Ted Cruz to Obama: Stay out of Texas, your lies are not welcome here

Joshua Riddle

Co-founder of Young Conservatives. Graduate of Dartmouth College. Read more

This is why Ted Cruz is the man. He has the backbone to say what needs to be said. Obama’s broken promises are a cancer to any state he travels too. The reason why Texas is so successful is because they minimize their interaction with Obama and liberalism.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz wants President Barack Obama to know that he should “take his broken promises tour elsewhere,” according to a statement his office released Wednesday, just hours before Obama is supposed to speak in the Lone Star State.

“President Obama’s trip to Texas brings nothing with it but broken promises,” the freshman Republican senator said in the statement. “He promised that Americans could keep their health care plans. We were told premiums would go down, that jobs would be created. And we now know these are all false promises.”

Cruz’s comments come as the president visits Dallas to promote the Affordable Care Act as well as speak at a fundraiser.

QUIZ: Do you know Ted Cruz?)

“[I]n spite of all Texas has done to resist the biggest entitlement program of this generation, Obamacare is reducing health care options, increasing costs and hurting jobs,” the statement said. “It has no place in Texas and must be repealed.”

“President Obama should take his broken promises tour elsewhere so Texans can continue focusing on the solutions that have allowed our state to become and remain the nation’s economic and job creation powerhouse,” Cruz added.

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  • LHTwist

    Governors reside of state governments, not the federal administration. All they have to do is join ranks and tell obama he can stick his plan where the sun doesn’t shine. If enough Governors and states reject his plan, then there won’t be any plan. I guess obama could enforce it in DC if he hadn’t already granted waivers to most of that district.

  • JoeBlockhead

    I can’t wait for Texas to just form their own country…..and take all their Mexicans with them.Texans think they’ve got it allllllllllllllllll figured out….

    • Sammie Jo

      Hey Joe, I can’t wait either, but we won’t keep the illegals, we’ll send them to your house.
      Texas is self sufficient, we don’t need the rest of the country, but the rest of the country needs us.
      Check out Texas, just do it online, you’re not welcome here either.

    • Former Texican

      Joe, nwo we see why they call you “blockhead.” Texas won’t have to worry about the illegals, they are all migrating to Kalifornia, land of milk, honey, tortillas and the largest welfare checks in the nation. My tax dollars at work.

  • Nate

    Ted Cruz is a boss. Obama is a criminal. Oh and Joe hackhead, Texas should secede and put up huge walls to make sure all the libtards can’t flee to Texas once the rest of America looks like Detroit.

  • Bill

    I can’t wait until the strong conservatives secede. You guys enjoy your guns, domestic violence, misogyny, corruption, your bigotry, and narcissistic self-righteousness. I’ll keep in touch with reality and tell you what it’s like once in a while.

  • Karen avery

    Impeach Obama Right Now…..because he is the cause of all of our Problems……!!!!!!