Rafeal Cruz (Ted Cruz’s father) gives one of the best speeches you will ever hear

Joshua Riddle

Co-founder of Young Conservatives. Graduate of Dartmouth College. Read more

This guy has so much swag it’s ridiculous. #MURICA


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  • rubees_garden

    Mr. Rafeal Cruz has given a very dynamic, out reaching speech. I would hope this enthusiasm would be taken into the inner cities where those of Mexican/Hispanic decent live and educate what it means to be a conservative. These people’s cultural and family values are very conservative.

    The GOP has failed, actually flunked opportunities. It is time for Conservatives to go into the inner cities and educate the citizens, whether they are from African or Mexican/Hispanic decent and whites should be included. So many of the inner city citizens have been hoodwinked, victimized, dummied down, and made into “useful idiots” by the liberals. The Black Conservative groups such as Project 21, Fredrick Douglass Society, C.U.R.E., and many more are doing exactly this, they are being proactive and speaking by out on Hannity on Fox, radio, films such as Run Away Slave by C.L. Bryant, books, and much more.

    We should not forget, Unions are using the same concept and keeping people tethered. Little do people realize the Unions served a great purpose and is no longer needed.

    It is time for all of us to educate and show the way… People will feel better about themselves once they use their takents and become self suffcient. Time to regain pride in our talents … This country is great because of the hard working citizens. It won’t be easy, but we’ve done it,once we can do it again.

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  • Tyler

    To the YoungCons:
    I like the videos on your site, but your dialogue is always disappointing… It is almost like you are trying to act younger than you are.