..When some asshole steals your purse , your car, your TV, your Identity, Who you gonna call? Kanye? GOOD FUKKIN LUCK. You are the reason society idolizes pop stars. Freakin losers, all of them. Oh yeah this includes YOU.

        • Brandi N. Busbee

          yeah cuz being rich is everything. You think its all that? Most cops don’t even make 40,000 a year, and Most cops don’t do the things you described. And I remember Kanye having his own law problems just like some of the rest of us. I don’t consider comparing his life to those that protect and serve PETTY but some of us aren’t trashy and looking to play a race card. PLZ, U must be as perfect as ole Kanye or Tom Cruise.

        • chris

          Hey jermale, get your bitch ass on the front lines and then let us know if you feel the same way. You’re pathetic and don’t deserve the freedom that our brave soldiers provide you.

          • Alyssa

            Tell someone they don’t deserve freedom is very ignorant…he is entitled to his opinion, so leave him be

          • Alyssa

            Tell someone they don’t deserve freedom is very ignorant…he is entitled to his opinion, so leave him be

        • Eric Pope

          Maybe next time you visit yo cuz or home bois in jail or prison, you can see how much of your “culture” is put in there for all the moronic garbage you’re spouting out. I’m willing to bet your “culture” is the #1 visitors! Read a book and educate yourself.

          • Alyssa

            That was unbelievably racist…maybe you should take your own advice

          • Alyssa

            That was unbelievably racist…maybe you should take your own advice

        • jeremy edwards

          i bet he has punched enough women in his time.

    • Dawn Lassater Phythian

      Law Enforcement and our Military do not think themselves as Gods (technically it would be little g as in gods). Instead they do something that Kanye has no way of relating to – a selfless job, that puts your life on the line EVERYDAY, to serve and protect. Yes there are other occupations that are important and respected, but Kanye’s self righteous jab wasn’t at those occupations, it was at law enforcement and the military – thus this open letter. Humbleness does go a long way and it’s something Kanye wouldn’t have a clue about.

    • DarkerMarker

      most occupations aren’t as important. want to know why? because with out our service men and women their would not be a society to participate and work in.

    • Robert Messier

      Kanye is so clueless. Other occupations ARE important, I get/understand that, but without the cops and military, who’s going to protect the other occupations? Oh, yes, they do get paid for it, but they volunteer to put themselves in danger for others. Kanye is just an overpaid prima-dona whose biggest danger is whether or not he’ll stub his toe or get a hang-nail.

    • Rosa Cristler

      Your an ASS I hope and Pray none of your family is protecting your sorry butt.Its because of the Proud Men and Women Serving that’s keeping you free.

    • Wheeee!

      First of all, you probably mean humility, not “humbleness:–I don’t even think that’s a word. You are just as ignorant as Kanye if you think they see themselves as Gods. They see themselves as regular people. In fact, my husband doesn’t even like when people thank him for his service in the military because, in his words, “he’s just doing his job.” So until you want to pick up a weapon and put yourself in the line of fire to protect others, shut your mouth. Thanks.

  • Nichole Locke

    DontWorryAboutIt, your thinking is flawed. No one is saying police/military is more important than anyone else. Kanye, however, is saying he is above everyone else. What has Kanye done to better our culture? Nothing. The only reason he has the ability to do what he does is because of the people willing to take the dangerous job of protecting him and his rights. Yes, it takes all types to make the world go ’round. You talk about humbleness – what about Kanye (and almost every other celeb, for that matter) thinking they’re God’s gift to the world while degrading society?

    • DarkerMarker

      kanye has now exalted himself to the level of god, of did you miss that with the whole I am Yeezus(Jesus) part.

      • Wilsmooth

        You mean to the level of God

        • Anon

          Hitler> Kanye

          • CommonSense

            Let’s never compare to someone so evil as Hitler, OK? Not even as a joke.

          • Sturmwulf88

            Hitler had the right idea, he was just an underachiever.

          • Science-Akbar

            Super Douche Award of 2013 is snatched away from Kanye by Sturmwulf88

          • Suck my kosher dick

            He was a pussy just like you bitch

          • Jewkilla

            hitler da man kill da jews

          • Borat

            Suck my kosher dick

      • ecw1998

        2pac>kanye..thanks for playing ur welcome

        • John

          Weird Al > Kanye.

          • Peter

            Everyone > Kanye

          • Jimmy1337

            Zoidberg > Kanye

          • Jared Brunk

            that’s just the best

        • SomeDood

          Gay fish = Kanye

          • Shawn Christopher


          • Ben

            Morgan Freeman >>>>> Kanye

          • sYnsYko

            Someones been watching South Park I see

          • Camille

            Shut up! [looks at the whiteboard again.] Alright, now what do we know about fishsticks? [adds more words to the board] They’re breaded, they’re fried, they’re frozen. Then under me we have rapper, genius. And gay fish are homosexual. They swim. [begins connecting words] Is it because breaded has something to do with genius? Which swims?

          • juju


          • trixiewoobeans

            South Park.

          • Question Everything

            please don’t insult gay fish like that.. thanks!

        • Arturo Baby-hulk Ramos

          shit> Kanye

        • Josh Gabbard

          my farts>Kanye

        • DoYouEnjoySucking

          Death > kanye

        • getridofthem

          poop>>>>>>Kim Kardashian = Kanye

        • ecw1998

          kanye sucks ..but when it comes to katrina he told the world like it is “bush hates BLACK people” on national television on nb fuckin c lmao all other news on kanye and his wife i dont give a fuck about tupac is in thug mansion chillion with GOD— RIP 2PAC

      • Someone

        So.. Him and the pope must be buds

      • manometate

        Didn’t John Lennon say the Beatles were more popular than Jesus? What happened to him?

        • J.

          Please do not compare the Beatles to goofball/dumb doornail/fiance of dumber doornail Kim Kardashian, Kanye West. Please. It may be dumber than what Kanye said to begin with.

          • Taiwan Jordan

            they were smart enough with using their talent’s to get a whole bunch of millions that your broke ass will never have. so who’s really the dumb one

          • J.

            You don’t have to be intelligent or talented to be rich/make money genius. Examples: Snooki, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Justin Bieber. See a pattern there? You also don’t have to have ACTUAL talent to be rich, the prime example being Kim Kardashian. She first acquired “fame” from a sex tape – if that’s how people make millions these days, they all can keep it. I have something INFINITELY more valuable: integrity and self-respect. Sweety, you don’t have the intellectual stamina to battle me, tuck your tail and go home. BTW, who said I don’t have money? :)

        • Dalton Allen Spradlin

          Yes, Lennon did say that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus. However, the quote is often taken out of context. Whereas Kanye says whatever he says with an inflated head, Lennon was stating a fact in response to a question.

          • Pickaloo

            Yeah there are billions of Christians now, during the Beatles time and centuries before the guys in the Beatles were even born, so I really doubt they were more famous than Jesus. Get your “facts” straight….

          • Corey Stanley

            You do remember that nearly half of the world lives between China and India alone and neither of those countries have a general population who could tell you a single thing about Jesus, but can tell you all about The Beatles, There are a lot of things in the world that are more known than Jesus, do you think the families in Southern Sudan, the Darfur region, know what Christianity even is?
            And Lennon was implying that they were more famous than Jesus at that current moment, not in all of history, so he was in fact, right?

          • Tasha22

            Actually, the people who are being enslaved and butchered by the islamonazis in Sudan ARE CHRISTIANS>

          • Luis Pigurina

            Good, Thank you for typing that so i didn’t have too.

          • JR

            The Beatles were literally more popular than Jesus when that statement was made. With the percentage of the worlds christian population hovering at a steady 32% the Beatles could very well have held a larger number of fans. Get YOUR facts straight.

          • satin

            wow you Jesus freaks are fucking hilarious!!!!

          • Alyssa

            What is more hilarious is that you’re named after a fabric lol

          • juju


          • Delbert Wilkins

            So you’re a good christian – a bully who mocks names. Alyssa – a sterotype name for? Shanice / Beyonce?
            Grow up.

          • Lil

            I am a Jesus Freak. I love him with all my heart. And I also have a brain that the Good Lord kindly placed between my ears. That said, I must agree with this statement. In their zeal to defend our Lord and Savior, many have misinterpreted the statements. Popularity is very different from self-proclamations of divinity. The Beatles (whom I love, btw) did not compare their personhood to that of Jesus, nor did they claim deity status. Popularity addresses how well known AND how well liked one is. There is no disputing that He is well known, but even Jesus Himself told His followers “you will have trouble in the world for my sake”. After all, He was so despised He was crucified! I wouldn’t call that popular. It ISN’T popular to follow Christ. But we don’t follow Him to be popular. Now, Kanye, on the other hand, has proclaimed god-status. He, however, is too unintelligent to be the anti-Christ and is, therefore, nothing more than an annoying little gnat that doesn’t deserve our attention or time. In fact, I was only prompted to respond because the Beatles were dragged into the fray ;-) Lighten up people!

          • Rob

            Love truly is blind then…you love someone that likely didn’t even exist…and if he did he died for nothing long long ago.

          • Alyssa

            To say that is untrue. He died for his beliefs and the people … that is hardly for nothing.

          • Jody Stafford

            you love air, don’t you. You love to breath right. But you can’t see it so it doesn’t exist. So do the world a favor and stop breathing.

          • juju

            Who are you?????

          • Shane

            Popular is not the same as Famous. If you can differentiate the two words then you will understand what that statement actually said.

          • Jesus

            There are not ‘Billions’ of Christians. There are millions who are held ransom by emotional blackmail. ‘Believe or go to hell’. God wouldn’t do that. Love is unconditional.

          • Andres Quintana

            Where the hell are you pulling these facts? Have you done any research to back this? If you have I’d very much like to see these sources where Christianity is now being practiced by more than 1/7 of the world’s population. I would have imagined news like this would get global coverage.

        • Anon

          The difference is that the Beatles actually WERE more popular than Jesus.

          • justiceforall

   are completely out of touch.

          • Justin Craft

            Yeah, a few generations heard of the beatles… but wait, I wonder how many heard of Jesus? Stupid comment.

          • Corey Stanley

            But of people alive currently, The Beatles are still more well known than Jesus, hell, more people know what Coca-Cola is than know who in the hell Jesus is!

          • Ben

            You are sadly mistaken. Like…..SADLY…..mistaken on that.

          • Corey Stanley

            Enlighten me as to how I’m mistaken, there are 7.1 billion people on this planet, 2 countries, China and India, make up about 3 billion of those people alone, and Christianity is not something the Hindu’s of India want corrupting their population and China won’t allow it to, freedom of religion is a tad bit more restricted than what it is in other parts of the world. Yet in all 220 some-odd countries in the world, Coca-Cola is more recognizable than Jesus, a person that if you do not know about either Jewish or Christianity, then how are you expected to automatically know who that person is. Even in Japan when I was there visiting my uncle who’s lived there for 30+ years the people know vaguely what Christianity is, but couldn’t tell you a lick about the bible, or even knew what the sacred book of that religion was. Jesus doesn’t have commercials on television and on the internet, nor does Christianity, but I see ads for Coca-Cola. It is a hard concept to fathom, an economical product having more popularity than a savior for one of the last established religions in the world. Also, since 10,000 BC the world steady maintained a population increase from 0-1.5 billion, up to about 1750’s (discovery of penicillin and microbes). In the last 270 years or so, we have increased an additional 5.6 billion people, most of whom came from larger countries such as India and China, who don’t know who Jesus is, weird I know, since Jesus was a megalomaniac and a very skilled sociopath and all, but I believe at this day in age, maybe not when Lennon made that comment, but now, 50 years later, yeah, more people not just currently in this era, but since the dawn of time know who The Beatles (which btw I;m not all that big of a fan of to begin with, just an over glorified boy band who changed their sound cuz of LSD and other hallucinogens) are more than Jesus. Sorry, Jesus just isn’t that important to learn about in a Chinese elementary school, or a South Korean high school in Seoul. And of course the Arab countries that are primarily Muslim aren’t gonna allow anything to be taught or even known about Jesus either.

          • Landfyoung

            How did the Beatles turn into Coca Cola? The claim was that the Beatles were better known than Jesus. In addition,your argument is very incorrect about Muslims. Most Muslims know a great deal about Jesus, just as most Christians know a great deal about the holy man -Moses. Muslims believe Jesus was a prophet and a holy man, just as Christians believe that Moses was a prophet and a holy man. Muslims just do not believe that he was their Lord and Savior. So yes, the 1.3 billion Muslims do know about Jesus. In addition, many Buddhists understand and know about a great many holy people from Christianity -as holy people from any faith are not inconsistent with their beliefs, most of the time. Finally, there are Catholic CARDINALS in some Asian countries, so Chrisitanity is alive and strong in many of those countries as well. While it may not be the predominant faith, it does exist and people know of its exhistence much as we know of other sets of belief systems within the walls of our county. Perhaps the closed off North Korea follows your point of view, but the rest of the world if quite aware of most the religions of the world. The internet is wonderful thing and it works as well on the East side of the world as it does on the West.

          • megluan

            No, the statement was that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus. Christianity is not the largest religion in the world, as much as the Christians would like it to be. The religion things is fact. Knowing if the Beatles were more popular, you have to look at historic data to figure that out.

          • Landfyoung

            I never said Christianity was the largest religion in the world, however, it is. Christians make up 28 percent of the world.( Cite: US Census, and Wikipedia et al.) While coming in second is Muslim. 22 percent. (Cite: See Previous). However, my point is that Jesus is popular and well known among Muslims, and he is. Example: “The belief that Jesus is a prophet is required in Islam, as it is for all prophets named in the Qur’an. This is reflected in the fact that he is clearly a significant figure in the Qur’an (appearing in 93 ayaat [or, verses]), though Noah, Adam and Moses appear with even greater frequency” (Cite; Wikipedia, and, Finally, my entire argument was based on the previous argument that Muslims and other faiths were unaware of Jesus’s existence. Which, indeed, is wrong, as are you. There is no way a religious person of any of these faiths would find the Beatles to be more popular or well-known. Considering that is half of the world’s population, I doubt you can find any proof that the Beatles are more popular than Jesus. My son who was a Marine, is 23, and cannot even name one of their songs. He can however, tell you many things about Jesus, Islam and Christianity.

          • seasons31

            Seriously, did you just use Wikipedia as a source? My professor’s would have booted you immediately for being ignorant enough to believe that Wikipedia is factual. As for the bible, it makes for a cute bedtime story but is scientifically impossible. My daughter whom is 14 and my 9 year old son can name all kinds Beatles songs. Your son sounds like he is stuck in a religious bubble instead of being exposed to many cultural classics. My guess is he has never read any American classics either. I also love how Kanye bested everyone on here because of debating what an idiot him and his brainless girlfriend are, we are debating whose more popular: Coke, the Beatles or Jesus.

          • Monique Suess

            I agree this entire thing has turned from what a brainless idiot Kanye is into a debate about the beatles and Jesus, etc.

          • Kyle Young

            ^^TAKES THE CAKE FOR TODAY!!..well put ;)

          • Alyssa

            A cute bedtime story?…. It is considered to be literature even to those who are not of religion. What does Kim have anything to do with anything? I hate how people assume that they know their intelligence level because we know nothing. What they put out there for the world to know is entirely different from what is true. And it is rude to talk about others children

          • discypherz

            My parents are from china, they never knew of jesus, even though they knew of christianity, what they did know was elvis, beatles and michael jackson.

          • diana

            I stopped reading after you cited wikipedia as your source.

          • Reasonable

            Actually wikipedia has people literally sit at computers and research their topics for hours on end and type up reports. As teachers say it is unreliable because it is so easy to use it is practically cheating. It actually isn’t that easy to change and edit, i have tried to edit a history document to show my teacher students would use it and it went up for review to wiki and they struck it down as inaccurate.

          • Corey Stanley

            I was about to post that, but I’m glad someone already did :D

          • discypherz

            They might know ‘of’ the faith but that does not mean they know the details. I know of the Quran and the Bible, I only know of jesus but not much from the Quran. It is ignorant to assume just because a religion is in the country, that the details should be known by all. Most of the people in china are so old fashioned, they won’t even know what is a christian.

          • CGL

            Jesus is a prophet in Islam, so he is known by Muslims for the most part.

          • Alyssa

            That is soooooo wrong… He was a Jew… Born in Bethlehem

          • satin

            Not to mention the Beatles actually existed and Jesus is about as real as Santa clause lmfao burn baby burn!!!

          • clyde

            You may not believe that Jesus is who he claims to be, but there aren’t many intelligent people who deny that he lived and died on planet earth.

          • discypherz

            You may believe in jesus, but evolution cannot be ignored. God gaps are excuses for religion to still be reputable even though most of the stuff in the original bible had to be changed. If god was real, he wouldn’t have wrote the bible wrong like men did.

          • David Martin

            enlighten. what parts of the “original bible” are changed? The dead sea scrolls show that there is little change from the original texts to what we have today. Are you talking about translation errors? Yes, there were some translation errors from the the greek and hebrew into Latin and then into german and then into english, but the greek and hebrew directly into english is pretty accurate.

          • discypherz


            “While there were 2nd century BCE MSS fragments of the LXX among the Dead Sea scrolls (recovered in 1947) what should not be overlooked is that even though the LXX became the Bible of the early Christians, it wasn’t without revision. In fact, even as it included some books not in the original Masoretic Hebrew text (e.g. the Apocrypha) other books, such as Jeremiah, were much shorter abbreviated versions of the original.

            After all this controversy there were even more repeated revisions and further translations by Aquila, Theodotion, Lucian, and eventually numerous evangelical redactors from the 3rd century onward.”

          • HeistheTruth

            Actually, how can you believe in evolution? Leaving religion out of this, how can you say we came from monkeys? They have fossils of people, and fossils of monkeys. They have one or two “inbetween” fossils, but all of those have been proven to just be deformed. Also, if evolution was true, why don’t we see anything between monkeys and humans today? There should be some trace of evolution.

            Now, going back to religion. God is real, and the bible isn’t written wrong. God spoke through men to write the Bible. And the Bible hasn’t been changed, it’s been misinterpreted in translations. That’s not God’s fault, that’s mans. God is perfect, man isn’t.

          • discypherz

            Evolution is not a belief, it is reality and a fact. Even the pope recognized it as such. The difference is that they call them god gaps. Those fossils have not proven to be deformed. It is in our national history museums, not an art gallery. And you should be able to see evolution all around you, every living thing adapts naturally to the surroundings. Such as a plant, let’s just say for example, plants like trees do not move on their own but if you deprive them of some sunlight, it will grow towards the sunlight, as little as that might be. Evolution is about survival. Do not speak of God as being real, if it was real, there is absolutely no proof of his existence. There is no difference between you believing in God and the witch hunters. False hope for a better afterlife. We are exactly like every living thing. We are born from seeds, not god, we live and die. Our existence is only seemingly more because we are the highest evolved form. Think about antibiotics. How does it work and why does it work? We put a bit of the disease into our body, and what happens then? Our body naturally builds white blood cells to fight that disease. Which is evolution since we never had those white blood cells before. Survival. Even just metal. Instruments placed in the body, our body would grow around it like a pacemaker. Our bodies adjust because we are made of cells which in itself takes votes on what your body should do. Even the bacteria in our bodies work like that. Please do not ignorant and plague the world with a God who is actually not very caring, since he is a dictator if he was real. Look at Kim jung il, in you do not believe in what he believes in, you will die and be tortured or humiliated. That is the same as God if he was real.

          • Corey Stanley

            Very well put

          • Alyssa

            Santa Claus was a real man…

          • Kdiity

            See what I mean about liberals !! What a miserable people !!

          • come correct

            jocephus, considered THE word on history during christ’s lifetime, mentions christ in his writings. the historical, theological, and scientific communities consider there’s enough evidence for jesus christ to have been an actual, Factual dude. saviour or hippie, he was real.

          • Gabby

            If you don’t believe in Jesus, then how is Satin real? Jw

          • Charlie Chubbie Bubbles

            You buffoon! Islam recognizes Jesus as a prophet. They also recognize to believe that the Arc Angel Gabriel revealed divine truth to Muhammad. Go take a Western Religion’s class. Puh-lease. *hairflip*

          • Grand Assumptions

            Apparently, you don’t know anything about Christianity in Asia. China has a huge underground church, Japan has many churches in their major cities (been there) and South Korea has the second highest number of Christian missionaries being sent out. Also, Seoul has some of the largest churches in the world. I get what you’re trying to say but you can’t just assume an entire population doesn’t know about one of the worlds largest religions in such a globalized time. We may not live in a Islamic or Hindu nation but we know about Muhammed and Buddha.

          • discypherz

            I have been to china because my family is from there, apparently it seems you are ignorant to the fact that china doesn’t follow suit with western ideals. They are communists. They have their own belief system as well as their own internet system to keep things like jebus away from their people. My grandma and my parents have no clue who jebus is, I had no clue either until I moved out to the western world to study.

          • Frank

            Discypherz said that the parents and grandparents back in China do not have a clue who Jesus is. I would like to ask, is it that they have not heard the name Jesus, or they do not know his teachings? The may know that there is someone like Jesus, but they do not know who he is or what he represents. Just like I would assume many would have heard the name Nelson Mandela without knowing what he did in SA.

          • Detroit

            Hey dick head I mean Corey Stanely, MUSLIMS DO KNOW ABOUT JESUS. He is mentioned in the HOLY QUR’AN more then Prophet Muhammed (pbuh). Hmm maybe the real Jesus is in the Qur’an afterall he did mention in the bible the coming of a man named Ahmed and the bringing of the final book genius.
            This is wtf is wrong with America. We are a virus to the fucking world, you people are classifying Jesus with the drug headed Beatles and this ignorant piece of shit Kanye?

          • discypherz

            I know what you mean, how can anyone place jesus on the same level as beatles and kanye. No one has been killed to support kanye’s or the beatles boss’es. Hmmm I think jebus did. Oh wait there was a holy war?

          • David Martin

            passage please? where did jesus say that a man named Ahmed was brining the final book?

          • Corey Stanley

            I love how Christianity teaches understanding and compassion to others, whether they follow your religion or not, hence the purpose of missions is to convince and bring new followers into the Christian faith. You’re totally convincing me by talking trash and bullying and making yourself out to be on a high and mighty pedestal because you follow Christianity. Pleas oh please can I join your bullshit excuse of a bully facade, please!!!!
            And btw America is the reason the world has an economy, with the #1 economic output in the world, followed by Japan and Germany, and those 3 countries added together are more than the next 220 countries combined. WIthout America, the world would be hurting for medical and technological advances because no one would be buying all the useless crap to fulfill their lives to fund these other countries to be able to do anything else for themselves other than agriculture and hunting

          • Mark

            Why should I care what the rest of the people in the world are doing? It doesn’t bother me that there are people out there following different religions. As a christian that has read portions of the Quran, I can tell you that it has many of the same values and lessons as the bible. Any book can be misinterpreted or corrupted, look at the west bureau baptist church. My main point is, just because you and I believe in our way doesn’t mean we have a say in what others do. As long as a person has a moral code to follow, I don’t care what they believe in.

          • Frank Conway

            if jesus is the lamb of god and mary is the mother of jesus …did mary have a little lamb?

          • Corey Stanley

            This is HILARIOUS!!!! I seriously just laughed way too loud at 3am

          • CatOnTheProwl

            The last I heard, no-one knew what was really in Coca-cola either.

          • krispyk

            I bet you could also say that Ronald McDonald is more popular (recognizable) than Jesus.
            Just stirring the pot…

          • Corey Stanley

            I supervised 3 McDonald’s at 21 years old and know pretty much the entire company in and out, and they have restaurant in 220 countries, so yeah, I’d say he is

          • jrd

            IF you only knew

          • dave green

            Actually Muslims know about Jesus and consider him a prophet although lesser than Allah and Mohamed. The rest of your novel is fine, I don’t like the Beatles either, and I grew up during the 60’s and 70’s.

          • Frank

            Stanley’s opinion seems logical, but I fail to agree. Stanley does
            not speak about popularity, but the idea of knowing Jesus.p I would hate to start arguing about CocaCola and Jesus. I would be comparing a product with a person who is long dead. The product has the privilege of an international company’s backing and like you mentioned the Christian churches are not international. However, comparing the Beatles to Jesusmay be possible. If you say that the Beatles are known more than Jesus, it is wrong; the name Jesus is known by even those who do not want to. Just like I know the name Mohammed (and I am not a Muslim), or Buddha
            etc. It is different to know the person, and to know his teachings.

            However,our view is still limited. You may have been in Japan and not heard theword Jesus. But, did you go asking around the people who knew, or did you conclude that no one knew Jesus from the people surrounding you (your friends may be atheists or believers in other religions, thus you think everyone is not a christian). It can surprise you to meet people spreading the word while hidden. Even in China, there is a Catholic church that has been severed away (by the government) from the main stream church.

            Anyway, I also have heard the group Beatles. However, I cannot tell you which songs they have sang. I believe the group was largely based in America, and probably Europe. Jesus is either fully known(including teachings), others know his historical details, others know him as the leader of a rival religion, others do not appreciate him, or others have heard him only by name. I believe everyone would put themselves in these categories. If there is
            anyone who could not fit in these categories, it would be either a
            child, mentally ill, or illiterate.

            Without comparing the generations, because it is obvious Christians will continue passing the name of Jesus. At the time Beatles were active and at their peak, they could have been more popular (known and liked), but their name could not have been more widespread than Jesus. Based on this and many
            other reasons that I do not wish to mention, Stanley should not
            undermine a message that has withstood the age of time.

          • swiggitypiggity

            “since Jesus was a megalomaniac and a very skilled sociopath and all”
            *tips fedora*

          • oggityboogity

            the fuck is Coca Cola?

          • satin

            you are sadly mistaken

          • Tasha22

            What is your evidence for that claim?

          • CatOnTheProwl

            Nobody in Africa, South America and the Caribbean know who the Beatles are. You’re living in a bubble Corey.
            That said however, everybody knows who Michael Jackson is.

          • jrd

            that is true and sad – prob why the world and people are so messed up because they dont know Christ!!!

          • discypherz

            Over half the world does not know of Jesus. The biggest populations are india and china, they do not preach jesus there. Did jesus say 4 is a bad luck number?

          • I believe as ma and pa did!

            Out of context. Yawwwwwwwwn. The Bible is a racist paradox of murder / forgiveness / emotional blackmail.

          • Sean S

            One generation. Everyone else got second hand stories.

          • Kyle Young

            Yes, people didnt feel like they kinda had to like the beatles or they’d be banished to hell for all eternity..when you think about the fact that those numbers for the beatles were fans of their music/musicianship..and that most of the people pushing the jesus name are brainwashed down the path to doing so…say what you will be the truth hurts – not even much of a fan or the beatles but if i had the choice id gather around a building with others and listen to their albums on repeat once a week…sure as fuck would beat church..

        • asdfg

          Yeah don’t compare Kanye to Lennon, Kanye never beat women.

          • jr

            you are a dumbass.

          • satin

            rotflmao yeah that lennon sure did like to beat his women,It’s to bad he had to OD on all that lsd and die… shm…

          • Hoodlum

            U DO know lennon got shot right?

          • Hoodlum

            U DO know lennon got shot right?

        • Jinx

          To you and those that commented to this, Lennon did not compare the Beatles to Jesus, and never put them at the level of Jesus, or say they were better than Jesus. It is more a comment about the general public than it is about the Beatles. There is a huge difference.

          • SilenceTheIdiots

            Thank you! Was scrolling through this feed hoping for an intelligible interpretation.

          • jrd

            nope no diff..if you are going to compare yourself to the Son of God you had better make sure you say it right

          • jackie

            Correct. Lennon said the Beatles were more popular than Jesus. And back then he was probably correct!!

        • james barkley

          Jesus isnt real d bag

          • B C

            No, Jesus is real person. He really existed. It’s whether he truly was a prophet, or a messiah that’s in question.

          • Aaron Tobias Cornett

            jesus totally exists he mows my lawn every saturday

          • B C

            See, I told you he was real!!

          • Kim Merrill

            Jesus WAS a real person… he was a philosopher who believed and spoke of freedom and what it entailed.

        • mooney

          that was one of the most misquoted sentences of all time read the entire story in full content before speaking

        • Becoolhoneybunny

          It’s also 2013

        • Marissa

          Who is Jesus?

        • Marissa

          and im pretty sure NO ONE could say that they know who jesus is because there is no proof, there is no evidence, and no one has ever seen this so called “Jesus”. Like I said… Jesus who?

        • Plumbcrazy

          I believe he may of been correct at that time.

        • Tobiaswearscutoffs

          John Lennon didn’t say he was like Jesus, but instead said the Beatles were more popular. Kanye compared the likeness of himself to police officers and people who actually put themselves at risk in their field. There’s a difference In the way the artists made a comparison

          • Corey Stanley

            whoa, artists, you mean artist, Lennon, cuz last i checked to be an artist you have to practice art, not crap, so Kanye is a crapist

        • cmon

          I mean everyone saying that the world doesn’t know who jesus is has their head up their ass over half of the world was controlled by Christian and catholic nations who tried to force religion on everyone else… not even religious don’t care either way but I mean its not like because these people don’t live in first world countries doesn’t mean they live under a fucking rock where they don’t remember their own subjugation under Christian rule less than 100 years ago

        • People People People

          Lets get back on topic, Kanye is a recovering gay fish that’s engaged to a Hobbit who thinks he is God.

        • itisme

          wow went from a dumb ass to the beatles to jesus to god wow . who would think

        • Darin Wood

          At the time and even today, statistically speaking, the Beatles are more popular than Jesus throughout the world. Not every person in the world are Christians, but many of those non Christians are Beatles fans then and now. He did, however, do something very different from what many celebrities would do. He apologized for offending anyone and clarified his meaning. John Lennon was not a god, he was a person like any of us with positive and negative aspects of personality.

        • Tony Mena

          John was making a point that was taken out of context and blown out in the media.

        • jackie

          He was shot and killed by a psycho. Your point is…..?

      • Alyssa

        Yeezus actually stands for Yez-is-us…. Just saying

      • Alyssa

        It stands for YEZ-IS-US. Just saying!!

    • Jermale lane

      ”our culture” ? Are you even Black?

      • Phil

        Culture can be the youth in general man. It doesn’t have to be racial.

      • David Wolf

        Mr. Lane I am a 4 time Afghanistan veteran with 3 purple hearts. If you think Kanye West is a hero you are just as misguided as he is. Not everything in this world comes down to race or culture. Most of the time things come down to right and wrong. I agree not all police are good, but I will say the bad ones are such a small percentage compared to the good ones. If you have had nothing but bad experience with officers try not being a DB to them.

        • Tripp Nichols

          Dont argue with people this stupid. They are not worth YOUR time. i salute you bro.

        • Wolfman

          applause – applause – applause !!! good cops & bad cops, most media only reports on the bad. ps and Thank You Very Much

          • Jimmy1337

            Because when you give someone an absurd amount of power, it’s not acceptable to have anywhere near the level of corruption we have.

        • Luigi Michaelo

          God bless and thank you for your service.

        • Cujo Cricket

          LoL You helped kill farmers, women and children. You David Wolf are no Hero by ANY means. You and the rest of the military are nothing more than Crazy Dumb Psycho Cowards. Its like beating a one armed women in a wheel chair to death…..Because she scratched you. The only Freedoms you people have fought for is the freedom to wage un-just wars and the freedom to take our freedoms away. Oh I could care less about Kanye, I know nothing of the dude.

          • Cody Edward Hansford

            Do not ever compare soldiers to crazy dumb psycho cowards. If you knew anything at all you would know that the brave men and women of our various military branches do not chose to kill people, and trust me most of them would rather not, because they are people and people do not want to kill people. Politicians and assholes like yourself are the reason they fight, so you can say ignorant things like that so the next time you think they are so wrong why don’t you join and then you can change it.

          • Kasi

            Amen, Cody.

          • nellix9

            well my dad’s ex-military and he confirmed that there are plenty of crazy assholes in the military. don’t ever pretend that every soldier is a good human being. if so we wouldn’t need places like the united states disciplinary barracks, leavenworth now, would we cody edward hansford?

          • Audrey Messer

            Yes, I’m sure that there are crazy assholes in the military, what makes you think that all men/women can go thru traumatic experiences and not crack. We ask our military personal to face obstacles that we would never face, to go and become killers, to kill someone who is trying to kill you can be traumatic for people, and if they are good at it, they get medals, then they come home to be called baby killer, or something of the sort. I’m sure your father went thru some stuff, and as my father was once in the military and fought in WWII I can pretty much agree from what he had told me that sometimes people go to far. Then again, picture one of your friends talking to you one moment and him dying in your arms the next, or seeing him with his arms blown off, does that not make you vengeful? Would that not change you in someway?? And just for your information, your being able to disagree with people on this post is from some soldier dying in our past, I’m pretty sure had we lost WWII that whoever came after Hitler wouldn’t have allowed disagreements with them. So I do appreciate what our military does for us, they keep us from having to face the enemy on our turf.

          • Jp wilder

            Thank you for your input Audrey and I couldn’t agree with you more. What I think is very naive is that people think all soldiers go over to Iraq or Afghanistan and get to kill people and cause a bunch of slaughter. If you ever served, in ANY branch of the military, especially the army, you would know that all jobs aren’t front line combat. Me being a vet of Afghanistan, I know the difference between a combat support job and a combat job. I have been on both sides of the army.
            We all got our basic combat training when we joined, but unless you are infantry, or another combat mos (military occupational specialty) than you will probably never use a machine gun(gun that uses of belt fed ammo) in a normal unit or blow stuff up. Basic training teaches all soldiers the basics of combat and thats it. Its just an introduction. when you are finished with bootcamp you get training on your job you picked. After that, you go to a unit and do your job, whether its in a war zone or stateside. The army doesn’t send computer guys to kick down doors and kill terrorists. thats just not the case lol. thats why they have combat soldiers for that. Support soldiers help the guys in the front line so they don’t die or run out of supplies. There are exceptions, but that is normally what happens. The office is the office and combat is combat. They don’t mix the two unless you get specially trained to do that and depending on what type of unit you are in.

          • nellix9

            it suits the hegemony to have a culture that praises and venerates the highest those who would kill others instead of those who educate others, those who save others, those who cure others. don’t talk about the trauma that soldiers go through without talking about the trauma that doctors/surgeons, fire fighters, and social workers go through. don’t elevate soldiers without elevating the nurses and the teachers who were there long before they were even able to qualify as soldiers. and don’t present each and every soldier as being directly in the line of fire or seeing combat. that’s simply not the case. and don’t make it seem that freedom of speech here online is directly attributable to some soldier dying in the past. it’s not. and don’t conjecture what may have happened as it isn’t what happened. you can appreciate all you want but i don’t have to…

          • Corey Stanley

            There are also crazy CPA’s and crazy lawyers and crazy parking lot attendants, and crazy mcdonald’s workers and crazy bums and crazy software programmers and crazy assembly line workers and pretty much every profession out there will have a percentage of crazies working for them. Again, if you people are upset and hate America, then leave, good luck finding better living conditions with such a powerful economy, or you can do what America’s founded on and make a difference, make a change, start a petition, join an interest group, become a lobbyist, or better yet, become a politician and write new laws or push for different legislation. We do live in a country that allows the governing body to change quite frequently and it’s policies and laws just as frequently. If you don’t like them, don’t bitch, just go make a change, that is unless you’re too lazy or stupid to do so, which in that case, continue complaining about everything and do nothing, cuz that definitely works in all other areas of life, bitching and moaning while being lazy changes everything.

          • nellix9

            good luck finding better living conditions with such a powerful economy? please. you obviously know nothing about any other country. ever heard of the G8? all members are on par with america or else they wouldn’t be included. they are – wait – i don’t want to ruin the surprise, corey stanley. and you are clueless to think that the american economy is powerful…how dependent is it now upon china and other countries? how powerful is it that in order for american capitalism to survive, it has to go abroad to open factories in foreign lands that use foreign labour?

          • UScanSmyD

            You’re stupid and ignorant and think you have a cause! You don’t! Pleeeeeaaassseeee stop fighting for me, you are just making the both of us look like assholes. Fuck the military, fuck guns, and let’s just all love each other :)… Didn’t think that’s where I was going with it did ya??? Oh and btw… Everyone in the military has a tiny penis… Unless you’re a chick… Those dikes have massive shlongs!

          • Sarah

            Cujo feel free to sign up and go overseas to serve, or if you don’t believe this man is a hero feel free to get the hell out of the good ole USA. It’s people like you who take your freedom for granted yet have no understanding of the cost it came with. you are indeed the crazy dumb psycho

          • Jimmy1337

            Go overseas and serve who? Not the American people that’s for sure. Why don’t you leave? Go on, don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

          • Pat

            shit, cujo is entitled to be an asshole if he wants.. no reason to go on the whole “git outta meh country” thing on him, and yes, he was being an asshole, but i just can’t fucking stand that whole, “you don’t love america!!” group-think bullshit.. we are allowed to have our own opinions in this country, this is exactly what it means to be american, not “loving america/freedom” whatever the hell that actually means anyway.. and btw, a lot of cops are NOT your friends/bad cops who will book you for anything.. you ppl are sooo niave.. that being said, I do support this police chief’s letter to kanye, despite the fact I do not like cops..

          • Stupidbitch

            You’ve forgotten that murder is not that cool

          • Mitch Williams

            People like you give this nation less hope for humanity, Kanye is just an ignorant asshole, excuse my french. I would love to see you being rewarded 3 purple hearts such as David, but that would never happen. You are too busy sticking up for a rapper that doesn’t have any hope to realize he is one of the most narcissistic cowards out there, and you sir will follow in his foot steps

          • LadyCon

            Do you hate authority all together or do you just hate the US military? And why do you think the military is trying to take away freedom? You said the only wars we’ve fought have been unjust…are you saying throughout the history of the US or just in mine and your lifetime? Just trying to figure out where you’re coming from because my interpretation of your comment is that you’re very misinformed and if you feel the way I think you do, you should really get out of the US. We are by far the most free country in the world and my ancestors fought as far back as the civil war for this country. If you don’t think that our military has fought brave and hard and put their lives on the line for our freedom, you are very sadly mistaken. And to be quite honest, you don’t deserve the freedom that they fight so hard for. I will say that I am not a fan of our government at this time but if you don’t stand behind this country and love the US at all times than you shouldn’t live here. Go ahead and move to a different country and you’ll be begging to come back. People take their country for granted so often that they forget sometimes what this country originated for, where we’ve been, and what this nation as a whole stands for. We need to get back to our original principals and start standing together and if you don’t like it then get out.

          • nellix9

            i am an american and i’ve moved to another country and i am not begging to come back. far from it. so your little request has not worked. america is not the freest country in the world. i’ve lived in several different countries and you know what? just as free or even freer than america. you’ve never lived anywhere else and you have for years bought into the lies and propaganda so you have nothing to compare it with. you are also sadly mistaken LadyCon to think that the only way to ensure freedom is via military intervention. je ne suis pas du tout supris que tu as cette attitude démodée parce que tu n’es qu’un être assez simple…va apprendre une nouvelle langue et habiter autre part si tu veux vraiment te débarrasser de ton aveuglement impérialiste…

          • JohnnyP

            Do you happen to live in one of the many European countries saved by American intervention in the World Wars?

          • nellix9

            Nope. I don’t live in a country that was purportedly saved by American intervention in the world wars. Besides it was an allied effort, but so many Americans are all prepared to have America take the glory alone in terms of Allied participation and it shows just how egocentric the American mindset can be. Next you’ll be telling me that Americans invented oxygen and that the rest of the world owes America a living for being able to breathe. And I love how you have made this about America as it’s the only thing you can do, Johnny P. You’re not able to speak with any measure of certainty about the freedoms elsewhere and so all you can do is try to tie them back to the United States and make it seem as if the United States is the sole reason that there’s ever even been ANYTHING. Many countries have more freedom of choice, say, in terms of abortion and this freedom of choice has nothing to do with allied liberation. Many countries have nation wide same-sex marriage rights. And again, this freedom has nothing to do with Allied intervention. I know, I know, you get very upset when non-Americans don’t kiss American ass quickly enough for your tastes. It’s hard for you. I am sure you are working on a coping mechanism for it.

          • T13agger

            You sir, or ma’am, are a fucking douche.

          • Higgy

            but if it wouldn’t have been for the allied intervention, American intervention included, you wouldn’t be speaking French, you would be speaking German, just sayin’, not asking for thanks or acknowledgement, just stating the other side of he story that always seem to be conveniently leave out.

          • nooneimportant

            Actually…if you live in the US…you would be speaking Japanese if you had lost the war, Japan attacked Pear Harbour not Germany, Japan was simply taking advantage of the war in progression to cover their attack on the US

          • Starstorm

            Actually, since he is talking French, he may be living in France, which was NOT attacked by Japan but by GERMANY. Just a little insight.

          • Higgy

            I was talking to the individual that keeps bashing the US but ends his responses in French

          • whoever

            It was all orchestrated by gumlegs. Get over yourself.

          • aquaticons

            No, they most likely would have been speaking Russian as it was the U.S.S.R. that truly defeated Nazi Germany and would have soundly defeated the Japanese had we not so unnecessarily dropped our a-bombs. But you would find that even worse, I assume as you probably have a kneejerk reaction to hate communism, socialism and every -ism spawned from alien lands that you equate their difference with badness.

          • Elise

            So where is this magical place you live?And what was the point of youre spouting off French?

          • nellix9

            why don’t you guess? et pourquoi pas communiquer dans une autre langue ? tu as quelque chose contre les autres langues et les gens qui les parlent ? et si tu es américaine, tu es le produit du système d’éducation américaine qui te rend manifestement très capable de communiquer dans une autre langue, quoi. ou ai-je tort ?

          • Jubilee

            Hey, asshole. The U.S. Government is an easy target. Why don’t you tell us what you believe in while we politely tear down your beliefs?

          • Corey Stanley

            Very well worded, it’s easy to bash someone else’s beliefs, especially without putting your own out there to be scrutinized.

          • nellix9

            yes and why don’t you keep assuming that name-calling is actually what wins arguments and tears down others’ beliefs…

          • nooneimportant

            what countries are we talking about..and what about the aftermath of the US involvement, before asking this question, you may want to research it yourself before even the American Historians come and and correct all the misinformation that Hollywood has put out.
            In the WWII it was the Canadians that saved Europe on DDay while the US attacked China only…..they were not fighting the German but defending themselves against Japan, the war stopped with the drop of that bomb since the world saw the craziness of the decision to drop the hydrogen…..which is why it has not been done again to this day

          • Eh

            Although British and Canadian troops were the major players on D-Day, the Americans were well represented there too. Omaha and Utah beach raids as well as numerous Naval units. This coming from a Canadian engineering student haha.

          • Jp wilder

            Johny, its ok. Most Americans have forgotten their history. Judging, by the Nelix9’s last few lines, I’m guessing it is French. He must have forgotten that We liberated that country from the Nazis in June 6, 1944 and that is why it is free to this day. lol People are so ignorant and he didn’t pay attention in school. All of Europe was liberated back then and our intervention in the Korean war is the reason that South Korea enjoys the Freedoms that it has. I’ve been there. Oh, and by the way, we do alot of business in Korea and Japan and our business helps both our economy and thiers. I forgot, “we shouldn’t help other countries because its not our problem” ok lol tell that to our greatest allies who helped us with many things throughout the 20th century. Thats why we are the most powerful country.

          • fedupwithkanyekardashian

            Taking this isolated exchange of words too far…..Chief Oliver spoke his peace….which he is allowed to. Kayne spoke his peace…..which he is allowed to. But this is not one incident of Kayne spoutin off ….it has happened many of times before! I respect his music but he does not respect other people with his mouth. Kayne….have your own thoughts……but do not disrespect others! How would you feel if I came out and started running my mouth without speaking to the world on how I felt about you. Just show some respect!!!! I have givin

            that privilege to you for too long…..over it!

          • Alyssa

            That is exactly why he speaks out like this though… Media ON PURPOSE I might add, try to trivialize him and make him look a fool, he’s over it too if you at it from when he first came out, he was a nice guy, he got fed up with the crookedness of the industry, he’s frustrated and what do frustrated people do? ACT A DAMN FOOL ON PURPOSE… He’s not dumb he does it for a reason he wants people to get as frustrated as he is…

          • historian

            And regardless of what country you have lived in….the freedom you receive there will most likely have been helped to obtain at some point by the United States.

          • nellix9

            prove it…

          • SD Rockswell

            seriously? that was the dumbest assumption ever in life..

          • Ray

            nellix9 we aren’t begging for you back either so feel free to stay out of the country. You should convince more people like yourself to leave as well. I wish more of the worthless shit talking people who take our beloved country for granted would up and leave.

          • Corey Stanley

            Best Comment on here, truly epic. Could not have said it better myself.

          • LordStanley

            Remember when I could use google translate…

          • Pontiac

            I hope you are not comparing France to the US lol!!! You are racist and nepotistic and it causes millions of Muslims to suffer. Also, u owe us money from ww2 when we saved your frog asses.

          • aquaticons

            The only wars that were fought to preserve our freedoms were the Revolutionary war, the civil war and just a little bit of WWII. The rest of the wars in our history were pretty much waged to protect our interests abroad (territory, resources, influence). I am all for unity, but we must come to grips that american exceptionalism and blind military support is not helpful in that unity, especially with the rest of the world. We are seen as murderers and brutally active in our military tactics and liberal usages. We are not the most free country in the world, we are not super special, we are just like everyone else on this planet earth and it is high time we started acting like it. Obama’s foreign policy isn’t much different that his predecessor so not much has changed.

          • uniteforpeace

            Cujo and nellix aren’t very tactful, but what nellix is trying to convey is that the War on Terror is a farce, and that no, we have not fought in a just war (a war for our freedoms) since the Revolution, and possibly 1812. Its foolish to demonize the courageous people who join the military, but following orders is not an excuse now, just as it wasn’t for the Nazis. Don’t take my word for it, listen to this 7 minute speech by 2 time Medal of Honor Recipient Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler

          • Greg

            You’re right that in theory we need the military as a means to defend our freedom but how can you justify much of the actions of the US military in the last 60 years? Why are we policing the world? Do you really think that any of the major wars (as well as “minor disputes”) the U.S. has been involved in since the ’50’s (Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc) have been justified as actions taken to defend our freedom? Whose interests do these wars really represent? And aren’t we really doing more harm than good by taking so many innocent lives (as well as creating more instability) in the process of fighting these un-winnable wars with no true purpose? The innocent lives I talk of include that of U.S. soldiers, and I for one consider myself an avid supporter of the troops by directly opposing the actions of the military. I have met many soldiers before, all of whom were extremely respectable and kind people and it hurts me to know that they are so blindly thrusted into harm’s way and forced to sometimes commit atrocious acts all for…what? I sure as hell support the troops but I do not support the actions of the military and I think it is a shame that those calling the shots use the lives of such honorable young men and women as pawns to accomplish their own interests.

            And even if those calling the shots did truly have the best of intentions, we have to acknowledge that our strategy of world policing has failed miserably. We are hated around the world for the arrogant attitude we take towards our destructive actions. We involve our self in foreign issues about which the American public is completely uninformed. In the middle east, we have historically supported regimes that have developed into brutal dictatorships. We have repeatedly removed governments and replaced them with equally corrupt and dysfunctional ones. And we have taken the lives of many innocent civilians in the process. Beyond that being a moral issue (as it sure as hell is), it’s also counterproductive. For every innocent person we kill, we create 15 enemies. We are engaged in a “war on terrorism”. I view terrorism as horrific actions fueled by the ideologies of extremist groups. How can we engage in a war on an action fueled by an ideology by doing things that end up fueling that ideology? Our military policies are, and for years have been, severely misguided. Much of the actions of the U.S. military seem to be overwhelmingly unjustified and counterproductive, so to say that the military is out there defending our freedom seems like a bit of a misinterpretation to me.

          • Greg

            And I’m sorry if I’m coming off strong, I really do respect your opinion. I know we probably both feel each other’s views are misguided and I do respect how you feel about the matter. In fact, I would like to hear your response. I think we can both agree that at the end of the day the military does need to exist to protect our freedom. But I feel like the military has been repeatedly abused and misused in the last several decades and I don’t feel like its power has been exercised correctly, effectively, or even with the right intentions.

          • Corey Stanley

            We are a lifetime elected Security Council Seat in the U.N.
            It is literally our jobs to police the world, voted in a 2/3rd’s majority of the other 220 some-odd countries that form the U.N.
            We have no choice but to be the police of the world, to turn our backs on that would be to turn our backs on the U.N. and since we pretty much formed it after WWII to prevent a future Axis situation, we would be failures

          • Danny

            Greg, that’s an awesome response. Can I use this on other sites? I get into these anti war talks all the time. I’m floored at how many people think we’re fighting for Democracy or some other nonsense. I wish people would see war for what it is. The primary beneficiary’s of our wars are Israel and the powerful elite of the US.

            This is not an anti jew comment. I go to a fair amount of Jewish websites for news. You’ve got AIPAC lobbying Washington to go to war w/ Syria. You’ve got Abe Foxman of the ADL whining about how US/Israel relations are waning. The translation to what he was saying is he wants more American soldiers to get butchered for Israel’s benefit.

            The average comment (I’m assuming every day Jews who read the articles) to those types of articles say a resounding “NO!!” to more war. So it’s not them I hate. It’s those who’ve got our politicians in Israel’s pocket.

            It’s the powerful elite of the US- Obama, Bush, Pelosi, Clinton, McCain, Rumsfeld, Boehner, & their Israeli equivalents who benefit from these wars. I promise, I don’t hate the average Israel just like I don’t hate the average American (or anyone from any country).

            You took unneeded wars back to Korea. I’d go back further. We weren’t going to be speaking German had Germany won. Who benefits from wars? The only beneficiary that I can see out of WW2 is the creation of Israel. That didn’t benefit the US in any way, shape, or form. All Israel’s ever done is fleece our country and have our soldiers sent to die for their benefit.

          • Kristina Mc Guire

            What do you know of these farmers women and children murdered? Quit watching liberal media and do actual unbiased research, you’ll learn something, possibly. In Vietnam ysoldiers were killed by pukes who strapped bombs to little kids and shoved them at groups of people, all th media ever showed was our soldiers surrounding dead children. I find the media’s taste for the truth hasn’t changed since then. Go to your hippy van and smoke your weed you waste of human intelligence.

          • nellix9

            kristina mc guire – and in afghanistan, american drones have bombed indiscriminately – killing non-combattant men, women, and children. i suppose in your world, that that is just too bad. tant pis pour toi que tu ne connais que les médias aile droite qui ne font que raffirmer ton biais de confirmation…

          • David Wolf

            I understand how you feel but I can not agree. The U.S. military is the one that fought for your freedom to talk crap about anyone you would like no matter how misguided that speach may be. Without the fine soilders that fought for our freedom from england to the ones that gave there lives in WW2 we may all be speaking German. The only people taking our freedoms away are the left wing Socialist government you more then likely voted into office. The military has nothing to do with taking any of your freedoms away we only complete the mission put in front of us by the ones appointed above us.

          • aquaticons

            I have to take issue with what you are saying here. It is fact that Nazi Germany was decimated by the U.S.S.R. and that we played a secondary role in defeating Hitler’s armies. The bombs of hiroshima and nagasaki were totally unnecessary as the Japanese feared greatly a soviet invasion that would end their war. ALL FACT. The aggrandizement of our military is post FDR nonsense, unnecessary in our age. 40% of our budget goes to a construction of paranoia and dominance that fat old generals who care only about their big toys and their little dicks perpetuate and scare our government into funding. So I do NOT support the troops because they are following the orders of some really sick men. The last time the US military fought for our freedoms was only briefly during pearl harbor, oahu, hawaii… and it wasn’t even a state yet, just an island we controlled with our military, god bless it.

          • Don Wilcox

            Cujo, David Wolf is a HERO compared to Kanye West. You go to the Middle East where our military are currently fighting and see what it’s like before you go spouting off about killing farmers, women, and children. Most of those innocent farmers, women, and children are trying to kill our troops with guns, bombs, and any other means they can think of. If you feel the need to not stand behind our military, then, by all means, stand in front of them. I GUARANTEE, they WON’T miss.

          • Danny

            Don- I stand behind our military. My dad served in Korea and my cousin in Iraq. The best way to stand behind our military is to bring them home rather than having them killed for the profits of bankers.

          • David Wolf

            P.S. If you don’t like the freedom provided to you by the military you are more then welcome to GET THE FU** out of this country and go to Afghanistan, Iraq, or any other counrty in the world, where you will not have a fraction of the freedoms you have now. Try speaking your mind in China where you can be killed for saying anything against the government or military. One thing you are right about is I am not a hero I was just doing my job.

          • nellix9

            blah blah blah – look at you drag out your credentials in an effort to have your ass kissed for your desire to kill foreign men, women, and children…clap clap clap

          • pope

            You speak of something you know nothing about. What would you do if a child was shooting at you, with pretty good accuracy? How about if a child was throwing grenades at you? How about that? It would absolutely shock you to see what goes on over there, in America we don’t think of children as dangerous but over there they very well can be.

          • nellix9

            really? this 16-year-old TEXAN (which is in the United States, mind you) seems pretty dangerous:

          • Jimmy1337

            Then maybe stop killing them and stop invading their country? If China invaded the US and then asked why we were shooting at them would that make sense?

          • Ray

            Yeah bro, we totally have a desire to kill foreign men, women, and children. You love when a few people fall through the cracks and shoot up a town. Gives you something else to bitch about. Act like you give a fuck about the dead. What about all the innocent people killed in 9/11? you give no fucks about them because the united states military weren’t the people who killed them. The only dead you USE, not care about are the dead where the united states military was directly involved in their deaths and can someway be shaped in your demented little head into every service member’s “desire” to kill innocent people.

          • Zayne Auditorio

            Someone should do some research on how many people were killed in Iraq after The U.S. propagandized the “terrorists” to be the country’s residents.

            I’ll hit you with the raw numbers.

            People who died on 9/11 – ~3000 Civilian Casualties
            People who died in the War on Iraq – ~1,035,587 Civilian Casualties

          • Ray

            the only difference between these is every civilian in 9/11 was innocent since it was a cowardly surprise suicide attack. In Iraq people were fighting in uniform as well as out of uniform. Every day “civilians” were armed and fighting so u have to think a little more in-depth than your raw numbers. no one in 9/11 even had a chance to fight back.

          • Zayne Auditorio

            The U.S. Military credits the title of Civilians to Non-Combatants. According to the U.S. Military Documents 66,081 Civilians were killed. Even then, that’s over twenty two times the amount of casualties we tragically experienced during 9/11. We didn’t have a chance to fight back against a plane? No we didn’t but it’s better to bring the war to a country were the terrorist organization exists, destroy their way of life, and take control of their oil. Yeah makes sense.

          • Corey Stanley

            Didn’t the Iraquis like, idk, hang their own dictator, shouldn’t Hussein get any of this blame, they didn’t want their own leader there, and we helped make that possible. It’s just evolution of societal governing, and fascism, tyranny, and communism are well below federalism, democracies and republics, and take a wild guess as to what the last and final stop on the government evolutionary scale, Socialism which will finally put man on the best track for success of it’s species to remain alive. And the world’s headed that way, so if that’s something you are not keen on or do not like, my best advice is the sooner you put a bullet in your head (since we’re not allowed to have physician assisted-suicide unless it’s a family pet or a prisoner) so you won’t have to live in a Socialist world, but mark my words, it will be there. That’s simply fact and logic!

          • 123456

            Also, according to many, 9/11 could have been prevented. Where was our excellent national security’s intelligence at? Just a thought. After all, we do have the strongest/”smartest” military in the world. It’s crazy how people from “shit hole” country/countries were able to pull something like 9/11 off. Another thought.

            Plus, by now, Kanye made more money. The cop who wrote the letter got recognition whether he deserves it or not. And the rest of us are sharing OPINIONS on subjects that unfortunately only a few people in this world know the TRUTH about. OH, and for those who think we are FREE, think about it twice, but make sure the second time you actually think. I love the United States, and respect other nations around the world. I can’t say I hate a country because each one of them have their own dark side, including the US.

            I respect the motivational idea (fighting for freedom) that US soldiers take into consideration when joining the military. Unfortunately, war is a fruitful business and the lives of those soldiers/civilians in both sides are just part of the business. That is why governments will find any excuse to get into conflict with one another whether it is political, religious and/or about resources in order to keep the business going.

            THIS IS NOT ABOUT RELIGION, RACE, GENDER, SEXUAL ORIENTATION, ETC. IT IS ABOUT THE RICH GETTING RICHER, AND THE REST DOING IT FOR THEM. I don’t blame the rich because they figured a way to do this decades ago and made sure to keep it among them. That is why there is only 1% of the US population holding about half of the nation’s wealth.

            But if only the 1% and their ancestors were able to pull this scheme off, imagine the greatness the 99% are capable of doing if we all have a common goal to live a long peaceful life with one another. Just look at our history, it is obvious that war has had no positive impact in the world, not only in the US, but the world. In fact, we are still greedy, we still hate each other no matter what and most importantly we divide each other with nonsense such as religion, politics and borders. I don’t want Utopia, it’s boring. But I def want a better system that can bring us closer to it. And it will take more than just an “I” to do this.

            I welcome feedback, respectful/constructive feedback.

          • Nathalie Habashi

            are you kidding? man I swear, I would love the US if you guys owned up to a bit of the shit your government causes. I don’t think youre getting it.. 9/11 was a terrorist attack.. it wasn’t conducted by a government.. a country… it was a TERRORIST ATTACK. yet, weirdly enough, the war, waged by the US has caused SO much more damage. and were not just talking about deaths.. talking about refugees.. and the millions and millions of INNOCENT civilians that had absolutely nothing to do w 9/11 whose lives were completed transformed because your country’s officials wanted more.. and I don’t hate the military.. I watch the homecoming videos on youtube and ball my eyes every singly time.. but unfortunately, a lot of soldiers join the military believing theyre fighting for their country and for freedom.. when in fact theyre fighting (and hurting way too many in the process) for greedy rich men and corporations that are taking advance of not only foreign countries but of its own freakin soldiers.. you guys really gotta
            wake up.. stop watching abc, cnn, fox and all that bs.. its all owned by the same fuckin corporation that feeds you guys the same propaganda. and this is coming from a Canadian. (supposed American ally)

          • NancyDrew

            we Americans would be EXTREMELY happy if our f*^&%$ng government would stop sending BILLIONS of dollars to every shithole on the planet and spend that money here, but make no mistake you stupid Canadian, OUR COUNTRY does more good around the world than any 10 countries combined, so STFU

          • Ok…

            Please, give me some examples of the great things your country does around the world that would equal more than 10 countries combined? I would also like to know where all those billions of dollars go that are being sent to all the “shitholes” on the planet. Where are you coming up with this?

          • NancyDrew

            Ok… how much do you suppose those fighter jets cost that were sent to the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt last summer?…. how much do you think the US pays for the UN to be housed in NY, to support dozens of countries that despise us?… how much money do think has been sent to Pakistan for them to hide Bin Laden?…. and those are just a few of the ways our government has wasted our tax dollars, not to mention charities like Samaritans Purse and Feed the Children, that receive the majority of their donations from US citizens, and spend the majority of those donations in foreign countries…. You may be able to say that other countries donate, but I challenge you to find any other country who donates to foreign countries on the same scale as the US…. how much does Russia give to the UN? Canada? Australia, the UK?

          • NancyDrew

            see this, from the White House Office of Management and Budget

          • JC

            a good amount of those civilian deaths happened during the initial bombings before we attempted peacekeeping. A “tactical” missile aimed at a target of interest is going to take down a building or even a few, killing or injuring everyone inside regardless of who they were. So you should try thinking in-depth on that, or just thinking. Lets take it back to WWII. Japan attacks Pearl Harbor, granted a surprise attack on Sunday morning when our defenses would be down is sneaky but still adheres to basic rules of engagement as it was a military base. We somehow used that to justify the atomic bombings of two highly populated cities. These actions are in no way equal.

          • Yes and No

            The bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not directly related to Pearl Harbour. Although, yes, I’m sure the US was not happy with Japan over Pearl Harbour, I don’t think that was a major factor in deciding on the use of an atomic weapon. The bombs were dropped at the end of the war when Japanese decided that they were going to keep trying to keep going regardless of Germany’s defeat and the US warned them that they would use a very powerful weapon if they didn’t stop. Japan didn’t take heed, boom. US warned again but nope and then boom again. It should never have come to that but the fact that it did doesn’t mean that Pearl Harbour had anything to do with it.

          • Jimmy1337

            Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Way to be irrelevant. Just because someone attacks the US, doesn’t give you the right to go kill people who had nothing to do with it.

          • justiceforall

            too much x box.

          • Jimmy1337

            I swear to god we’re gonna have another cold war or at least a red scare if we make one more CoD game with Russians as the bad guys.

          • SPARKY1951


          • nellix9

            the only thing that chokes you up is that your body count = 0. you had a chance to be a part of state-sanctioned killing and you missed out. your loss…

          • Rick Hitchings

            why dont you leave…………

          • Jimmy1337

            You took away the freedom of others. Ironic you would talk about it.

          • Pat

            for fuck’s sake!!! I support the troops n all that cliche shit.. but don’t FOR A FUCKING SECOND go around spewing that bullshit about how the military is “defending our freedom” by occupying someone else’s country.. don’t insult your own intelligence

          • Pat

            disregard last comment, i thought you were just some random civilian

          • Mike Rinaldi

            Cujo the simple fact you can use the internet and even have a dumb picture of yourself proves the freedom you are given by your military men and women.

          • nellix9

            it proves nothing other than you are part of cult of slavish military adoration…

          • Mike Rinaldi

            ooops I see someone slipped and bumped there head. Its cool

          • Alyssa

            You act as if it’s way back in the day… The military is not fighting for our freedom at the moment, it’s actually killing civilians of another country sooooo I do not quite understand where you’re coming from sorry…

          • Mike Rinaldi

            Your right it was so long ago that the Syria government and the Taliban helped gassed it’s own people . Or that the Taliban beats and rappe women and children who just wanted to be educated . Or that the men and women who protect our borders from terrorist and drug smugglers that pray on our society and family . Your right Alyssa I totally see how you don’t see any of this or could understand it. Civilians in hot zones are casualties and it is unfair that they get caught in the cross fire. The object is still the same you need to remove the larger issue first. If you know a better way I suggest getting off your A– and instead of being a spectator and pointing at everyone else and you get involved. I served my country what have you done.

          • Kasi

            Cujo, take a little trip to North Korea and then tell us about how our freedoms have been taken away.

          • Ray

            Listen Cujo you fucking worthless idiot.. Come over here to good ol’ Afghanistan and show me one dead woman or child by the hands of any military man. You will not find one. We in the military follow orders, nothing more, nothing less whether or not we believe in the cause. Its called discipline. Something you don’t and will never have. And if you’re going to sit in your comfortable computer chair and bad mouth the military when you don’t even know 1% of the shit that goes down here then please pack your shit and get the fuck out of my country. You’re just another worthless shit talking citizen who I feel embarrassed to be defending. Come make friends with the poor farmers who we apparently kill and ask them why the village elders of this country voted for continued U.S. support in Afghanistan. Or better yet join the military and learn rules of engagement and what happens to us when we don’t follow them.

          • Rick Hitchings

            talk about a fucking worthless idiot

          • nellix9

            Since you’re subject to selective information, Ray Ray: Robert Bales (born June 30, 1973) is a former United States Army staff sergeant who fatally shot 17 Afghan civilians in Panjwayi, Kandahar, Afghanistan, on March 11, 2012 – an event known as the Kandahar massacre.

          • Ray

            everyone in the military and probably our country knows about Ssgt Bales. He snapped. but compare him to the hundreds of thousands who have served in Afghanistan and then take the number of unjust senseless killing of innocent people. Less than 1% of servicemen and women do things like this. And as I said the united states government takes action when things such as the “Kandahar massacre” happen. People who do bad things will be punished. What I hate is terrible acts of violence and unjust killing happens in the US every day but when the military makes one questionable call; all of you anti military fucks come out of the wood work and raise hell. People in the military join to protect their people and make a difference. why else? it certainly isn’t the money. we make far less than minimum wage. Even when we are forward deployed and in harms way. All an average military member does is follow orders, so when you people bitch about how cowardly and psychotic we are when were just taking orders and following them based on a few people who snap. Its just unfair

          • Higgy

            And he is now spending life in the Leavenworth prison, the military does not condone the killing of innocent men, women and children, so stop with the “look at you drag out your credentials in an effort to have your ass kissed for your desire to kill foreign men, women, and children”, so yes, there are some that don’t follow the rules, but you will find that where ever you go, not just the military. So when bringing up Bales, it would have been nice to have also mention that he was also convicted of that crime, there are 2 sides to all stories, stop manipulating them to fit your story.

          • Zayne Auditorio

            ~ 1,000,000 Iraqi and Afghan civilians died in the U.S. campaign against terrorism.

            Thanks for playing.

          • Higgy

            “1,000,000 Iraqi and Afghan civilians died in the U.S. campaign against terrorism” and not even close to that many were killed by the American military, once again, someone only including part of the story. So thank YOU for playing, but since you try to make up the rules as you go along, you lose.

          • aquaticons

            we were using depleted uranium in fallujah and a few other iraqi towns… cancer rates have skyrocketed there. Isn’t that enough to say “that’s bad, we shouldn’t do that, we shouldn’t be there” seriously, if you can justify that war, you are just a puppet to the generals and this “support our troops, no matter what” just panders to emotions and dilutes the argument.

          • Higgy

            I never said anything about supporting our troops or not, I was responding to the insinuation that the American troops killed 1,000,000 Afghanistan, I was pointing out that there are two sides to all stories, that’s all

          • Billy Bawkin

            War sucks, politicians and governments are corrupt, Kanye is an idiot whose probably never been in a fight. Hes more than welcome to come to my gym and we can see how much of a hero he is. Non of this means that you shouldn’t respect the men and women who fight for you because after all they are just doing their jobs ( with a potentially heavy cost).

          • Zayne Auditorio

            ~ 1,000,000 Afghan and Iraqi civilians killed in the U.S. campaign against “terrorism”

            Thanks for playing.

          • Ray

            If you’ve ever been here you’d be hard pressed to be able to tell the difference between an insurgent and a civilian. the same guy who was shooting at you one day could walk right by you the next. this is the dumbest possible time to bring out numbers when the people were after do not wear uniform. The only reason more American civilians aren’t dead is because we manage to stop the majority of the fighting before it reaches American soil. That the whole fucking reason behind this war

          • Nathalie Habashi

            your comments are getting increasingly ignorant.. Im not sure if its the anger talking, but go take a walk cuz youre making your country sound totalitarian. ”We in the military follow orders, nothing more, nothing less whether or not we believe in the cause. Its called discipline.”.. way to take something so freakin wrong and try to make it sound elegant..That is exactly what the Nazis germans said when they realized they fucked up. well my bad, didn’t mean to kill all these innocent people.. we were following orders.. we were being disciplined.. you should thrive to be disciplined.. its an awesome virtue.. especially when it leads you to blindly follow others. and in my Canadian school, our teacher presented a whole documentary on the Iraq or Afghanistan war (cant remember which one) with American soldiers just like you, who believed they were fighting for a good cause.. against the enemy.. then, after seeing innocent children getting blown up.. realized maybe, they weren’t on the right side of things. so don’t give me this bull about how not one dead man, woman, child has been killed at the hands of American soldiers.. cmon man, be accountable for whats happening in this world. these are freakin human beings getting slaughtered!.. for a country whose values revolve around freedom .. I cant even believe youre able to dismiss such atrocities commanded by your government and enabled by your people.

          • ontherise

            So basically your parents idn’t have any children that lived.

          • Onion

            You sir should not exist in life if it were for your hate for soldiers or order in the world.

          • Wooks

            You make yourself sound so fucking stupid. Get educated before you say stupid shit. It is a two way street. Soldier are people doing there job, you cant blame them for what they do right or wrong when it isn’t them in control. Think about it this way, if you don’t know what your doing and you are just following orders, as long as you follow the orders you are in the right. Its the same principle as being a lawyer or something and winning a case, even if the case wasnt “right” by most peoples standards, the lawyer did what was “right” for them and there job. I will say the government is out of control and doing completely inhumane things. This isn’t the first time, this has been happening for over 100 years, so don’t just bring up this war and act like everything suddenly went to shit, Its been shit and you make yourself look ignorant.

          • MSdelta

   would seem to me that the dumb coward would be the idiot talking shit anonymously on the idiot. I would be that you wouldn’t say those things to the mans face. You can disagree with the Politicians who choose what wars we fight, that’s fine. I disagree with some of those decisions myself. But it isn’t the soldiers fault…our men and women in arms fight and die for this country, and without them we would not exist as an independent, free nation. They deserve respect

          • Family member of the fallin

            You are a true dumbass many military people have died for stupid people like yourself who don’t know or to stupid to understand hat its all about. You should learn about Kanye West because you are both share the same issue

          • Cujo Cricket

            Nobody in the Military died for me in any way shape or form. Other than laughing at the fact they died so the DOW would go up a few points. Oh I took over the land I live in so you can get the fuck out. They did it to the Natives now I did it to them.

          • Branden

            Coming from someone who can’t even discern the difference between “woman” and “women”. You sir, are a complete and well rounded moron.

          • David

            sorry Cujo. I agree with Sarah..YOU have NO idea of what our military and law enforcement go through on a daily basis. YOU on the other hand sound like a THREAT to our great nation and should be banned from it. Love it or go home!!

          • Audrey Messer

            One question Cujo, are you an idiot or a moron??? or perhaps a little bit of both. Your freedom to just be able to post this kind of thing is because of our soldiers, you say they kill farmers, women and children, how do you know? Have you been to the forefront of a war?? Our military go to places we wouldn’t want to be caught dead in, they face the enemies on their turf, so that we don’t have more of what happened on 9/11, or would you like to be one of those or have one of those who died that September morning as a family member?? Our military faces conditions of cold, and heat, while you and your whiny self, sit by a warm heater in the winter, again, due to the selfless acts of our military. You speak of freedom to take your freedoms away, you know nothing, you are probably one of those whining liberals who think the government owes them a living, to take care of you to pamper you, guess what, no one owes you a thing, especially not our military.

          • J.

            Who do you think fought for your right to make that dumb comment, Einstein?

          • Cujo Cricket

            Umm nobody dummy. This is the internet. Merica never invaded it, and “Freed” it. Also just think for one second, Who ever took my rights away in the first place? If I was to thank anyone It would be the “founding fathers” Not any punk scum bag troop their after.

          • Scott Sayles

            I tell you what CUJO. You have the cajones to call my brothers and me cowards from the relative safety of the internet. How’s this for a challenge chickenshit. My name is SGT. Scott Sayles. I live in Belton Mo. come see me some time. I served with MEN who were 18 years old and their first thought when a TIC kicked off was to put their own body between the bullets, rpgs and the children. So talk your shit you yellow-bellied piece of crap, or be a man and come look me up. Your call

          • justiceforall

            cujo the dumbass.

          • Susan Milbank

            Cujo Cricket, you sound like a college graduate, aka, indoctrinee.

          • Corey Stanley

            Cujo, feel free to leave the country at any time and go live with those farmers (who housed terrorists and help supply guns and food to terrorists). Leave this horrible, disgusting country that you bash and talk so much shit about, go live in another part of the world, like southern Mediterranean, by all means, you’ll love it. I heard it’s quite easy to score heroin and meth in Greece, you can go be homeless like the rest of them. Oh and so you know, the reason you can even talk shit back about our government and military is simply because our country, which you despise so much, gives you the freedom of speech, even when you only use it to talk shit about the very people who gave you this freedom to begin with.
            David Wolf, I have tremendous respect for you, My mother and father are both retired Lt. Col. in the USAF and my sister was a doctor in the USAF until a couple years back. It is a tough job to do, let alone all of the repercussions not thought about, like your family having to raise any children without you during the long oversea’s stays, or your spouses, waiting faithfully, parents worrying about outliving their children. You are a great man and I owe my freedom to be able to write whatever speech I want to brave men and women like you!

          • gdman

            no stay right here brother!!! you are not alone!! expose these killers for who they really are!!!! you are my hero payed Murderers doing the dirty work of the evil empire. sarah shut you whore mouth and stop sucking davey boys dick

          • Jose Orozco

            Just move to Cuba, or North Korea…Or NIcaragua I was born there btw) punks like you are the worst of the worst, you were born with a silver spoon up your ass (democracy, freedom of speech, etc) and you still bitch about it, please go be a “rebel’ somewhere, prefereibly where they have a firing squad waiting for your cowardly ass (i. e North Korea)

          • Cujo Cricket

            ^ Hey you dirty taco bender. Why would I leave MY land because you are to dumb to understand real life? America is not nor was ever to be a democracy. Also I’m dam sure all the Kings and rulers in history had free speech. The founding fathers should have took the same advice you scum bag troop lovers love to give huh? ” England had the most freedom of that time, So why try to change it right? Every dead troop on foreign soil is a good thing,

        • Fred Rockwood

          I just wanted to say Thank you for your service and dedication to our great country!!!!!!

        • Jay4St4R

          While I have great respect for you and all military personnel and veterans, I cannot sit here and let you make it seem like cops are only bad because people are being DB’s to them. While cops may not be like this nation-wide, I live in Atlanta, and have had to talk to police 4 times total. I’ve always been taught to treat them with courtesy and respect, because they can always make life more difficult – yet all 4 times I’ve talked to them, they’re the ones being DB’s to me, when I’m just sitting there trying to talk to them like anyone else. They try to intimidate people into giving them what they’re looking for, and it’s because of that, that people are fed up with cops. Do I respect police for being willing to take a bullet at anytime, as military do? Yes. Do I respect them at any other point, for the way they act? NO. NO. NO. I understand that any random person could be the one that is doing something illegal, but it’s no excuse for cops being DB’s right off the bat, when I’m the one trying to be courteous and polite. And for anyone wondering, out of all the times I’ve talked to police, I haven’t had a single ticket driving, been arrested, or anything. They pulled me over specifically to search my car, and used my license plate in the window as “not clearly visible” when I parked RIGHT BEHIND the cop for 5 minutes while I went inside a convenience store. I didn’t mean to come on here and rant, but I don’t think a lot of people see how abusive of power police can be at times.

          • Srpb

            i think you should all shut the hell up and go outside and play. do something else with your time besides troll forums/posts just to piss ppl off and get reactions. opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, some just stink more than others……..seriously, go outside, theres a whole world out there :)

          • Srpb

            and btw that wasnt directed at you Jay4, was directed at all the tards in here that have nothing better to do but troll ppl

          • jay4st4r

            haha, okay, I was about to say, I’m not trolling anyone!

        • Jimmy1337

          If they are such a small percentage why do we get to hear about police doing messed up stuff every day? Why are entire districts places to avoid? Most people have encountered a corrupt cop, even if half of them were bsing, it’s unacceptable. People talk about the risks cops take but they are actually one of the safer jobs in the US.

        • Sandra Jones

          God bless you and thank you so much…

        • Thatguywhothinksyoureasheep

          The military is stupid. Throw your Purple Hearts and the last 10 years if your life down the drain. No one deserves credit for being a murderer. I’m sorry… I know it’s not your fault, you’ve been brainwashed like the rest of us. I’m just sorry that they’ve made you believe that these people across the pond are actually different from yourself. They are not. They get scared and lonely, like you do, they have families and people that love and care about them, like you do, and they have been brain washed to think you are the enemy, just like you have. We are not different, we are one; and until we can see this we will continue to spiral down the rabbit’s hole, and continue to shed innocent blood. Get our of the Middle East! Get out of the Military! Get back to doing the things in life that make you happy, you deserve it after what you’ve been thru!

        • Tasha22

          Thank you for your service—and thank you to our other military volunteers.

        • gdman

          and your a hero?? for what?? murdering a bunch of people that did nothing to you or your family?? hey, guess what… fuck you and your purple hearts… 4 time fucking puppet!!!! you are no hero asshole. A hero saves innocent people… like when I pulled an old lady out of a burning car wreck and saved her from burning alive!!see you got payed off and signed your soul to the evil empire that is responsible for destroying this world. they handed a you bunch of big guns and ammo and said kill anything holding a weapon! this does not make you a hero. this makes you a fucking cowered and a evil murderer!! you should do yourself a favor and stick those purple hearts in your mouth along with your sidearm and blow them out the back of your fucked up and twisted head. I don’t event like douche bag west or his gayfish music!! but I like you much less.. lol And you talk about things coming down to right and wrong!?!?! SMH WOW bro, you really are that fucking stupid…stfu! you must always do what your told without asking questions lol bet your daddy told you to shut up alot lmfao

          • David Wolf

            I am a medic therefore I am not a killer. It was my job to save lives even if was the person that shot or had blown up one of my friends. So you can take your comments and shove them up your ass. You need to get out of this country if you hate it so much.

      • luz820

        I think she meant American culture….are you even American?

      • bob roberts

        when did color even matter black or white dosent matter when your fighting for your life in a foxhole

        • Tripp Nichols

          It only matters to people that have never been there and have no respect for those that lay down their lives for their brother. GREATER IS NO LOVE! People worth talking to will know exactly where that comes from

        • steve

          It doesn’t and it shouldn’t matter outside that foxhole either. That’s why I love being in the Army.

      • Rick Boughton

        Are you generally racist? Or were you just trying to say that Kanye West is anything BUT an american entertainer? Are you even intelligent?

        • Brandi N. Busbee

          Is Kanye West even intelligent? there as no racism depicted here. How is a rapper or movie star such as Tom Cruise or anyone else putting their lives on the line lie our Military or Police Officers? Get over the Race card. And get a life. I would love to see Kanye or Tom fight for this country. GEEZ Way to Go DAVID OLIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • feather

          are you under the age of 20??

        • Eric Pope

          Survey says… Ignorant gang banging criminal, brain washed by his “culture”.

      • Detroit911

        Okayyyy and what part of this letter mentioned race….OHHHH you assumed it to be race … Grow a back bone and stay on topic without bringing the cheap and weak race card…ugh

        • John L. Stanizzi

          Amen, Detroit. There was NO mention of race, implicit or explicit, in the Chief’s letter. West made (another) idiotic statement and the Chief called him on it. End of story. He has proven, over and over again, that he’s a moron. Why do people keep paying him any attention?!

          • Luigi Michaelo

            So true – people say crap like this and we need to hold them accountable! The race card is irelevent and sometimes that’s the only card some can grasp based on ones race – very sad! Can’t the man just be an ass?

          • Cujo Cricket

            Hold him accountable for what? The Military are Anti-American Scum bags. They are the same people who want everyone to pledge allegiance to the flag……… A little problem with doing that….. We The People, are to NEVER pledge allegiance to any Person,Place Or Thing. lol Hence why the Military does not protect our Constitution. They never even read it.

          • jeremy edwards

            wow… just wow my brother died for this dip shits freedom of speech… wow hey cujo, please do me and the rest of the us in the united states a favor and kill your self. please and thank you

          • Alyssa

            That is unbelievably rude… I don’t think your brother died for you to go tell other people (who are entitled to their opinion) to kill themselves… That is horrible I’m sorry… Over what even? Something that is pointless

          • Animal Control

            Cujo, seek medical attention immediately, the rabies virus has taken over. The military is fighting for our rights and rights of other people who cannot fight for themselves. If you put down your xbox controller and leave your mom’s basement once in a while you would be a little more informed.

          • PhillyPhil54

            Do everyone a favor and go kill yourself.

          • LordStanley

            Its congress who has never read the Constitution, the military defends it while congress blows our money away, then talks crap about the military like you do.

      • Eric Pope

        Get educated before speaking. The definition of culture has nothing to do with the color of ones skin. Let me enlighten your ignorance. “Culture”… the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively. You’re making your “Culture” look stupid and ignorant with your views.

        • Marquis

          Black culture is a thing tho. Just saying.

        • Alyssa

          I think you need to take your own advice….. it is a culture only a person with no culture would assume otherwise which makes me assume you are white as hell

      • Jake S

        Since when has culture always been about race?

      • Wolfman

        “our culture” as in American Culture ! not black – white or any other shade. are you even black, wow really

      • LadyCon

        Ew… that is so ignorant. Since when does culture have to be black or white? Aren’t we all Americans? How about just (call me crazy!!!!!) American culture? That’s a major problem if you think culture is divided by race.

      • Charles Boyer

        I believe she was referring to the culture we all live in and not a racial culture. Everyone cries about racism but yet they only see things from a racially motivated stance. Step above the racial lines and see people as people . We are all in this world together color shouldnt seperate us.

      • Shizit

        Blacks don’t have culture they have prison life. Stay in school darkies!

      • Jimmy1337

        Black isn’t the only culture in existence. Like I dunno, American culture?

      • Klaudia

        omg he meant our culture in a sense that in the world everyone is obbsesed with media, meaning people hee didnt refer that to being black white asian, etc.

      • justiceforall

        what difference does color make? racist much?

    • Zayne Auditorio

      It’s common knowledge that most of Kanye West’s statements are overly absurd and narcissistic. Unfortunately, he most likely knows that. If you haven’t noticed the trend in the media lately let me show you a simple mathematical equation to explain.

      Audience x (+/-)”Shock Factor” = Money.

      Basically…the more people talking about you the more money you make.

      Go ahead though, post the letter to defend all police/military, I understand why he felt disrespected, but paying any attention to ridiculous statements like that and writing a sarcastic letter in response seems backwards.

      If Chief Oliver believes Kanye is arrogant, narcissistic, and pretentious: Why write a letter to him then? If he (Kanye) TRULY believed the statement he made, then NO amount of sarcasm or snide remarks will ever change his opinion or outlook. That would mean he isn’t intelligent enough to comprehend that his letter will mean nothing to Kanye.

      However, I believe that is not the case. Chief Oliver must be secretly craving media attention and acting as a keyboard warrior to gather public support.

      That leaves you (the audience) and I.

      We are but torches attempting to reach the end of our illumination.
      A never ending pursuit towards satisfaction.
      As our flames dwindle so to does the light draw nearer.
      We fool ourselves that with age we are wise and see clearer.
      But there are those who distract us and interfere.
      We face towards them, illuminate them and jeer.
      All the while, they bask in the glory.
      Capturing our essence to fulfill their story.

      • GOD

        no one will sign you, get off the internet

        • Zayne Auditorio

          Not looking for recognition. I got really bored writing normally.

        • Zayne Auditorio

          Btw Kanye you aren’t fooling anyone with that username (;


        kanye is a pussy bitch nigga

        • Alyssa

          but hes in that two seat lambo with yo chick who tryna jerk him

      • Tony

        Your an idiot

        • Zayne Auditorio

          You’re* (;

      • Corey Stanley

        While I don’t agree with most of your statements on this feed, I will definitely AGREE with this one. The more Kanye’s name is spoken, whether negative or positive, will in the end run lead to him making more money. Period. If he firmly believes what he says is true (I do sometimes feel that Kanye does it as a PR stunt, because it seems every week we are talking about good ole’ Kanye again) then no amount of persuasion, intimidation, humiliation, or sarcasm will change his mind. Only medication or death will. Unless all of a sudden it starts to become negative in his pocket book, then all of a sudden Kanye’s thoughts and opinions will no longer be heard.

      • Tasha22

        Because evil and stupid and divisive statements need to be confronted with the truth and corrected. The self-absorbed narcissist will not change, but the correction is for the benefit of others.

      • Lebyjosh

        Zayne, your math works well with 99% of “stars” as this is what they do…but Kanye really believes what he says, his ego is enough to make one barf!!

    • ChiHawks773

      what have you done to better our culture…. ill wait

    • Mary

      What’s so bad or wrong that a Police officer may want to defend those people that really put their lives in danger which include military and police. It’s America remember he can speak out just like anyone else can. This is about Kanye not other celebs read the letter again Locke and the rest of you with your sarcasm.

    • Bube

      what has kanye done to better our culture? he’s an incredibly popular artist who has pushed boundaries with his work while still appealing to a huge audience…so i’d say he’s done quite a lot for culture. think a bit deeper next time.

    • Kdiity

      All elitist libs feel they’re above everybody else including the lib politicians !! And the ignoant, low info masses will keep voting for the self serving thinking that they really care about them. You just can’t fix STUPID !!

  • SJ


  • nawnie

    You are so true in your statement Chief Oliver, thank you Sir, I just wish it would get to him and his big mouth. Kanye is one person who need to fall off the face of this earth. He is beyond words.

  • Dale

    Dude might have to start wearing a vest……

  • Dale

    Dont put the likes of him on the front lines………

    • DarkerMarker

      why not, can bullet sheild

      • Robert

        because doc will have to go into harms way to drag his ass out, a squad or platoon will have to muster and go put down what he gets into, because someone will need to give blood to supply him for his injuries and because every billet is vital when working with less than is needed to get the job done, and hist dumb ass will just make it worse as he takes up a billet.

  • Michael McCracken

    Dayumm!!!! Dat Kanye, he be front’n y’all, and you was like all up in his grill!!! Called him out, yo!

    • Sky Dixon

      Lol…that was so 80’s.

  • JRu4Life

    WOW, just WOW!

  • Bob

    Great job Chief.

  • Maniac

    I do have to side with the chief on this tho.. All the stars think their shit don’t stink and are above everyone.. I am tired of these overpaid ranting shitty antic mofo’s..

  • Carolyn VanZorge

    well put, chief!

    the court jesters (entertainers) have completely forgotten that they are the “fools”, and they now believe that they are the “kings”

  • Jermale lane

    This officer is a overly sensitive butt hurt fat bitch hating on someone that made a name for their self. Typical. PLENTY of policemen has compared their selves to troops when most of them are dirty ass cops yet you don’t see Troops sending letters to cops crying about it lmfao

    • LMAO @ You!!

      Don’t you have something else you can be doing?? Maybe applying for your Obamacare??

      • Alyssa

        What is that suppose to mean?

    • RO

      Can you provide concrete examples of PLENTY of policemen. And actually, a policeman comparing himself to troops is not a far stretch. Both occupations routinely call for the servicemember to put himself in harms way. Being a music producer does not.
      You have very much exposed your education level, intelligence level, and racist attitude with each and every post. I look forward to more of your entertainment.

    • ignorance

      Overly sensitive? This ignorant man just compared his work to the work of people literally putting their lives at risk for all of us… BLACK AND WHITE. kanye is just a boy that got lucky with his half ass talent, he has not once done anything that would come close to the comparison he made. Getting shot at in the hood doesn’t count. Seeing that you think that this cop is jealous of kanye, you are as ignorant as west.

      • Alyssa

        “Getting shot at in the hood doesn’t count” could you be anymore stereotypical? Correction he’s a chi-town nigga with a nice flow… And secondly he is putting his credibility at risk FOR ME maybe not you because we do not have the same issues and struggles in life, but everything he says is for a reason…They prosecuted Jesus for his teaching and kanye is trying to do the same. He’s standing up for my generation who has no voice… Everything he says… I agree with! He’s the voice of the future. If you do not understand that I COMPLETELY understand but I am sick of people fighting about their point of view, mine will never change and yours will never change. We agree to disagree. Respectively.

    • Redstatelady

      May I suggest you spend more time with a dictionary and English textbook and less time doing things that put you in a position to have to deal with the police. You’ll find that if you aren’t causing trouble, the police are very nice.

      • Alyssa

        No but if your skin color is wrong you’re still fucked… It the way the world is…

    • bob

      Your english is atrocious. You seem to be a product of the idiot culture kanye exemplifies. Oh and dont try to place the race card with me. I was born in africa and therefore, by default, am more black than you and kanye are put together. Peace out!!

    • OnyxHeart

      Has… compared their selves…

      Jesus, go back to bed, kid. It’s past your bedtime.

    • Alyssa

      I agree completely! A uniform and a badge does not make you a good person… Obviously his job is not so dangerous either if he had time to write this letter.

  • Jermale lane

    Kanye also don’t harass, KILL, rape, and PUNCH women in the face unlike COPS a.k.a PIGS. You talk about ”putting my life on the line” when most of you cops are scared to arrest thugs smh fuck out of here crying you fat ugly bitch. Go eat some donuts

    • RO

      There is only one thug here. Sounds like you have had plenty of interactions with PD. Perhaps you can put down your Obamaphone, open your eyes and make a real contribution to society. pathetic.

    • Aaron B

      Haha you sir are the biggest idiot I have seen online and yes that says a lot!

    • Dawn Lassater Phythian

      I smell a punk troll….Okay so besides trying some statistical math facts (say 100 out of the 800,000 law enforcement are bad) now try to compare the number of rappers that celebrate their criminal history…and that’s all besides the point. Do you really think your ideal hero, Kanye all rich and famous gives a crap about you or your life? If you or your family has to call 911, is he risking his life to come to your rescue? Now, let’s think about the troops who signed up to put their lives on the line so you can use your 1st amendment rights to say whatever you want….how do I know all this, because I’ve been both a soldier and law enforcement and the people that I’ve served with, put others before ourselves, this is something I’m sure you’re not familiar with – because you’re more impressed with what you can get out of life than what you can give; that’s what the difference is and that is the tragedy.

      • Stu

        Statistically speaking Law Enforcement isn’t even remotely a dangerous career. The armed services on the other hand… Just saying give credit where credits due, fuck cops and fuck Kanye!

    • Unknown

      I’ll bet $100,000 that Jermale is black.

      • take him out

        yep…. and texted via his Obama given iphone

    • take him out

      you, Jermale, sound like the typical person who’s been caught doing something illegal , got busted and ended up in jail. and then, start whining and defaming the people who busted you. in other words, you sound like the typical scum of the earth. imho, of course.. have a nice day.. :)

      • jock_itch

        You sound like another white person who has reaped the benefits of your place on societies ladder. Take a moment to thank God for all the little shit you get away with, you under the radar scum or the earth… imho of course

    • LMAO….

      so I guess Kims not a woman?

      Kanye West is arrested for assault.
      Puches Kim Kardashian in the face.

      SEE LINK

      By TMZ_TV
      34 days ago | 23+ retweets

  • Betsy Hinn

    Our military suffer and put their lives on the line so this POS, that covers it all, can spew his ignorance to the country. Only the un-educated un-motivated, unemployed, screwed up, younger generation believe him. If the media weren’t kissing the back ends of the hollyweird and crooked government, he and the rest of the trash, would be ignored and would just go away with the rest of the idiots.

    • Marquis

      Okay, I am gonna stop you for a second because that ageist bullshit spewing form your mouth has to just stop rn. [none of these need to be hyphenated btw] Uneducated? Maybe because college is more expensive than it ever has been, ever. Unmotivated? Yeah because we were told we could be anything we wanted as kids and then grew up being told so many of our dreams were wrong. Unemployed? Shut up, getting jobs is hard for everyone now, and it is nigh impossible to be a student in this day and work at the same time. You are probs white & heterosexual/cisgender so you don’t really understand the significance of people like Kanye, call people “weird” all you want but weird people exist and have feelings and we need people like Kanye.

      • Dave Smith

        No one anywhere needs someone like Kanye West. Quit your whining and get a job.

        • Cujo Cricket

          Thank You God Dave Smith. You know whats best for EVERYONE. Oh BTW The World could truly go without The Cooperate Freedom killing Military as well.

          • Dave Smith

            Ahhh, I see I stepped on your all knowing toes. What is sad Cujo, is you have no idea what the Military has done for you, and continues to do for you, even though you have no apperciation for them. They don’t ask for, or need your apperciation, I’m sure you will say you didn’t ask them to do it, but there are alot more people than you. I know you will have some snide remasrk, and you will never believe any different, so no reply is required.

          • Alyssa

            When it is my generation’s turn to take over this country, don’t count on being taken care of….

        • Alyssa

          I have a fucking job and I’m in college majoring in psychology AND a collegiate athlete BITCH!! AND I FUCKING LOVE KANYE!!!!! I don’t expect a white old man to understand my struggle…I need Kanye!!!

          His music saved me! When I wanted to give up I listened to his words….some white man asshole would NOT understand I suppose!

          Did you realize that you are a champion in their eyes?
          When it feel like livin’s harder than dyin’
          For me givin’ up’s way harder than tryin’

          This is the story of a champion
          Rounders in the mob and they pop the guns
          Stand up, stand up, here he comes
          Tell me what it takes to be number one?
          Tell me what it takes to be number one

          Champion by Kanye West

      • Jack Sparrow

        Seek therapy!!! ASAP!!!

      • Alyssa

        I agree!! Kanye is the voice of struggling minorities everywhere! Every outburst he has made is something that I wish I could say myself!! He is our scapegoat he takes the bullet for everyone who has no voice!!!

    • jpe

      thisis for the dumbass nelix9 guy firstly ur a tard if you go off raw data for anything that has to do with how many civilians were killed in war first…. secondly im a civilian that had to help my brother when he was in afghannyland….. let me tell you this from a civilian stand point if a little kid walked up to me with a bomb strapped to him because is father put it on him and said its for ala u better believe i would do wat would need to be done to protect me and my brothers next to me and as far as the us goes i dont aggree with 99%of the polirical bs that propogates war but guess wat war starts because of dumbasses like you who can appreciate the fact that some would lay down their lives for youto walk on free soil…. no person wants to kill another person unless they are fn crazy but guess wat sometimes shit needs to be done to protect each other so im going to again tell you plz go put your head in a toil and eat some shit cause i know lots of good that the us and ourmilitary brings to the table and by bashing every aspect of it as though its like drilled into our service memebers heads to kill innocent you my good sir/woman/ hermaphidite… watever you are are very disilusioned on the diffrrence between right and wrong and need a lesson in how to not sound like a tard on the net good day to you and hoorahhhhh bitch

  • Melissa Katsmom Votano


  • RogueJesse

    Maybe he thinks that his job (sic) is so dangerous; because his target demographic, is one of the most violent in the country. Shooting at each other for the slightest perceived offense, real or imagined. But most of the time hitting bystanders.

    So spare us and yourself Mr. West; get yourself out of the public’s eye. I’m sure McDonald’s is hiring.

  • x

    It’s check yourself before you shrek yourself… but close enough.

  • tjdtl

    If I could I would cut all these stars that keep saying this shit on a military salary for a year and see what they think then as well as deploy them.

  • Tracy

    Kudos to you very well put Chief Oliver

  • horseradish

    just another ugly goon from the jungle with contemptible upbringing–probably had no known father and a skanky motherr

  • Adam LeeBerty

    Cops suck and so does Kanye.

  • lestep


  • Janis Price

    sounds Like Jermale has some serious Authoritative disdain, Been in trouble a few times good sir? No Entertainer has the right to Compare themselves to a someone who everyday puts their life on the line. He may go on stage and risk danger from a mentally ill fan, but he’s got as much bodyguard protection as the president. Trust me, he’s safe. Lastly a large population of Police are former Military members therefor they can compare themselves to Military. Their brothers and sisters in the force also can call themselves such because they risk their lives dealing with people who are caustic and aggressive to dangerous levels. Lastly you do not have to be black to enjoy rap music, everyone is repressed in some way and rap is a way of vocalizing feelings, as is any kind of music.

  • Basic Grammar

    What is a solider?

    • tim

      A soldier is a man in a blue uniform who wears a bullet proof vest to protect himself from the people stopped for speeding he fears might shoot him. A soldiers life is becoming more and more dangerous everyday as the amount of GMO’s rise in our coffee and donut supply.

  • KJ

    Kanye West is Narcissistic!

  • nonametho

    who makes more money thoo. yeeeezyyyyy

  • 3rdRangerVet

    First Tom Cruise compares being an actor to a deployed soldier, and now Kanye compares being a rapper to a soldier/officer? And America wonders why most of the world hates us. Talk about our supposed role models being as fucked up and mislead as it comes.

    • Abel_Wilson

      Actually, Tom Cruise didn’t compare being an actor to a deployed soldier. His quote was taken out of context and the press presented it like he was being a douchebag.

      Kanye however needs rehab. He’s clearly high on crack 24/7
      You never know, he might even one day say that “Bound 2 is the Anthem of our Nation. What James Franco and Seth Rogen did is blasphemy!”
      Although I wonder if he knows how to pronounce blasphemy.

  • Kim N Will Ruiz

    This is awesome & a very well worded letter that speaks the truth!! Great job Chief!!

  • black

    Kanye shut up, think they need to rewire your mouth back shut. If you are so high then all you need are looks……..again read some books, as in open an actual book, not from your phone. Your not as humble as you say or think. Kim run while you still can run kimmmm ruuunnnn….

  • glycerin

    kanye is such a douche..

  • J Adcock

    Kanye you are such a miserable dumb ass! Maybe that’s why I don’t listen to your crappy music. DO NOT EVER COMPARE YOURSELF TO A SOLDIER OR A POLICE OFFICER. You are a no talent wanna be. My son died protecting this country and her freedoms including you no talent ass! I am so offended beyond words. You suck.

  • FUP

    Coming from a cop makes this even more insulting to vets. “Having to wear flack jackets” to protect themselves from people who they have violated and from the public who they refuse to protect and serve is more like it. Fn pussy giving advice to another pussy, priceless

    • Tucker

      LMFAO! Thought I was the only one who felt this way.

  • FU oliver

    Another arrogant queen giving advice to another queen. Check yourself queen oliver. You wouldn’t need a bullet proof vest or a gun if you weren’t corrupt and served the public instead of yourselves

  • Merlin Nielsen

    Go! up Interstate 15 North or South Interstate 5 No. or So. and notice how many California Highway Patrol Memorial Signs there are. You just Compaired yourself to the wrong
    . Being a Vietnam War Vet, Baby Boomer Generation (I just dont get it! Lost Generation no, But you have a lot of catching up to do. Get Started & Watch who you compare yourself to. Good Luck Disabled Vietnam War Vet.

  • Gary Scarlett

    West is an Epic Idiot

  • Mickey

    Dear Chief Oliver,

    I too am honored to be writing to such a powerful individual. As I am what you call in your profession a “pedestrian” or “The general public”. My mom tells me I’m a “real comedian” sometimes, but I always get the feeling she’s being sarcastic. Anyway, I just wanted to take a second to let you know how much I appreciate you standing up to that horrible jack@#$ Kanye West.

    I mean what kind of idiot uses analogies so poorly. Analogies have to make immediate sense to everyone or they are just stupid. Everyone knows that a pedestrian(especially Kanye West) could have nothing in common with an officer/soldier because they are completely different classes of humans.

    My purpose for writing is to thank you for putting your life on the line every day to keep me safe. Like any good American I “Support Our Troops”, and I know that that statement is not just propaganda designed to misdirect thinking and squash anti-war movements. Our soldiers abroad and officers here at home are killing men, women, and children every day in order to keep us safe. Without their selfless service to our country those families could do us harm. We should all thank them for doing so much to help so many Americans.

    That last paragraph was full of sarcasm. I put some extra words in so hopefully it was fairly obvious. I mean seriously do you think that wearing a badge make someone infallible. That it changes who you are. Like if Kanye had gone through some 8 week police academy he would magically be saving the world and deserve blind respect and support. Or that a soldier is an upstanding person because he’s in the military! Being able to take orders well and kill other human beings doesn’t exactly make one a good person. It makes one a mindless killer(to varying degrees). I mean a lot of those guys are the ones who stomped on toads and put firecrackers in cats as kids.

    Your line of work is part of the problem with the world today. This idea that there are separate rules for separate groups of people. That having a ruling class is the only way to keep everyone safe. I know why you’re a cop. It’s because you like having authority over others. It sure as hell isn’t because you want to help someone, because you don’t need to be a cop to do that. Being able to do good for others doesn’t hinge on being a cop. However making people stop whenever you want and forcing them to give money does. So enjoy your power trip while it lasts, but I know deep down inside that you’re no saint. That you’ve thought about stealing… that you’ve had dirty thoughts… that you get angry sometimes… and most importantly that you make mistakes. You are entitled to your opinions as I am to mine, but I have logic and reason on my side when I say that- Wearing a badge or a uniform does nothing to change the character of the individual underneath them.

    Please don’t kill me for writing this,


    • Tom

      lol you’re an idiot. If you had to respond to his post why wouldn’t you respond to what he had to say about Kanye? You decided to diss him, and base you’re argument on nothing in particular about how much you hate cops and war… Most futile thing I’ve seen in a while, but the world is full of people like you I guess…

    • melissa


      Seriously? You missed the entire meaning of the letter. Instead you back some idiot or maybe not even that. You just found a reason to vent and speak your liberal BS? Being a military wife and mom, how dare you refers to my family members as killing machines.
      Your ignorance is evident in your entire letter to the chief.

      you must be a young hipster who believes the military and police do not protect us.

      let me ask you this….if someone breaks in your house and kidnaps your child who will you call? If another country tries to invade then what? are you really that ignorant, to think you don’t need any of it.

      you’ll look back one day when the wolf gets you or your family, and remember your stupid letter

      you spoiled american brat!

      if the shit hit the fan you crawl in a hole….lol

      • Marquis

        First of all, what he said is true, soldiers kill people…. that is literally a thing that happens, they kill living-breathing-thinking-feeling human people. So, yeah, there ya go.
        Second, what are soldiers protecting at this point? As far as I am concerned terrorist factions don’t have the support or means anymore to attack us; especially with all of our new security measures. Also, I can say for a fact that the police force as a general whole does not make me feel safe or protected at all. Like if you are not white or heterosexual or able-bodied/minded you have a good chance of being attacked by “law enforcement”, those are just facts.
        Third, fear mongering and holding power over people’s heads is abusive, stop it.
        Fourth, you are a terrible being for wishing harm on others.

        • Zayne Auditorio

          What are soldiers protecting at this point? Our control over oil. Which is one of the few factors keeping this country “breathing”.
          In a sense they really are protecting us, but in a tertiary way.

        • Tom

          Your first point…. melissa was commenting on the fact that he had called soldiers killing machines. That’s an extremely bias label, and she points that out correctly. I don’t know where you’d be right now if these “killing machines” hadn’t rebelled against Great Britain to assure and protect our rights as humans against a tyrant, and on top of that, creating one of the most successful and envied countries in the world for over 200 years, since it’s existence in the process of the war.
          Your second point…. Can you please show me the facts? I’d especially like the rate of how many crimes are solved by the police to how many abuse charges they’ve had/how many are true. Because you most likely don’t have any, and there are a million cases solved by police for the few bad cops who bring terror upon citizens like the Rodney King tragedy.
          Your third point…. Irrelevant
          Fourth…. You’re right, it’s immoral to wish harm upon mickey just because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about

      • Alyssa

        Don’t bash someone’s beliefs just because they don’t agree with yours… Looks like you’re the real brat here…

    • Zackary James Muller

      Mickey grow some balls you DB find something real to stand for instead you pick an idol like kanye

    • Cori

      Dear Mickey,
      You have made it clear YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID! But let me tell you no one has the right to compare their entertaining job to be as dangerous as Police or Military! The Chief did not say anything about being perfect! I am a military brat, and my husband was in the military; I am very proud to say this. I have known great people that has either been in military and or police officer. Were they perfect, no, but they never tried to say they were! Grow up! I’m pretty sure you are one of those that could not pick up a weapon to save someone other than yourself!
      You are the reason why there are people like me! Wish they could fix stupid!

    • Steph

      Cops get a bad rep. Period. And that rep ruins it for the outstanding ones. However, let’s stick with the basics here and stay on Kanye…bottom line is this: Kanye compared his job and himself to that of a cop or soldier. Have you ever heard Kanye speak? Maybe his rap and music is intelligent…but that takes a lot of thought, and in time it can sound and seem intelligent. In essence though, when it comes to interviews and live TV, he is stupidity at it’s best. He can’t think on his feet for anything. He’s ignorant and can’t put a sentence together to save anyone’s life. So to compare himself to someone who CAN save lives, is just idiocy. Furthermore, someone who backs up Kanye’s words of wisdom, may be flawed in some way as well. The only issue I see in this letter, Mickey, is that you have some issue with the law and those who enforce it because I assume you can’t seem to follow it. Part of me hopes that your letter was a satire. Your conscience should tell you that if you’re writing “please don’t kill me for writing this” then you should not have written it at all. Across the board, a lot of people today need to check themselves.

    • sarah

      I am just curious as to what your real problem with this letter is. I don’t recall anyone saying all entertainers are useless. Nor did he claim all soldiers and police are hero’s but heck even a rodeo clown is in more danger from his profession than Kayne. So jump down off your anti war horse and look at what the truth behind this letter was. The truth is that we all have a role to play and a skill we are good at but looking at the daily life of Kayne versus a deployed soldier or police officer who would you honestly say is in more danger. Why can’t you just read it the way it was written. You are trying to find a reason to be offended just like the people claiming racism. The character of the individual underneath was pretty directly revealed by Kayne from his own lips. He gave us the ammunition to call him out and state our opinions when he publicly chose to place himself in a role he didn’t deserve and wanted us to see him as a hero.

      • Floyd

        Boom! I love this response!

    • USMC_JoeKerr

      That is adorable my friend, well and truly adorable. Please tell me how much you risk in your daily life, with all that outstanding logic and reason, to be a good person and help someone. I will await your next little diatribe eagerly. But as we wait on that lets way some things, shall we? You are a civilian, yes? Never been through that oh so easy boot camp process, shot a weapon, been screamed at even? I bet the most discipline you have is having your little one eyed last more than a minute when it comes to game-time. But I digress. Are all us military service members amazingly superb people? No. Nor do we claim to be. Sure, we’re cocky, especially us Marines, but do you know why we’re cocky? Because we have a certain mentality. We have the shittiest job, some of the worst equipment, our orders come from politicians who we could care less about, we get royally screwed whether we get out or stay in the service, yet we still hold steadfast and true on the battlefield. And why is that? It’s because we have pride. We may not all be courageous, we may not all be hard-charging body stackers, hell, we may just be a bunch of pencil pushing admin POGs. Regardless, we still do this consistently looked down upon job, with the chance of getting killed being quite a viable career ender, while entertainers make millions just getting your minds off the fact that your life is droning, dull, and getting longer every day with advances in medical science. Did I mention that with all of these cutbacks recently, several great weapons systems and combat support equipment has been phased out? But hey, those couple million dollars of revenue Kanye will rake in with his tour, merchandise, and music, that goes where exactly? Back to helping defend another country? No? Oh. Okay then. Because even with all that, with all we know about how much we can be hated, spit on, called, baby killers and murderers and rapists and all the other awesome names that a veteran loves to be called after coming home, having seen his brothers die beside him, thousands of miles from his family, even with that, we still fight. Know why? Because insolent little pieces of refuse like you can’t and won’t. Plain and true. Have fun writing things like this and postulating theories about the philanthropic antics of entertainers versus how much money the government should cut from military spending or something.

    • GetAClue

      Mickey you’re a dumbass. Kanye comparing what he does to that of a police officer or someone serving in our military is plain ignorance. You bashing this letter and supporting Kanye’s assertions just proves your own ignorance.

    • Jack Sparrow

      8 week police academy?? The have to go to college to become officers you ignorant butt munch along with the academy!! How old are you 12 maybe 13? The police Chief never declared he didn’t make mistakes either so you pulled that one slam out your ass. It’s people like YOU who are destroying this country with your idiotic thoughts and moronic actions such as posting this “letter” to the Chief. If you got robbed or stabbed or shot – who are you gonna call? Ghostbusters? I don’t think so, and if a muslim raped your ass who would you call then? Scooby-Doo?

      And you have logic and reason on your side? You, Sporty, need a long overdue psychological evaluation and a lot of meds if you think your view is anywhere in the vicinity of logical. You are one sick puppy!!!!

      As for your speak on our military, you forgot to thank them for the right to even be able to post such bull****!! THANK THEM FOR THAT PRIVILEDGE – DO YOU HEAR ME?? MAKE ANOTHER POST THANKING THEM FOR PRTECTING THAT RIGHT FOR YOU because if they didn’t you’d be dead by now in other countries.

      This post Isn’t full of sarcasm, in case you didn’t pick up on that with your juvenile self, it’s full of disdain and indignation that you would post such trash and that people like you exist. YOU didn’t post this for any other reason than to get a reaction. You are just that pathetic. Well you got your reactions and I know you are sitting there laughing at them. You are a common, ugly, lonely, friendless, spineless bastard. Your mother and father must really be screwing you up, that is IF you even have your real ones and aren’t in foster care.
      With my most SINCEREST regards, because I mean every letter in this comment,

    • cheyenne

      Do you not realize that it is our soldiers that helped you have the right to say all of this bullshit. The soldiers do what is needed to keep our country and people safe and unfortunately that also includes dumbass idiots like you. My grandfather was a Marine in the Vietnam War. Do you honestly think they enjoy having to go over there and kill people. HELL NO! Like most soldiers coming home or that have come home from past wars my grandfather suffers from PTSD. I have seen him relive his battles from Vietnam. Maybe we should put you out there by your self and see how long it takes you to shoot someone to defend yourself. And I say by yourself because there is NO WAY IN HELL id want you beside any soldier cause all you would do is get in the way.

    • Anonymous

      One of the most interesting things about your letter Mickey is that your fail at the most important part of your job when writing a letter such as this. Refuting the central point. You neither acknowledge nor refute the point that the chief was motivated by when writing his viral letter to Kanye. Instead you play this card focused on bashing all service members both police and soldiers alike calling them straight up killers. Referring to this letter as propaganda leads me to believe your completely twisted in your melon.

      Lets follow the typical line of thinking for your average conspiracy theorist and consider that the government uses ENTERTAINERS to DISTRACT and MISINFORM us so how is an officer REFUTING Kanye’s CENTRAL POINT propaganda? Logistically speaking doesn’t this chief’s letter take away the credibility of Kanye by realistically comparing a service person to an entertainer? doesn’t that work against the goals of the ones creating the propaganda?

      There is one thing i could think of that would kinda support Kanye’s claim to being like a soldier but that would mean he was a dope selling smack head but i think even that would be a stretch. After all the drug war isn’t anything compared to fighting a real war nor would being involved in that war make him a hero so there really is no possible way for his comparison to be logical.

      I aint saying he a golddigga but i think he becoming a broke nigga!

      Kanye’s actions bring one really old saying to mind “Open Mouth, Insert Foot” but in his case i think he inserted both feet and swallowed. This illogical move by Kanye isn’t going to help his record sales unless of course your a brainwashed teen jumped up on “molly” screaming YOLO and buying all the crap being force-fed to you by mainstream media in witch case your truly convinced that Kanye’s job is dangerous and that he deserves a purple heart microphone to spew his brain vomit through.

      Perhaps you will think twice before getting high and posting this trash next time. People like you shouldn’t get high your one brain cell swells up and you end up thinking your intelligent.

      Please don’t kill yourself someone has to clean that shit up.

    • Mickey Mouse

      Hey Mickey,

      How’s your inferiority complex?

      I think the point he was trying to convey is that Kanye’s job is not as dangerous as a soldier’s or a police officer’s. By the way everyone knows what an analogy is, so you can relax with that, and it is a terrible analogy; soldier is to war as Kanye is to stage? See it just doesn’t really work, you’re absolutely right.
      Also, I was wondering, how do you know that we’re killing families over there? You must have been over there right? How was it for you? Because I certainly don’t remember killing any families over there. I do remember being shot at and mortared, You think Kanye’s ever been mortared? Maybe he’s gotten some bottles thrown at him those are kinda like mortars right? I know, lets try that analogy, ready: Mortar is to explosion as bottle is to splash. Hmm, just not a very powerful one either, you’re right again. You’re a pretty smart guy, you go to college? I’m impressed.
      Well, anyway I think you might have a little growing up to do so I’ll leave you to that. But in the meantime try to educate yourself a little bit, maybe even have a conversation with a cop or a soldier. I agree they’re not all heroes, some are even douche bags, just like in every other aspect in life (i.e. you’re the douche bag in whatever sad emo circle you’re a part of). But, I think at the end of the day you’ll find they do have pretty dangerous jobs.

      PS- go fuck yourself you fucking clown.

  • Danny Priest

    My reaction is…. cool letter by the Chief; much respect. Also, I would have proofed the title before I posted it. Who misspells the word Soldier? signed- A “solider”.

  • Ben

    nice letter chief. you guys need to give kanye a little more credit since he can definitely help the army. imagine if all the taliban only focus their shootings and use all their bullets on him :p

    • Guest

      first intelligent response I’ve read so far

  • Amanda

    You know what I find funny what some news paper said I think he is actually more hard hitting the whats his name rapper…I know I will never buy a paper from them no one else should either…its wrong that they write something bad about someone who speaks the truth

  • Amanda

    lol my bad I didnt read it sorry my bad …go news paper

  • Tom Mcbride

    Kanye West is a superstar troll, he is getting exactly what he wants. if everyone ignored this idiot he would go away.

  • Ellen H.

    Wow, just when I don’t think Kanye could be any more of an idiot, he proves me wrong. What an egotistical blathering clod!

  • Tammy Grandstaff

    Thank you Chief Oliver for your words to Mr. West. He wouldn’t be able to stand 2 days of military service, let alone make it through boot camp! All he really does is sing songs or rap. And he doesn’t do that very well. I say, stick to your rapping/singing, and let the military do their job. Which is no comparison to what you do. And while we’re at it, you need to come down off your high horse and deflate your HUGE ego. You’re nothing but a rapper. Get over yourself.

  • Kristinfan413years


  • jeffrey

    After checking out some of Kanyes video and lyrics recently I’m convinced that the end of the world is at hand. How very sad that such an asshole actually has a fan base. It’s unbelievable what some people mistaken for talent.

    • Alyssa

      I love kanye!!!!!! It’s funny that people are so ignorant and don’t realize what he’s really doing!!! Ooooooooooooo they so sensitive ;(

  • Steffen

    This “epic” letter is unnecessarily demeaning. Regardless of what Kanye may or may not have said in an interview (I’m not defending him), there is no need to pretend he can’t understand basic social nuances such as sarcasm, especially considering he’s probably far more intelligent than this “officer of the law”. Not to mention, with all the increased reports of police brutality and abuse of power, no policeman is in any position to act high and mighty.

  • cop

    cops sucks dudes a dick bet he beats black people actually he is a cop so i know he beats black people we live in a police state

    • DerpSandwich

      You’re an idiot.

    • Alyssa

      For real!! You wear a fucking badge and call yourself a cop… want an award? the cop is a prick

  • Gabriel Vanerstrom

    @Steffen – Shut the hell up. Assuming that out of two people, whom you have never met, one is more intelligent than the other is ignorant. You should really get off Kanye’s dick and it is funny to me how you defend the person that is so clearly diluted. Then again, it’s obvious you are quite diluted yourself. Keep on being the guy that defends someone who does nothing for you. I am more than 12,000 miles away from defending your right to be retarded. Yes, I volunteered for it by choice. But someone who isn’t putting their life on the line to protect the American way of life WITH HIS OWN LIFE and comparing themselves to the dangers I go through is an insult. Plain and simple.

    • Steffen

      haha the fact that you think you’re defending my rights! Not only are they being stripped away daily, but also what the fuck are you doing to defend me by killing middle eastern people or whatever the fuck you’re doing? get off your own dick and the military’s dick, listen to college dropout, that album did more for black people than you or any other fuckwad soldier will do for america. ignorant fuck.

      • Aiobheannn

        Regardless if our rights as Americans is being taken away from us by our OWN government, our military men and women like Gabriel our out there in the line if fire protecting us from having our rights taken away by OTHER governments and terrorist groups. Perhaps you should pick up a history book and see what our military has and is doing for ungrateful people such as you and your beloved Yezzus who think that putting out a rap album and performing on stage is anything compared to risking your life for people you have and will probably never meet. You are by far the superioir ignorant fuck.

      • GetAClue

        Actually no you ignorant SOB. Kanyes done shit for black people. And his recent statements potray him as an ignorant attentiin starved dumbass.

      • Gabriel Vanerstrom

        I have no respect for the ignorance you are spewing. But I will put my ass on the line to protect your right to say it. Because you’re a diluted vagina and would be the first one to call out for help to the same government you curse when you would be in trouble. You are the one of the worst types of Americans. You have my pity. “Listen to college drop out”? Are you serious? Listen to something with a title that is one of the worst possible outcomes someone can have? You need to reevaluate what you are putting into your mind. What goes in through the eyes and ears comes out through the mouth- and clearly you have been witnessing nothing but straight bullshit.

    • Steffen

      also, i can tell he’s more intelligent because kanye writes profound verses and composes incredible beats, where as this cop writes like a middle school kid.

      • Steffensatard


        Profound verses?

        I know I got a bad reputationWalking-’round-always-mad reputation
        Leave-a-pretty-girl-sad reputation
        Start a Fight Club, Brad reputation

        Yeah, so profound. I hear rhyming the same word together 4 times in a row takes skill, talent, finesse, and extreme intellectual prowess. Oh wait, it doesn’t? Sheeeeeit.

        I’ll give you the beats. He has made some pretty good ones. But to say that his lyrics are “profound” in any way is BEYOND stupid.

      • OnyxHeart

        “… where as this cop writes like a middle school kid” says the guy who has never taken an English class ever.

        The rest of your argument is dreck. If you can’t string a single sentence together coherently, you’re obviously not going to be on the winning side of any arguments.

      • jeffrey

        You just have to be kidding about profound lyrics, or maybe you don’t understand the meaning of the word “profound”. Occasionally, for entertainment or for a good laugh I’ll put on the rap station (uncensored,cable t.v.) and I never cease to be AMAZED at the putrid garbage being played. These “artists” (give me a break) all sound the same,sometimes I’m not sure when one piece ends and the next one starts. Absolutely NO originality or creativity, same old same old same old. EVERY tune: nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, muhfuckin nigga,bitch nigga, pussy nigga, my nigga, this nigga, that nigga, bitch hoe nigga, I gots a gun and a million dollas nigga, I sound like a pathetic, uneducated nigga, you should be scaredame cuz I’m badder and more dangerous than that nigga, I’m a Bentley drivin nigga who just got outta jail for the tenth time nigga, and some of my fans think my “music” is like a badge of honor for all homie niggas and actually think people like Kanye West are a credit to the black race. ……..eventually I turn it off because the drum machine used on EVERY SINGLE TUNE is just too obnoxious ……..(talent)

        • jeffrey

          Sorry, Stephansatard,( obviously he is) that post was meant for the great Stephan, not for you. Peace.

      • Gabriel Vanerstrom

        Really? Because grammatically it is on at least a high school if not college level. Please keep responding :) I love watching failures in public education and the growing disease of stupidity that poisons the world today. You are a classic example.

    • OnyxHeart

      The word you’re looking for is “deluded.” “Diluted” is what happens when you pour water into another liquid.

      • Gabriel Vanerstrom

        Hahaha, well, when you mix stupid with dumbass, you get a Diluted human being (made up of mostly water) like Steffen. Thanks for the correction, I will remember that.

  • DerpSandwich

    This would be awesome if I were confident that Kanye could read.

    • Steffen

      racist af

      • DerpSandwich

        Kanye’s extreme stupidity has nothing to do with his race. You’re the one that suggested that, not me.

        • Steffen

          listen to college dropout and then tell me all about his ‘extreme stupidity’, but then again you probably wouldn’t understand half the things he talks about.

          • DerpSandwich

            You’re right, I have a hard time understanding people who are so mentally handicapped that they slur their speech and drool on themselves and try to speak in terrible rhymes.

          • Alyssa

            He was in a car accident your retarded fuck… Maybe before you say something you should make sure you’re at least correct… Cause now you’re the one who sounds like the complete idiot… And he actually says some real shit I wouldn’t expect an idiot who calls themselves derp sandwich to understand

          • DerpSandwich

            Gee, I sure hope someday I get in a wreck that damages my jaw and doesn’t leave me with any kind of brain damage whatsoever so I can get away with being a horrible, retarded human being with millions of fans leaping to defend the drooling buttsplatter that falls from my mouth. “Real shit” is totally right.

          • Alyssa

            I hope you do too… I do not expect ignorant people to understand struggle… Kanye is brighter than you are… that is a fact…

          • DerpSandwich

            Yup, it’s certainly an indisputable fact, one that you can prove right here on the interwebz! YOU WIN!

          • Alyssa

            I did win, thanks!

          • GetAClue

            Steffen you made it racial not DerpSandwich. Get a clue you knob.

          • PoofMasterKing

            (Sorry wasn’t really meant to reply to GetaClue, but for Steffen) How is being called illiterate mean that Derp is racist? For once in your life, please pull out the racist card out your butt and think a little more rationally. Being able or unable to read has nothing to do with race. Either you are a troll starting a fight for no reason, or you don’t really understand the meaning of racism.

          • Alyssa

            No the fact that he was offended by being called racist is what called himself to being racist… He thought he could go undetected… He was wrong

          • PoofMasterKing

            Not so much. I mean if someone was being accused of something (being called racist per say), wouldn’t you or anyone then feel offended especially if the person never had any intention of doing or being so? What you are saying sounds more like the whole “Who smelt it, dealt it” kind of logic which doesn’t really make much sense. Derp was offended because someone called him racist for simply saying illiterate which by no means related him to anything racial.

        • Alyssa

          Well then enlighten me….why wouldn’t he be able to read then??

          • DerpSandwich

            Uh, because he’s an idiotic human being. I thought that was implicit.

          • Alyssa

            Why is he automatically an idiot? I don’t understand how you came to this assumption?…

          • DerpSandwich

            What’s all this about “automatically”? I’m basing my opinion on the dozens upon dozens of stupid, horrible things I’ve seen him do. I’ve come to the conclusion that the only sort of person that is capable of doing these specific things is a stupid and horrible one. Everybody makes mistakes, but some people consistently crap on everyone else in ways that your average “flawed” person just doesn’t. He’s one of those people, and no amount of childishly trying to demean me because I dislike an artist you’re a fan of is going to change that.

          • Alyssa

            I could care less to change your mind all I am saying is that it is rude to assume that someone cannot read based off of an act…he does all those things on purpose.. I hope you are aware of that

          • DerpSandwich

            I’m actually pretty sure he can read. I was just trying to say something insulting about him 1. because I think he’s horrible and deserves it, and 2. because it riles up the people who blindly defend him. Basically, trolling.

            Also, that is one of the funniest excuses I’ve ever heard. Like, ever.

          • Alyssa

            I did not make any excuses?? I’m sorry you feel offended, I just don’t stand for anyone judging someone based off what little they know. Same to you…DERP

          • DerpSandwich

            You just wrote off every horrible, mean, stupid, cruel, and inconsiderate thing the man’s ever done by claiming that he does it all on purpose. That’s the excuse I was talking about. And the fact that you think him doing it all on purpose would somehow make it better…it’s just comedy gold.

          • Alyssa

            I didnt write off anything? I am just saying you think he doesnt know what he’s doing? I’m not the one telling him what to do…Sorry youre so butthurt…I am so glad you see it that way. What has he done that is cruel and mean? Last I checked he hasnt killed anyone?

          • DerpSandwich

            Not sure where you’re getting that I’m butthurt, I’m actually quite enjoying this. Oh, that’s right, you’re trying to gain some pathetic little conversational advantage.

            As far as your question goes, Taylor Swift has something to say on that matter. Also, I once saw him, in real life, murdering a small dog while its owner watched.

          • Alyssa

            I cannot stand Taylor Swift so I could careless. I have no idea what you’re talking about and quite frankly you are getting stupid so I know that this conversation is over

          • DerpSandwich

            If you don’t know what happened between Kanye West and Taylor Swift then I’m not sure where you’ve been for the last few years.

            You don’t care if someone did something bad to Taylor Swift? Why can’t you stand her?

          • Alyssa

            I never said I didnt know what happened between them. I do not like Taylor Swift because I don’t like her music, she sings about ex after ex and after awhile it gets old…Nothing against her work really I just chose to not listen.

          • DerpSandwich

            So what you’re saying is that you know what he did to her, but you don’t care because you don’t like her music.

          • Alyssa

            No at that time I actually did like her… but I did not see it as a big deal. because it was not … She played it out to be the end of the world and it was not. TYPICAL GIRL MOVE

          • DerpSandwich

            As I recall she actually handled it incredibly well, despite the fact that he ruined the proudest moment of her life up to that point by acting like an angry five-year-old who didn’t get his way. But whatever helps you sleep at night.

            I’ll bet that dog he kicked to death was rabid, according to your memory, huh? It wasn’t. Its name was Ruffles and its owner loved it very much.

          • Alyssa

            Well I remember it quite differently, she went whining about for almost two years.. What he said was absolutely true. I already sleep good at night thanks. I have no idea what you’re talking about honestly and I don’t really care. Kanye could have shot it in the head and I could give two fucks

          • DerpSandwich

            It’s watering eyes, the life slowly draining from them, peered up at its master in its last moments of life. It whimpered something that sounded like, “I love you,” and slipped away. The lady cradled the poor thing in her arms, while Kanye West bellowed his hearty laughter. Then he rapped over the sound of her weeping.

            If you think that’s acceptable behavior for a rapper, then you’re a monster.

          • Alyssa

            Good for him then!

          • DerpSandwich

            Last word.

          • Alyssa

            Grow up.

          • DerpSandwich

            I could say the same to you.

          • Alyssa

            I’m not the one making up childish lies. You are.. It’s pathetic and weird that you put so much effort on bullshit.

          • DerpSandwich

            You’re the one who’s debating with a person who has openly admitted to trolling.

      • Tiffany Holman

        Nah, I don’t think so, it’s just a poor attempt at being funny.

  • Bound Two

    Ye makes more in an hour than he makes in several years. Ye wins.

    • DerpSandwich

      If you think that a person’s worth is measured by the amount of money they make, I feel extremely sorry for you.

  • James

    I would rather make my measly salary and be thankful to strap on that vest every day than have his millions of dollars. At least I know that I am helping society, be it a minuscule thing. Sadly, people see those with badges as enemies. Sure, the media helps exasperate that but in truth, the good ones will always out weigh the bad. Typically, those that have a problem with Law Enforcers are the ones breaking the laws. Most people can go their whole life without ever having an unwanted conversation with one of us “fat, pathetic cops”.

  • 123ffs

    Ignorance is great =D thanks for reminding us Kanye. lol I’m gonna go now and risk my life doing homework. Who knows, all those braincells at work, I might have a stroke? So stressful, it’s like I’m a judge or something. (sarcasm)

  • Brando

    YOU DONT HAVE THE ANSWERS CHIEF…. But seriously I agree with the Chief lol.

  • wonderer

    Kanye, while you are out there risking your life, remember this: It was a life choice and you made it. Personally I don’t want to hear how brave you must be to count your money, day after day, while dodging bullets or risking being blown up by an IED. My advice to you is – Get Over Yourself.

  • pam

    Kanye West could not handle what the military or law enforcement do. The only thing he can do is stand up and blab words that u can’t understand. Poor guy needs to go chk himself.

  • Toots

    Great article. Site needs work though.

  • Montster

    Worthless Ni99er.

  • Cynthia Tennison

    Kanye west is an idiot who thinks he is better then everyone to bad he cant see what an embarrassment he is.Does he even think before he opens that big mouth???? He is the definitionof a true ass wipe!!!!

  • Shawn Armstrong

    Kanye who, never heard of her?


    I’m glad I’m not you Kanye. I’d hate to think about falling on stage and hitting my head and seriously hurting myself. As for you and your “Rap Is Crap”, you cannot hold a candle to our soldiers, policeman, and fireman who have far far more dangerous jobs than you. Gee, you have two things to worry about, straining your vocals cords, which would be a good thing and shut you up, or falling off the stage. And if I was there standing at center stage and you fell off, really sorry about your luck, which means “Kerplunk”, you hit the ground. You really need to get a better life and think about “OUR” soldiers, policeman, and fireman who are protecting us. And one more thing, you have body guards and they don’t!!!

  • Buggs Abriam

    Though police officers sometimes run into trouble, they are fairly safe in their work. This year there was 95 police officers that died from line of duty deaths, but there are about 800,000 police officers. If you do some research you can see the celebrities often die younger than most people in the U.S. Many of the deaths are caused by drug use, but drug use is more common in their culture. Living a dangerous life style makes your life more dangerous, and many times celebrities don’t see the risk in “making it big” while being a police officer you should assume them.

  • Julian

    Yes kanye west is showing mental instability. How can someone say telling a story on a live stagge let alone a recorded record be just as good work as our armed forces and police officers, for kanye to say his life is dangerous is because he can’t control his own actions or feelings so he speaks without thinking first. I in agreement with this officer just because I know for a fact if any rapper at kanyes level has that much attention from the world can easily pretend that thier making a significant difference.

  • who the fk cares

    biggie smalls, 2pac, dimebag darrel, selena, any musician killed in an in a plane crash…
    This cop needs to stick to his day job. I don’t particularly care for Kanye West (not my genre of music at all), but it is a dangerous job. There are a lot of jealous people out there. True its nothing compared to being in a AK’s line of site, but its not like a baby sitting job either.

  • Amber

    I am a servicemember myself, and the fact that he would even compare himself to servicemen and women, and that includes police officers is heinous. and I am completely disgusted. I completely agree with what this officer has said. In every aspect. Think what you want, but until you really know, maybe you shouldn’t comment.

  • nancyj1922

    I have an idea….why doesn’t he, since he is so bad a$$, let all of his bodyguards go and just be manly enough to take on this big bad world by himself? Oh, I forgot, he has a wife and family to take care of….uh, but don’t the soldiers and cops have the same? Or any good daddy? Yep, they don’t need bodyguards. It must be because his head is so swollen from how much he loves himself and he needs those people to prop him up. Sad, that is something that any good dad could and should do on his own. He does need to remember that if it wasn’t for the PUBLIC, including cops and military that pay to see his worthless “music” that he would be probably washing cars. There but by the grace of God, Kanye! Maybe you should learn about that.

  • David Elliott

    When are we going to quit putting such stock in what actors, rappers, and hollywood types say? they live in a fantasy world, they claim to be from the hood, or the streets, but they are so far removed from that ….. anyway, this dude who thinks being married to one of the most self centered girls in the country, and names his child “North”… is he relevant?

  • womanfrommars

    The last line…says it all!!! Lol

  • TPrince

    I definitely have way more respect for kanye than your typical police officer or soldier. Both police officers and soldiers pick those professions (generally) because they’re not good enough to do anything else. Kanye, though at times ignorant, is way more important to music and social culture than a cop or soldier will ever be. Cops can go ahead and keep promoting a police state and soldiers can try to spread our police state around the world, but I don’t respect them simply because they chose a profession that ANYONE COULD DO. No hate toward them, but they don’t deserve any special recognition for doing something that literally ANYONE CAN DO. Kanye, on the other hand, is very gifted (though at time ignorant) and definitely more significant.

    • jhay66

      ANYONE COULD DO? Oh yeah anyone would actually join the police/military since they can’t do anything else. I think you missed the point where once they join the military regardless if they can or cannot do anything else is that they put their lives on the line. To serve and protect that is probably one of the reason why you can sleep comfortably at night. Because if there’s no police/military i wonder how much crime rate would a state have. Or better yet let us turn each and everyone in the police and military into a rapper/performer/entertainer and man the streets.

      I didn’t know serving and protecting is below anything else in the world and doesn’t deserve special recognition.

      • Lumixian

        Pushing the crime issue aside for a second, let’s face it, most people who join the military and/or police have limited options and generally do it out of desperation and the need for money, not to “serve their country”. They like to highlight the fact that they’re “putting their lives on the line” in order to elevate their line of work to the epitome of human dignity and make grand statements about protecting the country/state/city, when in recent cases they’ve simply proven to be hired thugs, serving the elite. The authority inherent in the job makes for ego-driven psychological aberrations, which turns good earnest people into overly-macho, authority-boasting simpletons with guns, The most telling part of the whole military scheme is that we can’t even manage to take care of our veterans when they come back from war, mentally scarred with PTSD, suicidal tendencies, and who knows what other psychological afflictions they may have developed… It’s a joke really.

        This isn’t to say many cops don’t deserve respect, for sure, many of them do, but there’s a reason sentiment toward cops is so mixed lately. It didn’t just appear out of thin air… Hint: Check YouTube.

        Also, Kanye is an idiot. Just thought I should put that on record, I imagine some may erroneously come to the conclusion that I support him… I don’t.

        • jhay66

          Now that i can agree on.

    • Chris

      People need to get over this BS that people who join the Police/Military are doing so because they are too stupid/have no skills to do anything else. Some do and at least they are doing that rather than doing what a Kanye fan is doing and drawing welfare.
      Many people in the Police and Military are highly educated, skilled and educated and if they aren’t, the military/police develops them so they are.
      I am speaking as a British Military Veteran (9 years in the RAF) and now working in law enforcement. I have an IQ of 147. I speak 3 foreign languages and that’s not due to my ethnicity, which is irrelevant. I have qualifications above Bachelor degree level. Did I have other options? Hell yeah, but I chose to serve my gods and my Queen, my country and my flag.
      Have I killed? Yeah, I have one kill doing my duty. The individual was about to set off a device to blow up the vessel I was on with nearly 200 other men. So I shot him. Hardest thing I ever did. Was it necessary? Yes.
      The ignoramuses who believe the police and military are all dumb fucks are the ones who are proving their own stupidity. They are potentially even sub-100 IQ points like Kanye quite clearly is.
      Oh, and imho, Kanye is not talented. His music is shite. Give me some Iron Maiden any day.

  • mclovin

    So I have a different, probably uncommon, view on this. Is Kayne West a hero? Certainly not in the same way that police officers and military men are. I don’t want to take any of that away from them. Did he go a little over the top? Absolutely, no doubt about it. Should he be comparing himself to the men and women who put their lives on the line every day? Not in the slightest. However, to say that he’s not a hero at all isn’t true, either. Kanye may not be the greatest rapper of all time (which he has admitted himself – he gave that credit to Tupac Shakur), but to say that he’s not an inspiration to some people is false. Those with the loudest voices will always be the people who contradict famous individuals, and to you, I say, cut him some slack. Kanye is always under heat for these types of things, especially after his controversial album, “Yeezus,” and he among other stars (i.e. – Miley Cyrus) are constantly under fire (no military reference intended). Why should he get any more crap than Justin Bieber, who is genuinely a bad person, or anyone in the CEO chair who’s greedy with their corporate income? Sure, he might be out of line with this, but I think people such as Chief Oliver take things like this too much to heart, He’s just speaking his mind, and for any of us to say that we’ve never over-exaggerated our own successes is probably incorrect.

    That being said, thank you SO MUCH to all of the men and women serving in our military forces and to those serving to protect the law of the United States of America and the world.

  • Jome

    Not only Kanye, most of the Hollywood people think the very same way, in fact they get Oscar’s or Emmy’s that made them believe they are far better than our soldiers in harms way. Ironic, that’s the way it is, their trophies are more important than the ordinary soldier’s purple heart.

  • Stephen

    Why do people care? It’s words that Kanye said, now the cop was just writing to get attention, just let it be

  • Shaun Erin McConnell

    “Our Culture???” Since when was black or white a fucking culture? Give me a damn break and pull your head out your ass for a minute. MURCA!!!


    to the one called mickey

    how dumb can you possibly be no words can express my new found hatred for you and yet the only reason u say all this is to get the attention you never had as a child so have a great day sir

  • EJ

    Don’t think he was downplaying the job of military or police, just saying in aspects he’s like those things. Don’t think its approbate either way. That said, Chief did the same when saying performers assume no risk what so ever. Can’t agree with that either. Is this really what is america’s biggest concern, comparing each others rolls only to down play one another’s efforts and the impacts they have?

  • wthwest

    Well his life might very well be in danger now because I sure as hell want to shoot him now too! My lord, the audacity of that man. Kanye who thinks he is a hero and Soulja Boy who says fuck the troops are reasons why [1] the youth of america today is doomed with them as role models/popular media focuses and [2] people have such disrepect or lack of respect for people who risk their lives daily by defending our country and community. it’s disgraceful to our country and our human existence.

  • Ash Hoagland

    Haha that cop is a hundred precent right. Couldnt be more right kanye is an arrogant idiot. And now I dislike him even more then I ever did. High five cop :)

  • WriterBry

    My opinion is that both your opinions are opinionated as heck and neither are right. To consider people heroic simply because they served overseas is a pretty tall order just as considering ones self a soldier for rapping on a stage. I’ve known some really sad, pathetic people that joined the services. I have my examples but the point is, this is very harshly opinionated.

    I agree with the officer’s main point though – his life is nothing like a person who serves or protects. However, labeling people heroes simply because they wear a uniform is moot considering some real airheads have joined the armed services and they’re still airheads after they get out. I thought the Army screened people… They probably would take people like Kayne West, and that’s part of the military’s problems.

    The individual characters of the men and women, uniform or not, dictate heroism and not the simple fact of having served.

    This is from my experience from people I know; people that, during high school wouldn’t let their girlfriends hang out with their best friends simply because her best friends were men they did not know — and now, fourteen years later, they treat their wives like fine china and remain paranoid about letting them out to taste the very freedom they fought for. I wouldn’t call a man like that a hero even if he wore the uniform and fought in live combat; not unless the military actually changed them (Which in the person’s case that I speak of, did not). So far, it seems that, sometimes, the military doesn’t actually break down and rebuild in boot camp; shady, selfish, controlling, dictatorial, power hungry people that go in sometimes come out just as shady and ignorant no matter what they did.

    For the REAL hero’s that are in the military — people of good character and those who really believe in freedom, stay safe out there and come home in one piece. I’m not referring to everyone. The uniform doesn’t make the man, obviously, but there are good people everywhere both IN and OUT of the service.

    My point is, don’t be too quick to judge heroism simply by service to the country.

  • Farrow

    You are all takin this to serious. Kanye is a smart man, if he wasn’t he wouldn’t be in the situation he is in now. I think he’s grown enough to know that his job really isnt anymore dangerous than a police officer/soldiers. And who are you to say he’s not a hero? You don’t think that maybe because of him, a young black boy in the hood now has the courage to become an entertainer and become a better person? When based on his surroundings he could end up gang banging or selling drugs. Don’t doubt the power celebrities have. Unfortunately they have more power and influence than a soldier does these days. For example, by saying one little comment in a interview, he made you waste your time and write a letter that he’s probably not going to care about, attracting people to start up even more pointless conversations debating about the fact that a soldiers job is more risky than a entertainers, which is obvious. He knows that, the whole world knows that. So keep on bashing a man on the internet, while he’s making money from all your kids as we speak. Unfortunately im controlled also due to the fact that I chose to take the time to make you adults realize that you. Are. Pointless.

    • OnyxHeart

      Didn’t read.

  • Monica Carver

    Touche……….Chief Oliver. Yes…… I understood all your inferences…..absolutely right! I’ve lived and worked in Afghanistan, in & out of that country since 2003 as a civilian. I have worked in and around the different agencies i.e. UN/USAID, other NGOs, aside from reconstruction efforts. Seen a lot! Kanye for all his rap-tap-touie…….couldn’t exist there, Military or Civilan. He’s full of himself because of all his PAID help/associates; “Attitude, not Aptitude gives one Altitude”. All he has is an IGNORANT BIG MOUTH, but then again, ‘Birds of a Feather’…..(ooopps SARCASM)

  • Floyd

    I love it! Call it for what it is! As a Blackman struggling daily to make it, I am appalled by Kanye Wests behavior. He is as ignorant as they come from what I see! Good Call Chief!

  • awellis13

    Holda holda holda holdup. Bitch, are sure you ain’t no Hobbit?

  • McOrin Lima

    Chief Oliver don’t lower yourself to his level. GOD protects the feeble minded. YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID!

  • Ribs

    John Lennon died? Um think about that.

  • My Thoughts

    I must admit that Kanye does say some very stupid things. No he shouldn’t compare himself to soldiers and officers who do indeed put their lives on the line everyday. We can pretty much agree he is an ass. What I don’t agree with is the opinions of some of the people saying that people who are harassed by police officers are out there breaking the law. I have been stopped on numerous occasions and harassed for merely walking down the street. I’ve been called out my name with racial slurs, told I would go in and out of jail my entire life (I was 17 years old when I was told that), and told I wouldn’t amount to anything. These things do happen a lot and if you don’t believe me just look up Stop and Frisk which happens all over this country. So I do understand some of the disdain towards police. Not to say that all officers are bad by any means but the dynamic between police officers and citizens in certain areas are fueled by the excessive force that officers use. 18 sheriffs in Los Angeles were just arrested for doing so many despicable things (it would take forever to write them) and thinking they were above the law including threatening a FBI agent at her home. The point of me writing this is to say I understand why the letter was written and I have no negative comments towards it. I also understand some of the comments that don’t agree with the majority. In order to keep society moving in the right direction we as people should listen to others and discuss and try to find something we can walk away with that can make us all better people. We shouldn’t get caught up in petty arguments that clearly show us choosing sides and lowering ourselves to name calling or racial slurs. If you don’t agree with something that’s perfectly fine but don’t act like what someone is saying is false because you haven’t experienced it. That is not justification for deeming something non existent. There is nothing wrong with voicing your opinion but please be responsible. Ultimately this post didn’t do any good for anyone but further divide us and suck people into arguments and stir up emotions. That is often the intent of media. All entertainers are not egotistical and superficial but some are. All cops and soldiers are not heroes with great intentions but some are. That’s the dynamic of life as a human in every field. You have good and you have bad because no one and nothing is perfect. This is also coming from a man apart of a military family who works in the entertainment industry with a university degree and also volunteers helping the youth and homeless. I only mention that because people are quick to judge a persons intelligence and character. Forget race I just want to see us humans do better as a whole.

  • Over it

    Kudos to the Police Chief. Kanye West is a complete jerk off.

  • Bob

    Oh for fuck’s sake… was that a stupid comment to make offhand? Yup. Let’s crucify him.

    But at the same time, there is a validity to what he was trying to say, if you take the time to even try to understand. To be a real artist, whether you’re acting or rapping or doing the fucking macerena… there’s a vulnerability to that which is completely legitimate and terrifying. It’s also something that most non-artists don’t understand at all.

    Is it as vulnerable as going to Afghanistan? Definitely not. But it doesn’t give this idiot any excuse to completely trivialize the power of art or the extreme bravery it takes to really put yourself out there in front of millions of people. Again, it was a clumsy and stupid metaphor… but for God’s sake. That’s no reason to act like Kanye’s art is unimportant or ridiculous. In fact, that guy is protecting the peace exactly so guys like Kanye have the freedom to impact people the way he does. You don’t like his music? Fine. But A LOT of people really really REALLY do, and are positively impacted by it in a very personal way. In fact, I’d venture to say that some kids out there love it so much that it’s really all they have. And how dare somebody try to make fun of that. Fuck this guy. Go write somebody a fucking speeding ticket. Boo.

    Maybe I’m getting too fired up, but I really get tired of people trying to act like art doesn’t matter. And that’s exactly what this guy is trying to say in this super stupid condescending letter.

  • Jack Bauer

    Could this guy be any more up his own ass? He’s giving Kanye a run for his money… Now I don’t claim to know much about this cop, but unless he was a soldier first, he is seriously deluded. Now him being a soldier first is a very real possibility, so before I judge, I’m holding out for more information. Either way both have shitty attitudes and are on high-horses. But if this cop has never been in the service, then for him to compare himself to a soldier is just what he’s bitching at Kanye for. He’s comparing a cop to a soldier, and depending on the area- barring extreme circumstances/situations- that’s just as big of a reach as Kanye’s statement comparing a rapper to a cop/soldier. And there’s a difference between targets on the heads of police/soldiers and entertainers. There’s rarely an event where ONE soldier or police officer is targeted for death. Where somebody wants to kill this specific person more than they even care to live and will do everything in their power to hunt this person. Going on a stage in front of thousands of people, any one of them could be one of these insane psychopaths, is pretty risky. Granted, all we get from it is entertainment, and when soldiers or police go in harms way it’s to protect us or our rights. There’s the difference in my opinion, something that wasn’t touched on at all by the author.

    I’m curious for the response regarding whether or not this writer was in the service. If so, I appreciate everything you do for your country and apologize. If not, get off your matching Kanye West high-horse and quit thinking since you’re a cop you’re better than anybody. Maybe it’s where I’m from, but nobody respects police officers. I guess I’d have to be from a scary ghetto to really ever have any use for them. Soldiers on the other hand- utmost respect I have for them. That’s why I’m as upset at you as you are at Kanye when you compare cops to soldiers.

    But like I said, if you did serve I apologize and this doesn’t really apply to you!

  • Raquel Ragon

    This is awesome but (NOT on wests side) the paparazzi are insane with their baby north. They cut kims car off while she was in labor almost causing an accident. They SWARM the baby. Its one thing to attack the celebrity. That’s their life to be in the public eye constantly but leave their children alone. Anyways … Its NO WHERE near close the the dangers of police officers or military. Ya sure he might get a bottle thrown at him at his concert. Watch out!!! hahah He got WAY to ahead of himself with that one lol.

  • Raquel Ragon

    I have to say this… some of these comments are so ridiculous. Unless YOU were or are a cop or in the military or veteran you shouldn’t have any ground for your argument. You don’t know what its like until you’ve actually lived that life. Have your .2 but these long arguments are really stupid.

  • Ruth Banks

    Me personally I’m proud of Chief some one should have been adderssed that angry arrogant performer he is confused my job is dangerous and I still wouldn’t compare it to officers and millatary people they put there lives on the line for us yes Kanya yours too what the hell do you do for us other than embaresse us on the awards show speak negative about your own culture get a grip on it the only people who would agree with you are other negative followers 5 ***** stars up for the chief and all the public servants thank God some one spoke on this

  • Chunterosa

    i like how this piece of shit pig compares himself to a soldier. a piece of shit getting angry at a piece of shit for being a piece of shit. classy.

  • Andrew Perez

    i know kanye is an idiot and all butt i feel like cops in dangerous areas are the only one putting there lives on the line, the rest are just worry about making there everymonth quotas , and power gets to there head

  • Victorino West

    Kanye West is dumb forgive this small brain entertainer……Obama make a law that it is compulsory to all entertainer to be enlisted in the military and bring them to the frontlines….
    hahahahahah dumb west

  • KCaprioni

    My hats off to the Police Chief who wrote that, thank you and my prayers are with every military personnel, every law enforcement officer and to every firefighter because you are all true life heroes.

  • Zayne Auditorio

    It’s common knowledge that most of Kanye West’s statements are overly absurd and narcissistic. Unfortunately, he most likely knows that. If you haven’t noticed the trend in the media lately let me show you a simple mathematical equation to explain.

    Audience x (+/-)”Shock Factor” = Money.

    Basically…the more people talking about you the more money you make.

    Go ahead though, post the letter to defend all police/military, I understand why he felt disrespected, but paying any attention to ridiculous statements like that and writing a sarcastic letter in response seems backwards.

    If Chief Oliver believes Kanye is arrogant, narcissistic, and pretentious: Why write a letter to him then? If he (Kanye) TRULY believed the statement he made, then NO amount of sarcasm or snide remarks will ever change his opinion or outlook. That would mean he isn’t intelligent enough to comprehend that his letter will mean nothing to Kanye.

    However, I believe that is not the case. Chief Oliver must be secretly craving media attention and acting as a keyboard warrior to gather public support.

    That leaves you (the audience) and I.

    We are but torches attempting to reach the end of our illumination.
    A never ending pursuit towards satisfaction.
    As our flames dwindle so to does the light draw nearer.
    We fool ourselves that with age we are wise and see clearer.
    But there are those who distract us and interfere.
    We face towards them, illuminate them and jeer.
    All the while, they bask in the glory.
    Capturing our essence to fulfill their story.

  • Ahough

    Kanye West – “I Am a
    God” -“I’m like a vessel, and a God has chosen me to be the voice and
    the connector.” -“What’s a mob to a king? What’s a king to a
    God?” That gets answered in “I Am a God,” and the answer is “another

    I agree with this office Kenya thinks of himself as a God, a hero, a soldier, –
    I personally think his thinking is ignorant and outright disrespectful.

    Kanye West – “I Am a God” -“I’m like a vessel, and a God has chosen me to be the voice and the connector.” -“What’s a mob to a king? What’s a king to a God?” That gets answered in “I Am a God,” and the answer is
    “another god,”

    I agree with this office Kenya thinks of himself as a God, a hero, a soldier, –

    I personally think his thinking is ignorant and outright disrespectful. No one
    can argue or disagree that he is famous and has made an impact on entertainment
    industry. However being famous is not the same as being a God, a hero, a

    Last I checked – Lady Gaga,
    Justin Bieber, Will Smith, Jay Z,
    Beyonce, Justine Timberlake, the list
    goes on are all just as famous and influence if not more and you do hear them
    running around calling themselves God and a hero a soldier.

    Kanye bring yourself back down to
    reality you are no more than just a person like the rest of us. You just happen to have talent – please use
    it in a way you are not insulting and degrading others.

    • kittentoe

      who is kenya

  • Marquis

    All Kanye said was that he is risking his life and that fact that this guy and you people in the comments don’t understand how just highlights how in the fucking dark white people are. Kanye is a black man living in a white man’s world, and he dares to speak out through his music and be confident in his art; things that when a white man does it [see: Macklemore, Eminem (who is a sexist, homophobic pos), etc.etc.] are completely acceptable yet people *hate* Kanye for being confident in himself.

    • Matt Short

      …lol yea…stick it to the white man. The white man just don’t get it. Baffles me that people still use this logic.

      • MahoganySoul

        Unfortunately, to small minded people, race will always be an issue… it keeps those in REAL power able to continue obtaining their wealth without the little people getting in the way (since they’re so busy making it a black/white thing). Marquis, I’m definitely not stating that race is an issue for you, but I believe race is used as a tool to keep classes separate, which in turn makes your comment very relevant.

        • Alyssa

          I am sorry but race will always be an issue as long as there is different races. it is human nature

      • Alyssa

        Because it still remains true.. white people and minorities are raised differently…but your close-mindedness is not your fault. You just got lucky

    • MahoganySoul

      I just think that people aren’t getting the point, and we’re not even sure if this is just a sound bite of the entire interview,but that’s another story… An entertainer’s job is to use use words (similes, metaphors, and the like) to convey a message to the masses. If you take a lot of what’s said literally then YES, you’ll be infuriated. But let’s try to dig a little deeper. Military and police risk their lives every day doing what they feel is the best possible way to fight for our freedoms, then come back to homes and societies that reject them when it comes to the support they need to mainstream into a normal day to day. Kanye may feel like he’s putting his life (maybe career life, maybe actual life) at risk trying to spread knowledge and free people’s minds, but many take him too literally to understand the message behind his music and reject him as well (kinda like Jesus, hmmm…). Anyone can be be compared to anyone else, ESPECIALLY when it’s your JOB to compare and contrast, such as an entertainer. Just trying to give a bit of perspective and another way of looking at the situation without everyone getting so defensive.

    • Alyssa

      Have you ever been to a Kanye concert?? If not you have to, craziest experience in my life he went on a 20 minute rant and it was some real shit… you have to check it out

  • Steve

    I don’t like Kanye west but this police officer is acting like a soldier. I bet he hasn’t seen any real danger in his job either, he probably just harasses stoners and gives speeding tickets…

  • Angela Roberts

    Kanye is an idiot

    • Zayne Auditorio

      If anything he’s smarter than you, all he wants is for more people to talk about him and he’s succeeding.

  • EnglishTeacher845

    I think this letter would be a lot more effective had it not been riddled with grammatical and punctuation errors. Now I view you as incompetent and K. West as a jackass! :)

    • Zayne Auditorio

      Chief Oliver doesn’t care about grammatical and punctuation errors. Kanye West doesn’t care about appearing to be pretentious. They just want you to know their names and spread it. Kanye knows when he makes the public angry they pay more attention to him. Chief Oliver is being a “keyboard warrior” to make a political statement.

    • Willielmus

      I did not note a single grammatical or punctuation error in Chief Oliver’s letter. Perhaps you could point them out.

  • John Deering

    Kanye’s music is OK. Not Earth-shattering, but OK.

  • Tiffanie Grimes

    That is the best thing I have ever read!!!!!!!
    That was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ecw1998

    now thats whats up all hell would of broke loose had this been a black police chief …with the republican on to this police chief it took balls that he even gave kanye 15 seconds of fame……only kool thing i seen kanye do that was bold tho was stand on national tv right after katrina and tell the world what the black community already concluded…bush hates black people ..kanye still rulz in my book on that topic however this recent one lol lets just say kanye is no fuckin tupac…kanye is pretty boy lucky guy ..tupac kept it real not a biggie fan lol

    • BRAD

      why would all hell have broken loose?

  • sebastiandunbar

    Celebrity does as celebrity is. They’re all just ego searching shallow humans, be they promoting a cause, or a politician or their careers. And no one in their right mind (with a bit of common sense) actually takes these folks seriously anyway, especially someone such as this Kanye character.

    • Wolfman

      although KW is an exceptional example of ego addled brain. not all celebs are asshats. Denzel Washington was visiting a homes for vets families place. where they build small houses for families to use temporally while wounded vet fam member get rehab and such. he /Denzel asked how much the houses cost, then wrote out a check for enough to build 2 new ones on the spot ! now that’s a celeb who knows what is what. he is a star because people enjoy his talent and movies, many of those same people have family members serving. so he gives back for all he has. others have done similar type things. Toby Keith, Harry Belafonte, John Wayne (while he was alive) they visit troops over seas, do fund raising things to aid with medical care and other assistance, although many are asshats, not all are, just saying. some have class.

      • momsaid

        True. Being a celebrity doesn’t mean you’re ambassador/soldier/police material. It means that more people notice when you say/do things. Your wisdom (or the lack thereof) is on display. Famous people should work very hard to make sense of the world. When they don’t, it’s like Robert Young believing he could perform surgery just because he played Marcus Welby, MD.

  • Ashley


  • Rolling eyes

    No worries, Kanye is just trying to distract from the fact that he is a gay fish.

  • SwagHaver

    This is kinda gay…

  • Buzzer7

    Kenny is a proper nut job!

  • Balfy

    Chief 1…moron 0

  • Jeff Faller

    Although my view on military and police are very different, when it comes to this dirt bag (kanye) this chief can’t be more right. I really can’t believe peoples minds are so smoked, that the shit they say makes me want to rip his nasty tongue out and sew it to his. Because that’s where he talks from !!!!!

  • getmad

    All u military fagots are wimpy thick headed db who think ur so great Fuck off u should have all died across seas

    • Bill Gilbow

      wow……you sir are truly a dick!

    • MrRob1369

      And if we had what language would you be speaking now? Not to mention who would provide you with all your free stuff. Look in the mirror and say Hi Moron.

    • bming5

      I am not a fan of war, or the defense department, or even the military, but this comment is disgraceful. Peace be with you, so you don’t have to get any madder.


      you can leave America at any time. no ones stopping you. but all your going to do is coward behind your “anonymous” post cause your to much of a coward to state your name behind that statement. but knowing how your kind is… you will just coward away, not say anything cause your to afraid or just comment some annoying post that makes you look less intelligent than you already are. My name is Casey Larsen. I live in arlington WA. and i would gladly show you how wimpy and thick headed us true blood Americans are. and in the wise words of Chief Oliver “Check your self before you wreck yourself”.

      • Guest

        He’s posting from an account where no one can know who he really is… That cowardice alone should negate anything this waste of a blow job says.

    • BRAD

      Hes posting from an account where no one can know who he really is… That cowardice alone should negate anything this waste of a blow job says.

  • Bone_spurred

    One of the last things Kanyes mom saw was him making a fool of himself over Taylor Swift. Now shes rolling over in the grave wishing she would’ve aborted him.

  • Gotham tyler

    Not defending Kanye but the whole yeezus thing isn’t about him himself being Jesus or the iconic figure. If you watched his interviews and not just the ones the media hypes up he clearly states. With him being a popular rapper who has the chance to reach so many people with his music he wants people to view Jesus in different colors and not just the white Jesus that everyone claims to exist. It’s beyond calling himself Jesus and honestly I agree with the officer but Kanye also has other views

  • journalismgraduate

    Is no one going to point out that Mr. Riddle didn’t even bother to make sure he spelled Soldier right in the gosh darn headline? Him being graduate of Dartmouth and former EDITOR of their Dartmouth Review, I’d kind of hope he’d do a better job editing the site he co-founded.

    • bming5

      ‘Solid-er’ might very well have been deliberate; at least a rather appropriate freudian slip.

  • remdogmillionaire

    Love the discussions. just wanted to throw in that empirically researchers in contemporary times hardly use race as a measurement of culture because race is based on a biological level but culture is socially is essentially saying we are the way we are because of our biological makeup and not due to constant exposure to social norms, attitudes and beliefs which we use to construct what we believe is our culture. so for you chaches using race as a measurement of culture, please stop.

  • Stormy

    That would all be fine and well if there was no mention of “our heroic military members”, who really go out of their way to go about the world, occupying countries and bombing civilians with depleted uranium bombs.
    While I honestly dislike rap music, I’d be hard-pressed to find just how they are someone to llok up to.

  • remdogmillionaire

    What happened to the Kanye of old? the Kanye that made albums like Graduation and College Drop out? The Kanye that actually thought of the consequences before publicly speaking? WE NEED AN INTERVENTION!! no but seriously it is sad to see such influential power go to waste…social responsibility is shaking its head right now.

  • jack weeks

    Very well said chief Oliver, You took the word’s right out of my mouth. I do not like these celebrities that think their GOD’s gift to humanity and compare their selves with soldiers and policeman.

  • Rashad Ziyadeh

    well said Chief .

  • Anthony

    I agree with Chief Oliver’s point of view and I do think that there is more to what Kanye says about himself. I can’t stand Kanye West, lets get that out there first. I do not like his music, I do not like his personality(what I have seen of it) and I do not like his spoken ideologies. However, you have to ask your self, how much of what he does and says is for “Shock”. Think Howard Stern, Madonna, Brittany Spears and most recently Miley. “Shock” sells. Plain and simple. It has always sold. Another example, Davide Bowie or Kiss. Every one that I mentioned has added some form of against the “norm” shock to their entertainment. The public eats it up and the media cant stop talking about it. With the age of social media, it has just grown to exponential proportions. That said think of it as an investment that has unbeatable returns. The more dumb shit i say to get attention, the more money I make. Hmm. I think I am on the same level as God. Pay me.

    • Zayne Auditorio

      Hivemind Homie. Hivemind.

  • nellix9

    it’s like comparing apples to oranges and if there are those out there without the critical thinking skills to see the difference then they deserve to be awestruck by kanye’s apparent “brilliance”…

  • Tracey Matthews

    Tom Cruise made the same comparison of his career! They are performers!!! Its disgraceful that these people who make MILLIONS OF DOLLARS compare themselves to public civil workers or military personnel…. who don’t even make a FRACTION of the money they make! Please refrain from comparing yourself to people who literally get shot at daily and live in less than par settings to protect your freedom to say such ignorant statements. This officer should be offended and thank you for speaking your mind!

  • sirleafjr

    Fuck that dude.

    Kanye is God.

    • Zayne Auditorio

      In susceptible, impressionable, vulnerable, suggestible we pray. Amen.

    • Alyssa

      He really is! Hurry up with his damn croissant
      I love KANYE!!!!

  • Cindy

    I LOVE you, Chief Oliver.

  • Just Saying

    Pretty sure he is commenting on the fact that celebrities have a habit of getting killed by lunatics. And death threats, lots of those too. Then he said something stupid trying to compare that to people who put their lives on the line. Who don’t have obsessed wackos trying to follow their every move.

  • Semaj Moore

    LOL, people take Kayne to seriously, I can’t believe some of yall are actually offended. So butthurt for literally no reason

  • Some guy telling the truth

    Kanye is clearly a troll, and you my good sir were trolled… hard

  • Jane Graham

    I wish Kanye would just quit singing and he and his wife would quit trying to entertain us…..I wouldn’t mind them both just going away quietly and living life and we don’t have to hear about or hear such stupid remarks…..I have never understood people’s fascination with singers (if you can call him that) and other entertainers….They are just people that mostly are overpaid and over admired….Why are people so fascinated by Hollywood and the music entertainers……and tv stars?….Don’t get it at all.

    • Zayne Auditorio

      Us? we? people’s? people? Are you trying to speak for everyone? I don’t get it.
      Obviously you don’t get it. You have your perspective and your perspective only.

      • Jane Graham

        Sir, I am referring to myself……No I do NOT understand people’s fascination with hollywood stars and the like. You need to reread and quit trying to pick fights with everyone on here.

  • SubVet

    Yeah Chief, Kanye is an easy target, now look in the mirror. When you can’t find the line between civilian and military service, you need to step out of service.

    • vet


  • Brian

    Kayne is a piece of crap, end of story

  • Lisa Cassio

    He must be best buddies withbTom Cruise..hahahaha..two fkn dorks!

  • pissed off

    West is a circus monkey put in place to entertain , nothing else !

  • Tatsa

    Its an open letter. Made available to everyone, kind of calling out Kanye for his idiotic remarks. And highlighting those remarks so that others who may have missed it would now hear about it. Why is Kayne still around?!?

  • MrMac

    To be fair, Kanye West never said that he was a hero or anything. He only said that his job was dangerous, and compared it to the dangers that police officers and soldiers face. He could have compared it to any other dangerous job, like a logger. The only difference is that if he did compared his job to a lumberjack’s, I don’t think that we’d have a lumberjack write an open letter complaining about not being respected for working their chosen profession.

    • coren

      His job is not dangerous, he gets on stage and raps. That’s about as dangerous as me posting on the internet.

      • joe

        He’s an super famous black man who is known for saying some of the most retarded shit known to man. It’s safe to say lots of people would shoot the dumb ass given the chance

        • coren

          That has a lot less to do with him being a rapper and a lot more to do with him being a moron.

  • simo

    this website sucks total mitt romney balls

  • LaCinda Ellison Fuller

    I LOVE IT!!!



  • Nick Chubbs

    Kanye west is ignorance. Everything he says or does is unintelligent. He is so self-absorbed that he doesn’t realize he’s only famous because he makes good beats and not because he’s god. I feel embarrassed for him every time he opens his mouth. It’s a shame.

  • calvink

    Then people wonder why I get so upset on the trillions of dollars the US has handed out and helped rebuild cities to all these countries to bail them out and talk shit about us….

  • anonymous infantryman

    I’m sure that Kanye West know what it feels like to watch his brothers get blown the fuck away by IED’s and how bad it haunts you day to day afterwards. I don’t blame that chief for being offended, I was pretty offended myself, until you do these job’s you don’t understand.

  • BrownSugar937

    check yourself before you wreck yourself lol

  • irchik

    Great letter. I get Kanye does this for entertainment, but it really does seem like he believes most of what he says. The worst part of it is when he calls himself a slave. THAT really irks me. Did someone rape his wife? Did he get hung from a tree? Did he watch his brothers be burned and whiped at the whim of a slave owner? Was he burned in an oven and placed in a concentration camp? Does he know there are people currently in Africa that are still slaves? Please, stop using that word if you are a free man in America, and especially if you have been blessed with all these opportunities. It is insulting to all of us who have had family members suffer from racism. (I’m white but I have jewish and black family members).

  • ross mcglockness

    so awesome! it IS hard work being a package or is it a container?….i mean a wrapper, …or is it rapper?…..ahhh….who knows these things? all i know is, it’s dangerous work. i mean, hell, look what they did to tupac and biggy……..and the potential loss of oxygen on a lengthy rhyme is frightening…….so glad i chose against such a dangerous profession.

  • Joe go f yourself

    Kanye west is your typical narsacistic Hollywood asswipe! That’s all the keystrokes I can waste on that matter!

  • Joseph

    Kayne ==> garbage!!! total trash!!

  • Joie

    This police chief took the words right out of my mouth. Kudos, to sir. In regards to Kanye, you have no idea what it is to put your life at risk. What you do my friend us entertainment not a job. The term JOB means 9-5pm not rapping about dumb broads who are only good at one thing which is blow jobs and shaking their ass. Hmmm…. Pathetic

    • Godfrey__Daniel

      Anyone who thinks entertainment is not a job has never practiced a craft 4 hrs/day for years or been on stage having thousands of people watch your every move. There is a huge difference between working in an office for 8 hrs at your own pace, and going on stage and performing live, under pressure, needing perfect concentration and having one chance to get everything right first try. Until you’ve been on stage, do not think it is as easy as it looks. I am not condoning what Kanye said or the Chief, but merely addressing the issue of what is a real job.

  • G C


  • allysyn

    Hoorah, Chief.
    BU3 Allysyn Jones.

  • Trevor Clarke

    Will any of you people actually try being a celebrity?

  • Chuck

    Chief Oliver,
    Your line of thinking is part of the problem in the world today…. which includes cops thinking they are putting their lives on the line when they are not. Your a cop not a soldier; these are two totally different occupations. I agree the stage is no battle field but neither is a routine traffic stop. Statistics show law enforcement is no where near the most dangerous occupation in the country. Y’all act like your on one of those over the top cop TV dramas. Do the rest of us non-soldiers a favor and convey this message to your cronies: Chill Out!

    • Sylvain Legault

      He didn’t go out looking to be put on a pedestal. He simply took offense to Kanye suggesting his life is as dangerous as a police officer or soldier. Kanye took it there, not the chief. The chief simply corrected Kanye’s misguided view of himself and the dangers of an entertainer.

    • Alyssa

      Completely agree!

  • MrWereman

    “Young conservative” is a contradiction of terms because you’re voting against your own interests. Pity.

    • John Angst

      There are very few real conservatives even left. Neocons and Tea party morons have completely wrecked the GOP. Even some of my strongest right wing friends are finally admitting it.

    • John Angst

      There are very few real conservatives even left. Neocons and Tea party morons have completely wrecked the GOP. Even some of my strongest right wing friends are finally admitting it.

    • aquaticons

      But they’re white and male and their daddies do big things in big buildings, so… it must be in their interests when they become rigid and severe old men.

  • Chris

    I really think Kanye is a soldier but I don’t know why.

  • BallSoHard

    wow that hate for kanye is real and strong. just ignore what he is saying if you don’t like it.

  • BallSoHard

    wow that hate for kanye is real and strong. just ignore what he is saying if you don’t like it.

  • abbie

    Kayne oh hes just pathetic! You guys can say what you want
    Idc! This is my opinion he thinks he God when he is
    no where near !! Hell is waiting for him!

  • abbie

    Kayne oh hes just pathetic! You guys can say what you want
    Idc! This is my opinion he thinks he God when he is
    no where near !! Hell is waiting for him!

  • aquaticons

    The thing I like about Kanye West is that he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

  • Larry Bavaro

    Kanye…the only people who want to hurt you, are the drug addicts, whom you ripped off, just because you have a captive audience…no disrespect to my African american brothers, you are a tick on a dogs ass, you music is not music,,,it is trash, and so is your mind…probably from the using the sh** you sold to pay off the radio heads to play that SH**. Go in a hole and stay there and shut your mouth.

    • BallSoHard


  • walter

    As far as danger goes Soldier > Kanye > Cop. Cops like to compare their jobs to a soldiers duty which is why we have citizens getting shot up at routine traffic stops. Kanye is a super famous d-bag, scores of people would shoot him in a heartbeat. Support our troops. to hell with Kanye and to hell with cops.

  • Tyler M

    Another EPIC fail from Kanye and this little Swiftie couldn’t be happier!

  • loco jones

    how to gain credibility in one easy step..learn to spell first..

  • Mistagee

    If Kayne West disappeared tomorrow, I would be happy

  • Keep the Internet Anonymous

    I don’t get it. People trample over each other for the chance to assassinate Biggie and Tupac. Even 50 Cent. But no one even tries with Kanye. That right there means he isn’t even worth the effort.

  • livingsickness

    The odds of a police officer dying in the line of duty are less than .001% the majority of which are vehicular related. The odds of a soldier currently serving dying in the line of duty also less than 1%.

    Of the 50 best-selling hip-hop albums of all time in which Kanye appears twice, at least 2 of his occupational peers were murdered. This gives Kanye as a Best selling hip-hop artist a 4% chance of being murdered.

    Perhaps Kanye’s statement is more valid then he’s given credit for.

    • Sylvain Legault

      They didn’t die because they were hip hop artists. Their lifestyle including taking their fight with others and rolling it into some of their music is what led them to be murdered. Being a hip hop artist does not make you a target for murder. It’s other decisions in one’s life that leads to that.

  • Ruhee

    This was worth reading officer Oliver is on point with that.. Kanye thinks he’s fricken “jeezus” oh plz .. He’s always been one of those guys who took fame to another level. Try wearing a officers or soldiers shoes one day and then talk about it KW!

  • death to all crooked cops

    this disgusting police individual is looking for fame. shame on him. What heros is he talking about? u mean the ones who killed innocent Iraqis and afghans? yeah some heros. Funny theyre all coming back with a well deserved case of PTSD.. meanwhile Kanye is counting his millions and they’re all broke. Im not even a Kanye fan

    • Guy above me is a dumbass

      ignorance is bliss

      • Alyssa

        Yeah you are the ignorant one

  • jomama

    @nellix9: Okay, we get it. You’re an American but you don’t live here, you don’t like America and you don’t want to come back…who cares? Clearly you have no respect for the country of which you are a citizen since you demean it’s military despite the fact that your own father is/has been military; the military isn’t perfect, but it has hardly committed the number of atrocities that you are citing. It is your choice to be a sympathizer of countries who randomly attack and kill innocents and who torture and kill their own countrymen for the slightest infractions. It’s to America’s advantage that you are no longer here since it is so distasteful to you. In fact, stay where you are if it’s so wonderful; I didn’t hear anybody asking you back. Additionally, ending your comments in French isn’t impressing anyone other yourself, because most of us don’t really care what you are saying or what language you are saying it in. Like Kayne West, comments of a dumb ass, you think a little to highly of yourself and your opinion.

  • death to all crooked cops

    this cop is butt hurt kanye is a rich black man and is fucking a white woman… go out and catch some criminals and hop off kanyes dick u attention seeking hoe… no one will ever love u as much as they love kanye and that’s a fact. go swallow it.

    • Alyssa

      She’s Armenian… lol but I completely agree. His job must not be that dangerous if he has time to write a celebrity who probably still doesnt know who he is

  • Farrow

    You are all takin this to serious. Kanye is a smart man, if he wasn’t he wouldn’t be in the situation he is in now. I think he’s grown enough to know that his job really isnt anymore dangerous than a police officer/soldiers. And who are you to say he’s not a hero? You don’t think that maybe because of him, a young black boy in the hood now has the courage to become an entertainer and become a better person? When based on his surroundings he could end up gang banging or selling drugs. Don’t doubt the power celebrities have. Unfortunately they have more power and influence than a soldier does these days. For example, by saying one little comment in a interview, he made you waste your time and write a letter that he’s probably not going to care about, attracting people to start up even more pointless conversations debating about the fact that a soldiers job is more risky than a entertainers, which is obvious. He knows that, the whole world knows that. So keep on bashing a man on the internet, while he’s making money from all your kids as we speak. Unfortunately im controlled also due to the fact that I chose to take the time to make you adults realize that you. Are. Pointless.

  • Cody Drev

    I Dont like kanye west’s music. that doesn’t mean i have to ridicule him publicly. honestly tho, i don’t like police even more tho. sure kanye can go overboard with lyrics, just turn off the radio if you don’t like it. If a Police officer goes over board its considered brutality. someone get beaten, tossed in prison, slapped with debt and they get a bad reputation. i understand what the officer is trying to say but dude, not every cop is honorable. Its entertainment, a luxury you should be thankful we are able to indulge in. if you dont like it just change the channel man. i dont turn on the country station and write letters to them saying stop bitching about your girl friend or your truck cuz theres starving people out there. i just dont listen to it lol.

  • Cody Drev

    I don’t like Kanye West’s music (most of it). That doesn’t mean I have to ridicule him publicly. Honestly tho, I don’t like police even more. Sure Kanye can go overboard with lyrics, just turn off the radio if you don’t like it. If a Police officer goes over board its considered brutality. someone get beaten, tossed in prison, slapped with debt and they get a bad reputation. I understand what the officer is trying to say but dude, not every cop is honorable. Its entertainment, a luxury, you should be thankful we are able to indulge in. if you dont like it just change the channel man. i dont turn on the country station and write letters to them saying stop bitching about your girl friend or your truck cuz there’s starving people out there. i just dont listen to it lol.

    • Guest

      Theres good musicians and bad ones just the same as police

  • Marty Marino

    The problem with society today is that we are all so wrapped up in these celebrities , in what there doing, setting trends, etc…Other than the fact, that they more money than they know what to do with besides support their drug habits, they’re no different than anyone else! I really don’t care what Kanye does or even says but as a celebrity and along with the other celebrities needs to understand it’s like any other business. This is a customer service society, we, as a society, can keep your business open or close you down! I applaud the police force and our military! There is no comparison Kanye unless you’ve actually walked the shoes as a member of our military and/or police force! Wake up!

  • Ben

    Um. I like Kanye West (that alone will make everyone hate me on here, but whatever). And what he said was kind of out of line, I suppose. But this police officer? Get real. You just wrote this letter for attention, and anyone with a brain knows that.

    Obviously Kanye doesn’t really believe he’s a police officer. He’s a damn rapper who makes a lot of money. This officer needs to get over himself. Oh look at you, you made an “epic” letter to Kanye West. Epic? What was epic about it?

    But let me guess…..his “check yourself before you wreck yourself” is a completely called-for statement, because it’s against Kanye, right? If Kanye said that to an officer, y’all would want him lynched.

  • Cody Drev

    not everyone does the job right

    • Sylvain Legault

      I suppose police could resort to simply blowing up the speeder instead.

    • Alyssa

      I agree

  • manometate

    I’m sure no rappers have ever been shot (Tupac, Biggie and a host of others). I’m sure no celebrities have ever been stalked or shot (John Lennon). I’m sure no black leaders have ever been killed, either. Yeah, Kanye is totally out to lunch on this one.

    I’m sure this cop loves Kanye because his bringing more attention to the evils of the private prison system will help business a lot.

    • Sylvain Legault

      Sure, some rappers have been shot (most likely because of their life style, not their rapping profession), and some celebrities have been stalked (not deserved, I agree, but not the norm). Some teachers have been shot, some constructions workers have been killed, some nurses have been killed, etc. But none of those professions require you to wear a bullet proof vest, ride around in armored vehicles and put your life at risk because the nature of your job requires it. If a gun fight breaks out, or a bomb explodes, all those professions will not require them to run towards that danger.

      The police officers and military soldiers do not go out trying to put themselves on a pedestal. They do their duty and hope that they can come home safely to their family. So don’t mistake some of them taking exception to Kanye’s comparison as them seeking to be in the limelight and adored for doing their duty. In absence of any self inflicted abuse (alcohol, drugs) or self imposed risks that some may take one that is not associated to their job (gang ties), the life of a rapper does not place them in harms way. A police officer or a soldier on the other hand does require them as part of their duties to step into harms way.

      Your blindness to the painfully obvious paints a vivid picture of your narrow minded view of the world and speaks volumes of the values you likely cherish.

      • manometate

        Christian values are those I cherish. You know, the values of a person tried by the Justice Department and religious establishment of the day, arrested and tortured by soldiers and then executed by the State.

        Calling out injustice, as Kanye West often does, can be a dangerous job and while it doesn’t often reach the level of those who are tools of the government, there is no question the man has more enemies in high places than your average cop or soldier does. That’s because he doesn’t just follow orders and “do his duty”.

        Just like the prophets of old, people respond to the words of someone like Kanye West. And like the prophets of old, lives are in danger because of it. Because of their words, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Micah and Amos were executed. Don’t think people in power feel any less strongly about the prophets of today. And yes, today’s prophets are rappers, musicians and people like Edward Snowdon.

        Jesus Christ said the truth will set you free but in today’s world the truth will get you arrested or killed.

        • Sylvain Legault

          Sorry, I didn’t realize we weren’t in the same dimension. I’ll hang up my keyboard and move one. Nothing to see, move along folks.

          • manometate

            Plenty to see. You’re just blind.

          • Alyssa

            I don’t blame you for your not understanding, people are raised differently.. and for me.. Kanye is the voice for my generation. Your ignorance is not your fault.

        • Alyssa

          I agree! Kanye compares himself to Jesus for this reason. Jesus was killed for leading people and speaking of a brighter future and Kanye is similar(Not completely dont take it outta context) He is fighting for minorities hes the voice of my generation and he’s taking the heat for things I personally wish I could say but cannot!
          I love Kanye!!! He’s smarter than people think! At his concert last week he said
          “When they make me look stupid just remember I DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT LOOKING STUPID, because I am doing it for you! And that should just make you more brave to stand up for your beliefs!”

  • Anthony M Baruch

    I’d imagine Kayne West would have just as much difficulty stepping into any career outside of the one he is in now. In fact, we have yet to see how he handles being a father.. But from what he has shown us so far, it doesn’t look good.

  • Kent Hadley

    Kanye Who?? I haven’t even heard of him. He is just another douche bag rapper. None of them do anything but stir up trouble and racism. It would be no surprise to me that he said something stupid. The rapper did open his mouth after all.

  • H.P. Stanly

    Let us begin the countdown to the implosion that will leave Kanye circling the toilet bowl before his fan base finally flushes him along with all the other narcicistic turds flapping their jaws these days.

    Note to Kanye; how’s it feel to be the new Bruce Jenner in the Kardashian household? You complete them.

  • Kennedy Otieno

    Kanye is a Troll. He likes to spew garbage to get a rise out of people. Don’t waste your time trying to put him in his place. Trolls feed off that attention

  • Kanyewestcaneatadick

    Eat a dick Kanye west

  • matthew

    Priceless, I am a UK citizen on Visa here and I have to say I am thoroughly impressed with the professionalism of the police and security services, I actually met Kayne West and I can assure you he “aint no Police Officer or Soldier”.

  • Audrey Messer

    I agree with chief Oliver, our entertainment stars, rock stars, sports stars all think they are so special, they maybe today, but with time everyone that flies so high, must fall back to earth. A rapper, is just someone trying to sing, and put forth lyrics that are usually offensive and demeaning. To say that they, who make millions of dollars, are in the same danger, as a soldier who makes a penance of a salary to go and face freezing/burning up weather, to be in constant danger from being killed by the enemy is just stupid. And it takes a pretty arrogant person to try to compare the two. Kanye West, I hate to tell you this, you ain’t no where near what a soldier in our armed forces is, so don’t go comparing yourself to them, and if you do get shot it’ll probably be from another rapper, or someone jealous of you, and I’m pretty sure it won’t be because you are protecting our country or anything like that.

  • Stop the madness

    This is suppose to be a discussion about West and his over-inflated ego. Not about the military. Most of you have opinions guided by the things you read. It’s easy to have bad opinions of something, when you mainly see the worst in things. Kanye West should NOT be getting all this media coverage. He is an idiot. Plain and simple. But we all are talking about him (including me). There is no such thing as bad publicity. For all we know, Kanye is saying all of these outlandish things on purpose. Instead of feeding into his bullshit, we all should be ignoring him. I am sure a good percentage of people buy his albums to see what all the controversy is all about. Not for his talent. Because he is as talented as Nicki Minaj. Who decided SHE had talent? Proof, that you don;t have to be talented in this day and age, to become a superstar. All you need is a bunch of people talking about you in the media.

  • Physician Bresch

    Love yah Chief :)

  • Stroodler

    Zimmerman > Kanye

  • Silky Mitts

    at least i can choose not to give the shithead kanye any of my money. the cop on the other hand, gets his paycheck stolen right from my hard earned taxes. go get a real job welfare pig.

  • JD

    it doesent matter how many hearts or how many years your serve and he still doesent care what you write to him he still 20x richer then any military personal and all he has to do is put words together soo instead of riscking your life for people who dont even car when you die maybe become a rapper :D and i know some some retard will respond to this trying to be a hero but your not sadly :( so instead of getting useless training and dieing off an IED maybe consider music?

    • Sylvain Legault

      I’m going to assume English is your first language (if not, then this comment does not apply to you). You ought to consider an education. Your spelling is terrible and your math is equally bad. Kanye West has a net worth of $100 million. One twentieth of that would be $5 million so clearly he is not 20x richer than military personnel, but probably more like 1,000 richer,

      Putting all that aside, the military’s “useless training” is what allows residences of the US to enjoy freedom, including the freedom to be uneducated but yet still be able to voice an opinion on this topic.

      • Silky Mitts

        yes because without 700 bases around the world al qaeda is going to invade Florida….. lmao you people that pull the “they’re keeping us safe” line are about the lowest informed people that can vote. it really is a shame the propaganda has penetrated so well. do you check under your bed for terrorists every night?

        • Mike

          Several of the ringleaders of 9/11 lived down the street from me in Coral Springs, FL, paying $840 for their apartment. One of them is Mohammed Atta, who crashed into the WTC and was the pilot. So yes, I would say they did invade Florida and lived there for a while as sleeper agents. I shopped and bought food at the same Publix as those scum. Get your facts straight. Look up on Google, Mohammed Atta Coral Springs.

        • Mike

          Al Qaeda had plenty of ties in Florida in case you didn’t know.

  • Joe

    Kanye West is about the only thing that I can really say I agree 100% with President Obama about when he said “Kanye West is a jackass.” What else is there to say?

  • Amazing

    This is what’s wrong with our country. Look I’m thankful that we have cops, but instead of him going after an easy target like Kanye, why doesn’t he do something of substanance and go after one of his own, the judge who ruled in this case.

  • Concerned for Humanity

    Something about that video REALLY pissed me off. People watch this stuff?

  • guy

    Well i mean if you go back to the times biggie and 2pac got killed..yeah even eminem has rapped about that shit being dangerous.. but now… it’s just kanye trying to keep himself relevant.

  • guest

    Honestly, this is pretty juvenile and pointless on the officer’s part. Also, NO he isn’t as brave as a soldier, BUT ask yourself this… Can a large population of the world become a soldier if they desire? Yes. You sign up, you work hard, and you get it. Entertainers (whether it be Kanye West or whoever) are put on the pedestal they are put on because they have achieved something a massive massive percentage of the people on this planet never will achieve. Most kids would rather be loved by many for accomplishing great goals and doing something they have a passion for than do something that most people can do just by signing up and doing it. Soldiers are heroes for serving our country. But let’s not pretend that they are going to be remembered (individually) as part of our culture and heritage. Enterainers/artists are.

  • Jenny Rietta

    I totally agree with everything Chief Oliver said. This is like Tom Cruise comparing himself to a soldier. THERE is NO comparison. Our soldiers are fighting in dangerous settings where they aren’t certain of the next day. Famous celebrities have the privilege of enjoying a peaceful life where they don’t have to worry about stepping on land mine or being shot at.

  • Ryan Williamson

    kanye is a dumb ass. It still amazes me how many people want to ride the cocks of the military. even worse how brain washed these people are. have fun with the propaganda.

  • justiceforall

    k.west is another moron lost in his ego

  • Tony

    It’s just a shame Kanye always talks about the “GOOD MUSIC” he makes….because his music and almost all modern day “rap” (if you can even call it that sucks). Biggie, Nas,Pac, Jigga, Em, 50, snoop, cube. Kanye can’t be compared to any if them in the rap game and he calls himself Jesus… Smh.

    And that is a short list of rappers who put him to shame in the rap game

  • Smokeythebear

    I need to throw my 2 cents, i agree with kanye west and this cop is just being bitter. I understand where he is coming from, because we all have our opinions but think beyond words people, perfoming is not easy, he puts himself out there giving all his energy day after day, sleep less nights etc. wAke the fuck up people and embrace your inner selves as kanye has done with himself

  • Jen22w

    Kanye is a Douchebag! Everything he does is gross..Aww sorry T. Swift, I gotta be a D-Bag, Aww sorry baby girl…you don’t get a real name..Aww sorry anyone that isn’t me..and doesn’t understand my false self-importance…How can we Push this douche off a High cliff?

  • Jim Taylor

    Kayne, your

    in the business

    to entertain.
    Let soldiers

    be soldiers.
    Now your gonna

    understand Humilty..
    Stick to Rap…

  • marie

    To the man that said he hates cops because they book you for dumb reasons… First off.. Unfortunately that may be true butt it is very rare. People who go into law enforcement usually do it because they want to “help” people, not to make ones life miserable. And let me tell you about the REAL world… My husband did two tours to Afghanistan and was shot! He then was a police officer trying to HELP others. I am a social worker that works with cps working with abused and neglected children and I got a call that was immediate response… My husband who happened to be on call escorted me and checked the house, there were three children who were being severely abused and my husband went in and put his life on the Line forr kids he didn’t even know… The children made it out but he and their father didn’t.. He risked his life for the sake of others… So please rethink what you have to say, because guarantee he is twice the man you will ever be…

  • Lance

    Too bad he couldn’t have written a more eloquent letter.

  • Youreallsheep

    Stupid! The military and law enforcement are just as dumb as Kanye! If you consider yourself a hero, maybe it’s time to start perusing a line of work that isn’t responsible for… 1. Killing other people or 2. Invading their homelands and stealing their freedom… All under the guise of justice and democracy. TBH Kanye has done less harm to the world than the US government/military/law enforcement do in one day. Get off your high horse chief!

  • oi to the punks

    this cop does sound like a douchebag…Kayne might not be a military officer or police officer..and he is a kook for relating himself to one…but he is going up against people who may kill him or mess with his family and people…not backing up Kanye, but backing up people who choose to fight with words (rappers, public speakers, and people from all walks of life) who stand up as leaders in their community to speak on what others cannot speak on
    I am more talking about people like Makaveli and Murs who lead and inspired their community who was distraught and seen as a ghetto and less of human than others.
    This cop most likely doesn’t know shit about Kayne, neither do I, but for him to speak on rappers, public speakers, and vocal leaders as if they are lesser of human beings than people like him who fight with guns and violence. Fuck That…die slow…like tupac said my whole crew makes sure all your kids don’t grow

  • nolieshere44

    Oh where do I begin. I’ve noticed this “epic” letter parading its way through the stratosphere of social media. People seemed to have grasped on to it as a sort of referendum. My job as a…human being, is to look into matters beyond the surface and beyond the easy to fall into trap of “the common man vs. the celebrity.” Given Kanye’s position in life, given his controversial presentation to the world – a world that is not in his favor I might add, i would bet that more people want to actually kill Kanye than any particular police officer or soldier. I would bet that Kanye receives more credible death threats than just about anyone outside of the president. The easy to root for narrative of rich-cocky-arrogant-loud mouth-male- black celebrity vs. the common middle American white guy is an old, ugly, and predictable narrative that veers its ugly head far too often. This letter, which people of absolutely loving, is infested with racial undertones throughout. Kanye gives hundreds of interviews and says hundreds of thousands of words; if you are motivated to find something to hang him on, or exploit the old narrative I speak of, you can find something, im sure. Kanye made a tongue and cheek comment off the cuffs and the piranhas attacked. In the mold of Lee Harvey Oswald, I would venture to say that Kanye is bugged/wire tapped by the FBI, probably the CIA and other agencies. Id say his life is at great risk – and not from rapping (an art form of which I can tell the author of this letter is none too fond). Who you are, and where you stand politically, oozes out to keen observers such as myself and cannot be hidden. I wonder if this heroic chief (a status he will certainly achieve by default when he there is a juxtaposition with Kanye) thinks police officers do anything else besides risk their lives for us. I wonder if when he worked patrol division, he had any conflicts or brutality reports brought against him. Btw, he screwed himself with the Vanilla Ice reference…if you’re smart, you see how.

  • KOS.

    Why would Kanye fight for a America? America would be starring at Kanye from a tree 40 to 60 years ago.

  • KOS.

    Im just saying, Kanye has save more Black people than cops have.

  • Jinx

    As a disabled veteran, I find West’s comments insulting. He proved how much of an ass he truly is when he grabbed the microphone from Taylor Swift’s hands, and he continues to do so.

  • Ancient Mermaid

    this is dumb

  • Hunter

    He makes a famous flaw in comparison as does Kanye. Kanye compares them on one similarity while ignoring all other factors, whereas the Police officer ignores the similarity of possible mortal danger, or any similarity for that matter, and focuses on key differences. Any nice comparison requires a full assessment. I’d also say it’s safe to say the police officer has a negative attitude towards Kanye, if not rap in it’s entirety. His poking fun at his own knowledge of the culture is an undercover jab at rap; later justified by how critical he is of the entire entertainment industry. It’s also unfair to compare the on the spot ideas of an individual with the formalized written ideas of another. I would love to hear some of the other things this officer says or read a response letter from Kanye.

    Since this article required absolutely no work or input from the author, this must be a comparison by intuition. What is being compared is Kanye and this Police Officer. What is shown is that neither Kanye nor the officer know how to make a comparison; and since I doubt this is what the author wanted to portray, I’d say this article is a fail

  • Fuckthepolice

    At least Kanye isn’t as corrupt as police.

    • Corey Stanley

      Kanye = 1 person, police force = 800K (approx), so basic rudimentary mathematics will explain that one for you. Plus I don’t believe it is implied that Kanye is corrupt in any way, he’s not Ja Rule evading his taxes or anything, he’s just has a super-inflated ego and a very low intelligence, combined with really poor musical abilities and an attitude that he’s better and more important than everyone else, including his fan out there, and any artist that does that won’t last much longer because as soon as you make yourself out to be bigger and better than the very people who put you in your position, the sooner you get knocked down off your high horse because if his fan doesn’t listen or buy his product or services, then he will go back to being the uneducated, arrogant guy he his

  • Jacob Kim

    lets see what wahlberg has to say about this one lol

  • Terry Looney

    Kenye West is no better or worse than OBOOBOO. Both delusional, both idiots and both worthless. Check out the latest Michele photo ops. The First “LADY” of the United States of American looks just like what she is A CRACK HO’ from Chicago.

  • james barkley

    Maybe it’s because when he wrote this song jesus walks, it was a song about a soldier. Maybe that’s why. Or maybe he’s just retarded.

  • Dang Ass Dan

    Kanye, the biggest clown-troll the world has ever known

  • tomcatv1

    Well Kanye West is an idiot to compare himself to being a cop or a soldier. Cops are paid bullies and soldiers are paid killers both by whatever government they work for.

  • Corey Stanley

    This feed has gotten way to politically charged and a place for those to war about war itself, the creators of it, and those who fight it. But yet I feel there is still one thing that we all are forgetting. We all still agree that Kanye West is an atrocious artist who lacks any real talent and in 50 years, no one will remember or care about, save maybe, a biiiiig maybe, being his own family. This feed is for us to come together, whether Libertarian or Conservative, Anti-American or Proud-American, and speak our voice against the ignorance and pathetic shit that comes out of his mouth and how it affects the youth of our world (not just the USA, the whole world’s youth) and their mentality and thought-process on life itself.

  • Afi Keita James

    Neithet this cop nor kayne are good to me

  • Walter Jasniewski

    Kanye is just proof that any ignorant, buffoon can make it in America. You would think he had a rough and tough upbringing, but his mother is a college professor, and he has had a better upbringing than most people. He says stupid stuff just to get peoples attention. A big OBAMA supporter, and ironically one of the top 2% that Obama claims does not pay enough taxes, Obama is in the top 2% as well. Isn’t it ironic that many of the top 2% that O calls out, are the same people that support the President, and pay $20,000.00 a plate to have dinner with him? I am not a Kanye fan, I think he’s an idiot, but he is proof that hard work, loyalty, and intelligence can get you anywhere, especially in the USA.

  • Tasha22

    Well said!!

  • B C

    Kanye won’t hear you. rappers and their audience can’t hear anything without the words Mother F&*%, or the N word in it. And that flak jacket better be Armani!!

  • Tina Johnson Ferguson

    What a fool Kanye West is. My father and grandfather have served in the military and my youngest son has been to Afghanistan once and is going again early this next year. God be praised, they have all come back alive. As for the comparison to police officers, this man is so full of himself to compare himself to our brave men and women serving to protect even idiots like him. I am proud of all our men and women in any uniform and respect Kanye’s line of work (even though I don’t like rap and think the Kardashians are a joke, my opinion only). God will determine who has served him best once they get to the gates of heaven.

  • Bill
  • ajax w tornado

    Camille,, thats F%^&in hilarious,

  • Dino Pavlopoulos

    He stays rich, popular and relevant due to the alarming amount of people that invest in his “entertainment” and “music” through sales of his media, merch and live appearances. If the majority of the people were not sheep following a fool for a shepard, this undeserved, over inflated self absorbed egotist would fade into pop culture obscurity. Perhaps then, cultural evolution could progress instead of being held stagnant each time this man opens his mouth.
    I would love, and I mean that…love…to wake up one day and see on the news how someone took a shot at him, and removed this blight once and for all.

  • Jeff

    best one yet…
    Meg from Family guy >>>>>> Kanye

  • SPC

    I can honestly say I don’t know a single name to a single song this dude has ever produced. I think I can see why now.

  • GGBM

    I guess that’s one way to waste tax payer money. What a petty man to waste even a syllable on Kanye.

  • Peeno45acp

    Fuck that fake ass cop he no marine! Ant no way he can get station Anywere rite now is how I know he made up atleast 15 lies

  • Peeno45acp

    I am military I m a pro it’s contacting what I so we save these wana be fake soldiers let west do him your a cop you do you fuckin lazy bum make no real money not to mention you should just stfu y would west go in military? He makes more money then ur family! I max bkackwater! None ur bizz what I am now u rat snitch pig but you a lazy bum lieing you think you can go get stations prove it what I do is dif talabans can’t hit water if ther feel off a boat I always Gota carry you wana b soldiers on my shoulders wile y’all so scared u cry n piss urself lie all ya want u all do it’s scientific fact! Or let me guess u never read the books! Your just a typical pig cop should shoot himself ya hater! Derolict defanituon of the word nigger!

    • YourWifeIsMyLife

      That was the most illiterate post in the history of illiterate posts.

    • Matthew Minard

      how was defending those poppy fields in Afghanistan working out for ya?? Or those lithium deposits?

  • Johnny Sutton

    Kanye West is the biggest loser I have ever seen…..what a Bozo!

  • VehemontTreason

    Below is a grand example of everything wrong with America… The above letter to Kanye, albeit direct, is not needed. Someone as wrought with stardom and misguided as the aforementioned entertainer is too busy hearing his bank account chime in the new millions that he can spend living in a status unworthy of his station. He doesn’t “work” like 95% of this nation works.. Therefore… his relation to us “little” people is nil. But reading some comments below… I’m understanding more and more why this country has had a dramatic fall from grace… and realizing that lewd, uneducated, self-entitled jack asses flex their opinion from a station that is utterly pathetic. Bravo America. We are solidifying ourselves at the bottom. By the way… I served in the USN, saw several deployments and made sacrifices.. However, my loyalty to this country, and a majority of the population ended the moment I walked off the base as a free man.

  • FormerGov’tJerk

    I was a marine in 1990 and a cop in 2006 (and quit because of political and procedural abuses that I saw daily)/

    Two things that truly needs to be clarified.
    1 – A cop is NOT here to protect and to serve. We are here to control the public and to get revenue for the city/state/country. FACT. Any cop who tells you otherwise is lying and fooling him/her self.

    2 – The Military does NOT provide freedom. It is to PROTECT freedom from force and fraud perpetrated on OUR soil. NOT oversees.
    Read what Washington wrote about a standing army, read what Eisenhower said about the Military industrial complex.

    I think Kanye, and most entertainers, are egomaniacs BUT WE, being society, elevated them to that level in most situations.

    Having said that, the most arrogant and pompous people are those law enforcers and in far too many ways, military propagandists.

    I am a firm believer that soldiers, airman, etc have the best intentions and the best hearts BUT they are used as pawns by OUR gov’t men and bankers. Many will state that is ‘conspiracy’ garbage.

    But when you read the comments and actions by our Presidents, representatives, bankers, etc. You will find that the average citizen has been used and abused for far too long.

    Stop believing that the ‘law’ is your friend. It is NOT.. Never has been and never will be.
    The less gov’t in our lives the better.
    The less war in our lives the better.

    Our gov’t is the problem.

    People need to stop listening to idiots like Kanye West.
    But they also need to stop listening to Bush, Obama, Clinton, Reagan, Carter….the list goes on and on.

    Every person on here has a both good and bad points but are caught up in to much name calling, instead of actually listening to the points of both sides.

    In a lot of ways both sides are right but are pointing fingers at the wrong target…

    Anyway, interesting points.

    • Matthew Minard

      “and quit because of political and procedural abuses that I saw daily”

      you do know a cop is 8 times more likely to kill you than a terrorist, right???

  • johlaw

    Kanye is nothing but a hood rat with a hip hop throwdown named Kim

  • John

    Check your grammar police chief. That’s the least you could do while insulting someone or while being a fat sarcastic fuck about something. We all know a rapper isn’t really in that much danger being on stage or even behind the scenes because in the big picture it is all fake and for publicity for them to act hard. But what i am wondering is why you even addressed this certain little situation, who the fuck cares if he did compare himself to the armed forces or a police officer? We all know that he isn’t one of either of them so we can automatically assume that he is just putting out there that it is hard for him in his career like the military is a rough place or being on the streets as a cop is rough. Its called a fucking metaphor man. What really gets me though is that you even care about what this guy has to say at all. Or really why anyone cares what any rap star or movie star or any other form of entertainer has to say. Why are you so captivated by having to know everything about their life or even wanting to comment on it. They are a normal person like you or me with a little more talent so everyone praises them for it and actually gives a shit about their lives. If you want my advice which I’m sure you don’t care about, just shut the fuck up and leave the dude alone. I mean is it affecting your life what so ever that he said that? no. Does it make you angry? who gives a shit what you think. And is your opinion going to make a difference in the fact that he said it or not? no. So just leave it alone.

  • flick1302

    Kanye is a waste of skin.

  • Lil_BrokeyFromDaHood

    Kanye’s job is much tougher than any officer or soldier. This is just a pissed off JARHEAD cop that gets upset every-time he hears this star on the radio. Hopefully funny man officer Chief Oliver forgets his FLAK JACKET on duty and gets killed in action. Maybe then he will be honored like a star. SIKE, ill still shit in his grave

  • KW

    Praise Yeezus, the true god of our generation! You ignorant fucks don’t know what “art” means.

    • Alyssa

      RIGHT??? He’s the voice of the future!! People just mad cause he says things they dont wanna hear!!
      ooooooooo, they so sensitive!

  • Rayshawn Lee

    the only thing Kanye do is spend his money and he think he is somebody he think he got the power and respect he wanna be god nobody will never look up to you like you god. the people who are living from paycheck to paycheck should have the power and respect people like me making a living. you just a sorry ass rapper who think they somebody you think you making a difference. the reason you are where you at cause of your fans you should be thinking your fans for spending their money on buying your music and whatever you selling give back to your community there is a lot of people from chicago your fan from the same city you from and all over the us are struggling to make ends meet the same people who spend their money to support your music you should give back because without them you would not be where you at.

  • YourWifeIsMyLife

    Gotta love when people who VOLUNTARILY take a dangerous line of work expect
    to be called “heroes.” Brave, perhaps; so is the guy who washes windows on a
    skyscraper. Heroes? Please. Signing up for the military or police does NOT
    automatically make you a “hero.”

    • Bube

      THIS x1000

    • Jimmy D. Fugate

      Being an entertainer is a far cry from a police officer or soldier where your life is on the line every minute you are on the job. Yes, they chose that job, but that’s exactly it. They chose that job for the greater good despite the dangers. The only thing Kanye has to worry about is what he is going to wear for his next concert.

      • YourWifeIsMyLife

        1. Soldiers’ lives are NOT “on the line every minute they are on the job”. Both tell us over and over about how much boring downtime their jobs entail. YouTube has 10.000’s of clips of U.S. soldiers overseas, goofing off because they’re bored, putting on little skits and dances and singing along with pop songs. Hardly having “your life on the line EVERY SINGLE MINUTE,” is it?

        2.. Cop’s lives are NOT “on the line every minute they are on the job”. Plenty of cops are career pencil pushers. Some do nothing but play the bagpipes at funerals and flag raisings. Some never leave the stationhouse. Hardly having “you life on the line EVERY SINGLE MINUTE,” is it?

        3. Don’t forget the ones who join NOT ‘for the greater good,” but to use more advanced firepower and gear that they would otherwise never have access to. I had a high school friend who wanted to become a cop so he could slam people against the wall as he arrested them. Some hero.

  • Irrelevant Video

    Thank video was ridiculous and told me nothing about the story I came to read about.

  • Hancock

    Not all you puffed up cops are gods gift to earth either, there is good and evil at every profession

  • Debra

    Please people, you and I (yes I’m including myself) should make better use of our time. Kayne West is so ignorant, as you can tell when he speaks. Poor excuse for a human being. We really shouldn’t be giving him a second of our thoughts.

  • Sofie_Cantu

    Well said sir

  • ME

    Man i remember a time when Sex, Drugs and Rock N’ Roll were bad. Imagine i’d live to see the day that WORDS are more important than the things the people are actually doing!

    Sex, Drugs, Rock N’ Roll. REAL THINGS. Not words. This society is more interested in this response to something, that Kayne will give 0 cares about. Yet instead of talking about the school shooting in CO, we are talking about the WORDS someone spoke. FFS!

  • disqus_iyVJjqlRWT

    that smug son of a b*#%@. As a fellow sailor who is just coming off of a nine month deployment, I say thank you Chief. As for Kanye, do yourself a favor and open yours eyes kid. They’ve been closed for too long.

  • Matthew Minard

    Dear piggie cop chief…

    how many times a day do your officers lie to try and get someone to admit to some sort of criminal action? Cops are a freaking joke and I’m pretty sure the zombies are gonna eat you first due to the fact that you need to loose about 100 lbs.

    CARDIO, look into in!

    • Alyssa


  • jiohdfio

    when one arrogant jack ass confronts an event bigger jackass…we get this shit.

  • alazar

    this man deserves a frikkin metal!!!!

  • Layla

    How did this turn into an argument over the beatles and religion? Pretty sure neither of those correlate with Kanye West or his ignorance?!

  • John h

    Rap s not music,, half the time u cant even understand whats being said or sung if that’s what it is,

  • Nemesis

    Kanye is a liltle punk.

  • Judybran

    We’ll said… My sister is a police officer and in found it disgusting of Kanye to compare his filth to my sister. Someone please stop Kanye and his ever running mouth

  • Who’s this guy?

    Kanye isn’t crap. He looks like a chipmunk with a mouth full of nuts. I can’t believe people actually pay to hear him or to go see him. The world would not be sad if he never came out with another stupid ass song again. He and Kim need to go crawl under a nice heavy rock.

  • ACT

    Why waste good air saying his name he who doesn’t deserve to be named should be just called Ass or Mr Ass if you want to be somewhat respectful. He deserves nothing more or lots less!

    • voldermortlives

      Has he become Voldemort???

  • Zachary Fair

    Kayne’s job is to be a rapper/ entertainer/ celebrity. Chief Oliver’s job is to be a police Chief. Each one worked towards their career. I can’t comment on how well Oliver does his job; however Kayne is a damn good celebrity. I mean, he purposely says that shit for attention. He acts like that, so a bunch dummies get their panties in a twist and give him press time. And as for all cops, soldiers, firefighters etc. being “heroes,” I disagree. Those are just their jobs. They sign off on their job description the same as teachers, social workers and everyone who works. You are NOT a hero just because you join the Army or become a cop. You are a hero when you have done something extraordinary and selfless.

  • Christine

    he’s a douche-bag

  • Suki Selena

    Maybe what Kanye is referring to is all of the torture and stranglehold that the illuminati has over him, Look up MKultra… He’s being vague but it’s a cry for help. It’s what murdered Micheal Jackson, and what causes these stars to go completely off their rocker. Britney Spears & Beyonce shaving their heads? It was a byproduct of the mind control they are undergoing. And this is coming from a person that can’t stand Kanye’s work.

  • Unreal reality

    Funny how the U.S. Govt funded the same terrorist organization in the 80s to fight the russians that carried out 9/11 theres alot of information out there that is not mainstream some of you people should read

  • Ashley Zawojski

    My husband is a Marine has been for 12 years Kayne is as ignorant as they come his mom is prob so ashamed of what a loser he has become I feel so bad for there sweet baby girl what awful role models for a little girl to be exposed too :( well at least my little girls get a REAL hero to look up to. Kayne please do Check yourself! You will be in my prayers

  • Miss.Lynn

    He is the reason I am embarrassed to say I’m from Chicago. Not our imprisoned former governor, not our imprisoned Ward leader. Kanye “Douche Bag” West. Thank you for ruining my hometowns name. It is preferred by most of us here that you just keep your big mouth shut.

  • Dylan D

    when judgment day comes everyone will have had a chance to know, love, and receive the Lord our God

  • Sonja Moralez

    this letter was a waste of time as Kanye West is a proud *non-reader* of books, aka, his education was so unimportant that he didn’t bother to learn to read…well, maybe one of his underpaid assistants can read it to him, along with the back of his cereal boxes where he gets his lame a** rap lyrics. Untalented day dreaming cry baby.

  • David Kavic

    Kanye will always be a gayfish and require an inflated ego to get through each day.

  • Cockbag willie benson

    kanye is a obnoxious arrogant dillusional piece of garbage. he should be sent to iraq and be torchered and be-headed by al-quida. die you garbage loser asswipe

  • SR

    way to over react there everybody, kanye’s life MAY indeed be at risk on stage, he still could be attacked such as being shot. Not at all to uncommon in the rap game too unfortunately. and being in
    what at least he feels is dangerous (especially how some people feel
    about him),him thinking about his family is obvious. Also he said “like” not “is” so you don’t know HOW MUCH he is comparing himself,maybe a lot,maybe mildly,maybe a little, or maybe Oliver should get his intel/info correct before he wrights and assumes like most of you.

    I would like at this time to say “people surprise me with their stupidity” but at not wanting to start a flame war, I’ll blame TMZ and call it a day…..good day.

    • Gabriel Vanerstrom

      Stopped reading after “Kanyes life MAY indeed be at risk on stage.” Your wall of text was for nothing.

  • Kanye4lyfe

    Kanye is a true hero, god I can say. Hating and disrespecting him is a sign of weakness and jealous. Go back to your “young conservative” lives and grow up. Hail yeezus

    • Alyssa

      AMEN!!!!!! I love me some Kanye…NAAAA UHHH you cant tell him nothing!!! “Man its so hard not to act reckless” with all these haters

  • nubb nub

    LOL i love how the topic is completely about beatles and jesus and religion thts how little kanye really means lol the thread is about a letter to kanye from chief. BTW Kanye is a bit of a dunce and cant help himself, and its not about how many or who knows its about who really cares lol

  • Sean Dealer Davis

    jesus as well as Santa Claus are very popular,that does’nt make them real,we live in d age of information an technology,no longer in superstition and witchcraft,everything updates for a reason,so y does’nt the bible upgrade and y do ppl feel the need to follow a 2000 yr old book written by men who lived in a totally diff world than we do now?do we really need a book to tell us wats right from wrong?

    • YourWifeIsMyLife

      Well, that had nothing to do with the article. I think you’re in the wrong thread.

  • Steve diperna

    I heard Kanye is a gay fish.

  • Function

    you’re a fucking joke, 90% of cops are useless douchebags ticketing kids for marijuana or under age drinking. I believe most of the people in the military don’t even know what they’re fighting for in afghanastan they’re just there because it fit there life style. You’re a grade A pig BITCH chief oliver.

    • Alyssa


  • manuel


  • AwesomePersonAlive

    A cop protects and serves the people.
    Kanye’s a poet.
    Maybe in his “artistic mind” or whatever he compared his “image/reputation/celebrity” to the people and himself as a cop. NOT LITERALLY.
    Think of it as a simile in a poem, but in real life xD
    Maybe one of those “in the moment” type things….
    Idk, BUT what I do know is…
    ..Ya’ll are just making him more famous by talking about it lulz

    pack a bowl and chill, y’all!

    • Alyssa

      AMEN!!!! PREACH!

  • Noah Hendry

    While I think that this letter is spot on and very clever, I just have to comment on how often I see police officers misusing their position of power. It is not rare for me to hear about an encounter with a police officer that included intimidation, judgments/stereotyping, and a nasty attitude. I respect this to the fullest but I’m sure this sarcastic man has pulled the same act on many people while on duty.

  • meow

    Kanye west is the Meg Griffin of the world

  • Kevin Nelson

    Words do have a place in war. Should Kanye be the one representing? Probably not.

  • YourWifeIsMyLife

    It it just me or is that Chief very fat?
    Nice way to respect your own profession Chief.

  • Chris

    yeah, police are so hardcore they attack handicapped people outside government buildings made for said handicapped buildings :) totally heroic.

  • Chris

    also, who the fk is kayne west?

  • zeitgeist

    how dare anyone challenge the image of the nationalist hero’s of bankers pointless wars?!

  • Nankran

    One of the leading Hollywood IDIOTS!!!!!!! What a slime-bag!! Worthless piece of Hollywood trash that needs sweeping out!!!!

  • Conor Stinson

    You guys are hilarious. Why do we take everyones words today as literal? As in hold those statements against that person their whole life. I say dumb shit every day. Everyone does. He says he’s a god because look at what happens..everytime he does something relevant..the whole world watches and pays attention (whether for good reasons or bad). You guys discussing whether he truly believes he is the christian bible version of God is hilarious. Have you even listened to his music enough to even know who he is or what he is about? Or do you just base these judgements from how he stays in the spotlight and the select taken out of context question answers that are designed to be controversial? What appeals to everyone? The thought of being dominant. The best. That’s why he raps like that. Unless one truly thinks they are better than everyone (so a.k.a. competition) you will never become the best in the world. Stop taking the time to try and degrade a man who has put his heart and soul/time and life in to making music that has dominated the radio for the past 10 years. Whether you want to admit it or not Kanye West is a phenomenal rapper/producer has impacted so many artists. I could point out numerous songs that show his true side discussing family, relationships, and god, but you won’t take the time to listen to them..because that is how you stick to your views. You’re too afraid to branch out from standard thought, which is why you join and consider yourself a “conservative”. You come to this website so you can be force feed news and opinions. Why not act like a human who has been given the great ability to perceive things from numerous points of view? Stop being “conservative” and start thinking for yourself and start considering yourself an individual. Why waste your time worrying about a musicians words? God damn people. Look at those two guys in the picture for young conservatives. Just two guys with their backs together, heads down, looking shady, posing real hard. If that is who you want to associate yourself with, by all means Kanye West sucks and you guys have more talent than everyone who has proven they have talent by selling tangible objects for money to the masses who voluntarily buy it. Also, for all of you bright conservatives. His quote is simply saying he is alone on stage in front of thousands. Anyone could pull out a gun and end his life instantly. That’s a scary thought. Kinda like the same thought a soldier/police officer would have being vulnerable. Lighten up and and stop looking to tear people down. Let creativity flow.

  • Violent

    It’s the ego, Chief Oliver. The ego of an entertainer is MASSIVE. And on just about all of them. Mind you, it’s not entirely their fault the ego takes over. After going years of hearing thousands of people screaming your name.. It goes to your head.. But, with that said.. NONE of them have anywhere near as dangerous job as say a construction worker. And that’s not even taking it to the top with people who have jobs such as yours. Police Officer, MMR person, Firefighter, Soldier. It saddens me that someone such as Kanye can make it in this country, with 1/3rd of the country LOVING it. Then to turn around and *sh!t* on everyone else.

  • tim aucoin

    Never thought I’d agree with anything an American policeman has to say.

  • Cody Bohler

    i hate white people

    • CatOnTheProwl

      Don’t hate them Cody, because you’ll be lowering yourself to their level. Instead, feel sorry for them. Feel sorry for their need to step on others, so as to make themselves feel taller.

      • Cody Bohler

        feeling sorry for them isn’t going to help anything

        • CatOnTheProwl

          But in hating them, you become like them. Hate is a burden that the hater has to carry around & it can cause all sorts of illnesses. Haters hate because Hate gives people a false sense of power & superiority. Hating someone is a way of saying “I’m better than you.” Why do haters need that? Because they’re weak, miserable, envious and insecure. Don’t waste any emotional or mental energy on them. They’re not worth it. Rise above them my friend. Be happy & confident within yourself & let them wallow in their own misery.

          • Cody Bohler

            You’re drinking piss mate. It’s not about how you or me feel, it’s about how the oppressed feel.

          • CatOnTheProwl

            I am one of the oppressed. I was just trying to help you, but your anger doesn’t allow…….

    • Gabriel Vanerstrom

      Willful ignorance. Grow mentally and spiritually. Hate consumes and destroys you. Rise above and forgive.

      • Cody Bohler

        I don’t forgive people who don’t learn from their actions

        • Gabriel Vanerstrom

          So you must hate yourself. Cause racism is fucking retarded.


    You guys have it completely misunderstood. When he says he’s risking his life everyday he’s talking about a part of his concert where he’s performing a monologue and literally hanging on the edge of a cliff with no saftey harness. And yes he IS risking his life…just as a police office, stunt double, fire fighter would when he gets on that stage cause he’s just trying to give the most performance he can…btw YEEZUS= YE IS US

    • Justin Craft

      He’s laying down on a prop above a crowd of people… Try and justify it all you want, he opened his mouth when he shouldn’t have and he’s seeing the effects of it now.

      • Alyssa

        He was singing a song to his mother in this picture, look it up. Coldest winter. He can open his mouth whenever he wants just like the cop could. It is what it is. Agree to disagree. I dont wanna get into knarly fights like everyone else!

        • Justin Craft

          He could be singing a song to the pope or to the president… doesn’t really matter. Point is his statement was completely absurd. And for his extreme “mountain climbing” he’s compensated millions. Lets not forget that, when you see a police officers or military members funeral try to ask yourself what he/she gets for their sacrifice.

          • Alyssa

            The fact that he makes millions is not his fault. He’s in an industry that just so happens to make money,.. His statement is his opinion absurd or not. Media just loves to take people out of context, and that is my point. People assume that Kanye is retarded and actually truly means what he said when in reality he was just trying to explain how he feels. I have been to a military funeral and I felt bad because to me I feel he didn’t make a sacrifice better yet he was sacrificed by a government who could care less who is being killed..

          • Justin Craft

            No, he made a damn sacrifice… your point of view is pathetic. You need to think of what you say before you type. The service member you saw at the funeral was not drafted or forced into the military, he served his country with pride and sacrificed EVERYTHING so you could come on here and defend some lame rapper who could probably care less if you lived or died. You should really re-evaluate your priories.

    • Alyssa

      I TOLD YA!! YE IS US!!! I went to his concert too best night of my life

  • billyblaq

    This needed to be said. I think Kanye is losing his mind.

  • DK

    kenye west…. an absolute DIOT!!! It’s good someone with intelligence ad the ability to write to the Retard.

  • CaptainBurn

    Ouch epic Burn, Chief, epic Burn!

  • Derik Clayton

    lol i would laugh my ass off if he joined and ended wars rapping. just everybody star struck, cuz the dude DOES have tremendous talent

    • Alyssa

      I bet you other countries would respond way differently to him then some soldiers intruding on their land… KANYE IS A GOD

  • Derik Clayton

    what about all these kids getting killed by police.. nobody feels bad for cops right now does this guy watch the news

  • Aleria Bishop

    Seriously kayne I dont know what happened to ya buddy but since Kim has been running your bank account you’ve been all sorts of fucked up. And it’s true entertainers think there so much more then the world when news flash. If we didn’t like you, you would be nothing.

  • Jack Aloise

    check your self before you wreck yourself is ice cube not kanye….
    come chief keep up with the times or you gonna end up like sherif john brown dead by way of a musician #bobmarly

  • F the police

    F the police

  • clint

    People are not serving anything more than the corporation, that choose to sign up and go to Afghanistan.. Serving a corporate take over by the global elite that serves only their own self indulgent greed. At least Kanye is serving in some way… Lets get the real facts straight.. peace

  • Kyle James Hodson

    I don’t see how sending Kanye off to war to kill people who have been raised with different beliefs would help. I also don’t see how putting Kanye in a position to increase the U.S. prison population (which is 5% of the worlds population and 25% of the world’s prison population) would help either. Perhaps Kanye feels endangered by the government because of what he says in some of songs like New Slaves similar to John Lennon who was followed by the FBI. I think what this world needs is more love for our fellow man then to compare and hate each other. Peace.

    • Steffy93


  • Jack

    he’s not saying rapping is what would kill him, it’s the crazy fans/haters such as yourselves that would. to say Ye has had not cultural impact is also laughable. I don’t give a shit if you enjoy his music, he has changed popular music, rap, and production forever. Anyone with a slight bit of music history knowledge will understand that. People spend too much time hating someone when in fact your best way to make him disappear would be to stop talking about him all together. I for one absolutely love his music and passion. I also love classical music, jazz, and hip hop. So much hate, just shut the fuck up and listen to the man or don’t, it’s that god damn simple.

    • Jack is a dumbass

      Michael Jackson, Eminem, and the Beatles changed popular music forever, Kanye cant make a song without a sample and thats a fact. I dont give a shit if you think hes good, but saying hes a good artist is just laughable, just as laughable as Kanye being a hero. Remember doing stupid shit like marrying Kim and interrupting a performer giving a speech is only going to make you famous, not a good artist.

  • Peter J Lausen

    That crap rap is what it is, it can’t stop a bullet, There is one out there with your name on it Kimye..

  • Sam Fisher

    Lets send Kanye to the front line and see how long he last if he thinks his job is like war.

  • jrd

    I think people need to quit taking what these stars say so to heart…why make them more famous?

  • Alyssa

    Us living as we do upside-down
    And the new words at hand is revolution
    People don’t even want to hear the preachers spill or squeal
    Because God’s whole card has been thoroughly peaked
    And America is now blood and tears instead of milk and honey
    The youngsters who were programmed to continue fucking up
    Woke up one night
    Digging Paul Revere and Nat Turner as the good guys
    America stripped from bed
    And we have not all yet closed our eyes
    The signs of truth were tattooed
    Across our authentic vagina
    We learned to our amazement
    The untold tale of scandal
    Two long centuries buried in a rusty vault
    Hosed down daily with a gagging perfume
    America was a bastard
    The illegitimate daughter of the mother country
    Whose legs were then spread around the world
    And a rapist known as freedom, freedom
    Democracy, liberty and justice
    Were revolutionary code names
    That proceeded the bubbling, bubbling, bubbling
    In the mother country’s crotch
    What does Webster say about soul?
    All I want is a good home and a wife and a children
    And some food to feed them every night
    After all is said and done, build a new route to China if they’ll have you
    Who will survive in America?
    Who will survive in America?
    Who will survive in America?
    Who will survive in America?


  • Joe

    I think Kanye West is a misguided soul, being misguided by his many hangers on/entourage who must be very adept at the art of a**e licking. The comments made by Chief Oliver are amazing indeed!

  • Claude Clanton

    He is a man that would not know how to go to a women’s door at 2A.M and tell her that her husband has been shot or killed. My hats off to you chief, you are THE MAN that mr. west WANTS TO BE..He doesn’t deserve to be capitalized

  • Shane Muellemann

    While I respect the letter and the author there is one fatal flaw. He is assuming that Kanye is smart enough to read it. I mean he is a rock star and the king of them all.

    • Alyssa

      Why do you assume he cannot read? Everyone acts as if Kanye has always been this way.

      • Shane Muellemann

        You have to be pretty ignorant to make the comments he makes. Listen to how he speaks/writes and it just makes him seem that much more ignorant. Heard an interview with a radio host where the host was trying to ask a question and Kanye kept yelling at him, he isn’t that bright.

        • Alyssa

          It is all an act! He’s frustrated, media has been trying to make him out to be the bad guy for years so now hes so fed up he is going along with it… I understand he hasn’t made great decisions but he is only human he reacts like all humans. He’s misunderstood. I am not trying to change anyones mind on liking Kanye, I’m just saying there is way more going on than we know. He has had a tough life.

          • Liz

            Actually I think he has done a fine job of that without the help of the media. They are just there to record it, as that is their job. And with Kanye around, that is probably one of the most dangerous jobs in the world!

  • Carter

    Kanye sucks ass anyway an people are by far idiots for listening to him an if this offends u I really don’t give two fucks what u day either thank u

    • Alyssa

      Sorry I could not read your entry.. it has some grammatical errors I cannot make out.

      • Webb

        You’re an idiot if you can’t put the scrambled grammar together.. Just sayin

        • Alyssa

          Oh yeah I am the idiot? Totally…. I did not just spell like a 5 year old but okay.

  • Matina

    Tee Hee Hee Kanye! You’re such a joker! You always make me laugh with your little antics!

  • Alyssa

    I do not blame the cop for not fully understanding what Kanye said. It is common to take him out of context, he is quite extreme, but I just have to question what makes him so much greater than Kanye? You put a badge and uniform on and that automatically makes you more intelligent? You don’t even need a college degree to become a cop. So in reality the two of them are very much equal. Although assuming someone is “dumb” based off their education is wrong. Kanye is an artist he says things in his music that speak to people and although they do not appeal to everyone that is perfectly okay. I just do not understand that if a cops job is so dangerous how does this cop have time to write a letter? And it doesnt look like he is saving very many lives the poor guy is fairly over weight. I hope he has enjoyed his fame. I find it ridiculous. He is absolutely nobody to judge. Cops are crooked sometimes… This makes me lose respect for cops

  • Webb

    Kanye’s mouth is more dangerous than his job

  • Carol Borrelli

    Chief, high five, YOU should be paid as much as the ignoramus rapper, and he should dry up and blow away.

  • Roy

    Kenya just an inflated stupid A-Hole

  • joe

    and Que the religious battles and grammar nazis.. thank you Kanye Asshole

  • Robina

    We detest Kanye West.

  • Moi beisu

    Who the hell is this Jesus guy everyone keep yapping about???

  • Jerdizzel

    OK OK OK.. lets get back on the subject here! everything online always has to turn into a religious battle between “spiritualists” that don’t know what they are talking about and “Atheists” that don’t know what they are talking about. The fact of the matter is a Gay Fish that is married to a Hobbit thinks he is a super hero.

  • JB

    Sports commentators compare football players to “warriors” all the time. Football players talk about themselves as “warriors” or a game as a “”war.” But young conservatives don’t get bent out of shape about that. Why is that different?

  • HA


  • Ballistic45

    Just another liberal entertainer proving Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.. Give a Liberal a Microphone, stage, captive audience, or something to write down their thoughts and ENOUGH time, they will sooner or later prove beyond any reasonable doubt that they are delusional, egotistical, paranoid, idiots….

  • JUJU

    Kanye: Rap is CRAP without the C..That’s where you stand!!!!!

  • Picky

    Stupid is as Stupid does. that came from a great entertainer. Forrest Gump, Kanye do you feel me.,, and can you Rap on how your foot tastes after shoving it so deep in ya mouth.

  • George

    I wish he’d asked if he likes fish sticks.

  • James

    You have exposed the hubris of the liberal left: they think that they are better than the remaining 95% of the rest of the working thinking public. A great piece of writing.

  • Linda

    Thank you for writing this epic letter to Kanye West, but do you think he has ability to read and understand the words ? Last week he said he was Jesus and he was Obama. This week a soldier and a cop. Next week – I think he will think he is Dali Lama or John the Baptist. He is in serious need of mental health help

  • Nichole Richie

    he’s rich and you’re not get over it i guess

  • J

    All I know is yes compaired to military yes Kanye is way out of line! But google deadliest jobs in the world a United States police officer is not even ranked in the top 1000 literally! So this fat as ticket handing out I do nothing to improve the world but set a speed trap on Christmas Day to meet a quota sad piece of life that at least Kanye tries to improve people life through music and all he does is make good peoples lives worse!

  • Sam Kigelman

    I don’t got a problem with Kanye West……. for all we know, maybe there ARE fans who threaten his life? Maybe the police officer who wrote the letter should tweet to Kanye and find out WHY he said that before insulting him… f*** that. And why don’t HE join the military?
    If you don’t know why someone says something, then look into it… I just rolled my eyes at this letter. Kanye is too outspoken and needs to pick his words more carefully, but he doesn’t deserve this harassment.

  • pillznarry

    Please check out my page!!!
    Liberalism is a Mental Disorder!!!

  • Abs Sik

    if he got economics he wouldn’t be in the police force,but still

  • Taiwan Jordan

    to the police chief: most of ya’ll missed the point “idiots.” Only a person from a rough area can relate. You have to realize that a person from a violent hood has to watch his back every second of the day while he’s in the streets. Black neighborhoods are very different from your silver spoon fed ass and your neighbors. It is like being at war in these black hoods. Always violence and killings going on. no money or jobs. but on top of our own people are doing stupid shit like killing one another, we got racist assholes cops like you who hate our guts and would do anything to sabotage us as well. Like pulling us over for loud music. Although a Harley can ride by thats 10 times louder than any speaker I’ve Ever hear in my life. Yet the prick riding that Harley doesn’t get pulled over but a black man with dual exhaust pipes on a car gets a ticket for noise pollution. Once again that Harley’s several times louder. I hear people sometimes say that love is a battlefield but they don,t mean Vietnam idiots. Once you come up from the Ghetto and get rich or a lot of money there is a lot of hatred and a lot of shady people who are out to get you all the time so it is a war out here….A Street War. So you need to check yourself asshole.

    • Liz

      And tell me, when was the last time Kanye West was in one of these neighborhoods?

      I don’t dismiss that you may have a bad situation, but we are talking about Kanye West. He is from a middleclass family. His mother was a university professor and they lived in China for a time. He isn’t exactly from the hood.

      Try and find someone who is actually worth your adoration.

  • NO

    this is stupid

  • JJB

    Pull your head out of your ass Kanye and take a look around. You arrogant moron.

  • Sean Lantry

    Charles Manson >>>>>>>> Kanye West

  • Aj Brunell

    ive always hated kanye. but i cant take the level of stupidity in these comments

  • Lorea Gandiaga

    HAhahahahaha BURN

  • Atheist jim

    The Beatles were in fact more popular than Jesus. I don’t see many Jesus t shirts around… But Beatles t shirts on the other hand…

  • Ryan

    Believe Jesus Christ is your savior for your sins. Jesus Christ is God Almighty in the Flesh. This is the Gospel, believe Jesus Christ sprinkled his shed precious blood and died for you and all of your sins on the cross, he was buried and he rose again from the dead three days later from God’s Power and you will be saved and you will go to Heaven forever. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God to where we all deserve death, destruction and judgement in the Lake of Fire from the wrath of God to where we need a savior to save us for our sins forever. By receiving Jesus Christ’s blood sacrifice as full payment for your sins you will be saved forever. It matters not how much you have sinned in the past, in the present and in the future. Once you are saved you are saved forever no matter what. Good works will not ever save you and no one and nothing else will. That is the Gospel and if you believe in the Gospel you are now a Born Again Christian and you are now saved and you will go to Heaven forever and that is the whole truth. Spread the truth. All glory goes to God forever! Praise God! Amen! (John Ch. 3:16, Romans Ch. 3:25, 4:1-6, 5:9, 1 Corinthians Ch. 15:1-4, Ephesians Ch. 2:8-9) The Authorized King James Version Bible.

  • Stacey

    Wheelchair company KD Smart Chair, is offering two free wheelchairs to the ashamed Kanye West fans who were singled out at his concert.

  • USMCvet

    is a waste of space

  • revspyro

    Kanye’s a tool. But so is this cop. He said he retired due to his health to cover up the fact that is own men wanted him gone.

  • Lia m

    Ok I personally am not a fan of Kanye and yes I agree with the officer, but to an extent. I don’t agree with people joining the military fighting wars and killing innocent people over corporate greed. It’s all a lie!

  • Bob Wight

    Why the hate toward Kanye? Didn’t he just give some guy named Paul McCartney the break he needed to maybe become famous??

  • Daniel Petersen

    Too bad this cop resigned for being a corrupt heavy handed POS who alienated the populace under his care!

  • Tim

    why would anyone try to rationalize with Kanye. He clearly doesn’t life in the same world as us.

  • Ralph

    Uh, that police chief resigned in shame and disgrace after being outed by his entire department as a bully, phony, narcissist, and a sexual harasser – the exact same “mope” that he so railed against. Oh, and his Facebook page is no longer there. Perhaps someone should do some fact checking before they post things.

  • Ralph