Un-freaking-believable: Look who Obama just suggested is “the biggest threat to America”

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So, who does Obama think is the biggest threat to America?  You would like to think he would say terrorists, but no, it’s conservatives in Congress who don’t bow down and approve of his policies. The Founding Fathers thought an executive branch that was too powerful was actually one of the biggest threats to freedom, it’s pretty ironic that Obama is saying the exact opposite.

From the Daily Caller:

Political conservatives are the greatest threat to the nation, President Barack Obama suggested in a kid-glove interview with the New York Times.

“The president mused, the biggest threat to America — the only force that can really weaken us — is us,” said the interviewer, Thomas Friedman.

“Our politics are dysfunctional… societies don’t work if political factions take maximalist positions,” said Obama, who repeatedly claims to be a moderate stymied by the GOP’s supposed obstructionism and radicalism.

“And the more diverse the country is, the less it can afford to take maximalist positions,” Obama added.

I guess it makes sense for Obama to think this. This is the same guy that traded five of the most dangerous terrorists in the world for a dishonest army deserter that will end up causing countless US deaths.

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  • ATDM

    What a “DONKEY HOLE”!

  • Peter Gibson

    If this doesn’t prove to everyone on planet Earth that our POTUS is a delusional nut job, nothing will.

    • ATDM

      He is not delusional. He is evil. All his actions are designed to run our country down.

      • monster2u

        He hates white Americans for sure, but he has really shown that he cares even less for black Americans.

        • john james

          Sad part is they still do not get it. Either they are to dumb and stupid and/or they hate white people and this is a good way to get back at white folks. This from a proud BM that left the plantation decades ago,

          • NEIL C. REINHARDT



        • Monkie Bader

          you definately must be a Republican moron lol

          • monster2u

            Wow you go toe, I mean Monkey Bladder! Roar like the tiger you are Roarrrrrrrrrr-ack-ack-cough-wheeze.

          • Wedge

            and you must be either a white that has guilt written all over your face, or a black that only sees color instead of what this lying pos actually does to this country.. either way.. what a joke. just like barry

          • AnointedSword

            Let me guess, you are a moron democrat? Now, what did that solve? Not a damn thing. It is easy to call people names and hide behind party affiliation, but have you researched anything about what is going on in this country? Here is a truth. If you still believe in party politics, you are too ignorant to vote.

          • Some Hyena

            You need to vote who does the best good for the country, regardless of party affiliation or what have you… both major parties have corruption running deep at their core. Your comment is probably one of the most truthful things I’ve read yet in these comments.

          • Zorba

            To paraphrase:
            “You called me stupid? You’re stupid. What’s the point of calling anyone stupid?
            If you still believe in 2-party politics, you are too stupid to vote in 2-party elections.”
            Or is the tea party really a third party?

      • Adam Bieber

        Peter a year ago I woud have rolled my eyes at your statement but now I really do think he is trying to destroy us or he is just too stupid to be President.

    • Michael Huff

      He IS sick! Obama honestly has mental health issues.

      • mike

        He has Muslim envy

  • reeblite

    he’s right!

    • Lia

      freebie, Have u been sleeping through the news and failing to read your newspaper? Clearly, the biggest threat is our own government, failing to act in the best interest of the people for the past five years.

    • monster2u

      Oh how cute, reeblite likes to make fun of little old Catholic nuns. Bet you don’t have the guts to put up Ayatollah Ali Khamenei picture as your avatar. I bet you don’t even know who he is.

      • infadelicious

        Yes reeblite is one of the cowards and their bleating followers They are the greatest threat to America. I am sure he cheered when the little sisters of the poor were bullied by this government And be certainly would NOT have the cajones to mock Allah or MoHAMad, but I do ;-). My God has a sense of humor

  • Jim

    So Hamas is “irresponsible”, but conservatives are the country’s greatest threat. Glad to see our president has his priorities in order.

    • monster2u

      Slimy water seeks it’s own level. Obama is lower than waste water.

      • Monkie Bader

        and republicans are lower than that even sad isnt it

        • monster2u

          In what way? Lol, no I’m just kidding I don’t won’t to read your addled brain liberal bumper stick responses.

    • tx18wheels

      Right – And ISIS is just a JV wannabee terrorist group.

  • FM505

    Give him a cookie…

  • Ruben

    Where’s the military? I thought they were supposed to be defending the constitution from domestic enemies such as this man.

    • Monkie Bader

      well seeing as how congress pretty much controls them the military wont be asked to execute everyone in congress and the senate so we can start anew with fresh faces not bent on lining their own pockets

  • MILAN68

    The world is in CHAOS and it’s all obamas FAULT

    • Gary Schoeller


  • Julie

    Doesn’t that mean the great divider is arguing against his maximalist plan on amnesty? He traded 5 terrorists for 1 as a show of good faith to his ISIS comrades. He’s been playing this country for almost 6 years, and he hasn’t been removed from office and tried for treason. How many emails have to be destroyed? How many billions have to go missing? What will it take to get Congress to do something?

    • Twila Diddily Do Flanders

      why do you think obozo was put into office. cause everyone knew he’d get away with anything he wanted because white doesn’t do anything but avoid conflict with the black (1/2 black) in order to not appear to be racists….even when it’s about lawlessness, incompetence, etc and has nothing to do with race. It even happens in the work place. So, there’s the fact and truth.

    • BigJ

      What it will take is someone who isn’t afraid of the monster that is the media, one who isn’t afraid to be called names, one who will stand up for the laws of this land and everything she holds dear. Someone with more guts than the shill of a man that has been pushed onto this country. Someone who will buck both parties and do what is right for the nation.
      For once the fraud is removed history will reflect not only the horrors that have been inflicted upon us, but the hero that stood up and did something about it.

      • Julie

        Well said. I hope that someone is Trey Gowdy.

        • BigJ

          He has shown he isn’t afraid to get to the truth. I pray he keeps it up.

      • Monkie Bader

        Someone who will buck both parties and do what is right for the nation. very true but the problem is congress and the senate and the republicans playing games with the welfare of the american people for their own opersonal and financial gain

        • soldier4truth

          I wouldn’t know what welfare is like. I’m republican therefore I WORK for a living. I’d take the time to explain it to you but I’m sure somehow you would get all confused and then resort to false statistics.

    • Gary Schoeller

      who would impeach him?? I mean who would impeach him knowing if he goes down they all go down half if the GOP as well.

      • Julie

        Sounds like a solid argument for term limitations.

    • Jeffery German

      Julie, it would take an act of congress to get them to do something and congress doesn’t do anything. Haha!,

      • Julie

        What do you think about Trey Gowdy? The House has submitted over 350 bills that are just sitting on Reid’s desk. He’s under investigation, the IRS is under investigation, a bill was just signed into law for the VA. A Federal judge just ruled the Holder must release Fast and Furious documents. A Federal judge just ruled against Holder upholding Voter ID laws. And it’s all coming together around the mid-term elections. I wouldn’t say that Congress is doing nothing, but I do think, even if we win the Senate, the real answer lies in a Convention of States. Congress is both out of control and powerless — they won’t vote to reduce their pay and benefits or to invoke term limits. So it’s up to the states.

        • Monkie Bader

          Congress is the problem and they are doing nothing because republicans in congress keep playing games to get their laws passed and wwont even look at any other bills trying to get voted on. They are the least productive in all of this bnations history

          • Julie

            Ignorant voters and bastardized elections are the problem.

          • Doc

            Congress as a whole isn’t the problem- Harry Reid has hundreds of bills [bipartisan, republican introduced and democrat introduced] on his desk from the House and refuses to move on any of them. That way Obama and other useful idiots can claim Congress is the problem.

    • Corey

      Please…in Heaven’s name we can’t impeach him. Why? Two words: President Biden! And that jackass could conceivably end up being Pres. for the next TEN YEARS if we impeach O’vomit.

      • pat cala

        The assumption is that Biden would replace the impeached president. I read up on what happens. It said that in an impeachment the impeached Presidents entire cabinet goes down with the impeached President. I may look again.

        • Corey

          That’s interesting…will have to do some research on that myself.

    • Monkie Bader

      Congress is the problem and as long as they can keep the american tools focused on obama then they can continue scfrewing this country over for their own personal gain

    • Tazman

      He gets away with it because he has Harry Reid in the Senate who of which is sitting on over 300 bills. The Senate will not impeach.

  • MILAN68

    350+ BIPARTISAN bills has been passed by congress and they’re all sitting on CORRUPTED Harry Reids desk

    • Dennis Kooch Kuczynski

      Give him a banana…

  • whadayakiddinme

    Why is this mess still in our White House?

    • Corey

      Two words more terrifying than letting this traitorous essobee finish his term: President Biden. Impeach o’vomit and biden could end up with the job for the next TEN YEARS. Do you really want that braying jackass in the oval office until 2024?

      • Corey

        Actually it’d be January 2025, but still…

        • whadayakiddinme

          Biden is a fool, but I don’t think he’s dangerous nor determined to crush America. Biden can be muzzled quite easily. He’s white.

          • Corey

            Excellent points…at least Biden has no malicious intent.

      • Julie

        Are you suggesting Biden would be more popular after pardoning Obama than Ford was after pardoning Nixon? I don’t see Biden getting elected for four years, much less eight. What am I missing in your analogy?

  • Hand of Doom

    Buck Ofama. THAT’S RIGHT I SAID IT! (Channeling my inner Mark Levin).

  • bleufishcat

    If he’s getting nothing done then politics IS WORKING!

  • SamLowerySF

    the leftists / communist make it dysfunctional – we need to eliminate them

  • HB

    If this POS was all white he would have never been in the WH.

  • MILAN68

    Obama (or whatever his name really is), if nothing is getting done in Congress obama can point his finger directly at Harry Reid. It seems that the House of Representatives has sent 300 plus bills to the Senate in which corrupted Reid refuses to bring forward for a vote. My personal opinion is that Reid is doing this by obamas direction so that he can’t point his finger at Congress and say that they are failing to do their job. In that manner obama is able to con the American people with his words and actions through executive fiat which our Constitution does not give him the authority to do. Yes, we realize that obama is a little Marxist man with a personal ideology and agenda of which is not beneficial to the United States of America.obama may be known as the President, but he is a very small narcissistic self-centered despot and punk. There is something known as “Karma”…you know, what goes around, comes around. obama can smile and laugh to his heart’s delight, but I can assure you that the constitution loving Americans will have the last laugh and the last say in obamas destructive behavior.

  • Pete

    “and the worms ate into his brain”

  • picnicfun

    You people are gross exaggerators. If anyone else said no one can defeat us but us you’d be nodding your head in agreement. He says the says the same thing and its treason.

    • Mango

      What in the world are you talking about? Please explain in complete, logical sentences what you mean by “gross exaggerators.” Thanks, we’ll wait here.

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      He is laying culpability at the feet of a legitimate political movement, one which until a decade or so ago would have been entirely unremarkable.

      When did adherence to the Constitution, the rule of law, and fiscal responsibility become “radical”?

  • REB

    It’s the senate and the POTUS, they have bills waiting to be passed, but just sit in a pile on soneone’s desk in the senate. Plus, they are waiting on the illegals to out number us to drive the stake through the heart of the USA.

  • Mango

    Why is this surprising? This is what he has done since the beginning, blame others for his policy failures. Blame conservatives in Congress for not rolling over and clapping like circus seals when told that they’re irrelevant because he’s gonna use his lil’ pen and his lil’ phone to go around them…hmm, yes, shocking how conservatives in the Congress won’t work with him.

  • zoomwhat

    The greatest danger to our country is Obama. As he is proving right now by encouraging the influx of illegals.

    • Zach

      Little Xenophobic there Tex? Our ancestors were once illegals too. Remember that.

      • zoomwhat

        Thanks for the history lesson, professor. Although it’s a bit revisionist.
        And hardly comparable.
        And pretty funny.

      • Bill

        There is no arguing with people of this mindset, since they’ve been here for a few generations (and their white) it doesn’t apply to them, only to the “god damn Mexicans”

  • Hand of Doom

    Something to think about: How different would the film The Godfather be if Vito Corleone illegally snuck into the USA across the Mexican Border? In the movie, he came here LEGALLY and got his papers. Just saying.

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      Yes, because then we controlled our borders. Still don’t see your point.

  • DeeDee1213

    the more he speaks , the more we should question his Mental State….. because he sure is off his rocker with his words

  • Plains of Kansas

    “Our politics are dysfunctional….” The only thing dysfunctional in congress is Harry Reid. Reid won’t vote on anything the House has passed!! Once the dems loose the Senate Obama looses that excuse. You can expect many executive orders being decreed while congress is in recess. All in the name of dysfunction.

  • Guest

    New Slogan for the 2014 Midterms

  • Londontear

    It’s so sad that you hardly recognize the growing tyranny until Saruman takes over. I believe Lotho is already in the Shire.

  • Tom Stricklin on Strava

    I really hope no one is expecting him to make sense or tell the truth, we are just waiting him out, like a guy hold up in the whitehouse, we’re just waiting for him to run out of food and water then he will leave.

  • BlueInfantry

    The Conservatives in Congress who refuse to bow to obama are merely doing what they were sent to Washington to do… represent the interests of their constituents. He (along with his Democrat cohorts) is acting like a spoiled child who isn’t getting his way. Let him whine. He is good at that…

    • tx18wheels

      One man’s Do Nothing Congress is another man’s Stop Throwing Trillions Out The Window organization.

    • Bill

      BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA yeah cause Republicans NEVER EVER hold up government when things don’t go their way. (see government shutdown of 2013)

  • sparkie

    Oh hail (or h***) Emperor obama

  • Hudmar

    This truly convinced me that he is not as smart as people say he is. Something just doesn’t add up.

  • Mark Javorka

    You are the biggest threat at the moment Mr. president.

  • Freedom’sBell

    What 0bama is saying is that the most representative elected body, in other words: We the People, is the most dangerous threat to Washington, DC. His highness might be right for the first time in his life.

  • David Franks

    Obama may have said this, but he was quoting a nonpartisan study based on polling of law-enforcement officers:

    What a surprise: The Daily Caller neglected to tell you the whole story. You didn’t look into it.

    What a maroon.

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      Nice try.

      • David Franks

        Thank you. It would behoove young conservatives to know where they’ve strayed from facts, and I’m happy to help with that.

        I rather liked Penny Robinson, too. It’s a shame that Dr. Smith never showed much interest in her.

  • Gary Schoeller

    The biggest threat to the US is the terrorist in office and if you think he will not be a threat after he leaves office your delusional he needs to be put away for life.

  • LapdogMedia

    Obozo hates white people…

    • MikeMarkCA

      Obviously. People of color are flooding through the southern border, and he does nothing, this will continue for the next two years. Hopefully the midterm will be such a landslide that we can impeach Obama and get the Cheshire Cat in there…he is too stupid to push a socialist agenda.

  • whittierblvd

    once again, you people that voted this man you really should be proud of yourselves …bet you didn’t know he was going to throw you under the bus too…

  • Paula

    he should have said he and the liberals are the biggest threat to this country

  • Mary R

    Did anybody see this interview? The NYT Reporter looked like a bobble-head doll! Head nodding in agreement with absolutely every word BHO uttered. If we ever need a visual example of the sycophantic press, this is IT!

  • Yukiko

    What do you expect from a muslim mutt.

  • puglianana

    He is the most evil person in America and needs to be kick out of the WH. – out of America or put in jail, Solitary confinement.

    • Corey

      Noooooooo!!! We’ve gotta let him ride out this term. Otherwise we’ll have PRESIDENT BIDEN…and he could end up being in there for the next TEN YEARS!! Do we really wanna have him for POTUS the next two years, win an election, be re-elected in 2020 and hold the job until January 2025? THINK about it!!

      • MikeMarkCA

        Ya but with Biden we can just wipe the tapioca from his chin and keep telling him he is doing great, and he is harmless.

  • Common Man

    That weed he smokes has not only clouded his judgement, it’s made him stupid as well.

    • mauser 98

      coke too……

  • http://SCOTUS.GOV/ JusticeThomas

    He wasn’t a moderate when he rammed his ObamaCare socialized medicine plan down our throats against the will of the people. He blew ALL of his political wad in his first two years in office, lost control of the House, and thus lost all political clout.

    If he had wanted an 8 year presidency, he should have actually acted a bit more moderate in the first 2 years. The People voted with their feet, castrated him by way of electing Republicans to Congress, and the rest is history — migrant children, Iraq, Benghazi, IRS, Ukraine, and maybe even the Ebola.

    He’s getting what he deserves…two and a percentage more years and good riddance!

  • Nanugaq

    He didn’t say conservatists. He said US. THAT’s all of us who fail to respect each other’s right to hold an opinion other than our own. It is US who fail to work together to address the biggest problems – all of them – that threaten to destroy the democracy that should be showing the rest of the world how it should be done.

  • trunks12

    they are a threat to the country because they keep us in political gridlock and prevent our country from enacting policies crucial to our nation

    • MikeMarkCA

      Says who? Political gridlock is better than Obama’s policy, get it? That is exactly how the system is supposed to work, there should be NO new law if there isn’t a consensus in this country. Our “crybaby in chief” calls it gridlock only becasue he cannot push any of his liberal socialistic agenda any further down our throats. Instead of comprimise, he seeks to stroke anger towards those who dare to defy his agenda.

  • Paul Derosier

    Ant yet this pile of garbage STILL has supporters . WTF is wrong with YOU MORONS !!

  • credulousdolt

    Well, he may be wrong most of the time, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. (No military clock nonsense, please.) This happens to be one of those times.

    As a committed conservative, I want to tear my teeth out whenever we adopt some troglodytic, regressive policy or campaign plank– or ploy, really. We *are* smarter than liberals, which is great. Now we need to *behave* as if we’re smarter than them. Time to prune the religious extremists and the sloganeering “libertarians” and get back to being the party of small (but effective) government, and sensible social policy.

  • dabmsu

    Most of you probably voted for this P O S !

    • kxqmate

      I don’t think most people on this site voted for him.

  • Wedge

    hey barry… FU

  • Some Hyena

    I think the interviewer had a point.
    “the only force that can really weaken us — is us”
    Assuming they’re talking about the U.S.A., I think it’s pretty dang true that we can weaken this country by electing a clown like this!

  • Sam

    (especially in politics) a person who holds extreme views and is not prepared to compromise

    I don’t see anything about conservatism in that definition. Basically, you’re admitting that the conservatives in Congress are extremists who are unwilling to compromise.

  • MikeMarkCA

    This guy has set our country back years, A petulant leader who has zero professionalism, the inability to work with others of a different belief. I defy to any democrat to find one, just one clip of Bush blaming democrats for anything. Obama is a community organazer who only knows how to stoke division and anger, he is the absolute worst I have ever seen. Maybe 2016 is Al Sharpton’s time to shine.

  • Richard StJohn

    Okay Mr. president sir, I’m trying not to choke at your assertion. The only part of the government controlled by conservatives is the House. The House has passed 352 bills. 98% with bi partisan support. Some had no opposition and 55 were sponsored by Democrats. To me that sounds like effective legislative action. So what has become of these 352 bills? Nothing. They are sitting on the desk of Harry Reid. The DEMOCRAT majority leader of the Senate. Obama wants to claim GOP obstructionism. So he tells Harry Reid to bring nothing to a vote and then blames Republicans. Left Wing rags like the NY Times are aware of this but rather than call Obama out on his lies they print his claims as if he was a prophet of God. Because to liberals he is.

  • Jasper

    No I wouldn’t “like to think he would say terrorists,” because the only reason he would say that is to pander to the expectations of a bunch of morons. By any reasonable measure, terrorism is a fringe problem, not anywhere close to the biggest threat to America.

  • Bill

    Ah glad to see that the people causing the government not to work don’t think their the problem! How refreshing!

  • Guest

    He just feels it would be much easier if he called ALL of the shots, that’s all.

  • Lee Webb

    He just feels that it would be better if he calls ALL of the shots, you know…dictate.

  • Irv Spielberg

    USA Now Headless !

    Obama seems to think we’re on the
    cutting edge of history. Does he have in mind the predicted beheadings
    (Rev. 20:4) that are increasing? Obama may feel he’d never be targeted
    by ISIS. But isn’t he afraid they’ll soon conclude he doesn’t have a
    good head on his shoulders?

  • Greg Van Gordon

    “five of the most dangerous terrorists in the world” That seems a bit over the top.

  • Smee

    I thought he put veterans at the top of his terror list.

  • SeaFox

    I thought he was talking about his wife!