This leaked video of Obama lifting weights in his private gym is cracking me up

Bro, do you even lift?  In the weight room yawning and and then jumping on the elliptical? Nice 5 lb. dumbbells.

Obama is finally taking Arnold’s advice:

Unfortunately, there is still no meat on his ideas.

Side note: Obama should try Crossfit.

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  • Andrew Jones

    *sigh* It’s the little things that keep you going. :-)

  • Phil Smith

    Looks like the Secret Service is working out too

    • ChrisGadsden

      Gotta look good for their Columbian “girlfriends”

      • helyanwe

        Boyfriends too…

  • Jeffrey Lamela

    He is king of the “pajama boys”.

  • cameron

    This is just embarrassing to our country. I mean does he need Hillary to show him how its done?

    • Skydog1

      Probably, I’ll bet her balls are much bigger than his!

  • Venus

    LMAO…girly man.

  • Justin B

    I dislike the president as much as the next guy, but do we really have to make fun of him for the way he works out? If I was leader of the free world, I’d probably have more important things on my mind than, “Do I look girly working out in a *private* gym?”

    • Robert Parkhurst

      I think it’s more of the fact that my wife lifts more weight than that and she’s 5’3″ 115lb girl.

    • Young Conservatives

      I hear what you’re saying. I just think it’s important to have some fun posts too. A good laugh goes a long ways. If I had to be serious 24 hours a day I would lose my mind.

    • Brad

      I think the way a leader takes care of himself and his body says a lot about how much he cares about other things.

    • CCC

      Actually, the president is supposed to have a ‘presence’ about him. Our president is supposed to be the representation of the epitome of being American. Strong, confidence, smart, and all our best qualities. So yes, when we have a president that looks like he would have trouble “sweating to the oldies” then that weakens the opinions people have of him. People like the leaders of other countries. Do you think Osama would have seemed so “terrorist-like” if video of him surfaced trying to work out like this? …

      I do not expect the president to be able to lift a car above their head, or to necessarily be even able to benchpress his weight. However, just dont go acting like a sissy whenever something physical comes up. This is just one video on top of the many other videos and pictures that show him sissy ways.

      As far as him being concerned about it, when he should have other things on his mind….he should be concerned about EVERYTHING. You don’t just take the highest office in the land and think to yourself “there are things I don’t have to think or worry about.” Why do you think that Presidential bowel movements are collected and disposed of by secret service (look it up, its happened in our history), or there is privacy to everything else the president does. Because part of being president is worrying about every little things, including how you appear to others.

      The President should be above reproach. This president might as well be wearing a pink tutu and asking people if he looks fabulous.

      • FISH

        He probably should hire Richard Simmons to get him into shape. Working out to the oldies together.

        • Nannette McGowan

          My thought exactly when I saw this. I thought this was an excercise routine that could only make someone like Richard Simmons proud.

    • Dang

      “I dislike the president as much as the next guy, but do we really have to make fun of him for the way he works out?”


  • tgh

    Our fearless leader . . . what an absolute joke he is.

  • D

    I don’t know, that looks like a perfectly legitimate (mostly shoulder focused) workout to me; especially for a guy that is 52 years old.

    • Texas Brony

      I agree. I don’t like the guy as the President but who honestly cares how the guy works out?

      • ohspareme

        The clip speaks for itself…

    • Betty Boop

      You act like 52 is old! LOL!

    • Maggie Nostic

      I am a 53 year old mother of five and that is a truly wussy workout. And no, it isn’t important but it is ridiculous.

      • Betty Boop

        Thank you for that Maggie!

    • brenda chafin

      has to work out his shoulders and forearms so he can sign more useless changes into laws and slide in more changes and taxes to the desperately failing obamacare.

  • crackerman

    What a queen we have

  • ace65

    He’s more fit for cheerleading , replace those child size weights with pom poms and put a tutu on him.

    • ChrisGadsden

      Cheerleading actually requires some athleticism… and the ability to work in a team environment…

      • ace65

        You’re right, surely he has what is takes to be a benchwarmer.

        • Don McLaughlin

          Yeah, and a well organized bench too. Fit for a community… of socialists.

  • Linda Nay Wille

    Those have to be 3 pounds each…shouldn’t somebody be spotting him?

    • Betty Boop

      Too funny! :)

    • Young Conservatives

      This has to be my favorite comment. Well played!

  • FISH

    Hmm good thing he’s got other people to fight his battles, no wonder Putin makes fun of him.

  • Jess

    Michelle would be disappointed.

    • Skydog1

      Moochelle uses much heavier weights when she works out.

      • Nerdythings

        Lifting lobster and steak?

  • Skydog1

    It’s shouldn’t surprise anyone that the ‘great transformer’ is such a light weight.

  • IOpian

    What!? No ‘Eye of the Tiger’ as background music?

  • Joel Rivera

    The Weakling – in – Chief looks like he’s gonna snap his arms in two working out with them dumbbells.

  • Connor Kenway

    Obama their is no nice way to say this but please turn in your man card.

    • Sherri Lucas-Gibson

      Get an education then you can figure out what is wrong with that sentence.

      • Jake Martin

        You just used a run-on sentence to call him out on his spelling mistake. That is irony at its finest.

        • Connor Kenway

          Do as I say not as I do. LOL!

    • Random Guy

      His man card? I don’t think he has one of those

  • Dan

    Not everyone who works out is on a training regiment to become the next Arnold Schwarzenegger. Some people just like to move their body and get a good stretch. If you guys are the buff fitness experts that you all seem to be, you should know not to knock another person attempting to stay fit.

  • Harry

    It’s like we’re back in middle school, picking on kids in the locker room.

    • Betty Boop


  • OldmanRick

    What a wuss.

  • NG

    Hey, at least he’s working out. If we make fun of him for something he’s doing in his personal life, we’re no better than that of our opposite political party.

    • helyanwe


  • ace65

    No wonder our enemy leaders are on the run …..

  • Lynne Gerred

    Wow, Putin must be shaking in his boots.

    • Betty Boop


  • Scott Wilcox

    I can’t believe I am going to defend this POS, but here goes. I find it rather funny that there are 10’s of thousands of people who NEVER step foot in a gym mocking him for how he works out, what weights he uses etc. That he yawns….
    I am at the gym at 6am and trust me, a few yawns escape from time to time, it’s not a crime.
    From the video it doesn’t look like any strength training, just cardio weight type stuff.
    And lastly, don’t be fooled. Not a stitch of video or information about this guy gets out without his knowledge. This may look “leaked”, but I highly doubt that it is. There is a purpose to this video. This is not a Paris HIlton, or a MIley Cyrus type person, there is so much White House Security, staff etc around him that…no chance this was missed.

    • reggiedunlop

      so, unless i go to the gym i can’t make fun of him? not only that but who gives a s**t what your workout routine is.

      • Scott Wilcox

        It’s kinda like making fun of Gordon Ramsey’s cooking methods when you don’t know crap about cooking. Look I can’t stand this guy, and would seriously love to see him behind bars for all the crimes he’s committed while in office, and he has committed quite a few, but there are better things to mock him about than this meaningless video.

        • Betty Boop

          C’mon Scott, don’t get your panties in a wad!

        • reggiedunlop

          Part of the reason he was elected was his image (remember ‘clean and articulate?). I know, not as a muscle builder but still image mattered a great deal. I’ve heard people say that George Bush was goofy looking so they didn’t like him.The image he projects is that of a wussy weakling. Sorry, thats the way it is in America.

    • ohspareme

      You really think he wanted a video of him working out (if you can call it that) looking like a puss? Really dude? Because if that is the case, Obama is even more clueless than I ever imagined.

      • Scott Wilcox

        Anything to distract the masses from what’s really going on.

  • KJun

    This is why Putin thinks he can get away with anything

  • Maciek Maj

    And all happened in Warsaw, Poland!

  • Jordan Sellers

    Legit Job Prez.. At least you are hitting the Gym.. I may hate your policies but 90% of the people that are clowning you right now don’t even go to the Gym…. haha

  • Michael Beidleman

    I wonder how many people commenting don’t engage in any sort of physical activity at all. You don’t have to lift a lot of weight (or any weight at all) to stay in shape. Seems like a perfectly adequate workout for anyone, but especially someone who’s 50+

    • ohspareme

      So what if they don’t? They have eyes and have the right to form an opinion based off what they see.

      • Michael Beidleman

        Of course people have the right to their opinion, but if you are not knowledgeable on the subject then you come off sounding ignorant. As most of these commenters do.

    • Nannette McGowan

      I’ll be 60 years old in August and was cracking up when I saw the grimace on Obama’s face while lifting such light weights. It just puts a new light on what a “weak” president Obama is. Weak in policy, weak in honesty, weak in leadership and physically weak, too.

      • Michael Beidleman

        If you’re doing high reps with light weight, it’s going to eventually become difficult. I agree that he is weak in policy and honesty, but this video does not provide enough evidence to suggest that he is physically weak. Why would that even matter anyway. Pointless video/pointless “article”.

  • reggiedunlop

    for the first time in my life i’m embarrassed to be an American.
    BTW, whats with that poster on the wall?

  • Wolf

    Of course Obama’s military press form was weak…

  • Coach

    Teddy Roosevelt just scoffed.

  • skittles24

    beast mode!

  • LarryBo

    If you think this is funny, watch Obama try to throw a baseball. As I was watching this, I couldn’t help but wish for one of those three pound weights to fall on his head and therefore end our mutual pain.

  • tonytheplatypus

    At last it is working and he is getting stronger Last week he was working out with balloons taped to the ends of an empty paper towel roll in each hand.

  • Rifleman

    I’m confused. I thought it was Obama lifting weights, not Richard Simmons……


    hahaahahah he want to beat Putin :P

  • libsrterrorist

    The dumps I take are more manly than obama.

  • Don McLaughlin

    Was the video removed? It keeps telling me video unavailable.

  • Ruben

    Our president… at the :32 mark!

  • Carryion

    Video was removed LOL

  • helyanwe

    So damn funny.. waddah wimp!

  • Proud Liberal

    So you’re judging his skills of leader ship by making jokes about how he works out? Put some meat on your ideas it’s worth a little more than putting it all on your body.