This 4th of July sign just made the Founding Fathers turn over in their graves…

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Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 8.16.20 PM
  • Gene Smith

    Or, put another way, “Go to another Park, you won’t like this one”.

  • Guest

    Looks like a pretty cheap sign, judging from the sign’s supports. Is the city, wherever it may be, poor? Or are we looking at something else?

  • opticalgod .

    No fun at any time or police will beat you to death, shoot your dog, and blame Bush for it.

    • jimmyjam

      that about sums it up.

    • Mike Tucker

      you mean blame obama

      • Kimberly Rock

        Lol.. You’re pretty ignorant..
        That’s sugar coated for stupid…

        • Rachel Irene Renee Wright

          Lol, you’re pretty ugly. That’s sugar coated for F’ugly. Get a clue Obama zombie.

        • Lynnz

          Rock on Kimberly Rock ,,, I agree with you a 100 % ROFLMFAO, Rachel !!! Well what I can I say ! You can’t fix stupid.

    • Kimberly Rock


    • lamearticle

      Bush is not blameable.. He spent nearly a 1/3 of his presidency on vacation, he was never there to be able to generate the kind of blame he gets on a regular basis. So please stop blaming him!

      • Paul Smathers

        You are not a kool-aid drinker. Cann’t be and still be so full of scat

      • lraivala

        Well, This POS has been on vacation 2/3 of the time and he sure seems to be able to do enough destruction in a lot less time at the wheel.

        • lamearticle

          Really? Google “President who has taken the most vacation” and get back to me on that… that is, if you have a pair….

      • Michael Peeler

        Yeah, and oboma spends 1/3 of his presidency playing golf… your move

        • Moosetracks48

          And the other 2/3 campaigning‼️

      • baldee

        Oh, come on, is this your way of sticking up for this criminal occupying OUR white house? Are you oblivious to what he is doing to you or are you just plain stupid?

  • Meridie S

    The sign would be smaller if it listed the things that ARE allowed. I agree with Gene; Find another park!

  • Richard Allen

    At least you can still bring firearms!

    • jdaily

      depends on the park.

    • Dennis Kooch Kuczynski

      Not in Illinois!

      • lraivala

        concealed, Like all of the thugs go.

        • Randy Rasmussen

          You’re a moron. You Do kow that, right ?

  • Jman777

    They might as well just add, ‘No People Allowed’.

    • jplaist002

      And don’t walk on the grass

  • Guest

    How ’bout nudists?

  • Ken Foye

    Maybe I’m overly skeptical of things on the Internet because of all the things online that have been exposed as fakes … but I’m wondering if this is a Photoshop job. I really can’t imagine that bag & cooler searches would be even close to constitutional in a public park.

    • jtak101

      It’s allowed, in fact mandatory at the airport…why wouldn’t they search your bags at a park??. I think I’ll stay home and dream of the great nation I used to live in.

    • matador527

      Under the Obamunist regime, what is or is not constitutional doesn’t matter one butterfly fart…WAKE UP, AMERICA! YOU HAVE ELECTED THE ENEMY!

    • Dean Ace Thomas

      It’s most likely a municipal park, and yes the searches would go off without a hitch. Do you still think the government cares about the Constitution?

      • action

        In Vermont you can drink in parks, carry a concealed weapon, grill, cops will leave you alone, have no curfew, have no video surveillance all while being naked if you so choose. =)

    • Marc Solomon

      This is a real sign, but its a story thats a year old. Heres a link to a news website along with video

    • lraivala

      Seriously. How about DUI check points. And the fact that they can now forcibly draw blood if they choose. Wow, you better start to wake up before one day you do and than it will be to late.

    • baldee

      What does constitutional have to do with anything at all? This criminal in the white house is committing open treason and sedition right this minute and no one is stopping him. I don’t believe 10 percent of this present population has any idea what the constitution says or why it was written. We are in a lost nation of fools without the intestinal fortitude to stop this freak.

  • ace65

    They don’t have that many rules in a prison.

  • nmason

    I’ll bet this place will be totally deserted!!!! Why didn’t they just put up a sign that said ” No Fun No Celebrating Our Country No Good Times” we’re watching your every move!!!!! Screw this!!!!

  • motherall

    Gestapo Park?

  • hagar2935


  • Immeandyouare

    Even though it is possible that city could have these rules for a park. But this picture doesn’t look real.

  • user z

    I take it those rules don’t apply on July 3rd and 5th?

  • Tim

    HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rick

    Who would go?

  • William

    Liberals built that.

  • Robert Messier

    Away the morale suppression team! Lay from Despair two!

    • Bongo Bob

      The beatings will continue until morale improves!

  • oooSUPRNOVAooo

    At least they didn’t say no open carry.

  • Kendall Bassett

    This is an obvious and bad photoshop job, I could whip this up in 10 minutes and have it look more realistic.

    • Tanker74

      Like that Photoshopped profile photo you use?

      • Kendall Bassett


  • Wanda Taft

    a typical Canadian sign

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    Ha….no mention of pressure cookers! Allah is in control of the U.S. of A.

  • PJones

    Must not be in California. It didn’t say “No tobacco products.”

  • Ben

    That’s not a park. It’s a FEMA camp.

  • jplaist002

    they forget the # 1 rule – No Fun Allowed.

  • Kashii Alcuin

    Seems like there’s been a lot of problems at this park… but really who cares? Unless their fireworks show is just the best in the US go to another park…

  • Robert Mission

    Except when “Occupy Wall-street” protestors inhabit area for weeks and months than all rules get overlooked.

  • Blessed Mary


  • Bongo Bob

    Ah, yes! The Home of the Free!

    I’m sure somewhere our Founders are saying, “We pledged our Lives, our Fortunes and our Sacred Honor for this?”

  • Tasha9692

    It seems like this is going on everywhere. Madison WI just did this same thing. It used to be sponsored by the City (taxes already paid for it) but a venue came in to sponsor it and said no water too. But you can buy it for 2 bucks along with other junk they want you to buy. No strollers unless a baby is inside, no cooler at all, sparklers, etc. They intended to make over $240,000 for that event. Its paid for by tax dollars. It infuriates me.

  • Joel G Wood

    Why would anyone go there?? Sit on a bench and look at each other???

  • Herman Vogel

    WE brought this on ourselves. People using the above name items to irritate, violate or offend other’s right and enjoyment while ONLY thinking of themselves is what brought this about,,,WE did this this OURSELVES. This is how we lose our rights,,by being irresponsible toward others. Who brings a loud Generator to a picnic, Alcohol pretty much explains itself ( no one likes a DRUNK around their kids or family with vulgarity and offensive gestures. Who brings a tent,,,it is a PUBLIC Park,,,not a camp ground. You do NOT want fireworks around kids and certainly NOT with drunks. No one knows how a dog will act around strangers and SOME people think it’s cool or funny to harm are harass them. The Tennis courts and other play grounds have become a gathering place for Thugs and the Community ALLOWED it to happen. So, like I said WE did this to OURSELVES…growing up many years ago I saw what USED to be a nice place to picnic and allow the kids to play turn into a violent, gang infested, vulgar Crap hole full of idiot drunks and REALLY Disgusting People…It’s OUR fault. The people have allowed this and this is the result. Don’t blame the cops. BTW,,,has anyone researched WHERE this sign is and what kind of neighborhood it is in or research the Crime or problems there BEFORE you condemn this sign???

    • Constitutionalist

      This is how we lose our rights,,by being irresponsible toward others.
      Really? If you understood constitutional rights, you would have argued “law enforcement” agencies would do just that… ENFORCE the laws (anything against anothers’ constitutional right to be free to live as one chooses). You seem to believe the argument “agree to losing your freedom for the “safety””feature. If laws were enforced, you WOULD have freedom no matter where you are. I understand your point of view, but, for the sake of us all, understand mine and vote appropriately.

      • Herman Vogel

        So, you’ve done background in this area where THIS sign appears and found that it was a peaceful, normal place where you can let your kids play, not have to worry about strangers and Gang Members and Know that everyone that enters that place is Safe? WOW, so tell us all, Where is this place,,City and State please. Sad, just another blind person with NO idea of how dangerous this country has become because WE ALLOWED it to be and hind behind the Constitution thinking IT will defend us from all that want to do harm,,,and Blame the cops when it doesn’t,,,Remember, The community gets the Police Dept it Deserves. Words to LIVE by.

  • Kevin Lauder

    To be fair, the ones about the searches for one’s own safety, and video surveillance sound more like conservative measures. The rest sound liberal, except for #7, which seems like it could have come from either side.

  • Alex

    They forgot the, “Oh, and have a good time!” part!

  • Shannon M Carithers

    How can the bags and coolers be searched if this is a public park? This seems like a direct violation of 4th Amendment rights. The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

    • chris

      if the park is privately funded, the security guards may ask, and if you say no, you can be made to stay there under citizens arrest until a police officer shows up, unless of course they have peace officers which have similar rights to police but are mostly private sector, i got my security cert a few months ago and we learned all of this

      • Shannon M Carithers

        Thank you for the reply, I just don’t really agree with it or think that it should be legal. Even LEOs cannot legally detain you or search you unless there is reasonable suspicion that you have committed a crime. That has actually been decided by the Supreme Court. LEOs can perform what are known as “Terry Stops.” and ask basic questions (varies from state to state as for identification) but still can’t detain or search without reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed. As for a citizens arrest, civilians are empowered to stop perpetrators in the act of a serious crime and use reasonable force to hold them until an officer of the law arrives on the scene, but again, it should only be due to the commission of a crime. I am sure this varies from state to state like many other things. If this is indeed a privately funded park, how can they post something with no weight of the law behind it and then legally enforce it. I am just curious because this seems like a violation of rights. I would simply just not bring a bag to avoid any issues, or just not go to that park because of this.

  • Mggie

    Could these rules be in place because there will be fire works held there?

  • Delphi Programmer

    Can you smoke your bong?

  • Delphi Programmer

    But…. all manifestations of homosexual (er, same-sex) affection are permitted and protected and anyone who says offensive about it will be expelled from the park. Also, the abortion clinic across the street from the park is protected and all pregnant women are encouraged to seek counseling to determine if killing their baby (er, I mean terminating the pregnancy) is the right option for them. Hey, we have to choose our liberties!

  • David_Francis

    I do hope that’s photoshopped.

  • Jason Roberts

    I think the most AMERICAN thing to do is for NO ONE to show up for these fireworks at this park and instead go out into the county and celebrate!

  • Rachel Irene Renee Wright

    Is this park in Chicago or something. That’s where this kind of procedure might be warranted. Check your personal belongings without a warrant? Uhm, I don’t think so buddy. Children park closing at 7? really? I would never celebrate there.

  • Kristen Waller

    why would ya wanna go there anyway

  • David Perez

    That leaves them all standing around doing nothing but looking dumb to each other…

  • dude

    They forgot to ban the guns.

  • Steven Normand


  • Danny Knox

    Could it be private owned, or are all parks paid by the government?

  • Christopher Milne

    Sounds like Switzerland

  • Common Sense

    Haha haha, cause Obama! Do you idiots think these may be rules that apply to a public fireworks display in which case a lot of these rules make sense???

    Oh hey look at this you f’ing morons…