The Nutjobs at Code Pink are protesting Israel and just got photobombed BIG TIME

Code Pink hates Israel and loves Hamas.  Pretty ironic considering they claim to be “pro-woman”.  If they actually just thought about it for two seconds I think they would pretty quickly realize who treats women better.

Anyways, this photobomb was awesome.  I think combining the “Don’t Tread On Me” with the “Stand With Israel” is quite an appropriate combination.

(h/t Mad World News)

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  • Hugh Jaskock


  • Herman Vogel

    Everyone of these immoral Females should be shipped off the Eastern Israel and forced to live there for a month THEN let them come back and tell us just how Great Hamas and the GAZA Terrorists are after lobbing 200-1500 rockets a DAY into that country

    • Diane Crouse

      Yes and they should only have their vagina costumes to wear while there.

      • Herman Vogel

        Just expose their hair would be enough to set off those Godless Heathen killing for Hamas. Sad, huh

    • skyway1234

      Better yet, send them to Iraq! We can show them how wonderful it is without the Americans.

      • Herman Vogel

        just as long as ALL of them go

    • Ava

      A month? They wouldn’t last a day! But I would love to see it.

      • Herman Vogel

        In that case,,,make it TWO months…..;)

  • Dillon Toni Bryer

    Lol. Maybe they need to go to Isreal and live in horror of being killed like they do !

  • George Huff

    That man deserves a medal.

    • Guest


  • itsjustgigi

    I hope to God, sincerely, that I don’t know ANY code-pink idiots. They are a disgrace to women and the human race in general.

    • Dakota Toonami

      Don’t telepathically talk to the cosmic zombie for answers – find out for yourself and end relationships if need be.

  • Peter Charles Miller

    They are products of our public school systems. They have an opinion but don’t have a clue as to why they do. They lack critical thinking skill…well thinking skills.

  • LeAnne Eveve

    They need to stop making women look dumb

  • Bongo Bob

    “If they actually just thought about it for two seconds I think they would pretty quickly realize who treats women better.”

    But they don’t – which pretty much tells you all you need to know about Code Pink(o).

  • kenny

    Finally a real man in pink….

  • Michael Taylor

    We should elect that man Emperor of the Universe!

  • Roxy

    Great lets keep promoting the baby killers agenda.

    • Dean Miller

      You mean the baby killers who use their civilians to hide their missiles and think victims of rape are to be killed? You mean those baby killers? I just want to be clear on who you are referring to.

      • Debra Oneil

        I think box of roxy, means pro choice-ers… right rox?

        • Roxy

          First of all, I am very far from a leftie LOL In fact I am at the complete opposite end of the political spectrum. I agree abortion should be outlawed. As far as Israel goes, I find it deplorable that IDF soldiers would indiscriminately target innocent civilians most of which are children. You are probably thinking “Well they shoot rockets at Israel.” Point taken, but do you not realize that most of the rockets shot at Israel are primitive pieces of crap made from fertilizer and fireworks which don’t hit anything 90 percent of the time? That is all the Palestinians have to defend themselves against the IDF’s sophisticated war planes, drones, ground forces, and recently obtained nuclear submarines! This is not a fair fight. The level of brutality inflicted on the civilians of Gaza is like shooting a cannon at a fly… It is wrong for Hamas to use children as human shields, but really we are talking about a very primitive people who know no other way of fighting. With that being said, the IDF should take the high road just like the U.S. military does when in combat. Hospitals, mosques, and schools cannot be targeted and it doesn’t matter if the enemy is using them as a hide out. It is against the Geneva convention to harm civilians. Just think about all the show trials that took places when our soldiers only humiliated enemy combatants in Abu Dabi. Now, why can’t the IDF behave more like civilized human beings instead of the brutal monsters that they are? Despite the lies the U.S. news media outlets spew, there are two sides to every story and I suggest you all take your heads out of the sand research this instead of accepting every thing you hear just because Fox News says it’s true. Oh and by the way, just remember all major news media outlets and Hollywood are Jewish owned. Makes no difference if you watch CNN or Fox you will not get a non bias truth. Do the research yourself if you don’t believe me.

  • Jim

    I hope that microphone bought her dinner first…

  • rebekah26

    Why is one of the purple?

  • GrumpyDude

    Good job.

  • RavviOli

    With those pink “costumes” send them to Iraq. What part would ISIS cut of in the “female mutilation ritual”?

  • Roscoe

    Special brand of stupid right there.

  • Karen Shannon

    I stand with Israel

  • S. Granite


  • Gary Warren

    To become a member of Code Pink, is it necessary to change one’s last name to Lickalottapuss?

    • FM505

      Hilarious icon…!

  • marg

    Do these women know what muslims do to little girls???? I bet not.

    • scott beard


    • FM505

      They know…

  • JesseMace

    their president supports muslims who rape and butcher little girls.

  • LAM

    So please explain to me because I don’t watch the news..How can anybody be against Israel and protesting Israel and be on the side of Hamas??

  • David Walker


    • scott beard

      Good one.. I wish I’d have thought of that.. hahaha

      • David Walker


  • Jerry Colon

    awesome sign

  • Kirill Clark

    Haha do muslim women still sit in the back of the bus in Israel?

  • LapdogMedia

    Nice photobomb!

  • grammarpolice

    Anyways is incorrect and not a word – the correct word is ANYWAY – yes bad grammar drives me crazy.

  • mj

    is she giving that mike some lovin’?

  • dalosiman

    Best photobomb ever!!!

  • blue_persuasion

    Liberal feminists are sooooo stupid.

  • Delphi Programmer

    Let these women live under Islamic law and see how “empowered” and “equal” they are treated! The irony is almost too funny to be real.

  • JulieU

    Send them over there so they can show Hamas how much they love them.

  • buck205

    Code Pink has never been about women, only how they as women are superior to men, demonstrated by their anti war stand.

    They are unclear about the difference between Peace and Freedom.

  • Jami

    I think these SICK NUTJOB women need to seriously think about how HAMAS treats women and the HORRIBLE CRIMES against women HAMAS commits before they jump on ISRAEL!!! WTF??? How sick and twisted are these women?? They want to fight for the people who think WOMEN ARE 2ND CLASS CITIZENS!!!!! KIND OF A STEP BACKWARDS LADIES!!! CAN HAMAS WOMEN HAVE FREE ABORTIONS? CAN THEY VOTE? HOLD A JOB? DIVORCE THEIR HUSBANDS? HOLD A VOTE IN THE HOUSE HOLD? WALK IN PUBLIC IN FRONT OF MEN? YOU GUYS ARE SICK AND TWISTED!!!!