New ad BLASTS Harry Reid for calling the American people liars

Here is Julie’s story:

Here is Senator Reid calling her story a lie:

Here is Julie Boonstra responding to the Senator:

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    C’mon, does this really shock anyone, the Democrats have been lying for years to the American people. it has been coming straight from their own mouths and from their surrogates the Unions and other left wing special interests groups.. NOW we should be surprised????? Global warming = hoax, Social Security Lock Box = Hoax, Transparency in Gov’t = Hoax, Obamacare will save family’s money(You can keep your plan/Dr.) = Hoax, all they do is to say what voters want to hear and continue to provide small $$ giveaway programs for tough times voters to “hang on to” and get votes for the Dems…..They are nothing but con-artists and shills for big pharma, big banks, and Big labor…all the things they accuse the Republicans of being….