This “Most Embarrassing Facebook Fails Yet” list is cracking me up…

March 19, 2014 9:50 pm

I can only imagine who these people voted for…

How ironic: Had this person never been in a lift before taking to Facebook enraged?

Stick to your guns: Either they're not willing to admit defeat, or this person really wants their friend to go to Australia

Nice thought: Can they use Facebook and Twitter during this silence too? How about Skype on mute?

Shot down: This user was given a comprehensive lesson in knowing your audience. Or at least a reminder to adjust their privacy settings

Who on earth told them to do that? Perhaps this bewildered user should have taken to Facebook beforehand

The cyber generation succinctly summed up in a status: Even Wikipedia was a stretch for this user

Was the word 'pork' not a giveaway? It seems this person's friends were happy to leave them blissfully ignorant

Off the mark: Does anyone have the heart to let down this ecstatic, but confused, mother?

Those Canadians. Every single one of them. How on earth did they get that idea?

That's you told! This impatient Facebook user didn't quite think things through before taking to the web

They say social media has tarnished the rules of language. But this commenter is not giving up so easily

Lectured: If this girl hadn't already questioned this shot, she was certainly put in her place by an enraged commenter

A sign of the times? They say a generation has been brought up on Twitter - proved by this user

Lost: What will they do when they're driving with no signal?

Did they misspell hypocrites? Or does this user harbour a hatred for the ancient Greek physician who first investigating the concept of diseases?

(h/t Telegraph)