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100 Masked Migrants Attacked Swedish Police With “Sticks And Bats” During A Suburban Riot

100 Masked Migrants Attacked Swedish Police With "Sticks And Bats" During A Suburban Riot
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A riot in Sweden on Thursday consisted of more than 100 masked migrant youths who attacked police and slashed the tires on their vehicles, per Breitbart.

The rioters were armed with sticks and bats.

This scenario quickly escalated when a group tried to set a fire in the street.

Check it out:

Peter Asp, the communications officer for the City of Trollhattan, said the riots were “power struggle for territory in the district” among rival gangs. He claimed that the young men rioting were Somali migrants, while the police have only said the men come originally from an Arabic speaking country.

Police believe that the riots were sparked by an incident earlier in the week, when children were taken away from their parents by protective services. An administrative court ruled that the parents of the children had physically and psychologically assaulted them.

A witness commented that they “threw stones” at a police car.

“I’m a little scared, and it’s really hard,” the witness said.

Attacks on police in migrant-heavy suburbs have become more and more common in Sweden in recent years. A leaked report earlier this week showed that the number of no-go zones had increased by fifty percent in only two years.

While the report lists 23 official “vulnerable areas” some estimate that there could be as many as 55 no-go zones in Sweden.

A Swedish police officer conceded earlier this year that migrants are responsible for a disproportionate chunk of crime in the the suburbs.

He went on to say that almost all of the very serious cases he dealt with involved migrants.

The riots occurred in Trollhattan, in the Kronogården suburb.

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