The Way West Point Cadets React to Obama vs. Bush Tells You Everything You Need To Know

Here is Obama’s greeting at West Point.  Even CNN called it “icy”.

Now look at Bush’s:

Obama promised “change”. That is the only promise he has kept.

One of these presidents loved the troops with all his heart, the other one is more interested in golfing and being a celebrity.  These graduates know which one is which.

(h/t IJ Review)

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  • Herman Vogel

    Bush, we know, was born in THIS country….so………

    • opticalgod .

      Oh man, I hate having to argue with people that say Obama was born American. Even when you prove he was born in Kenya, people just get butt hurt and argue. Sad.
      Bush may have not been the best President we ever had but he was a damn good man and seriously under rated for his terms.

      • monkus

        You guys are the reason people say conservatives are crazy.Obama was born in Kenya, the holocaust never happened, the US never landed on the moon. am i missing anything? I’ll take the bait, what’s your proof? The Kenyan birth certificate? The one that is widely known as being fake?

        When comparing Obama to Bush I would not bring up Obama’s vacations when Bush spent nearly a third of his time as president on vacation.

        • Jester

          Obama is on permanent vacation, or hadn’t you noticed? He sets aside 15 minutes a day for official business to read the paper in order to find out what he will need to lie about at his next press conference.

          When your brain gets back from its vacation, let us know.

        • user z

          Bush spent his vacations working on his ranch. Obama, and Michelle went different places separately and all over, Hawaii etc…

          • Steve Orpin

            Yeah, I’m surprised 0barry does’t want to vacation with his beard… I mean his wife… Oh heck, I can’t even call her his “wife” without cracking up.

            “That marriage couldn’t be any more about convenience if there was a Slurpee machine and a Slim Jim rack at the foot of their twin beds.” ~ Dennis Miller

        • Jeremy Bostock

          I’d like to remind you that if and when Bush took vacation, he went to his home in Crawford, Texas; he didn’t run off to China or England, or wherever. His family took the same plane…..and he didn’t waste the tax-payers $$$ on running here and there. If Obama spent his vacations in Hawaii, then he spends it in Hawaii where some of his family is from….(or Chicago for that matter, though who want’s to vacation in Chicago…..who wants to vacation in Crawford, Texas?). Being President is Obama’s job, not spending my $$$ on green fees as a wanta-be golfer.

        • mac12sam12

          His ranch and Camp David, not $5,000 dollar a night suites. Dignitaries would do their business there to escape the stuffiness go the Whitehouse. History will be kind to Bush, Obama? Not so much.

          • whyamievenonthiswebsitelol

            History is not kind to any US President, the purpose of history is not to judge or argue but to interpret and record.

        • Penny Mulligan

          Bush used to stay in Washington during the holidays so his Secret Service could be close to their families. I can not even imagine Obama doing anything that selfless.

          • ann_h

            I never knew that! So cool.

          • Steffy93

            I’d never heard that.
            Thank you, it made me smile.

        • JB

          Bush Had a ranch in the Lower 48 from which he conducted much of his official business from. Obama would have done the same had his vacation home not been in Hawaii. You guys love to talk about bush being on vacation at his ranch but usually he was actually working from there.

        • Richard Blue

          Thank God, someone with sense. Thank you.

          • Pierre

            I thought liberals don’t believe in God?? ;)

          • Kenny P

            No…they just boo Him.

          • Julie J

            And what planet did you come from???

          • Captain Obvious


        • bob

          doesn’t matter where he was born. At the time of his birth, his father’s citizenship was his too. British subject of (later Kenya). We don’t usurp a father’s citizenship rights.

        • Stephen Hague

          Strawman Monkus….your insinuation’s that conservatives do not believe in the Holocaust and Moon Landings appears to be coming from far left field. Would like to see your sources for those claims.

          You mention the fake Kenyan Birth Certificate, still haven’t seen his real American Birth Certificate have we?

          You want to play a numbers game with vacation comparisons, let’s use the number of dollars spent, Do Golf outtings qualify as vacation?

          ”Crazy Conservatives”…see if you can spot the conservative in this picture?

          • Stephen Hague

            Was Obama on a mini vacation the night of September 11, 2012?
   Was he a Leader on that night, or did he cut and run? Bit of a mystery isn’t it that no one seems to know?

          • monkus

            The whole Obama was not born in the US thing is a conspiracy theory at least as crazy as those about the Holocaust and the moon landings.

            So which president’s birth certificates have you seen? The only reason the racist subdivision of crazy conservatives are clamoring for Obama’s birth certificate is because his skin is darker than yours which must mean he’s an African, of course!

            I found him!

          • monkus
          • Steve Orpin

            Which presidents DON’T you know everything about? Only one that I can think of. Here’s a hint: The ONLY one whose records were sealed.

          • Julie J

            And we don’t need to. Congress has. No other american president has had to “show” every single citizen his birth certificate. He was born in Hawaii. That is a state. Its Kindergarten stuff people. Bush was an idiot who couldn’t talk his way out of a wet paper bag.

          • Stephen Hague

            And Obama is a Genius,,,,,,OK Kid…..

          • Steve Orpin

            We would just be satisfied if 0bama had been vetted AT ALL, rather than sealing his records. No other president has come out of completely nowhere, with no trace of him until he was in his late thirties.

            It isn’t something as silly as a birth certificate (which by the way, you CAN see the birth certificates of EVERY president since we have had birth certificates, at that president’s library.) It is the complete lack of ANY records that makes us very suspicious.

            Now, if Soetoro had turned out to be an exemplary (or even a mediocre or barely adequate) president, then we’d shrug and say, “well I guess it wasn’t too important after all.” He has been terrible for this country and his decisions and actions are patently destructive to this country. THAT’s what keeps all of this suspicion alive.

            I’ll be the first one to admit that Romney blew it at two debates. The first was when he should have held up an envelope, certified by an accounting firm, with all of his tax records, and said to 0barry, “I will release these records as soon as you release all of your records that have been sealed! Otherwise, go to h e l l about my taxes.”

            The second was when Romney refused to demand answers about Benghazi at the debate held a WEEK after it happened. He should have jumped on that like a pit bull on a toddler eating a Twinkie.

            Soetoro would have melted under that kind of pressure because he is not used to being challenged.

          • LibsRHaters

            You never saw the second video did you? You are just gonna be a hater and bigot, huh? You hate white people, even if you are one. You are a maroon, low-info bigot. You make claims that have no basis but what some idiot talking-head says on your “news” show.

            Congress don’t know sh** and didn’t vet sh**. The political party from which each candidate is a member is supposed to do the vetting. But, Liberals are about evil, power, control, and money, not vetting…

            The request for his birth certificate is because he doesn’t seem to have any allegiances to the US or capitalism based on his actions as a Senator and being mentored by communists.

            The real issue is whether he is a natural born citizen, his parents both being citizens, which they would have to be in order for Barry Sotoreo to eligible to be POTUS. We know that his father was not a US citizen, so Barry is ineligible, and he knows it. He is ineligible also based on his inability to enforce all laws that are on the books and based on his repeated acts of treason.

            Mr. O, without his permitted speech printed out in front of him, cannot even speak. “Uhh… Uhh.. Duh..” Check this video out:

            ,and this one:

            But, I support your freedom to post how stupid you are anytime.

        • Steve Orpin

          You are suffering from Liberal Tourette’s!


          Do you people ever get tired of spitting the same nonsense again and again?

          You are missing EVERYTHING. Thanks for asking. No one believes the Kenyan birth certificate just as no one should believe the Hawaiian one. Both have been proven fakes. WE DON’T KNOW WHERE HE WAS BORN. That’s the point. The character of B. Hussein Soetoro 0bama does not exist on record before he became a State Senator. If that does not bother you then you really do live with your narcissistic head up your rear end.

          Oh yeah – about denying the Holocaust: Let’s see who is supporting Israel (Conservatives) and who wants to leave them to die alone AGAIN (care to venture a guess?)

          • LibsRHaters

            “WE DON’T KNOW WHERE HE WAS BORN. That’s the point.”
            No, it really isn’t the point… Don’t get so excited yet, cuz I agree with your sentiment. The point is that by US Constitution the POTUS candidates must be natural born citizens. Natural born definition is defined by case law and originally the US courts used England’s case law to define how the English term is defined. It is wise to make this law, because it disallows those that may be beholden to another country besides the US or just another country. Those that really don’t know which country they should be beholden to will call themselves “World Citizens”. They have no allegiance to anything or anyone in the US, so they should be banned from ever holding the most powerful office in the country. Following that logic, the term natural born citizen arises. It is defined as both parents must be citizens of the US. If they are both citizens, then neither parent would mentor into their child a differing form of government or an allegiance to another country. Mr. O is not a natural born citizen, thus he is a Usurper and illegitimate.
            The NWO wizards behind the curtain know this and are going to make Mr. O the fall-guy. Typical of them to pick the “colored” guy.

        • opticalgod .

          Had to give it some time so that you had a chance. So… how bout them 16 likes? Don’t hate, better luck next time.

  • Doug

    Trump offered the fraud $50 million to prove his citizenship. I guess the money in exchange for jail time is not worth it for the Kenyan. He is not my president and I will not abide or adhere to his anti constitutional presidency.

    • Julie J

      Then you sir, are a traitor to the country.

      • LibsRHaters

        Definition of treason (act of a traitor):
        Under Article III, Section 3, of the Constitution, any person who levies war against the United States (Well, Doug hasn’t done this, so this one doesn’t fit) or adheres to its enemies by giving them Aid and Comfort has committed treason within the meaning of the Constitution (Hmm, Doug didn’t do this either, but Mr. O has!). The term aid and comfort refers to any act that manifests a betrayal of allegiance to the United States, such as furnishing enemies with arms, troops, transportation, shelter, or classified information. If a subversive act has any tendency to weaken the power of the United States to attack or resist its enemies, aid and comfort has been given.

        Mr. O is giving money by the billions, US tanks, and our F-16s to the Muslim Brotherhood when they were in power, of which he and his half-brother are members. Actually, Mr. O’s half-brother Malik Obama, has been supporting the terrorist organization Hamas as a fundraiser for the Muslim Brotherhood, according to bank-account information.

        Malik’s work with the Sudan-based Islamic Dawa Organization has prompted criminal charges in Egypt of aiding and abetting terrorism.The Muslim Brotherhood, formed in 1920, is the central organization of Hamas, Al-Nusra, and 65+ more terrorist organizations, including associations with Al Queda. TREASON! Defending his actions makes you guilty, too.

        At Bengazi, the sequestered (silenced) witnesses (not just the dead ones) that were there know that the whole reason that they were there was to buy back anti-aircraft missiles given to those Jihadis in Libya to route out Khadafi. They were buying them back and then transporting them by ship to Turkey, and then trucked into Syria to assist Hamas and Al Queda groups in ousting Assad. That is another war that Mr. O is running behind the scenes, using NASA, NSA, CIA, and Saudi resources to help the Jihadists establish the Islamic caliphate.

        Support of these actions makes YOU a TRAITOR, Julie J!

    • Sol Invictus

      “He is not my president and I will not abide or adhere to his anti constitutional presidency”

      Nobody cares what you have to say, shitstain.

      • Steve Orpin

        I care. You cannot be a traitor to a traitor. The two cancel one another out.

  • capmike1

    To be fair, as an alumni, these two venues are completely different. I agree they show a difference in the popularity of the President, but not to this degree. Graduating cadets in this context are not to show favoritism, stand up, clap, etc. When I graduated with Vice President Biden speaking, we were even warned about nodding in agreement or shaking our heads in disapproval during the political aspects of his speech. There are no such constraints when a political figure visits during the school year for a speech.

  • NotfooledbyRhetoric

    Just listening to the two different tones. Obama came across as defensive and Bush was more encouraging and thanking the cadets.

  • Carissa Siordia Vasile

    Sure do miss this President.

    • Frank Kohn

      Big government your thing?

      • xl500james

        Id say not good but Better than ENORMOUS

  • CYCO1631

    One sends chills, and invokes smiles. The other invokes yawns and the prayer that it will soon be over. One is encouraging and confident. The other is pretending poorly to be interested. One was a leader, who brought those who took down the world trade center to their knees. The other gave those same terrorists the new legs they would need to stand on. One was a God fearing, inspiring president. The other’s an inept community organizer without the capacity to lead. One was threatened with impeachment for standing up for using his resources to protect citizens. The other get’s a pass for not protecting them at all. One went into presidential retirement with his head held high… the other, it is hoped, will go into presidential retirement, and never be heard from again.

    • sam

      Yes, It brought chills to my spine how Bush brought those who took down the WTC to their knees.
      Never catching OBL yet declaring mission accomplished, what a great leader…

      • Timmy Wilburn

        Obama didn’t bring down the terrorust or obl. The american military did and bush was the president that ordered the war on muslim terrorist. Obama has helped muslim terrorist in Libya and Obama’s brothers in faith murdered 4 Americans. Obama is a traitor and if you back him, then you are a traitor also.

        • Mr.x

          You just might be the biggest idiot to ever breath air.

          • Julie J

            I believe he is the biggest idiot. Last I checked, presidents were limited to two terms….

          • Steve Orpin

            You rally think that Soetoro is going to leave office willingly and peacefully? We’ll see who the idiots are on January 20th, 2017.

          • LibsRHaters

            Unless someone foments enough unrest to declare martial law… Requiring other nations to pay taxes to the US for using the US dollar is a good way to ensure economic destruction of the US economy and unrest. That begins on July 1, 2014.
            BTW, who in this thread mentioned anything about more than 2 terms?

      • Pat Floyd

        Have another glass of Kool-Aid.

      • Steve Orpin

        “Mission Accomplished” was put up by the Carrier Task Force, whose mission was, indeed accomplished. They do it after every combat cruise, which is that mission. If you’d served even a minute in uniform you would know that.

        The “mission accomplished” Tourette’s outburst by liberals is much more ridiculous than conservatives simply asking to see a birth certificate.

        By the way – how do you know that 0barry caught Bin Laden. Just curious. I never saw a body. Burial at sea? We can take our paranoia in any direction you want.

        The truth is, either you follow Soetoro or you respect President Bush. There is no common ground there. We need a Constitutional Convention so that you can live in your Blue Nanny States with Uncle Sugar hand-feeding you, and we can live in our Constitutional Republic Red States with neither interference nor taxation by the federal government, self-reliant, energy independent, and prosperous by our own efforts and work.

        In ten years, we’ll see who is doing better. Sound like a deal?

        • LibsRHaters

          Sam couldn’t possibly accept your bonifide request. Socialism elevates those that are worthless to society like Sam to an equal by taxing the productive, ethical people into oblivion so as to provide the elevating sugar for the incompetent, morally bankrupt slugs like Sam.

  • Renzer

    Clearly the difference is simple, The West Point Cadets are all Racist. It has nothing to do with the fact they are looking at the guy who gives 00 F#cks about them or any other Vets. It has nothing to with the fact that he has hallowed out and completely demoralized the Military. Nope!! It’s cause they are all Racists.

    • Brien

      racist? there are blacks, hispanics, asians, and whites. you’re just ignorant.

      • JB

        Brien clearly missed the point.

      • armywidow

        Lol. I guess you can’t read sarcasm, Brein!

      • Pierre

        Another butt hurt liberal??? Tell me something interesting and new?!

      • Cheri

        Brien… did you miss the sarcasm in Renzer’s post? Start with “It has nothing to do with…” . Clearly you didn’t get it. Great comment Renzer!

  • Bubba Gump

    I hate Obama, and miss George, but more and more conservative pages I follow are resorting to tactics that dishonor the true right wing of America. Let’s compare apples to apples and be proud. I think the merits (or lack of) will be enough evidence and history will judge accordingly. I despise when facts are twisted to infuriate those who follow with a trusting heart. I have already un-followed TTPN. I am about to do the same with YC.

    • Gladys Schiellack Yarbrough

      Bubba Gump I couldn’t agree more. We don’t have to stretch the truth or embellish any points. History will judge both these men and it will ultimately be kinder to GW than BO.

  • twitch559

    notice how when Obama made his speech everyone was like “okay shut up so we can get on with this” but with Bush they cared about what he said

  • Mike Mo

    Bush is on record for golfing WAY more than Obama. Methinks someone should look at the facts before posting.

    • Bubba Gump

      Go spread your lies somewhere else troll…

    • ChrisGadsden

      Bush also quit playing because he felt bad about playing golf while men were dying. Obama doesn’t seem to care about anyone but himself…

    • Mike Mo

      My apologies, gentlemen. Bush also had a bum knee. I’m sure that had nothing to do with it. I respect that Bush was a runner, too. Why so mad? Being a veteran myself, I respect the office and job, no matter who is in it.

      • Steve Orpin

        And 0bama has a bum brain. What’s your point?

    • FM505

      Must be only on your record… obviously, it skips a lot.

    • Steffy93

      You are quite wrong there. Pres Bush quit golfing about two years after taking office.

    • Steve Orpin

      More Liberal Tourette’s…. “BUSH! RACISTS! WE’RE SO MUCH SMARTER THAN YOU!”

  • Frank

    Both have made us the armpit and joke of the world.

  • CheXix

    Obama is an insolent, militant, incompetent, narcissistic, execrable, America-hating slug. He is a union slave who has never worked a day in his life; yet he blames the failures of those who chose their own path on the successes of those who earned their way through hard work and commitment to family, community, and country.

    He is an opportunistic community agitator and a dishonest predator, constantly on the prowl for a situation or occurrence that he can exploit to benefit his agenda, no matter how it affects the future of the nation. He hates American culture, American values, and American people. He hates the Constitution of the United States, and he abhors the Declaration of Independence.

    He is a proponent of separatist multiculturalism and its inherent disruption of progress toward a unified America and the common good of all citizens. He is for open borders and closed minds. He has no regard for the rule of law or for the fair and impartial, yet critical judgment of criminals and terrorists.

    He is for INSTANT EQUALITY, and he is against EQUAL OPPORTUNITY.

    He is a Godless worm who is in favor of continual government intervention so as to alter the courses and lives of those who are the least fit to survive and prosper.

    He is for Affirmative Action, political correctness, welfare, never-ending unemployment benefits, unbridled labor union power, globalism, wealth redistribution, restriction of free speech and movement, energy-based strangulation of business and prosperity, punishment through taxation, and the ridiculous notion that human beings can affect the climate.

    He has a progressive, leftist, talking-point excuse for each and every one of his patriotic, social, intellectual, and contributory shortcomings, of which there are many.

    He is pathetic.

    He is Liberal.

    He is Marxist.

    He is a Democrat.

    He is Barack Obama.

    • pajarrett

      Gee CheXix, don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel.

    • TravisJSays

      “Obama is an insolent, militant, incompetent, narcissistic, execrable, America-hating slug. … He hates American culture, American values, and American people. He
      hates the Constitution of the United States, and he abhors the
      Declaration of Independence.”

      Obama should give his speeches at Oberlin, he’d fit right in.

    • Julie J

      Sounds more like Rush Limbaugh..

      • Steve Orpin

        Limbaugh did not steal the presidency. You can turn off the radio when Rush is on.

        But, we are forced to live with the tyrant in the White House. There’s a big difference.

  • Candy Ohara

    Had Bush used several teleprompters like Obama…he could have gotten the same level of non-applause Obama did.

  • winterband

    I would say that they liked Bush way better than the muslim clown guy.

  • Richard Blue

    SO WHAT!! The military is ALWAYS going to be for a Republican. They go to war at the drop of a hat, even when there is no reason, or reasons based on lies and deception.

    • aep4157

      So your assumption is that every soldier not only LIKES going to war, but is, in fact, chomping at the bit to get there?

    • T ruff

      you are an idiot

  • Garrett

    Regardless of the views everyone has, i think we can all agree that whatever happens, We the People are responsible for the outcome. We decided who to be the main man in our country and mistakes do happen. But if we can’t understand each others views on what NEEDS to be changed, then were no better than a bunch of chicken in a coop waiting for our turn. Time is not something we have much left of and if the majority of you are going to argue over how money should be spent instead of trying to solve the issue altogether then i dont want to live on this planet anymore, dont get me wrong i understand its a big deal but there are bigger things to worry about.. we have an incompetant leader who cannot keep his word, im not bashing Obama to support either side of this argument, i just know the way i was raised and what my mother taught me. If you promise your gonna do something, no matter what it is, do it. I dont care what you say you can do, Obama was elected to do the things he promised us. and time and time again he has let us down. He didnt even meet the requirements to become president… But we stood by and allowed it to happen. All im saying is that if a man cant play by the rules and keep his promise, there is no way he can lead a nation. I will not fight for the nation we live in, but i will fight for the land i live on.

    • Steve Orpin

      All 0barry promised was to “fundamentally transform America,” which he has done. All the rest were just tactics and red herrings.

  • Don S

    I love our military and I love George Bush!

  • Lashawn Smith

    My monitor has icicles hanging from it after watching the cadets response to Obama approaching the podium.

    I think we may have a solution to global warming. play this video on large screens all over the world.

  • Anon

    The armed forces are all Republican voters so Obama is not going to support them or the VA and is doing his best to see the US military reduced down to the nub so that no future Republican president can ever menace our neighbors again. Furthermore, with a single executive order Obama could order the closure of West Point and all of the other military academies and use the money for health care and to increase our SNAP, HUD and unemployment benefits. It is not the job of the US to lead the world, it can either be leaderless or let China bear the responsibility of leading it. Obama will concentrate on domestic battles like getting everyone free health care instead. Probably the VA was going to get phased out by Obama anyway, like he did with NASA. There is something wrong with a country that puts people on the moon and still has citizens working at minimum wages at McDonalds to feed their families!!!

    • TheRudeTruth

      I see another ID 10 T error there. Anon is a perfct example of what is so wrong with our country. I’m betting he got trophies for showing up to whatever sport he tried to play even though he was the worst player in the game. He has no sense of pride, no sense of loyalty. His parent never told him they loved him. He strangles kittens and swerves to hit dogs.

      • Steve Orpin

        “Threaten our neighbors…” Have we kicked Mexico or Canada’s a$$es recently that I am not aware of? I’m sure it would have been on the news….

        Anon is a troll.

  • AnnaBanana

    Did anyone else notice Obama had the ever-present teleprompter, and Bush did not? Bush used notes … and Bush never sounds like a robot! It’s clear Bush loves the military and has great respect for them … has Obama ever called them the greatest military on earth?

    • leadsoldier

      He referred to them, did he not, as “the biggest hammer”?

    • Julie J

      Bush never sounded like a robot because he couldn’t speak worth a darn!! Everything went round and round until your head spun and you had no idea what he said!!

  • Misanthrope

    Not a single cadet stood. Some of them have learned things their ignorant relatives in the audience haven’t.

  • Sir_Ronald

    Obama is such a fraud…

  • BobSmith77

    Good to see the warmongering element of the GOP is out in force. GW Bush loved the military so much that he sent 4,000+ US serviceman to their graves in Iraq and another 15,000+ seriously wounded/permanently disabled all on the neocons gambit to remake the Middle East and control Iraqi oil supplies.

    My good friend from high school who is now a US captain after ROTC at Pitt has a Captain rank in US Army and little else to show for the 4 tours he has done since then. His wife divorced him when he wouldn’t leave the service after this 2nd tour & he barely knows his 2 kids. Been state side and saw his family less than he has been abroad fighting in Iraq/Afghanistan or preparing for deployment.

  • marc

    Doesnt matter what people say or how they react, he is the commander in chief and they will follow him. You can complain all you want on the internet but you arent really doing anything.

    • Steve Orpin

      Then, what are you doing here?

  • Jason

    Graduates? There were only graduates for one of those. President Obama was speaking at a formal military graduation, President Bush was the invited speaker of the day and his speech WAS the occasion. Totally different scenarios. To mislead people into thinking that both speeches were graduations is a bold face LIE, but I’m sure the average reader of this will disagree. Dont even know why I wasted my time.

  • Sam2001

    President Bush, I did not always agree with you, but I do so miss you as President of these United States. The video chips demonstrated only a few of the reasons.

  • Craig Clark

    Wow not the same people.Before we knew what a lying sack he is and will always be. Most of us were fooled by this piece of GOP. YES I bet the troops are real upset Obama has kept them out of new wars. This is such a disgrace to intelligence people. LOL!