Report: Obama’s CIA Director Worked With Foreign Spies To Destroy Trump’s Candidacy

Report: Obama's CIA Director Worked With Foreign Spies To Destroy Trump's Candidacy
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The American Spectator came out with a bombshell report his week about Trump’s Russian connection.

Nah, there isn’t actually a Russian connection even though the liberal left has been trying to uncover one for about a year.

However, the report has to with former CIA director John Brennan’s unbelievably partisan efforts to destroy Trump.

It’s the literal definition of government bullying and overreach.

Check it out…

From The Daily Wire:

Seeking to retain his position as CIA director under Hillary, [John] Brennan teamed up with British spies and Estonian spies to cripple Trump’s candidacy. He used their phony intelligence as a pretext for a multi-agency investigation into Trump, which led the FBI to probe a computer server connected to Trump Tower and gave cover to Susan Rice, among other Hillary supporters, to spy on Trump and his people.

John Brennan’s CIA operated like a branch office of the Hillary campaign, leaking out mentions of this bogus investigation to the press in the hopes of inflicting maximum political damage on Trump. An official in the intelligence community tells TAS that Brennan’s retinue of political radicals didn’t even bother to hide their activism, decorating offices with “Hillary for president cups” and other campaign paraphernalia.

How is that OK?

There’s more…

Says The Spectator: “The Guardian says that British spy head Robert Hannigan ‘passed material in summer 2016 to the CIA chief, John Brennan.’ To ensure that these flaky tips leaked out, Brennan disseminated them on Capitol Hill. In August and September of 2016, he gave briefings to the’“Gang of Eight’ about them, which then turned up on the front page of the New York Times.”

The strange part, and the article points this out, is that the media totally let this administration off the hook. If Republicans had been doing this, you know they’d be calling for jail time and the media would be blowing these stories wide open.  But, because everyone in the media is so in the tank for Obama, we are just finding this stuff out now.

Where’s the outrage?

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