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BLM Protesters Block Off Freeway, Instantly Get What’s Coming to Them…

BLM Protesters Block Off Freeway, Instantly Get What's Coming to Them...

The Black Lives Matter movement has made it pretty clear over the past couple years that they aren’t interested in having a rational discussion about criminal justice reform or police brutality.

They want to cause havoc, break stuff, scream at people, and stand in the middle of the freeway.

It has been very troubling to watch BLM protesters cause millions of dollars in damage with no real demands or message other than railing against the police.

Now, it looks like a few of the protesters who stood in the middle of the freeway in Virginia are finally getting some punishment.

From Gateway Pundit via Daily Caller:

Activists associated with the Black Lives Matter movement will see the inside of a jail cell after blocking a highway during a protest in July.

The Richmond, Va. protest, which falls into a long line of recent race-related protests and riots, occurred on July 18, and was likely set off by the police shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile that month.

Thirteen protesters blocked Interstate 95 and chanted “Black Lives Matter!” and “No justice, no peace, no racist police!” They shut down traffic during rush hour, but not for long, as police showed up and made arrests within an hour.

They all pleaded guilty to illegally blocking traffic Monday and were sentenced to five days in prison.

Five days definitely isn’t ideal.

However, it symbolizes the fact that they clearly broke the law with their outrageous protests.

They deserved more time but something is better than nothing.

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