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A Dark Cloud Hangs Over Obama’s Head as He Returns to Chicago for Farewell Address

A Dark Cloud Hangs Over Obama's Head as He Returns to Chicago for Farewell Address
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Barack Obama is set to deliver his farewell address tonight in Chicago.

The time has finally come.

You can pretty much bet the house that 44 will give himself props for all the amazing things he’s done for the country, while completely ignoring reality.

For example, Obama rarely – if ever – acknowledged the high crime rate in the Windy City, despite the overbearing gun laws.

In 2016 alone, over 750 people were murdered.

From Fox News:

As President Obama returns to his adopted hometown of Chicago to give his farewell speech Tuesday night, a dark cloud hangs over the city where the record-setting murder rate is so high there are pleas to declare a state of emergency.

“When there is a fire in America, a tornado, a hurricane, they call it a state of emergency, federal funds come in, and help rebuild that town or that community,” said prominent anti-crime activist, Father Michael Pfleger. “Well, hell, we have a state of emergency in Chicago.”

In 2016, 762 people were murdered in Chicago. That’s a 63 percent increase from the 468 murders recorded in 2015 and almost double the murders in 2014, according to Chicago Police.

Shootings also are way up — 4,331 people were shot in Chicago in 2016, up from 3,550 in 2015, according to police.

In recent months, the president has been mostly quiet about an aggressive solution to Chicago’s violent crime epidemic. The city saw more murders in 2016 than New York and Los Angeles combined, yet is considerably smaller in population than either city. Chicagoans wonder if the president will address the city’s crime – the “elephant in the room” – during his speech Tuesday night.

“I cannot recall a time that President Obama said directly about Rahm Emanuel that he needs to do something about this violence,” said Chicago community leader and activist Pastor Corey Brooks.

In a series of interviews last week previewing his speech and visit to Chicago, Obama discussed the city’s carnage, noting a lot of the crime is happening in the “backyard” of the home he and the first lady own on the city’s South Side.

Care to address this significant issue, Obama?

Didn’t think so.

Wouldn’t fit the agenda.

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