What These People Are Tweeting About Sean Hannity Supporting Israel Is Absolutely Sickening

On a trip to Israel, Sean Hannity has been tweeting out pictures and information on meeting with the IDF. He has sent out pictures of devastating things, like the reality of the Hamas tunnels.

He has received a TON of backlash from liberals. As these tweets demonstrate, the majority of left-wingers are oozing with tolerance. Leave it to liberals to defend Hamas over a conservative news personality…

These liberals clearly don’t want to talk about compassion, love and justice. Hamas uses civilians as human shields. They blow up their own children. They are the lowest of the low. Israel is a sovereign nation, and they have every right to defend their own people.

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  • jdaily

    “Hamas uses civilians as human shields.” please stop using this expression as if it is some sort of fact.

    most of these people arent giving him a hard time about his israel trip, just the usual because hes an assh*le.

    • marco6135

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    • truthteller

      stop ‘using it as some sort of fact’ here’s some Reality for you jdaily

      • jdaily

        haha i can put text on unrelated photos too!

        • Dr J

          this is from Syria. don’t bother google-ing it I guess “young cons “never question propoganda

          • lraivala

            So it is okay for the Syrian terrorist to do this. Fvck you and your koran..

          • Mark Javorka

            Modern Liberals Question everything “Except” the Current Obama Administration… They swallow every bite of that Rainbow Unicorn fairy dust sprinkled snarky Prpoganda…


    • mike

      I know facts hurt don’t they

    • Melissa Messer

      you would know.

    • Benjamin O’Donnell

      I’ve seen the videos and since they have children around the rocket sites and then call them in after they fire… HMMMM YEA SURE ALRIGHT Damn I was going to get a drink but you drank all the kool aid man not cool.

  • Iknow

    It is a fact.

  • mike

    Cyndi Lauper had the leftist anthem. TRUE CORORS

  • CJC

    How do you get modern day Hitler from talking about Hamas tunnels? And talking kindly to Jews come to think of it?

    • Sophie Thé Pearl

      I know right, interesting ‘logic’ some of these people have. It’s considered (along with ‘fascist’) one of the worst things to be called and they throw it around without even understanding what they’re saying. Oh well, ignorance is bliss, let them hate Democracy and support terrorists and child killers, they’ll be the ones crying when they’re forced to submit to sharia law (which, oddly enough, they all seem to support in the name of ‘tolerance’).

  • RH

    The really sad thing about these super low information clowns is, if the Hamassholes got their way, 99% of these “supporters” would have their throats cut because they are non muslims.

    • Shadwyck Bowen

      I agree, during peace time an American can travel in Israel safely , but see if they can in Gaza.

  • scuffles

    wow ….. unbelievable. Sean is an honor to this human race. Sad how these rants show how disillusioned and cruel these liberals really are.


    Just par for the course, hate is a liberal’s heartbeat..

  • ConChriMother

    You know, I see a pattern here. Liberals tweeting cruel, threatening, senseless obscenities name calling, and so forth. Nothing even resembles a debate, an argument, a point of fact, or even just a compassionate word about their own opinion. Really, don’t these people have better things to do?

    • Benjamin O’Donnell

      No none of them have jobs, they’ve never worked a hard days labor their entire life, hint why they vote democrat parasites gotta eat amiright?

    • Pascal64

      Much at stake for libs on this topic:
      1. Kerry and Obama floundering once again on foreign policy

      2. Muslim aggression is confirmed with the tunnels and rockets

      3. And most importantly… This war will likely be executed to VICTORY. Liberals have much vested in the idea that war is futile and harsh war is immoral. Israel’s actions and success will be a constant reminder that existential threats like Hamas require extreme measures with collateral damage. Libs can cry all they want, but Israel will carry out bombing until Hamas is vanquished and it will be justified. Wisdom from WWII has apparently evaporated, so this is the lesson for the new millennium.

  • The Peripatetic Apostate

    What do you expect from a propagandist like Sean Insannity? The b*stard is a credit to those who came before him, like Josef Göbbels, who said that if you repeat a lie often enough, it will become the truth for nearly all, only not for those who should be eliminated eventually. Sean would have made an excellent camp guard.

    • lraivala

      The propagandist is you fvck face. Go fvck a goat, I heard a new flock just came in, I am betting your next wife is in the bunch.

    • Pascal64

      Nice try. But everyone knows YOU are a kindred spirit to the likes of Gobbels.

      Deflect much?

  • lraivala

    Sean, You are doing a great service to the Israeli’s and the True American’s who stand tall with you and Israel. The liberal progressive pond scum can go help hamAsswipes so we can take them out at the same time.

  • rikoshaprl

    For once I agree with Speaker Boehner:.” Israel is our friend. Israel’s enemies are our enemies.” Of course Americans that hate the United States hate Israel too.

  • Timothy Burchett

    Only a liberal would sympathize with terrorists, call them humanitarians, freedom fighters, and forget all about what they do to women and children, not to mention homosexuals. They support genocide of not only Israelis, but all western culture and every other religion not Islamic. They don’t even realize there is a difference between Palestinians and Hamas. They don’t realize that while area was deserted wasteland until the Jews came back offering opportunity well before 1948. They don’t realize that if Israel didn’t have the dome of protection funded by their own messiah Obama, the Israeli deaths would also be horrendous. Israel warns before bombing sites. There are over 100 tunnels created by these humanitarians several hundred million dollars, just to kill Israel. Money that could have fed and helped peaceful Palestinians that are suffering. It was Islamic hatred and intolerance that created the blockade, the senseless suicide attacks and bombings of their neighbors. Israel has done more for their neighbor than Hamas could ever accomplish. Even most Muslims aside from Iran and Qatar, admit Palestine has no right to Israel land. They forget they hate all Americans just as much. At least Sean is over there. What have you done, besides showing the same intolerance and uninformed, over emotional vulgar name calling because you can’t stand the idea of thinking for yourself. Whining is much easier to those that desire to believe it makes them sound informed. But please keep going, carry on with your ideological suicide, go help Hamas if you feel so strongly about it or go hold your signs, hipster. You make a case for the other side no matter what you do and don’t even get it. Hard to be rational with no common sense while throwing a tantrum about something you know nothing about. Wishing another American dead over his political views shows who is the real problem, you fake, arrogant, narcissist, psychotic and you dishonor the great democratic people who actually loved their country and what it stood for tolerance being one of best qualities.

    • Benjamin O’Donnell

      You you my friend thank you

    • Andy Bahr

      Nice. I don’t think anyone could have said it better. Fist bump

    • Timothy Burchett

      I didn’t even mention that Israel’s Constitution demands that their government has to protect any Christian suffering from religious persecution or threats of harm, just as they would for one of their own. That’s called tolerance and acceptance. The Muslim radicals community would lose all interest in Palestine without Israel, as would the rest of the world. Israel backed Hamas to come in any restore order and this is how they solve issues. Starting a war they cannot possible win, that gains them absolutely nothing but death to both sides. Rise up Palestine, protect your children, get rid of Hamas and practice your peaceful religion to thrive.

  • redheart

    This is not surprising, these are the same people that support killing babies. Nothing else to say.

  • Pascal64

    Hates Jews. Is a Vegan. Hates smokers. Belittles religious people. Loves gun control. Is a Socialist. Shuns marriage. Expands Public Education. Guess who? NO! It’s not Liberals. But a good first guess.

    HINT. Conquered Poland, Czechoslovakia and France. Got it yet?

    • 762×51

      exactly. but progressive

  • Pascal64

    Anyone seeing Sean’s segment on the tunnels can’t sympathize with Hamas. As they have proclaimed, Hamas is SINGULARLY FOCUSED on war and the elimination of Jews.

  • GG

    Everyone is forgetting, this all started because Hamas kidnapped and KILLED three innocent Israeli children! They started this whole terrible situation. Hamas had been bombarding Israel for years with rockets and Israel stood by and took it, but when Hamas took three innocent lives Israel put their foot down and fought back and suddenly they are the evil murderers!

  • Stone321

    I agree the comments are out of line but what’s the point of getting all riled up when random people tweet their opinions. Seems like this is more about confirming ones own narrative than anything worthwhile.

  • moddly

    one day we will be at war in this country.the left vs the right.the left are our palestinians.the right is israel.we want to get along.the left will have nothing of it.they want the annihilation of day the rhetoric will prompt a physical response.count on it…we hate each other now…there’s no common ground.

    • Stone321

      If that happens, it means that the powers that be have won. Get out of the left-right paradigm, it’s a sham.

  • S_O_T_A

    I love Israel. Great country. I would go back in a heartbeat. They absolutely have a right to self-defence. Funny how leftists go feral when confronted with the tunnels, they have nothing else to say it seems…

  • chiefpayne

    I would like to know how many of those liberals putting down Hannity have BEEN to the Middle East?

    Well I HAVE…Iraq AND Afghanistan. And I can tell you for a FACT that to those people, children and women mean NOTHING!

    Hannity has it RIGHT!

  • Jesus Saves

    Sean Hannity for US president!! We need a guy like this to lead this country. I enjoy listening to Mr. Hannity not because he is pro israel but because he is very intelligent, reasonable, sensible and just.

    • mike black

      i can see being a fan….but pleeeeeeez say that u’re kidding w/ the superlatives o_O

  • Jeffrey Lamela

    Interesting, but typical “logic” from the leftist misanthropes. The muslim brotherhood sided with the Nazis during WWII.

  • Observer

    Shocking, what more can I say? Not a word about these horrific tunnels. Does anyone doubt for a moment that Hamas would hesitate to plant a ” dirty” nuclear device through these tunnels.

  • kaligirl

    HAMAS was declared a Foreign Terrorist Organization in 1997….under the CLINTON administration. How fricken low are these peoples IQ’s that they continue to think Hamas is just awesome? There are some truly, truly STUPID and CLUELESS people out there. Unfortunately a lot of them are in the MSM.

  • diarev

    Wow! The level of hatred is amazing. Why not comment of the photos or the interview? Do they think the pictures of the tunnels are photoshopped?

  • Huai Lang

    According to Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics, the Arab population in 2013 was estimated at 1,658,000, representing 20.7% of the country’s population. The majority of these identify themselves as Arab or Palestinian by nationality and Israeli by citizenship. Many have family ties to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, as well as to Palestinian refugees in Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. Negev Bedouins and Druze tend to identify more as Israelis than other Arab citizens of Israel.

    Most of the Arabs living in East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, occupied by Israel in the Six-Day War of 1967 and later annexed, were offered Israeli citizenship, but most have refused, not wanting to recognize Israel’s claim to sovereignty. They became permanent residents instead. They have the right to apply for citizenship, are entitled to municipal services, and have municipal voting rights.

    Now, how many Jews are living in Gaza with similar rights and priveleges?

  • RevnantDream

    You can’t argue with an anti-Semite. Its a psychiatric disorder. No amount of logic or reason works for these people. Its like trying to talk a person who thinks their Genghis Khan, into thinking there not in the middle ages.
    These folks burn with an aberrant phobia.
    To think 18 million Jews control 5 billion or more people is flaming insane.

  • cruzuzias

    One of great frustrations about these idiots, is their profound disconnect from reality. Israel is the little Satan to the Muslims, but America is the big Satan. If they had their way and destroyed Israel and killed all the Jews in that country, do you really think we wouldn’t be next?

  • IvanRider

    Those of you on Twitter: reply to these dhimmies and tell them they are truly the children of Agag, deserving an identical fate.