Sarah Palin decimates the fast food workers complaining about the minimum wage!

December 8, 2013 8:42 pm

From the Sarah Palin Facebook Page:

While there is some debate about how much people in our armed forces make, there is no question they work much harder, longer, and are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.  When you add up all the time our troops spend doing things they aren’t paid for, it probably does end up being less than minimum wage.  Ironically, they have a maximum skill set.  People who work at fast food restaurants are either teenagers or people with minimum skills, so if they want to make more money, learn new skills. Pretty simple.

 Using a 2000 hour work year (as we did above), what is her hourly wage? [$6.03] So the private, who is risking her life for her country, is making $.88 an hour more than the civilian burger flipper!