School Bans Teachers from Giving Students 0’s on Assignments — Are you serious?

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  • Frogtox

    I get not wanting to be saddled with a 0, because even if you get As on all your other assignments it’s impossible to do well. However, that’s life. Some choices you make have consequences that extend beyond your recognizing you should have something different. If there are A students that get a 0 on an assignment, it’s likely they simply missed something. Teachers are very willing to work with students that work hard but mess something up through no fault of their own. I think giving someone half the credit for doing something before they even begin sends the wrong message and makes kids try less hard. Wow, who’d have thought handouts would promote that type of thinking?

  • Emily Agner

    Sooo all those 7th grade math assignments I NEVER did back in the day, should have been worth 50/100 according to this school board? WOW, these people are idiots! I would have never made up any of those assignments if I had already received credit of some kind. That is when I learned responsibility.

  • Melody Lanzatella

    Welcome to the world of the mediocre!

  • Anon

    Make every assignment worth 150 points, and then discard the first 50 points they get.

  • Mike

    If you don’t want a 0 on your paper…then you better do the work and turn in a good paper…just sayin.

  • Jack

    I think it makes a valid point. If a failing student is having serious trouble in a class and they received 0’s for their first assignments they might have no reason to try harder and fall further behind. If they are only given a 50, they know they have the chance of bettering themselves. This will only benefit kids who are doing bad in school. And they still would have to pull off a B or A to even get a passing grade, so I don’t see why it should be a problem.

    However it does hurt the students who are already getting A’s because then they are more likely to slack off, however the point is that none of these kids should be focused on just getting the grade, they should be motivated to learn because they value education and wish to further their learning.

  • Patrick Shirley

    Goes right up there with giving every kid a “participation” ribbon. Even when they did nothing! It’s a bunch of BS.

  • Thomas J.Stratford

    Hugs are better than “zeros” . Next up legislation that employers can’t fire anyone w/o govt. permission.