Watch this lady demand free drinks because her ancestors were slaves…wow

For those who would argue that America does not have an entitlement problem: Lo and behold.

From Top Right News:

You’ve got to see this one to believe it. This woman was angry for being charged for water, and goes berserk against two (apparently White African) immigrant owners of an Atlanta-area convenience store.

She has a long list of grievances, and displays a rather unimpressive grasp of arithmetic when it comes to the age of her ex-”slave” grandmother who “just died.”

Gee, we can’t imagine who she voted for in 2012.

WARNING: Explicit language used (particularly in last 90 seconds of video).

“And we don’t get no reparations!”

How much do you want to bet that this lady has an Obama phone?  Anyone? Bueller?

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  • brewman

    omg now thats funny

  • wubba

    she’s racist

    • ScottieDont

      You’re racist for pointing out her racist racism, racist.

      • Tonee

        You are racist for calling out a racist when they point out a racist’s racism!

        • ScottieDont

          You’re a racist for racing to make a racist point of calling out my calling out his racismGIMMEFREEDIETCOKEBECAUSEBUTTHURT

          • ED L.

            Well I like to race, so therefore I’M A RACIST!

          • enigma

            no, your a RACER… lol

          • Glenn R Doerner

            the word is YOU’RE

          • Math Maniac

            It’s The*, with a capital T.

          • Kay angel

            You’re all pretty, can we go home now? I need to play a racing game! lol

          • doc1038


      • Luigi Parsoni

        I am an admitted “stupidist”, I can’t stand stupid people. Race or ethnicity does not have a bearing on stupidism.

        • Don Moel

          So true, Luigi……..

  • krimekat

    too much Moscato – and lay off the carbs!

  • Blake

    She has eaten enough food to get up to a robust 300 lbs, without ever working an hour in her life, yet she feels she has received no reparations.

    • robert

      best comment

    • musicman

      indeed… welfare seems to be paying out quite a bit…

      • kitteyandkat

        The racism is strong in this one…

        • Moses

          His comment mentions nothing about skin color and you cry racism… The idiocy is strong in this one…

          • Ragewinner

            It’s the assumption that she has never worked an hour in her life that could be considered racist. Obviously being overweight and acting entitled is not the same as “never working an hour in her life,” even though it could be true.

          • kitteyandkat

            I was talking about the musicman’s comment about welfare… not Blake’s comment.

            The accusations are strong in this one.

          • tCCC

            Yes, yes, we do! We say it about any large person, wanting MORE free stuff. As if housing, cell phones, food, healthcare isn’t enough.

        • Tom

          where is race mentioned ?

          • kitteyandkat

            “indeed… welfare seems to be paying out quite a bit…”

          • Tom

            You would have to assume everyone on welfare is black in order for that statement to be racist! To make that assumption would be racist. I notice you have nothing to say about the way this women attacks the middle eastern store clerks? She spews some of the most racist and stereotypical rants I have had the displeasure of listening to but you cant find racism with that just in the welfare statement? Look within yourself Dear before you accuse others.

          • kitteyandkat

            I never said that it wasn’t, I’m not a fan of this video at all. She is not my avatar so she does not speak on behalf of me. I didn’t say any thing racial. I was pointing out the fact that not every Black woman is on welfare so to extrapolate out of nowhere that she’s on welfare other than her skin color is in fact racist.

            But if you don’t see it that way then there’s no point in continuing to discuss it.

          • tim

            Kittey, The woman in the video did mention welfare and section 8. I agree that it is stupid to say she is fat because of welfare, but it is hardly racist. Nobody made the assumption that she was on welfare because she was black, she is overweight and talked about welfare on the video. I am not defending the dumb comment made about her being overweight, but making an assumption that someone is racist is just as bad.

          • Patick Barber

            looks and sounds like a typical hood rat to me, if i were these people i would take her advice and close the store, move to a more appreciative neighborhood.

          • Bbbs

            It would be racist if someone said “I bet she can’t swim either”, not “I bet she’s on welfare”. People that complain about the government to the extent shown in the video typically are already on welfare, food stamps, etc. Now, if you want to create a stereotype that all black people are on welfare, then by all means, degrade your own race.

          • Not a victim. .. I’m white

            But you are selective in who you chose to defend based on what? RACE! The double standard in inexcusable. This woman is a representation of why this country is falling apart at the seams. There is zero excuse for this. You are not a victim because of the color of your skin. I demand reparations for having to listen to such nonsense. ….

          • Robert Parkhurst

            It’s actually not racist and it’s not even close to the definition of racism.

          • doc1038

            Maybe you missed the end of the video when the idiotic rant turned to “get a job” and she said no, and she didnt need one? Typical…Seriously. UGH. Maybe the times she mentioned welfare? Of course you did, but everyone watching this is clearly a racist, and the idiot did nothing wrong.

          • tony

            You were wrong to bring race into it. But if that is what you always there then that is what you will always see.

          • Robert Parkhurst

            There is a MAJOR difference between being racist and stereotyping.

            Racism: the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

            Stereotype: to believe unfairly that all people or things with a particular characteristic are the same.

            It seems that a VERY lot of people have completely confused these two words.

          • kitteyandkat

            “To believe unfairly that all people or things with a particular characteristic”, race is a characteristic, “are the same”.

          • Robert Parkhurst

            You miss the very KEY aspect of them though. “…especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.” as you can stereotype for many reasons – race isn’t one of them.

            For example: I could see a group of white kids dressed like hoodlums and stereotype them as people that may be dangerous. The type of dress is a stereotype. The color of their skin is irrelevant. Now, if I see the same exact group, dressed exactly the same, but they are black, people would say I’m racist.

            The key aspect is that racism is the color of the skin, regardless of how they are acting versus the stereotype which is only based on their actions. Yes, the type of dress is an action.

          • kitteyandkat

            In that case, particularly no, but with what we’ve learned with Ferguson, rarely do a group of White kids dressed like hoodlums get called the same names as a group of African Americans.

            Remember the riot in Keene? Over a pumpkin? None of those kids were called thugs. They flipped over cars and burned down establishments. How about Penn States riots after someone lost their job for refusing to report the sexual abuse of children? Or Vancouver’s riot after the Canucks loss in the Stanley cup? Maybe you don’t personally do it, but not everyone is a “perfect example”.

          • Tennessean

            The racism on the part of the black woman is abundant. For one thing, again and again she is horribly racist against the Indian store owners. Can you imagine if others.busted in on blacks and acted similarly. She also uses faulty broad generalizations about how people gain economic assets. This is total ignorance on tape…and somebody taught her these lies – I only hope the taxpayers didn’t pay an instructor to teach her such hated.

          • Tom

            I was responding to Kitty

  • Pat

    I’m so entitled and I just can’t hide it
    I’m about to lose control and I think I like it
    I’m so entitled and I just can’t hide it
    And I know, I know, I know, I know, I know I want what is yours

    • Soulflare3

      This wins

    • Right4_AReason

      HA! Perfect!

  • Jerome Padin

    A mad woman loose without adult supervision. Typical of the welfare mentality of America today.

  • vdetillion


    • David Rummler

      I wish I never watched that video

    • Meh meh meh meh meh

      Go back in time, show the slave traders this video, and slavery will never exist.

    • Matthew Winston

      Africans have been traveling to the America’s for Millennia before Christopher Columbus. How do you think he found it?

      We wish they wouldn’t have brought any slaves over from Africa as well.

      • Brian028

        Matt it’s likely many different peoples arrived in America before Columbus including but not limited to white people. As for the Slave trade. Truth is that Africans were sold by Africans.

        • Matthew Winston

          Supply and Demand. That doesn’t make it right though.

          • Brian028

            Slavery is never right. History is littered with Slavery. As a civilized modern society we reject it for good reason.

          • True American

            In those times, the appretentise ship, they were treated like slaves. When too poor to get his family to America a man would become a slave for for many years to pay for his family to have an opportunity. Serving on ships for his short life, never seeing his family he sacrificed for. Perhaps they should show their respect and gratitude for their ancestors price that was paid, instead of thinking they are entitled to do nothing and have everything given while they tell others to pay their fair share.
            The most racist people I’ve ever met were black Americans, there is no one who compares, and that’s coming from the Deep South. This racism that they say they want to eliminate, but really don’t, can’t be eliminated until we get rid of racism… Such as affirmitave action, the united negro fund ect. Everyone gets what they earn, no one is given anything. It is an embarrassment that blacks make up 13% of the American population but make up 40% of the total welefare recipients (the largest race for welefare). And they vote for the very people who put them there and want and need to keep them enslaved, just to the government now.

          • Anonymouse

            Ive lived in the deep south as well. Ive been in all black neighborhoods. Places where being white was more of a minority than any black in a white neighborhood. The older black people are respectful and civil. Its their children that are disrespectful. It is very similar to the children of rich people. Children want to find something to make them as significant as their parents, and in the case of children of rich people they much ride the coat tails…in the case of children and descendants of black slaves..they use the slavery thing as a crutch to make their life seem more meaningful.

          • Don Moel

            Slavery still continues to this very day…….Those wonderful practitioners of “The Religion of Peace and Love” in the middle east are still heavily involved in slavery; Also considering that most American taxpayers will spend 3.5 to 4 months of this year working just to pay taxes, 60-70% of which will be paid out in entitlements, I feel that we too, are slaves……and this is before the debacle of Obama care hits full stride!

          • Ragewinner

            Another factor may have been fear of being sold themselves too. History is not always kind to America

      • AndreainAtlanta

        Hate to burst your bubble, but Christopher Columbus didn’t have an African sherpa.

        • HankKwah

          LMAO “African sherpa”!! That’s hysterical!!

    • John Swanson

      Show this video to Lincoln and he might have hesitated for a moment.

    • HankKwah

      No one here, did. A lot of the slave traders were black. Blacks were capturing other blacks and bringing them to America. But all white people are still to blame. Figure that one out. Add me to the list of people whose ancestors got here just after 1900.

    • enigma

      You may want to look at the history of slavery…… It shows WHITES as slaves first.

      • Daniel Lee Moran

        The first slaves where captured enemy solders, funny how every time the word slave comes up black people (not all) love to remind us of the past. Slaves built the pyramids not a black man amongst them! Or how about the Aztecs? Read a little about the whole history of slavery and get over it for the love of all things free!

        • kitteyandkat

          …You do realize that the pyramids are in Egypt and Egypt is in Africa….

          There were many Black slaves who built the pyramids, but they weren’t only black, they were mixed with the Jewish and eastern european ethnicities.

  • The Wise Owl of Truth

    Don’t you understand by now? Any African American who has a great great grandparent whose uncle’s nephew’s second-cousin’s brother’s son’s best friend was related to a slave is entitled to reparations, entitlements, and endless benefits at the expense of white taxpayers. Instead of charging them for water at McDonald’s, really we should be the ones paying them to eat at our fine establishments.

    The Wise Owl of Truth

    • AndreainAtlanta

      I always wonder how reparations would be calculated, since many, many of we the glow-in-the-darkers are descended from people who arrived in the US after slavery had ended. But Barack Obama is descended by slave traders on his sperm donor’s side and slave owners on his mother’s side. And there were black slave owners, as well. This could get dicey. Perhaps we should just leave the water on the counter and run.

      • Elaine Echevarria

        Don’t forget Michelle Obama as well. They did a piece where she met white family members(verified bloodlines by DNA) and she found out her own ancestors were slave owners as well.

    • Nerdythings

      Borrowing part of that, it’s hilarious and TRUE!

    • Robert Parkhurst

      Jews were treated a LOT worse as they were slaughtered like cattle during WWI and WWII. They don’t seem to have a problem getting along…I wonder who the problem is…

      • Angel Gonzalez

        As an African American, I was just about to post this. lmfao

        • Robert Parkhurst

          I mean no disrespect but you are black. “African American” is not a race unless of course you want to consider Egyptians and the white South Africans (but that isn’t what is meant when someone says African American). Case in point: the hottest African American is
          Charlize Theron.

          If you want to get super technical, there is only a single race and it’s human.

          • feb

            Just cause you moved to south africa doesn’t make you an African american…. How ever a black person whose elders have lived there for over 200,000 thousand years means you are an African american. African american in other words are people whose roots are completely from africa. However if you think there earth is 6,000 years old none of this post is reliant and ignore this.

          • Amibovvered

            According to it was 150,000 years ago. AND, by your logic, and by the contents of this discovery channel video, every person on earth is an African (American?) since we all are descended from one single African female.

          • Robyn

            If you beleive this then whites should be referred to by their ancestory and I am in fact Irish American or German American because my great great great grandparents on one side of my family came through Elis Island. I disagree with the term African American when I’m referred to either as white, even though I’m naturally tan and not the color of printer paper, or I’m referred to as Caucasian even through we look nothing like the Caucasian people from which we stole the name from

          • Patick Barber

            Well my Family has been in this Country since the early 1600’s and technically i’m a Swedish Norwegian French German American but you can just calll me a Saltine American for short.

          • Robert Parkhurst

            Actually. Being born in Africa makes you African. Moron.

          • Benjamin O’Donnell

            There are many white africans that have lived there for generations… south africa? just so happens to be the only stable slightly peaceful nation in africa too. Although some others are getting better hopefully lol

          • tCCC


          • Virtus-H

            Well, that’s all well and good, but “If you want to get super technical” there are MANY races, and human is not one of them, because Human is our species, not our race.

          • Tonya Krebs

            It’s called “The Human Race” and we are all part of it…regardless of color.

          • Tonya Krebs

            Well said!!!! I could not have said it any better myself! Major respect for you.

      • Benjamin O’Donnell

        You could argue about the Native Americans or Irish who for many years it was better to be black then that not to mention the hundreds upon hundreds of more years of the treatment they suffered. Which was to say a bit far worse then being whipped not to degrade what they went through but many act like they are the center of everything and went through the worst and the fact is no.

        • Robert Parkhurst

          Well I disagree with the term Native American as they also migrated here from Asia. However, I get what you’re saying.

          • Kep

            The great passage was open during a certain period of time but in recent findings, artifacts have been found that predate the Alaskan passage by thousands of years. New speculation is that they traveled from Europe at the time of the Neanderthals.. No clear history is available on those natives from the Americas. But to discredit their homes being destroyed for spanish and English conquest is also unfair.

          • Robert Parkhurst

            You misunderstand and I’m actually not sure how. I didn’t discredit anything the person said other than the term, “Native American”.

      • Babychu

        Uhmmm,just gonna throw this out here. Black/African people were murdered, tortured, mutilated, babies fed to dogs, raped, hung, burned alive, and enslaved, family ripped apart, starved, you name it, over the course of hundreds of years during the transcontinental slave trade and even beyond, all legally acceptable as on paper we weren’t considered humam beings. Nevermind the thousands and thousands of them that died on the ships packed like sardines forced to be covered in human waste, vomit, and sickness.

        There is no “so and so was treated a lot worse”.

        • Babychu

          And not to mention completely disenfranchised repeatedly financially, educationally, and judicially over and over again institutionally.

        • Robert Parkhurst

          That all started in Africa and still goes on in Africa. I’m not condoning it but it seems by what you said you’re only blaming white slave owners. I say that because you said, “all legally acceptable as on paper we weren’t considered humam beings.”

          Jews have only been persecuted since the time of Rome and possibly before. So, yes, I maintain Jews have been treated worse (everything you mentioned above) and slaughtered by the thousands during WW1 and WW2. In fact, Israel is surrounded by a bunch of countries that have the sole purpose of destroying them simply because they are Jews.

          Even if it was as you say and there is no “treated a lot worse”. Why have the Jews overcome thousands of years of persecution and many, MANY blacks still think white people owe them something? Why did civil rights leaders such as MLK march and die for equal rights so many blacks today expect free stuff simply because they were black (reparations and Affirmative Action)?

          • Babychu

            Not sure what your going on and on about but my point was there is no contest here of who had it worse. We are still coming out of the psychological , social, and financial woes of complete disenfranchisement and sub human treatment. The jews dis not face this type of systematic, institutionslalized dismantling of financial opportunity andof the family, over and over again. It was a different journey so you can compare the two. Both are bad. Both different.

            And “So many blacks” are not expecting free stuff. There is a poverty class of people that span across all colors, and amongst them there are people that think they should be taken care of. Usually when there has been generational reliance on outside support. Reparations talk has only been persued by a small group of people. It just doesn’t fit the “all black people are on welfare, all want free stuff, don’t want to work,” narrative that makes people comfortable as tohighlight the ones like the lady above. As a matter of fact the majority of black people receiving assistance actually work. We are Business owners, CEOs, Millionares, doctors, innovators, and so on. The majority of us don’t sit around wanting “free stuff” and tie it to slavery. We want equal opportunity and equal treatment under law and land. American slavery was an experiment in creating a sub class of people educational and socially defunct t so they could be kept in a state like a cow is to a farmer. Dumb and reliant on the farmer. Now we see the results.

          • Robert Parkhurst

            “WE”? I’m sorry, were you a slave? How many former slaves are still alive today? None? There are still PLENTY of Jews who survived the Holocaust. So you’re still coming out of some manifested psychological issue that you never experienced? My grandfather was at D-Day, should I have PTSD because of it?

            I didn’t say there aren’t plenty of business people out there who are black. Never did I say that. What I said was that there are a VERY lot. In fact, 2/5 of the black population is on some kind of government assistance. The black population makes up just under 40% of welfare participants but only make up about 13% of the total population.

            There is equal opportunity. My father-in-law came here from South Korean in the 50’s with no money and couldn’t speak the language. He did VERY well for himself, what’s the excuse of the black people who are born in bad circumstances? They certainly aren’t held back because anyone willing to work hard can achieve better. People are a product of their choices, not their circumstances.

          • Babychu

            Since you are an expert on what black people should and should not be doing it, black history, the mind set of black people, the black experience in America and abroad, how that relates to every other ethnic groups experiences, the implications and outcomes of that experience, and in what state black people should be in at this point in time and the future then there is nothing I can further can this conversation.

          • Robert Parkhurst

            Huh? You’re just acting like blacks have been the only people enslaved in all of history when in fact, it’s not even the most recent and certainly not the most brutal. Others have moved on from their rough times without issue and there are a VERY lot of blacks that still want free stuff simply because some ancestor they never knew was a slave once.

            Have a good day though. I’ve never claimed to be an expert on anything of the sort though. It’s called being a human being and you can either work hard and make it or do nothing and expect someone else to help you. Sadly, a VERY lot of people choose to be lazy, not just black, but the excuse for blacks who choose that is just annoying. Everyone’s fault but their own – tell that to Dr. Ben Carson, Bill Cosby, etc…

          • DN

            No offense but Jews were slaves… They were torn from their families… Looking at what happened in Africa, you should actually look at the true history of the Africans that were traded. The trading started with their own. Blacks captured others to trade with the Europeans. There are many articles that can teach you the true stories of African trade. I am not saying that what you are saying is incorrect when you say that there is no greater evil, but when comparing to other evils, those two do not compare. The concentration camps alone are worse than what most people in any type of oppression have ever experienced.

          • babychu

            Slavery itself is not the issue. Slavery is not unique concept. It the specific experience of Slavery that black peoples went through, particularly the American and Caribbean Slavery experience and the disenfranchisement that continued thereafter. Slavery has existed in many forms throughout history. Some slaves were even highly educated.

            You can’t take a large population of people, continuously destroy their family units, crush any attempts at basic education (reading and writing), strip them of their religion, strip them of their self reliance, psychologically condition them to be detached from their sense of self, then when you are no longer able to own them, institutionally dissallow them opportunity to participate in society to the point where they can’t even make an income and expect anything good to come out of it. Remember, Jim Crow wasn’t too long ago, We have parents still living that went through that. And considering all of that I think Black Americans are doing well with the little time we’ve had to actually start freely coming into our own.

            But let’s hold up the video of this idiot as a shining example. Not someone like say, Keven Stonewall, a teenager who is currently on his way to possibly finding a cure for colon cancer or Mabou Loisaeu who at 5 can speak 5 languages, or Grace Bush who graduated from Broward College whilst finishing highschool. Or any of the ones that get up everyday, go to work like everyone else does, and pay their bills.

          • Robert Parkhurst

            Thank you for this as it proves my point for me. There are certainly a lot of blacks who have and will make great contributions to society. However, as 13-16 percent of the population and nearly 40% on welfare , 50% of the crime committed by – it’s a far stretch to say you’re doing well as a whole.

            My whole point was that blacks CAN do well, people just choose not to for the most part. A lot of it is because it’s easier to blame someone else for holding them back instead of taking personal responsibility and making something of themselves.

            I’m not at all saying that all blacks are like this and I never would because it simply isn’t true. However, the constant blaming of others is just getting old. The names you mentioned plus others such as Bill Cosby, Dr. Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, etc prove that it’s choices you make and not the circumstances you’re born into.

          • babychu

            Again, please keep throwing out welfare, again you are and expert in that. And welfare doesnt mean free everything. Some people only get food stamps, some people have subsidized housing , some just subsidized childcare. Many people on “welfare ” are elderly and disabled. It varies. Fact: The majority of people on assistance actually get up and go to work everyday regardless of their race. You might have seen them at Target, Walmart, the gas stations, waitressing, and so on, part time workers. So stop using that as some sort of example of anything. And they are usually the result of people, of all races, whose tract in life didnt include the educational support nor financial opportunities, nor emotional support to rise above. Some just fell on hard times and never got out of it. Crime is also linked to the above and runs parallell to financial and mental poverty.People find themselves in these cycles due to various situations they were born into and things like generational disenfranchisement(see post above) , Unfortunately that includes a large population of black american(see post above). And I am not sure why you can’t comprehend this terrible past has a direct effect on the present and just because you desire it to be over, it was a long process getting to this point and its going to be a long process getting out of. I am not sure how to help you “get it”.

            Hmm, maybe how during slavery, the blacl family was constantly broken up, then men we sold off from their families and forced to breed with other women. During Jim crow black men weren’t able to participate in society to feed their families. They took to selling drugs and illegal activity to do this, during the drug war they were incarcerated at a high rate. leaving behind children and families. Black women became heads of households and on assistance and black men became no longer relied upon so now throwaways. Many resented women and passed this along. Many black women assumed the role that black men weren’t needed and they could be fathers too Many boys were raised by women without male role models or intact families. They found the male role models and “family” units in gangs, rinse repeat.

          • Robert Parkhurst

            Yes, Jim Crow days were bad. I don’t disagree but it’s been 40 years. It’s time to move on and take some personal responsibility. As I’ve mentioned before, WWI and WWII, Jews were treated MUCH worse and yet, they don’t seem to have a problem adjusting. That was 60 years ago.

            Slavery (for blacks) on the other hand ended in the 1860’s. Let me get this right so I fully understand. You and the black community can’t get over segregation and such in 40 years but Jews who were slaves and slaughtered like cattle were able to get over it in 60 years and adjust to modern society and succeed as a whole? It’s been 150 years or so since slavery ended. It’s time to stop using that as an excuse, especially since only a very small minority of white people owned slaves, blacks also owned slaves and the entire slave trade was created in Africa (by blacks). Who exactly are you blaming for all of your so-called hard-ships?

            If I’m not mistaken, blacks when given the opportunity, segregate themselves. I have friends in Chicago who were told by school administrators that their child shouldn’t go to whatever school she was going to for her own safety. Do you call that wanting to be apart of society? A while ago people were making a big fuss because white people moved into a traditionally black neighborhood. Is that wanting to be apart of society? When someone is black and they work hard and move into a nicer neighborhood a lot of other blacks condemn that person and call them names such as, “Uncle Tom”.

            Those examples you made, people find themselves in those situations because they choose to put themselves in those situations. No matter what you say, being a criminal is a choice, working at Walmart when your 30+ years old is a consequence of bad choices. I guess that’s where we will never agree. You want to blame everyone else for your communities short-comings and they have no one to blame but themselves. Otherwise, there would never be a black person to rise out of poverty and make something of themselves, which obviously isn’t the case. You may think that low of your community but I don’t.

            All I hear is a bunch of excuses.

          • Robert Parkhurst

            What’s sad is that a very lot of people think like you and it is only hurting them.

          • babychu

            What is “thinking like” me? Thinking like me hasnt hurt me so how is it hurting anyone else? Thinking like me understands the past, sees how it has effected the present, understands the present, and tries use that information to move forward? I am educated, my husband and I are professionals, both my children were born in wedlock, and we go to church on Sundays. Typical American family. Why you ask? Not because Because I don’t want to live in that damage, I dont want to continue that damage, dont want to pass that damage along, and I feel it dishonors my slave ancestors and my elders that endured through civil rights to do so. So perhaps if more people actually “thought” about anything we wouldn’t be having this conversation and the dummy in the video above would taken her medication that day and realized invoking such a past because of a 20 cent cup was outrageous.

            What I won’t do is pretend that this video reflective of us as a whole or a majority or that the past(recent past) has no effect on black Americans in the present because it is inconvenient to the narrative you want to advance.

          • Robert Parkhurst

            As in blaming everyone else for the problems in the black community other than yourselves as a whole.

            It’s probably not your fault though. People like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have made quite a lot of money pushing that down your throats.

            Have a good night.

          • Patick Barber

            You’re right, they should have been shipped back to Africa after the Civil War ended and we wouldn’t be listening to and watching(Ferguson Mo.) their descendants B/S now.

  • Joy

    What a blithering idiot!

  • Oscar C Salinas

    That’s the human race going against itself.

  • SaudiAmerican


  • Glenn Condrey

    Uh its not a ‘Obama-phone’.
    The program was started by George W. Bush…..not Obama.

    • WarriorBigSplash

      Not according to this young lady:

      • Soulflare3

        all I heard from that was “keep Obama as President because he gave us a free phone, and that means he’s going to give us more free stuff”

      • Tony Reynolds

        She’s cute.

      • Chris Bowen

        Thus the term “Useful Idiots.”

    • SuperD

      Started by Bush for the poor to have a phone in their home in case of emergencies and you had to show that you were poor…Obama expanded it to anyone who could breath and opened it up to cell phones to buy votes.

    • Robert Parkhurst

      Wrong! The program was started by Reagan when it cost next to nothing to provide a land-line in a house. You morons are so inclined to blame Bush that you have NO CLUE what is going on…

      News flash: as bad as Bush was (I don’t claim he was a good President), Obama is FAR worse!

      • Glenn Condrey

        I LIKED George Bush…I don’t blame him for anything.
        I just do not like to see Obama get credit for things that George Bush implemented.
        To the BEST of my recollection…people weren’t receiving free cell phones from the government…until Obama became president.
        People can give credit to Reagan who was my favorite president ever all they want…fact is the policy of the cell phone distribution began under GEORGE BUSH.

  • Mango

    Ignorant dolt. “We don’t get this..give us that…we want and we can’t have…” notice how not once did she use the word “earn.” She fully expects for other people to just give her things like their businesses. Like it’s their fault that they she can’t do what she wants to do. “Go back to your community…” does she not realize that if they do that then they’re taking their business with them? So I guess she’d be happy if there were no stores in her community so this way it would be harder for her and everyone else to get what they need…perfect, then she’d have something else to blame on others.

  • rsticks

    walk away from her. just walk away.

  • rsticks

    did you notice mcdonalds was a jewish company ?

  • robert

    stupid idiot

  • th3krak3n

    And this is the reason black guys like white girls. Im not racist by any stretch of the imagination, but thats sad. No one should be that narcissistic.

    • Matthew Winston

      No black men like white women, and vice versa, because since birth they’re told to never date each other. The Forbidden Fruit is always the most tempting.

      • AndreainAtlanta

        You’re both generalizing way too much. I’ve know vapid white women who dated vapid black men because it’s fashionable. I’ve known vapid white women and vapid black men who’ve dated each other because of the “forbidden fruit” thing. And I’ve known black men who got sick of the “ain’t no king in this house” attitude and began dating white women for that reason. And I know interracial couples whose career paths or hobbies brought them together. The reasons people are attracted to each other (or date, since they’re not necessarily the same thing) are myriad.

  • Bri

    Didn’t Reagan give 1.6 billion to Japanese Americans? And they were enslaved for what, 3 years?

    • AndreainAtlanta

      They weren’t enslaved. Also, reparations were given to the actual Japanese Americans who were unjustly detained by their own the government. There are surprisingly few people alive today who were slaves at the time of the Emancipation Proclamation.

      • Bri

        Money was given to surfing heirs also.

        • Bri

          LOL: surviving

          • AndreainAtlanta

            We’re so many generations removed from slavery in the US (unless you count human trafficking, prostitution, etc.) that there aren’t surviving heirs. The vast majority of humans have slavery and other injustices in our ancestry. This woman needs to suck it up, take ownership of her own life and stop imagining she’s a victim.

  • Kevin Kuhenbeaker

    I have no F-n idea what the H-ll she was F-n talk-n out her big fat Black As- about! They should of threw the water at her if she didn’t want to pay for the cup! She needed cooling off any way!

  • Mike Kohler

    IF our ancestors had known what we know now,
    they would have picked their OWN damn cotton. ;->

    • Matthew Winston

      I’m sure black people would’ve preferred that. But they didn’t and have never been compensated so, your point?

      • Chris Bowen

        take it up with the families that profited, since only 2% of white families owned slaves.

        • BDPSU

          Plus, some blacks owned slaves, and YES, there were white slaves, too.

        • Matthew Winston

          The Government profited. That’s who we’re taking it up with…

          • Chris Bowen

            then you don’t understand because government does not “profit” as all they “take in” is TAX REVENUE. So there is no “profit” because they didn’t have money to INCREASE (profit) because government doesn’t own anything to make a PROFIT on.

            Government OFFICIALS can let certain companies PROFIT over others depending on the ways laws are written, and thus at times get kickbacks/bribes (CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTION) in exchange for writing/introducing/passing laws that allowed the profit to happen.

            Those that wrote/introduced/passed the laws back then are no longer alive, but maybe their families are, and most certainly the companies that profited are still around. Putting government TODAY in this day and age on the hook only puts YOU on the hook since the only money they have NOW is your money, my money, etc. So if reparations came from tax money, then your just taking money from one pocket and putting it in another.

            THINK about it.

          • Chris Bowen

            Or don’t’ think about it, but if you’re not thinking about it, then don’t converse with me because those that can’t think for themselves are not worth anyone’s time…..

      • Robert Parkhurst

        Jews were treated a LOT worse during WW1 and 2. Why are you still crying about something you never experienced when there are still Jews alive who suffered through the Hollocost? hmm…

        • Mary Martin

          I applaud you Mr. Parkhurst! They haven’t a clue to what their own ancestors suffered, but they went out and did a days work…in fact worked their behinds off. She apparently has too much time on her hands to stand there and scream like that

          • tCCC

            Imagine her offspring. Oy vey.

      • aliswell

        Sorry, they’ve actually been MORE than compensated. More money has been thrown at the black race to help them than all other races COMBINED, and yet with a few terrific exceptions they remain consistently helpless, bitter and ungrateful, wallowing in poverty. It’s time to shut off the spigot of “free” money and get the black race to become independent of the helping hand, just like everybody else.

      • BDPSU

        Waaa! Waaa! Waaa!

  • Tony Reynolds

    Maybe someone should get a loan to open up a gym and a salad joint around there…

    • Chris Bowen

      No one will use them….

  • 2smartforlibs

    OH my Goodness!!!!! Ignorance, this is why there needs to be an IQ test to vote. The problem with our country is that we bow down to people like her. She is not entitled to anything!!!

    • Robert Parkhurst

      It’s really more simple than that. If you don’t pay taxes, you can’t vote. Taxation without representation is just as bad as representation without taxation. Obama like saying something about having “skin in the game”, nearly 50% of the population do not!

    • Mary Martin

      That’s for sure. She doesn’t look like she’s been without much food. Why don’t they dig up those black people that had the largest share and demand restitution from them? Too many, black , white or whatever combo, want to blame someone for not doing what they need to do. Until we each look at ourselves, give ourselves the kick we need, that’s when we might do something we can do to improve ourselves

  • TheBerean

    Proverbs 26:4 Answer not a fool according to his (her) folly, lest you be like him (her) yourself.

  • uconnchaz

    She said her grandmother just died and she was a slave? That would make her somewhere around 149 years old. God Bless that woman.

    • AmyR

      And that’s only if she was just a baby when she was freed.

  • Blazer

    This is just crazy for no reason. I get both sides… She shouldn’t of talked to them like that but in her defense water is normally free lol. I don’t understand why someone needs to say “We can’t imagine who she voted for in 2012″ Or assuming that she has an Obama phone… To me that is just as bad. Smh… When will it end….

    • Malay Desai

      She was at a Gas Station. Not at a restaurant. The cups do cost money. You cant just be giving them out for free.

    • BDPSU

      MANY places will change you a nominal fee for a cup if all you want is water. It’s pretty common.

  • Paul G Newton

    Has anyone done the math? Grand-Ma was 104 and just died this year. Wasn’t that like 1909/10? Her grandmother wasn’t a slave nor was her mother! Whatever….

  • Kacey

    You used the wrong word to describe her, which is a huge pet peeve of mine. She is anything but a “lady”. The word lady is not a description of all women, only those who act with refinement, dignity, and politeness. This “woman” is more like a screaming banshee.

    • Steven Dorsey

      ^ This. In this day and age, people are all about being given their due in the form of “Respect” with a mentality of Entitlement. But what people don’t realize is that they have the wrong idea of Respect. Its not somethign that is given to you. Respect is something that you give to others. As far as how it is executed, its an outward thing, not inward. And if everyone saw it that way, we would be a Nation of much better people full of better lifestyles as a result. Our standards of living would actually be BETTER from one simple thing of Respect. Life would still be having hte hardships, but a lot of problems could go a long way towards being resolved if people tried their best to always respect each other and do right by each other. It would be at least 5 steps in the right direction.

  • Brian Forster

    Just another racist Obama voter

    • Matthew Winston

      Prejudice, not racist, and she has every right to be. Have you read a book on white/black relations in America?

      • Brian028

        Actually everyone has a right to be prejudice. However we don’t have to put up with it or live with it. Clippers owner is a great example.

        • Matthew Winston

          I’m just saying, why would a black person vote for someone who cares nothing about black people. Not saying that Obama is any better, but he’s the lessor of two evils. In the end Money is worth more than human decency for both parties.

          • Brian028

            Obama doesn’t appear to care about black people either. Money has always run everything. It was the Merchant class that started the American Revolution, it was money that enabled the Slave Trade. The American Civil War was even about money more than freeing slaves. People need to realize that this country is all about money.

          • CodyandMelissa Hill

            I try to explain that to people. The civil war did not start to end slavery. That was a bi product as a result of the war, in fact there were plenty of black men who chose to fight for the south but you never hear they’re stories. and a couple of simple facts. only 2% of white families owned slaves, slavery was invented by black people. these are facts. Another fact is my heritage is Irish and Camanche and my ancestor got off the boat to be forced to fight for Lincoln. Helping “end slavery” in the less informed eyes. So shouldnt I deserve everything for free.

          • BDPSU

            Funny, the DemocRATS have been “caring about black people” since Johnson’s “Great Society” was implemented. How has that worked-out for black people?

          • Steffy93

            @Matthew Winston
            I’m just saying, why would a white person vote for someone who cares nothing about white people.
            I guess the white people judged Pres Obama as a person and on what he said he would do for the country.

          • Matthew Winston

            Obama cares about being PC. He spends 90% of his efforts on White America, what? You want the little 10% we get? Bill Clinton cared more about Black People than Obama does.

          • Steffy93

            You missed the boat.

  • J

    What an annoying idiot… I detest people who think the world owes them. I’d have called the police and had her removed.

  • Larry Bavaro

    there were no slaves 100 years ago….this chick is delirious.

  • Nerdythings


  • Jason

    ignorance at it’s best. I wish Obama would come on here and attempt to stick up for her.

  • Matthew Winston

    I think it’s funny that white people think that African Americans aren’t entitled to reparations for slavery. The government gave and still gives Jews billions of dollars for the holocaust. The government literally destroyed public schools because of blacks, they killed nearly every black leader until they turned Tom, i.e. Sharpton and Jackson, the government literally expanded welfare to destroy the black home, and during World War II they infected black men with Hepatitis to spread it throughout the community. The effects of that damage is still overwhelmingly seen today and the only way to get people to stop living like they have nothing to lose is to give them something to lose. The School’s closed the Prison’s open.

    The #1 argument from Americans now a days is my grandfather moved here with nothing and made it. My rebuttal, he moved here with white skin.

  • Candy Ohara

    It eats a village!

    • Matthew Winston


  • JustSaying

    She keeps saying “sell it to us” but I doubt she’s got the skills or even the desire to actually WORK for a living. “Why don’t we own it?” Cause you don’t WORK for it… Everyone gets what they work for – if you’re not getting what you want, WORK harder. That woman is messed up.

    • Steven Dorsey

      It pisses me off that she thinks she has a right to demand that someone sell something of theirs to her. Like its their moral obligation to take money and give up what is theirs for her sake. One of the inalienable rights the Founding Fathers believed all men and women were born with and given by Nature and Nature’s God, whoever that may be, is Property. People have a right to ownership of what they work for and whatnot, and not have to fear that someone is just going to decide that they have the right to take it from them.

  • Chris Bowen

    You can’t EVER make up for wrongs in the past by hurting others in the present.

    If you want reparations, find an attorney and sue the actual families or companies that profited from it. Follow the money trail. But realize there are hundreds of millions of whites that can trace their lineage to immigrants that came AFTER the Civil War and assuming all whites have slave owners in their past is also racist.

    Not to mention the 400,000 white men that gave their very lives in the Civil War to end slavery and restore our union. I would say any reparation payments should be deducted by the amount that all those men’s families should have been compensated.

    While we are evening things out, let’s end Affirmative Action and ANY program that takes an applicants race as a demographic category.

  • Dan

    Theoretically, there are many states, such as Massachusetts, where selling tap water is considered illegal. However, if they only offered bottled water, its a whole different situation

    • Steffy93

      Do they require a free cup, lid and straw?

  • db

    Time to put an end to this bullshit.

    • aliswell

      The history that’s been revised and swept under the rug. There’s no money in the truth.

  • Kevin Groenhagen

    By her definition, Obama is not an African-American since his ancestors were not brought here as slaves.

  • The Curmudgeon

    Let’s see. Her grandmother lived to be 104 and just died this year. And the 13th Amendment was signed into law in 1865. So this video is 45 years old? Or maybe grandma was 144 years old.

  • donttreadonme9

    another Obama voter….

    • BDPSU

      Bet she voted for him at least 6 times…

  • Matthew John

    Using this video as an example of an “entitlement problem” is like saying “Sterling proves all white older men are racist”. Idiot in the video and idiot trying to make the point.

    • Steffy93

      If this video had been on every news channel, radio station on website for the last week and many high profile whites had claimed all blacks are racist based on it – I would be more inclined to agree with you.

  • Right4_AReason

    I like how she thinks Affirmative Action has to do with her not getting a loan. These same people think of banks as corporate monsters who only care about money. Do the banks only take money from white people? That’s probably way beyond this, but you get what I’m saying.

  • slbr

    I think she just forgot to take her meds that day.

    • BDPSU

      The free meds she gets from Medicaid?

  • Iamalady

    The only reparation she is owed is a one way ticket back to Africa. Does she really want that? She should be thanking God that her ancestors were brought here so she can enjoy the freedom that this country has but sadly is losing more of each passing day because of people like her.

    • Clark Griswold

      Africa, the homeland of SOOooo many (Afrikan-Amerikans). yet would they live there? Do they know their ancestors sold them to live here? A wonderful place, wish many would return.


    Ovomit and Holder showed her it was OK to think this way.


    Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme…

  • Clark Griswold

    Black people with this ridiculous attitude do nothing but piss me off! My ancestors had to flea our home land due to an uprising that cost the world millions of lives and this moron wants to parade the fact that her ancestors sold their neighbors to the highest bidder? Go HOME miss Afrikan-American. We don’t want you and your ridiculous history to cloud where we hope to be going!

  • Kevin Tucker


  • jFM

    I wanted to ax her a question……

  • Steve Cihomsky

    fat slob and a fool…

  • Steve Cihomsky

    Good God is she ignorant…

  • kitteyandkat

    I mean…in most states it’s illegal to charge for cups of water, however people usually charge for the cup itself.

    • Yeah I Said It

      It’s not illegal to charge for water, dear. But bless your little heart for trying to defend this woman’s inappropriate and childish behavior.

      • kitteyandkat

        It’s a criminal offense to refuse to serve tap water wherever alcohol is sold. Which includes your local convenience stores. In New York (at least in Suffolk County) you can not refuse to serve tap water anywhere incase someone needs it for health reasons.

        I’m not excusing her behavior at all, it is a mockery to African Americans and quite embarrassing, but I was just stating that because people were saying that water is never free.

    • Steffy93

      Sweetie, a store owner can charge for whatever they want. They can charge you to walk in the door if they want to.
      So, please tell me what states demand stores owners give away free stuff?

  • 27453458

    It says loads about the level of education people in these areas are receiving. “Why don’t they teach logic in these schools?”

  • Alex Garcia

    I think I am my own slave/owner!

  • Canadian Conservative

    Could you imagine if a white person accosted a black business owner like this? Shouting “Get out of the white community!” How long do you think it would take Obama, Sharpton and the rest of the race baiters to jump up on their soap boxes and scream racism. This double standard is outrageous and disgusting.

    • Steven Dorsey

      Do you know what’s worse about this, is that the people she is screaming at are African-American. Like, their parents lived in Africa. So, yeah…that’s a thing now…

  • RichieBelding2

    This is so old. I am going to start a conservative website so I can start posting old youtube videos.

  • Ted Rosencrans

    Sad. Where are we all going as a people, as a nation?

  • Don Moel

    “Reparations” invoke the idea of ‘repairing’ or ‘fixing’ something……But as comedian Ron White says, “Ya can’t fix stupid”…….the woman in this video pretty much proves that point.

  • Curt

    This chick gonna buy the Clippers.

  • Zod

    Watch this congressman threaten to throw someone off of a balcony…because he feels he’s entitled just because he’s a congressman:—republican-congressmen-threatens-to-throw-reporter-off-balcony-during-interview-053744777.html

  • Zod

    Check out the republican who feels as if he’s entitled to determine who gets to live or not:

  • Chad

    Ugh…everyone involved is immature. Of course the woman screaming is but the woman on the other end should really have worked to resolve the issue or ignore her. She’s a business owner and they’d have lost my business the second she started stooping to the other woman’s level and cursing and screaming. Also, pretty disappointed in the poster as well. Choosing to make this about Obama? He was never mentioned. The only connection to Obama here is the color of his skin. I’m not a democrat or a republican but honestly there was so much else to focus on in this video. Just HAD to make a political statement out of it, and a shoddy one with no factual basis or point. Disappointing all around.

  • jjiji


  • Gills

    Obama’s #1 fan!!

  • Peter H.

    Wonder if she has anything more than a 9th grade education?

  • Dizzled8

    Don’t let one person represent a majority she was ignorant and plain stupid. Its easy to make racist jokes and comments in the comfort of your own space but try being real for once and don’t hide those feelings the next time an AA helps you in any way refuse there help and ask them to go back to there continent. Yall are no better or smarter then the lady in the video and are just as much of the problem as her. I love the country we live in but it can be shameful all around and nobody takes ownership for the racesim that is still alive today!

    • Steffy93

      What the heck are you talking about???

  • Mark Burns

    Another Obama supporter

  • Kaptain K

    Talk about petty…

    All this, over 2 piteous dimes?

  • Yoshi

    Go back to Africa!

  • Yoshi

    Friggin black pos

  • LaunchTae14

    She is right to a point. Crack and drugs destroyed the community. You can blame the individual, but just like Detroit poverty is created by greed. Greed by Big Government and Politicians telling Americans they are doing what’s best for “US” society In all actual fact “they” Dirty Politicians, Unions and CRONY Corporations don’t give CRAP about everyday people. She just took it out on the wrong people the wrong way.

  • Gary Carroll

    Reparations = Rape The Nation. As a nation we have a full plate, a plate which does not need a set of side boards to hold more problems.

  • JohnFalcigie

    Al Sharpton is beginning to reap the fruit of his seeds, his children are coming to age.

    I would have given her $0.20 to get her away from me.

  • frednix

    I grew up in Lithonia on Klondike road and this is a complete embarrassment. So sad how Lithonia was once an amazing place to grow up and has deteriorated so badly. :(

    • Shakespeare’s Sister

      Yup,look at Detroit,Oakland,etc

  • Sammy Samster

    Well then. o-o What’s slavery got to do with the charging of water??

  • Jennifer Schenk

    Like olama says, just let stupid people talk, they will show their true selves…

  • linda stoever

    She’s gonna argue that someone who was born in Africa and comes over to becoming a citizen is not an African-American? WTF?

  • Mike

    The woman was being unreasonable and extremely obnoxious, but the title of this video is misleading. She was upset that she was being charged 20 cents for a water, correct me if I am wrong. I did not agree with what she is saying, but titling this “lady demands free drinks because…” implies she demanded a fountain drink, or alcoholic drink, or multiples. I think that this being a conservative site, we should make sure to be forward and honest. Let the liberals be the ones to mislead. Other than that, I enjoyed laughing at her flawed logic, and I enjoy reading articles and watching videos on this site.

    • Steffy93

      She demanded a free drink. It doesn’t matter whether it is a soda or water. The most expensive part of a fountain beverage is not the liquid itself – it’s the cup, lid, straw, the space to store the supplies/products and the labor to keep it all stocked.
      This woman was an absolute fool.

      • Mike

        And I am not disputing her sanity or the clarity of her argument, nor do I know what it costs a minimart or McDonalds to provide cups, lids and straws to their customers. I am saying that the title is slightly misleading, and I feel that the conservative party should stay above this kind of word manipulation to avoid any unnecessary negative associations. The lady is an idiot, my only problem was the title. I don’t think we should give liberals the chance to walk away, or click away, from this website saying to themselves “typical right wingers, always twisting the truth.” I think we as a party should be as upfront and forthright as possible.

        • Steffy93

          I generally agree that this site goes overboard with their headlines. This is actually one of the few times that I did not immediately think that the headline was crazy.

  • Puppyme1

    Typical Obama voter…

  • Curtis Foster

    racist black person is racist.

  • Big 10

    She needs to focus on body “reparations” first.

  • Steve Bodiford

    I believe that if a contest were run and you had t o be 50% native american
    to win,…she’d be in that line as well!

  • MiltonSowell

    So… wait.

    Her grandmother, age 104, died this year.

    That means she was born in 1910. She was a slave? There was slavery in the United States in the 20th century? Where?

  • LuCha

    Dear God. Looks like she eat okay doh….

  • Paul Bulger

    She is such a liar. She claims her grandmother lived to be 104, which means she would’ve been born in 1910. Slavery was abolished in 1865, 45 years prior.

  • LAM

    Wow,she’s so ignorant. She doesn’t even know what it means to actually be African American!!

  • Ron Handy

    Our Country is out of control.!! America will never be the same ever again.!! EEEverything we say or do is scrutinize one w

  • Juju

    Boy, she is gonna be upset when the illegal aliens from the border move into her community and start competing for available opportunities, won’t she?

  • Twila Diddily Do Flanders

    They disgust Americans of all races and the people in africa absolutely hate the black in America….they cling to the “poor me” BS and continue to prove the ignorant, lazy, entitlement-feeling fools they are.

    • msueh

      they could never make it in their land of origin, far too lazy after too many years of entitlement & freebies

  • John

    Her grandmother who just died at a 104 was a slave. Uhm, That would mean the grandmother was born in 1910. The war ended in 1865. I hate it when math gets in the way of a good entitlement rant.

    • W.A.S.P.

      Facts have no place in this discussion…

  • W.A.S.P.

    We already pay for: WIC, EBT, SNAP, ACA, Section 8, Head Start….. might as well add water to the list. People in Detroit think it should be added…… This is the product of 50 years of vote buying….

  • Kile

    THAT is how a community organizer with no experience gets elected president.

  • Macho79

    I wonder if she is on welfare.

    • msueh

      you “wonder”??? :-D

  • Hermione2

    WHY OH WHY did they even argue with her? Kick her out of the store and call the cops if she doesn’t leave.

  • Higher ground

    Hahahahaha! Too funny

  • Keith Lacey


  • mic5o7

    That lady is a racist crackhead, and I’ve suddenly gotten a horrible headache!

  • msueh

    yeah, the unifier/DIVIDER-in-chief has done a lot to abolish racism, right? my ears hurt.

  • Walter Smith

    Give them their reparations, so long as it is tied to repatriations. Let’s ressurect the noble work of Marcus Garvey and start sending them back. It would be a lot cheaper in the long run.

  • Guest

    Her mom couldn’t be a slave… slavery was abolished in the 1800s…

  • AntonioBanderas

    You say you’re a slave, lady?

    Good …. grab a broom and sweep the GD floor.

  • Sandy

    Clearly deranged (or on something) and in need of the “men in white suits” coming to get her. Someone call 911 to have her brought to the hospital for a psych evaluation. Her issues are much deeper than wanting a free drink of water. She is not a good representative of the black race. She’s like a squawking mouth on two legs

  • woss

    To bad there isn’t rioting over job applications like there is over section 8 housing

  • PeddlerOfMisery
    • PeddlerOfMisery

      Everyone’s a little bit racist

  • kyle

    This woman is a blatant dishonor/disrespect of the dead, claiming credit from things that happened to people who are now dead, if it was ok to do that everyone would be “owed” something since people with light skin were also slaves in Africa, not to mention slavery still exists in Africa, so every… “race” has a blood stained history, it seems only events that happened a couple hundred years ago only count to this woman, but yeah, wanting something for free in exchange for something she claims credit for that happened to a dead relative in a time where none of us were alive….*sighs* people need to re-learn when to say no, the dems wont do it, they’ll give even the most evil people what they want, they wont sacrifice votes for the sake of common sense.

  • doc1038

    First she states her Grandmother was a slave here, then she says her parents are “1st generation” in this country. Which is it idiot. Sad thing is, she hides behind the cloak of racism against her, but her idiotic immature rant was nothing by racism at its worst.

  • Phillip Burdine

    Her Grandmother was a slave in 1910? She’s been drinking the kool-aid

  • Noy Hadar

    You think there is a single country on the planet that doesn’t have it’s
    share of “crazies”. It’s comical that you source this woman as an
    “American problem”.

  • Bowzer

    how she stated her grandmother was a slave and died at the age of 104 last year

    I believe slavery ended in 1865ish. Even if old granny was born in 1865 it wouldn’t add up. math must not be her strong point.

  • Tennessean

    I wonder where she learned all of that wrong thinking. ..her church? School? She’s been brainwashed by a someone because you don’t come to think that way just on your own. The true tragedy is that her own thinking is what keeps her trapped, her and her children and it will their children if they don’t reject this liberalism.

  • Jeffrey Allender

    Im a pretty liberal guy, but one thing I cant stand is this entitlement from these types of people. I dont hear Jewish people going around emanding free stuff from Germans. She needs a reality check. No one owes “her” anything.