This actually happened: IRS sent a FIVE YEAR OLD BOY a letter about his taxes, his response is hilarious

I hate the IRS with every bone in my body.

tax letter

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They say taxes are a certainty of life, although that isn’t true for most 5 year-olds. However, there’s one little boy who must file an individual tax return for a variety of reasons. So when he received a letter from the IRS questioning several items on his most recent return, his mother naturally responded for him. She received this in return (regarding her 5 year-old son):

“Dear Mr. Smith: we don’t recognize Susan F. Smith as someone authorized to discuss your tax file. If you want Susan F. Smith to be authorized to discuss your return we suggest you go online and submit form 8892 and form, etc.” Since the government already had the little boy’s Social Security Number and knew he was a minor, his parents were perplexed. So, they naturally decided that he should write the IRS himself. This is his letter.

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  • Cessnaman

    This is what happens when you have a government that is more powerful than intelligent.

    • Cj

      Gotta say – this is probably the most intelligent thing I’ve heard all day.

    • Edward Lewis

      Almost, Cessnaman. It seems to me that this happens when you have a government more stupid than powerful. It’s the reason that we still have Obamacare, Green Energy credits, and a First “lady” (and I use the term “lady” loosely) that wavew communist flags when on vacation at taxpayers expense.

      • Mike

        I laugh at people who use internet comments to boast about their opinions because no one will listen anywhere else. I also dismiss claims that fail to cite proper evidence and I sincerely hope others do the same.

        • Abigail Beecher

          They are, they’re doing it to you Mike.

  • KSDelgado

    You know the government. They want to tax everything till it stops moving.

    • Dave

      Until it stops moving? HELLO ever hear of the DEATH tax??

      • the real f’n deal

        You sound like a man of means. I’m sure you’re dreading the day that you die and the feds come after your multi-billion-dollar estate.

        • Alan

          Death tax hurts everyone. Not just the rich. Even normal folks probably have an estate worth a quarter million dollars (i.e. house, cars, property, bank account etc.)

          • LP

            Which would not be subject to the estate tax AT ALL.

        • Matthew Jones

          The death tax applies to estates over $5 million, not multi-billion.

          • narlyb

            The death tax applies to anything over $250,000 for singles, $500,000 for married couples.

          • TaxmanHog

            I think you need to read the current tax code

          • Varian Wrynn

            My father (single) just died with an estate in excess of $250K – no taxes.

          • Jmo87

            No, it doesn’t. The current exemptions are just north of $5.3M per person as either a lifetime gift exemption (so you can give gifts in excess of the $14K per year exception up to $5.3M during your lifetime with NO gift tax) or as your estate exemption (meaning estates up to that exemption are exempt from taxes). That also means that married couples have an exemption of approximately $10.6M before they incur gift or estate taxes.

          • Abigail Beecher

            Some states with no shame like Pennsylvania, tax every dollar in an estate no matter how piddling.

        • RogerD

          You sound like someone jealous of another’s success.

          • Noah Pruitt

            His username says it all…

      • RJ O’Guillory

        …did you see where the IRS and Treasury have been colluding for several years now to intercept tax returns from people who’s parents were “over paid” decades ago… and they claim that they have the right to go after the oldest child…then the next oldest child… until the “debt” has be repaid….now I understand that they have been sued in Federal Court and that they announced yesterday that eve though the “law” said they could do it…they are going to cease that operation and anyone who thinks they were unfairly charged can look into “options” for getting their money back….? What a group od idiotic, dangerous fascist…? We should be building The National Gallows for American Values…the gallows should be constructed at Ground Zero 911…and be built with thermite tainted steel from the Government induced implosion of the WTC….then we should be arresting, charging and convicting every member of the Bush/ Clinton / Bush / Clinton / Obama War-Crimes Family…for treason…and then we should go after every head of every illegal department in the government for the same charges…treason…after convictions…we should have public hangings of these people where the victims of their criminal behavior get to come up on the Gallows and pour oil-laced gasoline over their bodies and light them on fire…right before we drop the trap door on their treasonous asses…
        RJ O’Guillory
        Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

    • Gale Wilson

      Then they charge you for dying and your children for the bills you left behind !

  • MarcusFenix

    Not really a surprise that the IRS has to get schooled by a 5 year old. :)

    • Gale Wilson

      That proves that the IRS is not smarter then a 6 year old !!

  • ksgchild

    This poor kid’s social security number was probably stolen by an illegal immigrant who opted to not use a regular work visa. Too bad for him.

    • BillsBurg

      Could read the article, it does say for a variety of reason (probably inheritance) he has to pay taxes.

      • LadyImpactOhio

        If so it would have or should have been sent to a trustee or guardian. Not the kid himself.

        • RogerD

          ….and that would be the point of the article. Had the letter gone to his parent/guardian, there would be nothing to write about.

      • Logan

        It seems as if it is easier to be racist instead.

        • Will

          I guess even easier to be ignorant of the meaning of the word racist… .

  • Shan

    I doubt they’ll accept that since it wasn’t submitted on the correct form. *facepalm and eye roll*

    • C

      As a CPA who deals with the stuff on the regular, this is the most accurate comment I’ve read yet.

  • BlackCat

    Just when you think you’ve heard it all! More insanity from the IRS. What asshats! Did I say that out loud? MEOW.

  • Brad

    This is the govt we want to run our healthcare?

    • Steve in Iowa

      Oh, hell no! But on the bright side, this is the agency that’s been put in charge of enforcing that particular law. Good luck.

  • Bluwater

    My kid got his notice that he must register for selective service… at his 9th birthday. Accidents will happen, but it took us 2 years to get it straightened out, during which he was getting threatening letters.

    • Grumpy

      I think I’d have taken him to the draft board and told them to register him and give him a student deferment.. with a video camera.. then published the video on You Tube

      • Monica Lynn Gee Sutton

        Like LOL

  • Cali_ knighthawk

    Did someone use the kids info for their own doing, like security breech? That’s the first thought to come to my mind. What if the irs didn’t mess up & someone actually used the kids identity? I liked his letter tho. I wonder if they will investigate this more, maybe someone took the kid’s info?

  • Some Rabbit

    Did he have a lemonade stand and did he donate that money to the GOP?

  • Fritz Kohlhaas


  • Logan

    Wow, I see a lot of racist and/or ignorant comments. Did none of you read that the 5 year-old is required to file a tax return “for a variety of reasons”?

    /Tax Accountant

    • RogerD

      Welcome to the internet.

    • Nick Cook

      I see nothing that alludes to the child’s or parents race. Where did you find the alleged racism?

    • felicityva

      I hope you read tax forms better than you read comment sections.

  • oooSUPRNOVAooo

    that’s as good as my dog getting credit card offers

  • Katielee4211

    So his parents go onlne fill out and submit form 8892.. Is that going to be considered fraudulent by the tax man knowing he’s only 6 & probably didn’t do it himself? **eye roll**

  • Dave M

    Shut the doors on the IRS permanently. Most useless and destructive government department there is.

    • Raejean

      Gotta be some way to enact a modest, straightforward federal tax on every income transaction. Eliminate half of the government and 98% of its paperwork and regulations.

    • Darkitec

      IRS, One of the first and most dangerous terrorist organizations in the world. Guilty until proven innocent.

    • bgregg

      They are not a part of the gevernment, only a collection agency for them

  • Dianne Degen Joyce

    Obviously someone is using his social security number. And since the President has been “shrinking” the government, you’ll get things like this happening. Funny, but not a definitive picture of the IRS. And nothing to do with the current administration since you can find stories like these in any given tax season (use google).

    Someone asked “is this the government we want in charge of healthcare?” Interesting question– how about asking yourself–” is this the government I want in charge of my faith and God?”

    • bingham

      Princess, how did you make that transition to “faith and God”? Has the government forced you to go to church lately? Has the government caused you to be a good person? Pretty loose association.

      • John Galt

        No but they damn sure try to interfere when we do.

  • Tony Baker

    And just think these same idiots are now going to manage your health care//God help us all

  • Cardguy63

    His parents probably ended up on the IRS (White House) hit list for donations to a 501c not to their liking.

  • Timothy Wenners

    No one who voted for Romney or Obama should be complaining about the iRS when Ron Paul was the only one running who called for it to be abolished.

    • audrey

      i never heard that!!! wow… fml

    • Adanvdo Ditlihi

      Even Ron Paul knows that will never happen; he only said it to get votes, not to actually see it accomplished. Just like Obama promised to create new jobs at his June 2008 campaign speech at Kettering University, then to say it wasn’t government’s part to create new jobs. They ALL lie you know, especially when campaigning.

      • Stop Bush and Obama

        It’s true that he knows it would never happen – but I think he said it not only to get votes, but to make a point.

        He’d obviously have to find some compromise with an overwhelming majority in both houses opposed to the idea, but he would probably have found some IRS powers to restrict.

        It’s fine (and not a lie) to state his opinion even if he knows he can’t pull it off (he never promised to do it, just called for it).

  • Mister E

    Hey gubmint, it ain’t easy being stupid and ingorant, is it?

    • John Galt

      It’s not that they’re ignorant, it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.

    • Adanvdo Ditlihi

      Mister E – What’s “ingorant” mean?

  • Edward Kimble

    That’s OK, last year they sent our stuff back to confirm details that haven’t changed for 50 years. So you wonder what sort of competence seethes beneath the seat of bureaucracy.

  • Salvatore J Bianchi

    And now mom and dad get a letter stating that despite there not being a smidgen of corruption in the IRS, they are being audited.

  • MikesLocatorService

    Stupid government employees.

  • Rick Reggio

    Some of you peeps are actually very funny.

  • Brianne Toma

    Sorry, kid. Government only allows black or blue pen. Resubmit response or face audit. XD

    • Adanvdo Ditlihi

      Plus he didn’t use the prescribed government form 8892, filled out and filed in triplicate (two for the government to lose, and one for them to try to file in a place where it MIGHT actually be found again in the future).

  • O’Malley is a Idiot

    Why did the little boy write to the IRS ? Everyone knows they CAN’T READ.

  • felicityva

    He’s already smarter than the current whiny brat in the WH.

    • Adanvdo Ditlihi

      Ohhh, good point.

  • Todd Jensen

    His parents probably put things in his name to avoid taxes.

    • prolife87659877

      it’s most likely a bank account for his future college education, we have to do the same thing with our 8 year old. he owes no tax and gets no refund but thanks to our government you have to report interest earnings.

    • Adanvdo Ditlihi

      Doesn’t matter if they did!
      At 5-6 years of age, he owes them nothing unless the IRS can prove the parents did that as an actual plan to evade taxes and not to provide for his future.

  • Travis

    Eh, the kid already owes $50k + to cover our nation’s debts, so why not squeeze him now? (sarcasm)

  • Mark Furgal

    wonder if some illegal was using his SS#, that was a big issue around here a few years ago.. a nurse was selling baby’s SS#

    • Adanvdo Ditlihi

      Probably not!
      This is probably the result of a government mistake – the same government we must now trust with our medical records and care. sigh

  • Adanvdo Ditlihi



    as if another reason was needed to get rid of the IRS

  • lainer51


  • Lokis

    if you want something like full employment the government simply has to hire people of this ilk – it is a form of welfare – problem is this remains the only growth segment of the economy in Amerika – and more so and sadly in Kanada as well. And once people obtain sinecure like this they have no or negative value if prosperity is a goal for society. Should have got Ron Paul to lead.

  • Abigail Beecher

    Next year I’m filling out my tax returns with crayons.

  • Stop Bush and Obama

    Dear Mr. Smith,
    since you’re not yet 18 years of age, we cannot accept a form signed by you, including the authorization letter you tried to send.
    Please note as well that, as stated in our letter, we do not recognize your mother as authorized to handle the matter for you — so getting her to sign the letter for you will not help.

    The IRS