Sarah Palin decimates the fast food workers complaining about the minimum wage!

From the Sarah Palin Facebook Page:

While there is some debate about how much people in our armed forces make, there is no question they work much harder, longer, and are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.  When you add up all the time our troops spend doing things they aren’t paid for, it probably does end up being less than minimum wage.  Ironically, they have a maximum skill set.  People who work at fast food restaurants are either teenagers or people with minimum skills, so if they want to make more money, learn new skills. Pretty simple.

 Using a 2000 hour work year (as we did above), what is her hourly wage? [$6.03] So the private, who is risking her life for her country, is making $.88 an hour more than the civilian burger flipper!


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  • Laura Hocter

    However, the soldier doesn’t EVER work a 40 hour work week so the 2000 hour work year as a comparison is inherently flawed. Soldiers work on average 50-60 hours a week, with one or more 24 hour “watch shifts” per week and earn well below the poverty line. When low ranking enlisted soldiers require food stamps in order to feed their families, there is something majorly wrong with the system.

  • Tse Tso

    Well. with a grueling 4 year college education and over 15 yrs heavy work experience… I am in need of a serious raise to get away from the burger flippers

  • fallssshort

    There was a day when fast food jobs were easy to come by because they could afford to hire many young people at a time. Those young people would gain experience and skills to launch them in the world of better pay. Nowadays these companies hire less people due to increasing minimum wage requirements while my 17 year old son struggles to find a starter job. Liberals fail to see the big picture of future economics.

  • Matt

    These figures for the military are not very clear either. When people run these figures they only include the base pay. They do not include money for housing, food, clothing allowance, health and dental coverag, special pays depending on job and/or station, free college, and many other benefits. To Laura……If there are any low ranking military members on food stamps to feed their family, it is not because they do not get paid enough. If you are married or have children in the military, you get additional money. So, if they are on food stamps, it is more likely because of the debt from the brand new Dodge Challenger sitting in the driveway and not because they don’t make enough to support a family. To put it basically, many members make poor financial desicions because they are young and are getting paid steady money for the first time in their lives. And I know this from experience. I am a recent veteran and I did the majority of my service over seas. I do believe the military should get paid a bit mmore, but this is a terrible comparison.

    • Ash

      Food stamp eligibility is based on what you make, not how many bills you have. Try again.

  • anynomous

    I have worked in the fast-food industry for 11 years and to say that it not someone’s bread and butter not right at all! It was how I supported my son as a single parent. Yes, people who defend our country deserve more than minimum wage. I do think minimum wage increase should be for those who do depend on their job to make ends meet ..there Is nothing wrong with manual labor but there is something wrong with Sarah Palins head if she cannot separate that difference, have her flip burgers for week and have to serve irate hungry impatient customers and then have bus load of hungry kiddo’s come in from the parking lot she won’t think it so bad of increasing minimum wage then..

    • anynomous

      Also I have a brother in the military and they do have extra benefits , the average burger flipper ( or who Ms.Palin labels as Average), does not. Sarah Palin has never served in the military or to my knowlage has never held down a job working in a fast foo resteraunt my guess Is she has never worked a day in her life regarding manual labor, that my ball park guess any way..

  • Sun

    Talk about a misallocation of resources. Also never mentioned are the benefits to low minimum wages. Read about them:

  • Not a Good Comparison

    Soldiers do great things and are admirable. MUCH respect for all of them. The message in this image, however, is not comparable at all to someone working at McDonalds. Soldiers living expenses, including housing, meals, clothing, travel, are all paid by the government. If the McDonalds’ workers didn’t have these living expenses, I’m betting a lower minimum wage wouldn’t be an issue. It’s just not comparable. Direct quote from “In addition to salary and bonuses, the Army provides military allowances
    to offset the cost of living. Soldiers who live on an Army post receive
    military housing and meals for free. If your situation calls for you to
    live off post, the Army provides allowances for your housing and meals.
    Soldiers also receive allowances for clothing and official travel.”

  • comment

    Jesus, really! Her argument against a minimum wage increase is showing that US Army/Marine privates make less than $7 an hour. Of all groups being grossly underpaid it is military grunts who’s jobs potentially lead to maiming, death, and a lifetime of psychological pain. A bit dense maybe? How much does she make a year for giving “talks”, “writing”, and “advising”? One source says possibly $12 million. That may be high, so let’s just make it a nice, easy to digest $500,000. Relative to our “respected/valued” US military privates she is paid nearly 2,500% more per year. I rounded up the yearly pay for privates if you were wondering why I said nearly. Give her a gun and a job digging trenches and eating MREs in the field. See how she likes it.

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