Stacey Dash has an AWESOME response to the liberal movie critics hating on “Moms’ Night Out”

May 13, 2014 11:42 am

Liberal critics are hating this movie starring the conservative and pro-life actress Patricia Heaton.  Variety’s Justin Chang says the movie is “basically a shrill feature-length sitcom for the faith-based family-values crowd, if nowhere near as good as that sounds.”

The Globe and Mail’s Kate Taylor piled on as well:

Mainly, you have to wonder why [main character] Allyson doesn’t just hire a nanny, find a job and get out of the house. Ah, but this is a Christian movie, and once it stops pelting an audience with comic incident, it begins preaching. Through the crazy night, Allyson comes to see that she should just relax and enjoy motherhood. “I am right where I need to be and God has given me everything I need to be a mom,” she concludes after a little sermon from a heavily tattooed biker who tells her Jesus loves her as she is.

In other words, Allyson will be just fine if she sticks to her conventional role.

Actress Stacey Dash has come to the defense of “Moms’ Night Out”.  Stacey understands that our culture needs more positive movies like this, not less.  Liberal critics would rather celebrate the movies that glorify one night stands, drug/alcohol abuse, and the objectification of women.

Well said Stacey, well said.

(h/t Twitchy)