“Ranger Up” made a brilliant picture in response to Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton’s #BringBackOurGirls tweets

michelle o

Ann Coulter had a legendary tweet in response to Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama thinking they could rescue these girls using Twitter.

Now, Ranger Up is reminding us how things actually get accomplished.

This pouty First Lady photo show Michelle Obama exercising her considerable muscle by using TWITTER to get 200 kidnapped girls returned in Nigeria.  The girls were taken from their school by Islamic terrorists.  So this Twitter attack is designed to build pressure.  On who?

According to the WH, the pressure is on the Nigerian government.


In the meantime, Ambassador to the U.N. and complete nut job, Samantha Power, is going to have the kidnappers/terrorists designated as a terror group by…wait for it…wait for it..the U.N.  That means that the security council will actively follow the situation.  Thank you, U.N.! The U.N. is known for action.

Anyway, the Ranger Up guys posted this photo (of one of their own, Jack) which sums up my feelings about pouty Twits believing that social media works better than action…

bring back our girls 2

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  • David Rummler

    Greatest nation on earth. Begging with hashtags.Wow Kidding me?

  • MartyMBreckenridge

    In the meantime, Ambassador to the U.N. and complete nut job, Samantha Power, is going to have the kidnappers/terrorists designated as a terror group by…wait for it…wait for it..the U.N. That means that the security council will actively follow the situation. Thank you, U.N.! The U.N. is known for action.

  • MartyMBreckenridge

    The girls were taken from their school by Islamic terrorists. So this Twitter attack is designed to build pressure. On who?

  • Bertha Adcox

    I’m beginning to be sicker of MOB than I am of our POTUS (or maybe it’s equal – yuk!)

    • steven111100

      Maybe you should just get over it and try to enjoy what life you have left?

    • steven111100

      On a side note, do you think you could hook me up with Katie? She is one beautiful young lady.

  • like I CM


  • JPO

    HMMM, lets see, the US Govt has already offered SF operators to help with the search/rescue of the girls, the Nigerian Govt. DENIED the offer only asking for logistical ad support forces, what are your questions ? but we should just go In anyway right?

    • Danny Wright

      I think the problem everyone is having is the absurdity and impotence of it all. It’s not like the only choice available in response to this horror was between sending in the troops or a hash-pout. The whole thing is degrading for America yes, but especially for the poor victims of this violence.

      • steven111100

        In what way is this degrading for America? It didn’t happen here and we have offered and are now supplying help. You realize Michelle is not the President right?

  • Bubba Gump


    • TheNinjaMax

      And somewhere, Native Americans are rolling in their burial grounds…

      • JB

        They were also immigrants

        • Greg

          thank you,,i have been telling the same thing,,people dont like hearing the truth,,,this land isnt theirs,,,its the critters land,,,they were here before people

        • Justin Ahlquist

          And cannibals and slave owners

          • steven111100

            And filthy Catholics.

        • Nickolaos Fotopoulos

          Technically speaking it would be “migrants”. There is an important distinction. Paleo-Indians were nomadic tribal people who were simply following their food source where ever it went. Since Paleo-Indians went extinct about 9,000 years ago, current tribes are about as close as it get to being native to this land. Although ultimately anyone born here, not matter how they got here is technically native to the land. This included children of illegal immigrants and most of the people in this discussion thread.

          Also most American Indian culture believed that the land didn’t belong to anyone. They only occupied parts of it and thought of themselves as caretakers of it.

          • Kevin Groenhagen

            How’d that work out for them?


          • Nickolaos Fotopoulos

            Not very well, but mostly because they didn’t have immunity for many of the diseases that Europeans brought with them from Europe. I believe something like 9 out of 10 Native American in North, Central and South America died from these diseases.

          • mountaindaisy

            Thank you! Good post yes they did believe they were caretakers. Excellent point!!

          • rapidfx

            Nickolaos, and killed each other for it, and took slaves for that land they “…thought of themselves as caretakers of…”

          • Nickolaos Fotopoulos

            I wasn’t saying they were perfect, just pointing out that they didn’t immigrate here, they migrated, and they did so about 16,000-40,000 years ago. So it’s not really the same thing. Some tribes did believe they owned or had exclusive access to certain land…which is why I said “most American Indian culture believed”

          • Kyle Becker

            Gawd, I feel so guilty now. Why was I born white in the 21st century? Why, oh Lord, why??!??!?!?

      • LiberalsDeepthroatMy30rndMag

        America was bought fare and square with beads and whiskey.

  • Adam L.

    I still want to know how Nigerians are “OUR GIRLS.”

    • Kypsalis

      Human beings.

    • Joe Schmitz

      I see a resemblance between her and the girls.

      • Jason Baker

        i see a resemblance between you and every other racist ape…

  • KaimiKalihi

    techno dorks that have no clue what the real world of bad guys work…, Obama can’t get one decorated Marine out of Mexico, so what makes them think a # tag will?!!! Like the man said, Only highly trained special forces can (well actually any of our armed forces can) it’s whether you want it surgical or turn a place into a parking lot.

    • Glen Clark

      gotta love armchair generals.

  • bullet2354

    THAT – was great!#

  • Joe

    I don’t think a bunch of Islamic pig humping terrorists give a rat’s a$$ about stupid hash tags or the wookie Mooooooochelle Hussein Obama.

    • steven111100

      I don’t think your family cares about you Joe.

    • Jason Baker

      trying to look stupid? mission accomplished

  • Riconunez

    Obama got Osama, idiots! Obama, not Bush. Obama! He knows how to use special forces and social media. You are ignoramuses.

    • CAmom760

      No, rico – the MILITARY got osama. 0bama had NOTHING to do with it.

      • steven111100

        Obama gave the order, so he had EVERYTHING to do with it.

        • Marshall Harrod

          Just because he gave the order it doesn’t mean he had “EVERYTHING” to do with it. The team that started looking for Osama was during the Bush administration. It was a whole team who found Osama. Obama just sat on the side lines giving the ok to get him. So in the end Obamd didn’t have “EVERYTHING” to do with it.

          • steven111100

            Just like in football, the QB gets the blame for the win or the loss.

          • Kevin Groenhagen

            No he doesn’t.

          • steven111100

            You don’t follow sports?

          • D2R2

            Except the President isn’t even close to being the equivalent of a QB on a SOF team. The Pres is more like a GM…not even a Coach, in this analogy. Think about it; If you have Peyton Manning, you tell him to air it out. Peyton gets the credit…not the GM who is lucky to have such players with the talent, work ethic, skill, motivation to get it done

          • steven111100

            Interesting. I’m a Giants fan. We have a saying, “In Reece We Trust.”

        • SomeDude

          Who knew that Michelle Obama’s screen-name was “steven111100″?

        • Dav_Daddy

          He gave the green light so I give him credit for having the balls to do what had to be done. (I was amazed he did)

          Before that moment he had 0 to do with it. Nothing wrong with that, I would be more worried if POTUS was spending his time pouring over satellite photos, and examining intelligence as it comes in. That’s just not his job the president has many more important things that require his attention.

          Now once the intelligence has been gathered and analysed and action is required like putting troops in a foreign country without their permission (aka an invasion albeit on a small scale) then it is his call.

          I’m taking nothing away from that decision if this thing had been a disaster with our choppers shot down just over the border and troops losing their lives it probably would have been an impeachment and possible charges here and at the UN.

          • steven111100

            Fair assessment.

        • What?

          If it came out that Osama had been found and Obama didn’t give the order he would have been deservedly ridiculed. He had no choice but to give the order that’s why he huddled in the corner while the raid took place.

    • felicityva

      If you want to credit the person who gave the kill order to get Osama, credit Leon Panetta. Obama lawyered up, in case it went horribly wrong, so he wouldn’t get the blame.

    • masshacks

      You`re an idiot.

    • SomeDude

      Rico: Perhaps you need to read up on what Obama was doing during the alleged raid. According to Obama’s own former aide Reggie Love, the president was upstairs playing cards while everyone else was downstairs in the Situation Room. This president only showed up for the photo op. But you wouldn’t know that because your deity hasn’t allowed you to hear it.

      I seriously doubt Harry Truman was playing Monopoly when the Little Man and Fat Boy were dropped on Japan.


      Osama died long before seal team six ever went to Pakistan. Wipe off your koolaid mustache and pay attention.

    • Kevin Groenhagen

      Note that it was the use of interrogation techniques employed during the Bush administration that led our troops to Osama in Pakistan, Skippy. Obama the Liar criticized those techniques, but took full credit for their success.

    • LiberalsDeepthroatMy30rndMag

      Yeah he’s real good at getting those bad guys like in he did in Benghazi right?

  • Chuck Steele

    People who use hash tags think they are making a positive contribution to the situation, all the while, never leaving their couches.

    • steven111100

      People who write on message boards think they are making a change in the world, all the while, they are just blowing smoke up each others rears.

      • Chuck Steele


      • john james

        Then why are you writing this message board Steven 1111110??????? I wore the uniform and was willing to sacrifice ALL.What have you done? Leftist communist only TALK a pathetic game all the whole not doing a dam thing about the situation. Repeat of the Bengazi Boys. You liberal pukes are absoutley disgusting.

        • steven111100

          I learned to spell.

  • Daffy2009

    Hashtags are the new ribbons.

  • felicityva

    Now the entire world knows we mean business when we break out the pouty hashtag. *rolling my eyes*

  • RelativeChaos00

    I love Ranger Up more with every article.

  • steven111100

    Now you guys are complaining about the use of a hash-tag? You people are so funny and outraged. LOL.

    • iconicles

      It’s not the use of a hashtag that’s infuriating. It’s the idea that America’s best remedy is the use of a hashtag that’s infuriating.

      • steven111100

        Who said it was America’s best remedy? We have troops and drones in the country searching for the girls. You are starting to believe your own bullshit.

        • iconicles

          I have my own bullshit?

          • steven111100

            Apparently so.

          • iconicles

            Ok, just checking to make sure.

    • Kevin Groenhagen

      You really need to get a life, little fella.

      • steven111100

        You’re replying to me. What’s that say about your life?

      • Glen Clark

        said the dude reading a hack blog who is outraged over a hashtag. :)

  • Ynot

    What were the Obama girls doing in Nigeria yo?

  • Timmons


  • brenda chafin


  • Big Papa

    Well, in her defense, she has done more than her worthless husband. Send in the military and kill these worthless bastards. That will make them think next time. Hash tag messages are the laziest form of protest so we should expect nothing less from the WHITE HOUSE.

    • B n T Pagel

      She hasn’t done crap, even her boasts about lowering childhood obesity is a lie!

  • Jason Baker

    Judguing by the comments of this page, you comment won’t make a differece, however I’d like to point out that Ranger Up doesn’t represent the viewpoints of the Ranger Community. We are mopre than lead swinging apes. The conversation the FLOTUS particpated in is a great thing. Its though social conversation all change comes. These guys are “marketing machines” that whip out tshirts in line with socially emotional issue with a custoer base of like minded “patriots.” My 10-years of Rangering taught me respect and to be a “quiet professional”, they must have missed that class? You gotta hock shirts I guess….

  • Jason Baker

    Judguing by the comments of this page, my comments won’t make a differece, however I’d like to point out that Ranger Up doesn’t represent the viewpoints of the Ranger Community. We are more than lead-pipe swinging apes. The conversation the FLOTUS particpated in is a great thing. It’s though social conversation all change comes. Guns and “operators” don’t bring change, if anything, we’ve d#mn sure learned that the last 13 years. These guys are “marketing machines” that whip out t-shirts in line with socially emotional issue with a customer base of like minded “patriots.” I am sure, they are whipping up a #operatorsbringourgirlsback design as we speak. My 10-years of Rangering taught me respect, especially to President, (remember when speaking poorly of him was considered unpatriotic?) and to be a “quiet professional”, they must have missed that class? You gotta hock shirts I guess. Rangers are absolute professionals. Don’t judge us by this hate….

    • john james

      He represents the viewpoint of this former Ranger. I wore the uniform did you Jason. I respect President Obama as much as he respects AMERICA. You want to know what hate is.Disrespecting our ONLY ally in the Middle East by referencing the word “apartheid” in the same sentence as Israel. I know that comment is above your ability to comprehend but try real hard and THINK.

      • JB

        John, read all your posts on this site. Conclusion: you have no room to question intelligence. Be surprised if you have found any success in life with that hate filled attitude and anger….

      • steven111100

        You don’t sound smart enough to be a former Ranger. No offense. JK, you’re a fool.

  • LaTonya Bannister

    You have to be slow to think that the purpose of those tweets and this picture were solely meant to bring these girls home. In my opinion it was done to raise awareness about what is going on over there, period. Our First Lady knows what it takes, she is not a moron. But my guess is that most of you are.