This “Most Embarrassing Facebook Fails Yet” list is cracking me up…

Joshua Riddle

Co-founder of Young Conservatives. Graduate of Dartmouth College. Read more

I can only imagine who these people voted for…

How ironic: Had this person never been in a lift before taking to Facebook enraged?

Stick to your guns: Either they're not willing to admit defeat, or this person really wants their friend to go to Australia

Nice thought: Can they use Facebook and Twitter during this silence too? How about Skype on mute?

Shot down: This user was given a comprehensive lesson in knowing your audience. Or at least a reminder to adjust their privacy settings

Who on earth told them to do that? Perhaps this bewildered user should have taken to Facebook beforehand

The cyber generation succinctly summed up in a status: Even Wikipedia was a stretch for this user

Was the word 'pork' not a giveaway? It seems this person's friends were happy to leave them blissfully ignorant

Off the mark: Does anyone have the heart to let down this ecstatic, but confused, mother?

Those Canadians. Every single one of them. How on earth did they get that idea?

That's you told! This impatient Facebook user didn't quite think things through before taking to the web

They say social media has tarnished the rules of language. But this commenter is not giving up so easily

Lectured: If this girl hadn't already questioned this shot, she was certainly put in her place by an enraged commenter

A sign of the times? They say a generation has been brought up on Twitter - proved by this user

Lost: What will they do when they're driving with no signal?

Did they misspell hypocrites? Or does this user harbour a hatred for the ancient Greek physician who first investigating the concept of diseases?

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  • rumcrook™

    What i gleaned from that is stupid people dont know they are stupid, they think of themselves as smart and in general are arrogant in thier lack of knowledge. Kinda like obama voters…

    • A-Train

      maybe OFA or can use the knuckleheaded underaged drinking driver as another one of their ‘hey, stuff happens, #GetCovered’!
      “You just destroyed 6 families, good thing you’re #Covered!”

    • mimi


    • Inspector Irony

      I hope you realize the irony in your statement…

      • rumcrook™

        Go back to your village idiot

        • Inspector Irony

          That is exactly what I was talking about… *sigh* There is stupidity on both sides. Plenty to go around…

          • rumcrook™


          • Nottobeadickoranything.

            The way you are responding to these comments about your grammar mistakes and misspelling is literally what you described in your first comment.
            It’s as bad as some of the photos on this post.

        • Austin Mabry

          Who is his village idiot?

          • rumcrook™


          • Austin Mabry

            I suspect you meant to say, “Go back to your village, idiot.”

            And the irony just keeps compounding…

    • Inspector Irony

      Oh. And you misspelled their…

      • Leah

        Actually no, they used the correct form of the word.

        • TMG

          Ummm. They still misspelled it.

          • Haha


          • Kimberly Rock

            Lol… This thread is plum full of idiots.. They’re probably still wondering what is so funny about the posts..

        • Aaron Silva

          Nope, still the wrong usage. Should be they’re. As in the contraction for they are. ‘Can I do what they are doing?’

          • Skinnythia

            No, it would not be they’re, that would be incorrect. It would not be ‘…they are lack of knowledge’. But it is misspelled, the ie is turned around and should be ei— their. ‘.. their lack of knowledge.’

          • jessicashum

            Their is used to show possession. So yes, your example of using their is correct in that context, but not in the situation where someone wants to do what someone else is doing. “Can i do what they’re doing” is correct.

          • Skinnythia

            That is correct. It has to be put in context of the sentence. The best way to figure it out is to substitute the words ‘they are’ just as I did in my example to see if it is correct, if one has any question about the usage. (Your i needs capitalized… ;}

          • Rachel Irene Renee Wright

            “Their” doing does not belong to them. It is what “they are”doing. So, basically the little girl was wrong in spelling and usage.

        • David

          Someone need added to the list? LOL

      • MILAN68

        it’s common core..

      • Notforgotten47

        typo , i am sure

      • Jeffrey Schoenstra

        You’re both right, One person was correcting the misspelling of “Their” and the other person was talking about the failure to use the contraction “They’re” for” They are” funny if you read all of the post. Knowing it was two different parts of the post they were talking about.

      • Gildmirth

        One must forgive the occasional typographical error.

    • Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird

      And yet you don’t know that you should capitalize I or that there’s an apostrophe in “don’t.” So pretty sure you’re stupid too. Oh and “kinda” isn’t a word. And Obama should be capitalized.

      What I gleaned from this is that stupid people don’t know they’re stupid – and that includes you rumcrook.

      • rumcrook™

        boy you leftards are really thin skinned. what I see here is aside from spelling errors leftards hate the truth so they are attacking the messenger. and you run in packs to try and attack anyone who’s common sense message shine a light on the really pathetic voting record of the left. pretty much if you can spell kristen with a why im thinking all rules are off. im done here flame away leftards.

        • Inspector Irony

          Flame? Us? Who was it that called us leftards? Who was it who said all of the stupid people are liberals? See, this is why there is such partisan division in America.

          People like you on both sides prevent anyone from actually trying to fix our nation. The conservatives must be seen toeing the party line, or risk losing votes. And the liberals must do the same. Nobody can actually pursue real solutions… Thank you for helping to destroy our nation. As Lincoln said, “A house divided cannot stand.”

          • Mike

            He’s just telling it like it is. The stupidest things I’ve ever read are always from the left. That’s where the term leftards comes from.

        • Just a Tad Frustrated.

          You are the reason that so many individuals despise the right wing conservatives. Stop being so judgmental and ignorant. People’s beliefs shape who they are, yes, but that doesn’t mean that you can bash them for it. People like you are the reason that I have very little, if any at all, hope in humanity. . .

          • Mike

            The only ones who despise right wing conservatives are liberal sheeple. Only becaue you’ve been programmed to do that, it’s the only thing you know.

          • msp123

            Being judgmental and ignorant is not the exclusive territory of the right wing. I have seen way more than my fair share of intolerance and ignorance from the “progressive” left, and they are always talking about being so open and tolerant. Just saying.

          • Independent

            The left is benevolent, open and tolerant just as long as you agree with them. Have a different point of view? You will be labeled a vile pestilence on ‘progressive society’ and severely admonished for your lack of socialist vision. Better comedy can’t be made up…

      • sarah Stalcup

        Just a thought on your own intelligence, you’re not supposed to start a sentence with a conjunction. Such as “And…”. Just saying if you’re going to throw stones.

        • Inspector Irony

          This is what R.W. Burchfield has to say about this use of and:

          There is a persistent belief that it is improper to begin a sentence with And, but this prohibition has been cheerfully ignored by standard authors from Anglo-Saxon times onwards. An initial And is a useful aid to writers as the narrative continues.

          from The New Fowler’s Modern English Usage
          edited by R.W. Burchfield. Clarendon Press: Oxford, England. 1996.

          Furthermore, your last phrase, “Just saying if you’re going to throw stones” is actually a fragment. What were you saying again?

        • David Miller

          You can start a sentence with “And”, as long as there’s a comma between it, and the next word.

      • Jeffrey Lamela

        I never capitalize obama, as it is intended to show my disrespect for him.

      • Kylee

        o’chit is NEVER capitalized by me.

      • David Miller

        “And yet,”; “‘I’,”; “So,”; “stupid, too”; “Oh,”; “word, and”; “stupid; that”; “you, rumcrook”.

    • AuntieM04

      You “gleaned”? HAHA! You must be an Obama voter.

      • Tardis

        “Gleaned” is actually a word and it’s being used correctly here.

      • David Miller

        “Gleaned” is the past-tense of “glean”, which is a word. In fact, it’s in the Bible.

    • Mike D

      Irony: I think you meant: “What I gleaned from that is stupid people don’t know they are stupid…” (Note that I is capitalized, and don’t is a contraction) and “their lack of knowledge” (note the correct spelling of their).

      • Notforgotten47

        wow you must be smart…. or totally dumb and overlooking what he said.

    • B. Smith

      Like Obama himself…..he’s nowhere near as smart as he thinks he is

    • Herman Vogel

      Kinda Like????????? LOL

    • Jeff Muetz

      or Tea Party members?

  • randomness

    I laughed at the one about the hashtag on a 90’s phone, I dont know how its used for but they always had them on phones for a purpose xD

    • Matt Cash

      It’s called a pound sign. It’s often used by call centers as an input device to advance. Some mobile carriers also use them with codes for fast retrieval of account information. I hope this helps!

    • Heidi Lea

      In the 80’s & 90’s, I often transferred called using the “pound” sign followed by a one or two digit number. It is still used today when I call into conference calls. It separates the call number, from the meeting number from the password number.

    • Jacquelyn Woods

      You know, what’s really sad about people that don’t know what a pound sign is for? That it pretty much tells you they don’t have or handle their own accounts. You usually need to use it after entering in your account number when you pay things by phone or need to talk to customer service.

    • Skinnythia

      LoL! It’s been called the number symbol for as long as I have known about it. Only recently has it been called the hashtag. What is the #___________. There have been several words and symbols that have changed with technology coming of age and now have dual meanings. But younger people only know the new meanings, and frankly, a lot of older people only know the original meanings. This happens in many languages and with many cultures as well. The danger is not trying to understand that other people do have other meanings with the same words we use and taking offense or not caring we might give offense to people without taking this into consideration.

      • Sir Numbskull

        if there was a meaning before I knew of the word/symbol “I do not wish
        to have my sense of superiority of knowledge usurped by some else (esp
        some old fart).” On the other hand, I also feel quite strongly that if
        they’re (sorry, I just *had* to lol, I’m rarely serious : ) is a new
        meaning for a word/symbol I was unaware of then I personally believe the
        new meaning is irrelevant, should be dismissed and my knowledge of the
        “previous” (and therefore somehow more superior), meaning is the only
        one that should be considered.

        Also I don’t like change, new change or old change, if it is change I was unaware of I don’t like it at all!!!

        things change, history also matter; “BE ADAPTABLE” and don’t take
        yourself too seriously (after all, I don’t take yourself two seriously
        ;) heeeheee two

        • Also SirNumbskull!

          As the person above, i approve this message!

          • YetAnotherSirNumbskull!! :)

            hey! so am i!
            By the way, you should have used “I” not i, you dumb (insert whatever party you’re hating on today here)!!!! I do however thank you for endorsing yourself, who also happens to be myself

    • Londontear

      They were used in front of phone numbers, much like it is currently used in front of the text in our current hashtags.

  • Lance_man

    It was nice knowing you, America. Alas, the democrats turned you stupid over the last 100 years.

    • nigelPOW

      Funny because the GOP and Democrats have split residence in the White House over the last 100 years, so that would make each party equally responsible for our nations stupidity.

      • Lance_man

        Yeah. Because the DoE and teachers’ unions and school curriculae are great GOP contributions.
        You know something, Nigel? No matter how much visual and audio and written proof of leftists intending to dumb down the populace, idiots like you always revert to ‘a pox on both houses’ crap.
        Freedom isn’t free. It requires vigilance. We Rethuglicans usually have jobs and a life to concern ourselves with. Whereas the bitter leftists have jobs and lives to concern themselves with – ours.

        • Inspector Irony

          The GOP is responsible for the invasive NSA and our spy state… Both sides have their fare share of mistakes. Further division, name-calling, and hatred is unlikely to fix our nation, that is what we tried over the past several decades…

          • Lance_man

            I certainly won’t disagree with you there. Every time a Rethuglican invents an agency, no matter how benign the intent, eventually it becomes greatly expanded/abused by the next filthy ‘rat administration.
            Witness the EPA and OSHA. Invented with the best of intentions by the ol’ Trickster. Used as terror organizations by every ‘rat president since.
            Ditto Homeland Security. In fact, that, Medi part D and NCLB were W.’s three biggest mistakes.

          • John

            Maybe we should get rid of them, don’t you think? I can think of a few more gubermunt (yes, that deliberate) “institutions” that wouls benefit the swinging of the axe….the Dept of Egumakasion, the ATF, even the IRS can use a lot of trimming…..

    • Londontear

      R.I.P. this our lady Columbia (an archaic name for America, not to be confused with the South American country of Colombia).

  • sean m

    The liberal progressives plan to dumb down America? Mission accomplished.

  • Spencer Randall

    Hold on. I am a proud conservative and a republican. But what does their “ignorance” <== key word there, have to do with them being liberal? They weren't taught very well. Perhaps, they went to public schools, because they could not afford private schools. You don't have to be a liberal to be ignorant of these things that were posted up here. There was that bratty kid, but there is no reason to assume he is liberal.

    • Inspector Irony

      Hey! I like you!

      • Spencer Randall

        thanks. I just want the arguments to be based on actual issues instead of which person is more ignorant than us. If there is ignorance we should try to replace it with knowledge instead of simply mocking people.

        • Spencer Randall

          aside from that though. i did get a kick out of the posts above. They were humorous if you dont put them into a “these posts are ignorant therefore they are liberal democrat” context. I would like to re-iterate, just in case, I am a proud conservative republican.

    • Vi

      I have seen idiots in both parties. I’m glad someone else gets it.

    • Yojimbo556

      No one said they were liberals.

      • Lonny Mouse

        …Really? Didn’t you look at ANY OTHER comment?

      • Spencer Randall

        These guys who commented said that. I don’t believe that was Josh’s point. His point was that ignorant people vote for corrupt leaders. That has nothing to do with what political party you are, because let’s face it there are corrupt Republicans as well as Democrats. Albeit there is a lot less. Corruption comes with this territory. If you are ignorant and don’t take the time to research things, like the people being made fun of in Joshua’s post, you will end up playing the lottery with the future of America. Because you may pick the right guy or you may not, because you didn’t take the time to learn about who you want to lead you.

        • Yojimbo556

          I thought you were referring to the article itself. Carry on.

    • Paul Sorrento

      It is a known strategy of leftist leaders to foster “useful idiots”. Ignorance is a hallmark of leftist voters.

  • Will Buckingham

    “I can only imagine who these people voted for” Ted Cruz?

    • democrat=victim

      I can only imagine for whom these people voted…..Barack Hussein Obama? Kids like yourself are notoriously democrats. Thanks for proving your ignorance AND stupidity.

      • Will Buckingham


      • Inspector Irony

        Ironically the most educated and rich people in our nation are disproportionately Democrat… (sarcasm) Thank you for your well thought out and factually correct comment though (end sarcasm)…

  • Turd Ferguson

    More can be seen on

  • Elitepwnsface

    The behind the wheel one was funny. Wait, they were all funny. Good post.

  • Pop
    • lalalolita

      This one is the best!

  • Tea Party

    I beat that woman’s second grader in using “their” in the correct context by one year: “(Their )mother was totally flabbier tasted by the sheer stupidity of going (there) in her chat. The child and the mother, well, (they’re) both going to grow up to be complete idiotic liberals like Dingy Harry.”

  • Maddie08

    Stop the earth please. I’d like to get off

  • James Turnham

    While true there are plenty of stupid/ignorant people on both sides I can’t recall a single Republican legislator getting worried that Guam may tip over or that the Mars rover can now take a picture of the American flag on the moon. Just sayin’. LOL

  • Once…Always…

    These are examples of what happens when parents are no longer actively parenting
    their children and expect the Government to teach their children. Stupidity has
    no political affiliation.

    • Kimberly Rock

      Yes, it does… Liberals are Democrats…

      • Londontear

        … but the same people who pick the Democrats choose the Republicans. The entire voting process is rigged.

  • Once…Always…

    depending on it’s use – # = number sign e.g. #5
    # = pound sign e.g. 10# bag of sugar
    # = hashtag e.g. #thestupidarebreedingfaster

  • Jeff

    I believe high schoolers should have a class where they spend a month “in the 70s”. No phone, no internet, only three TV channels and FM radio. They have to go to libraries for information, take pictures with a Polaroid, and read newspapers (you know, the paper kind). Maybe some of the stupidity of the younger generation will melt away.

  • MILAN68

    I hope they made this stuff up,if not,we’re in a world of hurt

  • jr61020

    So much for public education!

  • Jeffrey Schoenstra

    After further review of the post on this Tread, Please disregard this and My prior post, For I’m sure this Tread will be part of Their next list.

  • Joe Hermes

    It’s not made up. I’ve seen plenty of other ones. How do you think Obama got elected ? We’re raising a bunch of tech savvy idiots !!!!!!!!!!

  • calmo

    It must take working at it to be that dumb.

    • squire NumSkull

      I think we take our knowledge a bit for granted sometimes. You might be surprised at the incredible impact our environment (especially when very very young) has on our capabilities in reasoning and openness to new ideas and learning. The impact that reasoning ability and openness to new ideas has on your entire developmental process is incredible; being raised in certain environments will stifle such development and make the command of grammar that some of us take for granted and believe to be the result of our ‘intelligence’ virtually impossible.
      analogy: Well fed and exercise routine Bob knows he is a superior person to underfeed and never pushed Sam
      1.) Bob really is physically superior to Sam
      2.) this may be due entirely to environmental factors and have nothing to do with Bob being ‘innately superior’
      3.) While Sam should not be representing us in events that require physical performance, the potential of Sam’s offspring (innate genetic potential), may be the equal or even superior of Bob’s….. barring the early epigenetic influences that may cripple that gene potential being expressible.

  • Londontear

    The bleached-lion people… all I can say is LOL.

    Concerning those of us ignorant of the Titanitic… that most unfortunate Shireling idiocy.

  • Herman Vogel

    Looks like our school system is doing a GREAT job,,,,and the so-called Parents are allowing them to do so,,,sad, huh.

  • frank

    You can’t fix stupid!

    • Sir Numbskull

      that’s ok :) these days we don’t fix things anyway, just toss it out and we’ll build an even better stupid!

  • 2016lnl

    This is hilarious and what’s funnier is they probably voted republican. Why? They probably my don’t even know lol

  • Amanda Lynn

    We are living in the movie ‘Idiocracy’

  • mhw

    this is what happens when you change good ole reading, writing and arithmatic, scale back geography and history and concentrate on making kids eat inadequate meals in the lunchroom just because you are the first lady and can throw your weight around. Thank you Lord my children have brains enough to encourage proper education for my grandsons.

  • Artupstairs

    That’s pretty funny. I like the “maps” one.

  • Rachel Irene Renee Wright

    Holy Cow!!! Can we focus on the subject instead of the grammar? I swear, I come to these pages and this is all I see constantly. People berating each other over insignificant crap! Get ahold of yourselves. (Bring on the backlash)

    • Higher Ground

      Backlash for what? All this is just for laughs…enjoy it.

  • bobbyxd9

    It’s interesting how Ovomit voters come up whenever stupidity is discussed. There are actually 3 catagories of Ovomit supporters; 1) Communists, 2) Racists, 3) Morons. There are no others